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Funday Pawpet Show #173 - Flashbacks - June 22nd, 2003 - Timeline 1/2
compiled by (Blackfoot Ferret) [And his computer]


THE FLASHBACK SHOW: Time Warp to the 20's, and 8 shows 3 years ago.
If the Pawpets Were a Silent Film             -- 0:12
Nerd still things Poink's his Dad             -- 0:30
Metallica and Happy Hardcore                  -- 1:48
Drunk Show Coverage                           -- 2:44
ART JAM: Hulk Poink in Silent Movies? o_O     -- 3:20
Rare Raini Interview, Pregnancy good?         -- 3:40

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******* START OF FIRST HALF ******
0:00 - 5..4..3...2.....1......0!
0:01 - Thirty seconds ago, in a living room far far away..
        Mutt was riding a coaster? (That's some living room o_O)
0:04 - Show begins! Mutt and Tod startled by camera
        Mutt announces lots of Flashbacks tonight "Two months worth
          of shows, from two years ago!"
0:05 - Fat Bastard's Club weigh-ins also. Pizza's in the house, but
          is reserved for after the weighing.
        Tod "Why can't we have the Fat Bastard Weighin NOW?"
          Mutt "NO! I have to go to the bathroom.."
0:06 - Mach's here after a long absence! Rasvar's visiting folks
        Bandit annoys Poink by licking JR's armpit.
0:07 - Bandit kisses JR while he's laying down in puppet position.
0:08 - Poink OUCHES! Bandits tail wags above the screen.
        Pawpet crew and friends went to Sunshine Foundation to visit
          Progeria reunion. Disease that causes accelerated aging,
          only 40 people in world have it?
        Tod explains the kids age 8-10 years every year O_O
0:09 - Folks did a show for 26 of them in Orlando, PawpetXL folks
          too. Mutt "Little something we can do to give back to the
          community. As opposed to just sit around on Sunday nights
          and play with puppets.."Poink "Who's playing? I'm serious"
0:10 - Sweetest kids in the world. Mutt "You think you've got
          problems? Wham! You got laid off. Waaah.."
0:11 - Flying Fox and Jess, Harik and Raini visiting tonight. And
          Raini's baby. Poink hopes they're all a good influence..
        <The20'sMimeScreens.fx> "FLASHBACK TO 80 YEARS AGO..."
0:12 - B&W screen. Tod and Poink(?) dance to piano music. Brick-
          background stage looks familiar?
        Mutt arrives, then goes into silent contortions
        <"EWW! POINK FARTED!"> <Piano.mp3>
        Stagehand holds Tod's nose. People are still happy though!
0:13 - Rocky Raccoon not-talks to folks. Poink looks constipated..
          he can't bug people :/
        More stuff
        <"GOD! POINK'S FART REALLY STINKS!"> <HappyPiano.mp3>
        Yappyfoxhead eats Tod? Walks off. Poink just watches
        Letter Bob dances for you. o_o -_o "POINK IS SPEECHLESS"
        "CARROT CAN'T SQUEAK!" Poink munches Carrot
        Giant Carrot arrives. Poink says one short silent word..
0:15 - <"FIN!">
        New movie out: Incredible Hulk. Nobody's seen it?
0:16 - Mutt "I read one review that said the Hulk was about as
          realistic as throwing a toy around the room." Poink "Oh,
          like that's different from this show :P"
        Mutt "Hey, I wasn't comparing! ..-of course this isn't a
          multi-billion$ show either..-"
        Harik wants to get Hulk gloves. Thin Spiderman still kicks
          the Bulk at the box office $wise.
0:17 - Spiderman 2 done? Mutt notes it takes about a year to do the
          CGI post production.
        HARRY POTTER 5 is out! Audiobook too?
0:18 - Darker, moodier books as they go on. Poink "So far in this
          book? Harry Potter is a prick!"
        Adolescent angst. Books that grow up with the kids reading
          them. Books sold out everywhere.
0:19 - Mutt notes books are cheaper online. Poink "What else can
          you do online, besides watch this show?"
http://www.rathergood.com/kittens/ [That's ALL you thought of?!?]
http://www.rathergood.com/punk_kittens/ [A little better]
http://www.rathergood.com/hippo/ [Um..]
http://www.rathergood.com/pants/ [ENOUGH!!]
        Jim Dale.. voice of audiobooks. Mutt wonders who he is?
0:20 - KP is in the bathroom. Mutt "He's cheating!" Poink "I'm
          breaking wind a lot?"
       Pictures from Progeria Reunion, fursuiters and young at heart
0:21 - Progeria genetic, 4 people in UK with aging condition
        KP steals hats!
0:22 - Poink notes Jim Dale was in Hot Lead and Cold feet, and
          Pete's Dragon doctor quack!
0:23 - Hot movie teachers in bell bottoms?
        Visit to Serious Fitness for furs tshirt site. From a former
          Disney animator.
0:24 - Serious Pawpet shirt in works?
        Tigress and Bunny girl also, not just guys :)
0:25 - Jokes about female body-builders having mustaches?
http://www.stupidvideos.com/?VideoID=389 (Argue with Her)
0:26 - Nerd! With a cold? Eating.
0:27 - Bandit's joining Fat Bastard's weighin also?
0:28 - Final Weight-in at Anthrocon
0:29 - Kitchen cam. Playing house, in a house?
0:30 - Nerd watched the art jam last week, looks at Poink? "Are you
          my Daddy?" Poink votes for Beanie Ferret instead.
        Black screen, transition to video! Nerd "Everybody look at
          me, I'm doing the no-pants dance, and you can't see!'
        B&W screen. Nerd ducks! Poink "As you can tell, Rasvar isn't
          the one working the console tonight."
0:31 - Nerd peeks up again "Daddy.." Poink still denighs it!
0:32 - Nerd stares at you. Really closely o_o   O_O
0:34 - To Harik in the kitchen, for Fat People Cam
        JR tries to resist pizza before the weigh-in..
        JR open-mouth-pizza Cam O_O
0:35 - Random surprise shots of people.
0:36 - Herbie lost three pounds! "And I didn't make a dookie!"
        Jess gained a touch, but it just makes her look better.
          KP "That's ok, it looks good on you!"
        JR weighs himself with a drink and piece of pizza in hand.
0:37 - Simba gained muscle. He tries changes poses to see if the
          reading changes.
        Devin lost weight, but he blames it on a haircut.
0:38 - Raini's baby's healthy.
        KP gained half a pound, decides to round upward
0:39 - Devin holds Bandit, Bandit's up from 11 to 15 in one week!
0:40 - Devin's rebuilding himself after the surgery. Nerd "Every
          week I should take my shirwt off, and we should judge the
          amount of people in the audience who go.. WOOOOOH! The
          numbers should go up theoretically, as I get buff"
        Nerd rates the Hulk a 'Pooie on that Movie'
0:41 - Channel ratings for The Hulk, 7 to -5?
        Daredevil vs Hulk? (Haven't seen either yet :/)
0:42 - Crouching Tiger wire-foo guy worked on Hulk?
        Poink hmms "What -would- this show look like in CGI?"
0:43 - Mutt looks at Nerd? "WHy are you laughing?" "Because I'm
        Sudden silence. B&W? <"NERD SHOULD BE SILENCED"> <20's.fx>
        Nerd tries to protest to the camera as 20's music plays.
0:44 - Nerd begins to slowly freak out. <"AHHH, SO PEACEFUL!">
        Nerd eats his own face. Repeatedly faints.
          Poink has a smoke.
0:45 - Devin starts silently swearing out the camera.
        <"GET INTO DA CHOPPA!"> <FilmNoir.mp3>
        Arthur and Nerd conspire, about what, we'll never know.
        Poink looks closely at the camera? <"LOOK INTO MY EYE!">
        Poink uses laser-vision at you. Crappy and Arthur talk to
          each other.
<"?AHH THE PEACEFUL ROARING 20'S"> [Good luck finding a bikini]
0:46 - Color returns. Poink "Is it me? Or is that old-people
          make-out music?"
        Nerd keeps calling Poink Daddy. Poink wants a Flashback..
0:47 - Nerd "Daddy? What do your boobies make me feel funny?"
http://www.stupidvideos.com/?VideoID=315 Poink "Probably the same
          reason they make me feel funny.. they're kind of like
          jello, they wiggle and wobble if you bite on them"
        Nerd "J-E-L-O-Boob"
0:48 - Moving on. Simba recalls Awesome trip! "No. Nothing
        Video games? Poink "You went all the way to Texas, to play
          video games?" "No.. I visited friends!"
0:49 - Crappy loves vacation. Restaurants, friends. Video games.
        Poink wants to create a whack-a-boob machine?
0:50 - Crappy tries talking with Bandit, then erfs "He doesn't
          talk! Bark? Bark bark?" Bandit looks at him?
0:51 - Bored bandit. Bandit was sick earlier?
0:52 - KP tries talking Arthur into hosting the show for a bit
0:53 - Anthrocon in 4 weeks! Arthur "I'm gonna get killed by
          fireworks before that." $250 in fireworks?
        Nerd wonders if it the MTV or Redshirt thing? Nope
0:54 - Java! Poink "BTW Nerd, -that's- really your Daddy." Nerd
          hugs Poink! "Not me, HIM!"
        Java and Nerd eyes DO look similar..
0:55 - Nerd sits on Java's knee? Java tells a story..
        Java "The End!" Nerd passes out and falls offstage.
0:56 - Ezra talks about something in Portland, OR?
        Pizza Smitza, delivery. Panhandlers hold up signs, "I'm
          being paid to hold up this sign" paid in pizza
        (They sell newspapers too, PDX is cool :) )
0:57 - Better than doing nothing.
0:58 - <MexicanHatDance.mp3> CHANNEL ROLL CALL!
        Automated Rollcall? Words fly up the screen!
0:59 - Again!
       Mutt "The easiest Channel Rollcall we've ever done :)"
        Tiger, SkippyLike Lion and TodLikeFerret sing Boy George
1:01 - Start of tradition of throwing puppets?
1:02 - Wierd alien Wiggly-Ball attacks stage, not a puppet o_O
          Lots of wind-up toys!
1:03 - "You come and go.. you come and gooooooO!" Flying ferret!
1:04 - "By Skippy!" Ferret pants "No more Harmonica!!"
        Back to.. no.. still in the Matrix. Sledgehammer attacks
          Mutt 1.0
1:05 - Oscars awards in the background. Skippy's in channel?
        Mutt "So Matrix won best sound?" (o_O Was it that long ago?)
1:06 - Rasvar looks for Robin Williams to sing "Blame Canada"
        NOw back to the present. Tod "Thank you Crow! I wonder
          who Crow was.. and why the ferret looked like me.."
1:07 - Gang raided silk flowers from kitchen, got as many props
          as people could hold.
1:08 - Mutt notes Robin Hood, 30th anniversary figures are out
        Robin Hood, Little John, Sheriff.. must be a member of the
          Collector's Guild to purchase Maid Marian? (Dang!)
[Disney must know their audience](Mickey -is- the King of Anthros.)
1:10 - Herbiehands have Robin stab the camera.
1:11 - People in channel wonders how to become Members? $50-$60
        Maid Marian only available this year.
        Nerd "Sounds like a wracket to me." Tod nods.
1:12 - Mutt expects a made-for-video sequel of Robin Hood to keep
          animators in India busy.
1:13 - Poink finds Maid Marian statue on Ebay, cheaper
        <OuterSpaceMusic.mp3> CowSpider tries to brainsuck Nerd
1:14 - OSCAR FOOTAGE: Robin Williams sings "Blame Canada"
http://www.southpark.dsl.pipex.com/info/oscars.shtml (Same as ^)
1:16 - South Park people doing Rockette kicks o_O
1:17 - Things Robin Williams is into.
(WARCRAFT 3??) [Ben Affleck too]
        Jess likes the ADHD Robin.
1:18 - <KnightRider.mp3> Funny Williams vs Serious Williams
1:19 - Swimming in noodles is cool!
1:20 - Ezra doesn't think Gallager is funny anymore? Arthur likes
          Gallager. Nerd doesn't like new routines.
1:21 - Poink tries to make a point, but Bandit sits on JR's face?
        Camera goes below stage, Bandit paws JRGlasses!
        Someone sings Sit On My Face. Devin has strange, horribly
          mutated ferret for an arm.
1:23 - Top of Stage camera! Ezra looks up at ceiling.
1:24 - FLASHBACK! Yappy and Vixen do comedy routine
        Vixen keeps asking "Why? Why? Why?" "Because I said so!"
1:25 - Dad tries getting kid out of bed for breakfast. "Why?"
1:27 - Cute! Yappy "Where do my illegitimate kids come from?"
1:28 - DJ friend helped with material. Puppet designed to look
          like the fursuits.
1:29 - Yappyfox puppet falling apart, not used that often :/ Ezra
          beats on himself to show durability of Folkmanis.
1:30 - Raining funds. Ezra wants to auction light bulb that hit
          Simba in the nose? Simba "What, am I a celebrity now!?"
        Channel auction! JarJar doesn't want to sell lightbulb!
1:31 - Extra money if he licks it? Mutt "Get a cheap lightbulb
          and like it.."
1:32 - Channel wants Jess to like it. Simba "Where did it go like
          this! WHY did it start!?" [Because they said so]
        JR blinds channel by lifting his shirt.
        JR reaches for his waistband. Camera TURNS back to stage
          "GO TO A FLASHBACK!"
1:33 - Dalmatian puppet goes nuts, head and hands by different
          puppeteers. Sings that 20'sLikeRapSongIDon'tKnowWhatItIs.
1:35 - SkaRapJazzBigBandGoofiness! What he heck is that!?
1:36 - Puppethands tickle Slim, then start punching people out?
          Head o_O
1:37 - Nerd notes that was before he was born. And wonders why
          Daddy Poink is so mean to him :/ "Ezra, are you my Mommy?"
1:38 - Channel Q: Who's going to Anthrocon?
1:39 - Mach relays channel. San Diego Comic Con some week
1:40 - Furloween November 1st. Poink "The candy will be cheaper!"
          Mach "Oh, Yes! Sweetness!"
1:41 - Yappy recalls eating McDonalds to-be-thrown-out leftovers
1:42 - Mach explains it's Nov 1st because things are happening
          every other week. (Maybe Portland isn't so cool after all)
        Poink decides not to go to AC, because nobody loves him?
          Ezra threatens to put him in a box and mail it.
1:43 - Ezra coaches channel "Do not humor Poink! NoYouDon'tLoveHim
          YouHateHim.. remember that, You Hate Poink! Because we
          hate Poink.. Nobody wants Poink.. because if you like him
          he'll fart in your car.."
        Yappy "Nothing like a nice new juicy one in your car" "He
          did it twice in my car on the way up!" Poink "Liar! It
          was three times :)"
1:44 - Ezra stands corrected. Yappy "It's so nice against that
          rich Corsican leather." Ezra ews.
1:45 - Fun with random sound effects. Talking, farting robot?
1:46 - New Ren and Stimpy at TNN/Spike channel.
1:47 - New Metallica music, backed out of anti-Napster suit. Like
          file sharing after latest album. Mach "That's 'cause they
1:48 - Tired music? Poink gave up after song "Unforgiven 2"
          Poink "The lyrics actually went 'This is Unforgiven 2'.."
        Nerd notes lead guy stopped doing drugs and drinking, lost
          coolness factor.
1:49 - Nerd notes the channel wants him to kiss Poink.
        <FloweryHappyCartoonMusic.mp3> Mach mocks Metallica.
1:50 - Wierd Video.. Carrot goes on musical magical trip!
1:51 - Carrot watches people slide down a sinking ship.
1:52 - Carrot at the shooting range. Amusement Park madness!
1:53 - Carrot plays Doom RL?
1:54 - Carrot tries skiball.
1:55 - Carrot eating pizza and beer? Tired after long day.
        MASCOT BOWLING! <HampsterDance.mp3>
1:56 - Lots of critters try bowling. Some even hit pins!
1:57 - Yappy farted! People clear out.
        Ezra stays and calms explains about 'Carrot goes to the Fair
        Poink "Good God that stinks.." Yappy sounds relieved.
1:58 - <DeepThroat.mp3> Poink can see Hampsterdance being Metal's
          next hit. Devin "God Damn, I hate Happy Hardcore.."

********** END OF FIRST HALF *********
Poink "That just sounded wierd!"

  Pawpet Show #173 - FlashBacks - Timeline 2/2
Timeline compiled by (Blackfoot Ferret) [And his computer]

1:58 - Continued corrosion of Metallica.
       Devin still hates Happy Hardcore. "It's like, crappy music"
         <PainfullySqueezedBalloon.mp3> "Exactly!"
    [Like this?] (I just found new music I love! Thanks Dude :D )
1:59 - Nerd wonders how to apply for PawpetXL status?
2:00 - History of Pawpeteer bowling.
2:01 - Nerd sings to MetalStringMetalloBeattlishIndian band song.
       "You've got me.. rolling around. Frog on my head. Holy
         Shazam.." (o_O) Nerd wears Java like a scarf
       "(Slurred) I see you on a sub-mar-ine.. (some mumbling) If
         you pull me apart, don't swallow my.. heart"
       "You've got me.. Under the sea. Trying to swim.. I'll find
         you again.." (LostInSpace.mp3)
2:02 - Sound ends abruptly. Arthur "What.. was that?"
2:03 - Mach "The illegitimate child of Ska." Ezra is wierded out.
       Nerd "You guys know nothing of music!" (Aqua&STYX.rules)
       Nerd notes Rolling Stone awarded the Starlight Mist album
         one of the 100 best. "Excellent, Experimental Pop Music"
         Ezra thinks it's the New Coke
       Dog with bow sings Aie Yie Yie.
2:05 - Latin dance music! Poodle dances..
         Camera angles up, and you see the puppet against the
         floor.. no arm visible!
2:06 - Refrain, this time in English. South American Way.
2:07 - Latin poodle poses, then heads out! Fin
       MUTE FERRET! With jingle bells? Mach "KILL HIM!"
       Mute keep jingling!
       Mach wows "We've actually had complains in channel about the
channel going too fast! Too many people talking. WELL, if you
         guys think -that's- hard, you're just watching the show,
         try being IN IT and keeping track!"
2:08 - Mutt 1.0 is very white o_O. "Pinkkk Eyeee!  Eyeee Eyyyeee, Ayee
         Ayyeee.." wants pink glasses?
2:09 - Ezra, in pink glasses "Wow! Three years ago!"
       Yappy's habitat before and after. Yappy "We could put you back
         in the closet, Mutt.."
2:10 - Fun with washer vibrations. (Huh?)
       Poink "Stand on the left side, it gives the best vibration!"
2:11 - How to abuse appliances. Arthur recalls the Attack of the
         Unbalanced Dryer.
2:12 - Someone sends Mach a link "Furniture Porn .com..? o_O"
http://furnitureporn.com/   [Thy Wish...]
       Chair on chair action? Nerd "It's dumb.."
2:13 - Nerd has a zit that looks like a banana? Arthur "It's hangin'
         by a STRING! That's pretty GROSS!"
       Channel Q: Does Nerd like the band N.E.R.D.?
http://www.geocities.com/clarinet_girl7537/band_purity.html [Wrong one]
http://www.gwydian.com/band-nerds/ [Cool shirts! But still wrong..]
2:14 - Nerd notes he loves music though "I have over 600 CDs!"
       Yappy does Yoko Ono. Kinda >_< (ArchieBunker'sWife.mp3)
2:15 - Arthur loves Hootie and the Blowfish. Nerd thinks only a Crash
         Test Dummy guy is worse.
2:16 - Butthole Surfers? o_O Pawpet dance to Surfer song.
2:17 - (BeingHypnotizedByIndianSnakeCharmers.avi)
2:18 - Describing how lots of people died, each in their own way.
    [Do Beavis and Butthead like the Butthole Surfers?] (.... Ugh)
2:20 - The End. Scritch "Wow!" Arthur "What were we doing?"
2:21 - Music night! Sing along with Arthur.
2:22 - Oooh Oooh song. "I don't care about that."
2:23 - Pogo Poink joins.
2:24 - Something I didn't catch about Mary Tyler Moore. Band sings
         "I don't care about that!" repeatedly.
2:25 - Serious heavy headthrash music. Arthur "It sounds like noise to
2:26 - Random acts of evil. Fun with Voice Alteration.
2:27 - Knuckle-dragging rock. JarJar joins jam.
2:28 - Voice on tape is too low and incomprehensible. Arthur "I can't
         make fun of this!"
2:29 - <TimeWarp.mp3> Arthur knows the lyrics now!
       Electronically Warped voices MST3K-ing the Time Warp
       Jump to the left! Pawpets knock heads. Other left!
2:30 - <TotallyRandomThingsFlyingBy.avi>
       Arthur "Let's Do The Time Warp again.." <x15>
2:31 - "Let's.. call it.. really freaking long.."
       Easter grass! Mach "Grass isn't for lining baskets.."
2:33 - Mutt bombards Scritch with eggs as Scritch sings "When I'm 64"
       "Will you still need me.. will you still feed me.." <Eggs.avi>
2:34 - Mutt headthrashes bobing for eggs, then spits them at Scritch,
         he keeps singing. Arthur bombards with puppets.
2:35 - Mutt munches Easter Grass?
2:36 - "Things flying toward the camera is FUNNY!"
2:37 - "You'd like to touch it.. but if you do, I'll maim you.."
       "I see the envy in your eyes.. each time you see it.."
2:38 - Cool effect where second, smaller image of puppets is put over
         the screen, looking like mini-puppets of Mutt and Scritch!
2:39 - "It is the love of my life!.. A sea of desire.."
  [Should I ask?] (No.. whatever it is I don't want to know o_O)
2:40 - NEXT WEEK: Camera looks around the room, randomly ambushing
2:41 - <MistFilledRoom.fx> A new challenger has arrived!
       Raini hides!
       Ferret tries to hide, then decides to eat the camera.
2:42 - What's that on the stage.. Ferret WHAT? o_O
2:43 - Cute cam! Ferret extreme closeup.
       Rasvar turns contrast way down, until only computer screens are
         visible, in the hope of luring out the elusive Raini into the
         open. Mutt "Forehead cute! Eyebrow cute!"
2:44 - Poink necking with Bambi again. Nerd gets a closer look?
2:45 - Next up: THE DRUNK SHOW. A shot of Rumplemints ever 30 min..
       <IfIHadAMillionDollars.mp3> Later in the show after alcohol
         levels are high.. lots of howling?
2:46 - Hallucination, Giant gold-foil Cthuhlu Seal O_O
       Ras aims the camera at Mach, who gives him Digit 3.
2:49 - Mutt notes show was to promote Responsible Drinking, people
         slept on Yappy's floors, and didn't drive home that night.
2:50 - KP wows at how mature Mach is now. Mach tells him to shut up!
       Back 3 years ago.
2:51 - Belching? "I've I'm rude, I don't intend to be.."
       Mach's been taking double shots.. someone gave him bigger glass?
       Mutt and Mach talk trash!
2:52 - Mach "Sticks and stones may break my bones.. but whips and
         chains excite me!" Mutt o_O
       Seal is drunk?
2:53 - Tech trouble? Mach asks Harik for helps because everyone else
         is smashed.
2:54 - Rasvar announces Drink #6! Countdown.. "3..2..1..DRINK!"
       Groaning.. Mutt gets hammered.. literally.
2:55 - Fraggle Rock on TV? Blends in easily with surroundings.
       Poink and Devin both wish there were on that show..
2:56 - Mach draws line at Wedding Cake shots though..
       Ezra explains Wedding Cakes: Vanilla vodka, pineapple juice and
         triple something.
2:57 - People went downtown. Crappy wanted to go to?
       People keep score on drinks consumed.
2:58 - Ezra "Who needs booze if you have the Funday Pawpet Show? :)"
       Yappy "So who got naked last night?" "I did!" Nerd "Nobody got
         naked last night.."
2:59 - Card games. "Simba lost?" "EVERYBODY lost!"
         Strip Fluxx? Mach "That is so GEEKY!"
3:00 - Mach explains Flux is a card game where the rules always change,
         so Strip Flux would be basically asking for it.
       Raini and Jess both playing too? "How come I missed this?"
3:01 - KP, collector of shirts, bought a new one with star all over?
         Ezra "You know why he bought it? He was drunk! :)"
       Poink "So what's next? Strip Dungeons and Dragons?"
3:02 - Poink played Strip Solitaire? Yappy tried Twister.
3:03 - Nerd shakes so much his eyes fly off.
         Ezra wants ugly-shirt contest at Anthrocon!
3:04 - Poink suggests Strip Hot Fudge Sundae?
3:05 - FERRET TAKEOVER SHOW! John Malcovitch door of ferreting.
       Ferrets everywhere! "Oh shot, someone pooted again."
       "That's not Delicious Candy kids!"
       Fuzzle "Well folks.. there went the rating.."
       <KazooPeopleBooing.mp3> Frantic gasps for life.
3:06 - Dead ferrets falling from sky. Mach "I'm so glad I'm on the
         other side of the room!"
3:08 - Back to studio. Ezra and Arthur are Chipmunkified.
3:09 - Reverb-Crappy is haunted by himself!
3:11 - Total Reverb. Ezra argues with himself.
3:12 - "L! (L)" "M! (M)"
       "I like potatoes! (tatoes)" "Echo! (Echo)"
3:13 - Yappy has fun with the controls. Poink plots to break the rating
- Fox and Sox is now drunk as a skunk.
- Pocketfox in 26 days.
- "Urk.. must find the toilet. Gotta blow fluff.."
3:15 - Robin Hood goes in a drinking binge when he find out Poink's
  banging Maid Marian. Poink yays!
- Wait a sec.. this isn't wine!
- Dreams of getting paid in Pepsi and Pizza slices
- Be responsible, don't let your fox drink and yiff.
- Last minute preparations for heading to FPS. Simba background yeahs.
- Disgruntled FPS person.
3:16 - Three bottles of <Hick> on the wall, 3.. and Devin passes out
   after two bottles of beer. Background chuckling
- Beer is ALWAYS a flashback..
- One of the deleted scenes from the DVD release of Pawpets: The Drunk
- Quit your Bitchin' brand soft drinks should not be consumed by
  weasels with bad B.O. and gastrointestinal problems who take more
  Viagra than usual. Sorry Poink, I guess that leaves you out.
[Looks like that rules you out too.] (I've never taken Viagra..)
3:17 - Poink "I have no idea what he's talking about, do you?"
- Fans of Dela the Hooda have a Yahoo Group
       EagleBeagle 17th birthday and driver's license! H-Birthday.
3:18 - Fan donate more prizes to Fat Bastards challenge. Also prizes
         for folks who GAIN the most weight.. Reicheri
       "Nerd ferret, Marry me!" Poink "All.. yours"
3:19 - BritFur.com 2005 con http://www.britfur.co.uk/
       "Welcome back Mach! We hope you can drop by more often - Hobbes"
       Nonsanity has a new Niece!
3:20 - Back to studio. Poink tries to tapdance, then stops.
       Poink "How hangs the weasel?" Crappy earperks?
       ART JAMS! http://pawpet.org/funday/art/2003-06-22/
       'Mach Gets Confused' "What do you mean it's not the Bald
         Bastard's competition?.." - Hobbes
3:21 - Toddle and Farty? Yappy "Heave ho Heave ho? o_O"
       TRWolf: Arthur and Mutt are Laurel and Hardy
       Pawpets Meet Rugrats Meet Homestarrunner people.
3:22 - Mutt points to 3000lb Incredible HulkPoink "Fake! :P" (*WHAM!*)
         Poink "Iiii LIKE IT!" - Roxi
       HulkPoink rejects Nerd "I am not your Dad!"
       1932 Pawpets!
       Mutt thanks folks! Poink wants to see Hulk-him again :)
3:23 - Mutating the Hulk picture.
3:24 - Repitch of Serious Fur Fitness site!
 Buffed furs. (Where's the ferret?) [You might want the dragon one..]
 (What about the otter?) [The otter would eat you.]
       Yappy fart alarm.. farted ON Bandit? o_O
       Yap "I don't think It'll matter for something that eats his own

[Video?] (KEEP ROLLING!)

3:25 - FLASHBACK! People talking about Coasters
       Mutt wants to ride a coaster when it rains! "YEEOOW!!"
3:26 - Harik's visiting, waves like guest on Muppet Show :)
       Shak coins a new catchphrase: "This whole show is one big lesson
         in FEAR!"
       People spook Shak!
       <There's12345678WheelsOnABigRig.mp3> Macho Kid's songs!
3:27 - Roman Numeral count of wheels on a big rig! Laughing on the
         Mutt "WHO's laughing?? Is this the impostor show? o_O"
3:28 - Original version of song Trout Fishing stole, Haywood Banks.
3:29 - Back to stage. AHHHH.. naked POINK!
       Thank goodness.
       FLASHBACK! Pawpets watch taped footage from roller coaster and
         pretend they're riding it. "AHHH!!!' "WOOWW!!" "FUN!!"
3:30 - "AAHHHH!" Arthur "We're all upside down and stuff! Again?"
3:31 - Mutt "Man, those coasters pick up speed when it rains, its true"
       Ferret plays the Sax. Java is impaled upon a Van Der Graph
         Generator? o_O
3:32 - Everyone's happy! Java is slack-jawed, staring up OoO
3:33 - Frantic does anime-moves with muzzle-held instruments
       Mutt mauls Java, belches, then tosses him. Java likes it?
3:34 - Guessing the name of The Opening Song.
         Used IN Austin Powers, but not OF Austin Powers?
3:35 - Quincy Jones, Soul Bossa Nova. Mutt "You get $1mil Monopoly $!"
       End of Flashbacks!
         Poink "So now we have to do 20 minutes? o_O"
3:36 - Plans for next show.. more booze? Mutt "How did we get drunk if
         we had to go to work the next day?" Crappy "I don't remember..
       Labor Day weekend, Dragon Con. SciFi. Jess notes a *HUGE* con.
3:37 - Megacon. FXCon. Dragon Con. (Voltron?.tv)
3:38 - <SailingMusicICan'tRememberNameOf!.mp3> Guy across hall at con
         asks them to turn monitor so he doesn't have to see it?
       Poink recalls 400lb guys with beards in Sailor Moon outfits.
         "Personally, I'd rather see the puppy dogs.." (Ahem)
3:39 - Vampirella makes moves on Poink?
3:40 - Plans for next con! Possible 2nd Drunk show? A few yesses..
3:41 - Waiting for Raini to have the baby so she can get smashed too :)
         Poink asks Raini if she can still see her feet? "YES :P"
       <KitchenCam.fx> Raini shields her face! Then gets shades.
       Interview with the Raini. Mutt asks what it feels like to be
3:42 - Raini-baby practices Anime combat techniques in the womb.
         Trouble tying shoes not.. different each week.
       Pregnancy pains in the butt.. "Can't go on roller coasters, and
         can't drink." Mutt "You can still have the sex, right?" "Yeah!
3:43 - <CLoseupOnRainiBosums.mp3> Raini "Have to ask Harik on that one!
         Headless Naked Ken shadow-fondles Raini.
       Mutt "Are you enjoying your larger breasts?" "I would be, except
         I can't find the correct bra sizes.."
         Yappy "Do they make adjustables?" "Not THAT adjustable.."
3:44 - Everyone's listening attentively. Poink "Any cravings yet?"
         Poink asks Harik "Any Mood Swings?" Harik diplomats "Not..
         very often.."
3:45 - Is Harik having mood swings? Raini "I'm not gonna answer that!"
         Harik has morning sickness? Yappy "That's hangover!"
       Raini-baby as next President of US? Yappy notes smear merchants
         would look back at this show.
3:46 - Anything surprising? Decent so far.
3:47 - Poink says "Triplets?" Raini o_O a sec
         Countdown: 2 1/2 months until B-day.
       Toys for future children of uncertain gender: Pink Football?
3:48 - Yappy "When are you gonna make a fursuit for this kid?" "When
         I finish MINE!" (Kangaroo.suit)
3:49 - Telethon Show coming up.. FPS totally viewer-funded! Poink ews
         at thought of PBS "I don't want the Moody Blues coming in here
         and singing!"
       (RideMySeesaw.mp3) Mutt "That's be COOL!"
3:50 - Poink can picture Pavarotti and Rasvar together. Mutt "Can't fit
         Rasvar and Pavarotti in the same house.."
         Mutli OhBoys. Mutt erms.. "I had to say that."
         Poink nods "Yes, you did. 'Cause it'll be YOUR ass he kicks
           when he comes back.. not mine ^_^"
3:51 - <JimiHendrixDoingMetalStarSpangledBanner.mp3>
3:52 - Wierd Al's new CD: On Track #12, Poodle Hat, there's a Toxic
         Audio sample in the song!
(And a STYX one at "..I get Free Crescents.. yes I am the Guy.. Every
  French Lady wants.." Didn't see a KISS one though :P)
       Closeup on Serious Fitness Hyena picture! Buff! Yappy looks for
         something with Couch Potato fitness.. Mutt "He made that for
3:54 - Never rip off stuff from non-RIAA people.. oh, Tigress!
       Harik notes there is a way to defeat downloaders, just put out
         a low-quality version on the site. Downloaders go for the
         smaller file, the bad version will be everywhere, and people
         will pay for the good version :)
3:55 - Madonna's CD has a virus that trashes computers that try to
         copy it? O_O (SeriousTigressFitness.shirt)
  Yappy notes virus just says "What the F* do you think you're DOING!?"
      (ThingsThatFreakYouOutDuringHalloween.wow) (Can I download that?)
3:56 - Herbie notes he'd draw more of people would stop ripping it off.
       Poink "Who wants quality if you can get 4 hours of us for free?"
3:57 - <GOODNIGHT!.mp3>

3:58 - <GOODNIGHT!.mp3> "Stay Tuned for Credits.."
       People had a good time. Poink necks with Bambi again.
       People reminisce when air conditioner quit, and it got hot..
Herbie Hamill     Randy Fox         John Cole    Dan Boatright
Dan Merillatt      Melissa Merillatt   Devin Bray   Jess Kiela
Scott Garron     Patrick Dowden    Sean Maxey

Tod "Wow, we're usually singing when these go by.." Simba mumblereads

"Soul Bossa Nova" Quincy Jones - Not from Austin Powers
"Adios, etc" Lawrence Welch - Traditional
"Lucas with the Lid Off"
"Because I Said So"
"Submarine #3" Starlight Mists
"South American Way" Carmen Miranda
"Pepper" Butthole Surfers
"Buddy Holly" Weezer
"Do You Think I'm Sexy?" Revolting Cocks
"Time Warp" Rocky Horror Picture Show
"When I'm 64" Beattles - Srgt Pepper album
"Mine!" Trout Fishing In America - Big Trouble
"Eighteen Wheels"

Aetobatus Thumper Frysco Timduru Harik Vitapup
Copyright @2003 Yappyfox

3:59 - Wowing at Colorbars!

********** END OF SHOW #173! *********
Timeline Compiled by Blackfoot [3 lbs doesn't quality as buffed]

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