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Pawpet Show #193-Justin Bray Memorial-Dec 14, 2003-Timeline 1/2
compiled by (Blackfoot Ferret) [And his computer]

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Tribute to Justin Bray.                  -- Main Theme.
Flashback to Justin's FPS visit          -- 0:05 - 0:27
Justin tells all about body piercing     -- 0:16
Genesis of the Evil Burger King Flash    -- 0:35
Christmas Halloween Party                 -- 0:56
Bernie visits                            -- 1:37
Corsair calls in from Japan              -- 1:50
Nerd Mutates O_O                         -- 2:18
Alysson (sp?) visits                     -- 2:28
Creedence, Rogue and Devine              -- 2:40
Devin Music                              -- 2:59
Comic Book Review                        -- 3:07
ART JAM: Evil Eisner meets Burger King   -- 3:14
CAPTIONS: Guy who's eating snakes        -- 3:28

************ START! **************

0:01 - Intro. Poink.. is no longer a priest O_O
0:03 - Show starts. Alien-head Java relative on stage?
0:04 - White Elephant gifts. Alien head shakes in box, freaks JR.
       Mutt breaks the news that DevinFox's brother has recently
         passed away. Camera goes to Devin in the kitchen.
0:05 - Devin opens the show. He looks run down, but tries to stay
         as positive as he can. Debated when to make the
         announcement "We decided it would be best to kinda come
         out first and foremost at the beginning of the show to
         talk about it."
0:06 - Brother Justin was on the show in May, after Devin's
         surgery. Brother drives medicated Fox to show. "That
         turned up to be the last video record of my brother."
       Justin, positive guy, took his own life days earlier.
         Devin "I think it's three days ago.. at this point its
         hard to tell because I haven't slept much :) :/ But, I've
         been trying to kinda get out of the house, and just have
         a good time.. and be surrounded by my friends, and the
         people who love me. Because.. it seems like it helps."
       Devin "So I'm here.. and I'm gonna have fun, and we're
         gonna do a show tonight.. <Bandit starts playing with a
         squeaky toy> but um.. I thought it would be a worthy
         tribute to my brother to at least rerun those moments we
         captured of him & I together on the show."
0:07 - Devin "A pretty important artifact in my life.. so we've
         kept it, and we're gonna show the bits where he was on,
         with me, in their entirety."
       Devin brightens and recalls the mood "I was a little
         spacey.. if you remember, this is Show #168-- the
         NerdFerretOnDrugs Show--, because I was pretty doped up,"
         interviews brother by the sink while reaching into the
         sink and looking at things people may have left from
         Spits or Swallows earlier. "I'm a -little- spaced out,
         but, other than that.. it's precious. And we're gonna
         show it, and then we're gonna come back and restart the
         show, and I'll probably say something again at the end.
       Devin show off new haircut? "All you'll notice that, kindof
         in tribute to him, I've shaved my face to look like him,
         because we did kinda look alike, from the start, so
         you'll notice that when you look at the.. clip."
       Devin ers.. "Are we ready to go there now?" Technology is
         currently functioning. "Ok.. Thanks for everyone who
         supported me through this, and thanks to my friends here,
         in Orlando and.. you know, all across the country who've
         come forward to express their concern. And just offer, a
         shoulder, where it can be. We're gonna toss this now,
         thanks to everyone."
0:08 - Time Warp to Show #168. Ezra and Mutt onstage.
       Mutt gets a premonition "I'm talking Peter Pan 2 crap!"
       Mutt also explains how Matrix 2 is not a cheap-quel.
[No, that was Matrix 3] Devin "When my brother gets on camera you
         gotta zoom in on all his gear things and stuff."
       Devin asks audience if Justin looks like him? "Because I
         don't think he does at all."
       Camera on Justin. Mutt "He does look like you!"
0:09 - Zooming in on Justin piercings. Heavy Metal ears!
       Screaming as Yappy farts, AND Justin puts his forefinger
         though the gaping hole in his earlobe, at the same time.
       Justin earlobe-finger waves to the camera :) Mutt "You're
         breaking the rating, man!" Ezra "That's like sticking
         your finger through your belly button!"
       Justin shows off tongue and chin bangles.
       Devin and Justin pose together. Channel is freaked.
0:10 - Justin's lip tattoo! On the inside! Poink "Sweet baby Jesus
         in a Nyquil-Fueled Funnycar."
       Justin can fire liquid from his chin holes?
0:11 - People keep talking about the piercings. Justin finally
         gets a word in edgewise.. "I'm 15 months younger than
         him." looks older?
       Ezra "The channel wants to know, are you into Metal?"
       People search for Chocolate-Filled Cookies. Mutt "Have you
         ever seen Pink Flamingos before?"
(o_O)  "Uh, Yeah :)" Mutt "You have?? Did you wait until the end?"
(Whew..) "Oh, a -movie-?" (o_o) "Yeah." "No, I haven't" (O_O)
0:12 - People get Devine ready for Devin's brother.
[All I can say is.. don't EVER make that spelling mistake again..]
       People hand Justin cookies. "I don't want cookies! :P"
       Justin doesn't like Oreos either! Mutt "You'll be LESS of a
         fan after you see this!"
0:13 - Mutt introduces Pink Flamingos. "The Worst and most
         Horrific film in the world!"
       Justin looks thrilled. Not. Decides he likes Oreos anyway.
       Justin realizes what's going to happen early.. holds back
         a cookie-spewing laugh.
0:13:50 - "Eat the cookie!" Justin somehow does!
0:14 - Justin passes the challenge!
       Ezra "Cookies are yummy!" Justin "That was disgusting! >_<"
       Justin ews.. "There's a girl at my school that looks like
         that girl!"
http://www.stupidvideos.com/?VideoID=131 Ezra"That wasn't a girl..
0:15 - People try to sell Justin the "I Survived The Pink
         Flamingo's Challenge" shirt. He keeps eating Oreos.
(They replaced the PF shirt with 'Roy Stay! Mike Go!'?) [Can you
think of anything else more appropriate?]
       Ezra votes Justin for Best Reaction to Flamingos!
0:16 - <SesameStreet.mp3> Mutt "We have The Pierced Man, from the
         circus.. and we're going to watch him spit milk out of
         his..?" KP "Chin!" "Chin."
       Mutt "That's what we do Sunday night! What else is there to
         do.. check email? :P"
http://www.stupidvideos.com/?VideoID=235  [Not advised]
0:17 - Next week, Pawpet Newlywed game! Poink and Bambi too?
         Poink "Do it right on screen? Yeah, I can do that.."
0:18 - Camera goes back to Justin, who looks a little better..
       <SesameStreetTechnoRemix.mp3> Applause!
       Mutt "How far can you shoot?" Ezra "That's a loaded Q.."
       Just can't remove piercing.. ball was too small on one end?
0:19 - Justin sips some milk. Mutt "I have a question!   Why?"
       "Huh?" Ezra "Why." "Why what?" Mutt "Why. Why with all the
       Justin reveals a secret. "I date my body piercer."
       Nothing pierced downstairs. Poink "What does *she* have
         pierced?" Justin "Entirely too many things.."
       <MortalKombat.mp3> Poink "Is SHE pierced down there?.."
       Justin notes his ears set of metal detectors.
0:20 - Most wacked piercing? Prince Albert.
       History: People go could to prison in England, for wearing
         tight pants. Mutt "And getting a BONER?"
       Justin explains how people would tie.. it.. to their..
         leg.. so.. it wouldn't be.. visible x_@.
       Yappy "So if you even began to get arouses, it would tug
         and hurt like hell, and you'd lose interest!"
0:21 - Mutt ask for more details.. "Can you point to a drawing
         or something..?" "NO!"
       Justin and Devin debate how to explain this. Also compare,
         Devin's older but Justin's taller.
       Finger demos. Mutt "So when you pee, you pee twice? Right?"
(If you see Prince Albert on the can.. DON'T let him out O_O)
0:22 - <MortalKombat.mp3> Piercing heal and close.. thank Goodness
       Prince Albert vs Jacob's Ladder?
       Multi-piercings. Sprinkler system?
0:23 - Adding chains to your piercings. Or: How to become a cyborg
         in 12 extremely painful steps.
0:24 - Notebook binding? Of your... mind o_O
       Justin hosts Strange but True piercing tales.
0:25 - Mutt "It's reality folks! Isn't that CRAZY? :)"   (No..)
http://www.stupidvideos.com/?VideoID=669 (THIS is crazy!)
       Cookies and Milk time. Tod "(fainting) Holy Crap... Mutt..
         I hurt in places I didn't even know I Had..>_<"
0:26 - <SpinningCamera.mp3> Nausea compounded by motion sickness!
         Tod gives the moral "Piercings are not fun! o_O"
0:27 - Picture of Justin. "In Loving Memory, 1984-2003"


0:27 - Back to the present.
       Devin hmms "Alright.. so that was it. And um, I felt like
         that was.. I owed it to my brother and I owed it to my
         parents and everyone.. to do that, today."
       "And thank you all for your support, for helping me and my
         family through this tough time. And I think it would be
         just that must harder, for us, if we didn't have, that
         record. <smiles> As idiosyncratic as it was.. all of you
         wincing in pain in channel and stuff its like that would
         have made him.. laugh his ass off when he was alive. So,
         you know, it's kinda what he was going for.. with the
         finger in his ear and all <demos> and all that. So, its
         good stuff, and I'm glad he came, and it means a lot to
0:28 - Devin lays out plan for rest of the show. Running of
         various Pawpet videos "And then we're gonna come back and
         restart the show, and try and do everything on a little
         more of an upnote. And, its just kinda my way of helping
         to ensure, at least in some way, that I can immortalize
         my brother.. because he was a huge part of who I am. And,
         he was my best friend. In the whole world."
0:29 - "I didn't value anyone over him. So. Anything else? Thank
       Even Poink is nice today. "I know I speak for everybody
         here, when I say that you do have a lot of friends on the
         show, and you've got a lot of friends out there.. we're
         all there for you pal.
       Mutt nods "You have an abnormal amount of friends, actually
http://www.stupidvideos.com/?VideoID=676 (Number, and type!)
       Folks wonders where they can contact Devin? Devin points
         out his livejournal site, which has a day-by-day record
         of the investigation, and how people are coping afterward
0:30 - Herbie "I think after this experience that you're gonna
         realize that your family grows a lot larger than you
         thought it was." Poink "And, that really was one of the
         best tributes I've ever seen."
0:31 - Mutt proposes a break, running random videos while people
         idle for a while before shifting gears.
       Video: Parody of Apple Computer's 'Think Different', South
         Park-style Anakin Skywalker switches to the dark side.
0:32 - Pawpets Monterey Bay.
http://www.pawpet.org/funday/index.php?ppmb (Not connected yet?)
       Wilson sings "No Rain" by Blind Melon
0:35 - Credits: Wilson - Aatheus
0:35 - Insane Burger King employee hum-nana-hurking the "Carol
         Of The Bells"
       "Na  Nanana, Na Nanana, Na Nanana, Na Nanana, Na Dudadah
        Da Dadada Da Dadada.. DA DaDADa-DA DaDADa-DA DaDada.. *I*
        WULDyoulikeAnApplePie With THat WULDyoulikeAnApplePie with
        Dat.." <etc>
0:36 - The Dinging of the Oven. And Dingdongs.
       Over.. NO.. IT'S STARTING AGAIN!!!
        WULDyoulikeAnApplePie With THat WULDyoulikeAnApplePie wit
        WULDyoulikeAnApplePie With THat WULDyoulikeAnApplePie wit
0:37 - IGottaRunIGottaRunIGottaRunIGotta... <Ritalin.swf>
0:38 - Whew.. it's... ARRRRRRRRRGHHHHHHHH!!!
       Rasvar turns up the volume. Louder. Louder! LOUD-ER!!!
0:39 - Bear to the rescue! Poses with Mutt "Hi, I'm Bear, from
         Jim Henson's Bear In The Big Blue House. And you're
         watching the Fun-Day Pawpet show! :)"
       Bear looks at Mutt. "Right?" "Alright! On with the Show!"
       Bear ohs! at Mutt "You are so soft.." Mutt "Oh, thank you
         Bear! It's good conditioner ^_^"
         Bear "Oh, I use Bear conditioning. Hahahaha!..."
           ... eyebrows droop "I don't write this stuff."
0:39 - Opening Sleighbell music turns off as folks have a tech
         argument in the background. The video continues.
       New background music:
0:40 - Poink and Bambie necking! "Ding, FriesAreDone!"
         Arthur stuck in a tree "WuldYouLikeAnApplePieWithDAT?"
         Arthur falls. Thud. "DingFriesAreDone.."
       Ends. Mutt whews "Perfect!"
http://www.sherm.20megsfree.com/burgerking.swf Mutt "GRAAAH!!"
       "The HORROR!" Poink "Oh, Lord NO!!!" Evil GRRRAAS at you..
          your fries are ABOUT to be done..
       Frankie the waiter and everyone starts singing along!
0:41 - Even Java is freaked!
       The Peckers. The Balls. "WuldYouLikeAnApplePieWithDAT?"
       Poink hecks "Oh, why not, ONE MORE TIME!" "NOOOOOO!!!"
http://www.sherm.20megsfree.com/burgerking.swf (Mad Cow?)
[Aren't you going to insert some goofy links?] (Why? :) )
       Scream guy sings about skin grafts.
       "Ding,FriezAreDone.." Jess "You're trying to make it into
         a musical virus, get it stuck in people's heads?"
http://www.weebls-stuff.com/toons/20/ [NOOO..Oh! Wait, Whew! ^_^]
http://www.weebls-stuff.com/toons/21/ [NNNNNNNOOOOOOOOOOWOOOO!!!]
0:42 - Headbanging to DingFriesAreDone. And damaging the stage.
         Java "Done! HuhHuhHuuu!" chasing his hanging eyeball.
       Mutt "Have you checked out the Website? SaveDisney.com!"
       Send letters to Roy, read the letter he sent to Eisner.
       Mutt's upbeat. "Whenever I'm depressed I just read
         that letter he wrote to Michael, and I'm all in a good
         mood again. And also remember that Divx is dead."
http://www.divx.com/ "Two things that cheer me up!"
0:43 - Wisdom from Walt "Happiness is a frame of mind, it all
         depends on how you look at things."
(Disney used Zen?) [How else can Peter, Poppins and Elliot fly?]
       Carrot now has Eraserhead hair? Mutt "I've been gone for
         a month, and look what happens!"
0:44 - Poink has a story about Rasvar.. "He's always on my case
         about my flatulence.." Ras "That's because it *is* that
       Rasvar ripped a cubicle-destroying fart?
0:45 - Gas effects entire office. Guy walks up "You know, I'm 56
         years old, but nothing's EVER come out of my body like
       Ras "Hey!" Poink "No more bitchin' from the Rasvar!"
       Ras sighs "Ok, just for that.."
http://www.sherm.20megsfree.com/burgerking.swf "NOOOOOOOOOO!"
       Spectral Burger King drone possesses the stage.
       Carrot and Tod blink and try eating the guy's hat. "IWerkAt
       Jess sighs "Please don't let this become another Badger.."
       Poink wows "I wasn't this mad with HERB.. the guy who'd
         never eaten a Whooper."
0:46 - Herb, one guy who hadn't eaten a Whopper. Other than
         millions of veggie-people.
0:47 - Stagehand.. does things with carrot..
       Rasvar's armpit O_O Poink "Hey, he shaved!"
       Armpit hair duel? Carrot "Neow!" Tod "You know we're in
         sad shape when the smartest person on the cast is a
       Poink "Oh... I suppose we need to jump on the Hot Story
         tonight.." Tod "Which one?" Poink "We busted a cap in
         SADDAM'S ASS!"
http://www.albinoblacksheep.com/flash/bomb.php (Finally..)
       Tod "Ya we did!" Rasvar ers "He's still alive, we didn't
         shoot him."
       Arthur clarifies "You can put a cap in his ass and still
         not kill him. He'll be hobling around for a while."
       <IJustGotSomeSatisfaction.mp3> Tod "All the soldiers go
         with a BB Gun on his butt."
0:48 - CNN video, audience cheers at medical checkup.
       Carrot has grown werewolf teeth? o_o Tod "Wow."
0:49 - Poink "Ding, fries are done." Carrot FREAKS!
       Tod "It's overdone, ONE DAY!" Poink "Oh, like we never
         overdo anything on this show! :P"
       Mutt "We overdo EVERY SHOW! :D" Arthur "BadgerBadger!!.."
http://www.weebls-stuff.com/toons/21/ <Applause!.mp3>
       Arthur "I would go like.. GRR!" <CowMoos.mp3> Arthur o_O
       DISCUSSION: New BattleStar Galactica.
         Tod likes! Arthur GRRS.. Rasvar <EEK!.mp3>
0:50 - People fight over fake teeth. Simba "I pity the fool, I
         pity the fool.."                     (That's the Cue!)
                       [Psst.. don't see the other eps just yet..]
       People look for Nerd? Stagehands try to.. reconstruct him?
0:51 - Looking for Nerd eyes "I need to..skwew them on myface.."
       <BattleStarGalactica.mp3> Vibrating Alien Head O_O at you
0:52 - ART JAM TOPIC - Poink "Flatulence!" Tod NOs...
       "Piercings?" Ras "Keep it CLEAN?!"
       Devin notes he and his brother are into fun, don't worry
         about offending "If it was appropriate during his life,
         it's appropriate now."
      Devin "Just use your judgment. I trust people's judgment"
http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view.php?id=135614 [Most, anyway]
0:53 - Poink "OUR judgment?" Tod "That's a scary thing!"
0:54 - Mutt announces more special guests: Bernie, and.. Face?
         Simba "Face? Oh, it's not ready.." holds up two hands,
         one with eyes, one with mouth. Tod "Hi Face!"
       Face hops happily, but cannot talk.
0:55 - Angry face. Happy face! Bipolar puppet?
       Mutt "We've got to do something with these Barbie Heads..
         we've got Barbie Heads everywhere.."
0:56 - NERDFERRET! With neon green goggles and goofy teeth! Hulk
         Nerd? "Rrrrrnnn.. I wanted to trwy.. the grinning part.."
       Nerd the werewolfferret.
       Tod "We had a party last night!" Mutt "We did not!" "We did
         too." "I don't remember a thing.."
0:57 - 38 people for Christmas party!
       <LostInSpace.mp3> Tod "Why is Lost in Space on?"
       Green eyed nerd poses with Red eyed Poink.
0:58 - People played different characters.
       Devin was Eminem? Nerd "Idon'tlikebeinghomophobic, uhhuh.."
       Tod "And KP was somebody half the people didn't know about,
         KP ended up being Lady Godiva."
       Mutt and Poink ? Rasvar loses all control!
       Art of riding a horse while naked. Chocolates just ripoff
       Ras "I'm certainly glad he didn't try to act out the part."
   Nerd swoons and faints.
0:59 - Gary Colman, Britney Spears, and Rush Limbaugh also at party
       Not picked: Stripperella, Captain Jack Sparrow.
       Rasvar "Ok folks, I need a capture of Mutt saying 'I wanna
         be Stripperella."
[That's NOT Stripperella.] (Britney was at the party too!)
1:00 - Nerd arghs "Iwannabe Stwipperella!"
       Wierd channel people want to see KP on a horse.
       AquaTeenHungerForce. Fast food that fights crime?
       Carrot likes it!
1:01 - Rasvar's armpit again. And other parts of Yappy.
       Mutt apologizes for being away a month? Huge deadlines, "I
         was playing beat the clock for a long time on a lot of
         art projects. Learning how to be a Freelance artist isn't
         always the most.. effective way to get paid."
1:02 - <StarWarsImperialMarch-HappyHardcoreEdition.mp3>
       Herbie also hurt his back. And KP sprained his ankle?
[BF, Aren't you going to tell people about how you bought that
2CD Happy Hardcore collection, then learned that awesome Lost In Space
song by Bang! was really Commercial Trance, and after having
your skull beaten from within by mindless bass for two days you
decided that maybe Devin's right, and Happy Hardcore is food for
the Grinch?] (.. what? I can't hear you..)
Search: Bang!
Lost In Space-Trance
Lost In Space-HappyHardcore
[Moral: Blackfoot's taste in music sucks.] (YOU like Country/Rap)
1:02 - Heading to Barney's for Santa's White Christmas. Coffee
         quest turns dangerous. KP gets cool walking stick.
1:03 - Tod "Yesterday, people were looking at his ankle, and it
         was swollen to the size of a plumb." (Cool!)
       Mutt "Everyone's getting hurt." Poink "Oh yeah."
         Tod "Christmas Sucks."
       Herbie was helping the Big Bad Wolf "Who weights about
         10,000lbs.. cause of all the lights on him." hurt back?
1:04 - JR had the flu. Mutt wonders if Yappy got hurt too?
         Tod "He broke his arm earlier in the year."
       New Years idea. Tod "We were talking about putting the Year
         2003 on the barbecue and burning it." Mutt "Peeing on it!
1:05 - <StarWarsRaveMusic.mp3> 2003, a Trash Odyssey.
1:06 - In channel, Zorro rewrites Christmas Carols? Tod "Ferrets
         roasting on an open fire..(O_O) raccoons nipping at your
http://www.stupidvideos.com/?VideoID=406 (Crazy foxes)
       Mejeep notes spotlight's missing from the stage. "Ferrets
         always steal the spotlight!"
1:07 - Mutt "Mejeep you rule!" got autographed gift from Jim
         Dale (Dr. from Pete's Dragon) for Mutt.
       Poink "You know, I just remembered why I hated that movie"
         (!?!) "Hellen Ready singing.. about the lighthouse."
http://www.sherm.20megsfree.com/burgerking.swf (Would you like
http://www.stupidvideos.com/?VideoID=647 (apple pie with THAT?!)
1:08 - Mutt "I love Helen Ready!" (^_^) "She's got bumps!" (o_O)
       "She turns my crank!" Silence "What?" "She's a feminist."
         Mutt "Good for her!" Poink "Which means she's a lesbian."
       Mutt "She is not a lesbian!" Poink "Yes she is!"
       Mutt "She can roar, I'll bark!" Poink "She is woman! Hear
         her roar! I'll be her ass is too big to ignore!"
http://www.rathergood.com/george/ (.... GRAAHH!!) [This is fun :)]
1:09 - Mutt "Helen, I love you! Call in! Roar for me! She woman!"
       Channel rollcall!
http://www.sherm.20megsfree.com/burgerking.swf Jess cracks up!
       "Da DadaDa, Da DaDaDa, Da DadadaTHAT'SENOUGH!" Ras kills it
       <MexicanHatDance.mp3> Jess does rollcall
1:10 - Devin's cousin in channel also.
       <ExtremeCloseupOnJessGlasses.mp3> "What are you guys doing?
       <ExtremeCloseupOnJessJeans.mp3> "Should I shake it? :P"
1:11 - MORE BURGER KING! Tod implores Jess "Sing it, please??"
       Simba raves to Burger King retard. Extreme Closeup!
         Vaguely resembles Bill from Bill and Ted..
1:12 - Dramatic "DING..FRIES..ARE..DOONNNE.." Rasvar makes screen
         freeze of Simba's intense opera face.
       Next week, Christmas!
       Poink "Guess what I'm doing this week?" "What?" "I'm gonna
         find the biggest boat paddle I can and spankin' Rasvar's
         ass if he plays that one more time!!"
1:13 - Guess.
1:14 - Remaking a Charlie Brown Christmas?
         Poink "I'd rather be Lucy. She's a prick."
1:15 - <ASongSungByHelenReady.mp3> People distribute the roles of
         Peanuts characters.
       "And did I hear you say.." Poink "That all feminists are
         gay.." "In the sky.." "Lesbian bitch! ^_^"
http://www.rathergood.com/thomas/ (You are sooooo lucky)
       Rasvar "You know..we're going to have to start giving out
         your address Poink." "Why? :)" "..BECAUSE I'm not gonna
         have this place FIREBOMBED! If they're gonna FIREBOMB
         someplace, it's gonna be where you are!!"
1:16 - Poink "Hey! It's not my fault she's a lesbian! ^_^"
         Crappy "A what? o_O"
1:17 - Mutt talks about Con he went to, then people make a
       Poink addresses the channel "HEY! Just so you know.. you
         guys out there that can't see the show right now..
         REALPLAYER IS DOWN! ^_^" Crappy "Oh good!"
       Rasvar gets years of revenge on Poink during radio silence.
         Poink "Oh, come on, that's not an air horn!"
1:18 - Crappy stares at Yappy's handcuffs, attached to the camera?
1:19 - Christmas shopping. Mutt's broke :/ "Two presents, and the
         rest are going to be drawings."
1:20 - Tod bought his earlier in the year, cause he's smart and
         got a discount.
[Better than looking for FFX on XmasEve.](And couldn't find it :/)
1:21 - Rationing the chocolate in the house.
1:22 - <SoothingMusic.mp3> Look for Helen Ready pictures
Mutt "Google search Helen Ready everybody, and look at it yourself
       Mutt "I love Google! ^_^"
http://www.rockdirt.com/print2334.html (So do I :) )
1:23 - Pavarotti gets married? Cult icon?
1:24 - Pavarotti & Friends.. like Barney?
1:25 - Pavarotti & Porn? -_O
       Poink "He was Keiko's stunt double in Free Willy :)"
       Keiko has died also :(
1:26 - Rasvar "He's been on Saturday Night Live." "The WHALE?"
         "No! Pavarotti :P"
       Planning You're So Stupid! And other games for later
1:27 - Rasvar asks channel for obscure actors to look up.
1:28 - Movies Jim Dale's been in.
1:29 - Rasvar "He was in the Iron Maiden?" Mutt "I love that band!
1:30 - Fantasy Rock Band. Van Halen plays for KISS?
1:31 - Rasvar votes for Barry Manilow. YES!
       Guessing who famous rockers are under the KISS makeup.
       Poink "I do here that Gene Simmons wears tongue
         extensions." Mutt "NO, he does not either."
         Crappy "That's his real tongue? AHH!"
1:32 - Channel wants Elton John? Poink "WIERD AL!" Got the hair!
       Mutt "Hey Gene, if you're watching, call in. Give us some
         suggestions for the show."
[Now you're the one being nasty.] (It's just a running gag!)
1:33 - KISS and Hanna Barbera, Phantom 2?
       Gene and Ozzy in Trick or Treat.
       Trying to get KISS back together. Rasvar "Wait! I have the
         perfect replacement.."
       Jess notes Paul Stanley did the Phantom in Phantom of the
         Opera in a show?
1:34 - Tod has a new call in.. "This one will test our viewer's
         knowledge of Pawpet Show Trivia.."
(Bring it on!) [Dude, you missed, like, half the summer eps]
       Mutt notes folks watched the whole Devin Brother show
         earlier. "We need to watch the shows more!"
       Crappy "(quietly) I think being handcuffed to the stage was
         pretty funny.."
1:35 - How various people get in the Christmas Spirit. Christmas
         energy seems low of late.
       Poink says how he does, but you don't want to hear it.
1:36 - Kawanza next week too :)
1:37 - Friend in the other room.. BERNIE!
       Friend that's moved to Orlando, looking for work at
         Universal or Disney. Costumer, Bernie the Mountain Dog.
1:38 - Dream Job? "Just to be employed would be nice.."
       Favorite Game? "Ugh.. Warhammer 40,000"
1:39 - Bernie's Art Site:
       Mutt "Is there anything VCL people might want to be wary
         of before they go there?" "Oh Yeah :)"
       Favorite Christmas gift: "A job." "Besides a job"
         "StormTrooper Uniform"
1:40 - Star Wars fan. Favorite Char: Darth Vader. Not NSync kid
       <DeathStarEXPLODES!.av> Bernie "There we go :)"
       Food. Mom's dish "Polish Kilabasa (sp??)"
1:41 - Mutt "Are you Polish?!" "No, I'm not Polish."
         Someone "He's a Polock! :) No.."
       Mutt and Yappy had a Polish taxi-driver, learned some lingo
       Polish Canadian?
1:42 - Yappy "He's a Polanuckanuk"
       Polish jokes. Bernie just smirks and nods.
       Zipper or Button fly? "Button fly.."
       Gum under table? Sometimes
       Dream of killing someone? "Yes."
1:43 - Flying dream? "Many many times :)"
         Flying standing up, levitating! Like Black Hole robot
       Playstation or Nintendo? "Yes :)"
       "Have you ever sniffed your finger after it being in your
         belly button?" Bernie :) .... . "What?  No..."
1:44 - Fold or Wad? Bernie ??  <DeepThroat.mp3>
       Music type - Classical, Techno, Metal, good mix.
1:45 - Questions from the Audience: Favorite Movie? "StarWars"
         Mutt "Which one?" "Empire Strikes Back"
       Shoe? Size 11
       Cat or Dog? "Dog. Got 3 of them :)"<DogRunsAcrossScreen.fx>
         Arthur "You would.."
       LOTR vs Harry Potter "Lord of the Rings for Sure.."
1:46 - Tod "Mashed Or Baked?" Bernie o_O "That would be Mashed.."
         Arthur "EYES..."
       Cartoon char? ".." Crappy "Me!"  "Bugs Bunny.. Teen Titans"
       Beatles vs Elvis "Beatles!" <RockingPeople.fx>
1:47 - Actor, Actress "Harrison Ford & Segornie Weaver"
       Magic 8-ball? "Will I.. be employed, next year. At all."
         Mutt swears 8-ball doesn't lie!"
1:48 - Says: "You May Rely On It!" Yays!
       Cool people who live in Davenport. And JR.
       Tod "We could have our own episode of Friends!"
1:49 - Rasvar "Who gets to shoot somebody then?" Mutt "ME!"
       Mutt thanks Bernie for coming in!
       <WarpingAcrossTheGalaxy.fx> "WOAH!"
       Tod has a list of questions about the Pawpet Show.. time
         for Who Wants to Win Nothing and Like It!
1:50 - Corsair's calling in. Tod "I hope you've been watching the
         show for several years!"
      Crappy recalls wierdness of Davenport, skyscraper in pasture?
1:51 - Sermon by Reverend Cow -Spider. Tod "I feel moved!" "MOO!"
1:52 - Cow impersonates fly on windshield, SMASHES flat on stage!
         Tod "Do it again, please! ?" "Wha..OhNo.Ahh.." SPLAT!
       Cow goes an impression of Poink? ".....Moo!"
       Cow does Rasvar, expands in size at he/she/it nears camera.
         Poink "It looks just like me, no Buttcrack! :P"
1:53 - Cow attacks Poink! Is repelled by slinky-gun!
    Rasvar takes the slinky gun and uses it on Poink "OwOwOwOwOw!"
       Corsair Hellos! "Calling in from Osowa Japan."
       Nava-stationed. Record for long-distance callin.
1:54 - Corsair's been watching since Arthur's last year.
       Tod notes 8 questions, multiple choice, from last 4 years.
       #1: "What is Mama Folksmanis's first name?" "Mama?"
         A) Jenny B) Julie C) Judy D) Janie
1:55 - Corsair picks C, bingo! "I've ordered a few Folkmanis.."
       #2: Yappyfox apartment. "What song was played during the
         infamous Keyhole-Cam segment? Was it.."
         A) Shake Your Booty B) That's the Way I Like It
         C) Jeepers Creepers D) Theme from Deep Throat
1:56 - Corsair ers.. "I have no clue." A?
         Tod "No.. that's one's wrong." Poink "You Suck! :)" "NO."
         Answer B.
       <Joker'sWild.mp3> #3: "Who has NOT done an opening segment
         for the Funday Pawpet Show? Was it.."
         A) Benjamin Franklin    B) Trout Fishing In America
         C) Star Wars Troopers   D) Wierd Al
1:57 - Corsair "..Wierd Al." Crappy "Is that your final answer?.."
         Corsair yeps. Right!
       #4. Who's made a song about the Pawpet Show Cast?
         A) 2 the Ranting Griffin.. Corsair "I can answer that one
         already, cause I've heard 2's download."
       #5. "Which of the Following Props has been used to decorate
         the stage for a themed show:"
         A) Easter Lillies      B) Fire Crackers
         C) A bolt of Fur (Whose? o_O) D) Mirror from Yap Bedroom
1:58 - Corsair goes for A. Bingo! First Easter Show. Crappy "And
         somebody farted.."
       Mutt urks "I've got to edit together a Best Of one of these
         days.. or one of these years.."
       #6. "Which of the Following is the Traditional Answer for
         the end of a Win Nothing And Like It Question?"
(o_O)    A) None of the Above     B) Yappyfox
         C) Love                  D) Raini Cute
(I thought it was always "E) Yappyfox"?) "Hmm.."
1:59 - Corsair guesses B) Yappyfox. Bing! Mutt "Should have made
         it D) :P"
       #7. "What is the official name of the Pawpet Show's Theme
         A) Soul Bossa Nova       B) Popcorn
         C) The Boss Bash (?garbled) D) Driving
       Corsair "That would be A) Soul Bossa Nova" (aka That Freaky
         Austin Powers Thing) Tod "You just made Yappy happy!"
2:00 - #8: "What is the name of the occasional Insect Guest that
         visits the Pawpet Show?"
         A) Skeeter          B) Bloodsucker
         C) N Sephilitus     D) Bug
(You forgot Pep!) Corsair "N Sephilitus" 7/8!
       Mutt "Fantastic! Congratulations Sir, you know what you
         WIN?" Corsair "..Absolutely Nothing!" 8/9!
         YAYS! Tod "And you LIKE it!"
       Corsair is happy, although he still has to pay for the
         long distance from Japan..

************ END OF PART ONE *****************

Pawpet Show #193 - Tribute to Justin Bray - Timeline 2/2
compiled by (Blackfoot Ferret) [And his computer]

2:01 - Corsair hopes his Service discount for the callin from
        Japan is high..
      Magic 8-ball "Will I be leaving Japan when I plan too?"
        8-ball thumbs up!
      Corsair gets back April 9th, folks want him to visit
        and give out military secrets!
      Corsair "I'd have to shoot you, and I don't want to do
        that.. except maybe Poink."
      Poink blinks? "What about Poink?" Tod "He says he can
        shoot you." "Oh, yah! Here.. take your best shot :P"
[Umm.. aren't you a ferret too?] (O_O DOH! >_<)
2:02 - Corsair's likes the show because of the goofy things
        everyone does when together.
      Mutt "What's your least favorite thing about the Pawpet
        Show?" Tod "It's on every week?"
      Corsair goes with Rasvar & Yappy's music choices.
      Rasvar "Ok, just for that.." <ChristmasInHawaii.mp3>
      Favorite thing in Japan? Doesn't get off base much, but
        good area.
2:03 - Mutt "What do they feed you? Is it Japanese food?"
        Corsair "We've got regular American food on the base
        here, all the fast food you can think of.."
http://www.sherm.20megsfree.com/burgerking.swf (UGH..)
      Mutt "Is there a McDonald's around there?"
      Corsair "There's a McDonald's off the base, which is
        actually better than any McDonald's I've ever had in
        the States.."
http://home.comcast.net/~alanweiss3/dwedit/flash/rockandrollmcdonalds.html (UGHHH!) Mutt "Tofu burger?" Corsair nopes.
      Corsair "Mostly into seafood over here" Mutt "Yuck.."
      Cheers for Corsair! Corsair "Yay.." Signs off.
2:04 - PAWPETS NORTH COAST! http://ppnc.pawpet.org/videos/
      "Marching to Pretoria!"
      Heading to the capital of South Africa, or at least
        around a table. Smothers Raccoons try to get the
        audience to join in...
2:06 - Another try "This'll be a fun thing for ya! Ok Gang?
        .... nod your heads!"
      Square dancing "And grab your partner!" coon whispers
        to the other ".. by the hand! <LOL> Makes a
2:07 - Bridge of the River Kwai. Whistling the words. "..which
        were dirty." Whistling = Mkay?
      "You sleep with me I'll sleep with you.." brother grabs
        the microphone!
2:08 - Lots of whistling.
2:09 - CREDITS: "Pretoria" The Smothers Brothers
      Tommie & Dickie: Stargazer
      Performed at Midwest Furfest 2003
2:10 - Seal just stares at the camera. Arthur "Hey, that's my
        face!" Orking!
      Chorus of <InYourHead.mp3> Nerd loves the Cranberries!
2:11 - Nerd wants to do a song later. "We wee going to
        interview Alisson before he watches the attrawcity?"
      <SitComWindows.fx> Nerd hmms an 80's showtune.
2:12 - <SpaceShipBridge.fx> Nerd "OH the STARS HERE!" Arthur
        floats. Mutt o_O
2:13 - Encountering strange beings with a different number of
        eyes. O_O oO_Oo.  Arthur does cartwheels!
2:14 - <TheSafetyDance.mp3> Pawpet jam. Mini-Shak and exotic
        skeleton dancers join in.
2:15 - "Everybody look at your hands!" Arthur uhohs.
2:16 - Dancing from pole to pole. Skeletons make moves on
      Nerd mutates O_O oO_Xx "Hi Awther!" "..Hi!"
2:17 - <SanfordAndSon.mp3> Mutt airbugles. Barbie is occupied
      Rummage "I hated that show as a kid." Music ends?
2:18 - Nerd turns green, mutates even more OO_OO "Ah,haHA.."
      4 eyes -with- glasses. Arthur "Look into my eye?"
        "I can swee Evwerywhere!"
2:19 - Nerd shows off his new look. Rummage doesn't like? "You
        didn't bring me food."
        Nerd "Okawy.. you can eat my.."
http://www.stupidvideos.com/?VideoID=192 [Better than BurKing]
      Mutt cracks up. Rummage "Bring it on! I'll biteya :P"
        Carrot appeals for peace! Rummage "I don't' want
        recycled food."
2:20 - Pink Flamingos! People have to get JR off the couch
        first? Flu season.
      Mutt "Who in channel is sick right now?"
http://furnitureporn.com/roofsex.html (Here)
2:21 - Show #200 in about 8 weeks.
      <More80'sTVThemes.mp3> Mutt tries to guess. Rummage HAs
2:23 - FC logistics. Who's all going?
2:24 - Airfare talk. Arthur fights a tongue-spring thing?
2:25 - Setting up for You're So Stupid. Rummage farts.
        Nerd "I put in my contact lenses."
2:26 - Nerd explains the rules while an axe beats him over
        the head. Alysson has 10 words to guess, Nerd gives
2:27 - Turning on lights. KP "Everything's on a remote control
        in this house. I'm afraid if I touch anything.. It'll
        blow up." Comparing Yappy's house to NORAD.
http://www.norad.com/ [No network is unreachable?.. O_O]
      Splitscreen, Alysson prepares for the worst.
2:28 - <PriceIsRight.mp3> Clues start, then folks notice
        Alysson doesn't have a microphone.
      Nerd "This was.. on my brother's feet that smelled
        bad!" Alysson "Toenails?" Nerd o_O "No, that too!.."
2:29 - "Fungus?" "No underneath them!?" "Socks!" *Bing*
      More footwear? "This is what goes over yowre ass."
      Underware! Next.. "This is what they're making me wear
        at work now.." "Tie?"
      Ramen noodles. Check. Nerd "This is what Rasvar is."
        Ras "HEY!" peers at the camera margin.
2:30 - Alysson tries being PC "Santa Claus? :)" Nerd "No, this
        is like..." cracks up!
      Clue "You would buy in bulk to cook with if you lived
        in the country.." (O_o) Alysson "..WHAT? :P"
      Unhealthy butter substitute. "Tub of Lard?" *Bing!*
2:31 - Nerd "This is what you have, when you sneeze, and stuff
        comes out your face."
      Alysson doesn't want to know.. "Kleenex?.."
      Nerd looks at the next one "Oh Jeez..."
2:32 - Nerd "This is something.. you might give someone.. if
        you were a cheap bastard and recycling that someone
        else had given you in the past.." "Fruit cake?"
      Nerd tries to cue in White Elephant..
      "It's like 2002 was what?.." Alysson is just a bit
        flustered ".. Wait, I don't know."
      "2002 was WHAT? What was 2002 as compared to today?"
        "Oh, Y2K?" Nerd gets flustered. "No.." stagehand
        steals one of his contacts. "DAHM YOU HER-BIE!"
      Nerd oks.. "2003 is What?" "A year?"
      Nerd "What year?" "..this year?"
      Nerd nods "Yes, what was 2002?" "Three years ago? :)"
      LOLs in background! Nerd"YOU'RE BEING A SMARTASS NOW!!"
2:33 - Nerd is officially disgruntled. "You're doing that on
      Christmas. Presents. Gifts. "Christmas Gifts? :)"
2:34 - Next item: "This is what you're getting for Christmas.
        This is black and made from animals.."
      Next item "And this is a smell guy who's on owur show
        and he makes jokes about penises alot." Alys "WHAT??"
(Rodney Carrington?) LOLs! Nerd "He's a fwerret. And his name
        sounds like a sound effect."
      Alysson hmms.. "Ah.. Nerd?.. :)" Nerd sighs "No.."
      "His name is like a sowund effect! Like if you poke
         somebody." Alysson "Poink." "AHH!" Nerd collapses in
2:34 - Rasvar yays :) Arthur gives the whole list.
2:35 - Alysson "I don't know.." Arthur "I don't get it either"
      Nerd oks "Now are we going to show Devine doing things?
2:36 - Consensus in channel: JavaChickn's hot. Devin "MINE!"
2:37 - PAWPETS NORTH COAST! http://ppnc.pawpet.org/videos/
      Gitarzan! The Elvis of vine-swingers.
      Reggae yodeling rock!
2:38 - Jane with-no-last-name solos!
      Monkey oogaogga the base!
2:39 - Characters get together, Gitarzan Band!
      Highlight of the 70's ^_^
      CREDITS: "Gitarzan" Ray Stevens
        Dutch - Akeakami               Arwin - Zorro
        Gina Doberman - Dripdry        D.A.George - Wildfox
      Performed Live at Midwest FurFest 2003
2:40 - Camera returns to stage. Mutt wows.. it works!
      PINK FLAMINGOS! Dont' give away the ending ^_^
2:41 - Today's victims: Alysson and Creedence.
        Alysson "Do we get cookies or anything?"
      TV "What you are about to see is the REAL THING!"
      <CaroselMusicFromHell.mp3> Closeup on Alys and Cree.
2:42 - No food?? Too late.. Alys "Oh my gawd...:P "
      Alys gains various degrees of tanning. Cree :) :) :) ?
2:42:14 - The *UGH* moment. Cree "SHIT!" Alys looks around
        the room to see who ELSE is nuts!
      Analysis: Alys "eeUUUGH.." Cree "Reminds me of one of
        the guys I used to work with.." Mutt notes it might
        be :)
2:43 - Mutt yays! "You've officially been on the show now :)'
      Cree and Cree's fiancé interview. Cree "We have a
        Pawpet Show virgin here, btw." Fiancé (name?) "I
        haven't run screaming from the house yet :)"
2:44 - Florida's good, no snow, like in Northeast.
2:45 - Moving to Florida permanently. Interview starts
      Movies? Her "Crow" Cree "Mask"
      Food? "Dead." "Partially cooked."
      Music "Anything, I'm a Manson girl :)" "Steve Miller"
2:46 - Creedence for Creedence Clearwater? "I get so many
        jokes on the Muck about it that it's getting old."
      Books? "LOTR." "I have no favorite books..
      TV? Doesn't watch? "Inuyahsa." (+10 coolness points)
      Cartoon chars? Cree "Mr. Director" "I don't have one..
        I watch everything!" Decent with new He-man.
2:47 - Drinks? "Dr Pepper"
      Cereal? Cree "What's breakfast?"
      Favorite Fast Food? "JrBaconCheeseburgersFromWendy's"
(Could be worse.) Cree "I don't eat fast food.."
      Rasvar: http://www.sherm.20megsfree.com/burgerking.swf
2:48 - Dream vacation? She picks South Korea? Cree Australia.
      Animal? Cree "Gee, there's an obvious one.. fox."
      Toy to be? "Adult or child? o_O" Fiancé "Slinky."
        Cree "Model airplane.
      Pet Peeves. Fiancé "Being stuck on a camera.."
2:49 - Cree "People on the Muck (FurryMuck) who forget where
        their shift key and punctuation is." (WHAT, WHY'/)
      Applause. Channel Q: Worst Christmas present?"
        Cree - Elton John CD. Fiancé "90% of clothing.."
      Best? Cree "Playstation" Fiancé "Super Nintendo"
      Always wanted too..? Cree "Skydiving." "Get myself in
        culinary school."
2:50 - Baklava. Chicken Fish.
      Mutt "Goofy or Pluto?" Fiancé "Goofy!" Cree hmms "Both,
        I guess."
      Day or Night? Fiancé "I'm a morning person!"
      Jason or Freddy? Split!
      Spider vs Superman? "Spiderman looks better in tights!"
      Wierd Al? "Nirvana." "Polka yer eyes out."
      Ghostrider or the Crow? "Crow!"
2:51 - Video game? "FF7" "Starfox adventures" Ras yays!..
      Barney, or Scrappy Doo? Fiancé "Can I killem both? I
        pick both to kill!"
      Streaked? Nope.
2:52 - Dog or Cat? "Cat." "Yes." "We have both" "And a ferret"
      Van Halen or Metallica? "Metallica."
      Magic 8-ball: "Is the transmission gonna fall out of my
        truck before the end of the year?"
      Signs point to YES. Cree "Ok, it's under warrantee."
2:53 - Creedence and Rogue!
2:55 - "I'm not gay.. I'm not gay, but I dance around in a gay
        gay way!" <repeating loop>
2:55:30 - Still looping.
2:55:45 - Tod "O.K.."
2:56 - Nerd wows, somepeople in the house like the same bands
        he does!
2:57 - FLASH CLIP: Linux geeks invade Earth from space?
2:58 - Nerd leads people in crazy Devo-like song!
2:59 - Adding one instrument at a time, Java does guitar.
      Funky middleeastern rock stomp percussion
3:00 - Something about taking out people's hearts o_O
      "Let it grow a couple eyes, then hold it up high and
        let it FLY let it FLY!"
3:01 - BV goes freakazoid and tries eating barbies.
        Fuzzle bangs keyboard keys with his nose.
3:02 - Someone beats BV over the head repeated with the entire
        keyboard. She enters a nirvana-like state.
3:02:25 - The song, whatever it was, stops. Just like that o_O
      Nerd notes it was "Show us your Heart" by Need New Body
3:03 - Squeaking attracted Bandit! Bandit looks up around the
        stage, stagehands tries to get him back down.
      Tod "Hi Bandit's right over here beside me.. (looks
        down) don't you dare step on my ankle.. get away.. go
        away.. you're cute, go away! :).. you're heavy..
        don't hurt me.."
      Tod "So! That was fun. That was Devin music. When you
        want Devin music, that's what you get! Lotsa wierd,
        wacky stuff."
      Yappy and the House of the Remote Controls.
3:04 - Glow in the dark remote controls? Changing colors?
      Tod notes Yappy can start music from behind the stage
        now! Arthur "But I can still unplug it from behind
        the equipment."
      Rasvar "If you unplug the server, that's not what that
        one goes through.." "That's fine, I'll figure it out.
3:05 - Arthur's cool toys? "Me? I have nothing.." Art sketch
      Tod has bug-eyed alien head that wiggles.
        Arthur "That's very disturbing.."
3:06 - Tod got a lot of White Elephant gifts.. people left
        them at his house :P
      <DevinMusic.mp3> Comic book review!
3:07 - Herbie shows people "Thundercats Hammerhead Revenge"
        Lion-O rides a griffin?
      StarWars Empire. Darth Vader poses. Darth is in a field
        fighting monsters.
3:08 - Jamie Hewlet "Tank Girl" reissue.
3:09 - Gorillaz videos artist. Tod "Not for children under 12"
      Stan Winston's Realm of the Claw. Convention special?
        Artist for movie "AI" and costumes for "The Wiz"
3:10 - Anthro fans for Realm of the Claw. Catpeople!
3:11 - New style of Spiderman. Gorillaz style? Herbie notes
        its not Manga. Artist Ramos.
      Lots of good stuff that isn't Anime.
3:12 - Peter Parker's Spiderman. Compilation. More Ramos-esk
      Heavy Metal comic, 25 years.
      Herbie "And there we go, with this week's comic book
3:13 - Marvel, DC, Image, then everyone else. Once sold out
        stores don't get more of small press?
(They'd better have Girl Genius in stock) [Send this guy
after them]
      Comic stores sell out, so they dont' buy more. Stupid.
      ARM JAMS! http://pawpet.org/funday/art/2003-12-14/
3:14 - ART! 4-eyed nerd says daddy to scientist from Lilo and
        Stitch. "This is not one of Jumbas.."
      Art: Santa <Saddam> Captured! Rasvar "And was
        forced to get a Prince Albert.
3:15 - Art: Michael Eisner gets so many piercings he has
        an AC of -40. Prince Albert -IN- a can.
      Work of the diabolical Hobbes :) Other unlabeled.
      News: Poink works at Burger King? "DING porn is done!"
3:16 - Jess sings Poink's Burger King song!
3:17 - Michael Eisner is the Dwarf King from Shrek.
      Crappy's head has been pierced by a giant safety pin?
3:18 - Muzzle ring shuts Poink's mouth completely!
      Roxi shows the Bray Brothers together with Nerd.
3:19 - Creedence wants to pawpet, Tod asks Rasvar for a Random
        Song. Rasvar oh boys :)
      Cree "Nothing too old.. alright?" "I think you'll know
        this one.."
3:20 - Creedence puppets to Steve Miller's<FlyLikeAnEagle.mp3>
        Super flying Ken?
3:22 - ..or it is flying Alien? o_O
3:23 - One more ART JAM: Nonsanity compares Justin Bray to..
        Elitist Baby? Arthur notes one has a nose ring..
3:25 - Alien bugs Arthur!
      <ItAin'tMe.mp3> Ezra "This is a Rummage song!"
3:27 - Creedence Clearwater!
      People leaving? Ezra "The show runs late, a lot of
        people have to work really early in the morning."
      Cree "Well, that's the great thing about being
        unemployed." Ezra arghs "That's the only good thing
        about being unemployed. I was there, I hated it :/ "
3:28 - Ezra "What in the WORLD?! o_O Wow, that's my caption"
      Creedence "My caption is gezuntite.."
      Rasvar notes the guy got a world record for shoving *8*
        rattlesnakes in his mouth. Looks like a disemboweled
        Agent Smith.
-Mmmm.. snakes!
-Snakes.. why did it have to be snakes..?
-"Ah! Finally found a large plushie snake to eat me.." LOLs! ?
3:29 - Diet of Worms. Big ones.
-Cthuhlu lives Forever
-Jungle Book: "Trust in me......"
Rasvar "If guys wanna be tortured, send in things to make me
-Ethiopian buffet
-New, Politically Correct Freak Show
-Eating Medusa's head (Brainnnnnzz!)
3:30 - "Talk about a mouth full of tail.."
-I think my spaghetti is hissing..
-So that's what happens when you eat a bag of snake eggs..
-You might be a redneck if..
-Snakes: Guys? I think we took a wrong turn at Alberqurerky..
-There's a trouser snake joke in here somewhere but I'm not
gonna say it..- Punktiger  Ezra "Thank you!" Crappy "He just
-BLLLARRRG!! Crappy "Blarg! ^_^"
3:31 - Rasvar "Rasvar goes ballistic after the Jags don't
    make it to the big game *again*.."
-The next spits or swallows! Crappy "I'm gonna say No.."
-After the toilet, where do snakes go?
-RainMan that was made in India.
-BIG tape worms..
-Snakes, why did it have to me snakes?
3:32 - SHOUT OUTS! Picture says up.
      Trixi "Hi, this is for Devin, just to let him know that
        he is a wonderful person, and friend, and that I love
        him dearly, I wish I could do more, much love to
        everyone of the Pawpet crew, from Trixi"
      People try squeezing, but end up wheezing. Ezra worries
        what Trixi-squeaks would do to Bandit!
3:33 - Chill challenges folks to name episode where coyote
        caught the road runner?
      Friend of Tayeesha apologizes and gets an extra Xmas
        present for her and a friend.
      To: Poink  From: Bambi. "I'm PREGNANT! And you're the
        father! And I'm gonna kill ALL THREE OF US!" Ezra oks
3:34 - TonyRingtail's party rocked! - Proceanlotor
      "Devin, you're an eagleheart - The Family"
      Morphy wants to diss stupid customers for Xmas present
3:35 - Sefina happy holidays, and wishes she had more time
        to visit :)
      Ras "Ok.. it's poem time.."
-Take a look to the sky just before you die  (?)
-It is the last time you will
-Blackened roar, Massive roar fills the crumbling sky
-Shattered goal fills us all with bristles cry.
-Stranger now for his eyes to dismiss fury
-Crack of dawn, all is gone except the will to be
-Now they will see what will be, blinded eyes to see
-And I know I mangled it, because I don't know the song <Ras>
3:36 - Try to guess what movie this is from: "Sire's the
        buyers, winner wins.. NOTHING!" KP "Labyrinth"
-Please Please Please have a show on Feb 1, since that's
Suedeer and My shared birthday! -Unsigned
-More Devin Music! Hooray!
-Squire should be doing the ironing (?) Ras "Ok.."
-I hate those puzzles that look like a jumbled mass of horse
shoes and rings. (nods)
3:37 - To Justin: May whatever pain you had begone, whatever
  sorrow you had washed away, whatever coldness formed,
  whatever fears aswayed. May your guiding light be bright,
  your brotherly love intact, your spirit be strong and your
  faith be unswereving. Your first journey may be complete,
  may you have many more, may your sails be furled, and your
  course be true. - The Captain's Prayer. - Syook.
  Rasvar "And that was it." Ezra "Thank you everyone."
3:38 - Back to the stage. Ezra "And lets keep the shout-outs
        drama-free shall we? Keep no politics in there.."
(Can't I just say that Bush sucks?) [No, this whole thing is
 one big shoutout that didn't fit in the box.]
  Ezra "Unless you're making fun of politics!"(Thank you :) )
      20 minutes left. Ezra "Oh look! Poink woke up! And he's
        got bad hair!" camera turns
    JR "Piss off." Ezra "No! Anytime a castmember sleeps
      its recorded on the show, we get to make fun of them :)
    Cree arghs "That got me? Not him.."
    Bandit is still after Carrot. JR "It's no squeaky anymore
      it's slobbery o_O"
3:39 - Stuff Crappy didn't do over the holidays!
      Next week: Christmas show! White Elephant!
        Rasvar "Re-gifting!" Ezra accusing Ras of trying to
        take Mach's candy.
      White Elephant gifts were too good? Corty got a piggy
        bank with slot in the rear? Stuff the money up.. o_O
3:40 - Ras had worst paper.. paper towels?
      Yappy goes o_O unwrapping carton of Ramen noodles.
3:41 - Cree "What's so bad about ramen noodles?" Ras "It's
        only a problem if JR cooks them! :)" Ezra "JR will
        burn your house down trying to cook ramen noodles!"
Somewhere deep in the house.. "oh, bring back the old news.."
      Rasvar "He's the only guy I know who's tried to cook
        Ramen noodles and had the Fire Department show up!"
        Ezra "While he's sitting on the can." Ras "Asleep!"
      Ras asks the difficult questions.. "When you fall
        asleep on the can? What kind of ring does that leave?
      Ring on can, or person? Crappy "I never looked back
        there O_O"
3:42 - New Years show, utterly destroying 2003. Bad year! Bad!
      Layoffs, injuries, death, war, Eisner, Bandit chewed
        water hose flooding Yappy's bed and bath. Wall still
        need fixing o_O
3:43 - People fawn over Bandit the Destroyer. Rasvar "At least
        he hasn't puked up today." Yesterday though.
3:44 - Rasvar "Bandit! NO!" pushes Bandit away from carpet..
        chunks fly out on linoleum.
        Poink notes Rasvar is a LOT bigger than Bandit o_O
      Stagehand holds The Hose out for the camera.
3:45 - Rasvar uses the hose to tie up Poink.
        Poink shrugs "There you go.. smell that babe."
3:46 - Massive gas alert. Ras ughs.. "Just for that I think we
        have to play some music.." Poink "Learn to live with
        it kid! Trust me, what I just did is nothing
        compared to what your mother can do."
      A short delay. Rasvar "*HUH*!?" Poink "I should know!
        I lived with her! (garbled) could FART! ^_^" Ras.....
      Jess hmms "You know Raini's gonna kill you after this?"
        Poink "Strip the varnish off a foot locker! :P"
      <SheBlindedMeWithScience.mp3> Poink "Oh hell.."
3:48 - A study of science. Chemicals. 80's techno.
      Bambi and Ezra beat up the mini-computer! [HEY!]
3:49 - Crappy "Science!" <ZebraStripes.fx> "Ahh!"
3:50 - Poink's inflatable sheep jams along. Crappy solos!
      <WierdWarp.fx> Crappy "Ahh!"
3:51 - <Confetti.fx> Nerd "BlingBlingBling..BlingBlingBLing!"
      <Tinkerbiatch.fx> BING! Ezra disappears, reappears.
      Tinkerbiatch turns Ezra into Poink? Then a voop?
3:52 - Devin has an idea. "Bring the fairy back."
        Ezra "Hey Mach..?"
  <FLASH.fx> Nerd has become Java. Woah. "hOWdIDtHISaPPEN??"
      Cree is now a voop. "Somebody tell me what's going on?"
3:53 - <FLASH.fx> <FLASH.fx> <FLASH.fx> <FLASH!.fx>
      Devin wants silent run of the credits with picture of
        his brother.
3:54 - Frame buff is down? Picture on screen is frozen.
3:54:40 - Camera reupdates as Devin is pressing his face
      against it. "uuurrGHHRAA!"
3:55 - Devin the Russian Nutcracker puppet? o_O Devin works
        his bearded lower jaw. GRRRAS! Tod "He looks like
        he's got Peter Griffin chin!"
      Devin GRRAS? Tod "You look like you've got testicles
        for a chin!" Devin o_O Crappy "No. Weird.."
      Devin bugs out. Crappy looks like Arthur?
      Signing off.
      Tod "Everybody on the show wants to express their
        condolences to Devin, you -know- you got friends here
        pal. Lots of friends, all over the place. All over
        the world in fact!" Crappy "Yep." Devin "Yep. I do."
3:56 - Poink. Arthur looks at him?
      Poink "See? Even I have a heart." Tod "Yes you do ^_^"
        Poink erps "Can't find it.." lots of positive
        feedback from channel :) ".. most of the time."
      Poink "It's a night folks!"
3:57 - Naturally, though, Poink has to filk the lyrics <g>
The Funday Pawpet Show Cast
Herbie Hamill       Randy Fox       Jim Mogle (FFX ROCKS!)
John Cole           Dan Boatright   Dan Merillat
Melissa Merillat    Devin Bray      Jess Kiela
Scott Garron        Patrick Dowden

Music List:
"Soul Bossa Nova" Quincy Jones - Austin Powers II - (Remix
 by PunkTiger)
"No Rain" Blind Melon
"Delta Dawn" Helen Reddy
"Imperial March Techno Remix"(I thought Star Wars was techno?)
"Angel Baby" Helen Reddy
"Safety Dance" Men Without Hats
"Show Us Your Heart" Need New Body
"Fly Like An Eagle" Steve Miller
"Fortunate Son" Creedence Clearwater Revival
"She Blinded Me With Science" Thomas Dolby
"Adios, Auevoir, Aufweidesien" Lawrence Welk Orchestra

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Aetobatus     Thumper     Frysco    Timduru     Harik
Vitapup       Simba

Copyright 2003 - Randy Fox.

3:58 - Tod thanks just about everyone, even Bandit, hose
        chewing or not.
3:58:38 - <Goodnight!.mp3> Poink "Go download some porn!"
3:58:40 - Picture of Justin Bray.

*********** END OF SHOW 193 *********