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PAWPET SHOW #198 - - Jan 18, 2004 - Timeline 1/2
compiled by (Blackfoot Ferret) [But mostly by his computer]

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Return of the Tardlet: Poink still thinks he's Dr Who.       - 0:07
Announcement of Herbie's "All You Can Eat" Art CD            - 0:10
Callin: That CD Guy                                          - 0:28
Story of Legacy Animation, project of laid off Disney folks  - 0:35
Essential things to bring to Further Confusion               - 0:48
Rummage's advanced-inuendo word guessing gameshow            - 0:50
Divided attention: People catch Rasvar watching sports again - 1:05
SPITS OR SWALLOWS: Norfolk Punch vs Milk Chocolate Hobnobs   - 1:19
Funny stories about electricity, Poink's zapped nipple       - 1:30
Two very cool Clock sites. Satilite-tuned Nixie tubes        - 1:55
Cool 80's toys, how to cheat with Quiz Kid                   - 2:04
Behind the Stage: Yappy has box of Poink eyes? o_O           - 2:25
The really cool WACOM tablet drawing game that Simba hates!  - 2:32
Rasvar notes Ezra's roommate's favorite fballteam lost. Angst- 2:52
ART JAM: The Many Evils of Eisner                            - 3:11
Things that make Crappy scream                               - 3:18
Star Wars vs Star Trek vs The Daleks vs Short Circuit        - 3:22
CAPTION CONTEST: Kid gets stuck in the Claw Machine          - 3:27
Badger Badger Badger Badger Badger Badger Badger Bowling     - 3:38
Credits                                                      - 3:57

*********** START *************
0:00 - WA-13 Warning, character intros. 90's 60's funk.
0:03 - The Kitchen. Devin notes they're using the wrong camera.
      The Stage. Ezra, two gallons of cheeseballs and stagehand
        holding a detonator.
0:04 - Early show tech tune-ups. Ezra licks a laptop, then you see
0:05 - Closeup on the cheesepoofs. Ezra "This show's got a lot of
      <LookingDownOnJR'sHeadCam.fx> Poink looks up and eats(?)
        the camera. (o_O)
0:06 - Bandit sniffs under Ezra's arm, making him jump. Rasvar's
        butt cam. Situation normal.
      Greeting the audience. Rummage pops up next to the
0:07 - Poink just got back from Further Confusion. "And I picked
        up something incredibly cool at FC." Ezra "What'd you
        pick up?" "I have a time machine."
      Return of the Tardlet. Doctor Poink has the cool hat too.
0:08 - Closeup of the Tardlet. Yappy "Does that make retards?"
      Also brought back a cool CD. Poink "People have been asking
        where Mutt's been lately, and he's been helping out
        Herbie, to put together a CD of Herbie's art!"
http://herbietoons.com/ <- front page
http://www.cafeshops.com/herbietoons.9101583 (Wrong item..wow O_O)
0:09 - Sidestage of Herbie's "All You Can Eat" CD, various
        features. (Argh, can't find it)
0:10 - One hour slideshow of images. Good for eating large numbers
        of cheesepoofs. Poink "I guarantee it'll be a better
        movie than Shrek 2."
[Nice, but since you're six months behind, the movie hadn't come
out yet.] (I thought you were supposed to be my Id, not my
conscience?) [Whichever's most annoying.]
0:11 - Poink goes into pitch mode "Audience! 700 images from Mr
        Herbie Hamill. What would you pay? What's reasonable?"
      Ezra "Do you think $30 is fair?" Poink "I'd say 35!"
0:12 - Home shopping pawpets. Yappy's computer loves printing
        labels! <HappyMusic.mp3>
0:13 - Dr. Poink "You have to remember.. Herbie -himself- lovingly
        crafted ever label, every CD case.." Rummage "Not." ".. he
        poured the plastic," "Not!" "..made the CDs.." Ezra "He KISSED
        every single label as he put each one in the case.." "NOT!"
      Rummage notes he did about 97% of the CDs. Ezra "And THEN he
        kissed them!"
      Ezra and Poink argue con CD prices. Ezra goes $30. Poink "That's
        not fair to Herbie! He worked hard on these!"
0:14 - Preparing the CD. Rummage pops up with it CD in his mouth, then
        hands off to Poink, who collapses under the weight.
        Need help. Ezra "Ras-Var! Stop watching football!"
http://www.stupidvideos.com/?VideoID=581 Rasvar is occupied "Hey!"
      Ezra "It ain't Jacksonville, it doesn't matter!" Rasvar "Just
        wait the next show, I'm holding my Superbowl party during
        the show!"
      Rummage hopes for rain. Rasvar notes it won't happen :)
0:15 - Rummage attacks the Cheesypoofs. Munches. People wonders what
        Cheesypoofs do to people.. Bandit.
0:16 - Total collection of Herbie art. Portraits of friends, Wolf city.
      Even unfinished sketches. Extreme sports section.
0:17 - Cute anime picture of K.P. KP oohs!
      Herbie invaded Wildwolf's sketchbook, major lupineness.
0:18 - <GoofyMusicWithABigBandAndPeopleWhistling.ooh>
0:19 - Quicktime slideshow. Poink raises his bid to $40.
      The Adventures of KuddlePup, the comic?
0:20 - Ezra "That's just me, but I think they're pretty cool.."
      Other people at FC.
0:21 - Change of subject. Poink filks the song Sentimental Journey into
        an epic of FC and porn.
0:22 - Only 100 discs. Already sold out. Doh.
0:23 - Simba arrives, sees lots of strange whistling people.
0:24 - Ezra "Arthur, we're going to pose you a question." Arth "Alright
        I'm a good poser." $35 fair price? Arthur ups the bid.
      CD scalpers in the audience? Rasvar "Gonna sell them on Ebay."
0:25 - Best to buy art from artists, rather than distribution houses.
      <MexicanZorbaTheGreek.mp3> (o_O)
0:26 - Ezra "Think of any other artist in the world who would sell you
        their art for 5cents an image!"
      Not much is going on, so people hum to the Greek music.
0:27 - Rummage announces Realplayer is now in both speakers! "I dumped
        windows, this show is almost 99% windows free now."
      Screaming, rejoicing mexican greeks. People celebrate.
0:28 - CALL-IN: That Guy Who Made the CDs. "Are you there?" "Yeeeah.."
      Herbie "Miss you guys :/" working on freelance things. Pizza
        and Ice Skating place?
0:29 - Herbie thanks Yappy for the tech help, slideshow.
      Ezra notes the Channel thinks $45 is cheap for the CD. Herbie
        blinks "The Channel?"
0:30 - Herbie hopes these are the same people that are buying them..
      Herbie's whole hard drive, minus Disney and other classified
        characters. Poink "And Porn." Even humans.
0:31 - Yappy wants to pay $100 for a Porn CD :)
0:33 - Limited 100 run "That's about all I can carry with me.."
      Ezra "Are you going to be signing the CDs?" Herbie "I could..
        I know how to spell my name at least." Ezra "You gradiated
        from 3rd grade with honors!" "Gradiated is right."
        Yappy "How do you spell Handleing?" "Forget it."
0:34 - Story of 'Handeling'. 5 changes in last 30 before a stage show,
        Herbie flips l&e, conjures famous dead composer.
0:35 - Herbie's other project: Legacy Animation. Group of Disney and
        ex-Disney animators
(Update: While Legacy Animation has officially closed its doors for the time being, and taken down its web site after the project lost its
funding, there is talk of the team starting a new project. Keep an
ear open.)
0:36 - Legacy got Slash.dotted, lots of interest in keeping traditional
        hand-drawn animation alive after Eisner's closing of
        all Disney's 2D studios.
      Herbie/Mutt's thrilled to be working on the project, which
        started just days earlier, although it means getting an
        animated short finished in a week's time on top of everything.
0:37 - Tons of Herbie's friends, laid off by Mr.E, are trying to join
        Legacy, to keep Disney's tradition of the highest quality
        animation alive. Herbie "It's really really encouraging.. to
        see the entire team still together, its what we're shooting
      Poink "So in other words, its gonna go down on Eisner's
        tombstone as yet -another- mistake."
http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view.php?id=143965 (R1,C7 nOOB sAIBOT)
 (What tombstone?) Applause for Eisner's last big studio project,
      Home on the Range. Herbie "Which we affectionately refer to as
        'Dancing on Walt's grave'.
      Teacher's Pet vs Spongebob Squarepants the movie.
      CGI for 2004: Pixar's "Incredibles" and Dreamworks' "Shrek 2"
        Poink "Which is probably going to suck."
      Poink "Which is probably going to suck the donkey."
http://www.stupidvideos.com/?VideoID=808        (Green people rule)
0:38 - Sharks, staring Will Smith. Herbie "I've seen some of that,
        it's kind of hard to watch.."
      Nonanthro sharks walk on tail fines. "It's actually kind of
        creepy.. it's like Seaman the video game."
0:39 - Poink thinks Dreamworks is copying Pixar's themes, Finding Nemo
        vs Sharks, Bug's Life vs Antz.
      Herbie notes Sinbad didn't score well with the Box Office "But
        I watched it, and I -loved- it."
      Treasure Planet syndrome. Ezra also liked Iron Giant, didn't
        think it got enough press.
      Give Kids the World kids ask about Herbie and Legacy!
0:40 - Herbie recalls working with some animators for over 10 years,
        and going to college together. Tight family.
0:41 - Qs from channel, things Herbie does in Legacy. Lotsa stuff. And
0:42 - Idea: The Fishbowl Room. Legacy occupies 1930's Hotel, redone
        so much it looks like Main Street at Disneyland.
      Poink "What do you recommend to aspiring new artists? Any tips?"
        Herbie thinks 3D is another genre of animation, too much of it
        and folks will want hand-drawn again as well. "It is a novelty
        as well, and too much ice cream makes you sick." Hand-drawn
        animation will make a comeback.
0:43 - Herbie predicts some 3D flops this year. Yappy "Too much cheese
        balls makes you sick." grabs the cheese ball barrel.
      Hard feelings towards Disney? "No, absolutely not, cause my
        vision of Disney is quality. And what I'm doing now, even
        working with Disney, is trying to maintain that, and the dept
        I'm working in really does care about the quality, and that's
        something.. I'm happy to see that." Eisner != Disney.
0:44 - Other FC things? Art auctions to help project.
      Pictures of Lance Rund, artist and one of the Verdun Werewolves,
        who passed away last year.
0:45 - Magic 8ball. Herbie "Oh gosh.. am I actually going to have a
        good time at FC?"
      Rummage corrects: Lance Pope, not Lance Rund. ASB guy lives.
0:46 - Celebrating the ASB guy still being alive! Rumors of departure
        greatly exaggerated. Channel, Kage go nuts.
      8ball: "Reply is Hazy, try again."
0:47 - More CD info. Pricey stuff.
      Channel loves Herbie, even when he's a disembodied voice.
        "Thank you, I was kinda down today, but you guys just cheered
         me up." 8ball says Herbie will enjoy FC, even though he
         couldn't get there.
0:48 - FC essentials. Beer. Rummage "Alcohol, Ne'er, and a room..."
        KP "Oh BOY..."
      Rasvar "Whatever you do, make sure you don't have beer nuts in
        the same room."
      Confusion. Poink pictures beer, Nair and beer nuts in a room.
        Yappy "Beer nuts make my Wedding Cakes come back kinda chunky"
http://soundamerica.com/sounds/sound_fx/S-Z/toilet.wav Herbie "Wierd!"
0:49 - Herbie wavers, signs off. Folks wish him good luck with Legacy.
      Rummage has a gamey-thing? "It's going to push the innuendo."
        Ezra "BOY! Like that's a problem on this show!"
      Rummage "We're gonna see what kind of comments people come up
        with here." Gives example, people say what they think of.
0:50 - #1 "I get fingered a lot..."
      Arthur "My Unix client." Rum "People stick things.. in me."
      <GershwinRapsodyInBlue-BlaringNote.mp3> Poink "Pencil sharpener!
      Rummage "I sometimes get laid on my spine."
      Rasvar gets it: A Book.
      #2 "Peckers bang me."
      Rasvar "A tree?" "Yay, he got it!" Ezra thought of the Stage.
      #3 "I'm pink, and moist.." Poink "Eraser" Ezra "Strawberry."
      "My juice makes you pucker." Ezra "..watermelon?"
        Rasvar "Grapefruit?" 3rd one right!
      Poink "And it's not like you've eaten a grapefruit!" "Hey hey
        hey.. I don't particularly like grapefruits, ok?" "Unless
        you're smothering it in A1!"
0:51 - #4 "My cavity is filled with seed." Poink "Your what?"
      "The knockers know when I'm ready."
      "When you eat me, I drip down your chin." melons.
      Arthur "Sweet." #5 "I am long, hard and battery operated."
      "I give off a steady stream."
      Poink "Realplayer." "People grope for me in the dark."
      Ezra "Flashlight!" Yay!
0:52 - Poink "Ok, any more?" Rummage "Yeah, I got lots of 'em :)"
        Arthur "What?? Where do you come up with those things?" "Don't
        you like it? :)" Poink "Yeah I love it!" Ezra "He thought of
        all these things himself.."
      #6 "I sometimes get balls caught in my throat." Arthur "Good."
      "My box smells." Poink "Wild's cat." Bingo! Arthur o_O
      Arthur "What was the first clue?" Talking about balls.
      #7 - "I did it with chickens." Arthur "Sweet." "You lick my
        fingers after eating my meat." Colonel Sanders.
      #8 - "I am the granddaddy of all wet spots." Arthur "7up."
        "I smell fishy" Arthur "No." Ocean
0:53 - Posing game to the audience. Poink "Screw the audience! I'm
        having too much fun ^_^"
      #9 "I am a protrusion that comes in many sizes."
        "When I'm not well, I drip."
        "When you blow me, you feel better."
      Answer: Nose. Other guess Poink
      #10 "I try to do it with sheep." "I try all night to get the
        right position."
0:54 - Poink thinks its him. "I only sleep in snatches." Poink "Rasvar!
Rasvar attacks. Poink ouches "I'm gonna go back in time and bite you in  the ass!"
Not a pillow. "An insomniac!"
#11 - "Over a thousand people went down on me." "I wasn't a maiden for
 long." "A big heart-thing ripped me open."
Ezra "I'm the king of the world!!" Answer is Leonard DeCaprio..?
#12 - "It's a premature evacuation."
"It's an alarming discharge." A fart? "Some men wear rubbers during      one"
Poink is grossed. Arthur "I'm staying out of this.." A:Fire Drill!
0:56 - "All day its in and out." "I discharge loads from my shaft."
 "Both mean and women go down on me."
Con casualties.
"I have a stiff shaft. My tip penetrates. I come with a quiver."
0:57 - SealPoink. A:Arrow.
Poink "I shot an arrow, into the air. Where did it land? In the crack
 of Ne'er." Rummage "VWHAT??"
Chuckling. Then screaming. Poink strikes again.
Ras "EMERGENCY VIDEO!!" Everyone but Poink adopts battle stations.
0:58 - Poink "I haven't regenerated that much :)"
VIDEO: Pawpets Rocky Mountain sings Yatta! Ohio strikes again!
"Yatta" Silly Go Lucky. Puppets - Hobbes
1:02 - Return of the Stage. Rummage humms Inspector Gadget theme.
CAPTION PHOTO: Real kid gets stuck in the plushie Claw Machine.
1:03 - <IShotTheSherrif.mp3> How to infiltrate a claw machine.
1:05 - Poink "Oh, speaking of innuendo.. I just took a look at Rasvar's
 computer, his 'private' little messages.. he's pulling for California
 Ras "No..not California, Carolina!" "He's still pullin' for em!"
 <BillyJoel-BigShot.mp3> Rummage sings about badly damaged gang guy,
   Tod grooves happily! Arthur echoes "Time to go home!"
1:08 - Crappy bowbowWhoas base.
1:09 - Finding a new song for Crappy. JR goes to look "Just keepem
 entertained." Crappy "Keep WHO entertained?   Oh, there's a Camera!"
 Crappy checks out the camera. Real close. Sniffs o_o "It's a CCD!"
1:10 - Crappy explores the whole stage! Trying to escape Rasvar fart.
 Crappy "In my FACE!" Yappyfox notes dogs like that stuff. "Popycock!"
1:11 - Ideas for Art Jam topics. JR "If you fart one more time
 Rasvar, I swear to GOD I'm gonna kick your ass!"
 Orking. Seal and Crappy start communicating. Bandit tries communing
   with other barkers.
1:12 - <PaperbackWriter.mp3> Groovy song about nerdy wordy folks!
1:14 - Crappy pops back up <PaperbackWriter.mp3> People argh!
 Cow has been blinded by Bandit? Ate cows EYES?? O_O ._.
1:15 - Yappyfart causes Cow to break the rating. Wow!
1:16 - Cow dances Riverdance with no music. KP missed cow last week :)
 <ThatManaManaSongFromTheMuppets(?).mp3> Cow does the Caveman trying
 to adlib his repetitive part, which the other singers don't like.
1:17 - Moo dodges giant fingers trying to crush his head.
1:18 - Moo tries to decide if temporary eyes are the best solution.
1:19 - SPITS OF SWALLOWS! MC Yappy "Tonight's selection is going to be
 ... very challenging :)" Moo "Durianmoo?" "It's worse than Durian.."
 Milk Chocolate HopNobs vs Norfolk Punch. "Based on a traditional
   recipe of infusions of herbs and spices."
1:20 - Moo watches everything, a bit like Cookie Monster. Rasvar first.
 Munch. Munch? Shrug. "Hmmm." thumbs up.
1:21 - Sips, while people behind give him breakdancing Shiva arms.
 Sip. Eegh. Sip. Eegh.. Sip. "Eeegh.." Cinnamony V8?
 Mr JR. Stuck-together hobnob "Don't you hate it when your hobnob gets
1:22 - Munch. Cheap Windixie cookies. Dad's cookies, not Mom's.
 Smell. Wince. Sip. "God.. Bless America." Discard.
1:23 - The Simbinator. Puppet hair. Studies his own expression in the
 camera. "Hobnobs.." munch. Oatmeal raisin cookies without either.
 Java ponders eating the camera as Simba munches.
1:24 - Simba survives. Shawn's up. "Grab a Nob."
 <Fat.mp3> Munches as JR simultaneously farts. "They're alright.."
1:25 - KP reads the label. Well Manor at 974 A.D.? "Probably the same
 batch." Sip, samples scientifically "It tastes like fruit juice and
 Wostersheer sauce."
1:26 - Hob nobbin. Stale oatmeal cookies with choco.
 Yapster. "These were sent in by Punktiger.." Munch.
1:27 - Yappy's face looks blurred for a moment, like in the witness
 protection program. "Yeah.. need milk."
 Sip. "Wostersheer fruit punch. It's different.. interesting."
1:28 - Applying mascara to the camera lens. Big stage shot.
 Ezra notes it wasn't bad "But I wanna know why people keep sending
 in stuff that's intentionally nasty o_O Do they just want to torture
 us, or what?"
1:29 - Ezra notes they have ten badgers, ponders Badger bowling?
 Kitchen "What's burning?" Ras "Nothing's burning :)" Ezra belches.
 Punch turns evil when Ezra burps some up. "It BURNS!"
1:30 - Poink burned something this week? Doesn't want to talk about it.
 Ezra "You zapped your Nipple!" Poink sighs. "Ok, fine.."
 Static electricity builds in car. Leans against car door while
   forgetting to discharge it.
1:31 - Poink "It's still bright red!" Ezra "Please don't show it.."
 Ezra thinks its cool, but dumb. Poink "It's not like a put a
   lightning rod on my nipple :P"
1:32 - Yappy recalls working on a TV set that was charged. Shock from
 discharge travels from fingers to "private parts, through the key
 ring, back to the grounding plate that was on the side of my bench."
 Yappy "Needless to say, I had 20,000 volts go through my private
 Poink "I can top it :)" Rasvar uh ohs.
1:33 - Lawn mowers with industrial strength spark plugs. "Tim, the guy
 who was working with me, thought it would be funny to come up behind
 and take a wiz on the mower.. it hit the spark plug.." Ras YAYS!
 Poink "It was like this continuos line of lightning from the spark
   plug to his woohooie.. and he's just standing there like.. GET IT
 Ezra "I've never heard someone call it a WooHooie before :P" "This is
   the Kinder, Gentler Poink :)"
1:36 - Dancing skeleton helps with the electricity song.
1:37 - Nipple static had lots of volts, little amperage though.
 More shocking tales from Poink. Thought light filled with water was
1:38 - Rummage notes Mythbusters disproved stories of people being
 killed by peeing on the 3rd subway rail. Droplets aren't all
   connected. Poink is amazed at how many pseudo-nasty words folks
   have come up with.
1:39 - Old radios, 1936 metal tube. Radio Disney! Ezra "If I move this
 radio to the other side of the room.." radio has no back.
1:40 - Bad vibrations. Ezra doesn't remember much after that.
 Yappy "I'm used to getting electrocuted at least once a week." TV
   repair. Even discharged TV collect charge over time.
1:41 - <Don'tPissOnTheElectricFense.mp3!!> "If you're gonna explode..
 you can use the camode, in igloos, cave dwellings or tents.. no need
 to explain when ya gotta drain, just DON'T PISS ON the electric fence
1:42 - More G-rated nasty words. Waving a ladies and gents. Group
 sounds like the Manhattan Transfer.
 <ManiacalLaughter.mp3> <MassiveEchoingExplosion.mp3>
1:43 - Electronics and underwear.
 Poink heys at Rasvar! "You broke my Tardis!!"
 Ezra notes its the Tardlet to avoid copyright infringement.
1:44 - Rasvar uses the whole Tardlet as a trash-can sized battering ram
 to pound Poink.
 Bad Disney habits: Audio equipment ground loops. Removing humming by
   removing the grounding cables?
1:45 - Mrs. Big Wet Voluptuous lips kicks the microphone. Gets 40V zap
1:46 - While looking for blank DVDs for pirating purposes, Poink found
 a real USB massager! Lower energy means less danger. Can access via
 laptop anywhere!
1:47 - Taking porn to the next level.. software to remotely control
1:48 - Poink wants cigarette lighter attachment for it. Rummage can
 see accidents due to instant orgasms. Rasvar foresees lots of damaged
 power supplies.
1:49 - Ezra "How many power supplies have you gone through, Rummage?"
   "Don't even ask.."
 Rasvar wants a Skycam?
 <SKYCAM.swoopyvertigofuncam> Ras dangles the heavy camera over Poinks
   head, then starts beating him with it.
 Poink "Why is this show suddenly turning into Wayne's World??"
1:50 - Wayne's World vs Dwain's World.
1:51 - Rasvar notes Caroline just got another goal! Yes!
1:52 - Astral planes. (No.. no Beavis and Butthead quotes.. resist!)
1:53 - Skycam flies around in front of Rummage "Fly me away, to the
 bright side of the Moon.. meet me on the other side!" barrel rolls
1:54 - Whole screen goes off on an adventure. Bye! Black screen.
1:55 - Binary clocks? Poink has a Ball Clock?
 Ezra pitches http://www.sonic.net/~chronart/ Clock-related mind-
   bending art. Cool retroness!
1:57 - <MyHeartIsOnFire.mp3> Rummage lip-synchs.
1:59 - Poink "My lips are on fire..." <TechnicalDifficulties.whew>
2:00 - <Don'tPissOnTheElectricFence.encore!>

********* END OF PART ONE ********** Ras "Not sure how That started.."

(Well, I didn't find a good place to put this one today, and it bends the rating into a pretzel.. but for reasons that will become obvious I *have* to link this..)

Pawpet Show #198 - Legacy & Clocks - Timeline 2/2
compiled by (Blackfoot Ferret) [And his computer/id/conscience]

2:00 - Reprise of <Don'tPissOnTheElectricFense!.mp3>
 Rasvar "Not sure how -that- started.." Ezra "Nixie-tubes are cool!"
2:01 - How to make fluorescent Nixie-tubes for number displays. Talk
 continues about strange and cool clock equipment.
2:03 - Fun with early electronics. Dixie tube gas pumps?
2:04 - Quiz Kid/Calculators. Rummage "You could cheat with it!"
2:05 - Ezra "You know what?" "What?" "I'm OLD o_O"
 Ezra plans on bringing Fossil LED watch.
 Poink thinks of old toys like Big Trak that he remembers wanting,
   but could never get. Programmable tank.
2:06 - Arthur "Cool.." "How about Rom the Space Knight?" Arthur "I have
   no idea what you're talking about."
http://www.bugeyedmonster.com/toys/rom/ Poink "Micronauts?" "Nope."
(Can't find a non-auction page for those o_O Mini-Xmen?)
 Ezra remembers Capsella, goofy capsule-based building kit.
   Arthur "And you know what? You can still buy those!"
 Poink hmms "What else was there back then?"
 (Toooo Grossss..)
2:07 - Movie toys. Clash of Titans? Cool crash TV kid's game show.
2:08 - Pull-off-the-arms 6 million dollar man.
 (Hey, there's some cool stuff there..)
[I personally like Cat in the Hat better] Poink recalls his cool
    annoying watch that played Dixie.
  Ezra didn't want to answer the next question in class, but his Small
    World watch went off, so he got picked.
http://noveltywatches.com/mickey-mouse.htm (scroll down!)
2:09 - People force Ezra to sing a song. Ezra "I wonder what song
    they're going to have me do?
  <I'mBlue.mp3> "This is the story about guy that lives in the blue
     world.. everything is blue for him.." <BlueCrustOnEverything.fx>
2:10 - Smurfified Ezra, covered in blue pudding except for his mouth
 and Elton glasses. Poink is blue too?
 Poink vanishes, replaced by a rapidly spinning Tardlet?
2:11 - Realplayer destruction continues. Funday Sign is blue.
2:12 - Totally, absolute Blueation.
2:13 - Star Avenger ship toy, raising and lowering it produced
 different sounds?
http://www.bugeyedmonster.com/toys/starbird/ (Early Lasertag?)
 Ezra pitches www.amug.org/~jthomas/clockpage.html , home of Nixie-
   tube clock art!
2:14 - 21st century retro clocks. Rasvar "I'm just experimenting
   trying to find way of blowing up the Quicktime feed :)"
2:15 - Ezra waits for Rasvar to pull up the website. "What website?"
     "The one I've been reading to you for the past two minutes."
     "Which one was it? I wasn't listening :)'
 Rasvar "Oh, I was waiting for you to give me the other one!" Ezra
   starts talking about funny clocks some more
 Rasvar ask again what the url is? Ezra arghs.
2:16 - Back at www.amug.org/~jthomas/clockpage.html & wristwatch.
 Satellite technology keeps retro clock accurate. Scrolling down.
2:17 - Krusty-brand battery! Ezra "It is an Uber-Geek watch ^_^"
2:18 - Back to http://www.sonic.net/~chronart/ Day of the Clocks.
 Rasvar asks for the second url again? Ezra keeps going through the
   wierd prismatic clocks. Reinvented 70's technology.
2:20 - Sprinkler-head clock. Roman Numeral Clock? Ezra "For those
   geeks that like really neat clocks, Clock Geeks, there is a website
   for you."
2:21 - Arthur "What does it all MEAN?" Ezra "It means something, it's
   important! But not to anybody else ^_^"
 JR departs. Arthur only has utilitarian clocks? "Pretty much all
   digital. There's my face." <CloseupOnArthur.fx>
2:22 - Ezra "So what does the channel say, about watches and clocks
 in general?"
http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/185614 "What are they thinkin?"
 Ezra "Rasvar's over watching football again.." "I had to check on
   the game!"
 Ezra's roommate's favorite team is losing. Trouble.
 Arthur "People get worked up over the silliest things o_O Football,
   Human Rights.."
2:23 - Ezra tries to get Arthur to talk about something Human Rights
   related he was doing earlier? "Umm.. no :)"
 Ezra "You know what my idea of Human Rights is? The opposite of
   Human Lefts."
 Left Guards. Right Guards. Arthur "Right" Ezra "Bark"
2:24 - Summoning the Magic Wacom tablet, for Sketching with Rasvar!
 Rasvar says "Oops" people are immediately worried.
2:25 - Behind the stage. Yappy has a box of Poink eyes? o_O
 Ezra wants a super two-tv DVD/VCR Nintendo center with a blinky-light
2:27 - Deciding who's going to draw. Ezra "Yappy can draw, it will all
 look like circuit boards!" Rasvar sighs, people are worried again.
 Searching for Simba. Simba is under the table. Ezra thinks of a
   game where Simba has to get others to guess a person's name by
   drawing picture. Simba "NO! NooooOO!:P"
2:28 - Cereal ports. Crunchy.
 Simba "There's something ELSE plugged into the serial port!"
 Garrison tries to get everyone in channel to put "Naked Girl" in
   their name before names are picked.
2:30 - Rasvar gags, stuff he ate came back up. Spits and Reswallows.
2:31 - Flyingfox picks a name, gives it to Simba. Simba will try to
   draw clues on the screen. <WacomTalbetScreen.fx>
2:32 - Rasvar "Ready?" Simba "ReaDIiee.."
 Fox with sword.. Zorro! Well done.
2:33 - Simba is appointed the resident Art*ee*st extraordinare. Simba
   wonders when Herbie will be back. "I don't like trying to draw
 Screen: OH, ECHO! Simba "No.."
2:34 - Rasvar suggests closing some windows. Simba "They're my tools,
   if I close them I'll never find them again.."
 Screen actually shows up well in Realplayer, full screen.
2:36 - Tree being blows by nasty wind.. "3 letter word for wind!"
 Corsair? Coarse air.. Simba "I don't like Namez..."
2:37 - Summoning JR to draw next. Jr "If I must.."
 Cuddles Cat! Rasvar "Ok.. this next one should be JR."
2:38 - Bandit goes nuts with squeekytoy while people sweat.
2:39 - Horse with saddle. Cow with saddle? Ezra "It's an otter!" "No.."
   JR breaks the Ruling, writes words. Screen: "Screw the Rules!"
2:40 - Fillyjonk. JR "Is Rasvar gonna draw now?" Ras "I'm gonna draw
   because JR is so terrible I have to make him look bad!"
   Ezra "This looks like a combination of Napa, Florida, a camel, a
     horse with a saddle on it.. and Snoopy!" JR draws a hand with one
     finger on it. Ezra "And it's got an udder!" JR "That's a breast!"
2:41 - Ras is up. One person. Two people. Ezra "Keyhole cam!"
   One big person. Ezra "It's a female giant.. with boobs. A giant
     with a number Six for a head?" Ras "No no no no.."
2:42 - Ras crosses out head with arrow pointing to last remaining hair
      darkly. Ezra "African American?" "NO no no.." "It's donut
      head!" Yappy "It's Starvin Marvin Man!"
   Answer: MommaGyng, Rasvar's girlfriend. Ezra "O..K.."
   Simba "KP wants to draw.."
2:43 - Rasvar "Stick Figure Theater!"
http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view.php?id=102209 (Today: "Lord of
   the Rings")
 KP learns the Way of Wacom. A computer?
 Computer is a Mac.. JR "NotPC" KP "Neat!"
2:44 - "Shawn's gonna draw!" <Baby-OhNo.mp3> Simba "Black Grass made
   out of charcoal.."
 Genesis of a stick picture. Rasvar "A dot.. ooh, it's a line.. oh..
   it's the Teletubies.."
 Simba "It's Uncle Kage.."
 It's right! Glasses and labcoat! Ezra "Actually, his is bald too.."
   Ras "Oooo..." Simba checks the channel "We've been 'Harrumphed'"
 3 Harrumphs. Next picture. KP "Ok, forgive me for this one.."
 Feline with incredibly pronounced udders. Crew promise not to give
   the answer away this time.. Doodles wins with Roxikat!
2:46 - Simba "Does the audience want to see.. more of this? :P"
 Crappy "I'll doodle.. Yeah!" Ezra goes to a safe distance.
 Crappy "Let's play with the Sketchpad! What does the Sketchpad do??"
2:47 - Canine head. People try to guess.
 Simba "I'm just Drawing!" Resets.
 Stage. Naked Poink. Ezra "Stop TSing online and get on stage." "I'm
   not TSing, I'm busy!" "You're TSing!" "I'm Ebaying.."
 Rasvar "(low) Naked.. Pawpet... even his hand looks pissed!"
2:48 - Simba goes with "Things Around The House" Proper Cup of Coffee?
 Rasvar channels "We should know that Kage is bald by choice, too.."
 Not Coffee. Java? Cup? Mug, dingding!
2:49 - Channel gets it before stage. Ezra "Look at our channel go,
   they're so smart!" Simba "S-M-R-T!"
 A plant? A pot? Pot? "Forest!" No.. "Apple tree?" Tomato Plant!
2:51 - Chair? Ezra "Mixer!" dingding
 KP's next "I've got an iDEa.."
 A place. Channel likes the show segment :)
2:52 - Bowl with Superman Symbol on it. "SuperBowl!" Ras "By the way,
   we have an update.. somebody's going to be upset."
 Patriots and Panthers are going to the Superbowl. Ezra "I'm gonna
   have Hell at home real soon!" Simba "It's *Ramen* :)"
 Screen: Texas. Simba "No, Italy"
2:53 - Rome! <RomanticMoodMusic.mp3>
2:54 - USA. Dot on California "Further Confusion!" BingBing!
   Rasvar says it early again "Sorry!" Simba "No!"
 KP "I've got one! I'm probably gonna get in trouble for it.."
 Bedpost? Simba "No.." Yes. "Oh, I shouldn'ta said that.. The Plane,
   The Plane! .. Bondage.."
 Rasvar "KP.. you're dead." KP tries to put a Scoreboard above the bed
2:56 - Style breaks the Stylus. Rasvar channels "They got it.."
 Keyhole Cam. Ras "And by the way.. you have the stuff piled at the
   wrong spot.. everything's at the base of the bed."
 Someone (Ras?) crosses out everything on the screen. Ras "ooh.. Wow..
   it's Psychedelic!"
2:57 - Flyingfox thinks it looks like the cover art to one of Devin's
   bands? Wacom stylus is *still* broken..
 Stage. Dr Poink "I guess it's time for a DVD review.. Freddy vs Jason
   came out this week."
*** GOOGLEWAR!!! Freddy vs Jason!!
 Poink "Nice.. slasher film.. the next film out in Freddy vs Indiana
2:58 - Lost in Space Season 1 out next week, along with Barney Miller
2:59 - Herbie leaves special CDs for crew.
 Poink looks up at dancing skeleton "Them bones.. them dry bones."
 Skeleton falls on Poink "Them dead bones.."
3:01 - CHANNEL ROLL CALL! <MexicanHatDance.mp3> KP presiding.
3:02 - Rasvar repeatedly beats KP's head with the edge of the screen.
3:03 - He's still doing it.
 <FocusIn.fx> <FocusOut.fx> KP channels "Yes, I know the show lacks
3:04 - Stage is teleported to the kitchen. Ezra cools. <FocusOut.fx>
3:05 - Ezra goes far back in the room. Near/Far? "Can you hear me NOW?
3:06 - <Echo.fx> Ezra "WWoowww. Ii ffeeeell ssoo.. .. aalloonnee..
 RRaassvvaarr hhaass wweett ssppoottss oonn tthhee ffroontt ooff hhiss
 ppaannttss nnooww.."
3:07 - Rasvar "Oohh Nnoo.. JJRR FFAARRTTEEDD!!"
 Poink belches "BBRRRRAAAPP" Ezra "WWooww."
 Poink "TThhiiss iiss jjuusstt wweeiirrdd" "Mmaannahh Mmaannahh"
 Rasvar "Wow.. Poink is HUGE!" "That's what most of my dates say.."
3:08 - Ezra spots candies that say "Eat Me" "I think I will.."
 Munch. Grow. GROOOOWWWW.. MegaCthuhluEzra gets way close to the
   camera, and starts down at Poink from above the stage.
 Poink "This is cheap special effects folks." Ezra "Roooarrr.."
3:09 - Rasvar "My pants are wet!" Poink thinks that's the topic for
   the next art jam.
3:10 - Rasvar wows, left over Art Jams from last week. JR chews gum
   loudly just to annoy Ezra. Ras "Don't burp!" Evil punch.
#1 - Michael Eisner tries to fish an Oscar out of the Claw Machine "It maybe be our only chance now, but I have a LOT of Quarters!"
#2 - Being Simba Mach-ovitch, from week before, Simba stares out of
  a hole in his own head.
  Britney Spears gets drunk and marries Poink
 Poink "What?" Reverend Hobbes marries them, Yappy is best man. Fox.
3:13 - MEGAARTHUR gets idea from Devin's piercings?
  Devin as Abraham Lincoln? Poink "It looks like Buddy Christ o_O"
3:14 - Mickey introduces everyone to Eisnerland, which is being bombed
  Disney returns from the dead as Darth Vader, uses the Jedi
    Necksqueeze on Eisner "I find your lack of faith in my animators..
    disturbing." "AaaCK!"
 Pitchman (famous guy?) pitches Herbie's CD, throwing a Poink action
   figure into the bargain.
 Eisner gets force-feedback from animation relocation plans.
http://pawpet.org/funday/art/2004-01-18/Poink_Enima.gif Even Poink
   thinks its wrong.
 Poink Skywalker goes to blow up the Mousestar. XXX-wing
http://pawpet.org/funday/art/2004-01-18/poinkstar.jpg Poink "That, I
3:16 - Roxicat pictures Herbie ready to stamp a message on
  Eisner's forehead.
  Great art jams! Poink "I'm not aiming for Eisner's exhaust port.."
3:17 - Ezra "I *liked* that part." Simba "I did too!"
  Beer. Poink explains the ancient technique of the YAHOO for buying
    beer "You put a cast under each arm, call the attendant over, say
    'YAHOO!' and run ^_^"
3:18 - Rasvar notes people get shocked these days. Crappy "Nope."
  People ? Ras "You've done it Crappy?" Crappy? "Nope!"
  Poink wants to hear Crappy scream again! Crappy "eeeeaaaaah!"
  Repeated takes of the Cute Crappy Scream.
  Poink "Crappy! Think of Rosanne Bar in a Thong!"
http://www.figurerealm.com/ViewFigure.php?FID=6341&DIS=1 Crappy "Oh?"
  Crappy "EEEEAAHH!"
  Ezra "Lion King 2: Simba's Pride" Crappy is simply disgusted.
3:19 - Poink "Lion King 1 1/2!" Crappy turns to the audience "..Death"
  People are cuted out anyway! Crappy leaves, twitching. Called back
  "Dan Quayl for president!" "I don't know enough about politics.."
  "Poink sneaking into your bedroom!" "Ugh... er... ok.."
  "CHER sneaking into your bedroom!" "...oooh!"
3:20 - Crappy is slowly losing his innocence. Poink proposes What Makes
  Crappy Scream as a show segment. Crappy growls.
  Rasvar in Laidenhosen scores another hit.
  Poink "Hey, Crappy?" <Farts.fx> "That makes me run away!"
3:21 - Scooby Doo 3? "..Whatever."
  "Garfield the movie!" "Alright! I love Garfield!"
  Rumors of Star Wars 3: Guy who played Chewbacha plays relative.. and
    ALSO had to play in 7, 8, and 9... sinks in. Crappy o_o
3:22 - Poink "You know, with all the crossovers, like Freddy vs Jason
  and Alien vs Predator and all.. how long before we see Star Wars
  vs Star Trek?.."
*** GOOGLE WAR!! Star Wars vs Star Trek!
(Somewhere after Mario.. this demands a rematch) [Trek off, Loser]
  Poink "Kirk vs Anakin! There we go!"
(1 to 1)Ezra "Actually it would be Kirk vs young Luke Skywalker.."
[2 to 1]Crappy "It would be Anakin vs Wesley!"
[3 to 1](That was cheap!) Ezra "It would beThe Whiner.. vs the Toupee!"
(3 to 2)[THAT was cheap!] Ezra "The Enterprise computer vs R2D2"
(Even game)[You'll get yours] People exchange beeps.
  Ras notes 7,8,9 have been canceled, but channel thinks if there's
    enough money involved, Lucas will do them. "I don't know who's
    worse.. Lucas or Eisner."
 Ezra "Or better yet, how about R2D2 vs a Dalek"
3:23 - Poink bets on the Dalek. Ezra "R2D2 can fly." "Daleks can SHOOT"
   "So Can R2D2" "No he can't, he just has this little cattle prod."
 Crappy bzzrts. Poink "Ex-ter-min-ate!"
 Ras "No hold on a minute.. if we're doing Star War vs Star Trek, it
   has to be R2D2 vs Data."
 Poink "No, C3PO vs Data." "Oh, that's no contest!"
[A clear War-monger victory] (Try typing "Data" without "Commander")
  Ezra "They're both protocol!" Poink "They're both extremely.. gay.."
  Ezra "They've both been.. disassembled."
  Poink "How'd you like to put them BOTH together?" Crappy Johnny-5s
    "No Disassemble.. EEAH!'
  Crappy "I say the darndest things ^_^"
3:24 - Still wondering why Rasvar's pants are wet. Crappy inspects.
   "EAAH!" "What was it?" "It's Coke.."
 Poink giggles "That either means he spilled some there.. or.. his
   woohoo got a JOLT! Ahhahah!" Rasvar scrunches Poink. Crappy EEAAHs!
3:25 - Crappy warns Poink he'll pop his eyes out if he struggles.
3:26 - Things that freak out Seal. 4-mushroom badger award.
 Ras arghs "I laughed so far.. I almost puked.." Yappy reminds him to
   face JR if he does.
- Houdini as a boy.
- Roy gets his first tiger.
- My love for plushies started when I was just sever.. multiarghs
- I just need one more quarter.. I'm sure I'll get it this time!
- Forget it Jim.. the money you'd spend trying to get that kid, you
   could buy one.
- Win the most technologically advanced dolly every made.
- Claw machine at Neverland Ranch! Ezra "That's WRONG!" Poink "But it's FUNNY!" Vatican also nominated.
- If Buzz Lightyear can climb into the friendly machine, then so can I!
3:28 - At least in here they won't have to smell my farts
- Hay, can we turn this into a shooting gallery too?
- Kids in, but not out.
- The Claw is my master.. the Claw decides who will stay..
- New adoption agency tactics
- Mom, what part of "I want a Simba Doll" do you not understand?
- Neighbor trap.
- Win the baby! Win the baby!
3:30 - Another Michael Jackson dig.
- I would appreciate if Poink could insult my brother Foo on the Air!
   Poink "Oh.. K.. Foo, you're a hockey puck."
- Come check out the furry Hamsing at FC! details.
   Ham, and hams singing.
- Vancouver BC, NotPC putting together a Pawpet video group
(Why is Vancouver *BC* always the one people mean?) - I've seen things, I've seen them with my eyes.. I've seen things, they're often in
http://www.weebls-stuff.com/toons/22/ (JaegerMonsters rule)
3:32 - Simba has no clue what that is.. Poink "It's another sound from the Badger Badger people."
http://www.weebls-stuff.com/toons/35/ (Sports people are nuts..)
- Sefina gets back from "Decompression", waves to folks.
- KP "And from someone anonymous.. I had CHEESE TODAY!"
3:33 - Poink has a nipple that glows in the Dark? o_O (o_O) [o_O]
3:34 - Snow comes to the NorthEast.
- Story of streakers running naked through Denny's, but their car was
 stolen when they got back out.. Police found them shivering.
3:35 - Garrison's birthday next week! "Thisisyourbirthdaysongitisn't
 verylongYay!" wrong day? People try to take back the song.
 Rasvar "I will be having a Superbowl Party during the next live show!
3:37 - Badger bowling later? Rasvar wants the ball!
 Happy Affirmation Ball trashes the Badgers!
3:38 - Preparing for Badger bowling.
 Cow has new eyes! "I'mlookingupmostofthetymenow.."
3:39 - Ezra hand Rasvar 5 objects to knock down 10 badger dolls
 Maraca, The Log, A Beanie Baby, Greasepoto-type sombrero, and a piece
   of DoDo. Poink "Hang on.. hang on.. can I just try it with one
http://www.jmanx.com/files/wav/warcraft/Fart,%20laugh.wav Ezra "No."
3:40 - People bet on hit number.. Maraca takes out 4! Ras "NnnaaaGH!"
 7 little badgers, all in a row. In comes the Log, and down 1 goes
 6 little badgers, eating their greens. In comes the Beanie, 2 hit in
3:41 - In comes Greaspoto's hat. Ras thinks its tricky.. throws the
 disc of Tron, and 2 now have hickeys
[This instant poetry is both impressive and grotesque] Ras has one shot
   left, poo covered with hair. Can he throw it to pick up the Spare?
 Ras takes him aim, and it is true. The poop misses the badgers, and
   instead hits Moo. "MOO!!Idon'tdoanythingMOO!"
3:42 - Poink goes next, while Poo stresses of Poo on his head.
 Poink "Who flung poo? It was Moo." warns Simba to move. Moo departs
   in disgust.
3:43 - Ezra "Nobody ever said JR would get the same items.." "I have
   mine." Ezra "No, you cheat!"
 JR tosses the Tardlet like a thrown microwave. BOOM! 7 down, cries of
   pain from behind the stage. Ras notes he's still ahead :)
 KP's holds the Tardlet above JR's position and drops it. Tardis
 JR "You gotta admit.. a bit piece of wood does it every time."
(AgeOfEmpires-SomebodyPassTheWood.mp3) [Couldn't find it online, eh?]
 <HappyEasyListeningMusic.mp3> People set up the badgers. KP "I'm
   looking a badger butts here o_O"
3:44 - Cow's going to knock them down with his eyes? O_O
 Kp tries to hand Moo weapons, but Moo uses himself MOOOBALL!!!
 7 down, Ras is still in the lead. Cow "Cowwithguns.."
3:45 - Java is into badgers. No.. not going there.
3:46 - Rasvar tries again, just for the fun of it. JR does the splits
   with Mr. Skeleton's butt. Plans to throw camera at badgers?
3:47 - Rasvar goes sports announcer again "Bowlink..for..BADGARRSS!"
 5 bits of ammo this time: The Letter Bob, ferret Guitar, Crappy's
   Halloween hat, a trumpet. KP "And you still get to be a Dodo
   finger!" Ras grumbles at the weak styrofoam weapons.
 First up, Bob. Poink "mmmmMOOM!"
 Ras does the Beach Boys incantation "Bobbobbob..bobBarbraAnne.." miss
   but Bob comes back around like a boomerang. "I get to do him again!"
 BOOM!... one badger down.
3:48 - Crappy's hat: 2 down! Trumpet, trying angle shot.
 Ras "(professional) Watch the 3 on the end.." his middle badger,
   ending up with 3 sets of splits. "O.K..."
 JR shields himself with a pillow over his head, but the guitar
   ricochets, hitting him anyway. Hand politely hands guitar back.
3:49 - Guitar is trashed? Prop was actually valuable.. doh!
 Poop! Misses, and misses Moo! Moo knocks all the badgers off, then
   falls over the stage, dead.
3:50 - Poink "Well still have ten minutes to kill.. let's do a song!"
 KP has news, viewer is sending copies of AvenueQ CD.
http://www.avenueq.com/ (Won Best Musical Tony! The Internet isn't for
   porn after all!)
3:51 - Ezra strikes various I'm-Scratching-My-Ear-Flea poses.
 <HairTheMusical-AgeOfAquarius.mp3> More retro60's goodness
3:53 - Poink filks 'This is the ti-ime to.. clean your aquarium..'
3:55 - Ezra "You know, technically we are in the Age of Aquarius?"
3:56 - Rasvar starts 2griffin's Pawpet song, but there isn't time.
Herbie Hamill     Randy Fox       Jim Mogle      John Cole
Dan Boatright     Dan Merillat    Devin Bray     Jess Kiela
Scott Garron      Patrick Dowden

"Soul Bossa Nova" Quincy Jones, Austin Powers Soundtrack
"Big Shot" Billy Joel
"I Shot The Sheriff" Eric Clapton
"Paper Back Writer" Toxic Audio
"Fat" Weird Al Yancovich
"Dream Weaver" Gary Wright
"Our Love is Alive" Gary Wright
"Blue" Eiffel 65
"Aquarius" 5th Dimension
"Adios, Auavoir, Aurwedesian" Lawrench Whelk

Thumper  Frysco   Timduru   Harik   Vitapup   Simba
Copyright 2003 - Randy Fox
3:58 - Ezra "Take care, and we'll all see you in two weeks!"
 <GOODNIGHT!.mp3> <BING!> Ezra looks down "It still says 2003."
   Poink "Rasvar, go change those damn wet pants!" "No!"
3:59 - <Colorbars.fx>
4:00 - <VideoToasterBars.fx>
4:01 - <BouncingAPEXScreenSaver.fx>
4:02 - <BouncingAPEXScreenSaverHypnotizingYou.fx>
4:03 - <Bouncing..APEX..Screen..Saver...>
4:04 - <SomeoneRemembersTheFeedIsOnAndShutsItOff.whew>

***** END OF SHOW #198! *******

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