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Funday Pawpet Show #175 - 4th of July - July 6th, 2003 - Timeline 1/2
compiled by (Blackfoot Ferret) [And his computer. Namely, ME.]

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How NOT to set off $4k of fireworks    O_O     - 0:06
Fun at the Wierd Al Concert!                   - 0:26
Zobmondo - The Game of Hard Choices            - 0:54
Whole series of Flashbacks                     - 1:55
Spits or Swallows: Squid-based fake seafood    - 2:17
More Flashbacks: Very first Easter Bunny Death - 2:39
Tribute to Barry White                         - 3:03
Death by Tech Talk Abbreviations (DTTA)        - 3:28

************** SHOW #176 - 4th of July! ************
0:00 - 9..8...7....6.....5.......4.........
0:01 - Character parade. Not-Austin-Powers music.
0:04 - Show starts! Big flag behind stage.
         And Yappy farts. "I didn't fart." Mutt "You just farted, I
           heard you!" The dog? Rasvar "The dog's over -here-.."
           Bandit's everywhere. Yappy "He's biting my butt!!"
         Mutt hellos to the audience! "Welcome to the Funday Pawpet
           Show!" YappyFerret "HELP!" "We open the show, with at least
           20 minutes of.. toilet conversations.."
         Yappy "Have you ever noticed a dog tongue.." Mutt "Every
           single week!" "..dog tongue, looks like a.." <CANNON.MP3>
           YappyFerret still thinks it looks like ham. Or bologna.
           Poink "Some people eat tongue.."
0:05 - Countries where people eat dogs.
           TheMostCharmingThings..mp3> Mutt "wow.." Poink "O.K."
         KP "Is that Fuzzle, or Scritch?" People look at YappyFerret?
           YappyFerret "... Ida know o_O"
         Channel complements Yappy for hanging the flag properly.
           "I know my stuff :)" born on 4th of July, literally.
0:06 - ReHappyBirthdaysToYappy, celebration last week. Poink "And
           we celebrated the American way.. by having Tai food."
         3 1/2 HOURS of FIREWORKS? KP "Until July the 5TH!"
         Mutt recalls 400ft slip and slide?
0:07 - <PatrioticMusic.mp3> Poink recalls fireworks duel. "I took a
           fireball from a mortar on top of the head." KP nods "Your
           hair was on fire."
         JR/Poink's bummed that his Hawaiian shirt took damage. Ras
           notes Carlfox got a hole burned in his bathing suit "Almost
           in the wrong spot o_O"
         Recalling various incidents of fire damage.
0:08 - Rasvar wonders who had the bottle rockets go off in their
           pockets? Friend. Poink "Is he ok?" KP "Yeah, they shot
           straight down into the ground, he had them pointing down
           instead of up."
0:09 - Channel folks recall 4th of July adventures.
         KP cam! KP is happy he lost more weight this week, but
           modestly complements his friends that broke even.
0:10 - Concert last night: Folks saw Wierd Al!
         Simba tries getting in the house, but is trapped in backyard?
0:11 - People arrive, someone belches into the microphone. Happiness
0:12 - People ask Harik about 4th of July. Simba "Talk about them!"
           Harik "Wait, what..? It was the 4th of July." "And we
           Partied.." "We..ah..we had some burgers.. we had hot dogs..
           had some ribs.. we had some chicken.. we had some people..
           we had a pretty good FIRE :)"
         40 people discharging $3k of high-end fireworks.
http://www.stupidvideos.com/?VideoID=86 Harik "I found two unused
           mortars in my lawn."
         Rasvar "How much DEBRIS was there?" "Not too much.. that
           night I went and like burned it all. And nearly took out
           the tree."
0:13 - Harik "The most entertaining part was probably at the end of
           the night when I had everything in the fire, cause some of
           those roman candles had like a shot or two left."
http://www.stupidvideos.com/?VideoID=666 [Do not Taunt happyfunball]
         Simba OHs at tracer rounds passing him while eating a burger.
         KP "We did discover something else.. about JR and Rasvar's
           ability to shoot off fireworks.." Poink "Oh shut up :P"
           "They CAN'T..?" Throw fireworks at own feet?
         Debate: Whose rocket set the Tree on fire?
0:14 - Rasvar likes mortar shot that bounced from screen back into
           the tree :) Simba ers.. "We set up this own timed fuse
           thing.. and, ah, lots of mortar tubes? And.. never nailed
           down the other mortar tubes.. cause.. the guy that was
           supposed to do that forgot to..so.."
         Mortars turn and aim at users, Magneto style.
         Poink "Oh, what was even more fun.. we had that whole line
           of mortars? And it burned the caps out of the bottom of two
           of them and we didn't know it? So instead of the mortar
           going straight up in the air it came out the bottom and
           shot at me and Simba?" Simba "Yep. That was fun ^_^"
         Other times Simba was attacked by fireworks.
0:15 - Poink didn't like the guy with the blowtorch? "These will
           light these.. *fsst* MY HAND!"
         Poink "This should be a no-brainer, but alcohol and fireworks
           are not a good combination!"
         Harik recalls 3 people who brought mixings for Wedding Cake,
           and almost all of it was gone.
0:16 - Rasvar liked watching fireworks from the pool :)
         Rasvar and diving? "It was requested that I jump in to get
           rid of the water spider!" BOOM.
         Harik is diplomatic "Actually, there were a lot less water
           spiders.. but the shockwave from you jumping in the pool..
           broke the pool skimmer.." Rasvar dohs!
0:17 - Harik notes 4 dogs at the party clogged it with hair first.
         Poink notes people threw the dogs into the pool? o_O
0:18 - Mutt went to party with two live bands?
         People hello to Devin!
         KP and the Unique Salsa.
0:19 - KP "Me without my glasses on, I dip a chip and take a bite,
           and it tastes.. really..acrid.."
         KP puts his glasses on "The whole top of the jar is covered
           in Green Mold.."
         Someone ups the brightness in the kitchen sub-window, frying
0:20 - 4th of July accident.. drink responsibly. Poink "Do they
           still use the zip-lock bags?" Yappy "That's for the little
           parts that come off." KP "Motorcycle vs truck vs Van."
0:21 - Poink tells Rasvar not to say anything about how he drove
           yesterday, so Ras does. "He drives like someone from Ohio!"
0:22 - This week's Fat Bastards Weigh-ins.
         Ras notes worst drivers in FL have Ohio tags? Zany
           Disneyworld visitors, used to low-density traffic.
0:23 - Mutt's scared of people from England o_O
0:24 - Fat Bastard results! Simba gains more muscle?
0:25 - <DuelingBanjos.mp3> Bandit gains, hijacks more castmembers!
         Wierd Al changes costumes for every song, even montages o_o
0:26 - Rap parodies. Video clips from interview with Eminem?
0:27 - Nerdferret returns! Mutt "Happy 5th of July :)"
         Anthrocon in two weeks? Con plans.
0:28 - Getting up at 6AM for the flight. While smashed. FunFunFun.
0:30 - Wierd ticket discrepancies?
         Below camera range, Bandit starts eating Poink again.
0:32 - Nerd "The dog is stepping on my face.." YappyFerret "Do his
           paws smell like Fritos?" Mutt facehides.
0:33 - Yappy has interesting plans for before the con "When I get
           drunk, I like to get.." Mutt yammers!
           Rasvar "Do we want to see an odd video?"
http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view.php?id=132035 (Of course! :D )
         Poink "Are you talking about stroking your weasel?"
           Nerd "Abghabababaadada! Stopit!" Mutt bluralalaurgs!
         Following a XL tiger. Red lettering.. too low-res.
0:34 - Tiger sits down in a rollercoaster car?
         No.. a tractor. Tiger waves, then plays with the controls..
0:35 - Fun with big shovels! Operating the XL Sandbox Gundam.
0:36 - Tiger guns the engine..
         Wait.. nevermind. Tiger takes a bow.
0:37 - <RasvarControlsYourMind.subliminal>
         Video from Tibortiger! Mutt thanks! YapFer "He's cleaning out
           his litterbox."
         Mr. Rogers and road trips. Poink liked the Trojan factory?
0:38 - Plane ticket problem resolved. YapFer yays! "Now I can party
           all night, and get.. ah.." Nerd "What the HELL are you
           TALKIN ABOUT? o_O" Yap "I.. drink a lot at cons."
         Poink "Oh, just at cons!" KP "I wouldn't know anything about
           that.." YappyFerret "And I get flirty"
0:39 - ... Nerd "no."      Nerd "nnnNO!"
         Mutt calls for a video, fast!
0:40 - Video of rapping shark and tiger.
         Driving a car in a fursuit, and dancing.
0:41 - Steppin. Unabomber track?
         Backflips in a suit. Wow.
0:42 - 10 separate actrobatic feats in a fursuit O_O
0:43 - Rap Group was Jurassic 5. http://www.jurassic5.com/
         Nerd almost blew himself up. Yappy stayed safe in pool?
         People complains about mosquito bites?
0:44 - Rasvar is surprised there weren't more damaged puppets.
           Simba "I have singed fingers.." It's just not his week.
         Channel congrates Tibor on video! Tod "Tibor has joined the
           rest of Jurrassic five (joking?)"
         YappyFerret(aka FUZZLE from here below) jams "We-don't-like-
         The Ferrets-Singing-Like-Seal-Rap.
         Fuzzle does impromptu rap about him and Tod! Nerd losses an
0:45 - Nerd is injured. Has only two eyes O_O. >_<
         Fuzzle calls Tod a nerd? Tom "I'm not a nerd! The nerds were
           the ones at the concert last night all fighters over Wierd
           Al's underwear!"
0:46 - Attacking Al's sweaty towel? Al plays to the audience by
           tosses out underwear? Tod "These two girls are fighting
           over it for two songs!"
         Fuzzle erfs. "They were like 600lb women each!" humms 'They,
           Were A Fat Babe.. he didn't do that song, did he?"
http://atomfilms.shockwave.com/af/content/regurge03 (Nope)
0:47 - The Arthur Rap! Fuzzle "That's beat box!" Arthur "(cool) Ya,
           that's right." Tod "We want Arthur Rap." "I don't know how
           to do that.. I hate that! No Rap! None!"
         Tod Fuzzle and Nerd all rap. Arthur "Not for you.. not for
[So you don't like rap either?] (I get tongue tied when I try :/)
         Beatboxing vs. Rap? Arthur "No.. I'm not Sibe.."
         ?? Nerd explains Sibe called house one night, and wanted to
           do a freestyle rap about them. Nerd "And we laughed at him,
           because he's a dork :P"
         Nerd "HaHaHa! Sibe's a big dork everybody!" bows and departs
           Fuzzle greats. "And now we're about to get DDOSed.."
0:48 - Fuzzle does rap about history? Arthur "No!" leaves.
0:49 - Arthur runs from the evil Green Truck.
0:50 - Arthur joins rap. "What?  <dadada> No, who?"
0:51 - Rappers beat up the orchestra during the song? o_O
0:52 - The End. Arthur "What is going ON? o_O"
         Rasvar hmms "Ever notice how Country, and Rap, never cross
           over?" (TheCross.gif) Nerd "Actually, they do, quite
           frequently." (O_O) MTV2?
0:53 - Poink "So, country and rap would be called what, Crap?"
           People nod. Fuzzle does Dueling banjos with SBTechno.
0:54 - ZOBMONDO! Page 102--"What would you rather do? Would you
           rather have a bird that says F*U every time someone walks
           in the house, OR would you rather have a dog that humps
           all of your Guest's legs?"
         Lots choose the dog, Nerd takes the parrot "I don't want to
           take just one!"
         <Jeopardy.mp3> Poink "I'd have to pick the bird, because the
           legs are mine.."
0:55 - Channel plays with cast. Tod "Would you rather have to kill
           Winnie the Pooh, or Bambi?"
[You don't mean that.] (No, but I couldn't find a Pooh video)
         Consensus divided. Pooh is over-commercialized?
0:56 - Tod "Which would you want to watch for the rest of your life?
           Barney or Teletubies?"
         Teletubies win. Nerd "How much weed do I get to smoke?"
0:57 - Tod "Would you rather be stranded on an island for two years
           with 20 friends of your choice, or with a group of 20
           famous people of your choice?"
         Friends win. Arthur "I'm thinking..."
0:58 - Nerd "Can I pick 19 friends and 1 porn star?" "No." "Dammit."
         Yappyferret's name is now Scritch. Doh.
         404: "Would you rather have to wear a motorcycle helmet to
           bed every night." Nerd "Yes" "..Or always sleep with shoes
           and jeans on?"
0:59 - Nerd contorts. Poink likes helmet because of something
           Bambivoop does?
1:00 - Q 403 : Better to pay 25c for EVERY bathroom, or have EVERY
           bathroom in the world have only one square of tissue?
         <RockAndRoll.mp3> Arthur "uuUGH!"
         Toilet paper substitutes? "Your shirt!"
1:01 - Rasvar wonders what people do for diarrhea? Spirited debate.
1:02 - Buying Ass-Gaskets to avoid the curse. Sell squares on Ebay?
           Arthur "Can you guys spare a square?" 1 or 2 ply?
1:03 - Scritch notes square could be of giant size.
         Nerd pictures people like Johnny Appleseed replenishing
           paper for the public good.
1:04 - Scritch ponders civilization before toilet paper. It works.
1:05 - Corncobs and sand. Dries cobs vs wet cobs. Holes that hurt?
         Scritch "Of course, if you ate the corn earlier you could
           it back in the hole." Tod "LETS GET OFF THIS TOPIC!"
         Rasvar is pained. Scritch earperks? "You can't reload the
           corn cobs?'
1:06 - Rasvar "OK! WE'RE GONNA DO A SONG!"
         <WierdAl-SweetMelonny.mp3> "Why won't you go out with me?"
         "I never would have found her.. if I hadn't bought that
1:07 - Bambi shakes her head at Poink.. kisses Tod? Tod ^_^
1:08 - "I have to go through your garbage.. just to learn more
           about you!" [Square must like squares]
1:09 - Java drops down on Poink?
1:10 - Poink "I don't remember sleeping with anyone named Melonny.."
         CHANNEL ROLL CALL! <MexicanHatDance.mp3>
1:11 - Jess reads channel while Bandit attacks feet!
         Jess "MyNameIsMudd.. nice.." NonSnaty_Cat?
1:12 - 81 people! Mutt asks for Pawpet show virgins? Crappy "Yeah!"
         Zombmondo with Crappy. 203: "Would you rather be unable to
           stand up for yourself, OR never know when to back down?"
1:13 - Crappy thinks. "Um... read that again?"
         Jellyspine vs Jerk. Crappy and Mutt go for Jelly. Poink...
         Nerd "I'maJerkAnyways:D"
         Next Q: "Would you rather superglue your eyes open, or
           superglue them shut?"
1:14 - Contingent on what people are watching.
1:15 - Poink picks a number between 1-404. Poink grins.
         69: "Would you rather run-no walking-a half-marathon in
           wooden shoes, or bike 200 miles with no seat?"
[This is POINK..] "BIKE! :)" Lots of votes for shoes.
1:16 - Scritch "I found the history of toilet paper.."
         Muscle shells, coconut shells, kings use wool or lace?
           Arab world uses left hand.. and shakes with the right?
1:17 - Corncobs! Daily newspaper? Readily available squares.
         Crappy "I want ears like that!"
1:19 - First artificial Christmas trees used toiletbrush fiber?
1:20 - Mutt asks for submissions to Name that Toon.
1:21 - Screen freeze. Ras stuns Crappy and Poink in AHHHH position.
1:22 - Too confusing for the computer, crashes. [286]
         Rasvar inadvertently used his mysterious power to destroy
         Singing sockpuppet! "Oooooo.. ooooooo oooo ooo oo oooo."
         "oooooo oooooo oooooooo ooo... ooo oo o OOOOOOOO..."
1:24 - <FolkGuitar-OverTheRainbow.mp3>
         Very articulate sleeve.. mouth motions detailed.
1:25 - Rainbow remix. Montage? "What a wonderful world.."
1:27 - Cotton-eyed Joe Lint sings. (Well, he doesn't have eyes, but
           he's got that artistic inner sight.. and stuff.)
         A spontanious outburst of foot-clapping! Stagefeet?
1:28 - Tod likes it so much he feels depressed?
         Crappy tries to do sock-mouth thing, ends up with KISS -_o
1:30 - More Wierd Al songs! <Frank's2000"TV.mp3>
         Cthuhlu TV. Everyone sing! Watch. KNOW @_@
1:31 - "Robert DeNiro's mole.. has gotta be ten feet wide.."
         "And I'm Mighty..""And I'm MightyYesI'mMightlyProud To Say.."
         "..that I can watch the Simpsons from 30 blocks awaaaaayy!"
1:34 - The End! Mutt wants BiggestBallOfTwineInMinnesota song?
         <5secondsOfAcheyBreakySong.mp3> "NOPE!"
1:35 - <TriggerHappy!.mp3> "Nope.."
http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view.php?id=124213 (Good, though :)
1:36 - Rasvar notes they've played too much Al in one show already,
           have to reduce weirdness for now :/ Mutt "Sorry Al!"
         Tod wows.. watches Al sing the Horoscope song.. Al really
           sings that in one breath o_O
1:37 - The many costumes of Mr. Y
1:38 - Super tickets at house of blues. You can sit down!
         Wierd Al fanboys didn't bathe either? o_O
1:39 - Chicken tenders. Poink wonders what part of the chicken
           they are? Crappy o_O
         KP's Wierd Al shirt! Mysterious Number 27?
1:40 - YMCA stories.
1:41 - Mutt wants to get a Short Bus for a Pawpet Tour Vehicle?
         Poink "We could drive to anthrocon on it!"
         Things that work better than TNN.
1:42 - Stripperella villain: The Cheapo. Scourge of 7-11?
1:43 - Mutt wants to work on Stripperella! It's not being renewed?
1:44 - Stripperella weapons: Panty disintegrator?
http://www.stanlee.com/ (Currently down)
1:45 - Hulk done in by Terminator 3? Hulk is bulk.
         Mutt ohs! "OOhh.. but it's Computer An-i-mat-ion! Italways
         Pixar, people who care about the story, too.
         Pixar could be making a 2D animation studio?
1:46 - Poink arghs, hates seeing Hulk stuff at 7-11. GRREEEEE.
         Legally Blond kicks the Green Guy.
1:47 - Poink "They should have had Pixar animate the Hulk.." another
           job for Bruce the Shark?
1:48 - Rasvar "Finding Nemo has passed The Matrix."
1:49 - Rugrats. Bruce Willis gives movie PG rating?
1:50 - Titanic still heavyweight at $600mil.
         Ras notes Gone With the Wind, inflation adjusted, got over
           a billion.
1:51 - Poink plans to beat records with his own porn video?
         Tod "More people wanna watch Plan Nine From Outer Space
           than your film.."
1:52 - Jess tells Poink the reason she won't stroke him has nothing
           to do with her being married.
         Jess head. "Hi! :D" guest on Muppet show.
1:53 - Tod introduces Jess to the Pawpets. "See that smelly thing
           over there..?"
         Tod is an intellectual hunk? Jess "The beanie turns me on :)"
           Poink "So in other words, you're turned on by power tools?"
           Tod WEEES!
         Continental Arthur "Continental.. I love that word.."
         Lynxcats and Bobcats related? Poink "Blow me!"
1:54 - Jess departs. Poink "Trust me! You, me, a bottle of Nair, and
           we'll be happy!"
         Sending Poink to Ethiopia. Tod "That Ethiopians would like
           that's, he's tasty.."
1:56 - <TheLYSong.mp3> HerbieFerret gets too excited..
1:57 - Rat puppet playing with RL rats! Sothing words "For our next
           sketch, we're going to set you on fire.." nodnods.
         Ratpuppet chops rat's brains, who seems to enjoy the scritch.
1:58 - Jaba the Rat? Jaba swears at rats in Star Wars.
         <SnowBird.mp3> Vixens singing various songs with Barbie.
1:59 - New Puppet, cheese wedge? Mutt "I'm gonna eat you now.."
         Scritch farts. Mutt turns into a Mario hammer and attacks.
2:00 - Beatboxing <AllThroughTheNight.mp3> Java!
         <TechnoCottonEyedJoe.mp3> Amazing Carrot adventure!
2:01 - FURSUITERS BOWLING! <HampsterDance.mp3>
2:02 - Fursuiters scritch after bowling round. Music: "Boy, what an
         Tiger bowling? Using a tiger for the ball?

********* QUICK! TURN THE PAGE! **********

Pawpet Show #175 - 4th of July - Timeline 2/2
compiled by (Blackfoot Ferret) [And his computer]

************* PART TWO *************
2:02 - Hamster Bowling Madness continues!
2:03 - Yappy and SK-1 in bowling duel.
2:04 - Another flashback.. "AW! YAPPY POOTED AGAIN!"
         Quick change to Chuckles hyena inna music video.
2:05 - Mutt doesn't like used car salesmen. "Do not trust them."
         Mutt REALLY doesn't like UC Salesmen o_O "They will rob you
           blind. I've got about as much respect for the car salesman
           in this town as I do a warm ball of dog snot!"
         "If you took all their IQ's and multiplied it by 100, you
           *might* have enough IntelligenceToTieYourShoes!*If*YouDin't
         More Best of FLashbacks. Skippy and his 60's orchestra.
2:06 - <FatAlbertTheme.mp3> HUGE puppets o_O
         Back to present. Poink wonders what happened to Pudding Pops?
         Bill working on Nickelodeon's Little Bill.
2:07 - Rasvar wows, made Jaba the Rat joke in real time, only to
           hear himself say it 3 seconds later in flashback. o_O
2:09 - Ras notes the Durian Cake is ready for Anthrocon..
         Poink wants to make Durian Pudding Pops?
2:10 - Anthrocon two weeks away!
         Tod clears up the UGLY SHIRT CONTEST rules. Only one rule,
           shirts have to be unaltered. No added grime.
2:11 - KP's the judge. Tod "And remember you're dealing with a guy
           who thinks that 70's clothes can be really cool."
         Adding more judges? Rasvar wants a balance of attitudes.
         Poink uh ohs. Ras "We have the happy&fun Tod, we have Crappy
           who's nice and cute.. so we have to have a proper balance."
         The Honorable Judge Poink. "It's not in my contract.."
2:12 - Poink "You know why I like Kage?" EYEGLOWS "GoToMycon.."
         FLUFF AND SUCH! Rerun of SuperEyeglowKage
         (Can't find commercial on webpage yet..?)
2:13 - EvilKage becomes MIBKage becomes mild mannered scientist.
2:16 - Door opens at Anthrocon?
2:17 - SPITS OR SWALLOWS! Nerd "I swallowed a sandwich before!"
         Poink is still nauseous? "I'm not doing it.."
         Rasvar "As a matter of fact, he should go first." Poink "Do
           you -really- want to see me throw up?" "Yes!" Nerd "I think
           the whole point of this segment is if we want somebody to
           throw up!"
2:18 - TODAY'S SPECIAL: Zorro's Prune Juice and.. imitation
           amemomie? The sea plant-think?
         Yappy "It's made from calamari." Tod "Oh, I can't eat that!"
         JR goes first, gives a speech? "Because of a medical
           condition, I'm recovering from something called Lithium.."
(I've heard of that. They gave some to my dog after she ate a towel
   and it wouldn't come out.. doesn't that make your #2 white?)
           ".. so for the past two weeks <gestures> stuffs been
           coming out of both ends of me.."
         JR picks up the prune juice and wields it at the camera
           "Is this REALLY what you wanna give me?"
(Jeopardy.mp3) [TheFinalCountdown.mp3] Tod "YES!" "Pruune Juice.."
         Tod asks no more seafood.. makes some people allergic.
2:19 - JR munches the imitation squid.. then neatly plucks it out of
           his mouth and flips it down the drain. "That's a spit.."
         JR studies the prune juice.. sips. Leaves.
2:20 - Harik munches. Less-fried calamari. Sip. Drink? Chug!
         Devin "Oh, Yummy.." checks to see if the calamari will bite
           first. Ews.. munches, while off camera Harik spits.
2:21 - Groaning Harik cam. Devin "This is pretty BAD.. this does not
           taste like calamari.." Devin spits it out like bubble gum.
         Simba "It's supposed to taste like abalone :)" "NO.. it's way
           too.. salty and.. fishy tasting..grossness >_<"
         KP offers Prune juice? "NNoooo! Water first, Bitch.."
         Good prune juice vs Bad prune juice.
2:22 - Enter the Simba. "It won't let go.. of the can.."
         Extreme closeup. "It won't go down.. chew and chew and
           nothing happens to it.." Tod ohs, Silly Putty?
         Rubber squid? Simba ews!
2:23 - A piece broke off? Harder than swallowing Chewing Gum.
           Prunce juice. Simba actually swallows!
2:24 - Herbie wonders what it is again? Poink "You're having squid
           nuggets." "UGH! It REAKS!"
         Invisible forcefield keeps the substance away from Herbie's
           mouth "Come on, work with me hands!"
         On the tip of the tongue. Eat..Eat..EAT... pieces fall out?
2:25 - Herbie wolfs down birthday cake, until the view is similar
           to before.
         EWW o_O Cake squeezes out of Herbie like a Playdoh french
           fry making machine. Other people get grossed O_O "Itc
           Stillph tasteps likec phish!"
         Jess nominates it for Herbie's Best Spit. New film series?
         Herbie "Prune juice please.."
2:26 - Jess's SO likes fish? "Swallow.." bouncy.
         Tod "I think the point of this is that people are just
           sending us stuff that they know is gonna make us gak.."
(WhenYouWishUponAStar..) [*ACHOO* Oh, excuse me..]
2:27 - Prune juice... "..BLUGH..!"
         Jess's turn. "I thought that I could hide!"
         Jess "Is there a small piece in here.. no.." munches
2:28 - Swallow! Lovely aftertaste. "I've tasted some nasty fish, but
           that's the nastiest." Chugs prune juice...
         ... Bitter beer face. Done in record time!
         Jess "(bright) RAS-VAR! Come over here :)"
         Friend of show tries first. "What is it supposed to be?"
2:29 - Sips special drink. "I just did this in Taco Bell.."
         Bandit? Yappy "Bandit! Look over here!"
2:30 - Bandit chews.. spits.. chews..spits.. people cheer! "Chew!"
         Chewchewing like a train. "It's gone! YAY!!!"
         Rasvar "He wants more! Do you want MINE? :D"
2:31 - Almost munches.. hits floor? Bandit doesn't go for it.
         Rasvar uses the power of Zen.. to banish the horrid smell
           from his consciousness.. Munch.
         Yummy? Ras thinks about it. For about 5 seconds.
2:32 - Pruce Juice? "WHAT is this!?" Ras practices breathing.
         Gulp. Herbie "It's like wine.. nasty wine.."
         Raini! "Squid is on the list of things I'm not allowed to eat
           ,so I'm gonna be a good mommy and not eat that.."
           Herbie "Well, it does not suck to be you!"
2:33 - Raini tries prune juice, but the baby kicks o_O
         Poink notes its good baby doesn't have "the screaming craps."
         Yappy "Here.. fish piece." MUNCH. "That's not bad, I can
           handle that. It is a strong fish though." Herbie arghs,
           Yappy likes fish, eats sardines out of the can? o_O
         Prune juice. Yappy downs it like water and shrugs.
2:34 - Yappy "I still have some of that fish in a jar?" Cavelta?
         Prune juice puts the men in the house into labor?
2:35 - Suedeer wants Raini on the screen? Raini "..I'm on camera?
          Hi :)"
         Rasvar wants an internal camera for Raini-pregnancy? "Ummmm..
         Raini-pregnancy narrated by Java? Raini's face shows 7
           conflicting emotions.
2:36 - Raini-belly cam? Java "yEAY! i tHINK i sEE a hEAD!!"
         Taping the Anthrocon show.
2:37 - Saying hello to Pawpet show virgins! Nerd "I'maVirgin!"
2:38 - Poink "Guys? You'd better go to a flashback, because I feel
           some craps coming on.."
http://www.stupidvideos.com/?VideoID=33 Nerd "WOOOO!"
         Rasvar "You didn't drink the prune juice?" Poink "I *DID*
           drink the prune juice!"
2:39 - FLASHBACK. Easter deco! People talk in Mork Ork?
         Dealing Banjos invokes killer instincts.
2:40 - <WhenI'm64.mp3>
         Dancing the conga line. Mutt shakes his butt on stage?
2:41 - Skippy's love-ferret orchestra.
         Ferrets groove, attack stage deco for outrageous clothes!
2:42 - Mutt gets jinxed by disco ball..
         Mutt tries to hold in a fart! "I'mmm noott goonnaa.. ARGHGH
         Mach "And he's spent :)"
           NUKEING.. Easter Bunny!"
         Camera riveted on bunny, still in packaging, in microwave..
         Someone dodo-dodos horror music. Herbie "Any moment now.."
2:42:40 - Mach "Dude, I think this thing's gonna explode, because
           it's filled with air.."
2:43 - Disgusting bunny implosion! YAY!! Melting.. MELTING...
         <Eiffel65-I'mBlue.mp3> Video effects turn Mutt blue!
           Arthur hallucinates? "WHAT'S HAPPENING TO ME? o_O"
2:44 - Another bunny death.. Mach "Faces of Chocolate Death.."
         Bunny collapses and falls face-first.
         Stagehands horribly PIN it to the BOX? SCHLORP.
           Simba "This reminds me of a scene from Gremlins.."
2:45 - Mach "Finality.." Simba "Easteralilty!"
*PG-13* http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view.php?id=130021
         Molten.. #2 >_< Rasvar "It's the China syndrome.."
2:46 - Row of peeks on turntable, lights go out ..
         Mach "They're growing.. Yes.. My CHILDREN..."
         Rasvar "Horrible! I'ts Horrible.."
         Peeps survived! Mach "We must nuke them more!" Back in
         Peeps move as if alive O_O Bigger.. and BIGGER!!! People
2:47 - Simba "Oh, they're shrinking before our eyes!" Mutt gets sick
         Stagehands do Scooby Doo mime rap. "OH, who FARTED!!?"
2:48 - Yappy busts a groove. Shaggy "Go Scooby, GO!"
         People die from gas. Mach "Fatality! Pootality! Flawless
           Victory! Yappy Fart WINS!"
         Timber groans. "Ohh.  Ohh.   OOH...    Oooohhh..."
2:49 - "Oohh... " Rasvar "I'm glad I'm on the other side of the
           room!" Dead puppets fall from the ceilin.  "Ooh.."
         Mighty Mouse "HERE I come to save the DAY!" Nobody hears it
           because they're all dead, even the stagehands.
2:50 - Stagehand grasps for a silk flower. "OOhhh.. Ah.... AHHH.."
         Music "We're not worry-ing at ALL! We're just listening for
           his call.." <He'sDeadJim!.text>
2:51 - MultiSkippy and the Reverberated Wolf Orchestra.
2:52 - Letter People from elementary school! "This is I for itch."
         BJ "What's *E* for? :)" Mutt freaks out.
         Hallucinating 60's ferret group.
2:53 - BJWolf eats donut.. has white powder mustache?
         BJ attacks ferret, who bites his nose and thrashes him! Yes!
         <ComeSailAway.mp3> ...
         Cartman "IIIIIIhm Sayyylingg, Awahhheyyy..." (Scorpion.mk)
         "Cause IIII've Got TOO be Freee..."
2:54 - Good puppets try to destroy the evil one.
         "Oohh Loorrd I'll try.. <Piano> To CAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRR
2:54:30 - It STOPS! Mutt "Booty! :)" Seal ORKORKS!
         Back to the present!
         Poink to Mutt "Why were you shouting Booty at the Seal?"
         Tod "We need to shake the booty, we don't do enough music
           anymore.." Mutt "What song you wanna do?"
           MiniRandy "ComeSailAway?" Tod "No! Something fun and happy
           and dancey.."
2:55 - Calling out to Pawpet virgins! Mini does the tongue thing -_O
         Tod "Hey Rasvar?" "Huh?" "Why don't you find, in the
           directory, something funky, poppy, and really over-played
           from a long time back?"
http://www.albinoblacksheep.com/flash/bunnyhunter.php Mini "NO!!"
2:56 - Mutt shouts out to new viewers. "Welcome! Wow.. more virgins
           then we thought.."
         Mini oohs as Comedy Central runs uncut version of the South
           Park movie.
2:57 - Mini gets to host the show? O_O
         Poink "Oh no.. " looks to see what Rasvar's calling up?
2:58 - <DuranDuran-HungryLikeAWolf.mp3> BJ sings, tries to eat Mini!
2:59 - BJ and the Dancing Etherial Headless Barbie danceteam.
         <Lightning.fx> Mini eeps, then tries to lick the wolf?
3:00 - <AtariAdventureRainbowColors.fx>
3:01 - Pawpet time machine goes back to the 80's, where movies were
           in B&W!
3:02 - RockyRacoon cameos. "Hi. I hate Duran Duran."
           Rocky "What I need to do is a tribute.."
3:03 - Trendsetting musician has died.. Poink "The man put the 'L'
           in Love." Rocky "Many ugly guys got laid because of his
         Barry White even helped Poink?
3:05 - Rocky rocks out to the love groove.
3:08 - Barry White double-play, another song starts.
         Rocky poses, and scratches his back against the stage
           in rhythm to the music.
3:09 - Close up. Closer. CLOSER.. o_o
3:10 - "We're in ecstasy.. when you're laying down next to me.."
3:11 - Rocky "Rest in peace, Mr. Barry White. We won't forget you."
         Poink is necking with Bambi downstage. Rocky "He was the
           Funky Love Soul Disco Grove man."
3:12 - MiniRandy leans in and tongue-kisses Bambi and Poink o_O
           They ignore him. Mini keeps looking from different angles
         Ezra relays Doddle's message about Barry White. "God called
           Barry back because he needs the Bass."
3:13 - NAME THAT TOON! Guess who it is from the clip.
         A nose. 8 people say Nala from TLK. o_O Eyes for details.
3:14 - Nala. Multi-wows. Seductive Nala? Poink "I've seen that look
           with Bambi before :)"
3:15 - Eye and an ear. Roar Rovers vs Papa Smurf?
3:16 - Vs. dog from Inspector Gadget. Survey says..
         Rovers. Devin "Yay, it's someone that I don't know who it is"
           Everyone else in the room feels old.
3:17 - Devin does remember Rovers? "I think that's when I stopped
           watching WB."
         Devin "So I'm too -OLD- for it, guys :P"
         Lady tigeress?
3:18 - Tiffany Tiger, from Suburban Jungle
         Magazine with Tiffany onna front. People o_O at other text
3:19 - Some human's eyebrows. o_O KP "This looks like a characiture
           of Richard Nixon." Herbie "It looks like a ferret."
http://www.stupidvideos.com/?VideoID=46 (EEK o_O)
         Poink guesses Leisure Suit Larry? KP guesses character from
           Gilligan's Island.
3:20 - Group photo from Gilligan's PLANET! KP gets 400 points.
http://www.gilligansisle.com/shirt.html [It's an honor. Really.]
         Wait.. series before Planet? KP saw it because he was in
           bed with chicken pox.
3:21 - Cheetah legs OvO Cheetah-lady from Justice League.
3:22 - Part of a collar and a yellow and black tie. KP "That's easy,
           that's Penfold from Dangermouse." Herbie "WHAT!?!"
3:23 - KP wins again. Devin "See? I'm old enough to know that show."
           People do Penfold saying "Cool!"
         A pair of big, scarlet-covered breasts O_O 3D! Nerd Boobies..
3:24 - Betty Boop sculpture.. tricky!
         Guy with atom on forehead. The Atom?
3:25 - Tod discusses how to pronounce Tech acyronems. Harik shows
           off knowing what TCP/IP stands for.
3:26 - Phone service. Yappy "GSM is M-mode." Mutt "Why do they do
3:27 - Searching the internet: Searching or Googling?
[That depends on what you're looking for.] (Oh, take the cheap hit)
         Poink "I hate tech talk!"
3:28 - Rasvar wonders if tech is more evil than IRC or AIM?
         AIM vs AOL-IM. Rasvar "They cheated! They lied!" Cackles.
3:29 - Tod "WTF!! Can't we change the topic??" Rasvar WOWS! "Bark
           Bark Bark Bark!" Tod clarifies "What the FRICK!"
3:30 - GPRS vs GPS vs UNIX vs LINUX vs UPS. Nerd "Gawd! o_O"
3:31 - NerdHand is naked. "Has anybody seen my body?"
         Tod zobmondos "Would I reather have a fight over Tech Talk,
           or have a root canal?"
         Yappy MIB's "The Government has no acyronems." Ras "ATC,
           IFR-MTFR-VFR-..." Harik adds that radar-jet name.
         People scream at each other as they get multiple singes
           from their friend opposite. Set to space music.
http://www.stupidvideos.com/?VideoID=125 (Different mix!)
         Nerd's friends hurled 10lb mortars at each other? Tod looks
           down "You need a body" Bandit strikes again?
3:34 - Acronyms cause airplane crashes?
ART JAM! http://pawpet.org/funday/art/2003-07-06/
         Poink tries launching Nerd onna rocket? "I am not his father!
3:35 - Another one. Nerd eyes in dark room, with lit fuse "Daddy,
           are you sure this is where the firework is supposed to go?"
           Poink "I am NOT his DAD!"
3:36 - Roxicat strikes. Undead exploded Poink and eyeless Nerd.
         Poink gets tired of being exploded o_O
3:37 - Devin "Did you see that someone made a Nerdferret and Poink
           ferret fan club on Yahoo?"
http://www.livejournal.com/users/poinktferret/ (Keep trying)
http://www.livejournal.com/users/todferret/ (A nerd, not The Nerd)
http://groups.yahoo.com/group/nerdferretfanclub/ (There we go!)
         The work of Ironbadger. Muhwahaha.
3:38 -
-Brain.. too many Brainzz..  <Multi-yays for brainz>
-Dexter's Nemisis 80 years later?
-Old OLD Frodo. KP "Poor Devin.."
-Live action Dragonballz?
-Genetic experiment trying to make anthro mouse.
3:39 - Another Sibe Jibe.
- The most normal person at Worldcon.
- HEY Ladies... :) <Jerry Lewis>
- Dumbo finds Dad on Jerry Springer?
- Inbred people.
- Abalone + Prune Juice = No change whatsoever
3:40 - More Brainz.
- Kage after 50 years of con-managing o_O
3:41 - SHOUT OUTS!
         Yappy "Random Stupid Comment of the Week: One of my Friends
           is a Slice of Cheese." people laugh!
         Hackers contests. Ruin sites! Simba mumbles the FPS URL
         More reading shout-outs with the caption photo up :)
         Not easy being a balloon-panther. Simba "Balloon Panther?"
         People are still trying to breathe from string of wierd
      New Pawpet viewer "PS: Blackfoot, meet me on Furrymuck." (O_O)
    Bedlam. Simba "YouDon'tEvenNeedMyCommentToMakeThatFunny.."
[Should I say anything here?] (O_O)
[Hello?]                      (O_O)
[Yooooo..hoooooo..]           (o_O)
[Oh great, the faint sequence](o_o @_@ -_- x_X)
[You can't use the trashcan clip, you already did that earlier] (E)
['E'?] (Eeeeee...) [Ah, the 5th letter. Popular.] (Wow ^_^)
3:42 - Info on http://www.britfur.co.uk/ A funny site?
         Ringo Starr's birthday. Also funny :)
           Simba "YouknowRingo..youneverlookedbetter.."
3:43 - "George Carlin said it best: The next generation of
           biological warfare. Flatulent Airborne Recon Team."
         "Leonard Nimoy sings Bilbo Baggins at the Old Age Home."
           YAYYS!! Simba "pleaseno.." Yappy "And that's it!"
         People are still gasping for air. KP "Oooh.. my stomach
           hurts.. my stomach -is- -hurting- thank you so much for
           those shout outs!" Mutt "Very tasty!"
3:59 - <Goodnight!.mp3> [You wish]
3:44 - KP experiences Spits or Swallows flashbacks. People wonder
           what the fish think about things, but they're angry because
           someone cleaned the tank?
         Mutt pitches Pawpet shirts in time for Anthrocon
3:45 - Fish cam! Fish "Ican'twearashirt.."
3:46 - Fish zobmondo? "Would you rather have to feed your children
           by regurgitation, or have to lick them to bathe them?"
         SimbaFish "Ummm... if I liked them to bathe them, I'm liable
           to eatem.."
3:47 - Imagine you have teeth. "Would you rather cut 1/4 acre of
           grass with your teeth, or lick up a 15'x15' rainpuddle?"
           Fish like water.
         Sushi's up next. PoinkSushi. KP "Would you rather exude a
           very bothersome odor, or be hideously unattractive and
           have a scent that is irresistable?" "...........I'maFISH!"
3:48 - Fish field questions from channel.
3:49 - Fruity pebbles vs tank gravel.
3:50 - Fish on Trading Spaces? Redecoration ideas. Gravel. Poop?
3:51 - Fish kiss through the glass. KP "That was Tank Talk, with
           the fish."
3:52 - Tod "So, we're coming up to the end of the show.."
           Poink "Thank God!"
         Anthrocon in two weeks! People wonder where Rummage is?
3:53 - Tod notes people can wear Serious Fitness shirts to AC too!
3:54 - And the Pawpet Cafepress site. Poink "And I think they still
           have some of my famous panites on there."
http://www.cafeshops.com/funday.3641720 (Poink wears Java undies?)
         Poink "And tell the truth ladies.. wouldn't you like to see
           THIS picture on your crotch?"
         <GimmeSomeStone.mp3> Simba "Yeah, gimme some stone.    What?"
3:55 - <Goodnight!.mp3> Nerd sings, showing that other than Simba,
           everyone else is lip-synching.
3:56 - CREDITS

Herbie Hamill    Randy Fox          John Cole      Dan Boatright
Dan Merillat     Melissa Merillat   Devin Bray     Jess Kiela
Scott Garron     Patrick Dowden

"Soul Bossa Nova" Quincy Jones, opera of the Little Star that Pushed
                      Around the Big One.
"Dueling Banjos" Omnipresent
"We Know Something" DJFormat (aka Shark/Tiger rap)
"Paul Revere" Beastie Boys
"Boom Boom" Big Head Todd and the Monsters
"Sweet Melonie" Wierd Al Yankovic
"Mexican Hat Dance"
"Somewhere Over the Rainbow"
"Frank's Two Thousand Inch TV" WAY
    (That's only 166 2/3 feet long, about half the length of a
      football field. Is the mole REALLY ten feet wide? o_O)
"Down the Line" Offspring
"Blue" Effel 65
"Mightly Mouse"
"Sailing Away" STYX, the Grand Illusion album (see also fat kids
        made of construction paper that exercise here:  )
"Hungry Like the Wolf" Duran x2
"Can't Get Enough of Your Love" Barry White
[. . . . . ] (DON'T   say anything) [ ? ]
"Ecstasy" Barry White
[*giggle*] (Or giggle) [*snerk*] (Or snerk) [AHh, HAHA!] (o_O)
"Adios, Aurrevior, Aulweidesen" A guy with a good idea.

Aetobatus  Thumper  Frysco  Timduru  Harik  Vitapup  Simba
3:57 - Tod "We'll be at Anthrocon in two weeks, seeyousooneverybody!

Copyright 2003 - Randy Fox.

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