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   Pawpet Show #174 - Yappy Birthday! - June 29,2003 - Timeline 1/2
complied by (Blackfoot Ferret) [AND his computer..]

0:00 - The countdown begins..
        3..2..1... Contact!
0:01 - <DrunkQuincyJones.mp3> Character parade!
0:02 - Flatulence and Cell Phones. And Evil and Frankie.
0:04 - SHOW STARTS! The camera's on.. people are surprised?
          KP "Bandit just stole a cast member.."
          Rescuing Carrot. Distracting Bandit with Dookie?
        Someone throws the carrot at Poink "Don't throw it at ME!"
0:05 - Bandit and Poink stare at each other. Poink eyeglows.
        Yappy brags(?) about how for each pound that goes into
         Bandit, two come out. "My walking Weed & Feed" Mutt wierds
0:06 - Celebrity deaths :( Catherine Hepburn, Gregory Peck "Gorey
          Peck? Oh, the camera is on!"
0:07 - Simba shows off Serious Lion Fitness shirt! Acts Arnoldish
        Other cast people order shirts.
0:08 - More donated awards for Fat Bastards! Giant plate of
0:09 - Contest goes by % of weight lost rather than # of pounds.
          Rasvar "I have to loss a whole Raini."
        Poink takes the cheap hit "Ah! That's what's wrong with
          Ras! He's pregnant!" Tod blinks?
        Poink "I don't know nuthing about birthing no bov-ine!"
0:09:26 - Poink "I'm dead.."
        Ras "We'll take care of this later.."
0:10 - Mutt wonders who saw the Incredible Hulk? Tod saw 28 Days.
        Creepy-zombie movie.
        Poink saw Animatrix.
0:11 - Bandit jumps on JR's privates? Ras YESSES!
        Yappy-ferret freaks people out with Bandit info. "I sleep
          in the buff you know. And his claws.." Mutt "Too Much
        Yappy "He's not a licker though." Mutt "GOOD!" Poink "He's
          a Swallower?" Mutt "NO!"
0:12 - Poink actually asks for Seal O_O Yappy "He eats his own.."
        Mutt HEYS! Poink "He uses his own tongue for toilet paper!"
        Mutt asks about new TNN.. Spike Lee sued Spike TV over the
          name "Spike". Spike JONES sued Lee for name "Spike"?
0:13 - <WaWaWaWAA.mp3> Gary the Rat.
          Same computer-flash animation as on website?
0:14 - New Ren and Stimpy. Mutt "Less funny, more gross.."
     "It's actually Ill." 4 synched voices "AND THEY'RE GAY..."
        One good show.. Stripperella!
0:15 - Lots of good vibes about Stripperella, with Stan Lee in
          the crew.
        Yappy reads from channel "Ren and Stimpy is gayer than Bert
          and Ernie, because they came out of the closet."
        SpikeTV cancels Stripperella? o_O One good show.. Crank
          Yankers has tenure though.
        Tod "They're canceling it because of the content. o_O"
0:16 - Tod "This is supposed to be the Network for Men? Why is it
          they take Stripperella off the air, but show Ren and
          Stimpy being gay?"
        Raini relays from channel, creative differences between
          creators and TNN. Brains.
0:17 - Mutt is depressed. "It it me? Does everything suck?"
        Poink wants Ren and Stripperella.
        Poink is depressed "I don't have TV! I have a DVD player,
          that's it!"
0:18 - Bandit attacks Tod. Tod struggles.
        Bandit walks over JR. Yappy "He walked in his dookie
        Yappy-ferret "I made an observation earlier. Puppy feet
          smell like corn chips!" Mutt "WHAT?!" almost pukes
0:19 - Fritos vs Tostitos.
0:20 - Mutt "Don't smell my corn-chip feet!" Bandit attacks Tod.
0:21 - Yappy "When you have a dog walk across your face at 3 in
          the morning.." Mutt "After he's been walking in his own
          poo-poo o_O" "He poo-poos in the morning, so he's had
          time to lick his paws clean by then."
3:59 - <Goodnight!.mp3>
0:21 - Mutt "AGHGHHHH!!!"
        Yappy "He does this squat thing.. and he takes so long,
          that he gets tired.."
          LOT AFTER A FLOOD.
        Yappy bought a maroon car like that? Yappy loves his Hyundai
0:23 - Contender for Gayest Car. Poink "Isn't it like a golf cart?
        Checking the website
0:24 - Poink talks about his Ford Fiesta.
0:25 - Poink's ex-bandmates filled car like swimming pool?
0:26 - Cops "Does it run?" "Cars use electricity.." "NO!!!!"
        *FLASH* Insurance "Here's $1,000, we'll tow it away.."
       Other horrible things to do to a car. Ortho Fire Ant Killer?
          Yappy "Puking, Dead Rotting Corpses.."
0:27 - White powder in the air vents. No ants though. Or life.
        Yappy gets shredded styrofoam in his air vents. SNOW!
0:28 - Tod's car story! TV in trunk.. on top of white spray-paint
          can..? Poink "OH, SHUT UP!" Tod giggles!
        Rasvar "I don't think I've heard this one.." Poink sighs
        Poink's Evil Car Story II! After spray-painting the car..
          white cloud gasses JR while driving "I.. can't.. BREATHE!
0:29 - Calls KP "I CAN'T BREATHE!" KP "Well, what do you expect
          ME to do?"
        White trunk, with outline of a TV inside. Poink "Did I
          mention I hate you?"
        Harik's evil car story! Cleaning supplies in trunk, Lysol
          BLAST in trunk. Gallon of disinfectant?. Yappy "If
          anybody barfed in there it's covered."
0:32 - CHANNEL ROLLCALL! Friend Paul MCs.
0:34 - Channel count: 76!
        Things you should not use as deodorant.
0:35 - People that SHOULD be using deodorant.
        JR sprayed his armpits with Binaca? "AHHHH!!!!!"
0:36 - Rasvar thinks JR likes pain. Tod ponders spraying Poink
          with binaca as a fart-deterrent.
        Poink's BenGay story. "I had to scrub floors one day and
          my arms were sore, so I rubbed the stuff on my arms.."
        "Well, I forgot to wash my hands.. and I went in to take
          a leak... and grabbed hold with both hands.."
        YappyFerret "I did that with Hobinaro peppers." Tod passes
        Poink "And then next think you know, it's like.. oh, I
          feel kinda warm.."
        "OO! I feel kinda.. AHHHHHHHHHHHH!!"
0:37 - Tod gets in Poink's face "Don't You Ever Call Me Retarded
          A-Gain." Yappy launches into his pepper story.
        Yappy "I washed and washed and I scrubbed!" Arthur "And
          It doesn't help!" "And it doesn't HELP! Because, 8 hours
        later I went to take a weewee..
        "And it felt like I had the Clap!"
        Poink "I've always wondered, why do they call it WeeWee, is
          that supposed to make it sound Fun?"
        (French-Yes-YES!!.mp3) Scritch (YappyFerret?) wants honesty
          with children "Mommy, I have to take a dump!"
        <I'veGottaTakeADUMP.mp3> Tod "Mom-mie I have to Ur-in-ate"
        Scritch "MOMMIE! I gotta take a CRAP!" Mutt ponders why
          society is screwed up.
0:38 - Preparing kids for age 18. Revelations about Santa Claus.
        Crappy! "Hi Crappy!" "Hi! :)"
0:39 - Tod asks Crappy about his childhood. Tod "When your Mommie
          asks you to do a #2.." Crappy "Defecate! ^_^" Tod freaks
        Rasvar "Crappy's got the best vocabulary of all of us!"
          "You've better believe it ^_^"
0:40 - Quizzing Crappy about #2. Tod "I feel so broken.."
        <JavaI'mIntoThat!.mp3> Tod "Crappy... where do babies come
          from?" Crappy "You're asking the wrong puppy!"
        <FinalJeopardy.mp3> In channel, CarlFox notes "The problem
          for looking out for #1 is you sometimes step in #2"
          Crappy "Ew!" Tod "(dark) Ew.. sick"
        Mutt "Where am I?"
0:41 - FLUFF AND SUCH! Green Hulk logo.
0:42 - <DoorsCreaking.mp3> "Gootomeycon..Goutomycon..GotoMyCon!"
        Tag releases Kage, the ultimate evil. Kage asks them to go
          to Anthrocon to see the Creatures Of The Night.
        Hardley Bear is in the picture now. "Puppets.. huh."
0:43 - Kage is upbeat about the fixed elevators.
        Tag wants to see the creatures of the night now.. Kage "Oh,
          I can help you with that too.."
        Tag and Hardley follow Kage's map to THE DOOR. In the
          background Ding is bending over backwards trying to pull
          THE DOOR open..
        Tag is determined to find the creatures of the night.
        Hardly "We can't get in, Ding's by trying." "No problem.."
        Tag "Hey Ding! Take 5 buddy." Hardley o_O
        Ding stops pulling, then collapses against THE DOOR. The
          light pressure *pushes* THE DOOR open with a creak, which
          sends Ding loudly tumbling into the Stygian darkness
        Tag "Toldja. Works every time. Come'on! Lets go..."
        Hardley sighs "Tag, you watch way too much TV.." the camera
          zooms forward into the Crypt...
0:45 - TO BE CONTINUED.....   ...    ..      .
        Tod is feeling happy again :) Poink "I like Kage's eyes,
          but then again <ORANGE GLOW> I'm partial.."
        Anthrocon has over 2000 people signed on, overflowing the
          SECOND hotel!
        Rasvar reminds listeners to Take A Shower..
0:46 - Pawpets thank friends for booking the good rooms before
          they were out.
0:47 - Arthur plans on bringing 2,000 little Pine Tree oder-eaters
          to the con? Tod "We're going to put them all under JR."
        Poink o_o. Yappy notes hotel supplies little soap cakes,
          but no deodorant. People put them in armpits?
0:48 - Roxicat picture of The Fittest Bastard. Arthur plans to
          gain the most weight?
        Tod "And there's another contest that actually got started
          last week. We're going to have it judged at the puppet
        Tod glances at the camera "The Ugly Shirt contest.."
0:49 - Armpit mold and you. Poink "<Cthuhlu> I. DO. NOT. *STINK*!"
0:50 - Fat Bastard kitchen-cam.
    Extreme closeup on Simba's face! He smiles and belches at you.
0:51 - Folks make progress!
0:52 - Camera goes to THE BOARD. People beat-box suspenseful
0:53 - Yappy lost 5, Bandit gained 1! Yappy "My pants keep falling
          down now." Herbie "Go eat a donut.."
0:54 - Kage says something in channel that makes EVERYONE freak!
0:55 - Tod gives THE UGLY SHIRT CONTEST RULES: todferret@aol.com
        Tod "People can wear, to the Funday Pawpet Show, their
          Ugliest Shirt.."
        Tod "You must ALREADY own the shirt.."
        Mutt wonders how they can enforce the rule? Tod "We don't
          want people going out and trying to find ugly shirts.."
        Closeup on JR's blue Hawaii shirt. JR goes Green Lantern
          on the camera.
0:56 - Tod doesn't want a popularity contest "I want to see ugly
          shirts the way there were made. Like.. 70's tacky looking
   [He said 'khaki'] (Hey, it's my turn to be evil!)
        Mutt negotiates with Tod to allow folks to coat their
          shirts is plastic dog doo. "Be creative! :)"
0:57 - Rasvar dangles carrot so Bandit chases it, and Bandit jumps
          repeatedly on KP/Tod's stomach.
0:58 - Has to be PG for Con standards. Except for rooms. Yappy "My
          room is PG-XXX all the time baby!"
0:59 - Is Anthrocon's rating higher than the Pawpet Show? o_O
1:00 - YappyFerret and Poink play with Mutt's head.
        Mutt "You guys are getting gay.." Yappy "No, we're going to
          share an inflatable!"
        Inflating one end while deflating the other. Mutt "Stop
          watching the show please!"

:|| (<--Repeat Symbol)

[It gets boring after the first 5 times, doesn't it?] (*Sigh*..)

1:00 - Harik "Hey Mutt, would you like a topic change?"
          4 people "YAY!"
        Yappy "I saw the.." "SHUT UP!" Mutt eats YappyFerret "..I
          saw the Oscar Meyer wiener..." Mutt uses the mini-
          computer and cord as a blackjack.
1:01 - <WhipBashAHHH!.mp3><WhipBashAHHH!.mp3>
1:02 - Anime porn at Sci-Fi cons. Kage calls in!
        Kage notes Anthrocon has 1 whole hotel, and part of a 2nd
          one, not two full ones yet. Althought he's planning to
          rent out more of the 2nd next year.
1:04 - Mutt makes a bet Anthrocon is going over 2g attendance.
        Kage "If we get more than 2,000 I think I'll just drop my
          teeth." Mutt advises caution after the Mohawk bet!
        Kage and the rating "If you're going to shock people, do it
         with being *furry*, don't do it being.. you know.. silly!"
http://www.rathergood.com/alf/ [Oh, so predictable..]
        Tod "Poink's not allowed out, at all!"
1:05 - Mainstream furriness. Art society "We are not a.. porn
         convention. o_O" Mutt "There you go." "HoweverExceptAsYou
        Mutt notes he's being honest and diplomatic "You can't go
          to a Sci-Fi con or any kind of comic book con without
          getting some of the adult stuff :P"
        Mutt thinks Anthrocon is tamer than last FXCon.
1:06 - Whole lotta artists. Live comedy. And..Pawpet Show!
          At mention of the show, someone farts. Everyone leaves
          except Poink. Kage "Is it possible to leave Poink home?"
        <TheEntertainer.mp3> 2 and Susandeer there too!
1:07 - Poink "Actually I had to admit it.. but I'm an Anthrocon
          Virgin.." Yappy is scared, it's big!
1:08 - Famous people signing books? Poink offers his autobio?
1:09 - Herbie's also got a book out about his art!
http://herbietoons.com/  http://www.sofawolf.com/
        Three weeks until Anthrocon. Kage isn't worried.. much o_o
        Poink offers to help? Kage asks him to lock himself in a
1:10 - Info on Pawpet Megaplex next year! http://ppmp.info/
1:12 - Getting to Anthrocon. Mutt's afraid of flying?
1:14 - Herbie's doing art seminar at a college, planning how to
          get everyone there.
        YappyFerret produces a fart that smells like food.
        (PieceOfPie.Frantics) "VIDEO! VIDEO!"
        Cambrian Telecast Authority "And now.. something we'd
          really rather not talk about."
        Punktiger inna tux. "Ham sandwich buckets of water plastic
          Durilex rubber mudfisheries underware. Applied rapid
          emotions it custard without sustainance things up
          geriatrix scenery. Maximizing process forget the quote
          marks theres no way I can catch all of this."
        (*QUE?* o_O) "Saphire club incidentally. But tonight
          champaign something bermuda plastis mcalvine splendor.."
        A guest. The guest blinks?
        "Good evening, and welcome." "Hello.."
1:16 - Curvaciously mocking squirrels. Machine wrapped with
          butter. "Goodnight." "Goodnight."
        500 credits scrolling in 5 seconds.
1:17 - "But, meanwhile, it's time for music.."
  Only an intro! Rocker ferret sings rock version of "Ms Robinson."
1:18 - Beatle Ferret (o_O?) Loud clothes.
1:19 - Wondering where Joe DeMagio is. Hey Hey Hey.
1:20 - Ferret tailbangs!
        CREDITS: "Mrs. Robinson" The Lemonheads
          Bueller - PunkTiger
1:21 - Bandits eating more puppets! Yappy frisks out Bandit
          with BJWolf puppet "WAZZUP! WOOF! WOOF!"
1:22 - Poink plays with Big Carrot? Yappy "What are you playing
          with Poink?" Poink tosses! "Nothing! Bushwee!"
        Yappy "Here, play with a hamster instead." "Great! Give
          me a roll of Bounty!"
        o_O "Ok, I went there. :)"
        YappyFerret wonders what the Bounty is for? "They say
          you're becoming a veggiephile.." "The dog is attacking
          the carrot! The dog is running off with the Carrot!"
        Yappy "That means we'll probably find orange fluff in his
          poopies." KP "Oh, good grief! @_@"
1:23 - Yappy recalls red nerf ball pieces. Ezra "Oh boy x_x"
        Yappy presses the advantage "I can't wait for Christmas
          Time, I'll get Tinsel Turds!"
        Poink ponders feeding Bandit rubber bands to each turd has
          a handle. Yappy YESSES! Ezra is near death.
1:24 - Ezra "Radical.. Left.. Turn.." Poink "I love Potatoes! :D"
          Harik "I like explosives ^_^" Ezra summons Crappy
1:25 - Political Goofiness, little girl's lemonade stand gets
          shut down for lack of business permit?
1:27 - Yappy wonders if he can make more money with a Panhandlers
          Permit. Crappy "I want to be a Panhandler when I grow up!
1:28 - Ezra and Yappy both laid off? Panhandler's duel.
1:29 - Poink is depressed because he isn't getting laid. :/
        Mutt annouces a game - "ARE YOU STUPID??" $10,000 Pyramid
1:30 - Sefina, future Disney employee. "She's moving down here to
          get laid off!" Rasvar thinks he'll get laid off soon too
1:31 - Lots of work happening in India. And Chechnia?
        SEFINA CALLS IN! "I'm only gonna be down there for two
          month anyway :P"
1:32 - Game Theme: ANTHROCON!
        Crappy narrates "Things you draw.. sculpt" "Artist?"
        "Stand up comedy.." "Uncle Kage's Story Hour!"
1:33 - Crappy gets confused? "These people walk around, and they
          have bad breath and they stink.."
        "These people walk around in these things and they're Cute
  (Sports Fans?)
        "You ride up and down in these things, and they don't
          work.." "Elevators."
1:34 - More specific. Crappy "When something needs to be Fixed
          it's called What?"
          Broken Elevator.   [You're scary sometimes o_O]
        Sefina keeps kicking butt. Ezra keeps *dinging* points
1:35 - Crappy o_O at words stagehand is showing him "Diseases you
          leave the event with." "Memories? Autographs?"
        <WheelOfFortuneShoppingMusic.mp3> "Con Crud!" Yays!
        "It's Naughty, but people draw them anyway!" Poink :D
          Sefina tries to be nice.. "Hentai? Yiff?" *ding!*
1:36 - Sefina just got back from a con, has seen some of it :P
        Gaming con! Crappy "What kind of games did you play?" "Star
          Wars Live Action Roleplaying!"
1:37 - Performance dancing! Sefina "I have influences in the
          Underworld, Influences in Night Life and Influences in
          Getting Transportation." Ezra "Do you have any Influences
          on getting me off this show?"
        Sefina ponders the experiences she will have in FL! "By the
          way guys, less than 2 months!" <StarWars.mp3>
1:38 - Food and Beverage. Rain Forest Cafe crew?
1:39 - Sefina wavers and signs off! Ezra can't understand why
          Sefina likes Poink o_O
        Poink has P.O.R.N. tattooed on his butt?
1:40 - Crappy is freaked. Ezra calms him "Think Jello! Think
          Pudding Pops!"
        <HeavyBreathing.mp3> Ezra "Cookies and Milk!"
1:41 - Ezra wants Crappy to open a lemonade stand?
        Poink continues to try baiting Seal.
          Seal is broken? Poink "We blew a Seal!"
        <GUNFIRE.mp3> People run
1:42 - <SomebodyPassTheWood.mp3> <IAmWeakPleaseDon'tKillMe.mp3>
1:43 - Talking about Herbie's carrot? "Long or Stout?"
1:44 - FLASHBACK! 3 years ago this week..
        Mutt "Hey everybody! This is the last show we have before
          Anthrocon!" 4th of July coming up!
        Mutt "And.. it's a Yappyfox BIRTHDAY!!" YAYS! "31!"
1:45 - <ArrogantWorms-HappyBirthday.mp3> "Happy Birthday! Now
          you're one year older!"
        "Happy Birthday! What have you done that matters?"
        "Happy Birthday! You're starting to get fatter!"
        "Happy Birthday! It's downhill from now on.."
          "Why not to remind yourself the best years are all gone?"
        Happy dancing puppets!
1:46 - Shout outs to lots of birthday people, once again Skippy
          the Bush Kangaroo comes up.
        Song ends! Mutt "Yappyfox! Get your ass in the interview
          chair!" "No.." "YAP YAP YAP YAP!"
1:47 - YappyCam! Yappy looks thrilled :D :/
        Card? "An extra special 31 year old like you deserves a
          great big bear hug. Randy, Happy Birthday! And you smell
          really good.. for a guy that's out of his 20's.
          "Love, Bear." Yays!
1:48 - Yappy "Apparently Bear doesn't know me that well, does he?"
        Back to the Future.. RL Yappy Birthday! Lots of candles
        Yappy "I'm just gonna let them melt onto the cake, get a
          nice wax coating on top.. Hey Poink! Lets do you waxing!"
1:49 - Yappy bends down to blow out the candle, and sets himself
          up for a pie in the face! *SQUAM!*
        Yappy briefly looks like Dr. Doom, then peels and just
          *LOOKS* at the camera. Rasvar freeze-frames so he looks
          like Quasimodo!
        Yappy lurches. Simba "That's awesome! That's like Gramm-
          cracker, right there on his eyeball!"
1:50 - Yappy looks like the Terminator, with cream instead of
          chrome on half his face. He dunk his head in the sink.
        Yappy gets revenge by taking off his shirt. Closeup on
          his belly o_O Scratch marks from Bandit? O_O
1:51 - Back to 3Year interview... "We have another present for
          you! A Jar of BEANO!" Mach "That's actually a present
          to us :P"
        Can of Lysol! Yappy is honored :)
1:52 - Fun with birthday horns.
        Real birthday present! Only wrapped on one side, just like
          on actually TV shows?
        Origin of the YappyFox. SlyFox was taken.
1:53 - Mach "Boxers or Briefs?" Briefs
        Bear Backpack! From Big Blue House guy!
        Maid Marian and Robin Hood plushies. Yappy ohs "I've got
          the beanie versions, but not the plushie versions"
1:54 - Mach asks channel for questions..
        Cartoon char? "Robin Hood"
1:55 - Birthday dunce cap! "He looks like The Last Unicorn!"
        Warner Brothers or Disney? "My employeer, Disney"
        Movie? "Robin Hood"
        Actor? "Jack Nicholas." Nickleson? "Not the golfer!" (First sentence)
1:56 - Food? "Mexican" Restaurant? "Rio Bravo"
        Pip or Pop? "...Both. For President"
        Mach "Aliens or Government Conspiracy?" Conspiracy.
        "Most embarrassing poot?" Yappy thinks.. <JulyBeanMonth.mp3>
          "I'd have to say I can't go there.." Mach TMIs!
        Record Poots Per Hour? "I don't keep count.."
        Mach wows.. "I can't even say some of these.."
1:57 - Favorite Month? "o_O I don't know.."
        Herbie "Do you believe the Rumor?" "Yes."
1:58 - BACK TO FUTURE Poink "Yappy is now Pie-Eyed!"
        JR farts. Rasvar ARGHS!
          Poink "The Devil made me do it!" Ezra "Holy CRAP!"

********* END OF PART ONE *********

Pawpet Show #174 - Yappy Birthday! - Timeline 2/2
compiled by (Blackfoot Ferret) [And his computer..]

1:58 - Gas Emergency. Poink grins "I've never seen Simba
          move so fast :)" Simba "Brrraapp.. o_O"
1:59 - Yappy is still cleaning the cake from his face. Ezra
          belches. Poink "The wierd thing is I haven't eaten
2:00 - Next week, 4th of July show! Massive fireworks show
          at Harik's.
        Poink "AND there will not be any blowing up of Poink"
          Ezra "Oh Darn!" "Blow me." "No, I want to blow you
2:01 - Harik House cam. STACK OF $3000 WORTH OF FIREWORKS
          Arthur notes they got 75% off "Probably $1100.."
2:02 - Poink "I just had a bad idea. This would be the
          perfect time for Pawpet Jackass :)"
        Rasvar, Arthur and Ezra "NO it would not.." Rasvar
          temps Poink to fire one up his <BLANK>
2:03 - CALLIN: Ronin the Otter! From Boston. FL soon.
          Marine Mammal trainer! At Flipper facility?
        Ezra "It's time to play.. 'BOY ARE YOU STUPID'.."
2:04 - 60 seconds to guess answers. "GO!"
        Yappyfox color "Red!"
        Comes out of Yappy's butt? "Poots!"
        Big version of Yappyfox? "Fursuit?" Poink DINGS!
2:05 - <BackgroundRockMusic.mp3> Ronin's comlink jammed?
        Yappy's favorite Decade? "70s?"
        Yappy's dog? "Bandit!"
        Ezra "He's not the show director, he's the.."
          "Producer?" Ding!
        Ezra "And what is the program you're watching right
          now?" Ronin "...You're faded out completely, I
          can't hear a word.."
        Thing that happened to Yappy at Disney. "Broke his
          arm?" Ding!
2:06 - Ezra "That's all of them!" Ronin "What do I win?!"
          "Nothing! And you like it :)" Herbie "Only 3 min :)
        Ronin's going to FL to be a Marine Mammal Trainer,
          volunteered as a guide at an aquarium to get entry.
2:07 - Ronin's dream shot: Hawaii dolphin intelligence
          research center.
http://www.polaris.net/~rblacks/dolphins.htm (Term paper)
        Ronin wants to study dolphins "Most of all, teach
          people about how cool they are!"
2:08 - Ronin's studied dolphins a lot. Herbie wonders what
          things he found that were surprising? Ronin "Unlike
          human, when they dive really really deep, they can
          come right back up, and they don't get (the Bends)"
        Dolphins can jump up to 23 feet? (Jump the shark!)
        Ronin notes researchers her found dolphins are one of
          the few mammals other than humans that are self-
          aware. Dolphins looks into mirror and realize
          they're looking at themselves, not another dolphin,
          and even take vanity looks. "Oh my gosh! That's
          what my tail looks like!"
2:09 - Dolphins behave differently when meeting new
        Ezra "I know some species are monogamous, are
          monogamous?" Ronin "...Dolphins.. are..ahh.. HMM.."
        Unmonogamous. WOW O_O. Poink "The HO's of the Ocean!"
        Also one of few animals [Ferrets?] who use visiting
          around more for entertainment and socializing rather
          than just making kids. Poink "Next to me, of course
2:10 -Poink has a Q? "Has anyone out there jumped the shark?
         People stare at Poink. o_o "What??"
        Dirty dolphin magazines? Ronin "I think if they could
          they would, but only certain dolphins."
        Dignified dolphins vs Poink dolphins. Poink "I wear
          a Tux when I do!"
2:11 - Most unusual marine mammal? Ronin picks Sea Lions
        Rotatable pelvis, can walk on land! "When you're
          training dolphins and 'go out for a cupaccino'
          they're like 'Ok, catch you later', you go with a
          sea lion and say 'I'm goona get a cupaccino'
          they're like 'Oh, I'll come with you!'
2:12 - Sea lion food.
        Poink asks about Florida dolphin? Ronin..? Poink "We
          call them manatees or Rasvar."
        Herbie "Oh no.." Ezra "Oh Gosh.." Giant Rasvar arm.
        Rasvar even drops Bandit on Poink.
        Bandit mauls Poink. Ronin continues "Oh Great Magic
          8-ball.. will I eventually get to work with Killer
2:13 - Magic 8-ball: "Ask again later."
2:13:08 - "It's later." "Most likely!"
        Ronin signs off! Bandit lets go of Poink, chases
2:14 - Burning Whip Cream in background? o_O
        Credits: "No Rain" Blind Melon.  Wilson - Aatheus
        Huskiedog howls intro "OOooh.. Oh Oh Oooh!"
2:16 - "And I don't understand while I sleep all day, and I
          start to complain, there's no rain.."
2:19 - Back to stage. JR's loud shirt. JR gives thumbs up!
          Then indexs things.
        Burning whip cream from Yappy face-pie-pasting.
          People clear the kitchen as food arrives.
        Simba showing off the Serious Fitness Lion shirt.
2:20 - Zooming in on Simba. Manboobs? o_O
        Bandit chews Poink again "Hey! I need that for later!
        Red eye Poink. Ezra notes his eyes are redder.
2:21 - <FadeInFadeOut.fx> CALLIN: Ironbadger!
        Ezra "How are you doing?" Iron "(high) I'm sick! I've
          got the flu! :)"
        Concrud. Ezra hopes the show's helping? Iron "Every
          time I start laughing I hurt myself."
2:22 - Ironbadger, artist.
2:23 - Iron arghs at his cell phone troubles. Ezra "It's
          no big deal, you're only talking to Everyone on the
          Internet on a broadcast! :P" "-OH--MY--GAWD-!"
        Ezra notes he met Iron at FC, Iron not at AC though.
          Everyone he could have gotten a room with canceled.
2:24 - Secrets? Poink "Like Rasvar dresses as Wonder Woman
          when he's not on the show? ...   :)"
2:25 - Iron has a stormtrooper costume! Talks about the
          work involved in putting a kit together, rules
          Lucas set down for fan armor.
2:26 - One guy posted finished suits on Ebay, and advertised
          Stormtrooper suits all over the web. George sends
          cease letter. Guy ignores it. George wins $100,000
          PER VIOLATION of Star Wars copyright? o_O
        Several MILLION dollars. Iron "The guy completely
          dropped out of sight, I think he fled to Canada."
2:27 - Iron member of 501st So Cal Stormtrooper Legion
2:28 - Group tours various events, children's hospitals,
          sort of like the Pawpet Show.
2:29 - Magic 8-ball Q "Oo.. have to remember the rating.."
          Poink "We don't :)"
        Iron decides not to ask about Poink piercing. "Magic
          8-ball, will anybody from the Pawpet's Group be
          going to Memphis Furmeet?"
        "Try again later.." Iron "Magic 8-ball, you SUCK!"
Later -"And the answer is.. No!" Herbiehand picks up
           the ball and shakes it.
2:30 - Something about an edited con tape? Ezra "We have to
          go to a video!"
2:31 - VIDEO - FLUFF AND SUCH! "Annabella's Song"
        Annabella's lonely, watching outdoors.
2:32 - Tag watches closeby, but she never seems to see him..
2:33 - "Anna Anna.. you are never alone.."
2:34 - Tag watch over Anna, always there.
2:35 - ... or is he? o_o
2:36 - Photo of Tag: "In Loving Memory, Sept 11th, 2001"
        CREDITS: "Annabella's Song" by Everclear - Songs
          From an American Movie, Vol 1
        Tag the Dog and Maxi.   Nonsanity_Cat and Cuddles_Cat
        Ezra thanks Nonsanity!
        Ezra "It's 9:39. It's time for our new tradition
          of plugging a website.. at 9:39.."
        Poink "So go to www.strokeyourweasel.net.." "NO!!!"
        Change of plan: Herbietoons.com!
2:37 - Artwork of that Mutt guy. Loosa cool stuff.
        Acrylic, sculptures, and drawings.
2:38 - Browsing the site. Raini and Harik cake topper!
        Herbietoons mailing list? [Who's got time for lists?]
2:39 - Works in Progress. Making of The Garrison sculpture
2:40 - Poink "I wish we could get think kind of talent on
          this show." Ezra nods.
        Poink still likes StrokeMyWeasel.com (Bad Link!)
        Arthur likes nicetits site
http://www.nice-tits.org/ <- Royal Birdwatching Society
[What happens if you remove the hyphen?] (MOVING..ON..NOW..)
2:41 - To the Kitchen for SPITS OR SWALLOWS!
2:42 - Today's Special:
        Punktiger's British 'Digestive Crackers'
        Recheri's Italian drink 'Gasosa' Ras "GasOSA?"
        <ComboNumber5.mp3> Simba looks at a cracker..
2:43 - Simba mumbles positive things with mouth full.
        Simba tries the drink. Second sip? "Tastes like water
2:44 - JR looks at the cracker.. "Not bad."
          Sip. Dips cracker. He likes it! Simba o_O
        Paul. "Pretty bland" tastes like a cracker?
2:45 - <Who'sFat.mp3> Herbie what the hecks..
        Imported from UK. Clean engine taste, or moldy from
          long voyage?
        Herbie spits.. THEN eats another! And spits again!
2:46 - Dare we take a drink? Fountain. "Uh..Uh..Uh..UH!"
        Yappy "He never makes a mess in his own kitchen!"
2:47 - Rasvar crunches. Savors.
        JR "Can I say something that Ras is probably gonna
          kill Poink for?" Ras? KP "What?"
          JR "It's prophetic that this song is playing now!"
        Rasvar casually takes a handfull of crackers and uses
          them for grapeshot. "OOH!" Yappy yays, more mess!
        Bandit is so spooked he wets on the carpet O_O
2:48 - Using the Miracle Chamois. Soaks up for later!
2:49 - <MyBologna.mp3>
2:50 - Ras munches. Extreme closeup on Ras chewing. EW!
2:51 - Harik munches to Jazz. Puppets in foreground.
        Jess munches, then almost laugh-hurls as she's used
          as Headless Naked Barbie head with camera trick.
        Jess poses for the camera! Poink "Nice rack!" "You
          like them? I just got them done last week :)"
2:52 - <ExitLightEnterNight.mp3> Jess with body armor?
          "That's my Masters of the Universe shield!"
2:53 - Raini munches as stagehands hold up google-eyes over
          her shirt. She's used to it by now.
2:54 - KP drinks, gets eye-boobies also? Shakes it!
2:55 - Herbie asks folks to send in cool July 4th videos!
2:56 - NAME THAT TOON! Audience sends in clips from a
          Cartoon character, can cast guess who it is?
        But first.. SING ALONG WITH ARTHUR.
        Rocky Horror Picture Show song. Arthur tries to keep
          track of everything, but is swamped o_O
2:58 - Car breakdown, need mechanic. Arthur "What does this
          have to do with transvestites?"
2:59 - Puppet throwing! Rooster keeps bombing Arthur.
          Arthur "Frickin... Chicken!"
        Mutt "That's sing along with Arthur!" Poink looks
          over "You suck as a transvestite!"
        Poink "I'm a better crossdresser than you.. wait.."
          Uh ohs! Arthur "You better believe it!"
3:00 - Slim wants JR to crossdress at anthrocon! Mutt "What
          does that have to do with anthropomorphics?"
        Rasvar "Do we really want to see him wearing that
3:01 - Associated Student Bodies character, guy raccoon in
          girl's cheerleading outfit.
3:02 - Bear.. with sparkles over head?
          AngelBear! Galen the Saintly
  Mutt "We need more Christian viewers to keep us in line :P"
3:03 - Dexter-like-thing. Foot or eye? o_O
          Bubbles foot, from Powerpuff girls.
3:04 - Hanna Barbera foot. Multi-Snagglepusses. Yep.
3:05 - 2 the Ranting Griffin as a judge.
        Poink "He looks like Albus Dumbledore.." [MUNCH]
3:06 - Mutt wants a few more mainstream characters..
        Poink "But we appreciate all of you. Well no, THEY
          do, I hate all of you :P"
(AND computer hacking?) [Who do you think warped the Bird-
   watching site?]
3:09 - 4th of July prep. Give Kids The World.
3:10 - Poink has a version of The Wheels of the Bus?
          Bear helped out with Give Kids center.
3:11 - PINK FLAMINGOS! Bear's going to watch Flamingos soon?
        Mutt "We'll never ever say what these people are
          watching, cause it would break out rating!"
3:12 - Mutt "It is time for the nastiest thing anyone could
          ever see while they eat food.."
3:13 - Friend Paul sits on the sofa, half-grins at camera.
        Paul "Alright.. so.."
        <Last5MinutesOfPinkFlamingos.avi> "She is ALSO the
          Filthiest ACTRESS in the world! What you are about
          to see is the REAL THINGS!"
        Paul watches. Mutt "Eat the cake! Eat the cookie!"
3:13:50 - Paul raises a cookie..
3:13:55 - Paul lowers the cookie. Mutt "Have ever seen this
             before Paul? :)" "Hmm?"
3:14 - Evidently not. Paul tries hard to keep eating..
        Loss of appetite, but he did not hurl! Mutt "YAY! You
          survived the Pink Flamingo challenge!"
        Paul "Here Bandit.." hugs and offers rest of cake.
3:15 - 2 hours of stuff at Anthrocon! And Suedeer gets to
          eat Durian cake! Flamingos?
3:16 - High standards at AC. Poink erfs.
3:17 - In channel, Kage does NOT want to see Flamingos O_O
        Mutt and Poink are Ren and Stimpy? (Who's who? o_O)
        Spike Lee is Spikerella O_O
        Uncle Kage is the 9th Dr Who?
3:19 - The Crap Show "Because quality stinks."
        Steve Irwin LOVES the pawpets! Whole cast!
3:20 - StripperROXI, WOW! Poink "I want that for my desktop
(Is there an archive for the Caption Pictures anywhere?)
- Is the exhaust working?
- Willie Coyote fails to blow up Roadrunner's car
- I don't care if this is the Big One! This is California,
  and I got me a parking spot!
- JR, your smelly pits are melting the asphalt, now quickly
  get before the paint start to ignite!
3:24 - Local ferret poots, destroys street, fill at 11.
- Now that's what I call a sticky situation.
       Punktiger says he didn't see the picture for that one.
3:25 - SHOUT OUTS! Picture still up.
        Lupis Lupine likes Hunter: The Reckoning "BRAINZZ!"
           Simba arghs as brains is mentioned yet again..
        Chilli offers chocolate to Fat Bastard winner!
3:26 - Simba does voice-over for fish? "thisisyourbirthday
          songisn'tverylongweee!" Fish runs!
        Hyundai = Discount Honda?
        Fish starts arguing with Poink.
3:27 - Ronin goes into Pawpet Withdrawl during move.
        Air Pawpets - Fly the Pooty Skies
        Yappy birthday! Fish does even lower-energy song.
3:28 - Fireworks? FIREWORKS! BOOM!
        Lupis offers 10 bucks if he can't hold in hurl while
          eating Durian. SimbaFish "(mumbles) Ten bucksyeah,
          go back to DBS."
        Everyone cracks up! (Wish I got it o_O)
3:29 - Fish Cam! Two fish look at each other. Ezra "Are you
          the blue fish, or the yellow fish?"
        Simba notes the yellow fish kicks butt. "anyoneactual
          lyunderstandwhatI'msayingoverhere? Ohsomebodyjust
          fartedwhattheheck? Ican'trunwayfromwhatIhavethis
          littletank,it'sshit." Laughs! "ohIdidn'tsayit!'
3:30 - Yappy "Why? he shits in his own toilet water!" Lots
          of people argh! "whatIdo?shutup"
        Fish keep swimming out, blissfully unaware.
3:31 - Fish dueling!
3:33 - Stagehand gives fish the finger. They try to eat it?
3:34 - JR voices orange fish? Simbafish "You'rethewrongfish,
3:35 - Fish food looks like fish poop? TMI!
3:36 - Poink wants to take divider out of the tank for $?
        Rasvar notes after watching Finding Nemo, there's
          an increased number of people flushing their fish
          so they can go free?
3:37 - Poink is toast. Mutt "Hey kids! It doesn't go into
          the ocean! It goes into a sceptic tank full of
        Poink tells kids to flush the cat too! :P Yappy "No,
          cats go into the microwave."
        Simba erms "No, they don't.."
        Rasvar "And if you -really- want to have fun, flush
          your Dad's wallet down the toilet!" Mutt "No, sent
          it to us!"
3:38 - Fun with mayhem! Harik wonders if Pixel will get
          sued over dead fish pets.
3:39 - Lying to kids. Poink "And the Easter Bunny poops out
        Mutt shows you the hand up his butt to prove he's
          just a puppet. Poink "I'm not a puppet!"
3:40 - Nemo's doing so well, they can afford fish lawsuits.
        Cockroaches survive flushing? Cell phones?
3:41 - Treating company-owned equipment differently.
3:42 - Fishing cell phone out of dinosaur poo?
3:43 - "Can you hear me NOW?" fun with cell phone dofus.
        Bandit's bored, sleeping!
        Yappy's allergic to Bandit? Uh oh.
3:44 - Anthony Hopkins and Briteny Spears get Hollywood *s?
        Britney got one fast? Poink "You know why, dont' you?
http://www.albinoblacksheep.com/flash/bagadada.php (No..)
        Poink breaks the rating, big time O_O
3:45 - Anthony has a Knighthood? Ezra moves to holidays...
        There is no escape. Ezra "Oh...my gosh.. July 9-15 is
          'Nude Recreation Week'..."
        Rasvar wants to travel and do a live show! Mutt
          notes there's a nudist colony closeby..
3:46 - International Nudist Convention.
        Poink "Screw Cypress Cove! I'm going to Denny's!"
        Can buy trailers. Mutt "You can retire naked?"
3:47 - FLyingfox offers to fly them over the colony? Ezra
          hmms "It's not in the no-fly zone.."
3:48 - Naked Grandparents. Fringe fetishes.
        More Holidays. Ice cream?
  (I FINALLY find that page!)
        Stay out of the Sun day / Disobedience day?
3:49 - Complement your mirror say. Sidewalk egg frying.
        Poink "We ought to do an all-nude show.." Mutt "Do we
          -really- want to see each other naked? There's too
          many guys here.. and Raini looks a little bizarre
          at the moment.."
        Raini blushes! Poink "That ain't blush, that's FURY!"
3:50 - Closeup on ready-to-cry Raini. Poink "That's the
          sight of a woman that's about ready to rip off your
(HowToDetermineWhoIsRealREALFAST.book) <DohDohDohDoh!.mp3>
        Trying not to embarrass Raini while saying any number
          of things certain to embarrass Raini.
3:51 - THANK GOD FOR FLUFF AND SUCH! Tag passes out.
3:52 - Replay: EVIL KAGE AWAKENS. "GOTOMYCON!" Burning eyes.
   -- 2004 site ready! Next theme: Summer Games? (o_O)
3:56 - Fatigued Pawpets. Poink has energy though "We seem
          to do out funniest stuff when.." Mutt nos.
        Poink looks up? "You look like a ChuckyECheese
          display?" Mutt crashes with an earbang and snores.
3:57 - Ezra thanks the callins, Kage, Ronin, Iron and Sefina
3:58 - <Goodnight!.mp3>

Herbie Hamill  Randy Fox         John Cole   Dan Boatright
Dan Merillat   Melissa Merillat  Devin Bray  Jess Kiela
Scott Garron   Patrick Dowden

"Soul Bossa Nova" aka <Hello!.mp3> Quincy Jones
"Lonesome Road" Dean Elliot
"Ms. Robinson" The Lemonheads (Sweet!)
"No Rain" Blind Melon
"Annabella's song" Everclear
"I'm Bad" MJ
"My Bologna" AL
"Enter Sandman" Pat Boune
"Sweet Transvestite" Rocky Horror  (Poink?)
"Adios, Auevoir, Aufwidesien" Song that's hard to spell

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Aetobatus  Thumper   Frysco   Timduru  Harik  Vitapup
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Copyright 2003 - Randy Fox
3:59 - Next week is 4th of July. Mutt tells people to be
          safe with drinking, if not with explosives!

*********** END OF SHOW 174 **********
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