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Pawpet Show #197 - MEGAARTHUR, Megamusic - Jan 10th 2004 - Timeline 1/2
compiled by (Blackfoot Ferret) [And his computer.]

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Making up for a short cast with caffeine                        - 0:04
Rummage presents: The Joy of Computer Repair                    - 0:10
Gone with the Windows                                           - 0:23
MULTI-MEGAARTHUR and sidekick MEGAMOO                           - 0:30
Space-Time Anomaly Theater                                      - 0:35
MEGACRAPPY freaks himselves out                                 - 0:47
Mega Green-ness                                                 - 0:59
Jess Malcovitch                                                 - 1:17
Devin has both magic and metal now o_o                          - 1:27
A funny thing happened on the way to the tattoo parlor...        - 1:35
Sour Soda, UnCherries and the rancid Cookies of Death           - 1:41
Green Tea Jelly, Durian, and dates. Costly Pennywort            - 2:00
Dead Air                                                        - 2:19
Devin Music!                                                    - 2:22
Tuninator - Love Will Find a Way                                - 2:40
Simba's Interactive GuessWhatHe'sDrawing Game!                  - 3:03
Art Jam: MEGAPAWPETS! http://pawpet.org/funday/art/2004-01-11/  - 3:16
Caption Contest: Jet Fighter Lawn Darts                         - 3:26
Even More Music!                                                - 3:30
What Rollerskate Keys are for.                                  - 3:41

********** START OF PART ONE ***********

0:00 - Hour
0:01 - Intro. Mutt rides coasters. Rummage rummages through trash.
      Tod initiates the Happy Smiley virus. Poink reads Ferrets Gone
        Wild in prison. Arthur falls out of a tree. Average Sunday.
0:03 - Start! An.. eye?.. floating in darkness.
      O_O Feels like that scene from 2001.. flash of blinding light
        as JR takes the cardboard tube away from the camera. *_*
0:04 - Rummage, the tube, and Bandit's tail! And Jesshead!
      Cast still short, Yappy, Simba, Jess and JR in the house.
      Rummage "I'm loading up on Caffeine, Baby." JR "I've gotta load
        up on Pino Coladas."    "Wha?? OW!" Rasvar's there too.
      Rasvar experiences pleasurable pain? Bandit likes to chew.
0:05 - Rummage arghs, 6 hours of sleep and project trouble "I hate
      Jess pokes the stage bricks, and ohs as they cave in.
      Rummage "Can I say that? I *REALLY* hate Windows!"
http://www2.b3ta.com/realistic-internet-simulator/ (Kill Bill Vol. 3)
      Channel is missing. Rasvar erfs and goes to look for them.
0:06 - Sound check. Is camera inverted? Stage left-look left. Confusion
      Rummage asks Crappy if he considered himself on the left or
        right side of the stage? Crappy "I'm confused!!"
0:07 - Rummage has more computer fun. Email computer has Rate Controller
http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view.php?id=143965 (R1,C1 Rain)
      Devin's onna phone! Crappy converses "We have Zero.. four
        people here! It's great :P" Devin's on his way.
0:08 - Looking for Nerd (puppet) in all the wrong places..
0:09 - Unix machine has Rate controller Failure. Rummage watches it
        turn off every time he turns it on. Arthur "Power supply!"
      3 of 5 fans are clogged with dust. Bandit fur?
      Rummage "You gotta remember, this machine has been running 24/7
        without a reboot for 5 years."
http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/170181 [Don't neglect your fans]
      Arthur looks at him. Rummage ers.. "Well, it's had some reboots"
        "You moved -here-!"
0:10 - Gathering the cool hard-to-see tools. Like an erector set, only
0:11 - Power supply, fans replaced. Rummage builds the Ubermachine.
      A whole day's work, then email's back! "At least it's quiet now"
0:12 - Except next day, where $9 ball-bearing CPU fan starts groaning.
      Machine does updates at 3AM. Bandit wakes up and growls at it?
0:13 - More upgrades. WinXP XP at new hardware.
0:14 - I can't really understand what Rummage is saying here, but it
        sounds like his computer's possessed. Tech incantations.
0:15 - Rummage ends up doing updates and replacements until his comps
        have no original components."That's when all hell broke loose"
      New programs, old hardware. Soundblaster 32?
0:16 - Rummage pulls out full-length cards.
      Rummage puts fast processor in slow board. Uh oh.
      16 hours later.. ethernet works, sound doesn't. Rummage moves
        cards around in slots.
0:17 - Video card starts blinking out.  Rummage "Every time I do one
        little sneeze, I've gotta reboot the frickin' machine."
      Rummage stalls Linux on a partition, and it works?
      One hour of Real Producer fixes what 16 hours on banging on
        Window's couldn't.
      One odd thing though. Rummage "I turn on the machine..
        unattended, it starts up.."
0:18 - Computer now can restart itself after a disconnect?
ftp://ftp.tron-sector.com/Sounds/Newbie.wav [I like this comp!]
      TeddyRuxpin came over and fixed the MPEG stream so there wasn't
        any Line Artifacting. Arthur "How'd he do that?" "He fixed..
        it's geeky. I don't even know, he went over my head."
0:19 - Rummage "So, we are now Nsync!" Arthur "That's great!"
      Rummage and Arthur do the BoyBand thing. Jess "You just scared
      Rummage gets video working one hour before the show! "That's
        the way my life is with the show, everything comes together
        about an hour before the show starts." Arthur "Yep, that's
        how it always is :)"
0:20 - Arthur brought his Wacom tablet! "Now we can do Sketching With
        Arthur!" Rummage "And what machine do that that's gonna work
        on?" "Rasvar's, of course! His is the magic one that does
      Rasvar sighs "What kind of connection does it need?" Arthur
        "Uhh.. serial?" Rummage cackles! Rasvar "Ok :)"
      Nonsanity in channel: Picture pages with Arthur!
0:21 - Arthur "I hear that Stanley was in town..?" Rum "Yeah, he was."
        "Good thing nobody told me!" "He was on the Show last week,
        where were you??" Arthur "I was dissing you guys, 'cause
        nobody would talk to me!"             "WHAT?"
      Bandit farts. Even Rummage/Yappy is grossed.
      Rum "The only noise that machine makes in my bedroom is that
        cheap crap ball-bearing fan.."
0:22 - Bandit tries playing catchball with folks with the slimy ball.
      Arthur misses the badger and mushroom horde, people fill him in.
0:23 - Jess "I'm getting pelted with badgers down here! What the heck??
      Badger sits next to Rummage. Surprising resemblance?
      Rummage plans on de-Gatesifying all the computers except
        Rasvar's magic one. Jess "Down with the sickness!" Arth "Gone
        with the Windows!"
0:24 - Rummage's laptop also has windows? "Oh, I can fix that.."
0:25 - Rummage notes he vacuumed the cat out of one of the machines.
        Arthur shivers and gets sucked into a hole.
      Sidestage 90deg listing ship cam. Lounge Arthur? Falls sideways
0:26 - Antigravity Arthur. Blinding lights! Lots and lots of monitors.
      Camera tour! Rasvar's head. Rasvar clicks on things?
      Hardware tour. Wow O_O
      Yappy "And I rebuild the mp3 server! It doesn't crash anymore."
http://www.a1freesoundeffects.com/carcrash.wav (It works!)
0:27 - Sound machine. Lights flash as people talk!
      Jess cam. "Yep, Yep. I have stolen JR's spot."
      Channel cam! We're all stuck in Jess's laptop?
      Rasvar cam. Jess "Where's the buttcrack?!"
0:28 - Rasvar's butt cam. And quick Arthur cam. Arthur erfs "I was
        talking without moving my face.."
      Mysterious sliding door to back porch that isn't there..
0:29 - Arthur's fuzzy face x 4. x5. x6! "..Hi."
      Camera taking picture of Arthur cam. x7. Arthur sings to the
0:30 - Tech TV! Arthur "We have nothing else to talk about 'cause
        everybody that's here is a technician, except for the Lynxcat"
        Lynx/Jess "Yes, I'm just a poor little graphics designer."
      Arthur cam x8. "I love my face!" Jess SoCutes!
      x9. Fur texture "It's amazing, look at me!" Bluescreen puts
        MegaArthur in background, looking at himself.
0:32 - Simbahead. "It's the talking Simbahead!" (Name of band?)
      Simba talks like Arthur "I don't hava real voice! I hava buncha
        characters, in my head.."
      Jess "Art Jam topic! MEGAARTHUR!" "Mega-Arthur.. (breathes)"
0:33 - MegaMOO! Spooks himself! Purple inverted eyelashes still, in
        Hi-res color!
      Eyelashes fall off "Ahhahhaha..eyemoo!" Dives
0:34 - Megastagehands. Gimmefive!
      Rasvar picks up Bandit, while various giant hands squeeze at
        his head.
0:35 - 3D Fun! Stagehands pass badgers to each other, look like they're
        going to hit the distant cabinets offstage.
      Badgers and Carrots - The Musical. Carrot EATS the badger?
0:36 - Simba "(own voice) We're crazy, what the heck." Rasvar notes
        this is what happens when staff is low.
0:37 - <EarlyMusic.mp3> Jess has miniskeleton striking lewd poses.
      Moo grooves. Moo sings the blues.
0:38 - Sidestage Rasvar tosses a ball toward you, hits someone in the
        frontstage view. Simba "OW!"
0:39 - Deathhand pinches its alternate self. Spacetime anomaly theater.
0:40 - Moo looks down, at his OWN eyes? Tries to get away from creepy
        eyes, but can't hide! Tries to grab the, but they run!
0:41 - Rasvar "Hang on a second.. I've got another idea!" Moo "OhNo.."
0:42 - Moo explains why he has extra eyes.
      Eyes fall off again. Moo "IneedMOOGlue.."
0:43 - Magic 8-ball floats around like dispossessed eyeball.
        Blackscreen effects!
      Arthur 10x. "HI!" people jump!
0:44 - MiniKage x2 "Let me tell you a story about how I fly.."
        MiniKage becomes SuperKage becomes MEGAKAGE O_O "(Yappy) I
        will become..Rogue.. and I will stomp you..I will devour you."
0:45 - Yappy "Hey! I can turn Kage's arms backwards.. that's goota
      C3PO Mini-Kage dances to scratchy LP music.
0:46 - MegaRummage talks about his first sushi experience?
      Moo... ____s himself. O_O @_@
0:47 - Someone in channel names the song "The Penguin" Yappy wows!
      Moo's eyes merge together! Has eyes on side of his head?
      FIllyjonk gets the song title! 500 points.
      MEGACRAPPY looks at himself. "EEEH!" All three of him dance.
0:48 - Crappyx2 overloads the cuteness capacitors.
      Jess notices someone in channel "GlenSkunk, are you a virgin?
        Please let us know in channel."
      Question is clarified to "To the Pawpet Show" Glen "I-ain't-a
0:49 - Crappy has an earring?
0:50 - HYPERSPACE CAM! Flashing colors, floating pawpets! Simbahead
        jams with Crappy!
0:51 - Camera does near-far-near-far-near-NEAR!
0:52 - RL Animutation mode!
      Groove with Crappy!
0:53 - Song abruptly ends. Crappy pants, then faints.
0:54 - Background camera inverted. Crappy "Does the audience want to
        see more of this, for another three HOURS?"
      Crappy sees himself through his own nose?
0:55 - Grooving with MultiMegaRummage.
0:56 - Andy Warhol RedRummage.
0:57 - B&W Rummage. SpinnningOnnaCaroselRummage.
0:58 - 80's cheesy video effects! Crappy "What do I know about the
        80'? I'm only 3!"
      Rummage arghs "I lived through the 80's. I wish I hadn't. 80's
      Jess huhs?? Rasvar "I liked the 80s!" Rum "I liked the 70's
      Jess "See, I only lived at the end of the 70's." Yappy "I was
        disco all the way."
http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view.php?id=143965 (R4,C5 Shang Tsung)
      Crappy WoHOOS! WoHOOS! until Rummage looks at him.
0:59 - Psychedelic energy-based Crappy. "I can swallow your soul with
        my green mouth!" <Normal.fx> "Oh.. nevermind!'
      Black and green outline Crappy! "I'm like, from Tron!"
      NeonCrappy. Monochrome!
      <GreenAcresTheme.mp3> Crappy "Oh, I get it now!" Grooves
1:01 - <GreenTamborine.mp3> Jingling, Jangling energy people.
1:03 - Very, very green. Then rainbow! Rasvar "Now I KNOW that will
        kill realplayer!"
1:04 - Art looks like an album cover! Or an early 3D graphics adventure
      Wierd art stops. AHHH!! IT'S JAVA!!! <GreenOnions.mp3>
1:05 - MegaJava is double green. <LittleGreenBag.mp3> "i'M iNTO tHAT!"
1:07 - Java's turned into a green dragon? o_o
1:09 - Pulling the dragon's tail. Crocodile "Danger, Danger!"
      Dragon turns into Echo?
      Jess "It's not easy green.." Java loves being green!
1:10 - Abudiabudye.. he's as green as a pie?
1:11 - <GreenEggsAndHamRap.mp3>
1:12 - Stage is empty. Yappy "I need a generic puppet!" takes a Ferret
1:13 - ROLL CALL! JessLayingDownOnFloorCam.
      "Broken" is in channel? Casualties.
1:15 - In channel, somebody says 'Jess isn't the sharpest tool in the
        the shed'??
1:16 - Yappy dodeedoos Goodnight. Nobody's on stage, so Arthur pops up
      Jess notes that when she reads the rollcall, she isn't reading
        the channel. "That's Rasvar's job." Bluescreen effects turn
        Jess's hair clear, and Arthur looks out through it.
      Arthur "I'm really on your mind!" Jess arghs at brain invaders.
1:17 - Rasvar "Being Jess :)"
      Jess's full name! Personal information given outline! Or is it
        someone else's info..?
1:18 - Yappy "I've got some stuff Zorro sent us.."
      Sound tests. Jess isn't getting through? "Can-you-hear-me-NOW?"
1:19 - Realplayer does wierd things. Rasvar "Ok, everybody stop talking
        let Jess talk." Jess "Oh no.." Yappy gut cam. "Lookat the
        Yappy butt.." Yappy makes lewd part-offscreen handsign?
1:20 - Jesshead and Simbahead poses with their puppets. Four-way
1:21 - One side of Realplayer isn't sending? Rasvar wierds.. Jess keeps
        looking into Arthur's eye.
      Jess "Devin's here!" Devin yays!..
1:22 - Yappy's shirtstripes. Then Kitchencam, but nobody's there.
1:23 - Devin "Is..what's..going on here.. today?" 30 minutes of Pawpet
        Tech TV "Oh, YEAH!"
      <GreenTronScreen.mp3> Devin "What IS that? Demon-thing cam?"
1:24 - Rainbow colors! Deliberate Realplayer destruction. Jess "Mono
1:25 - KP and JR are sick, Herbie's working. The screen is RED o_O
1:26 - Devin cam. More metal? Devin "Is there an-y bo-dy out there?"
1:27 - More piercings? Devin and Nerd search for the active camera in
        the new multi-cams. Wanted to make room for more of Justin's
        piercings, and the piercing shop had a special.
      Devin "$10 piercings as opposed to $40 piercings.. I got 3
        piercings for $30 instead of 90.. I couldn't patch (pass?)
        that up :)"
      Arthur "I could have.." Jess thinks of getting her navel redone.
1:28 - Doom. Devin "Glenskunk says the pierced guy looks like Elija
        Wood.. NOooo..." Ras does screen-freeze with Devin's eyes
        closed "Oh, it looks like I'm *stoned* now :P"
      Kurt Cameron? Devin "Who's that?" Guy from Growing Pains?
      TV Studio hazard #24 - Looking at the TV instead of the camera
        produces a distant, thoughtful expression.
1:29 - Herbie thinks Devin looks like Rider Strong (?) Boy Meets World
        guy. More reasons to love the 80's. (It's early 90's, but wth)
      Jess wonders if Devin has seen the Nimoy Bilbo Baggins video?
        Devin nods a polite YES..
1:30 - Nerdfewwet! "Hwi Ewerybowdy!"
1:31 - More piercing details. Devin stops short of doing the Finger-
       Through-Your-Ear thing. 6-8 gauge needle is like a drill bit?
1:32 - <TechnicalDifficulties.txt> Everything is presently normal.
      Closeup.. piercings through -middle- of ear? Devin catalogs
        all six by the degree of pain experienced. Jess loses hit
        points just looking at them.
1:33 - Back of the ear.. OUCH! Devin "I didn't get to see that :P"
      Rasvar freezes the screen. Devin "OWW! No wonder it hurts!"
1:34 - Needle, not a hole punch. Devin "They use a needle that's
        tapered, and gets gradually bigger.." Simba loses hit points.
      Vaseline needle grease? (>_<) Jess "When they did my navel, they
        didn't grease the needle! O_o"
      Atomic Piercings. 200 people? Raffle numbers for tattoos and
1:35 - 6 tattoers on duty. Military style body alteration complex.
      Devin "There were also at least two girls sittin in chairs
        opposite from me with no shirt on, getting things stabbed
        into their nipples.. I was just being really nonchalant, like
        'Hey! How are you doing today? :)'"
      Devin had talked to girl in line before the mission "Hi.. I know
        you!.." Jess "'And now I know the rest of you too :)'"
      Jess recalls friends who had nipples pierced "Both of them
        jumped, like, three feet off the chair when the first one
        got done :P"
1:36 - Jess "Never, in a millions YEARS!" Devin notes the one next to
        him almost passed out.
(And people do this.. WHY?) [They wish to become perfect,like machines]
(How would YOU know?) [All metal and matter on Earth is recycled in a
process spanning millions of years. Clean water today was once TRex
pee. I myself an composed of metal from Cro-Magnon nipple piercings.]
(And that's Perfect?) [They become more like me, so yes.]
      Piercing is usually done in private, but the room is packed.
        Good thing nobody was getting a Prince Albert.
      Jess picture 5 people getting pierced at once "1..2..3!.."
      Devin "I would have thought it would be really funny :P"
1:37 - Tech is working again. Rasvar ushers in a video..
      PAWPETS MONTEREY BAY - "Cavity Search" Wierd Al Yankovich
        Samwise Skunk - Aatheus
1:38 - Love Me Thrill Me Kiss Me Drill Me. Dental masochist bliss.
1:41 - Yappy "I got the Spits or Swallows.." Jess "Oh-My-GOD.."
      Zorro's Sour Soft Drink (that's the name) Seedless Ling Ling
        Cherries (Rasvar "Oh No..") "And all-natural, Frookwich!"
        clearing up some things sent in earlier.
1:42 - Frookwich sandwich cookies! A takeoff on Oreos, but without the
        trans-fats! Cookies you can eat several of without getting
        that horrible sticky-vein sensation from the evil that is
        Oreo! All-natural goodness, with the only drawback being a
        reduced shelf life.
      Sent in for the Oreo Show, #168. Rasvar "When do they expire?"
        Yappy "The Frookwich? They don't expire." Ras "They don't?"
        Yappy "They're cookies!"
      Yappy opens the cookies "Ok, who's gonna be first.. Scott!"
      Simba "I like to get it over with, quick and painfully.."
1:43 - Simba tries to wave at the active camera, but it keeps changing.
      Ling Ling Cherry "(Old Golfer Voice) Mmm.. oh it smellz goud..
        it smellz delightfull.." munch "It tastes like crap though.."
      Extreme mouth closeup. Hatch opens to give audience a look.
1:44 - Chewwier raisin, like a date. "That I can do.. so is this.. these
        look like cookies..?"
      Munch. Munch. munch. pause. munch? Pause. Face says it all.
      Simba is diplomatic "It's unlike any other cookie I've ever
        had..itz so great.. .. . " swallow.
      Analyzing. "I'm trying to place the flavor.." "It's supposed to
        be chocolate." "It ain't chocolate.."
1:45 - Reading the box "It says chocolate! Tastes like cardboard."
[Well, all cardboard was once chocolate?] (Shut up, computer.)
      Simba mmmhmms..mmphs.. tests his manhood by having more "Soo..
        whagt we have too washh thisk duwn?" "Sour Soft" "Mmmp..letg
        me shwallow ths firgst, if I can.."
      Doodles notes the cookies actually use carob. "That's what it
        tastes like! Carob.. I've had that a lot before not."
      Sip. "Like drink'n sweet and sour sauce.."
      New catchphrase "All of these things, are very undescribeable.."
1:46 - Devin's up! "Oh! Oooohhh..." food is scarier than piercings?
        Jess "We're trying to get a definition for carob.."
      Devin reads the box. "Expeller pressed canola oil.. there's
        no chocolate.. there's no chocolate.. b*tch!"
      Devin takes a bite of modified cherry, breaks the rating.
1:47 - Artificial flavorings. Nutrasweet. Aspartame vs Asspartimmay.
        Rasvar "Ass-part-imay! It's GOOD for you!"
      Rancid aftertaste "AUGH! Nutrasweet is the Satan!"
      Devin picks up a Frookie, with a philosophical expression. "I
        hope these don't have asspartimay too.."
      Naturally Milled sugar! People look that up too.
1:48 - *Munch* Devin is also diplomatic. "That is the most unpleasant
        cookie I've ever tasted :)"
      Devin shows people the yellowish, oily inside(definitely rancid)
      Tastes like diet bar chocolate.
      Jess "They're saying here that carob is a bean that tastes like
        chocolate..supposedly" Devin munches "Ict tastks likke poop!
        Onna crackker!"
1:49 - <JunkFoodJunky.mp3> Devin manages to swallow, moaning. Even
        his chin piercing seems rustier.
      Devin tries the Sour Soda. Pauses "Oh, no.." Devin hmms? "That's
        good, actually.." pear juice? "It's yummy, I want more!"
1:50 - Rasvar comes out with a Bonus item? Broccoli juice?
      Devin "Soccer-field weed drink!" camera closeup on can.Pennywort
1:51 - Simba and Devin drink together. Exchange glances.
      Devin leaves. Simba picks up the mic. "... I *LOVE* Pennywort!"
        Extreme dramatic closeup on Simbaeye. Brow twists.
1:52 - Rasvar's up "It looks like.. 5 week old cookie crumbs.. make
        that 10 week old cookie crumbs.." tries cherry
      (About 29 weeks) "..from underneath the bed, where Bandit's
        been rolling around..eggh.."
      Munch. Cherry actively resists chewing. Rancid Gummi Bear?
      Cookie "It looks like a Hydrox.. BUT WORSE.."
1:53 - Rasvar chews. Cookie actively resists chewing. Ras gives the
        camera a suspicious look.
(Hey, they were B/W and crunchy when I sent them!) "It's a cookie in
      a cardboard factory.. with some sort of toxic spill.   EEGH.."
      Ras glances at the drink "You know, for once it actually looks
        drinkable." Sip, chug "That I like."
1:54 - Jess "Oh God, no.. please? I'm afraid, nasty.."
    Searches for small cherry. Waits for horrid aftertaste to kick in.
      Picks up a cookie "And we go from worse, to worser.."
1:55 - Munch. Think. Ponder. Contemplate. "Alright.. this isn't as
        bad as everyone else is saying.." Rasvar notes the taste
      Closeup on half-dissolved greasy center, where the raw lard
        would be on an Oreo. A bit like microwaved cheddar cheese,
        best if you don't see what's in it.
1:56 - Jess chugs the Sour Soda! Right of passage. "This tastes like
        watered-down vomit!"
      Rating is protected as Simba and Yappy's mics are off.
1:57 - Choking sounds attract Bandit?
      Yappy's turn.. chews. Chews. Chews. "Something you find in a
1:58 - "Ok, Cookie!" munches, chews. Chews? Steels. Almost but not
        quite loses his cool "Them are nasty cookies." Washes down
        with The Juice "And that's Spits or Swallows."
[Look on the bright side, at least they tried them?] (The cookies
were supposed to be an example of *nice* food, but I'm not entirely
displeased with the result..) People find dental gel in the fridge?
1:59 - Yappy "Just to think, for future Spits or Swallows, we have
        some more Salted Duck Eggs.." pauses to let the groans pass,
        Jess "If I hear the word 'Durian'.." "We have Rice Dream.."
          "Oh, that's good."
      Basil seed drink. Vitamin Gumballs. Pickled Okra. Hobnobs.
        Wassabee pees. A possessed Simba. Green Tea Jelly. Searching
        for someone who can eat them all and survive.
2:00 - Simba gets ready to try the Green Jelly..

******** END OF PART ONE ***********

Funday Pawpet Show #197 - MEGAARTHUR, Megamusic - Timeline 2/2
compiled by (Blackfoot Ferret) [And his computer]

******** PART TWO *********

1:59 - Yappy takes inventory of all the wonderful things set aside for
        future Spits or Swallows. Jess "If I hear the word DURIAN...!"
2:00 - Simba momentarily possesses the camera.
2:01 - Not even the 'Funky Brownie' cookies match the Evil of Durian.
        Rasvar "Yeah, but it keeps coming back.."
      People come up with increasingly disgusting metaphors for Durian
        while Simba chews on the green tea jelly.
2:02 - Jess recalls almost ejecting lunch when someone by carrying a
        plate of Durian at AC.
      Devin ohs! "So we're just gonna eat nasty foods for the rest of
        the night? :)" wants some of the green jelly.
      Devin and Simba practice OhMyGodItDoesHaveDurianTexture faces.
2:03 - Tastes like Dates? Simba "I've never had a date.."
2:04 - Mystery food. Jess arghs at Yappy "Are you giving them that
        Almond-fish stuff?" Devin "WHAT?!"
      Crunchy beef bouion-like snacks. Devin "Ass-kicking peanuts.."
2:05 - Seaweed, or not Seaweed? <Bonanza.mp3> "..aaAAUGH!"
2:06 - Pennywort causes expensive medical damage. "AGH, BADNESS!"
2:07 - Pennywort the Pawpet. Moo MOOS?
      Nerdfewwet! Commoonicates with Moo.
2:08 - Yappy brags about how much he loves Vegemite.
      Songtime! Moo's expanded Ghost-image eyes chase Nerd "DAAA!"
2:09 - Blue spraypaint rains from above and reveals GhostEye's main
        clear protoplasmic form. o_o  -_*  O_
2:10 - SuperNerd now has SUPER eyes "I am the awlmighty Nerd.. bow
        down to my.." eyes float away "Oh, I'm just wregular Nerd now"
      Super-sized invertedpurpleeyelashesMOOeyes possess Nerd again.
      Supereyes bounce happily around. Jess "Looks something like
        Mario o_O"
2:11 - <FantasyWorldMusic.mp3> Nerd raps, talks to the eyes, which are
        possessing Devin's head now. Duality.
2:12:12 - Perfect screen shot of Devinhead with SuperMooeyes! AARGGH!
2:12 - Jess has supereyes.. where? o_o O_O
2:13 - Devin gets possessed again "aaaargh.." moves back, and gets
        pounced by Pat Snowleopard "aaAAGH??"
      Ghost Cthuhlu Moo.
2:14 - <GhostRidersInTheSky.mp3> Even Pennywort Pawpet returns.
        Giant GRASPING stagehand o_O.
2:15 - Giant EYELESS ghost Arthur head O_O Doom has a new name..
http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view.php?id=71282 (R2,C5 Cyrax)
2:17 - Ghost Arthur fades in and out, other Pawpets float around.
2:18 - Pat "Hey Cow!" Arthur "What? Oh, I mean.." ducks "I'msorryMoo..
      Pat starts singing 'Dead Air', Moo MOOS! Pat "Ok, Cow air, like
        Con Air?" Cow air vs Yappy air.
2:19 - <DEAD AIR.sign> Cow peers at you over the letters.
      <Ne'erPresents:WhatTheHELLDoesThatMean?.sign> Rasvar starts
        chuckling and pushing random buttons.
      <TADA!.mp3> <DEATHSTARGOESBOOM!!.mov> <DA!!.mp3>
2:20 - Arthur returns, catching his breath. "Ok.. I keep wanting to say
        Moo for some reason.." <Sheep.fx> "AH! Sheep!"
      Sheep jump back into space, revealing Nerd "Ugh.. sorry guys, I
        was trying to get to sleep."
      All the alcoholic things in Arthur's car?
2:21 - Nerd "We're going to do a song about.. being lazy, and,
2:22 - Pat "Oh no! DEVIN MUSIC!"
      <MusicAboutKnickers?.mp3> Nerd shakes it down.
2:23 - "In the mailroom shift gets a real short trip, cause there so
        many packages no one seems to want you around..<dododedo>
        I'm something round..."                    (?)
      Nerd's actually wearing glasses over his 3rd and 4th eyes, six
        eyed ferret!
2:24 - The musical interlude. Good music, hallucinogenic lyrics o_O
      Something about brains? Nerd takes off his Scooter-glasses,
        goes naked and 2-eyed.
      People get attacked by Japanese gameshows.  ...Cool!
2:25 - "Let your lion roar.. on the Lion-O.." a bit like Shakespeare?
      "Play something familiar... Play something familiar.."
2:26 - Nerd and Pat jam to the DADaDadadadaDaDaDA part
      Devin yays! Pat "Yay for Devin music!" "Yay Gumball. That was
        the Decemberists, Billy Liar.
2:27 - Noises offstage. Devin "Rasvar.. is injuring himself."
        Moaning offstage? Yappy "So what do you think of those
      Vitamin gumballs. Yappy "They taste like chewing on a vitamin."
2:28 - Rasvar was being choked by a mouse earlier?
      Zorro's vitamin gumballs. Like Flintstones vitamins?
2:30 - Simba was singing along "I knew a Devin song! Crazy as that
        might be!" got the CD as a gift earlier.
      Jess straightens Carrot's bent frond. She's got the magic touch.
2:31 - I'm watching someone holding a skeleton on a string.
2:32 - Simba in tech headgear. Planning Stuff Air.
2:33 - Jess "I dream of Simba :)" Simba notes he hasn't had a haircut
        in three months.
      Crappy "What's the channel saying?"
2:34 - Channel breaks the rating. Who's got who's hand where?
      Simba tried a military haircut.. won't again.
2:35 - Buzz cut? Crappy "I'm a frickin sheep dog! I need hair."
      Crappy and SuperBigCrappy "Uh oh.. the frame buffers are on."
      Thai House food last Thursday, Jess Simba and Devin went.
        Yappy "You bastards didn't call me?" Oops.
2:36 - Rummage "I'm gonna do a Tuminator.."
      File isn't working. Rummage "DooDaaDooDooDAhDAhDuhDooDooDoooDaa
        DaaDAADAADadadadadADADaDAH!" Rasvar's pained again.
2:37 - TUMINATOR! Name in channel to KEELL it! But then you have to
        hear ALL of the second song..
2:38 - <ASongIHaven'tHeardThatHasSomeThingToDoWithDisco.mp3>
2:39 - Hobbes kills it! Pablo Cruise, Love Will Find A Way.
2:40 - Hobbes actually said "Love Won't Find A Way", not intending to
        actually kill the song, and subject all to the greater evil.
        Rummage "Yeah.. I'm trying to read and puppet at the same
          time.. he killed it!"
      <VincentPriceLaughs.mp3> Rummage "Well, we've got the second
        song in its entirety. At least that can't be killed."
2:41 - <PabloCruise-WhatchaGonnaDoWhenSheSaysGoodbye.mp3>
2:43 - "And ALL YOUR FRIENDS.. are calling you a fool, cause you don't
        know a good think when you've got it in your hand.."
http://www.jmanx.com/files/wav/looneytunes/foghorn4.wav    (Sorry)
2:44 - Rummage Loves his 70's music!
2:45 - Tech talk. Rasvar's hooking something up. Rummage nods "It's
        totally software."
      Illegal software? Rummage "Why is it ill.. you know, if you have
        a piece of hardware, ANY driver that goes along with it cannot
        be considered pirate."
      Simba notes the driver isn't commercial.. but the program used
        to display it is commercial. <Firework.fx> "Shh, don't say
2:46 - <SomethingVeryFunky.mp3> <DancingPeople.mp3>
      Parliament! "We need the Funk! Gotta have that funk!" Horse
        puppet (new?) jams with Pat and Nerd. Equine keeps offering
        body massages?
2:48 - <LeadParlamentGuy.gif> "Who wants a body massage?"
2:49 - Yappy wonders if the guy is stoned? Rasvar notes the photo is
        courtesy the Talahassie police department..
      Rasvar "He was busted for saying, Yes, he has crack with him :P"
2:50 - Increasingly larger pictures of that guy who's name I don't know
      Someone says 'Olivia Newton John'? Yappy has tones of Olivia!
2:51 - <IfYouLoveMeLetMeKnow.mp3> "I can't take another minute.. of a
        day without you in it.."
http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view.php?id=71282 (R2,C1 Sonya)
2:53 - Yappy "On demand: Olivia Newton John! Now I can come up with
        some REAL torture.." Jess "Who demanded it? o_O"
      Yappy "They were talking about Xanadu!" "Oh no..."
2:54 - Yappy "Xaaaanadu!" Jess ... Yap "You don't like Xanadu?" "Not
        really :P"
<ELO-AllOverTheWorld.mp3> (Couldn't find the mp3 online, and the midi
 sucked. Drat.)
2:55 - Glen Cambell on demand. Sheepdog earbangs to Southern Skies.
2:58 - YappySheepdog "Stereotypical Glen Cambell.."
3:01 - More classic hits! Wichita (sp? argh) lineman is still on the
        line. Hears his love calling through the phone wires, Matrix
3:04 - Selecting a word to draw.
3:05 - Computer screen. Fun with incompatibilities.
3:06 - More Pink Panther Dead Air. Dead Air. Deadairdeadairdeadair..
      Helpful objects: Pencil! Ready again.
3:07 - Simba draws "See Stuff" in the window "Is that visible? Ok.."
      Quick anthro-head sketch. Yappyfox?
3:08 - FIRST WORD: Category Tech? Jess "Or Comic.." Rasvar "Or Fantasy"
      Picture of a Magnet? Punktiger guesses a USB vibrator.
3:09 - Horseshoe magnet.. and a toe? Rikkitik gets Magneto!
3:11 - Next picture category: "Around the House"
3:12 - Arthur? Soup? Catsoup? Ozark gets Cat Food.
3:13 - <RaveMusic.mp3> Rasvar notes they can make the game *really*
        hard by having people who can't draw draw the clue :)
      Roxikatt likes the segment!
3:14 - <IFeelLove.mp3> Arthur Raccoon?
3:15 - Intermission. Pat feels the love
3:16 - TODAY'S ART JAMS! http://pawpet.org/funday/art/2004-01-11/
      Today's Topic: MEGAARTHUR!
3:17 - Arthur does the city destruction thing. And Megacarrot!
      Neon Java. Ghostly O_O
      Firebreathing Arthur! "The city of Townville is terrorized by..
        (3 people) MEGAARTHUR!" Burns up the Powerpuff girls!
3:18 - Bubbles says "Kitty! :)" Arthur "Buttercup is giving me an
        uppercut in da stomach..well.. I left room in mi stomach for
      MEGACRAPPY attacks London, gooddays to everyone..
3:19 - MEGAMOO O_O "HO HO HO HO!" Massive damage all around.
      Vixen groove number
3:23 - Reshowing art jams since the Realplayer stream was down.
3:24 - "This should be played at high volume.." electronica version
        of Eminem's Feels So Empty Without Me.
3:25 - Yappy notes Slim Shady actually stole it from an earlier version
        of the song?
- Ok everybody, remember where we parted!
- Left turn at Alberquerqy.
- Another first for Ferret aviation. (Can we help it our paws don't
   reach the pedals?)
- I'm leeeaving, ON a jet pl.. oh, nevermind
- Thank you for Flying Oh My God There's No Pilot express flight to the   Superbowl!
- I'm telling you I'm not drunkski.. I only had one bottle of Vodkanov.
- Remember.. don't stick your nose in other people's business. Or their
   front yard either.
- Ladies and Gentleman, this is your Captain speaking: We have made an
   unscheduled landing at this site. Please remember seated until we
   return to a horizontal position. Thank you for flying Poink airlines
- See kids? That's why you shouldn't eat Durian while flying a plane.
- Lawn darts of the future.
- What Bush's plane should have done.
- BRAINZ!                           [Really?] (No, I added that one)
- Pilot crash procedure: Bend over, put your rear between your legs,
   and kiss your butt goodbye.
- Who keeps writing all these stupid caption in here?
- Dead Air.
3:28 - SHOUT OUTS.
      Yappy blinks as he's got spam in the shoutouts o_O
- "WithOver15YearsInTheITIndustryWeAreAbleTOStustainGrowBlah
   BlahBlah*BLAH*Blaugh.. I need to pee."
- I hate downloading this show! Make it stop!
- Idea: The Clearing the Room Award.
- Helen Highwater is in movie Virtual Vegas? (Who's Helen Highwater?)
- If you can't beat them, confuse the hell out of them
- Wolfos say hey to Merradias T Wolf
- This show brought to you by Zanex Viagra: The official medications of
   FPS. Yappy "I wanna know who has to use a Viagra.."
- To the Pawpets: All the world is a Puppet stage, and we, we are but
   Pawpets on that stage. Thanks guys for all you do. Chakat Darkwater
- InsaneKittycat thanks folks for making her(him?) roll out of his
   (or her, augh, I hate English) chair 3 times after a bad week.
- To Poink, From FredTheIntentionallyAnnonymousDownloadViewerFromLast
   Week: "I really enjoyed last week's show, you take most of the
   credit. If I'm going to complain, I ought to complement too, yes?"
[All a matter of convience] - Devin, my mom saw the computer screen
   when you were there, and she said you're cute! Thought you'd like
   to know - I.K.K.
- Eat at Joe's
- Wow Yappy! I left that Green Tea stuff with you back in October!
   Finally watched last week's show.. my Porn Name would be Sasha
   Howl. Stay warm everybody - Chilli
(Better October tea than May cookies..)
- I find your lack of faith in Christian Furry Pinup girls disturbing.?
Yappy "And that's all the shoutouts"
3:30 - Yappy "Let's go with some French, modern music." Pat yays "More
3:31 - Vixen gets promised the world..
3:34 - Vixen tailthrashes to the lost love beat.
      BitchVoop "Oh.. how about a little French culture there, huh?
        French dance music! Heard exclusively at Gay clubs all across
        America. And France obviously."
3:35 - Rasvar upgrades Realplayer. Wows "I actually remembered my
        Password.. this -will- work! I haven't done anything with
        Real in 3 years.."
3:36 - More French music in English. "It's allll innnn myyyy headdd.."
3:39 - Song ends. Vixen blows on the microphone a few times, sensually
        BV "So, how about music from the current age? Something, not,
        30 years old, hah?
http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/152896 "Dance music, Yeah!"
3:40 - BV yays at having one-week old music for Furloween.
      BV "It's allll Innn Myyyy Headdd.. It's ALLLL INNN MY
        HEADDDD.. what?" JessPat "My head hurts >_<"
3:41 - Arthur returns. BV "(squeekyhi) HIII Arth-HURR!" "HI! What kind
        of voice is That? o_O" "It's mEEEEEEEEE! "Oh, I recognize you"
      The Return of BitchVoop "Oh Yeeahh.. ARTH-ARR!!"
      BV "*EYE* got a brand new pair of rollerskates..I gotta brand
        new KEEEEY.." Arthur oh yas. Skeleton is drawn to the singing.
      BV huhs "I wonder how many kids today even know what a roller-
        skate key is?"
(... .. :( ) Arthur "I do.. but I'm not a kid."
      Bitchvoop grills Devin over the proper use of Rollerskate keys.
(They lock the rollers so they don't roll.. and you can't skate with
them, so if you lose the key you're screwed? o_-) Devin "You turn it,
        and it makes the wheels go?" BV "HAH!" bitches to Arthur
        "Devin doesn't know what a Rollerskate key is!!"
3:42 - Arthur ums.. "I don't think I've ever actually seen one" BV "*I*
        actually had a pair!" Arthur wows..
      Jess used to rollerskate in her basement, had keys! "The strap-
        on kind then."
(O_O  ?) Key adjusts skates. BV "Put them on and take them off too, so
        if you lost that key.."
3:43 - Rasvar arghs, has to rebuild the Wacom tablet. BV "Uh oh..gotta
        love WIN-DOZE! Die windows DIE! Bad windows!"
      Arthur tries telepathy, you can hear his voice going although
        his face doesn't move. BV keeps rekilling windows.
      Arthur doesn't say "Ya! Voice-throwing competition!"
3:44 - Bambi found a lounge version of DuranDuran's Hungry Like A Wolf?
3:45 - Arthur cools.. can listen to that in the nursing home. Hungry
        Like A Wolf, relaxed, all day.. "Why am I DOING THIS??"
      Devin "Is the channel actually realizing its not YOU talking?"
        Arthur homestarrs "Yes, I'm sure they are"     (o_O ?)
      Jess notes the channel is stuck on another topic. Devin ohs
        "The channel's like: 'Oh! I'm gonna go make pasta!"
http://www.stupidvideos.com/?VideoID=262 (Mmmmm.. Foooood...)
3:46 - <ClubMusic.mp3> Devin "Club Music.. LAME!"
      <LetTheSunshineIn.mp3> Bambi/BV/Voop/Vixenthing, Arthur and Pat.
3:47 - Arthur sings along to every 5th word. "Sun.. shine.. in. shrug"
3:49 - Bambi goes rinkydink crazy humming that circus theme thing. "HA!
      Devin "My ears are BLEEDING!.."
      Bandit rears up on the stage, curious about the strange calls
        Bambi's making.
3:50 - When does the show end? Rasvar calculates broadcast was exactly
        90 seconds late, precisely calculates when the show must end.
3:51 - Damaged frond-hanging raver Carrot. Carrot and Arthur on stage
        at same time?
      Bambi notes Sunshine wasn't by the 5th Dimension, proceeds to
        sing(?) other songs by the same. Rasvar gets Realplayer 8
        installed, silver lining.
3:52 - For some reason, everyone likes eggs. o_O
      <AgeOfAquriaus.mp3> <SomeGuyWho'sReallyNutsForEggs.???>
      Frog in a basket. Toad in a hole. Nobody does the joke.
3:54 - Songs from the musical Hair. Rasvar "WAY before Hair!"
3:55 - Rasvar Arghs "Kill That!"
      <Goodnight!.mp3> Wrapping up the show.
      Arthur and other Arthur sign along. Who's voice is that?
3:56 - CREDITS
Herbie Hamill     Randy Fox     Jim Mogle         John Cole
Dan Boatright     Dan Merillat  Melissa Merillat  Devin Bray
Jess Kiela        Scott Garron  Patrick Dowden

"Soul Bossa Nova"  Quincy Jones - Austin Texas Soundtrack
"The Penguin"      Raymond Sears
"Jump In The Line" Cherry Poppin' Daddies
"Mrs. Robinson"    The Lemonheads
Theme From Green Acres
"Green Tambourine"  The Lemon Pipers
The Green Onions
"Little Green Bag" George Baker Selection
"Green Eggs and Ham" Maxi Pruvls
"Ghost Riders In The Sky" Johnny Cash
"Billy Liar" - The Decemberists
"Love Will Find A Way" Pablo Cruise
"Watchu Gonna Do" Pablo Cruise
"If You Love Me Let Me Know" Olivia Neutron John (mother of Jimmy?)
"Southern Night" Glen Campbell
"Rhinestone Cowboy" Glen Cambell
"Wichita Lineman" Texas Tornadoes & Glen Campbell
"I Feel Love" Blue Man Group (really? o_O)
"Fly Again" Kristine W
"E" Drunkchunkymonkey (???)
"You Promised Me" Ingrid
"All In My Heart" Kasheen
"Let The Sunshine In" Milk and Sugar
"Age of Aquarius" Fifth Dimension, and also Aqua's second CD
"Odious, Aurvnir, Alzheimers" Lawrenae Weilk Orchoniha - Best of

Aetobatus   Thumper (So when are you going to attack sector 3976?)
Frysco      Timduru    Harik   Vitapup    Simba

COPYRIGHT 2003 - Randy Fox
3:57 - Drunk singing. <Goodnight!.mp3> Newrd homestars "Gooh Awray
        Evewrybody, bye." Arthur "Frickin.."

*********** END OF SHOW #197 *********

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The Tron Sector. Info and clips from movie, and video game sequel.
Large variety of sound effects - Radio page
Warcraft, cartoon and movie sounds
All level music for the first three episodes of Doom
More TV and movie sounds

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MR.T VS OSAMA BIN LADEN - The man with the van comes out of retirement to stop Bin Laden from carrying out his next evil plan.. to curdle the nation's milk supply.
MR.T VS JOE MILLIONAIRE - Reality has nothing to do with it when a TV supergeek tries to steal Mr.T look. T fights off Joe's brainwashed girlfriends while Murdock tries for the money himself..
MR.T VS GODZILLA - Playtime is over.. Mr.T faces his first serious challenge as the oversized reptilian tourist attacks Los Angeles, discovering how to use Power of Milk to attain gigantic size. Will Mr.T be defeated by his own powers?
MR.T VS THE MIGHT MORPHING POWER RANGERS - Once good, the weirdly dressed teenage superhero team has gone rogue, demolishing Youth Centers around the country. Worse yet, they've destroyed Mr.T's van! T might just need help with this fight..
MR.T VS MEGATRON - Optimus Prime sends a priority one distress signal to the White House. The Decepticons have a secret weapon, and the Autobots are almost finished! T, The Fonz, Murdock and Steven Hawking team up and head to Cybertron to protect America's spaceborn allies.
MR.T VS GARGAMEL - On the way back to Earth Murdock accidentally tosses the A-team van's fuel out the window, forcing a crash landing on a strange planet populated by short blue aliens. After defeating the forest's shabbily-dressed wizard, T and Murdock resume their journey to Earth, unaware that a much more dangerous, mechanized force is following them..
MR.T VS COLUMBIA - Dispatched to investigate some strange signals from space, the Crew of the Space Shuttle Columbia instead hijacks a laser cannon and starts blowing up Youth Centers for no reason. T takes time out from art class to deal with them.
MR.T VS HITLER - Bent on World Conquest, the leader of Nazi Germany borrows Bill & Ted's time machine to travel to the future and capture Colorado, hoping to steal the one thing than can power his Super Laser and win the war: Mr.T's gold chains. T arrives to deal with the Charlie Chaplin look-alike.. only to face an army of brainwashed children from the Hitler Youth Centers. Mr.T can't hurt kids! What now?
MR.T VS MECHA-T - Newman from Sienfeld loses yet another chess game to Stephen Hawking, and decides to seek revenge by destroying Hawking's ally Mr.T with a robotic duplicate. Not even Tenacious D can fight Mecha T..
MR.T VS UNICRON - PART ONE - Thrown into outer space, Newman finds himself stranded on Spice World.. with Megatron! The two evil masterminds build a ship and escape the hell planet to attack the White House with everything they've got. In the distance, an unseen evil follows them.. and eats Smurf Planet enroute.
MR.T VS UNICRON - PART TWO - Defeated, Megatron and Newman are once more banished to space.. only to be picked up by UNICRON, the rouge planet that eats other worlds. Instead of munching them, Unicron reworks Megatron into a more power, subservient from, then sends him with a new army to lay a trap for Mr.T, the only think standing between it and Earth.
MR.T VS UNICRON - PART THREE - Armed with the Autobot Matrix, Unicron is prepared for the final attack on Earth. All Bases Are soon belong to Him.. what can T weld together with a few paperclips and a danish?
THE HURRICANE ACTION SHOW - Adam West gets envious of T saving the Earth more than he does, so he imprisons T in a forcefield. It's WWE wrestler The Hurricane (MrTPug's secret identity?) to the rescue! End with a picture of the flash author meeting Mr.T in real life.



(Hello all, just a few notes, then I have to get packed. I know I'm very behind with all of these.. I would make excuses about UPS driver training and redoing much of the yard for my folks, but mostly it's a mental glitch on my part. When I get started, I tend to make good progress, and keep telling myself I could easily finish a whole Timeline ever week, but I almost have to light explosives under my chair to get started. I think I've finally got the format for these things down, so now I can spend all my experience points in doing them faster.
 I also want to thank everyone for all the weird links they've been sending to the FPS list. Besides simply being cool to watch, I've recorded a lot of ammo-quality things there, although since I have to find -just the right time- to use a link it could be a while before they show up. I scan the Newgrounds new entries about twice a day (along with the All Time Best list, where I found Mr.T vs Unicron in the first place) so I have that source covered, but any help with wierd/cool/Shakespearean/parody/annoying/ links from other areas is greatly appreciated :)
 Other than when I get to log in during the live Sunday broadcast, I don't usually see all of a show until I get around to the Timeline for it, so if I say something very out of date chalk it up to a ferret's limited memory capacity. I'll catch up one of these days. Thanks for your patience, and being cool. - Rob/Blackfoot )