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Pawpet Show #195 - New Years! - Dec 28th, 2003 - Timeline 1/2
compiled by (Blackfoot Ferret) [And his computer]

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The 2003 SUCKS Show                                  -- Main Theme
Sefina/River Otter Visits                            -- 0:06
Rocking out to Ringtones                             -- 0:17
Where the Rating -just- begins to slip..             -- 0:26
Enter the Greasepoto                                 -- 0:30
Shak and Frantic escape from unopened Xmas presents  -- 0:43
JR is a Real American Hero..                         -- 0:53
Reasons 2003 Sucks.                                  -- 1:07
Yappy's had one too many..                           -- 1:28
Todferret's Friendship Test!                         -- 1:31
Ne'er's word for today: "Recapitulate"               -- 1:53
Naming new Polar Bear friend                         -- 2:08
Game Show: "You're So Stupid!" Jess kicks butt       -- 2:17
Mutt tries to say "No"                               -- 2:21
Yappy is very, VERY drunk..                          -- 2:38
Game Show: "Street Smarts".                          -- 2:57
Einser vs Bin Lauden                                 -- 3:10
ART JAM: Ways to Kill 2003                           -- 3:18
Pawpet Friend Test Results:                          -- 3:28
PICTURE CAPTIONS: Harley Davidson Playground Panda   -- 3:37
Sefina puts the moves on Frantic and Temp            -- 3:46
2003: Flawless Victory                               -- 3:51

************* START! **************

0:01 - Opening. Poink smuggled a Ferrets Gone Wild into prison?
0:03 - Cut to the stage. Christmas lights are still up?
        Mutt, Poink, and SefinaOtter. Sound checks.
        Mutt "Dodododododododood<computerbeeping>dododod"
        Mach offstage "Bandit, GO AWAY!" "DoDoDoDDODO!"
0:04 - Yappy arghs "I've got it turned on!" Mutt keeps dodoing
          until his mic gets turned up.
        Rasvar "Oh, somebody pressed a button, hold on.." Mutt
          silent-screams at the camera. aaaaaaaaa! Tonsils.
        Mutt "DOODOO! Hey, I'm on!" pants, then colapses. Rasvar
          "Hey, we had work going on! Buttons that normally don't
          get pressed got pressed.."
        Mutt wonders why his collar is loose now that he's returned?
          Poink "I had it binding the otter."
        Mutt decides to look for a different one.. Otter "It was
          used as handcuffs :)"
0:05 - Mutt "Hey, guess what! I'm not going anywhere tonight! I've
          missed every show for the last two months.."
        Poink "We could just, chalk that up to our main subject
          tonight.." Mutt "2003 SUCKS!!"
        Preparing the 2003 SUCKS SHOW. Mutt asks the audience to
          call in and help trash it.
        Mutt "Think about something that really sucks for you,
          and we're going to throw it down the stairs."
        RiverOtter wonders if she can gripe too? "You sure as heck
0:06 - Mutt is bummed he miss so many shows. "But I'm at the New
          Year's Show!" Poink "And just to reiterate, 2003 sucked."
        Bright outlook for 2004 "When you're at the bottom, the only
          place to go is up!"
0:07 - Bandit destroyed a laptop? Mutt "Bandit, you're fired."
        Yappy "This week is going to be Technical Difficulty Hell."
        Rasvar "Everything is being rebuilt.."
0:08 - Mutt chews on the Christmas lights and swings from them.
0:09 - Rasvar arghs, ALL the mixer buttons got pushed!
0:10 - Mutt "It's just us tonight!" SefinaOtter "What about me?"
        <SIGN: The FUNDAY PAWPET SHOW F_CK 2003!>
        Mutt feels something. "My hand hurts. Who's vibrating?"
        Poink "Who's what.. That's my phone!" someone's calling Poink
        <Poink'sHappyTreeFriendsCellPhone.mp3> Mutt wants one!
0:11 - Otter "I've been calling you." Poink looks over and earperks?
        Otter "Have you guys seen those tshirts that say FCUK French
          Connection UK, and everyone's wearing them now?"
(o_O) [FCUK shirts, FCUK shoes, FCUK pants, FCUK CLOTHES! Go in fur!]
0:12 - <RelaxingPianoMusic.mp3> <HappyTreeFriends.cellphone>
0:13 - <Rasvar'sCellPhone-IShotTheSherrif.mp3> Rasvar uses it, and
          thinks of Poink.
0:14 - <CountryMusic.death> Poink sighs.
        <TODAY'S CAPTION PICTURE!.sign> Poink oohs!
        Yappy notes a few things have been overhauled.
        Jess "Hey, JohnnyBlanco has a good idea for an art jam,
          'Killing 2003'"
        Still a present from JBlanco waiting for Mutt in the kitchen..
          Poink "He would like you to open it live.."
0:17 - Mutt arghs, and reflects he has to sell more art so he can
          download more ringtones.
        <FraggleRock.phone> detailed, full intro!
        Poink wants Sodomy from Meet the Feebles.
        <littleOrphanAnnie-HardKnockLike.phone> Annie jam.
0:18 - <SongByBandOutcast?.phone> Brand new? Otter "They play it at
          Pleasure Island, a lot."
        Poink sings 'Will the Real Slim Shady Please Shut Up? Before I
          Ram A Tireiron Up His Ass.'
          Rummage "You should have said butt!"
0:19 - Rummage erfs. "That sounds sick." <AnotherEminemSong.phone>
        Mild groove. "Guess who's back.. Guess who's back.."
          Poink "Rasvar's Crack, Rasvar's Crack.." Rummage "Do Do Do"
        <Animaniacs.phone> New Special Effect! Each character has
          their name in each corner of the screen!
        <I'veGotFriendsInLowPlaces.mp3> Animanics do battle with
          Garth Brooks. Rasvar "What the hell is this?"
0:20 - RiverPoink? Poink "I'm Lord of the Lapdance!" grooves.
http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view.php?id=85281 [Don't do drugs.]
        <TheRealSlimShady.mp3> "We're gonna have a problem here.."
        Otter sings, Mutt pretends to pee on Rummage?
0:21 - Song ends. Poink ".. it's kinda like the fact that.. Rasvar's
          gonna burn in hell." Ras ?? Poink "Aren't you the one who
          was IRCing in Church??" Ras "...Yeah?"
        Mutt ohs! "What were you talking about in Church!" Poink "He
          was probably TS-ing." Mutt "Were you using both hands? In
          church??" Riverotter "TS in midnight Mass!"
        Poink "Oh come on *YEEEEE!*... faithful! ^_^" Jess "That's the
          way to do Christmas right!" Mutt "Christmas is so over.."
        <MarsAttacks-ItsNotUnusual.phone> Poink "You got that as a
          cell phone??" Ras "That's Herbie's ringtone!"
0:22 - Yappy has Pawpet Show Theme for cellphone!
        Mutt "Let's download the whole show and have that as a
          ringtone! What's the audience talking about?"
        Pawpets Megaplex: Whole audience has cell phones ring at once.
0:23 - River has Night On Bald Mountain as ringtone.
        Rasvar farts! Denies it! Rummage "GAHHH!!" dies.
        Poink recalls driving in with KP. KP popped a WHAT in the car?
          Rasvar "WOAH! HEY! TMI!!" Poink "We were talking about this
          woman that was pulling off to the side of the road..
0:24 - Poink finishes his story. Everyone blinks?
        KP "Well, some people need to stay -behind- the stage and not
          worrying about walking to the kitchen to get stuff :)"
          Pause. Poink "Get stuff, KP!" Mutt "Move!"
        KP "There is a laptop here, it's the only think I can do at
          the moment!"
        KP "I'm going to stay here ^_^" Poink "And TS." "Woah!"
0:25 - KP goes back to the story "I don't know the name of the drag
         queen, but Poink does, so he thinks it's hysterical :P"
http://www.fortunecity.com/lavender/wargames/338/timewarp.mid (o_O)
[Maybe you should have included the full story here, Blackfoot?]
(I would, if I'd understood it o_O)
        Whalen Jennings, fellow who did Dukes of Hazard theme? What?
        Rasvar arghs as something crashes, then shows the camera the
          Blue Screen. "Let's hear it for Microsoft!"
http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view.php?id=143965 (C1,R1 Rain)
        The system, is down. The system, is down. Poink hmms, and
          necks with RiverOtter while people can't watch it.
0:26 - Rummage sucks on Peppermint TicTacs while drinking hot
          chocolate, tasted like alcoholic drink.
        <HeavyBreathing.fx> Mutt and Rummage keep talking tictacs.
        <HeavierBreathing.fx> <DeathSuction?.fx> "WOAH!!"
          Rasvar "Do we have a crowbar?"
0:27 - Rating rapidly failing. Rasvar "Do we have a -crowbar-?"
        Poink disengages, pants! "Do you know how long she can hold
          her Breath? O_O" River "I'm an otter! I spend most of my
          time underwater!" Poink "I have a jacuzzi :)" River ohs!
        Rasvar "Poink.. when did you start liking fish-breath?"
        Harik "DO NOT BELIEVE his lies! He does not have a jacuzzi, he
          just has a bathtub and a gas problem!"
http://www.stupidvideos.com/?VideoID=423 Otter "Oh, oh.. x_x"
        TicTacs are bigger now.. 1.9 calorie breathmint? False ads.
0:28 - KFC says they're a good diet option? KP "I'm doing WHAT?"
          Mutt erks! "KFC, not KP!"
        KFC says they're a good diet option, because they only have
          2 grams of carbs. More protein and crispy fried fat.
        World after Atkins diet. Rasvar "You can eat it, but you have
      to take the skin off."
0:29 - Poink propose napkin grease-absorption test for KFC.
        KP notes just look at the people at the KFC buffet.
        Mutt "How about this for a diet.. exercise and eat right?"
          "That's too hard.."
        Diets sound more convincing if they have gimicks.
        Poink "Dr. Franks Fig, Froglegs and Flatulence Diet!"
http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view.php?id=143965 (R1,C3 Stryker)
(Just for reference, Row 1 Column 1 is the -furthest left- box on
  the top row.)
0:30 - Mutt "Heart attack.." dies. Poink "Oh, btw, it was confirmed
          that Atkins fell down the stairs, because he couldn't see
          the stairs, because he was carrying, like, for boxes of
          canned beef :P" Yappy "I'd say because his gut was too big!"
http://www.thesmokinggun.com/archive/atkinsmed1.html (250lbs?)
        Greasepoto "PoinkYouSuck!" Mutt "HEY! It's Greasepoto!"
        Grease looks at Mutt? "WhatTheHellDoYouWant?!"
        Mutt "Nothing man, lay off me!" Hurls computer at Grease
        [OUCH! o_O] Impact. Grease "Bite me!" hurls it back [>_<]
        Poink "You know what.." Mutt "RARRRRR!!" pounces Grease and
          drags him below stage. Poink still wonders at McDonald's
          case where customer sued McD's for making him fat. And a
          judge let it go to court.
        Poink "I mean, really! I would have stripped the guy naked
          and snapped his ass with a towel on live TV for just even
          bringing it up! McDonald's made me fat :P"
0:31 - Grease mmms "KFC, it's finger-licking good!" Mutt dies.
        Poink "Not if you eat it with your buttcheeks!" Grease "Why
          would you want to put that in your buttcheeks?" "Because
          it's.. lubed." Mutt "*WHAT*!?!!?"
        Poink notes coleslaw works also. Otter "So THAT was your
          secret last night! :P"
        Poink looks at the camera "Oh.. we're going to hell ^_^"
        Rasvar "Do we need to cut to a video?" Mutt "YAY! VIDEO!"
        Pink "And now, parts of the brain! Performed by, the Brain!"
        <CamptownRaces.music> Vixen and Ferret sing happy song about
          various medically obscure parts of your Grey Matter.
0:33 - "Microelectrodes..." "Ahh!" "..THE BRAIN!!!"
        Big musical sendoff "That ought to keep the little squirts
        CREDITS - "Parts of the Brain" Animaniacs
          Favio - Aatheus    Coco - Aatheus
        Back. Mutt ohs, is that a new CD?
        Mutt's got the SpaceGhost DVD! "I love Space Ghost!"
        Grease arghs "My nose is dripping.." Mutt "Sure it's not your
          buttcheeks with all that KFC in there?" "No KFC.. I put it
          in there, and my girlfriend, she licked it out." "WHAT!??"
        Mutt "Do we HAVE any rating on this show?"
        WA-13. WAAAAAAAHH!! Mutt "We should be NC-60"
0:34 - Grease talking about 'movements'? Mutt "ALRIGHT! It's time to
          say hello to our friends in channel!"
        Grease 'automated' some of the console buttons..?
0:35 - Jess camera! People blink, amused for a moment by a RL ant
          invading the kitchen?
        Mutt "Squish it on the lense of the camera. Shove it up her
          nose!" Jess "NO! Nasty :P"
        Mutt distracts Jess while the camera slowly angles downward.
          "Hey Jess! Guess what we're doing tonight?" "What? :P"
          "We're doing Win Nothing And Like It, Ne'er gonna call at
           about 9PM.. we're gonna do a lot of callins.."
        Jess notices the camera, and shrugs out of her outter shirt
          a bit, getting comfortable. Grease "Show the boobies!"
          People stare..
[How long have you been waiting to use that clip?] (2..3 years)
0:36 - Jess buttons it up quick as Mutt asks if they can blurr the
          camera view again..
        <MexicanHatDance.mp3> Jess switches to annoucer mode "I think
          we have a lot of stuff coming up Mutt!"
        79 people in live channel. Pipe?
0:37 - Usual name mutations. "JSonicHappyNewYear.. Happy New Year to
          you to JSonic!"
        Herbie reaches in front of the camera to grab some munches
          from the kitchen counter. Jess arghs and claw-points at him
          with a growl "Stop Blocking Me!!"
http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view.php?id=143965 (R2,C3 Mileena)
        Jess keeps reading "Oh, Ne'er's in channel!" Herbie sneaks
          back and blows up some bubble gum near her hair.
        Jess keeps going as Herbie starts ejecting yellowish chunks
          of an unknown substance o_O
        Jess "And the last one is Zues.. and that's it!" Herbie almost
          reeats some of the stuff, then decides against it.
0:38 - Sefina goes over and takes a look at the sink "Crazyness.."
        Grease/Yappy talks about throwing away computer monitors.
0:39 - Mutt opens his present from JBlanco! Stagehands help.
          "It is.. KISS stuff! Mini-mates!" Grease "Mini-mates?"
          "Mini-mates!" "You don't have a mate, so you have mini-
           mates?" "I have mini-mates now, I don't have a mate."
        Talespin Don Karnage ficture! Mutt wows! "Where did you get
0:40 - Mutt ohs and wonders if Kit Cloudkicker is in there too.
        Herobear and the Kid, signed! Mike Kunkle.
http://www.comics2film.com/ProjectFrame.php?f_id=157 (HeroBr movie?)
        As it's the New Years Eve show, Rumplemints is distributed.
0:41 - Mutt "Now, I very badly wanted to give the audience something
          for Christmas, but how do you give the audience something
          for Christmas.."
        Greasepoto noisily eats his mic? Mutt "Shut your mic off!"
0:42 - Mutt tries to complement the audience while Grease keeps
          reminding him of things he's called the audience, then
          adds some embellishments of his own "600lb lardasses on the
http://www.shockwave.com/sw/content/tamalerumble2 (*BURP*)
        Mutt makes some attempts at diplomancy, then drags Grease
          blow stage and has Stagehand start beating on him. "How's
          THAT feel huh? HUH..HUH..!"
        Grease hmphs "I don't feel it!"
        Poink AHEMS.. "THere is a PRESENT in front of the STAGE!""
        Grease makes pained sounds. Mutt pops back up "SO, AS I WAS
          *SAYING*!! <Grease "AHHH!!!"> I WANTED TO GET THE AUDIENCE
        FRANTICFERRET!  Frantic is totally winded after being stuck
          in the box for a week O_O. Coughs!
        Frantic pants "AIRHOLES!" Yappy? "Airholes? You were safe from
          the farts from JR!" Frantic shivers, then passes out.
        Frantic "Arghh..Hrmregrer..(pops up) Hi! :)"
        JR "Wait.. I think we have a second box!"
        Shak chews out of the present, and BLEKS! "You're supposed to
          pack me in WATER!" Frantic "Sorry, I was thirsty."
          Shak "WHat?" "I drank it all!" "I BREATH that stuff.."
          JR "Hey! We put airholes in there!"
0:44 - Shak "I need WATERHOLES!"
        Packed like tuna? Yappy "Is Charlie a shark of a tuna?"
          Frantic "YES!" Shak "Lunch, that's what Charlie is.."
        Grease wonders if Charlie is eating himself? Mutt "It doesn't
          matter.. LOOK! FRANTIC AND SHAK!"
0:45 - How was Shak's year? "I was PACKED in a BOX!"
          Frantic "IhadaprettygoodyearIgotacoupleofjops." quality
          control for US Mint? "...SHINEY!!"
0:46 - Squeakers the dolphin shows up. Shak "YAA!!!" launches himself
          at lunch and bounces off, hits Frantic.
        Shak keeps trying. Dolphin sqweaks like Seal. Tries wrestling
          combo move on Shak "OW! My BRAIN!"
        Frantic "This never happens on the animal shows.."
        <PlaneCrash.fx> Frantic DIVES!
0:47 - Frantic's presently an experimental lab animal? "They tole me
          this little thing on my side is only temporary.."
        Frantic gives surprisingly technical description of his tumor.
          "It'll get as big as a body-pillow! I'll be the only ferret
          around with a body-pillow!"
        Shak "Can I eat it?" "NO!"
0:48 - Side effects.. drugs. Frantic "Mutt? Why are you turning..
          hazely... waaaa..." collapses in drug-induced nap.
        People talk to Shak instead.
        Mutt tells Shak that camera he's looking at is wider than
          actual feed, so people can't see his arm.
        Shak hmms.. "You know, I've yelled so much about ruining the
          magic in the past.." lifts up, showing human arm shoved up
          his butt. "HERE! IT'S RUINED!" Mutt freaks! Echo "Uhoh.."
0:49 - Frantic has turned into a human arm. "AHHHHHHHHH!!!"
        Shak does Truman Show "There's no magic anymore! It's just a
          Show! You've all be fooling yourselve.. ow, my shoulder
        Greasepoto's stomach growls, making Temp and Shak FREAK!
0:50 - Temp and Shak can't believe folks raised $7,000 for show
          at fundraiser! Frantic wants his cut?
        Money still goes for monitors and things.
0:51 - People tells Rasvar to change the monitor! Rasvar notes
          they'll be stuck looking at the outside of the kitchen!
        <KPCamera.fx> KP's still doing the laptop thing. He half-grins
0:52 - Frantic "WOW! This show's changed since I've been here.."
        <ExtremeCloseupOnKP'sNose.fx> Shak "I've been studying KP in
          his natural habitat for 2 weeks now."
0:53 - <BudLightPresentsRealMenOfGenius-MrTinyThongBikiniWearer.mp3>
        Poink's inflatatable sheep tries to eat people. Frantic AAHS!
        Narrator "Beachgoers the world over see you coming and say:
          'Hey! Check out the Wolly Mammoth in the Rubber Band!'"
        <KPCam.fx> KP is still reading. "..Who says you need muscles
          and a Big Package to wear one of THOSE?" KP blinks.
        <KPCam.fx> "..like ground meat crammed into a sausage skin,
          You take to the beach and proudly strut your stuff.."
        <KPCloseup.fx> KuddlePup practices goofy expressions.
0:54 - Frantic is freaked, shivers "PLEASE tell me that was not a
        side effect.. please OH *GOD* tell me that!!"
        Grease decides to help out "You gonna peepee inna bikini
          ass-flossing?" Shak "DOOOH!!!!"
http://www.cafeshops.com/funday.3641720 (Always eager to help ^_^)
        Shak "Can I.. please.." Grease "You can count every zit on
          ever cheek!" "..can I PLEAZE be put back in a BOX?!"
          Frantic "NOW I remember why I was gone so long.."
        Connect the dots. On JR's butt? Jess "He definitely was a
          tiny-thong bikini-wearer."
        Rasvar "We do have one for JR.." <PlaneCrashing.mp3>
        Frantic "Do you have a Flush sound too?" <Toilet.mp3>
0:55 - Rasvar "Actually.. this is the one for JR!"
        <BudLightMusic.mp3> "Bud Light Presents.. Real Men Of Genius."
        <JRCam.fx> "Today, we salute YOU, Mr. Silent Killer Gas Passer
          "(jive echo) MrSilentKillerGasPasser!.." JR gives them a
          Thumbs up.
        JR gets up and walks around, but the camera follows "Last
          night.. you had the enchillada combo platter.. this morning,
          the three-cheeze omlet with brocolli."
        JR prepares to moon the camera. "This morning.. you're a
          ticking time bomb.."
        <JR'sUnderwareCam.fx> "..because of You, a simple elevator
          ride <FranticFREAKS!> is suddenly a 42-floor plummet into
          the very bowels of hell.."
        JR gets dressed again. "..Who did it? Who CARES! Sweet mercy,
          please just someone light a match.."
        JR calms walks through the room, then flips on a lighter..
http://www.stupidvideos.com/?VideoID=555 [There is no escape]
        "..so crack open an ice cold Bud Light, Ninja of the Nasty,
          and while you're at it, crack open a window."
        "'MrSilentDeathGasPasssser!" JR glances philosophically about,
          then shows his third digit to the camera.
0:56 - Mutt "YAY!" Shak "I wanna go back in the box.." "NO! You're
          the presents, you have to stay out for the night.
        Grease "Enchilada and brocoli and EGGS BABY!"
http://www.stupidvideos.com/?VideoID=739 (Get ready to rumble..)
        Shak looks up to Mutt "Why do you hate me?" "I LOVE YOU!"
          "Then why am I *HERE*??" "'Cause the audience wants you!!"
        Shak looks at the camera "STOP WANTING ME!!"
        Shak "Look! I'm a puppet! Don't love me!"
        Greasespoto breaks the rating. No, I won't tell what he says.
        "It is PG!" Mutt "Grab the reigns! Your character's out of
          control!... we do Give Kids the World in front of the show!"
        Grease hmphs "We're not rimming them!" Shak "WHAT!??"
0:57 - Both Frantic and Mutt leave the stage. Bye guys.
        Rasvar "VIDEO TIME!"
        PAWPETS NORTH COAST! http://ppnc.pawpet.org/
        Rabbit Girl and ferret posse! Singing "Simply Irresitable."
0:58 - Con performance? Ferrets bang heads and jam to the beat.
1:01 - Rabbit doesn't seem nervous around all the ferrets, what
          would you do with your own ferret army?
        CREDITS: "Simply Irresistable" Robert Palmer
        Nick Rhabbit - Babs Bunny
        Ferret Chorus - Many Hands
        Performed Live At Midwest FurFest 2003
        Poink and Otter are back. Both try to wake Frantic, who looks
          like he's been drinking?
        Otter "Fraaantiiccc.. I'll take you to bed with me if you
          wake up?"
        Frantic is still out of it. Shak tries nibbling one of his
          hat-wings, but the lines are down.
1:02 - Poink "Frantic! Oreo!" Otter "Free drinks Frantic!"
        Shak "CHOMP!" bites Frantic and shakes him. Nothing. "THat
          didn't WORK? o_O"
        Stagehand walks (well, levitates) in, packing an honest to
          Krystal's chainsaw O_O. Rasvar takes matters into own hands.
        Carol of the Burger Bells. Shak "WHAT ARE YOU SINGING!??"
        Poink channels the Burger King guy. People stare at him.
1:03 - Frantic comes up for another drink. "aaagh.."
        Chainsaw rest on Frantic "Oh please, PLEASE!"
http://www.sherm.20megsfree.com/burgerking.swf "PLEASE!"
http://www.sherm.20megsfree.com/burgerking.swf "GAAAAAHH!"
(Echo) http://www.sherm.20megsfree.com/burgerking.swf
(Second Echo!) http://www.sherm.20megsfree.com/burgerking.swf
(MUAHAHAHAAAAAH!) http://www.sherm.20megsfree.com/burgerking.swf
        Poink stops as the computer becomes skitzophrenic.
        Stagehand offers you a drink?
1:04 - On the cup.. it's.. a Cat In The Hat THING!!!!
        Six copies running now. Frantic screams silently, then comas.
        <Silence.wow> Poink "And that's one of the things we WON'T
          miss about 2003! :)"
        Shak "We're not really here! We're just a hallucination of
          Frantic!" Frantic "(sober) I want to -die-!"
        Frantic takes a drink "GGGGGGGAAAAAHHHH!!"
        Poink annouces new Top 40 hit.
1:05 - Shak ARGHS! "I've been accepting of LOTS of things that I've
          heard on this show.. I'm not GOING to accept that as TOP40!"
        Frantic "Top40 of the songs that make me want to SKULL MYSELF!
        Frantic starts singing "The Sun is Mass of Incandesent Gas"
          Shak "NO! IT BURNS! AH!"
1:06 - <FrostyTheSnowman-VenturesStyle.mp3>
        Poink "It's time for Poink's rants about 2003!"
        Rasvar's buttons are popping?
1:07 - <PoinkHates2003.fx> Window moves, and scrunches Frantic "GAH!"
        Poink "This is just what I thinked sucked. <Frantic "OK"> and
          you can comment wherever you like.." (OK)
        Poink beings "Too many crappy movies put out on DVD, Cool
          World, Super Mario Brothers.."
http://www.eviltrailmix.com/animutation/dothemario.swf (?!?)
1:08 - Eminem getting wierded out about Wierd Al parodying him.
        Robert Atkins, doom by KFC. <SomeSuspenseMusic.mp3>
        Poink "Gary Colman did not beat out Arnold S for governor."
1:09 - Poink "Michael Eisner's still alive."
          Franks "GGGGGGAAHH!" Otter "A-Men. That sucks."
   (Speaking of dictators..)
        Big Gates is still alive too.
        Otter "Not only is Eisner alive, but he's still CEO."
        Too many sequels. Matrix. T3.
        Shak OUCHES! Chainsaw falls of stage onto puppetters head.
        Shak arghs. Rasvar "I didn't do it!" "I didn't even call
          your NAME Rasvar!.."
        Rasvar "Shak chain-saw massacre!"
1:10 - Stagehand places chainsaw, and a tablesaw on the stage,
          obscuring Shak. Shak "I can tell you what's pissing me off
          about 2003 right now!..Power Tools!" Poink "That was on
          my list."
        Poink "But you know the biggest thing on my list?"
          Shak "Poink's Death!"
http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view.php?id=143965 (R2,C7 Kung Lao)
        Child porn. Singers. Church officials.
1:11 - Special DVDs 2 months after regular DVDs.
        Too many superheros? Poink "Daredevil, the Hulk, the Purple
          Penis.." "What?" Ezra "Oh, pleaze!"
        Screaming people freak each other out.
        Shak "They bring me on this show as a present, and then they
          attack me with power tools. WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH
          THIS SHOW?"
1:12 - Burping people freak the freaked people out. <TWANG.mp3>
        Music world: Too many reunions. "And how long has KISS been
          on that farwell tour?"
        Otter "Don't forget Three Dog Night! I've seen them in concert
          twice, which is really scary because I'm only 20.."
1:13 - More power tools for Shak. Frantic "Can you kill ME now?"
        Otter notes the Power Rangers STILL haven't died!
http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view.php?id=105756 (Encore!)
        Forest explains about the Power Rangers, Dinoforce season 7?
1:14 - Otter "Dinothunder" "Dino-O-Thunder!"
        Poink also doesn't like himself getting bikini-waxed on the
          show. <InterjectionEEK!.mp3> <EEK!.mp3> <EEK!.mp3>
1:15 - Forest's 2003 gripes. Bandit keeps peeing on him?
        Otter notes some opportunites in 2003, but sacrifices needed
          to take them.
        Herbie beats up Yappy offstage?
1:16 - Band's Otter has meet. Flogging Molly?
        Forest branch-floggs Otter!
        <WoahBaby,MeSoHorny!.mp3> Bandit comes over and starts fuzzing
          Otter, who giggles!
        Stagehand attacks Shak with a drill. "WHAT IS THIS? NEW YEARS
          OR HALLOWEEN??"
http://www.voodoofiles.com/8429 ( <= The inhabitants of Warcraft 3
    get together for a Halloween party. Gonzo Mp3 spliceage)
1:17 - Frantic starts drinking again.
        <JAWSTHEME.mp3> Shak tries being a shark, but Frantic does
          better at it.
        Stagehand lifts Bandit over the stage, who jumps off it,
          scareing the sap out of Forest.
        Shak "EVERYBODY in CHANNEL! Do yourselves a favor.. turn off
          Realplayer, put a bullet through your computer, and go get
          some exercise!"
        Otter "Ok, I'm gonna take a break.." Forest "STAY!"
        Frantic addresses his bottle "You don't say anything, I love
          you. *drink*"
        Everyone else does Rumplemints. Otter "I'm gonna be the only
          sober one here.."
1:19 - <MeomMixCommerical.mp3> People go nuts!
        Poink oks "A brief public service annoucement. I like tits :)"
        <RoadRunnerBEEPBEEP!.mp3> Otter chews on Forest
        The Monkey Takeover show?
1:20 - People wonder who farted. Shak "What is the rating of this
          show? NC-The-Hell-With-You??"
        No resolutions to hump poink. Otter "That's my job!"
1:21 - Shak appeals for help! "This show is becoming NC-The-Hell
        Frantic "My hat doesn't come off :/" Shak "That's Fan-tastic!"
        Shak itemizes all the things going wrong with the show.
        Poink "You know what that means, don't you? Time for a video!"
1:22 - SefinaOtter notes someone is sniping buses in Columbus OH,
          near where she lives.
1:23 - <BigBandMusic.mp3> Randomness
        Vixen sings Tina Turner's "We Don't Need Another Hero!"
          from Thunderdome.
1:27 - "We don't need another Hero! (echo) Hero..Hero.." vixen looks
          for the echo.
1:28 - Kitfoxes join in chorus.
        CREDITS: "We Don't Need Another Hero" Tina Turner
          Veronia - Hitomi    Vooplings - Hitomi
        Rummage. "I'm fuckin' DRUNK!" Rasvar "HEY!" "Oh my gosh.."
        Herbie "Let's not show the Give Kids the World Trailer
          anymore, lets just kinda leave that alone x_O"
        Rummage does Grease "Kiss my anus ring!"
http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view.php?id=71282 (R3,C3 Sheeva)
(Note: There are two MK Outakes episodes, make sure to check link)
        Tod looks up "No.."
        Herbie "Noel McNeil, if you're watching, I apologize, I know
          you trust in me, and apparently I'm lying to you.."
        Rummage is very supporting "Yes you are. You're a dwitz."
1:29 - Mutt "That's not a word. The only words you can say are
          4-letter ones :P" Rummage thinks "You're a fuck?"
        Rasvar "Guys.." "WHAT Rasvar? Kiss my.."
        People turn off Rummage's microphone, who swears a stealth
1:30 - Shak's puppeter tries to thanks Johnny Blanco, but gets the
          name wrong. :P
        A winged snowtiger picture from Johnny Blanco, coolness!
        Yappy manages to sneak in 'spoo' among the various praises
          to the picture. Mutt "What the HECK?"
http://circle.twu.net/animate/pizza_dude.wmv (might need IE)
1:31 - Mutt "Is his mic on?" "Yes it is.." "Shut it OFF!"
        Tod talks about happy things, friend test? Tod sets a test up
          online to see how well viewers know the show.
(I got a 50??) [I'll bet you even got Jess's bra size wrong :P]
1:32 - Yappy "I need Rumplemints.." people don't think so.
        Tod gives the URL, and describes test, while below stage
          Rummage bites Mutt's legs.
        Mutt "OW! You bit me you Fuck!" Rasvar "HEY! HEY!"
1:33 - Poink "We're into the New Year right :P" insane giggling from
          behind the stage.
        High scores appear on test list.
        Calculating the lethal dosage of Rumplemints.
        Tod sighs "Yappy perpetuates stereotypes.."
1:34 - Yappy "Hey, where's my mic?" Tod "You don't get one!" "Fuck
        Mutt recalls how he lost his father, a friend and his job all
          in March :(
1:35 - Tod "I lost my job, lost my Grandma, got in an accident and
          had my car engine overheat. AND I've had to replace my tires
          a bunch of times."
        Yappy "(offstage) You're a loser!" Tod "I'm a loser? Who
          started the year with a broken arm? :P"
        SefinaOtter lost grandfather and his brother.
1:36 - <Pawpet2003Top10List.fx> TOP TEN WORST THINGS IN 2003!
        "#10.." Yappy "JR passing the gas!"
        #10 - Two New Rugrats Movies.
1:37 - #9 - Uncle Kage learns "Nerd" is *his* Love Child!
          Yappy does Cartman trying to get his mic back.
        #8 - Still no sign of Osama bin Lauden..
  (This would have worked better for the first episode, but...)
        Hsammina Binrjoundary? Yappy "You can't SPELL!" "I did that
          on purpose.."
        Osama doesn't translate, so the right spelling is anyone's
1:38 - #7 - JR gets a body wax, and we all accidentaly see his penis.
        Poink quotes Kage as the person who first saw a testicle
          leave the blurred area. Yappy "Kage hasn't been back since..
        #6 - The Tiger gets Roy, but totally misses Siegfried.
          Otter "HEY!" Chorus of ahhhsss.. ughs. Otter "Come ON!"
        Mutt "Moving right along.."
        #5 - MTV still sucks. <GollumGrinning.tv>
        #4 - Cat in the Hat: The Movie. Consensus: A-men.
        #3 - Bandit eats most of the Funday cast.
        #2 - Michael Eisner still lives.
        Mutt "And the #1 worst thing about 2003.." there are no drums,
          so people just chitter wildly..
        #1 - The Funday Pawpet Show is Still on the Air!
1:39 - Channel loves the show! Rummage signs "How Dry I Am"
        More listmania! RUMMAGE'S 25 SIGNS YOU'VE GROWN UP
        1 - Your houseplants are alive, and you can't smoke them
        2 - "Having sex in a twin bed is out of the question!"
1:40 - 3 - "You eat more food than beer in the fridge!" Poink kinda
        4 - 6AM is when you get up, not when you go to bed
        5 - You hear your favorite song on an elevator.
        6 - You watch the Weather Channel. Forest "I do that anyways!"
        7 - Your friends marry and divorce instead of hook up and
              break up.
        8 - You go from 130 days of vacation to 14.
        9 - Jeans and a sweater no longer qualify as Dressed Up.
        10- You're the one calling the police because of the Damn
              Kids Next Door.
        11- Older ones feel more comfortable telling sick jokes around
        12 - You don't know what time Taco Bell closes anymore.
          Poink "2 o'clock!"
        13 - You car insurance goes down and your payments go up.
1:41 - 14 - You feed your dog Science Diet instead of McDonald's
          leftovers. Poink "You still FEED him McDonald's!"
        15 - You no longer take naps from noon to 6PM.
        16 - Dinner and a movie is the whole date.
        17 - Eating a basket of chicken wings at 3AM will upset rather
          than settle your stomach.
        18 - You go to the drug store for Ibeuprofen and antiacid
          and not condoms and pregnancy tests.
        19 - A $4 bottle of wine is no longer good stuff.
        20 - You actually eat breakfast at breakfast time.
        21 - "I just can't drink the way I used to" replaces "I'm
          never going to drink that much again."
        22 - The amoung of time you spend in front of the computer
          is for real work.
[You're safe there.] (I'm mucking less than I used to..)
1:42 - 24 - You drink at home to save money before going to a bar.
        25 - You read this entire list looking desperately for
          one sign that -doesn't- apply to you!
(How does my timeling always get this good?) [Blind, ugly luck]
        Yappy "..and can't find one to save your sorry ass :P"
        YAY! Hurray for the list. Rummage leaves. Tod looks up "Is he
        Callin from Ne'er coming up! People miss Ne'er! Poink "I've
          missed Ne'er ever since I bought my electric shaver."
1:43 - Making plans for FC. Some going, some not.
1:44 - Who flies the most? Plane horror stories?
        Guess has been hit by lightning in a plane 4-5 times O_O
1:45 - 777 flight LOOKS for lightning?
        American Airlines. Wheel falls off, bounces against ground,
          bounces back up and HITS the plane again? o_O
1:46 - Fellow was late for plane that crashed. Life is a good refund.
        Flying is still the safest way to travel though?
1:47 - Crappy hellos! Looks a Mutt "How much did you have to drink?"
        Rasvar "Ok, who's breathing heavily into the mic?"
        Yappy says his mic is off "NO, it's not off!"
1:48 - Yappy sighs "I am messed up." Mutt nods. Rasvar wishes he had
        Rummage asks Mutt to kiss him? Rasvar OH NOS! "He's becoming
          JOE NAMETH!"
        Ras recalls how a drunk Nameth kept asking lady to kiss him on
          national TV?
        Rummage and Mutt exchange glances. Keep distance.
1:49 - Tod updates the Friend Test. 60pts - Fillyjonk, MilesFox and
          TChall are tied for 1st place. 60% right.
        Tod "We -will- empty this test at the end of the night, there
          might be another one next week." (You're behind too, eh?:) )
1:51 - <Eagle-TequilaSunrise.mp3> Rummage hates debt for 2003.
          Denies buying multiple computers.
1:52 - Ne'er/Trendane calls in! Sings Tequila sunrise in Russian
        Rummage "Hey Ne'er, I wanna get some jiggy with you." Mutt
        Ne'er ? "I can do a jigsaw puzzle.." Mutt "He wants to go to
          Toys R Us to buy a jigsaw puzzle with you. *nods*"
1:53 - Ne'er's WHAT THE HELL DOES THAT MEAN? Word meanings.
        Rummage's eyesight. Ne'er "If his eyes are not lining up on
          the same point, then his Pereilax is off."
        Mutt "His.. Perailax!" people ooh! Ne'er "But that's not your
          word for today.."
1:54 - <Ne'erInNewsHeadgear.fx> "Your word is.. RECAPITULATE"
        SefinaOtter "To put someone's head back on."
        Ne'er shakes his head. Not undecapitate.
1:55 - Rasvar "I think its what we need to do with Yappy."
        Yappy "Basically to restate something.."
        Rasvar "To give in again."
        Poink "To give up again."
1:56 - Friend "To Capituate again."
        Repeating more clearly? Guest goes for the dictionary "Nono!"
1:57 - Ne'er explains. Newscasters ReCap a given story. Short for
          Recapitulate, summerize.
        Mutt wonders how Ne'er 2003 is going? "It's been a pretty
          good year, I've got a nice butterfly bush outside.." had to
          leave lemon tree behind in move though.

********* MORE TO COME! **********
********* END OF PART 1 **********

Pawpet Show #195 - New Years - Dec 28th 2003 - Timeline 2/2
compiled by (Blackfoot Ferret) [And his Computer]

1:58 - Recap of Ne'er's year (is it Ne'ers, Ne'ers', or Ne'er's? o_O)
       Deer attack lemon tree during move? Or the leather people?
1:59 - Tod invites Ne'er to take the friend test?
       Tod "Would you like to take out friend test, and see how you
         know the Pawpet cast?" ".. you mean Biblically?" "..No."
       Ne'er ohs "It's been a really long time.." "That's the point!"
2:00 - Tod notes 50 people have played, and high score is 60/100!
       Tod "You used to be a castmember, so we expect at least 80:)"
       Ne'er takes the opportunity to slip away from a while.. "A
         fairly greased moose, and a happy nude deer to you.."
       Mutt "That was awesome! All educated is what we are ^_^"
       Mutt "Two more hours to go!" Someone "Video!"
2:01 - Pawpets Monterey Bay - Repeat of Pink and the Brain singing
         "Parts of the Brain"
***** Maybe not.
       Pawpets Monterey Bay - "Wreck the Malls" Bob Rivers Comedy
         Group. Aatheus puppeting.
2:02 - Alternative Christmas Carols. Rock music!
2:03 - "Acting in an uncouth manner." "Falalala etc.."
       "Drop your pants and moon that Santa" "Falalala lalalala.."
http://www.stupidvideos.com/?VideoID=277 [Don't mess with the Fatman]
       Credits. (above)
2:04 - Crappy's a mime! "Oh, there we go.."
         "Technical difficulties.. please stand by.."
       Crappy hellos to everyone! "Everyone else left.. what's going
2:05 - Ezra notes whole staff is taking the friend test? Lynx/Jess
         and Raini both got 70's, cast votes are deleted to keep
         things fair.
       Another camera broke? More equipment fatalities
http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view.php?id=143965 (R1,C5 Nightwolf)
2:06 - Crappy's fun day "I went shopping.." "What did you buy?" "I
         didn't buy anything Carmie(?) bought a bunch of stuff"
2:07 - Crappy "We got stuff.. to make a new driveway.." car stuck?
       Ezra got a new friend? Rescued Folkmanis relatives from
         shopping mall before store closed.
2:08 - Ezra goes to get his friend. Crappy "Who could it be..?"
       Polar bear cub looks out, relative of Tod's?
2:09 - Polar "Where's our audience? I don't see them.."
       Polar is one month old? Crappy "I'm older than you??"
       Channel gives suggestions for Polarbear names "Klondike,
2:10 - Polar "What's Muckluck mean?" Otter "isn't it a king of
       Channel goes nuts with Bulbous Bouffant lyrics.
  ^--15 Vestibules songs. But not BB. Ugh.
  ^-- Vestibules homepage
  ^-- YES!! Macademia Gazebo ^_^
    Polar "Why don't they call me Sandal?"
    Montreal? "That's from Quebec.."
    Otter reads "Bipolar the UN bear!" "I'm not bipolar, I'm polar.."
2:11 - Polar "What's your name, btw?" Crappy "Crappy ^_^"
    Otter wonders if Polar is warm? "I'm tropical ^_^"
    Polar shows off his bearbutt. Otter oohs..
2:12 - <LoungeMusic.mp3> Crappy "Welcome to my Den, friend.."
2:13 - The Crappy Show! Otter "Hey, what about me?"
       The Crappy River show. People ew.
2:14 - Setting up -You're So Stupid-.
2:15 - Crappy works on his camera angle while mayhem happens in the
         the kitchen.
2:16 - How to play the game. And a closeup on Jess. Jess waves!
2:17 - Jess is the lucky contestant.. <JeopardyTheme.mp3> "Yay!"
       Announcer is TerryMouse(?)
       Like $25,000 pyramid, trying to guess the answer from clues.
       <Bob Hope> "He's famous.. entertainer.. he uses a golfclub
         sing.." "Tiger Woods!" "No.. old.. um.. he was helping out
         with people overseas.." "Oh, Bob Hope!" Dingdingding
       <Lay Offs> "This when when a Dirty, Smelly employer decides
         you are not Worthy anymore.." Dingdingding!
2:18 - <SARS> "..WOW.." mentions outbreak. Dingdingding!
       <WAR> "---, what is it good for, absolutely nothing." Dings
http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view.php?id=71282 (R3,C4 Kung Lao)
       <Great White> "--- ---- shark." Dingdings "Thank you"
       <Mr. Rogers> "He welcomes you to the Neighborhood.. and he
         has that silly trolley.." Dings
       <Roy Disney> "He's the guy that just ousted by M Eisner" Ding
       <C.S.I.> "Umm...ok, it's a show where forensic scientists.."
          "CSI!" Ding!
       <EarthQuakes> Ding.
       <Yappy Poots> Herbie "Oww.." "These are the Worst Things in
         the WORLD for anybody to experience.. and they usually occur
         behind a certain fox.."
2:19 - Jess guesses Fart? "Be more specific."
       Ding! YAY!
       <You'reSoStoopid2003> "It's the name of the.. oh, we're done."
       Jess gets them all! Takes a bow. Sefina "Go Jess, Go Jess!"
2:20 - Mutt ask Crappy about his Christmas? "Good, how about you?"
       Mutt arghs, and had to keep drawing, even on Christmas.
       Mutt sighs "I'm trying to get everything off my plate! I
         have this problem.. I have a problem.. I wish there was
         medication for it.. it's called I Can't Say 'No'.."
http://www.shadypines.8m.com/dorothy.html [She'll like that..]
2:21 - Crappy helps coach Mutt into both shaking his head and also
         saying no. Rasvar "You're well on your way, the first part
         of curing yourself is to admit you have a problem."
       Mutt tries to find a way to both draw, and hang out with his
         hordes of admirers at the same time. "I have no life!"
       Drawing and walks at the same time?
       Jess "Hey Mutt.." "Yes?" "Since you can't say no.. what are
         you doing later tonight? <g>"
2:22 - Mutt says Yes again. Crappy "Let's play!!"
       Mutt feels good about starting to exercise. "I'm 34, I'm gonna
         die soon :)"
       Yappy erghs "I was just saying, it's amazing how, the further
         you go into the 30's, less you find out you can handle?"
http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/73987 (He's doing well..)
2:23 - Reorganizing the Fat Bastard's bicycle club. Fursuits double
         as sweat gear?
       New Years coming Wednesday. People expect to be sober in time
         for Saturday.
2:24 - Fireworks? Mutt is bummed he missed 4th of July too!
       Mutt "I had to work HARD to keep JOB SECURITY in a place that
         *CLOSED*! Sucker Me!" Jess "Herbie, if it makes you feel
         any better, I was in the same boat for 4 1/2 months :P I
         have to work 4-Midnight on New Years, so I can't go to
         Harik's party."
       Mutt "I don't think Disney World's closing anytime soon
         though. Well gee, I don't know.."
       "HEY EISNER! Think of all the money you could save if you
         closed EVERYTHING!"
2:25 - Sefina "Yeah, but I get quote/unquote 'Terminated' this
         Saturday." end of college program.
       Rasvar discovers the time of year to go to Disney World where
         it's less populated than a fur con.
2:26 - Mutt arghs at rampaging hordes at Epcot. Rasvar "Only a looney
         goes to the Park this week!"
       Lines to get INTO the Parking Lot. JR can't even get lost.
       Sefina "The only advantage to he college program.. bus system"
2:27 - Mutt "I've worked for Disney 14 years.." never seen crowds
         like that before.
       DrunkSheepdog joins Mutt on stage. Mutt coins "Y.A.M., Yet
         Another Mutt!"
http://www.phish.net/faq/yem.html (Oh, wait..)
2:28 - Crappy wonders if he's a YAM? Too young. Crappy oohs "I'm an
         actual character! ^_^" DrunkSheepdog "wwhaa?" passes out.
       YappyDrunkSheepdog earbangs until a burp comes out.
2:29 - Mutt arghs! And left 3 years ago Flashback tape. Flashes next
       Drunky ughs. Mutt "Ask a question to Magic 8-ball DrunkDog."
         "Am I going to puke tonight?" Crappy "Good question!"
       Magic 8-ball says No? Crappy "Drink some more!"
2:30 - Rasvar urks "As long as he's yacking in HIS bathroom.."
       <TimeDelayWindow.fx> Drunk and Crappy listen to themselves
         planning to get drunk 30 seconds earlier. Amusement!
2:31 - <ImbeddedWindowx2..x3.fx> "Speaking of bathrooms.."speakingof
       Frantic "Oh no, the Flashbacks are starting AGAIN!"
       Mutt and Drunk watch themselves beating each other up.
       Frantic "Keep this up, and we're gonna go back in time or
         something. You want THAT?"
http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view.php?id=24570 (Nostalgia ^_^)
2:32 - <TicTacDoughTheme.mp3> Fun with windows. SefinaOtter tries
         to sneak in a scritch on Mutt while he's spacing.
2:33 - Ezra updates Tod's test.. 62 people, high score is 60/100.
       Herbie missed them all? "I suck!"
2:34 - List of honor - 4 and 3 right answers!
       Not an easy quiz o_O
2:35 - Yappy gets ready for the test..
2:36 - Yappy got an 80!
       Lumber! YAY! Arrives just in time to see Yappy kiss Mutt.
         Lumber o_O "I'm doomed! Aroooo.."
2:37 - Mutt o_o Lumber hellos? Mutt "Did Yappy just kiss me?"
       Yappy tries to do it again. Mutt "Mommy? I'm 3 years old now."
2:38 - More people take the test. "When did we ever announce Jess's
         Bra Size? @_@"
       Hard, but fun test. Mutt "Jess, what's your bra size??"
         Jess hmphs "Not Telling!"
       Yappy taps Mutt on the head, then smoothers him in a kiss
         as he looks up. Rasvar "Woah! WOAH!!"
       Mutt "ARRRRRRRGGGGGGG!" runs.
       Lumber "I am a poorer wolf for seeing that." Ras "I think
         there's Blood.." Mutt "You bit my hand, real real hard.."
       Mutt pants "There was no blood, but Man, my fingernails.."
       Lumber "Just lick it!" "I can't lick it if it's inside my
http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view.php?id=143965 (R3,C2 Kitana)
2:39 - Rasvar "Is like a reverse vampire, where he bites you, and
         injects you with alcohol?" Mutt calms down a bit
       Simba tries to tell people he got an 80 on the test while
         they're trying to use hammers on Yappy.
       Yappy nuzzles Mutt, Carrot, and anything nearby. The alcohol
         is definitely working.
       OtterWithLetterDInHerMouth "This show brought to you by the
         letter D. D is for DOOMSDAY."
       <AustinPowersOhYay!.mp3> <OKBendOver!.mp3>
2:40 - Mutt tries to escape by leaving his body and possessing
         various other objects. "I am now a guitar.. I am now a
         Headless Naked Barbie.." Yappy eats the Barbie like a cigar.
       Mutt "I am now Magic 8ball." Yappy eats it too. "I am now in
         Prismo." Prismo "WHA..?DOH!"
       Rasvar "We have a new alien face-sucker :)"
2:40:45 - 15 seconds of sheer panic as the stage starts falling
            forward, with Simba holding on to save himself like that
            guy in Titanic.
2:41 - Flying pawpets. KP notes Simba got two questions wrong "You
         missed the color of Tod's beanie.. and Jess's bra size."
       Simba "I don't go looking...at people's bra sizes. TYVMuch."
       Yappy knew it? <ManiacleLaughter.mp3>
2:42 - Lumber tries to block a horde of flying ferrets like a goalie.
       Lumber dangles Arthur over the edge of the stage. Arthur args!
       Lumber "Let go Arthur, let go!" Unpuppeted Arthur "I can't,
         it's not working!.. Ow." falls, hitting Simba. Lumber "Thank
2:44 - Sing along with Arthur? Arthur "Why don't we do a Christmas
         song with Crappy?" Crappy "Ok!"
       Timber "Guys, Christmas is over.. why are we still doing
         Christmas songs?" Crappy "Because there's still Christmas
         Lights!" looks above stage.
       Rasvar "Why are we still doing Christmas songs? Because of
         Realplayer lag."
2:45 - Greasespoto and Crappy duet on <SleighRide.mp3>
       Yappy blissfully folds his arms over the stage, and brandishes
         Grease about like a boxing glove. Happy!
       Yappy feels hungry, and tries to eat Crappy, who stays out of
         range. Various puppets try to attack Yappy without success.
2:46 - Crappy gets into the groove while Yappy eats Christmas lights.
       Yappy leans over the stage, reaching for Crappy, reaching..
         Crappy appeals to the camera for help "What is going ON!?"
       Crappy taunts Yappy, getting close and then dodging out of the
2:47 - It's the Yappy'sMidsection Show!
2:48 - Stagehands see to rebuilding the stage around Yappy. Ezra "Oh
         great, we just lost any kind of help we could get from
         Folkmanis :P"
       Yappy attaches a Puppet logo to himself. Mutt "I think we've
         lost prettymuch every sponsor we've ever HAD tonight.."
http://www.stupidvideos.com/?VideoID=521 Crappy "Did we ever have a
       Ezra notes there were! Crappy? "Really?              Why?"
2:49 - Camera zooms in on The Official WetErase Schedule Board
         for Show #195. Some guy with long hair that I can't name
         goes WHEEEEEEEE! in front of the camera.
       Herbie browses the list, while Yappy rocks the stage back and
         forth like King Kong.
2:50 - Crappy does the flashlight-face thing. "Itz a scary ghost
2:51 - Herbie once again invites people to join the Pawpet Mailing
         List! www.pawpet.org  Good stuff.
       "I am a Man of Constant Sorrow" by The Soggy PawPet Boys
(Soggy Bottom.. no.. not going there >_< ) [Beans, and too much OJ]
       Karate Ferret sings with Elephant-ear-winged Owl and a Loon(?)
2:53 - Banjo music. Dig the 1930's jive.
2:55 - Tailthrashing to music by that guy who doesn't use Fop.
       CREDITS: Lead Vocals: Baka Ferret
         Backup: Sparky & Talon    Puppeted by Corsair
       Tom Phillips - 2003
2:56 - Rummage and Crappy greet Sefina, who has a wide oval smiley
         face sticker on her forehead, looking a bit like Wonder
         Woman's tiera.
       Crappy wonders if Sefina's a puppet? She nods "I'm like
       Nose only grows when she's superhappy though.
       Chorus of WhatWhatWHAT?HEYS!
http://www.furryfans.com/ (Because I haven't used this link yet, and
   it's burning a hole in my socks.)
2:57 - STREET SMARTS! With KP's neighbor across the street, who's
         moving out of that house that very moment.
       Rasvar "All I can say is, thank goodness Denise isn't watching
       Crappy wows "I must have missed a lot o_O"
       Mutt notes Howard Stern wouldn't watch the show tonight.
http://www.ebaumsworld.com/howardstern.html (Pick something)
2:58 - Mutt seriously thinking about removing Give Kids The World
         from the show opener, then decides its fine since it isn't
         in the download version anyway.
2:59 - Start of STREET SMARTS! Freezeframe of KP's neighbor gazing
         indignantly down at the camera. "She's PISSED!"
       "She is SO fed up!" using freeze as caption picture.
       Video stares. Jessie hellos!
       Mutt "How is John as a neighbor?" "Great! Got great dogs..
         always playing with the dogs."
3:00 - Interview. Part of traveling dinner theater?
       Audience tries to guess if she's get the questions right or
         wrong. Multiple Choice.
3:01 - Q1 "This major cookie company gets sued for stating that
         these cookies will make you fat."
(Frookwich?) Frozen at ponderous expression. Right/Wrong split
       "Chip's Ahoy!" Oreos. The Uncookie.
       Q2 "This was a big, green, box-office bomb.."
3:02 - Lots of rights. And Crappy's forehead.
3:03 - Mutt "Sefina says Wrong, so does Susandeer.. Zorro says
         Nice WHAT?.."
       KP notes Jessie's going to watch this later..
       Jessie guesses the Grinch? o_O Notes she didn't see Hulk.
3:04 - "This 2D animated film, lost over 100 million $ at the box
       Jessie chews her lip. More great screen freezes.
3:05 - Jessie hits Treasure Planet. Decent film, bad release time.
       Mutt would have accepted Sinbad also, but it only cost
         $60-70 million (?)
(Well -I- liked it..) [Need more be said?]
3:06 - Dead Price Is Right guy. Wanted Mutt castrated.
3:07 - Consensus - Wrong?
       Barker! Yay! Mutt "It was Rob Rotty." (o_O Crud.)
3:08 - Freezeframe on Jessie sayig "Ooohhh.." as if doing a deep
         inhale, or preparing to eat a tennis ball. Rasvar's 4/4.
       Did Siefried or Roy get attacked by the tiger?
3:09 - Lumber "Doesnt' matter, I hate people.. Wrong!"
3:10 - Jessie get it right! Which is good, since I don't know the
       Last Question:"Who Sucks, more than anyone else in the World?"
http://www.80stees.com/products/Snorks_Group_t-shirt.asp [Try again]
http://www.eonline.com/News/Items/0,1,8950,00.html (Guy on the left)
       Michael Eisner vs Osama..
3:11 - Jessie "Michael Einser :)" cheers!
3:12 - People thank Jessie for taking time during the move!
       BITCHVOOP! Mutt "YAY! We missed you!" BV "I don't see WHY.."
       Mutt would say more, but passes out due to a massive fart.
3:13 - 'W' also on The Worst list in channel..
       'Dybua', Bush alphabetical simplification.
       KP "The top word this year is actually the word 'imbedded'."
  ^-- Bush blames media pre-war coverage of Iraq war for economic
  ^-- Bush reitteration of 9/11 and Saddam before Iraq invasion leads
      majority of Americans polled to say the believe Saddam had
      an active roll in 9/11, possessed nuclear weapons, and that the
      UN had found proof that Saddam was hiding WMD, claims often
      discredited in the media. 2-1 of those polled supported war
      effort against Iraq to deal with the threat.
http://www.tk421.net/gallery/sounds/destiny.wav (These *are* the WMD
   you're looking for..)
3:14 - Biggest 2003 word: "Imbedded" reporters assigned to military
         units to increase media coverage of the war, and support for
       2000 word: "Chad" defunct FL voting cards. 2001: "Ground Zero"
         2002: "MisUndestimate"
*********** BTW:
  ^-- Muslim Americans, who traditionally vote Democratic, feel
      betrayed after voting 78% for Bush in 2000, on the belief he
      would end the 1996 Secret Evidence Act, and his strong
      conservative stand on family values.
  ^-- Orlando Sentinel article that deals with Craig Unger's new book
      "House of Bush, House of Saud" which details the close
      relationship the world's two most powerful famlies have had
      over the last 30 years. Close Saudi ties also aided Bush in
      capturing 91% of the Arab-American vote in Florida 2000, or
      55,000 voters.
  ^--Fox News has fun trying to find unpopular world leaders who also
     would rather have Kerry win. Unsaid-Between-the-Lines-Message:
     'If you vote Democrat, you're surrendering the country to
      sacreligious foreign influence.'
********* </Rant>
3:14 - Catchphrase Of The Year: "Shock and Awe"
       'Shock and Awe' beats out 'Rush to War', 'Mass Destruction',
       and 'Spiderhole.'
(I Bet Peter Parker is glad for that..) Top Name: "Saddam Hussein",
       wins over "Ahnold" and "Dubya"
3:15 - BitchVoop "So we have people who waist their time seeing
         what's the most popular word? o_O"
       MyDictionary.com (Can't find link?)
       Multi-Bush mispronounciations. BV "We're easily amused.."
3:16 - THINGS BITCHVOOP HATES IN 2003! "2003-the whole damn thing!"
       BV "I'm serious.. what the Hell went RIGHT in 2003?? Name
3:17 - KP "It's *ENDING*" Mutt "Next Year's gonna so kick ass!"
       Mutt plans on going to a lot of con of selling a lot of art.
       Raini's baby Corty was born :) Mutt "Can we interview Corty?"
3:18 - ART JAMS! KILLING 2003
       Infinite ride down the Small World ride at Disneyland.
       Corty gaas!
       Strong Bad types his email.
3:19 - Simba is summoned for his Strong Bad impression. Tests it out
       <OhHolyCrap.mp3> "Oh Holey Crap..heh ehhe, hang on a second.."
       Chorus of Crap. "DearStrongbad.." Simba starts doing StrongBad
         while, at the same time, Mutt starts doing *him* "Forget it!
       Arguing over who gets to be Strongbad!
       "<Anime> Dear Strongbad! ItMustBeReallyAnnoyingLivingWith
         SomeoneAsWhineyAsFranticFerret! WhyWon'tYouSlipHimSome
         Caffine? Justin, MoreFreezeBorg... ..Tennesse "
3:20 - People take turns being StrongBad. Malcovitchness.
       Crappy doesn't even try to change his voice, drives BitchVoop
         up the WALL!
       BV "*I* *HATE* *YOU* *ALL*" Sefina mimics "*I* *HATE* *YOU*
         *TOO* ^_^" "Shutup!"
3:21 - BV does Strongbad O_O "ItMustBe..Annoying.. LivingWithSomone
         As Whiny as... EVERYBODY ELSE!"
       Simba does Homestar doing StrwongBad.
       People bonk Poink as part of the New Years Celebration!
http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view.php?id=143965 (R4,C2 Sindel)
3:22 - BV "RAS-VAR!" people cheer!
       Mutt yays for 2003 "Ex-crement."
3:23 - BitchVoop's Vocabulary Minute. Subliminal Poo?
3:24 - Otter "Do you know what was cool about 2003 for me? Staying
         with you guys :)"
       Otter is glad she isn't on stage with BV though, as the vixen
         pounds Mutt's face.
3:26 - 70 people have taken Pawpet Trivia test, Fillyjonk, MilesFox
         and TChall have highest audience scores! 60/100?
3:28 - Mutt blinks, and remembers that HE has a friend test set up!
(o_o)   (o_O)     (O_O?)   (*+_@*)   [Hey, you got 100%!]  (>_<)
3:29 - Secrets of the Test.
       Things added to Arthur? BV "New personality is not an option!"
3:30 - Arthur shows is one remaining freckle to the camera.
       "Pop the Blackhead!" Stagehand squeezes while others chant.
3:31 - Yappy, born on the 4th of July! (not 9/11)
       Poink had a blue collar, but people picked leather more anyway
3:32 - Cellphone with songs on it - Kyocera. Anime phones?
3:34 - Color of Bandit's eyes? Two brown eyes.
       Also Bandit puppet, trapped in Yappy's car?
       Jess's Bra Size? Yappy frightens people by getting it right,
         used to making such estimates..?
       The Mystery Revealed.. KP "Jess's Bra Size is a 36C!"
       Jess giggles "Who thought 32-*A*? That was pretty funny :P"
       KP thought picking 36D was funny too.
[It's not like he knows these things folks.] (I need a Ram upgrade.)
3:35 - KP was tempted to put DD or EE as a choice just to be funny.
         Jess "That's Raini :P"
       AA - breast or battery?
       Mutt wants people to do his friendtest! KP has one also?
[How'd you do?] (I need a Caffe Latte..)
3:36 - Captions and Shoutouts. BV makes lots of noise.
3:38 - Warning, do not operate Pandas after operating this medication
People PandaPandaPandaBager.. - My other Motorcycle is a Donald's
-Scream Guy moonlights at the local playground. Mutt "I broke one of
 those things..
-If someone doesn't get me off this ride soon, I'm gonna sue whoever
 built this thing!
-What speed racer does in his spare time.
-Off season training has gone too far. Mutt thinks of MJ jokes.
3:39 - I didn't care for the underwear.. but this is the Funday
  Pawpet Show lunchbox Santa. BV ???
- I'm off to Gueststar on the Funday Pawpet Show!
- Tom Cruise in: Playground Impossible.
- Panda Express 500.
- JR's Day Job: Stress testing park toys. BitchVoop "Many a line of
  cocaine was lost to the making of these.."
- Hard right dammit, hard right!
3:40 - Too much eggnog.
- Due to educational cutbacks, motorcycle training school had to do
  with what it could find.
- Rejects Harley Davidson design #47
- How Kenny Norton got his start.
- After this, he will try the Donald Duck one. Ew o_O
3:41 - WEEEEEEEEEE!! http://www.threebrain.com/weeeeee.shtml
- Poor Johnny had his Ninja repossessed.
- What the heck? This isn't the Tardis..
- Microsoft Racing Madness 3.. furries with wheels!
- Watch out for TIMMAY!!
- Atkins guide for Stunt Cycle training.
3:42 - Mommy, what is that man doing to that Panda?
- Get me off this crazy thing!!
- The Black Ranger quits the series soon after he was given a new
  Zord. Mutt yays!
- Damn, I was hoping to sit on Donald Duck..
- Poink's new leather outfit
3:43 - Dont' stare at that sad, loney man Mikey..
       Sefina "Goodness, what are we coming to.. :P"
- Bad Santa. Bad Santa. Bad Santa..
- The Eagle Will Fly Soon. "Huh?"
3:44 - RC's is someone who takes pictures. Thanks about that - Chilli
- 2003 can be best described as.. BRAINZZZ Sefina "BRAINZ.." lots of
  people savoring brains. Moo "Frickinbrainz.."
- Hobbes performs first weeding tomorrow!
- Yay for people watching the first time.
- Felix hellos to cute Canadian friend
- 29th Birthday for Blackwolf
3:45 - 5 second pause. "ThisisYourBirthdaySongiTiSn'tVerylong" "Moo."
Trying again, with more feeling!
- 2003! I Fart in your general direction!
- Happy Belated Birthday to BradHound
- Something fun to do! Go to Google.com and search for "Miserable
  Failure", and hit the "I'm Feeling Lucky" button! - PunkTiger
- Mutt! Welcome back! It's so great to have you back on again, please
  never leave again, we already lost the Chocolate One, The Bald One
  and the Frantic One. Otter "And you're about to lose me :/"
3:46 - Rasvar "And that's it!"
       Sefina goes back to Ohio on Sat. Cow is sad :(
       Frantic almost says something, but gets Sefina scritched, and
         begins softly twitching. "II nneverr waaanntt tthiiss show
         to eennd!"
3:47 - Temp pops up! Looks envious. Sefina "Temp, I think you're just
         jealous." "You're right!"
       Sefina scritches Temp too. Frantic heys!
3:48 - Yappy does some stage maintenance. Moo stares at this back
         with his new eyes.
       Sefina Conga! Frantic gets another kiss, whoops and feather-
         floats around the stage. Temp "(disgruntled) How do you do
3:49 - Otter kisses Frantic again just so people can see.
       Frantic's sense of reality seems frayed. Body-pillow is still
         growing in his side from lab experiment? Temp o_o
       Frantic "I won't ever have to use a regular pillow anymore!
         I just have my body-pillow ^_^" Temp "That's fantastic, and
         grotesque, all at the same time."
3:50 - Fooling with the set. Mutt notes that nobody has a fire
       Frantic hallucinates, turns into stagehand's back?
       Frantic looks at Temp. "Why are you a tomato.?" "I'm not a
         tomato." "You're a tomato!" "I am not!" "You ARE a
       Temp arghs "(mumbles)Jesus Christ.." "You're Jesus CHRIST?"
         "No!" "(Frantic) JESUS CHRIST IS A TOMATO??" "NO!!"
3:51 - BACKYARD FUNERAL PYRE CAM: Wooden numbers 2-0-0-3 on top of
         old tires.
       Any last words for 2003? Mutt "Just light it! We're not Great
         White.. we're going to do this correctly.."
3:52 - Trying to light the fire.. not working?
       Camera moves to unfocused Herbie face, like something right
         out of Blair Witch "So..So..Sorry. Huuuuuughh..."
3:53 - Back to 2003. Herbie "Let's all do a big unanimous FU to
         2003.. on the counter of 1.. 2.. THREE..."
                                 "Alright, great! :P"
http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view.php?id=71282 (R1, C4 Kano)
http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view.php?id=71282 (R1, C5 Liu Kang)
http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view.php?id=71282 (R1, C2 Sindel)
       Oil isn't working? "Someone get Trogdor!"
3:54 - Still no fire. Simba "It looks like 2003 is laughing at us.."
       Stagehand light, finally. Mutt "Burn, Bitch." BV "I heard
       Otter "We have already burned Poink, we do not have to Burn
         Bitch :P"
       2003 burns happily, like a birthday cake.
3:55 - VP "Happy Newyear everyone!" Temp "Could someone fill out my
       Jess "Smoopie to the cast! Simba brought me here in January,
         and, this has been the best part of my 2003 :) So love you
         all. Happy New Year to everybody!" Simba "It was January?"
3:56 - Sefina "I happened on the show in November, and I have to say,
         I live with my parents, and everything Sunday they're like
         'What the HELL is she WATCHING, that's she's cracking up so
         often? o_O', so thanks for bringing laughs to my life :) And
         Happy New Year!"
       Prismo (Pyro on RTR - BitchVoop, TempFerret (I think..)
         "Happy New Year to everybody out there from Prismo. Ah,
         thanks for coming back, and letting me come back, and having
         fun with everyone, I enjoyed it, it was a great ball. And
         hopefully 2004 will be much much better. Peace out."
       TerryMouse (Shak, Frantic, Lumber..argh, I'm still not sure
         who all's doing who.. is there a puppet/eer list anywhere?)
         "This is Terry, I've been on again, off again with the show
          since, 2000 right?.. ah, thank you for the finger! :P Ah,
          I don't know what I got myself into.. I would love to have
          my Sunday Nights back again, but I'm gonna end up more
          frequently, aren't I? :P Ah, but serious guys, thank you
          for letting me come back on the show and show up for a
          little while and play around again for one night."
        Homestarsomebody "Yowr wlecome:)" "I didn't have anything
          to do with it :P"
3:57 - Watching the symbolic flame-resistant house numbers burn.
         "Chestnuts roasting over an open year.."
       Sefina "We love you Simba :)" SimbaMoo "Nope:)" "Yes we do!"
         "Noo.." "Yes.." friendly embarrasement for the lionguy.
       "We love you Sim-ba.. oh yes we do.." "I'm goona.. stick my
         face in the fire.."
       <GOODNIGHT!.mp3> Big Badass Bonfire.
3:58 - CREDITS
Herbie Hamill        Randy Fox          Jim Mogle      John Cole
Dan Merrillat     Melissa Merillat   Dan Boatwright   Devin Bray
Jess Kiela          Scott Garron     Patrick Dowden

"Soul Bossa Nova" - Quincy Jones
"Adios, Auevoir, Aufweidesien" Lawrence Welk

Aetobatus     Thumper (TRADEWARS ROCKS!)  Frysco  Timduru
Harik         Vitapup          Simba
3:58 - People wave happily to 2003. Burn baby burn.
       Fire begins to spread to surrounding grass "Ok.."
       People consider putting out the fire?
3:59 - Poking 2003 with a stick. <GOODNIGHT!.mp3>

******** END OF SHOW 195 *******

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