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 Pawpet Show #199 - - Feb. 8th, 2004 - Timeline 1/2
compiled by (Blackfoot Ferret) [And his computer]
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info http://www.clovertone.com/punktiger/


Lightsabers, Doctors and Tardlets                           - 0:07
50th anniversary of Beatles Ed Sullivan show                - 0:18
Modern Superbowl Halftime Shows                             - 0:19
Eisner facing the axe?                                      - 0:23
Poink renames the Star Trek movies...                       - 0:26
Start of number of 50s/60s songs                            - 0:45
Channel Roll Call                                           - 0:57
The Sleeping Lion in the Jungle attacks Poink               - 1:14
Kaiju Big Battel! Food goes WWF                             - 1:40
SPITS OR SWALLOWS: CeeCee drinks and Pickled Ocra           - 1:59
Gambling stories, Luck of the Drunk Lady                    - 2:16
Tuminator: Yappy Music! Do not terminate..                  - 2:27
Scooby Doo, Mama Cass, and Casey Kasem                      - 2:36
Beatles, 50s, 60s Tribute                                   - 3:00
William Shatner in the Sky With Diamonds                    - 3:17
ART JAMS: Pawpet Superbowl Halftime Show                    - 3:20
PICTURE CAPTIONS: Convertible converted into a boat          - 3:26
2 the Ranting Griffin's Pawpet Song                         - 3:36
How to get rid of 198 old VHS tapes.                        - 3:47

******** START ********

0:00 - Intro, character parade. Austin Powers.
0:03 - Ezra hellos! "How do we work this stuff? We haven't
   done a show in a long time!" Tech difficulties.
0:04 - Ezra "Talk amongst yourselves!" Poink's mic turns on
   "Well why not, we don't like to talk to you?"
  Rasvar levels them both with a feedback blast "Sorry!"
  Ezra "I think it blew the earpieces in this mic Rasvar"
    Ras "What?"
  Yep. Jess "That's not good.." Ras sighs. BV catchphrases
0:05 - Arthur and Crappy perform WWE moves on the stage. Chorus
    of attacking Simba puppets. Moo "Moo? o_O"
  Moo has new eyes again! "Thewy sideways.."
0:06 - Doctor Poink "Jez Ras, you knocked over my Tardis!"
  Poink arghs "You're wrecking the sets!" Ezra "That's not a
    set.. it's got a flower light for a top!"
  Cheap future technology. Tardlet glows in the dark?
0:07 - Yappy has a new toy? Lightsaber! ers! Poink's eyes
  start glowing angrily "You unplugged my laptop!!" Malfunct
0:07:45 - Rasvar stands in front of the camera. Poink thinks
  he could fill in for a godzilla movie. Gets stomped.
0:08 - Ezra "We need to get rid of this Tardlet.." start
  pushing it off the stage, dangling precariously just above
  Poink. Poink "NO! AHH!" falls on the lightsabers.
  Poink "You know Ras.. my Dad had a saying. You could screw
    up an anvil! :P" stagehand swings Sith saber like baseball
    bat. Moo "Mmmmwwoomm..wooomm...wom.."
0:09 - Yappy gives the proper technique for destroying an
   anvil. Heat up with a torch, then throw in water.
  Rasvar swings.. Ezra "Maybe we could taking you outside, and
    you could be a new Star Wars kid!"
  Poink ohs! Yoda's "Osay Nikey Nipple Pinchy!"
(What is all this about Star Wars anyway? Star Trek is *much*
  more sophisticated) [I hear Spock was a 1st class pincher..]
  Who farted episode XFLV3
0:10 - Ezra recounts gambling adventure, up $170, should have
  left, but stayed longer.. doh.
0:11 - Moo's Scooby Doo impression "Uhhh..."
  Ezra "When he's running away! Imagine I'm something scary..
    like Poink naked." Moo "eeeee! eeeEEEEheheMoo!"
  Repeat "NoooowwMoo!"
0:12 - Kitchen cam. Healthy Yappy? Series of illnesses, Ezra
  recalls roomate's evil meatloaf.
0:13 - Venison meatloaf? Deer are good at running..
0:14 - Rasvar's pants again. Ras heys! "I've been exercising
  and losing weight so much, that if I don't have a belt on
    these pants would fall right off.." Ezra "Please wear a
0:15 - Arthur listens to Ezra's exercise adventures. o_o
   KP(Ezra) has to wait an hour to pick up JR(Poink), decides
     to work out.
0:16 - A gift for Poink. Poink reads "Love sac!The alternative
   to lame furniture.." Good for wrestling. Jess "They're
     pretty comfortable!" Poink "Especially if you're not
     wearing tight pants."
  Arthur "It all comes back to tight pants." Poink "Which
    brings us back to Rasvar's butt." Arthur "Wow, we've gone
    full circle!"
  Yappy freaks out Arthur by singing the DoRayMeFaSoLaTiDoe
    repeating part.
0:17 - Poink reintroduces "The Top Ten Things That Make
  Crappy Scream!" Crappy aaahahaha. "I feel like Tempferret.."
  One every week. This week: "#10, Rasvar, in Spandex."
  Poink "Tune in next week!" Ezra "We only get one a week?"
    Poink "It'll be Loooong drawn out." Ezra "Dude it'll be
    May before we're through.."
[  ] (Hmm?) [  ] (Something to say?} [  ] (Argh!) [^_^]
0:18 - Ezra and Crappy lift and lower the stagestop in an
  exercise routine. Jess "That's sickeningly cute.."
0:19 - 40 years ago, the Beatles on the Ed Sulivan show!
  Poink "And 40 years ago, Janet Jackson's MOTHER showed her
    breasts on the superbowl halftime show!"
(Believe it or not, this was made in 2001...)
  Janet does the Britney thing at the end of the Superbowl
    Halftime show, the week before. Wardrobe malfunction.
  Poink thinks Justin Timberlake's bad clothes were a worse
    crime. Crappy didn't see, is still innocent.
0:21 - Poink proposes Rasvar flashing a boob. Jess "He's
  Rasvar sighs, puts Funday Shirt in front of the camera. "If
    they REALLY want it..1.." "No!" "2!" "NNOoo!" "3!"
<Colorbars.fx> http://www.stupidvideos.com/?VideoID=115
  Ras "Oh shoot! I forgot we're on a 5 second delay! Just like
    the Grammies ;)"
0:22 - Camera pointed at JR's crotch? JR bugs Ras about it.
  "Oh, we just put it there.. I didn't think it would show
  Time Delays. Oscars now have tone too. Poink thinks that's
    because it's showing on ABC "Which is Eisner's company.
     And they're just worried about what Roy might say if he
     wins the award for short film!!"
0:23 - Crappy "Ok.." upcoming board meetings, Eisner facing axe.
http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view.php?id=71282 (R2,C4, SubZero)
  Rasvar "Well, because of the way the thing is set up, they
    can't get rid of him at that time, they can just kinda give
    a no-confidence vote."
  Disney vote in Philly. Rasvar wonders if it will be at the
    Adamsmark hotel "Probably just get everybody stuck in the
    elevator if it is.. sorry Kage!!"
  Poink describes the No Confidence vote as Eisner being mooned
    by the giant judge from The Wall.
0:24 - Ezra "I think, on this week on the show, we should do
    something with Crappy.."
  Rasvar "We do something crappy every week :P"
  In channel, Suedeer puts nippleclamps on Ras. Ras "As long as its
    not with the starburst."   Crappy does cricket sounds.
0:25 - Poink gets reminded of a movie. "Has anyone seen Flesh
  "Where the superweapon is the power-pasties?"
  Ras "Ok, where's our delay.."
  Ezra "I got a DVD a few weeks back. Star Trek 6!"
  Poink ohhs.. "We need more money :P No, it's the Undiscovered
  Ras ers.. Poink "The Undiscovered Country was good. You're
    thinking The Final Frontier.."
0:26 - That's also in the bag. Ras arghs "Tell me he didn't get
  Nemesis?" Poink "Nemesis isn't bad.."
[Spock isn't in TNG except for a cameo.] (Old school man, oldskool)
  Poink "It's better than Insurrection..." (? o_O)
  Jess "Insurrection was DISGUSTING.." Ras "There are some adds
   there that made me think Insurrection was a different type of
(!?!) [  ] (Don't.. say anything] [ ? ]
 Poink "That's like a mouse pad being a tampon for small mice."
(Famine..) Stagehand sets the DVD on the stagetop, then drops it.
   Ras "Oops! There goes his career.
   Poink "That's the first one: 'Star Trek: Roddenberry sucks' :)"
(Death..) Poink "And that's the second one! 'Star Trek: Ricardo
   Mothabon has a chest!'"
(Pestilence...) [ doo doo..dododoooo.. ]
0:27 - Stagehand keeps putting up Star Trek movies in sequence.
  Poink "And the 3rd one: 'Star Trek! The Search for More Money'"
  "The 4th one: Star Trek! 'We Love Whales'" Jess "That one was
    the best ^_^"
http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view.php?id=57930 (War..)
  "The 5th one: Star Trek 'Boy, We Really Shouldn't Have Done
    This One."
(WAR...) [Yes, that's it, give into the power of the Dark Side..]
  "And Star Trek 6: 'The Apology'"
http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/49482 (WAR!!!!)
  Crappy knocks over the DVDs "It's like Dominos, lets play!"
  The priceline.com commercials, where Shatner gets replaced by
0:28 - Poink "I get the joke.. but Nimoy really sank if he's
  doing commercials now.." Ras "Hey! We're talking about the same
    guy who sang the ballad of Bilbo Baggins!"
[ http://www.tolkiencollector.com/bilbo5.mov ] (>_<)
  Jess "The Trippiest video ever!"
  Poink notes Shatner was the only real advertising whore on the
    show. And that he's putting out a new album. Rasvar "That could
    be a great Wierd and Weirder for later!"
0:29 - Poink:Shatner is putting out a new album produced by Eminem
  Jess "You can't be serious?" Ras notes he sent Poink the email.
  Jess notes Brent Spiner (Data) did "Old Yellow Eyes Is Back"
  Also did play "1776"
0:30 - <JamesBondTheme.mp3> "That was random.." Ras tries again
  <BilboBaggins.mp3> Crappy collapses
0:31 - Everyone dances to Nimoy's weirdest project.
0:32 - That deep oboe part.
0:33 - <RainbowColors.fx> Poink "Rasvar.. if you make me sing that
  again.. I will bite you.." "I wasn't the one who started it :)"
<BilboBaggins.mp3> Poink hurls the Tardlet at Ras.
  Ezra "What can you play that will make Poink go Crazy?"
0:35 - People come up with things that annoy Poink. Poink's face
  contorts, eats his own lips. Jess "This is how we know Poink is
    Nerd's Dad."
0:36 - Debating an Art Jam topic that slightly resembles the rating
  Jess is the judge! "Come on, help me out guys.."
  Jess wonders if she can be executioner too?
0:37 - Pawpet sickness vs Superbowl sickness.
  Crappy recalls watching ducks poo in a restaurant aquarium, and
    fish eating it. Poink leaves.
0:38 - Seagull steals fish Ezra was giving to a sea lion!
  Jess and Crappy mineminemineminemine! Poink does Strongbad techno
0:39 - Audience Mines!Mines! Seagulls from Finding Nemo.
0:40 - Coldness in Florida?
0:41 - Fart alert. All their stage are now belong to Poink
  Hiking weather?
0:42 - <5secondsOfSome70'sSong.mp3> Poink "Tonight, 5sec audio
  Jess notes Nemo won 9 Ani animation awards!
0:43 - Rasvar gives Ezra a quick Geography quiz..
  <AMap.gif> Crappy "Is that a river?" Ras "No, that's my hiking
  path :P"
  Ras takes a GPS hiking. Poink "Dang, you know how to rough it!"
0:44 - Hiking trail in the Green Swamp. Looks at the map "See?
    Isn't it green? :)"
0:45 - <LoveWillTurnTheKey.mp3> Poink "I'm outta here.." Ezra solo
 "All the things you are to me.. and not some puppet on a string.."
0:47 - <LightsDim.fx> <RedSearchLightOnEzra.fx> Ezra strikes
  various suggestive poses, overcome by the starball groove.
0:48 - JR wields the red stage light like a bazooka. Say hi!
0:49 - <Shadowdancing.mp3> Crappy headstands!
0:50 - <BlueInverse.fx> Ezra and Crappy in the energy world.
info http://www.computerhistory.org/exhibits/highlights/
  (performed by an IBM 1403 printer)
0:51 - Camera pan around the rest of the energy-filled room. Chewy
0:52 - Ezra and Crappy's disconnected body parts do cartwheels.
0:53 - Energon Poink looks constipated. His glowing eyes don't even
   stand out, except looking like swirls!
  <Reality.fx> Camera on JR. Poink "We need camera control!"
  Poink is glad two Gibs(?) are dead "No more reunions!"
  People suggest Gib babies?
0:54 - Giblets attack! Ezra "Gib Kids the world!"
  Debate: Roll call of Spits or Swallows? Chilly food prompts call
0:55 - Reminder for getting room reservations at Megaplex.
0:56 - Hotel across from Universal Studios, Spring Break magnet.
  Confusing Jess. Split screen! Both camera and Ezra try to get
    her to look that way at once.
0:57 - <MexicanHatDance.mp3> CHANNEL ROLL CALL!
  Cow climbs the side of the screen as Jess reads the list
0:58 - Cow stares at you O_O Big cookiemonster eyes. Glances down,
  sideways, at Jess curiously. Wacky wall walker!
0:59 - Cow indeed has bigger eyes! Cow Mexican Riverdance!
  Cow goes from dancing to karate. <Goodnight!.mp3><5sec>
1:00 - Pawpet show at Pawpets Megaplex, naturally :)
  "BangBang!" "You shot me down.." "BangBang!" "I hit the ground.."
1:02 - Vixen and huskie puppet play with guns. Vixen solos "My
   Baby shot me down.."
1:03 - Opera arraignment, lost love.
1:05 - CREDITS - "Bang Bang" Cher
   Veronica - Hitomi   Roger & Sarah - Hitomi
  Poink "And that was a song by Cher, another who's thankfully
    retired.." first farewell tour.
1:06 - Sweaty Burrito drips. KP is using the Microwave.
   Rasvar arghs. KP notes he and JR have contests!
1:07 - <BangBang-OriginalMix.mp3> Unnamed voop solos.
1:09 - <LotsOfViolins.mp3> Poink "That song made me happy also.."
  Sunny is dead? No more "I've Got You *Babe*" BV dodo dodo dodos!
1:10 - BV sings Archie Bunker song, sends others to bunkers
1:11 - Channel people watch their monitors crack.
1:12 - BV and Arthur duet. "Manamana" "Do DOO de do do..."
  <Sunflower.background> Poink "Ok.."
1:13 - <Bear.background> BV and Arthur looks up at it, surprised
1:14 - BV sings Teddybear's picknick. Bear leaves, Lion GRRRss..
  Lion King 1 1/2 Poink "The Return of Nathan Lane!"
  Singing The Lion Sleeps Tonight. Poink "In the Jungle the Mighty
    Jungle, Eisner is counting the bucks.. for selling DVDs of
    Crappy Sequels, Eisner's counting the bucks.."
  BV "WeeWeeWeeoooo.." Poink "IwishthelionwouldeatMichaelEisner.."
1:15 - Jess predicts Simba is going to fall over dead. Arthur "I
   was afraid of the audio anyway.." MovieSimba has new voice?
1:16 - <Disneyland.background> <LK11/2LionSleepsSong.mp3>
1:17 - Leaping lion!
1:18 - Leaping lion attacks the stage. Tod o_O and glances up.
   Poink makes jumping motions, the tail being on his side..
1:19 - Simba "We got lions.. only in Kenya.."
  Quiet. Poink "What did I do?" "You were bad!"
  <Naughty!.mp3> Poink hmphs "Naught? Look who's not wearing the
    pants." Lion materializes right beside Poink, O_O at him.
    Poink ers.."There is a chance I spoke too soon.."
  <LionSideslidesAndPOUNCESPoink!.fx> "GAHH!"
1:20 - <InTheSilverSpaceshipTheLionTakesControlWHAT?.mp3>
1:21 - "Hush my Darling, be still my darling.. the Lion's on the
   phone.." random trumpet noise.
1:22 - Astral SciFi Jungle Rock. <EarthEarthEarthEarth.fx>
1:23 - Wow.. <EarthEarthEarth.fx>
1:24 - Somebody blowing a cadence into the microphone.
  BV loses control.. starts *beeping* the theme to Hogan's Heroes!
  People yay! Arthur "Why??"
1:25 - Yappy wows "Hogan's Heroes had lyrics?"
  <Hogan'sHeros.mp3> BV does random German-American phrases.
    Stagehand picks up Bandit and dances with him!
1:26 - Hogan's Heroes talk, HDNet can play it because its on film?
1:28 - <AnneMurray-Snowbird.mp3> BV with Arthur
1:30 - BV "I will fly away with you.." Arthur "We don't have a U,
  but we have.. a 'D'" holds up letter D, friend of Letter Bob.
1:31 - <ButterflyOfLove.mp3> Unknown sheepdog? Cast prepares
   something about the Olympics..
1:33 - Yappy notes people think they're doing old school music
   now. "Wait until Tuminator :)"
1:34 - Yappy is organizing music archive, refinding things.
  "Here's another butterfly.."
1:35 - <AngryGermanButterfly?.mp3> "Please take my haaaaAAAAnnnd!"
  Fuzzle(Evil?) and Arthur in a world of metal shavings.
1:36 - <BloodRedWorld.fx> <PastelWorld.fx> Arthur has Kilingon
   forehead? Fuzzle "This is the part you turn up REALLY REALLY LOUD
1:37 - Fuzzle thinks this is a song he could DDR! "Up, Up, Left
   Left and Down,Left,Left,Right.."
   KP "What do you do when it's Up-Left-Down-Right at the same
1:38 - Poink "I think that.. Tod has something to introduce.."
   Tod "As evewryboddy nose.. this is the year of the Olympic
    gamwes in the suwmer.."
   Poink "You sound like Nerd?" Tod eats his own face for a moment.
     Yappy "Where is Nerd?" folks don't know.
1:39 - One of the rejected Olypmic games? "But it's very
  competitive.. isn't it Poink?" Poink agrees..
  Boxing? No "But instead, we've imported some of the best people
    ever seen.."
1:40 - KAIJU BIG BATTEL! http://www.kaiju.com/home.htm
  People dressed as aliens, monsters, and items of fast food
    fight WWF style! Supersandwich is disgruntled factory worker?
1:41 - Even with props. Tod "My gosh, he's getting a can opener.."
1:43 - Two Yatta leaves fight two big bugs?
  Poink "Don't say we strive to bring you the best in
    entertainment.." Tod "Because we don't :P"
  Poink "I just go the DVD, and I said, what the hell :P It would
    kill some time ^_^"
1:44 - MATCH 2: Yatta Leaves vs Two Bugs.
  After game interview with bug "How did you ever survive it?"
    "Greeeep..EeEREEEEK!!.. Grrreeeeccc..." "I would not have
1:46 - Team Spacebug, intergalactic moves. "They have no friends,
   they have no lover.. they're just loners.."
   Tod "This is like con footage from a Japanese...(muffled)"
   DOOM! Poink "They seem to like it.."
1:47 - Screen freeze. Dukes of Hazard style suspense announcement.
  Battel. Arthur "Like in Mattel.."
1:48 - Poink "We go out of our way to find the weirdest things for
   you, remember, WE'RE the folks that brought you Pink Flamingos:)
   We're the guys that brought you Caligula!" KP "YATTA.."
http://www.verylowsodium.com/fanimutation/exuberance.php (OK ^_^)
   Poink "And now we bring you KAIJU BIG BATTLE!" "BattEL" "..And
     you haven't killed us yet ^_^"
http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view.php?id=143965 (R4,C4 LiuKang)
1:49 - Channel, Kaiju Big battle sales are going to be up 400%
  this week! KP "Yeah, they're going to sell four extra copies.."
1:50 - Poink thinks Kaiju looks more real than real wrestling.
  Tod notes Colley, a wrestler, will be at Megaplex. "He'll be
    looking for you..he'll kick your kiester.." "Bring it on!
    Here's what I look like.." ferretpose
  NEXT BATTEL: "A flygirl from the streets.. a reclusive genius
    bunny.. and cheeseball politician.." DustBunny special moves
1:51 - Repeated smash moves. Announcers.."brilliance.. integrity,
  serenity.. and probably more intellectual dignity than any..."
1:52 - American Beetle thinks he's the president, and running for
1:53 - Bug gives birth, glowing sphere! Another spacebug steals
  it? Relationship rumors, intrigue.. scandal "I've never seen
    anything like this in all my years.."
1:54 - Poink "So folks.. don't say we bring you quality, because
   we don't. Rush out and buy it!" Arthur "No.."
   Poink also notes the entire collection of HRPuffinStuff is
     coming out, lots of zannyness.
   Poink thinks Sid and Marty Kroft were also puffing stuff when
     they wrote it.. Rasvar "As a kid you don't notice that." "As
     a kid that show scared the heck out of me!"
1:55 - Describing HRPuff. Arthur "I'm glad I didn't get to see this
1:56 - Poink "I want Far Out Space Nuts!" KP "Far Out Space Nuts
  was cool..(aside) No, I'm not going to eat that!"
1:57 - Yappy prepares monsterpieces in the Kitchen..
  Yappy "We're as ready as we can be for Spits or Swallows.."
    "No we're not!.." ".. complements of Zorro and Chilly.."
  Yappy grrs "You messed with the cameras.." picture of the wall.
    "Now you got the Wall in there.. The WALL.. just another brick
    in it!"
1:58 - Camera looks at Yappy's laptop, and this show playing on it.
   Infinite tiny Realplayer windows in a tunnel.
1:59 - Fun with color balance. Earthquake kitchen.
   Yappy announces Drink: CeeCee, different flavors. Jelly juice
     with pure aloe fruit, mango jelly drink, Leechy jelly drink
     "First come, first serve.."
   Food: Pickled Ocra. JR "Ocra makes me gag.. no way.." "It's not
     slimy ocra?" "I don't CARE!" KP "You've gotta try it if I
     gotta try it.." "I'm not touchin it!.."
   Yappy munches some of the ocra "Mmm, those are good!" JR
     making gagging sound as Yappy draws out the bite..

***** END OF PART ONE *********

 Pawpet Show #199 - - Feb. 8th, 2004 - Timeline 2/2
compiled by (Blackfoot Ferret) [And his computer]

****** PART TWO ******

2:00 - Beginning of Spits or Swallows. CeeCee drink and picked
>Background Music<
  Non-slimy Ocra. JR is still freaked.
  People listen to Yappy on the laptop. With the time delay, he's
    now explaining exactly what he's now eating.
  Yappy "These are good actually." Yappy nods.
  Simba had to farm ocra when he was young. "I never thought I'd
    like ocra anything.. AH, slimey in the middle.." people ew!
2:01 - JR groans. Simba "I was kidding JR! :)"
  First come first serve CeeCee drinks. KP "I want the mango one."
    Simba "I got the mango oneHA!" "No you got the Leche." "(looks)
     Oh that's Leche? Oh, crap, I got Leche.."
     Cackling. Simba "What the heck is LECHE?"
  KP "It's a nut.." Yappy "These are interesting, you goota squeeze
    it out.. it's differenet!"
  Jess picks up a bottle "(unenthused) I get whatever this is..
    I can't read it.."
2:02 - Simba ohs! "There's *JELLO* in it! :)" Rasvar eeghs! "It's
    *Chunky!*^_^" Rasver "EEEeeggh.."
  Simba "Why do they find the CHUNKY drinks?"
  Chilly's Chunky drinks.
  KP tries picked ocra, tastles like pickles. "JR, it tastes
    absolutely nothing like ocra, it tastes like a pickle."
    JR "I don't like pickles, and I don't like ocra." "You do like
      pickles I've seen you eat them!"
  Jess looks at a bottle "It looks like aloe.." KP "That is aloe."
    Jess puts it back down, ill. Tasty hand cream.
2:03 - KP "It tastes really good JR.." "I'm not Trusting you! :P"
  Rasvar needs a paper towel? KP savors the chunkyness.
  KP "Ok Chilly.. it tastes good.. but stop giving us wierd stuff?"
  JR still won't try the Ocra. "No!" Ras "Yes!" "No!" "Yes!"
    "What are you.. NUTS?" "..YES! :)" "...Ok, I'll buy that."
2:04 - JR tries the Aloe drink..
  JR arghs, leans into sink to spit "..Oh GOD! Somebody spit OCRA
    IN HERE!"
  JR does to the bathroom to throw up.. Jess "My turn ^_^"
  Rasvar "Ohh! We need a mic in there.. the sound of hurling!"
    Jess "I don't wanna eat this.."
2:05 - Munch. Jess shrugs "It's not that bad.."
  Jess shows one to JR. "I tasted it, it's pickle."
  KP doesn't like either crunchy or chunky..
  Drink "That tastes like.. insanely intense orange Skittles.."
2:06 - Yappy tries Leche-Skittles. Analyses. Drains?
  Rasvar "Egh! I hate the vinegar taste!"
    Ras gets the Aloe to wash it down.
2:07 - Yappy chooses this time to annouce he also has orange, lemon
    and grape flavors to the side, none selected yet.
2:08 - Simba looks into the garabe disposal to look at the ocra
  chunks. "Awesome!" Yappy has another ocra pickle.
  JR "Dammit, I ate that burrito, and I didn't get to keep it!"
  Simba watches Yappy eat ocra pickles, one at a time. Holds
    microphone up by his face "Mmmm.."
  Rasvar sings the Trout Fishing 'Fried Ocra' song.
2:09 - Chilly's had braved ice and snow just so they could have
  this :) Rasvar "And we could probably go get it, right down on
2:10 - <GreenAcres.mp3> Poink filks.
2:11 - Rasvar "Yurex just brought something up.. has anyone seen
  that GE add with Lassie in it..?"
http://boss.streamos.com/wmedia/gecorp/geads/lassie_300k.wvx (300k) http://boss.streamos.com/wmedia/gecorp/geads/lassie_100k.wvx (100k)
  Kung-Fu canine.
  Rasvar ARGHS at his bathroom! "I gotta bump in there, GO CLEAN
    IT UP!" Arthur o_O
2:12 - Poink notes Ras has a cell-phone clip mounted to the towel
  rack! Ras ehs? "I've been looking for that!" goes to get it.
  Rasvar "I've been looking for that for two weeks!" Poink "He was
    catching phone calls on the john!" Arthur "What is wrong with
2:13 - Poink wows "I told a joke, and it actually helped him out.."
  KP goes on about Ras's electrically warmed car seats. Ras "Heyhey
    the car seats have their moments!"
2:14 - Cell phone messages to leave for friends. Gambling boat
   Titanic message.
  KP watches people gamble, swaying to the rocking of the boat.
    Ezra and Arthur do sychronized leaning.
2:15 - Ras notes the gambling boat usually isn't that cold. Poink
    notes he -always- says that!
2:16 - Arthur "The madness always follows you.." Poink "I feel like
    I'm the harbringer of Doom.. except on that cruise I won $800..
  Poink forces attendants to repeatedly refill his slot machine.
    "Lightning doesn't strike twice.." waiting a year for next time
2:17 - Arthur just looks forward to fun, and watching his friends
    lose lots of money ^_^
2:18 - Ras does video poker under the Bad Show starts, then leaves.
  Poink ohs "I did pick up one of the greatest horror movies of
    all time.."
  Phantom of the Paradise. Phantom of Opera rockification.
2:19 - <SomeShowTheme.mp3> Poink recalls old lady at a casino who
  keeps using an atm machine. "I haven't lost yet!!"
2:20 - Ezra recalls petite lady next to him who looks around
  shiftily, then FARTED, and left. Ezra "aaAARGH, I gotta get my
    money! >_<" it was bad. Arthur "Foghorn!"
  Poink sings Alice Cooper's "Also women fart.."
2:21 - Arthur loses a quarter, finds another on the floor!
  Rasvar tries to say something, but get toungue tied. People copy
  Last half hour of casino.. almost nobody wins? Rigged! "Everybody
    in this whole area got up and left the slots at the same time."
2:22 - Arthur watched freaked out lady who won the jackpot. "Why
   is the buzzer going off?" "You won the jackpot!" "I did? o_O"
2:23 - How to play Craps. Ezra watches drunk lady put down $50,
   the roll is a 12, giving 3x. Lady stares "Whyy are thoske chipps
   infwont of me?" "You won those." "I dikd?"
   Bets again, gets a 2, for 3x. Up to $500-600 in two rolls.
     Arthur "And in a drunken stupor! WHHAT!??"
2:24 - Lady "Awthlright.. letme put some monkey here, here, and
    here.." Ezra "I was like.. This Can't Happen.."
   Ez "She won again.. and again.. and AGAIN.. 'Ohh, whfat happenss
     if I pot money here, and here, and here..' and she started
     winning more money.. this woman walked away with with $1600
     in less that 15 minutes!"
   Jess "That's INSANE.." "'U no whakt? I likke dis game! I con by
     more thingks..'" red chips end up as black ships.
2:25 - Ezra "I've learned the secret.. find a drunk woman and DO
2:26 - Poinkhand "And now.. Poink.. naked!"
   <TUMINATOR.mp3> MC Rummage
2:27 - <TUMTUMTUMINATOR.mp3> First song.. "..and no one's getting
   fat, except Momma Cass!"
2:28 - Bar killed it. Next song can't be blammed. BV "BAD! I'm
   gonna make it more Evil!" evil cackling.
   Ezra "Rasvar.. you never kill a song that Yappy *Likes!*"
     BV "I'm goona.. ki...EeH.. AHHH!"
2:29 - BV "You know what I SHOULD DO? PLAY THE SAME SONG AGAIN!"
  BV "HA! Momma Cass here we go!" Voop attack
2:32 - Puppet flirting. Voop and ferret kiss and go under the stage
  Channel wouldn't mind original song again anyway :)
  Rasvar's been wondering something "What is the deal with this
    Kitchen Fresh Chicken Stuff?" KFC?
2:33 - Ras "GIVE ME A BREAK! KFC does not stand for Kitchen Fresh
  Chicken!" Chewy. Chunky.
2:36 - BV "OH NO! A HAM SANDWICH!" gags, dies..
  Jess "Best Scooby Doo episode was the one with Momma Cass."
    Tod "Think so?" Ras "Oh.. those old Scooby Doo movies.."
2:37 - Dick Van Dyke episodes. "The scary ones were when they did
   the Three Stooges, and the Harmen Glodetrotters.."
   Larel and Hardy eps vs Batman and Robin eps. Casey Casem
     does both Shaggy and Robin. Scooby wierdness
2:38 - Jess "The things about Casey Casem is.. he's not really
   this generation's voice.."
   Generation gap. Frank Sinatra introducing Outkast..
2:39 - Rasvar "A Lawerence Welch cover of Eminem would just be..
   Fabulous!" Poink does Eminem with a goofy accent. "OOooh wasn't
     that special.."
2:40 - <Mammas&Papas-WillYouStillLoveMeTommorow.mp3> BV leaves
   Poink for Ezra.
2:42 - "Will you still love me.. tomorrow..?" Poink "And the answer
   is: No, and you better not be here when I wake up!" Ezra "No,
     the answer is.. uhuhuhuh!" nodsnodsnods BV "You WILL? GOODY!"
2:43 - <ChapelOfLove.mp3> Ezra o_O O_O O_O
2:45 - BV & Ezra sing about marriage.
2:46 - <PoinkInPrison.mp3> Ezra "That is NOT the priest of the
   Chapel of Love.."
  Song sequences that tell a story.
  <It'sMyPartyAndI'llCryIfIWantTo.mp3> Johnny left with Judy.
     People whose names end in -y.
2:47 - "Till Johnny's dancing with me.. I've got no reason to
   smile.." 50's Jerry Springer. Ferret plays trumpet.
2:48 - Judy's wearing his ring. The *#$@#$!
2:49 - <Judy'sTurnToCry.mp3> Saga continues "Johnny's come backkk,
   to me!"
2:50 - "Well it hurt me so to see them dance together.. I felt like
  making a scene.. then my tears just fell like raindrops.. cause
    Judy's smile was so mean.."
  "One night I saw them kissing at a party, so I kissed some other
    guyyy.. Johnny jumped up and he *HIT* him, cause he's still
    loves me that's why.."
2:51 - "Johnny's come baacck.. to me!"
(And she took him back? He deserved an anchor to the eyebrows o_O
  UnEnding GORE..)[Remember, the 50s were a dark, superficial time]
  BV oohs.. "That song was from the 60s! How DARE she think it
    was the *50s!* Cause if you want *FIFTIES*..wwooOAAoOAH!"
(Doh..) Ezra "You have.. 50s for us?" Ras "You did it now Sue.."
  Ras "This is what happens on your birthday.. it's all your fault!
    Susandeer and Garrison's birthday. BV "This is YOUR..."
2:52 - Music talk. Ezra "The early 50s was almost 40s feeling.."
  The songs of Post WW2.
  Yappy oohs.. "Should I got to 1955, or 1959.."
2:53 - Dedication to the Beattles later. 60s. Same difference.
  Nonsantiy isn't going to Megaplex, because his daughter might
    be born there. KP reads ".. and he doesn't think most people
    could take that sight." Ras "We could put that on the schedule?
2:54 - <WhoWroteTheBookOfLove.mp3> Rummage and Ezra. Do wop!
2:56 - Yappy has a catch of music ammo now after organizing
  from the Animaniacs.  Wilson - Aatheus  Coco - Aatheus
   Everyone in a town in a country in a continent on a planet
     in the solar system in the huge universe.
2:59 - "It's a big universe! And we're not!"
  "And the universe extends to a point that never ends, which
    is maybe just inside a little jar.."
3:00 - <MoreRummageMusic.mp3> Beattles?
3:01 - Rummage and Ezra do that one song.. I don't know the name of
3:02 - <Beattles-ComeTogether.mp3>
(click screen anywhere to see the lyrics.. good luck understanding
  them though..)
3:05 - "He roller coaster he got, early warning.."
  "Got to be good looking 'cause he's so hard to see!"
3:07 - Ezra in laser-pink glasses "Wow, love that!"
3:08 - <HallucinatingColors.fx> "Picking the garden.. pulling the
  weeds, who could ask for more? Will you still need me, will you
    still feed me.. when I'm 64?"
3:10 - <ElanorRigby.mp3> "Ah... look at all the lonely people.."
(I remember going over that song in the 8th grade.. Elanor and
  Father McKenze could have helped each other, but nobody made the   first step.. so..) [Dude, don't be deep, it's a song.]
(It's a Beatle's song.) [Go analyze some walrus gumboot then]
3:12 - Rummage "The Beatles came to America this week in, what?"
  Ezra "1964, on the Ed Sullivan Show."
  Ezra "A lot of musicians were saying the Beatles were a flash in
    the pan, and would never last... the only impact they'd ever
    make was their hairstyle.."
  Also first positive thing to hit TV after the assasination of
    John F Kennedy.
3:13 - Rummage has 2 more songs: <LucyInTheSkyWithDiamonds.mp3>
  Celestial Peanuts characters & substances. <Hallucinations.fx>
3:15 - <AtariAdventureFlashingColorsAndScreenFreezes!.fx>
  <Rasvar'sGut.fx> <Yappy'sButt.fx>
3:16 - One more song, 1969?
3:17 - <LucyInTheSkyWithDiamondsRemix.mp3> "Picture yourself.. on
  a boat.. on a river.. with tangerine trees.. and marmalade sky.."
http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/70216 (Pipes...lots of pipes)
3:18 - "Flowers, that grow so incredibly high... waiting to take
  you away.. climb on the back with your head in the clouds, and
    you're GONE..!"
  <AdvancedRealplayerDestruction.fx> Pawpet Strobe dancing!
3:19 - Rummage "That was evil." Ezra "Wigitywiggitywacked!"
  "Well everyone, that's our tribute to the Beatles!" Yappy "Now
    I'm in the mood for a Moon Pie.."
3:20 - ART JAMS! http://pawpet.org/funday/art/2004-02-08/
Michael Jackson and Marily Manson "CBS aims for less controversial
".. the heads of Disney and CBS, lead by Chairman Michael Eisner,
  have decided to opt for a far less offensive lineup.."
Eisner: ".. this is my best idea since green lighting the Country
  Bears movie!"
3:21 - Poink uses Tardlet to hypnotise crowd
  Ezra qualifies for Daytona 500. Cool specs.
  Whole sequence parodying the "Only In Kenya" flash!
3:22 - Weebleized Mutt and Yappy chew on Eisner.
http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view.php?id=143965 (R4,C3 Smoke)
3:23 - Garrison strikes again!
  That's it for art jams! Jess "Wow.. I intimidated people :)"
3:24 - No Rasvar audio? Somebody turned -his- mic off?
- A little liquid plumber would help..

>Background Music<
info http://www.ocremix.org/detailmix.php?mixid=OCR00137

- I told you this car was a boat!
- Quick Robin! THe Batsharkremoval spray!
- I think I know what the problem is.. then engine's flooded
- It really does turn like the Queen Mary!
- Damn those left turns as Alberqerky!
- The Cuban entry for Monster Garage wasn't entirely successful.
- The budget cuts at McHaile's navy hit bottom when they recieved
  the new PT-73.
- I KNEW there was something fishing about that really cheap travel
  fare I got on priceline.com..
Yappy "It's because you have someone who sings Tangerine Dream and
  Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds for them :P"
3:27 - As the professer speeds away from the island, he shouts
  'Screw You Gilligan!!'
- Due to Eisner's budget cuts, this is now and attraction at
   Disney World..
- The Belgian navy testing new equipment.
- Noah wasn't as prepared as I was!
- We-All-Live-InA-Green-Converted-Buick..
- OOPS! My Poink bumper sticker washed off!
- Guys like this have no job and too much time on their hands.
- Eisner escapes from Roy.
- I can't come back! I don't know how it works!
- DUDE! This is one big car wash!
Yappy "And that was all of the captions."
- Garrsion skunk is 300,000 years old!
- ARGH! My face is melting!
- Hey ya to GU who better well ___ be watching when this airs.
- Pawpets Monterey Bay looking for video helpers
- My friend, the slice of cheese, and I went out once and we killed
   two bears. I killed one with a paperclip, the cheese beat the
   other one to death with a small plush rabbit.
... Yappy "O.K..."
3:29 - 'If you want boobs, Poink, just look in a mirror, you're the
   biggest boob on the show!' Laughs :)
- The Superbowl halftime wasn't the Breast I've ever seen..
- Belated Happy Birthday to Corsair, 29.
- Congrates to Herbie and the folks at Legacy Animation!
3:30 - Secret messages to people. Unidentified person wonders if
  people have checked out their blog yet.
Yappy "And that is it :)" Rasvar "We have 2 more art jams.."
3:31 - Start of Pawpet Halftime
 - End of Pawpet Halftime
  Ezra "Nonsanity, you are so cool ^_^"
  MPEG bug, still photo for too long locks up computer?
3:32 - <MAGIC!.mp3> People hide! Ras pressed the wrong button.
3:33 - Rasvar's in trouble again.
3:34 - Before and after pictures again: Audience vanishes!
  Replay of 2 Griffin's Pawpet Song! Ezra "2, this is for you pal!"
info http://www.werewolves.org/~two/music.htm
  2 salutes Boy Bands everywhere..
3:37 -"It really makes my skin crawl.. when Java eats his eyeballs"
   "Everyone around me.. is just-plain-wierd.."
3:38 - Ezra does the paw-foot-sway thing. Wigs out.
3:39 - Jess "2 is seriously talented ^_^"
   Rummage ohs.. "I'm center channel!" tests out new audio powers.
3:40 - Pitch for 2's website! Tons of rants, original music (above)
   Band uses 2 songs!
3:41 - Jess likes "And We Are" and "Salvation". 2 Also at Megaplex.
   Planning for the 200th show.
3:43 - WeWuns next week? Ezra "The Weeness will be way up. I love
   that word ^_^"
3:44 - Chasing the World's Fastest Ice Cream Truck?
   Ras "We've got the Mario Antre..the Mario Antredi of ice cream
   truck drivers here..I don't know how he sells anything :P"
http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/70918 (Smuggling)
   Arthurs coming up. Yappy "UGH! Too much stuff to do!"
3:45 - Valentines day show also. Rerun earlier? Ras "I don't think
   we've ever done a Valentines Day show!" Jess "Last year we did."
     Pawpet Dating Game?
3:46 - Yappy has to get rid of 180 VHS tapes. Ezra "The ones with
   our show on them? :P" conversion to DVD.
3:47 - Selling bulk on Ebay. Ezra "And who knows WHO was writing
   on the spines and labels.. there might even be a doodle or
     something on a couple of them.    Hint." Chuckling
   Rummage will let people know when they're selling 187 used tapes
3:48 - Offer of $1,000! Rummage thinks that might cover the $2-3
   cost of all the tapes..
   Ezra "We're not encouraging anyone to purchase anything.. Wink"
3:49 - Offer of $10,000? People offer complementary shipping!
3:50 - Ezra "There is nothing Poink could do, in ANY position,
   that could make those tapes worth $10k!" Poink "Oh BS!"
   Poink "Did I mention my butt takes Betamax, AND VHS tapes?"
     "I don't know why I said that.."
3:51 - Beta vs VHS. Frontloading vs backloading?
   Sony tries to keep Beta to themselves, VHS wins. Ezra "Hurray
     for open source."
3:52 - Disney test-marketed disposable DVDs in Texas. Organic..
   would corrode after being played. Chunky.
3:53 - Poink likes the idea? "Instead of spending $14 for buying
   a DVD, copying it and selling it.. I SPENT 3 BUCKS! ^_^ Thank
     you Eisner ^_^"
   Ras notes nobody was dumb enough to buy them, shipped back to
     Disney in cryofreeze.
(So lost civilization survivors can find the Disney library, the last one standing, and get a brief glimpse of what the world was before the discs rot and hide it forever?) [That would be SWEET!]
   Environmentalists are glad landfills aren't filling with Goofy
3:54 - Rummage accidentaly says 'James Bondage' instead of 'Bond'.
   Ras wonders which porn movie that came from :)
   Poink.. "You didn't see his classic Weapons of Ass Destruction?"
     Massive groaning.
   4 minutes left. Poink gets to rant about Eisner some more.
     "The only thing he hasn't done yet is kidnap a kid off a ride.
     That's how much he's screwing up!"
   DVDs that might be filling landfills near you. Poink "Lion King
     vs Stitch." Kaiju.
3:55 - Ezra and Yappy want to run the song. Jess "3..2..1.."
  <GGGOOOOOOODDDNNNIIIGGGHHHTTT!!!!.mp3> Extreme compound reverb.
  Rasvar "Wait a minute.. it's not even ON!"
  Poink "Thank you.. that was the Andrew Lloyd Weber version.."

>Background Music<
info http://www.ocremix.org/detailmix.php?mixid=OCR00456
3:56 - CREDITS

Herbie Hamill     Randy Fox     Jim Mogle         John Cole
Dan Boatright     Dan Merillat  Melissa Merilat   Devin Bray
Jess Kiela        Scott Garron  Patrick Dowden

"Soul Bossa Nova" Quincy Jones - Austin Powers II Soundtrack
"The Ballad of Bilbo Baggins" Leonard Nimoy
"I Just Want to be Your Everything" Andy Gibb
"Shadow Dancing" Andy Gibb
"Bang Bang" Cher
"The Lion Sleeps Tonight" N'Sync
"The Guitar" They Might Be Giants
"The Hogan's Heros Theme" Hogan's Heros
"Snowbird" Anne Murray
"The Illusive Butterfly" Bob Lind
"Iano-Gaddo-Do-Yida" (?) Iron Butterfly
"Green Acres Theme" Green Acres
"Creeque Alley" The Mamas and the Papas
"Dedicated to the One I Love" The Mamas and the Papas
"Dream a Little Dream" Mama Cass"
"Will You Still Love Me Tommorrow?" The Shirelies (?)
"Going to the Chapel" The Shirelies (Yep)
"Judy's Turn To Cry" Leslie Gore
"The Book of Love" The Manalianes
"Yakko's Universe" Animaniacs
"Norwegian Wood" The Beatles
"Come Together" The Beatles
"When I'm 64" The Beatles
"Elanor Rigby" Ditto
"Lucy in the Sky With Diamonds" The Beatles
"Lucy in the Sky With Diamonds" William Shatner  (WHAT!??)
"The Pawpet Song" 2 Gryphon
"Adios, Auevair, Aufwidesien" Lawrence Welk

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Copyright 2003 - Randy Fox

3:57 - Ezra thanks everyone! Lists what they all do.
   Ezra "Thanks to Poink, he's a jerk." Poink "Yep ^_^"
   Rasvar "Thank you Momma Cass, thank you William Shatner, Leonard
     Nimoy, thank you Beattles.."
   Yappy "Thank you Bandit for piddling on the rug.."
   Poink "See everybody in two weeks for our 200th show!"
3:58 - <Goodnight!.mp3> <Ding.mp3> Poink "This has been a Bill
     Goodson, Mike Eisner production!" Ezra "Someday we're going
     to change that copyright date.."
   <Colorbars.fx> <ShowLogo.fx>
3:59 - 10..9..8..7.6.5..4...3....2.....1.? Repeat of show start.

********* END OF SHOW #199 **********

[So you didn't know Shatner was the one singing Lucy, hmm?] (I had
 expected horror.. but I did not know the magnitude.)
[You still persist in believing Star Trek is better than 'Wars?]
(I do. And that no Evil force will ever be able to destroy or
  displace us!) [Then I've got some Good news for you...}
(What?) [Mr.T is a freelancer]
                      *TO BE CONTINUED*


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