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Pawpet Show #196 - January 4th, 2004 - Timeline 1/2
compiled by (Blackfoot Ferret) [And his computer. But don't mind me.]
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Getting the technology Nsych                                - 0:07
Equipment upgrades - Multicamera mayhem!                    - 0:22
Computer repair Horror Stories                              - 0:30
Bandit destroys all of Yappy's HD porn collection O_O       - 0:32
"We Didn't Start the Fire!" Poink sings why 2003 sucked     - 0:37
Degeneration. Poink gets shoved in the Tardis, and...       - 0:43
JBadger calls in, does Madlibs, impossible gameshow         - 0:51
Proof that Poink is no longer himself                       - 1:03
What would you do for a Klondike Bear?                      - 1:29
Stanley visits, gets Sesame Street welcome! Then Spits/Swal - 1:47
Dr. What experiences flashbacks of his earlier life..       - 2:00
The hideously evil "Loving You" song.                       - 2:06
Comrade Roarski and his amazing adventurenovs               - 2:24
Burger King: The Return Of                                  - 2:59
Blue Screen of Martian red meat                             - 3:05
ART JAM: The Many Regerenations of Doctor Poink             - 3:09
PICTURE CAPTIONS: Steve Irwin feeds Croc with baby in hand  - 3:14
Stanley has never heard all of "Yatta"?                     - 3:39

********** PART ONE START! **********

0:01 - Characters in their natural habitat.
      Poink reads "Ferrets gone WILD!!" in prison.
0:03 - Rummage humms along with the theme song, while Seal just
        -watches- him unblinkingly..
      Rummage "It looks like there was a revolt, and everybody
        quit. It's just me.. and Seal." glances at Seal, who o_o
0:04 - Rasvar at the buttons. Ras "And Bandit."
      Different camera? Extreme coon-face closeup.
      Rummage installed new cameras! Lots of them?
      Rummage "There's like.. six cameras now! Lets see if Rasvar
        can find them all." Rasvar checks his cheat sheet.
0:05 - <LivingRoomCam.cam> <Kitchen.cam> <EdgeOfStage.cooninyourface>
      Rummage breathes on you "Sidestage!" Near, far, near, far.
0:06 - Equipment upgrades, thanks to TeddyRuxpin, tech people, fans.
      Banditmuzzle tries to get between Rummage and the camera.
      Rasvar adjusts the reality controls. Stage and Rummage move
        to the left. "Wow.. we're off center." they blame the camera
0:07 - TeddyRuxpin got mpeg servers in sync, technology works!
      Rummage "Can you hear me now? Yes!" Bandit nibbles at him.
0:08 - RapidTRabbit deals with tech, and getting early shows online.
http://pawpet.org/ <- Top of Pawpet links pyramid
 ^-- Rapid T Rabbit homepage, show also airs Sunday before FPS.
 ^-- RTR show archive, + - 200 out of 500 shows viewable!
 ^-- Last month's show [March 2004, not the '3-months-ago Now']
0:09 - Bandit rears up and puts his paws on the stage, staring nose
        to nose with Rummage.
      Rummage looks around Bandit and nicely tells him to shoo, but
        the RL dog just stands there, glancing at the camera once.
      Bandit wants in the show! Rummage tries kissing him.
      Bandit likes it! Leans in further to lick. Rasvar "Umm.."
      Bandit drops down. Rummage whews "Bandit has nobody else to
        pick on, so he's picking on me tonight."
      Pause while Ras does some tech stuff. Rummage "Hey Bandit.."
        Bandit chews on Rummage's tail under the stage.
0:10 - Sound checks. "Woo.. I'm guessing that I'm in sync. I'm in
        sync. Am I Nsync?"
http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/7631 [Do you want to be?]
      Rasvar casts the Anime Dub Delay spell on Rummage. !BoyBand
0:11 - Bandit goes nose to nose with Rummage again. Tasty coon.
      Bandit goes WWE with the stage! Rasvar chuckles. Rum erf "This
        dog has a -hard- head o_O" Loving headbutts. All the time.
        Even when sleeping.
0:12 - Reading channel. Rum "Telegrand almost bought Pink Flamingos,
        he should have!" $6 value? "Where else can you get such
        quality entertainment?"
0:13 - Channel wonders where everyone else? Rum "Beats the hell out
        of me." Ras "They all quit.."
      Rummage also has a head cold. Great.
      Rummage "What are we going to do Rasvar?" "I don't know.."
0:14 - Picking songs to do. Rasvar checks Rummage's Favorites..
0:15 - < *update later* >
0:16 - Rummage sings countryrock.
      <BlueGreenWarpingEffect.fx> Rummage-head looks like dancing
        Gizmo bobblehead!
0:17 - <RainbowMushroomMadness.fx> Realplayer succumbs to Atari-
        Adventure color flashes.
0:18 - Cool archaic cameras.
      Rasvar ohs! "Our little special effect there.. kicked the
        stream up to 400k/sec :P"
http://www.stupidvideos.com/?VideoID=740 Rummage "Wow.."
      Rummage tells TeddyRuxpin they need more bandwidth.
0:19 - Cool crude camera effects tech. Double exposures, blurrs.
0:20 - 93 steps for taking a picture when it's cold.
      Rasvar heys! "I hear a door! We have at least one person!
        We have Two, Yay! THREE! AHhahaHAaaa.."
(The Count must like destroying tech also..) [Why do you think he
collects broken TVs?]
0:21 - Rasvar whews "I don't know how to do.. Credits!" Rum"Credits?"
      Rasvar chuckles "We don't have anyone for Credits or indexing
        tonight.. so you're on your own.."
      Camera changes confuse Rummage, and person in kitchen!
      YappyRummage yays "Good, someone for Bandit to chew on other
        than me."
0:22 - Kitchen(Mach?) "Hey, nice rack!" Truck rack in kitchen?
0:23 - Testing out the Mobile Camera.. closeup of someone's armpit.
      Brady-Window testing. Window replaces Rummage's head.
0:24 - Tod wows at multiple cameras!
      Near. Far. Kitchen. Angle. Sofa. JR's forehead. He waves.
0:25 - Tod "I'm confused.. help!" Rummage notes there's also a
        bathroom camera.
      Tod "Uh Oh." Rummage "Pottycam." "No."
      Rummage "I could start up my own sex fansite!"
      Tod nooos.."It's a new year!" "I like to send spam, just to
        get back."
      Who are the spammers in your neighborhood?
0:26 - Tod grills Rummage over the show accounting. Rummage shows
        him a shiny new laptop. "OH! I can go play on it!"
      Laptop from Nonsanity! Collecting different colors of laptops?
      Rummage "Now I just need to get a Blueberry. And a lime. I'll
        have the whole ple-thor-a of the rainbow." Tod "You fruity
        kind of guy."
(Too Easy) Rummage tries to get them all working now.
0:27 - Rasvar notes "Killer" ate some more equipment again..
0:28 - A Cat attacked Rummage from inside a computer? o_O Fur balls.
0:29 - <OminiousUltraLoudMusic.Rasvarbutton> People jump!
      Bandit patrols under the stage.. Rummage warns Tod.
      Rummage finds ketchup under computer keyes?
0:30 - Otter resumes staring at Seal.
      Camera change. Tod "What IS that? Oh! It's the Seal's butt!"
      Computer Repair Horror Stories.. Sawdust.. Kitchen grease
      Rummage thinks the worst are from Laundries? PILLOW INSIDE?
0:31 - Poink! Seal immediately looks down at him instead.
      Rummage's Apple Titanium broke a hinge. "We don't cover
        plastic parts under warrantee." Rum notes it's Magnesium.
        Put on Hold. <DragnetTheme.mp3> Will fix after all.
0:32 - Battlescars on Rummage's Titanium. Rummage "Knowing that I had
        some.. questionable material on that laptop.." Tod "Uh-huh?"
        Poink "I'm sure."
      Rummage does full backup of hard drive, puts computer in box,
0:33 - Rasvar watches Golf. Rummage need something from the backup,
        plugs it in, but Bandit is faster..
      Rum "Killer dog.. come running through the room.. tripped over
        the power cord.. <Ras chuckling> yanked the HD off my desk..
        and it proceeded to crash on the floor." Tod "Oh no.."
0:34 - Rummage porn takes damage "It came to a screeching halt, and
        made some *wierd* noises.. like eEE-EEr eEE-EEr Ee.." it
      Poink "Technology - 0. Bandit - 2" Rummage notes Bandit has 4.
        Dead water pipe, disrupting key technologies.
0:35 - 40 hours later.. computer comes back! Shiny.. Rummage "I was
        happy.. except I lost all my questionable material."
      Tod "Well.. you can get New Questionable material!"
        Rummage "I'm going to have to make it.. that was hand-made
        questionable material.."
http://members.tripod.com/Tiny_Dancer/terrifi2.wav Tod "eeew..."
      Poink "Actually, speaking of questionable material.."
0:36 - Poink has a song he wants to close of 2003 with.. calls for
        ferret chorus?
      (Ready..) Poink "And to be honest, I have not rehearsed these
        lyrics.." "And a 1, and a 2..."
      <BillyJoel-WeDidn'tStartTheFire.mp3> Seal stares at Poink.
0:37 - Tod and hatless Grease jam.
         Workboring-CannotStartMyCar.." <Guitar.mp3>
        PHrase-DorclovDays-FraidIMightHaveSars.." <Guitar.mp3>
        Closing-Network'sHosing-.. JaguarsDidn'tWin!"
0:38 - Toothpaste-MailList-BanThatGuyThatGetsMePissed-
http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/136848 (Mario? :) )
0:39 - Billy "Hemingway, Ankman.." Poink "... LostMyMikeAgain.."
      Poink breaks the rating bigtime :)
0:40 - "OnlyGottaTempJob-Can'tWorkOnMyLeftKnob
      "   ..andIMissedAnInterview..
        (somethingsomething) DoneFor..ScrewThiStuffI'mGoingHome!"
      Fire burns on. And on. And on. And on. "My bong.. burns on.."
      Poink shows you his butt.
0:41 - Yay! Song ends. Poink "Now, I have to be honest here.. the
        lyrics were written by.. KP."
      Actually was! Took Tod 2 hours "I tried to think, hmmm..what
        happened to JR last year.." makes 5 pages "What's Next...."
      Poink gives the camera a constipated look.
http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view.php?id=143965 (R1,C4 Jax)
0:42 - Tod plans to submit lyrics to the mailing list(?)
        Poink thinks of recording, but things are busy "It's a new
        year, a new time.." pushes Seal off the stage, who falls.
      Blowing a Seal. Bad pun alert.
0:43 - Poink "I want to do things that I know a wholesome family
        audience will like.."
      Poink presents: A History Of Porn.
      <DrWhoTardis.fx> Police Box appears on stage. "Well, we're
        not afraid of copyright infringment!"
0:44 - Tardis wants something from Poink.. Tod tries to shove him in
      Poink "I'm not going in there.. and that's final.."
      Rasvar "Poink..Poink.." "PoinkPonkPoink.." Phone rings.
0:45 - Poink goes in "Kinda dark in here.." phone? "There's a button,
        should I press it?"
< http://tiger.coe.missouri.edu/~peace/Dr.Who/sound/drwho_1980.au >
      Wierd Music.. Poink returns dressed in a bonnet?
      Tod o_O "Um..Um.. who are you?" Poink rainboweyeglows.
0:46 - Poink oohs.. "I'm wearing a Scarf!" Weirder even than usual.
      Poink "What's this in my pocket?" Tod "I don't know.. why is
        only one of your eyes working now?"
      Sonic Screwdriver fixes anything. 3 settings? "Bambi will like
      Poink bashes himself repeatedly in the head trying to get the
        screwdriver to work.
0:47 - Tardis leaves. Put away for later? "Go back in time.. appear
        in a John Holmes film.."
      Go back and erase Badger Badger?
      Badgers go ahead in time and attack Poink!
      Counting badgers. And the 2 mushrooms. And the SNAKE!
0:48 - Poink peeks out from the badgers "This wasn't my idea.."
      Poink is feeling more British? Keeps the hat. Tod "You look
        like an 80-year-old tourist from Minnesota.."
0:49 - Poink suddenly doesn't like Time?
      <MexicanHatDance.mp3> ROLL CALL!
Rasvar does an extreme closeup of the side of his own head "Oh wait!"
0:50 - Yappy reads the names of folks in channel.
0:51 - JBadger calls in. Badger! "Happy New Year!"
      Ezra "We have a problem.. we think you're responsible for it..
        Badgers. And mushrooms. JBadger offer help with all except
        the snack.
0:52 - JBadger finished an adlib, but worries about reading it..
      "Mostly safe.." Ezra "Mostly read it :)"
0:53 - Poink(?) "Did I just hear a suspected launch of flatulence?"
      Ezra "Who ARE you?" "You can call me.. the Doctor"
      Ezra "We'll call you a Doctor to find out what's wrong with
        you're head.."
      JBadger presents: How To Get To Sleep. Ezra "Watch this show"
      "If you have trouble falling asleep, you probably have a
        shmoozed mind. You must learn to relax so you will have a
        dirty mind instead. First drink a cup of hot Mountain Dew,
        Code Red, and stretch out on a sticky bed in a (?) position.
      Poink is toast. JBadger "Then breathe fast, and think about
        something beautiful, such as spongy dishes."
0:54 - "Do not think.. of your pink enemies, or entertain any other
        dry thoughts. Concentrate on something restfull, such as
        chairs, which will make your toothbrush mostly relax to
        count imaginary toilets jumping over kettles.
      "Follow these itchy rules, and you're fall into a furry sleep,
        the minute your big toe hits the pillow."
      Ezra wows. Poink politely asks "Do you always put your feet
        on a pillow?"
      Yappy "I put the middle of my rump, so my middle's elevated"
        Ezra "..I ain't sleeping anywhere near his pillow" "It's a
0:55 - <JBadgerOnThePhone.words> Ezra looks up and reads them.
      JBadger's New Year.
0:56 - Grand Jury Duty? Yappy notes his company puts a 3week pay cap
        on Jury Duty.
0:57 - While talking with JBadger, Rasvar turns the background of
        the stage into BadgerBadger. Ezra glances sideways at
        advancing snake head.
      GAME SHOW: "GOD WE'RE STUPID!" JBadger agress to play..
      Building most likely to have a Kibla Wall? 3 seconds. BEEP.
0:58 - Ezra doesn't' know either.. checks internet.
      Poink glances over at animated badger standing beside him
        "I wonder if I could go back, to when the show was funny.."
      JBadger gets Mosque right! Ezra notes they're going to keep
        going until he gets one wrong.
      President the Press was first allowed to make direct
        quotations from. "You have 2 seconds!"
      JBadger gets Eisnhower right! Ezra "Ready for the harder Qs?"
0:59 - Ossiola McCarthy's job? "You have 1 second! Go!"
      Badger forest surrounds Poink, who feels perturbed.
      Ezra "Oh, you're wrong!" $150grand from checking laundry
      Dual Ezra. "A World Cup qualifying match between *what two
        countries* sparked what was knows as the Soccer War of 1969?
        YOU HAVE NO CHOICES! Please give me your answer now :)"
1:00 - JBadger "Umm... Spain, and the UK?" "WRONG! It was Honduras
        and El Salvador." "Oh, ok."
      JBadger arghs "I don't know soccer." Ezra "I don't know soccer
        either!" Poink "I have the knowledge of the cosmos.."
      Yappy gets hooked to Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy DVD of
        Rasvars. JBadger "I like British animation myself,
1:01 - <Hitckhicker'sGuide.theme> One more Q.. "The Kurt While
        Maxwell Anderson musical 'Lost to the Stars' was based on
        what 1948 best-selling novel?" o_O Pride and Love on Country
1:02 - Magic 8-ball: "Am I doing Ok?" "It is decidedly so!"
        Poink "And in the words of Douglas Adams, Don't Panic."
      People thanks JBadger for coming in!
      No videos tonight, but Spits or Swallows is a go. Rasvar "NO!
        NO! NO!!"
1:03 - Dr. What takes control of the show. "I hope we continue to
        deliver the same wholesome family fun that we always have.
        By the way, I have sworn an oath of celibacy."
      Bandit has moved away from Poink? "But that's ok.. I'd rather
        be clean. Why are you laughing?"
1:04 - Seal Orks hello/Sanka Coffee Commercial. Poink "Hello Seal,
        would you like a Jellybaby?" Seal Orks.
      Seal does a long, Orking monologue.
      Rasvar laughs! "I crashed the DVD player!" "O-RK?"
1:05 - Running 24/7 last week? Poink "Which have you been playing?"
      People ARGHS! Seal dies. Poink "I.. beg your pardon.. I just
        unleashed a Fluffer.."
      Rasvar "ToAVideoToAVideoToAnOldVIDEO!"
      Poink goes to use the bathroom in the Tardis. (Same people
        who built Oscar's trash can?)
      PAWPETS WEST - "It's In His Kiss"
        Petula - TeddyRuxpin & Reishal
        Fremont & Patch - Findra and Yippee
1:06 - Singing Sheepdoggen in tights sing backup as squirrel lead
        vocal with HUGE tail sings while fanning them with it.
1:08 - ... Rasvar "I don't want to know! I REALLY don't want to know!
      Rummage "Like Kage said, How come the Chippettes didn't start
        sneezing with the swhishytail rubbing their nose?"
      Rummage tries making a PawpetsWest DVD, but the technology
        isn't cooperating.
1:09 - Rummage humms 'It's great to be a Nerd.'
1:10 - <"APEX"FloatingAroundTheScreen.text> Rummage watches it.
        Ras notes he's activated the screensaver :P
1:11 - Poink discovers who the Tardis keeps falling over, it's full
        of badgers.
      Andi Money has a livejournal? (Who?)
      Friends bug Ezra to do a livejournal. "No.. I'm afraid of
1:12 - Ezra wins Ebay auction! Proxy-bid with extra pennies, wins
        auction by 78 cents from sniper who keeps bidding dollars.
1:13 - The Tardis falls on Poink. "AGH!" Ezra and Rummage keep
        talking Ebay.
1:14 - Poink yells at badgers plugging the Tardis toilet. It falls on
        him again.
      Tarring a toilet to waterproof it? Rummage "You sit, and stick"
1:15 - Myth busters show.
      Rummage was on Mythbusters? "There was a
        Myth, that said some stupid rednecks had chased me down into
        a drainpipe, and they were pissed at me, so they poured
        gasoline down the pipe, and threw a match in."
      "Well, the gas didn't light, so theoretically, the redneck
        went down the pipe, head-first, lit a match to try to light
        the gas.. subsequently lighting the gas.. and shooting him
        out like a bullet." <STUPID!.mp3>
      Trying to prove it can happen. "It was disproven, but in the
        interm, I got scorched with gasolline."
1:16 - Toasted Rummage. Ezra like Urban Legends. Poink wants the
        Tardis to sit still.
      Cubicle Guy dies, and nobody notices it for two days? People
        want payroll checks, manager takes them from dead desk.
1:17 - Decomposing in 2 days? To smell or not to smell. Legend people
        not bodily fluids would have released in 24 hours.
      Server goes dead. Guy in restaurant? o_O
      Steve Irwin vs Michael Jackson.. Ras "At least he's not drunk"
1:20 - Do babies taste like chicken? Hungry croc.
      Poink notes he kicked the badgers out of the Tardis. Ras
        wonders where the badgers went..
1:21 - Poink pelts stage with badgers, then keeps the mushroom for
        furthering science.
      Doctor Poink warns people that William Shatner will soon
        release a new album o_O
      Creed backs up Shatner.
1:22 - Poink "I personally favor Opera."
      Poink wonders why people are laughing, then ponders his
        previous incarnation. Ezra "Think of everything that you
        enjoy right now, everything that's good and right with the
      Poink enjoys reading a good book, nice cup of tea. Ezra notes
        he was the opposite of that.
      Poink "So I was Caligula?" Ezra nods, and adds Rasputin.
1:23 - Sex Toys room in Tardis. Unlimited capacity. "I thought it
        was a musical instrument room.. I asked Bambi to clean it
        out, and she hasn't come out yet.."
      <BurningDownTheHouse.mp3> Poink "I'm an.. ordinary.. guy.."
        Ras "God, he's gone Shatner on us!!"
1:24 - Poink corrects logistical paradoxes in the song.
1:25 - Jamming badgers. Poink ponders arson.
1:26 - Poink "You can't fight fire with fire.. fire + fire = fire"
      <COOLBurningMartianSandstormINFERNO!.fx> Poink fries, hmphs.
1:27 - Poink "I'm sorry folks.. I don't know what came over me, I'm
      Polarbear returns! Talks like JoJo..
      <IndoorSnow.fx> Poink ponders the strange phenomenon.
1:28 - Massive stage dandruff. Polar eats some of them. Poink ews.
1:29 - Poink "How long it is going to snow?" Rasvar chuckles.
      Polarbear was named Klondike by channel! Poink "Does that mean
        when people bite you, they're looking for you creamy center?
      What would YOU do with a Klondike Bear? Poink "I'd shoot it
        with 6pcs of Thorozine."
      Poink "Can I be honest with you Bear? You look like a CGI
        reject from Ice Age.."
1:30 - Klondine "Instead of being a reject from the Salvation Army
        Thrift store.. look at your hat!"
      Poink "I will have you know Queen Elisabeth the 3rd gave this
        one to me." "The 3rd?" "The 4th was busy."
      Doctor gives himself prescriptions.
1:31 - Klondike *is* related to JoJo! Poink "So at some point, a dog,
        and a bear got it on?"
      Klondike "No, they're just related. By marriage." "How would
        you get -Related-? There hasn't been an immaculate
        conception since Mary!"
      Klondike "By *MARRIAGE!*"
1:32 - Klondike only eats icecream. Doesn't eat badgers. Likes
        Otterpops though?
1:33 - Poink asks Klondike if he feels bad about eating salmon
        heading upstream to spawn. o_o "Not a bit."
      Poink "How would you like it if you were in bed at home with
        your wife, missionary style of course, and somebody suddenly
        came in and ate you?"
      Klondike "Ok.. you're opening up way to many doors.." "No,
        I'm just being honest!"
1:34 - Klondike slides around in the snow on his rump. Poink wonders
        if he's making brown bears?
      <DanceMusic.mp3> Poink "Who picks the music for this show?'
        Rasvar laughs! "Why, you like it?" "Actually yes.."
1:35 - Poink "I've got rhythm.. I've got style.. if I lay on my
        side and I'm naked, look at my back and you'll see.. my
        vertical smile.."
[Ok, NOW who's being tasteless?] (I love PBS ^_^)
      Klondike lifts the letter A up on stage.
      <MexicanDingDong.mp3> "You can't eat just one!" People !?!
1:36 - Klondike tries to recall the website where people could
        discover their own Porn stagenames..
(Case sensitive.. "big bird" is "Spanky Tickler"?)
      Rasvar's first pet was named Tinkerbell..
1:37 - Klondike uses pet and street address to dub Rasvar "Tinkerbell
        Brighton" Yappy is Spongee Henry?
      Pet + Street you grew up on = Porn Name
1:38 - Klondike wonders about the porn names of people in channel
[Jack Spankadocious? Is that the spawn of Big Bird and Mary Poppins?]
(Quiet, Pud Banger.. at least I'm not The Doctor.)
      Porn names of channel folks. Poink "Why would you want a
        porn name? Porn is degrading.. it's wrong to think of
        women as sex objects.."
      Reminder of the new year. "Women are there, for companionship"
      Klondike "I'm confused.."
1:39 - Soap Opera names?
1:40 - Poink is up for adult jello wrestling in pudding though.
      Klondike tries being more Canadian, less Californian.
1:41 - <GuitarMusic.mp3> Poink complements the classy acoustics.
        Klondike "WHO ARE YOU!??" "Can I help it that I know
        everything? Nice arpeggio.."
1:42 - <Stan.word> Klondine looks up and repeats "Stan..Stan..Stan.."
1:43 - Total Stannage. "LEY!" "Stan.. Ley...StanLEY!"
1:44 - Stan-Ley 2.
1:45 - Poink analyses the molecular content of the guitar strings.
1:46 - Ezra ponders putting Poink back in the police box.
1:47 - <Kitchen.cam> STAN-LEY! Big Russian hat?
      Yappy "Ok.. I have prepared the Spits or Swallows.."
      Complements of Chilly and Zorro.
1:48 - #1 - Jellied Bean, Green Tea Flavor.
      Poink "Ok.. I can't drink that." "You don't have to drink it,
        it's to eat."
      JR notes she already sent him some, and it makes him
        physically ill. KP "You can get physically ill again :)"
1:49 - #2 - Drink is Pennywort. Toadlike change.
      Stan-Ley munches.. closeup. Chewing. Chewing.     Chewing.
1:50 - Chewing.
      Microphone: http://www.dangermouse.org/sounds/owagggg.wav
      Stanley "It was.. kind of like mushrooms.. <badger jokes> kind
        of like mashed potatoes.. but cold.."
      Sip. "Split pea soda." Stanley takes another drink while
        Rasvar EEEEEEEEWWWWWWWWAAAAAAA in the background.
1:51 - JR's next "Oh.. that just looks wrong.. it FEELS wrong.."
      Spit. JR hurls inside Stanley's Russian cap.
1:52 - KP "Melting jelly..? The drink matches the Crap!"
      KP hmms "I don't really care for it.. EWW! It has an
        AFTERTASTE!!" Spit.
1:53 - Vegetarian? "No.. NoNoNo!" Split Pea soda has another vote.
      Rasvar! "I'm not taking the slimy one.."
      <Soft,Stomach-RelaxingEasyListening.mp3> Rasvar winces..
1:54 - 10 seconds on approach.. trouble docking. *BITE*
      Rasvar nibbles.. nibbles.. shrugs? Bites! Likes it?
        "It's.. not that bad!" chewing.
1:55 - The Drink. "Now THIS.."
      "Do you know what this SMELLS LIKE?" "Split pea soup!" "NO,
        V8 gone bad!"
      Sip.  Sip.  Ponder.  Sip.  Wince.  Courage.  Sip.
1:56 - Extreme closeup on Rasvar's lips. "... EEEEEEH.."
      No pukeage! "It didn't kill me for once!"
      Yappy. He looks happy. "Let's try Green Stuff.."
      Yappy munches the substance like candy. "I like that.."
        strikes Dick Tracy squint.
      Sip. Blink? Sip. "It's tolerable." Chug.
1:57 - Consensus - Could be drunk in an emergency. KP thinks it would
        cause an emergency.
      People summon Bandit, who doesn't jump up for once.
      Seismic disturbance. KP "YAPPY! I heard that.. I felt that.."
1:58 - Poink is one who smelt that. "Did Randy just release an
        air-muffin again?" Yeps. "You know, that is disgusting."
 (That's not disgusting..)
      KP "That's not civilized" Poink "You'd never see me do it."

******** END OF PART ONE *********

Pawpet Show #196 - Dr. WHO? - Jan. 4th, 2004 - Timeline 2/2
compiled by (Blackfoot Ferret) [And his Computer]

********* PART TWO ***********

1:58 - Post Spits or Swallows Air Muffins.
      Doctor Poink thinks farts are uncouth. "You'd never see me
        do it.."
      Rasvar rummages for a video. Poink "It's alright Rasvar, we
        have complete faith in you." Ezra "..Huh?"
1:59 - Waiting. Poink makes a goofy song about his blinky eyes.
      Window 98 is being phased out? Bill forces people to
http://www.albinoblacksheep.com/flash/winrg.php [I'm in love ^_^]
2:00 - Poink readies the TARDIS controls. "Why are there pictures
        of naked women up on the walls here?"
PAWPETS WEST! http://home.pacbell.net/rosk/ppw.html
      Twin computer ferrets! "It's great to be a NERD.. its great
        to be a NERD.. the only life we ever see is from our
(o_O) [No.. too..easy.. resist! >_< >v< ]
      "It's great to be a Nerd! It's great to be a Nerd! It's
        great to wear our uniforms and talk like Cpt. KIRK!"
[No, it's not Vanity Fair this time] (Spock's 900% cooler! x_@)
      Nerd Ferrets "We'd watch the Olympics if they played
        Dungeons and DRAGONS!" 2nd ferret "I'm a HOBBIT! ^_^"
[If it helps, I don't think they're aiming at you.] (Has Nerd
  seen Revenge of the Nerds yet?)
2:02 - "It's Great To Be A Nerd"
      Madison - Findra       Feep - Yippee  Pawpets West c2000(!)
2:02 - Tod wearing his Beanie, and Poink wearing his Vaudeville
        hat. Surprisingly similar colors..
2:03 - Rasvar puts a rubber snake on the Tardis after Poinks old
        personality surfaces a moment. Poink starts eating it?
      Time passes. Tod "I'm waiting for you to talk." Poink "I'm
        bigger than that snake.." "You're creeping me out."
      Schizophrenic Poink?
      <UpsideDown.fx> Poink "Next thing you know, you'll think
        we're upside down." "We are upsidedown." "No we're not.."
2:04 - <Backwards.fx> Poink "I kinda like it.."
      Poink has an extra ticket, invites Ras to the ballet?
      Rasvar presses random buttons. <ShoutOuts.txt>
        <JBadgerOnPhone.txt> Tod "STAN-LEEEE.."
2:05 - <APEXScreenSaver-Upsidesdown.exe> <TheLalalalaSong.mp3>
      <GhostImageOfPawpetLogoInLowerRightCorner.fx> Tod "Now I
        can see the Bug!"
      Poink apologizes for farting. Rasvar makes pained noises
        while Bambi sings the song. <TwitteringBirds.argh>
2:06 - <Kitchen.cam> Stanley rocks out to the Loving You song.
      Stanley makes love to the microphone. <Closeup.augh>
        "Dodododo... ROOOOOOOAARR!"
2:07 - Vixen "Every day of my life.." Stan "EveryDayOFMyLife.."
      Vixen "Is filled with loving you.." Stan "LovingMyself.."
2:08 - <BeingDrawnSlowyIntoStanley'sMouth.fx> Ras makes still
        photo of Stan just before the high note. Yummy mic.
      Back to stage. Poink poses against the Tardis "You know
        it's true.. cause I'm.. hung, like a Kodiak bear.."
      Ras "HUH??" "Oh wait.. the camera are back on me?I'm sorry.
      People start pelting Dr. Poink with badgers.
2:09 - KP notes the channel thinks Stanley is better than William
http://www.jmanx.com/files/wav/othersounds/spock.wav ( <-rocks )
      Poink "Nobody can match the Thespian range of W Shatner."
      Kitchen cam. Stanely looks.. thrilled?
      KP "Do you know any lines from Star Trek?" Stan "AGGGGHH!!"
        KP notes Red Shirts don't count. Stan "You said Scream
        Test, right?"
      Take One "Spock..I.. needtoknow. Because..I don't have
        time..topause." holds side-profile pose "For no..
        apparent.. reason.." <TinkerbiatchZapsWithWand.fx>
      "I.. mustknow! How..itis.. that.. Dilitium.. works.. every
        week!" 5 second pause "On the show!"
      Stanley rips off his hat "Does this rug.. look bad.. on
        my head?" Closeup of intact hair? "I.. don't.. know?"
2:11 - Poink "Can I be honest with you? I can do a better Shatner
        than that?" KP oks.
      Poink auditions. "But.. Ras-var..damn your Vulcan hide.. I
        don't see..why..you are looking <ahhhs> at me.. this
      Adds random open-mouthed pictures poses. Hi Mom! "I just
        think.. <tonsils> that we should.. <stretch> look for
        an answer.. over.. here.. so.. Uhura.. <pose> meet me..
        in my quarters with the open brand.. <nosepoint> naked,
        and bring some of that Romulan jello!"
2:12 - Poink "I just think, I make a better Shatner :)"
      Dark pupils turn clear with effect, reflecting the yellow
        stagetop through Stan's eye, appearing to give him brain-
        sucking powers. "LOook Inntoo My EYEEEZ!"
      Stan starts nodding his head. Poink "I'm a Stanley
      Rasvar stretching the spectral Stan until Poink can look
        out his mouth. Stan "AUGH! It burns it burns!"
      Poink bites the tonsils inside Stan's head while singing
        Loving You Lalalalala song. Distilled evil.
2:13 - Stan eats Poink's head, then vanishes with a burp.
      Poink takes the cheap hit. "Stanley is Deep Throat." Groans
2:14 - Getting the translucent logo 'bug' to work. Poink thinks
        it looks like Tron "Forget it MCP! You're not making me
        talk! GAAHH!!!" Password= "Kangaroo Floatilla"
 (^- Go ahead and view all if you want, but Tron is the 2nd one.)
      Rasvar "I actually can't send that effect out :P"
      More legalize. Poink "Wow, I look like David Crononburg's,
        'The Fly' -_o"
      Rasvar chuckles. Poink "Don't you people in the audience
        hate that, when somebody describes something to you,
        that you can't see?"
      Describing Labyrinth with as few words as possible.
2:15 - <RomanticMusic.mp3> Closeup on Yappy's unoccupied furniture
      The Woodknot Petrified Forest Table of EVIL! History ^_^
        Bandit circles around it. Dr Poink "It's a national
        treasure!" Ras "I've been told by Ginge that there's no
        way in Heck I can keep this table :P"
2:16 - Ras sighs "It's a family heirloom! I'll have to give it
        back to my Dad.." KP notes there's a reason people gave
        it way.
      Poink takes the cheap hit. Ras "HEY! When were you looking
        at my BUTT?"
2:17 - Dr Poink notes it's hard to miss, as it's filled with
      (At least -that- isn't flammable..) Poink tries to patch
        things up by noting Ginge's dislike of the table shows
        her good taste. "Although that was thrown into doubt when
        she fell in love with you.."
      KP thinks Poink is regenerating. Rasvar "Hang on, I have to
        do something here.."
      Rasvar affectionately ties Poink up and assaults him with an
     <RelaxingMoodMusic.mp3> Poink "That's a plastic axe." *WHAP*
2:18 - Poink "See? Doesn't hurt." *WHAP!!* "Ok, that did.. *falls*
      Poink swears. Seal "ROROROOROROROROK!!" "Mr. Seal.." ORKORK
        ORKROKROKR! "Easter Seal.." "Ork?"
      Poink spells out "Son" "Of" "A" "BITCH" Stan-LEE style
2:19 - Poink ponders the feeling of the diodes being driven into
        his brain.
      Spontaneous singing of "Strangers in the Night" Poink "I
        need a rubber.. this one is too tight.." ORKRORKORKROKR!
      Channel thinks Poink could be the next Teletubie!
2:20 - How Poink turns his eyelights on and off. Clenching? O_O
2:21 - Poink has Loving You stuck in his brain now.
      Poink wants ballet music, or Opera? "Something with Culture
        our audience tunes in to watch Culture!"
2:22 - Poink notes laser eyes help him find Bambi in the dark.
        Ezra "Really?" "Well, I hate tripping over ... "
2:23 - Visitor.. Comrade Roarski? Stanley inna big fuzzy hat?
      No audio! Ezra translates for Roarski.
      Rasvar "Wait a minute.. doesn't have his mic on..*click*"
      Roarski whews "Much betterski!"
2:24 - <USBigBandMusic.mp3> "So YES! I am Comrade Roarski!"
      Ezra "Do you ski a lot?" "Sometimes Nov." "Nov?"
      "So you're like.. Ezranov?" Ezra ers..
      East side, West side. Of the world. Stannov using his
        superpowers to look -through- the hat.
2:25 - Come to Florida to see the TouristTrapskis? "Yesnov!"
      Stan oohs! "That's kind of like Don Karnage, Yes,No? :)"
      Where has Stan been? "I don't remember, since my hat was
        over my eyes.."
2:26 - Islands of Red Squareski. Santa's Reindeerski? "They were
        all scalpingnov(?). Oh! Sorry.."
2:27 - Car? "Mustang GTnov."
      South Central Moscovnov.
      Job? "Drink Vodka." Ezra "For a living?" "Yeah!"
2:28 - Ezra tries on Stan's hatski. Covers his entire face.
      Stan "You look very Russian!" Ezra "(muffled) I smell very
        Russian.." Stan"Well remember, JR threw up in the hatski"
      Ezra thrashes, hat glued to his head. Returns it.
2:29 - Comrade Roarski puts on American sunglasses. "Dudeski!"
      <Sportscar.fx> "Roar!ROAROARROAR!"
2:30 - Questions from channel? Pawpets CCCP <- USSR
2:31 - Favorite Vodka? Not picky.
      Favorite auto? Still Mustang
2:32 - Any more Backdoor Roars? Friend from Krystalnov knows about
      Stan tries Krystals, then takes Small Worldnov ride.
      Song starts.. 3..2..1... "Bubbles behind the float.. which
        actually made the ride end a little bit quicker.."
2:33 - Fav movie. Tie? "Spaceballsnov. LionKingski."
      Ezra "Do you believe everything you read in Pravda?"
        Stan ers... has to read it first :}
2:34 - Non-Vodka hobby? "There are hobbies other than vodka?"
        "Waiting in line for bread! 4 hours for bread!"
2:35 - Monkey Mix? (??) Black Caviarski.
      Stroganov? Stan loves Russian Hamburger Helper. With vodka
      "Who styles your mane?" "I have a manecurist.. and his name
        is Skippy.."
2:36 - Poink wonders if Skippy is chunky, or creaming smooth? ORK!
      Poink sighs "I try to bring high-brow humor to this show.."
        walks off in disgust.
      Is Boris Badinov up for Russian Sainthood? "He hasn't
        filled out the paperwork properly."
2:37 - <Charlie'sAngels.fx> Ezra ohs!
      <LadiesKickingLegsUpInAir.fx> Poink oohs "Mame, don't do
        that! You need to put on a shirt!" Shadow dancers give
        Poink inner conflict.
2:38 - Stan likes sharpening #2 pencils.
2:39 - Fav Musician? Ezra "Probably Lenin?" ".. Limp Biscuit!"
      <Gershiwin-RhaspodyInBlue.mp3> <FlyingBadgers.everywhere>
2:40 - Russian take on Badger Badger. Ski.
2:41 - Inner tubing. (I think O_O)
      Stan stares at the skeleton sitting next to him on the
        stage, which has been there for that ten minutes. It
        says nothing.
2:42 - Seal Tossing. Poink tries to find things that annoy him.
      "Mother Teresa?" Nope "Rush Limbaugh in a bikini-style
        thong?" Nope "Porn? Sex?"
      Seal might be unconscious after last impact. Stan tries
        open-mouthed belching. Poink "The Seal does have limits."
      Poot Jokes. Nope. "Naked in a waterbed with Wesson oil and
        Rosanne Bar.."ORORORORORK!
2:43 - <A50'sCreamCommercial.mp3> Ezra "That was random!"
      Seal doesn't like Poink's uses of cream. Rasvar "Wait, do
        we have a Seal or a chicken?"
2:44 - Ezra "Rasvar? What are you doing with the thong?" Ras "I'm
        not!" then mumbles something about cream..
      Ezra observes Java's eye is help on by magic tape. Stanely
        OH! "So we could put him in a cassette tape, and hear his
        deep inner thoughts.."
      <SwedishChefBork.mp3> Otter ORKS like a chicken.
        Stanley "ROAR! Roarroarroarroar! nov"
2:45 - Poink "I think the badgers found my stack of ancient
        Playboys.. THAT'S A COLLECTABLE!"
<TickleChuckle.mp3><TickleChuckle.mp3> Badgers <TickleChuckle.mp3>
2:46 - Closeup on Bandit. He's happy :) Until Poink boinks his
        ear, then he glances up and looks confused o_O
      Carrot shows up with a tall leafy hair. Stanley "Are you
        some sort of Veggietales reject or something??"
2:47 - Stanley notes he's not taking a political position or
        anything.. but "Freaky.. vegetables, are wrongski!"
http://www.transfatty.com/supermodelmeat.html (Protein is good)
      Poink "Well, I can think of some nice uses for Zucchini.."
      <InterjectionHEY!.mp3> <Java-I'mIntoThat!.mp3>
2:48 - Ezra "Rasvar, get some music or something! We're out of
        material.." <HilariousSitcomLaughter!.mp3>
2:49 - Music is Boardwalk BGM? Pool music.
      Stanley grrs.. "I put the ROAR in TERROR!" Poink "You also
        put a -ski behind every word you use." "I do notnov!"
2:50 - Mastercard vs American Expressski.
2:51 - What to do with the skeleton? Prop for Pearl Harbor 2?
2:52 - Prepping state for Bluescreen. Tardis model is in the way.
      Ezra "I think we have to move the Tardlet." Stan "You
        got Tardletski? That had to hurtnov!"
      Polar! Klondike. Looks yellow? "I rolled around in yellow
        snow!" Icknov.
2:54 - <BLueScreen.fx> Giant lion in background! Head by Stan
        "RoarRoar!" Tail by Poink.. "Rasvar, could you rotate
        the camera? I really shouldn't be seeing this.."
      <HappyFLower.fx> Klondike and Stan blend right in. Poink
        issa bee!
2:55 - Stanley poses, head back. Scene from Wizard of Oz?
      Slightly limp pose.. "DANDY-LION!"
      <DoubleStanleyInForground.fx> "EXTREME CLOSEUPNOV! WOAHNOV!
        WOAHSKI! WOAHKIEV! Lookinto my EYE! ROOOOARR!  roar?"
2:56 - Mutant carrot freaks out Stanley again. "Don't touch me!"
        Poink launches into Can'tTouchThis/Superfreak. Touches it
      Lion on the moon. Uses lunar lander as lowrider.
2:57 - Pop songs sung in the vacuum of space.
      Ezra "As you can tell, we're actually just goofing around
        and trying to have fun tonight :)" Stan "NO NO! We're
        really following the scriptski!" Ezra "I know :)"
2:58 - There is a animated dancing bunny on top of the Tardlet o_O
2:59 - More of Stanley's Florida adventure.
      Skeleton takes a bow. The real slim shady?
      Stanley is questioned for being a Russian lion?
3:00 - Seal tries to attack Stanely? Stan "Seal-Lion!"
      Rasvar puts The Evil Burgerking Flash in the background.
        Stanley's where the face is, and Poink's head is sticking
        out of a French Fry box.
      Ras hits the switch! <CarolOfTheBells.sungbyretardedguy>
3:01 - Poink attempts to destroy Stanley with a long cardboard tube
      Stan roooars "You're supposed to use a chair!"
3:02 - Pillow of Reasonable Comfort falls on Poinks head. Ow.
      Stan "Do you know what they call a burrito in Russia?"
        Ezra "A burrito." "You've been there, haven't you?"
3:03 - Rasvar's butt. Yappy's gut. Done with the song.
      Rasvar changes the view to a closeup of tangled computer
        wires. Nyah. Poink "The inside of Yappy's colon!"
      Stan "Where the STONES man, where's the STONES??"
      Camera turns, panning through wires, then castmembers. Stan
        freaks out. "AUGH! GRATUITOUS LUNG SHOT!"
3:04 - <WierdGreenBlur.fx> Impromptu Earthquake, screen shake.
      Stan puts onna homey cap.
3:05 - Screen gets sent to Mars.
      Poink "And now.. a roleplay, with roar roar.." looks up
        "But Skipper! I didn't drop those coconuts!!"
      Stan "DAMMIT.. Ski." thinks Mars looks like ground beef.
3:06 - Stan makes Lion King reference. Poink "You're another one
        of those people who worships that stupid movie?" "NONono
        not at all, not like some people.. like... .. ."
      [Simba?] "Anyway, in Russia.."
      Poink "As far as changing the subject goes? You're driving
        the wrong way down a one-way there pal.." "Well, we like
        to do things just a -little- bit different."
      KP wants to get Simba a copy of the Lion King in Russian..
3:07 - Stanley can't wait to be Tsarski!
      Stan >_< as meat landscape strains his diet.
      <Stickfigures.background> ?
3:08 - Ezra and Stan and Poink toonheads do the BK thing.
      Rasvar doesn't like BK fries because they tastes to
3:09 - <PrinceAdamAndTheKingHoldingHands.gif> "Through the use of
        latest technology one of Yappy's missing images of
        "Questionable material is recovered"
      Poink looks out from the King's shirt "Uhhh..."
      Tries explaining to the King what incest is. @_@
3:10 - Hobbes strikes again! Stan "That guy's a contenda :)"
http://pawpet.org/funday/art/2004-01-04/ ART JAM ARCHIVE
      Nerdferret caught between the Tardis and a Dalek. Next
        regeneration of Poink?
      Poink "I do.. like the beanie on the Dalek :P"
      Poink ponders using the Tardis to "erase Nerd's sperm."
3:11 - Roxi's Dr.What. The Master doesn't look pleased.
      Poink wonders who the Master is? Gets faded out again.
3:12 - Tardis calls over on Poink.
      Klondike "I am a Polar Bear from Canada!" Poink hmms from
        Lucy's Psychiatrist stand "Right, and I'm Dr. Who.."
      Back to Adam and the King. Stanley glances down at them, and
        marries then like a minister "Sir King.. do you take
        this.. thing.. to be your royal pain in the Kiev??"
3:13 - <WeddingBells.fx> Poink "You're supposed to ask for
        objections.." Stan "Any objections and you'll be shot!"
3:14 - Computer accident. Rasvar's questionable material!
-Don't feet the lawyers!
-Joey, the other white meat!
-Teaching croc not to chomp treat on nose until cleared
-Dingos.. I mean.. CROCS!.. ate my baby!
-Test your house for radon?
-Grandma, stop playing with the cabbages!
-Crocodile rock wasn't what Mrs Irwin was thinking of for putting the baby to sleep..
-Eat at Joes.
-Steve Irwin rescues his beloved baby from the clutches of a human
- Chicken right.. baby left.. chicken right.. baby left..
-Ok kid, if you ever take another dump like that you're next..
-The alligator diaper bag is alive! AUGHH!
-I never wanted twins anyway..
-*DING!* Baby's done!   Spontaneous Chorus of BKness>
-Infomercial for meat grinder?
3:17 - SHOUT OUTS!
-Before stonehenge.. there was woodhenge, and strawhenge.. but the
big bad wolf came and blew them down. And the 3 little piggies were relocated to the Projects.
-For those of you who want to get out of Jury duty, just say you'd
make a good juror because you can spot guilty people Just Like That.   Poink "Thank you George Carlin!"
-You should start a new Club.. Club Seal.
-From a Download Viewer, hoping this shoutout won't be Horribly Ironic.. I hope the cast resolves to at least honor the rating this year. As the wise man said: Profanity is the first resort
of the inarticulate motherF-er.
3:18 -
-Friday was a certain Squeaky Lop's birthday! So happy birthday
  Trixi! Now Squeak! :)
-When this show ends I'm off to work, and it's 6AM local time. Who   needs sleep?   Poink "I like eggs."
- Sefina makes it back to Ohio, already misses folks. Will return!
-Extra Caption: Gatorade
     Poink "Well folks, I do have to get going now. I'm going to
       hop back in my Tardis and see some Elisibethian era porn."
http://furnitureporn.com/roofsex.html (Ok, NOW it works!)
3:19 - Poink goes to find Bea Arthur when she's young. Laters!
      Tearing down the bluescreen. Ripping the fabric of space!
3:20 - Bea Arthur, former Golden Girl, JR's love interest since
        seeing a picture of her speak with Herbie's lips. Cool
        birthday surprises.
      Bandit leaves a slobbery surprise for Ezra. JR "He's got
        the beat he's got the beet.. " Stan "YayDoggieDrool YAY
        DoggieDrool YAYDoggieDrool.." dodges flying badgers..
3:21 - People thinks Whiffert for badgers and snakes.
      Last Art Jam (already mentioned earlier)
3:22 - Picking up badgers. Bandit tries to help?
      Stan "You know.. they have Showtunes in Russia!.." hint
3:23 - Ras consults the magic music machine. Stan "You know, we
        forgot to eat.."
http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/156123 (Doom #2)
3:24 - Something else that sucked about 2003. Stanley was going to
        do a performance out of town. Ship him (the fursuit) down
        so fursuiter Stanley can get him the next day.
      The next day "Where's Stanley?" "Uh.. we got a problem."
        "Roar?" "We don't know where he is.." "ROAR?"
3:25 - "No, no find him." "ROAR!" "I'll go check someone else.."
      Still not there. Fursuit abducted :( Stan "We sued their
        great KIEVs off! And now we are BLING BLING! WOOHAA!"
      The Lion's Paradise room. Coolski.
3:26 - <PuttinOnTheRitz.mp3> Stanley lipsyncs to mutated Fred
        Astair. Ritzy Ezra-glasses!
3:27 - Look into the lion's EYES O_O Tod *SuperDoopers!*
3:28 - Far view. Stagehand getting in Stan's face witha camera.
      "Move..Move!" <SyntheticAccordianMusic.mp3> "Goota dance!"
      Closer-than-Closeup. Ezra "Comrade Roarski.. you need to
        trim those nosehairs."
3:29 - Taking inventory of the studio lights from the reflection
        in Roarski's right reflectolense. "Hey, nice rocksski!"
      Ezra "BANDIT!" Ras "What did Bandit do NOW? :P" "He dropped
        a slimy bead on me!"
      I don't actually know what's happening here, but one stage
        hand is wielding an axe while the other is brandishing
        an electrical cord. Mortal Kombat?
3:30 - Camerastagehand tries to keep Axestagehand in view!
      Axestandhand takes the D-puppet and spikes him over the
        stage like a volleyball.
      Stand "D! For Daa.. Daadaada..DAAdadada.."
3:31 - Camera looks THROUGH the D. Letterporn O_O
      Attacking Ezra with a Runed Axe. The inscription says:
        "Procure!" ?
      Stan puts on Ezra's glasses, then the Russian hat.
3:32 - Letter D "Hi! I'm a consonant!" Runed Axe strikes.
      Mr. Walking Cellphone? "Hi, I'm phony! But I'm real :) Can
        you hear me now? Can you hear me NOW?"
3:33 - Cell phone screen image.. Uncle Scar? "That's my homey!"
3:34 - Cell Phone Name That Tune! "Song #1.."
      <SmallWorld-Chibi.mp3> Rasvar "NO! We are not DOING THIS!!"
      Uberphones. Cell phone has picture of Chuckles!
3:35 - <VideoGameMusic?.mp3> Print of Chuckles at FC. He looks
        clueless. Cute ^_^
3:36 - <YATTA!.mp3> Ezra and Stanley both jam with cool glasses.
3:37 - Animated Russian hat and Poink-like ferret join in!
      <BarrelRoll.fx> <VerticalAlighmentWacked.fx>
3:38 - LogoBug finally shows up against Ezra's white fur.
      <PhotoshopLenseFlare.fx> <TheEntireWorldIsWACKED!.cool>
3:39 - G..I...EE...F....LEAVES! <TaDa!> "Thankyu :)"
      Stan ohs.. "First time I've ever hard -that- song in its
        entirety :P" Ezra "We are SICK of that song from the
        first note!! :P"
      Stan's a YATTA virgin?
http://web.mit.edu/patil/www/media/video/yatta.asf <- original
      Rasvar "Hey, at least I didn't play the remix version :P"
http://web.mit.edu/patil/www/web/yattaremix.mp3        :)
3:40 - Stan "Ha! Chickenbutt! Haha ^_^"
      Discussion: Toast is good.
      Ezra found CD where JR does Kid Video?
3:41 - <TurkeyInTheStrawCountryJam.mp3>
      Grooving. Ezra "I had 3 Jack in the Box tacos before I came
        over here." Music abruptly stops for a bit.
3:42 - <ACountrySongSoBurredICan'tMakeItOut.mp3> Animatronics
3:43 - Stanley animatron is broken? Runed Axe is employed.
3:44 - More lion stories.
3:45 - Stanley onna Delta flight. Delta subsidiary THONG airlines?
        "I walk in, and like <Pig.fx> pigs are flying.. o_o"
        "And I said, when pigs fly, I'll ride on THONG.."
      Unique seats "My God, these people got invaded by the
        pastel people!" blue with green trim, purple, orange,
        red alternating rim. "Drugs couldn't give you this
        effect, I was impressed!"
3:46 - Stan "Alright.. this is going to be interesting.."
      Airplane menu. "Finlandia vodka? This airline rules!"
      No vodka "What do you mean you don't have any??"
3:47 - Other drink -requires- vodka! Stewardess checks "Oh, we
        have Finlandia vodka." Stan "Don't ever threaten me with
        that again!" <Atom.fx> "Woo, shiny.."
      Request for 3-4 vodka's gets him 1.
3:48 - Turn off cell phones. Stan drinks more vodka, depressed.
      <StarShipBridge.fx> Stan Shatners! More flashing lights.
      Stan "WOAH! R2! LIGHTSPEED TO ENDOR! WHoooooosh.."
      Stan's lion glasses flip off, but he doesn't notice. Then
        gets nearsighted.
3:49 - Ezra "I have a really wierd question.." Stan "I have a
        really wierd answer!"
      Wierd tech questions. And fog.
3:50 - 9 minutes left! Rasvar "But we have to fill 6 more.."
      Stan "We're down to 6 minutes! Wouldn't Dick Clark
        be jealous right now!"
      Stan wishes everyone Happy New Year, on behalf of the
        Elitist Lion's Club. "Let's make 2000roar.. better!"
3:51 - Stan describes ways in which people can send him Vodka.
      Stanly's New Year's Resolution! "To talk better! I vwant du
        taclk bettar, yss"
     "And I had Krystal's the other day." <MissionImpossible.mp3>
3:52 - Fast Food Grits? Ras "How bad are they?" "I don't know..
        I've never had regular grits before!"
http://www.grits.com/discript.htm < - what the hell Grits are.
      <ListingCamera.mp3> 1% incline sends Stan and Ezra
        catapulting around the stage.
3:53 - <MissionImpossibleRemixRave.fx> Stagehand makes wierd hands
3:54 - Minority Report, lots of Blue?
      Bears are burritos in Russia? Ezra "Nov"
3:55 - Stanley first appears on Show #7. "How the HELL do you
        pull this off??" <STan.fx> <Ley.fx> <Stanley!.fx>
      Yappy "Do you think we've got more equipment since show 7?"
3:56 - Time for bed. "Goodnight everyone!"
      <GOODNIGHT!.mp3> <Stan-- ---Ley Stan--ley Stanley!.wow>
3:57 - Credits
Herbie Hamill      Randy Fox         Jim Mogle         John Cole
Dan Boatright      Dan Merillat      Melissa Merillat  Devin Bray
Jess Kiela         Scott Garron      Patrick Dowden

"Soul Bossa Nova" Quincy Jones
"Kodachrome" Paul Simon
"We Didn't Start The Fire" Billy Joel
"LoooviiinnnngggYOU!" Minnie Riperton - Sounds of the 70's (Whew)
"Putting on the Ritz" Taco - Sounds of the 80's (STYX.better)
"Adios Resevoir Alfneedsacane" Lawrench Whelk

Aetobatus   Thumper (Ottertech SHALL prevail..someday)  Frysco
Timduru     Harik         Vitapup       Simba

Copyright 2003 - Randy Fox
3:57 - Stanley "Happy 2000Roar!"
      Ezra "Happy 2000-4-Roar!" Stan "Be a Plus, not a Plex."
3:58 - <GOODNIGHT!.mp3> Ezra "What's at Denny's?"

********** END OF SHOW #196 *********


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