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  Funday Pawpet Show #172 -   - June 15, 2003 - Timeline 1/2
compiled by (Blackfoot Ferret) [And his computer]

To view the live show on Sunday, or download last week's show:

0:00 - Disclaimer. Show is wacked. Turn back.
0:01 - Character parade. Tod happy! Poink a priest.. unhappy.
0:03 - Radiolawn sticker! Rasvar has fun with effects.
0:04 - Premium coffee. Makes you cough.
0:05 - Bandit visits Mutt "You're gonna pee on me!"
       Bandit, RL puppy, looks curiously around as each puppet
         suggests things to do with him.
0:06 - Weight loss. Transferring it to other people? o_O (BMovieMusic.mp3)
0:07 - Bandit rubs noses with Rummage.
       Mutt's paws coming up? Poink suggests hot glue gun.
0:08 - KP suggests Bandit-mail? Bandit almost falls off stage.
0:09 - Skeleton crew, people various places
       Bandit noses balls off stagetop so they fall on Poink.
         Poink "You don't like me, do you dog?" KP "No, he has good
         taste, he hates you!"
       Poink looks constipated. Bandit scores another hit.
       Mutt and KP "Good boy!" Poink "I'm not gonna stand there!"
0:10 - Third hit. KP "Funny!"
       Mutt eggs Bandit on, Bandit turns around and looks at him?
0:11 - Mutt hellos to audience, notes they'll be doing this show
         until they die. Poink ohs, and makes plans for a Jack-in-
         the-Box crypt *creak* *BOING!* "Hi all!"
       Mutt "To-night! We have.. absolutely nothing planned!"
         Poink "Except to boycott Burger King"
       (Drumroll.mp3) "You know that slogan they got about 'Have
         It Your Way?' Complete crock" (Rimshot.mp3)
0:12 - Poink is escorted out of Burger King.
0:13 - Bandit does things to Poink below stage?
       People argue over who has 'the beat' <Techno.mp3>
0:14 - California and avocados. Why?
0:15 - Hellos to Harik and Raini! Yappy "Don't park on the grass!"
       <Goofy20'sWhistleBanjoMusic.mp3> People hello to Rasvar too
       Mutt "He's our technician guy, he controls everything you
         see. He controls the horizontal, and the vertical!"
         Rasvar "This is the Bonzo Dog Band - Dr Jazz :)"
  <ChurchBellsBeatingYouOnTheHead> Poink "That doesn't surpise me"
0:16 - Fun with pizza toppings, coffee, and Bandit. Yum.
       Yappy "Avacado hamburger"
       Boco vs Avacado.
0:17 - Channel loves Avocados too..
0:18 - Camera angles down to get Bandit and JR's gut
       Camera goes back up. Poink "You're ruining the magic.."
0:19 - Forging the Death Pizza. Mutt "Peanut Butter!"
       Opening a Fudrucker's? Mutt "Watch your mouth!"
0:20 - Kitchen Cam. Raini holds Bandit over a trash can?
         Mutt "Squeeze him!" Yappy notes that works with rats.
       Rasvar "WHY ARE WE TALKING ABOUT THIS!?" Yap "If you're
         gonna have it walk around your house you can pre-poop it!"
(Boy Scout moto: "Be Prepared") [WEBLOS: WE'll Be LOyal Squeezers]
(Thanks for not making that worse) [I didn't want to blow it]
       Poink "Back to BURGERS!" "You don't want pellets under
         your couch!"
0:21 - Flaming burgers of gaseous death. Poink "I'm Squeezable.."
       Fan art! "The Fittest Bastard?" Mutt "Thank you Roxikat!"
0:22 - KP "We do have the weigh-in results for this week.." Mutt
         wants a recount without shoes. Yappy "Let me go to the
0:23 - KP announces results. Harik is down? Poink "Married life is
         getting him!"
       Raini baby gains 1/2 pound!
0:24 - Poink asks Raini about boobie milk-weight?
0:25 - Oreos as gas-producing bed weapons?
       Labeling breast-milk so Harik doesn't drink the wrong one.
0:26 - Poink wants to sell flavored Raini-Milk? Rummage "Do we put
         it in a light container since light will damage it?"
         Mutt is toast.
       Harik decides to damage Mutt more "We'll like to recommend
         the people ask first, before having the homemade ice
         cream at our place."
       Rasvar "We could do it as a Spits or Swallows..?" Bandit's
         hungry! Poink bewares the chocolate chip ice cream..
0:27 - Seal..
http://www.stupidvideos.com/?VideoID=642 [Jim-jams?]
0:28 - Seal orks to Mexican music. Closeup!
0:29 - Seal and Naked Barbie jam with cameraman
       Barbie gives you a Hang Loose?
0:30 - Stage background looks like ship sails, coolness :)
       Poink "What part of them were they squeezing to make him hit
         those high notes? o_O"
0:31 - Mystery Guest: Collector of big talking animals?
0:32 - <GoofyMysteryMusic.mp3> Mutt "Tonight! We have the bizarre,
         strange and unexplained on the show.. giant skunks that
0:33 - Crappy shows up in super-large sunglasses. Mutt ? "Crappy,
         what are you doin' here?" "I don't know.." Simba in TX.
       Rasvar "Looks like he's an old guy on a golf course :)'
0:35 - Split screen! Mutt's head on Harik's shoulders? "Hello..
         I've turned into a dog."
       In channel, Kage leaves for Ice Cream.
0:36 - <MexicanHatDance.mp3> CHANNEL ROLL CALL!
       Harik reads while Poink eyeglows at you. Christmas blink?
0:37 - KP "Today's show brought to you buy the letters F and U!"
0:38 - Pat, hermaph smoke-addicted snowleopard looks in.
       Pat's favorite salad food? <OohhhhYeahhh.mp3>
0:39 - Same question to channel! Fantasy salad topping?
       Cookies? Eyeballs? Ew? Poink "Haley Berry! I like that.. but
         the don't serve it at Burger King"
0:40 - Devin calls in, inbound in 20 minutes!
       <WaterReflection.fx> Mutt and Pat looks at themselves below
0:41 - Weaving hand theatre.
0:43 - <SingingSawMusic.mp3> TONIGHT'S TOPIC: REJECTED FATHER'S
         DAY CARDS!
       Poink still says he's not Nerd's father!
       Rasvar notes its not a fake.. Burt was actually mad enough
         to attack someone's bepuppeted hand.
0:47 - Next week.. Flashback Catchup show
0:48 - McDonalds and You. Mutt gets dramatic side-lighting as he
         tells the story.
0:50 - How to wrap a burger. The wrong way.
0:52 - Mutt suddenly likes sunglasses? Cool like Ezra :)
       Cheering! For bandit! Tod "He peed on Yappy's bare foot!"
         Rasvar is impressed "He didn't pee on the carpet!"
0:53 - JR wearing Ezra-glasses too
0:54 - Yappy puts his sock in Mutt's face.
0:55 - Creating new wizz-based swear words <DeepThroatTheme.mp3>
0:56 - Poink arghs "We're doing 3 minutes on how the dog PEES!"
         Mutt "It's a four-hour show!"
       In channel, Kage is trying to eat ice cream.
       Coyote wearing cool Ezra-glasses
0:58 - "Stay down.. stay down.. stay down.. now!"
       "Little Willy Willy won't.. go home!" (o_O)
0:59 - Catchy 70's funk!
1:00 - CREDITS: "Little Willy" by Sweet
         Asher Scotty - Darian
1:01 - Ezra.. also wearing sunglasses! Wows as Yappy has sprayed
         EVERYTHING in the room with deodorizer.
1:02 - Mutt asks audience for goofy McDonald's stories!
       Ezra describes the Wedding Cake, new drink! Vanilla Vodka
1:03 - Fuzzle thinks Ezra drinks too much?
1:04 - Shoe polish mystery. Cake on Rasvar's sink?
1:06 - Frozen brownie mystery. More great fast-food service
       Devin arrives! Fuzzles waves! "We're SAVED!"
       Drank Pawpeteers had last night.. Yellow Cake!
[Really makes your face Glow!] (You know it's not real..)
1:07 - More friends that haven't seen Pink Flamingos! Pets too?
         Rasvar doesn't want Bandit to see Flamingos.. .. .
1:08 - Michael (Michelle?) Mephit visits, giant skunkette?
1:09 - Michael waves while leaning on the stage
1:11 - Talking French. We, We!
         Odenashka (sp?) has a lot of fursuits
1:12 - Michael does The Odenashka Song. Bogie! Kinda.
       Song is in foreign language? Michael gets "Odenashka" each
         time it comes up.
1:13 - "Arthur, I need your help here!"
1:14 - Alan Duckworth, builder of giant fuzzy things. Orlando
         Predators, friend of Gnash?
1:15 - Mutt "How long have you been a skunk? "About 25 years."
1:16 - Interview with the Skunk
1:17 - Skunks and social stigmas? Skunks have thick skin
1:18 - Bandit tries stealing the camera again.
       Mutt wonders if Michael likes Pepe Le Pew? "Na.. he's
         Pathetic!.. He's embarrassing for us French-speaking
1:19 - Channel Q: "Boxers of Briefs?" "..Fur!"
1:20 - "Mashed or Baked?" ".. Mashed"
       "Freddy or Jason?" Wishes they could both kill each other
1:22 - Stink bugs attack skunks?
       Poink "Skunk vs Yappy!"
1:23 - Magic 8-ball: "Will I have a good time at Anthrocon?"
         "Ask again later.."
Later - "It's decidedly so!"
1:24 - NERD! "I was gonna sit and drink Tequila in a hotel room
         all night.. but I decided to stawp by!"
1:25 - Talk of drinking. <Vapors.fx>
1:26 - Mutt's celebrating the finishing of Brother Bear!
1:27 - Pizza run. Mutt "Does anyone in channel want some Pizza?"
http://www.stupidvideos.com/?VideoID=572 (Sure!)
1:28 - Channel votes on what the crew should eat
1:29 - Adric calls in! Prevents phone-ordering pizza?
       Ad "You wanna hear McDonald's stories?" Mutt nods!
       Ad works as a cashier, has Stupid Redneck stories?
1:30 - Harley Davidson twins buy whole cartload of silk flowers?
         "We're about ready to decorate our front yard with these!"
       <DuelingBanjos.mp3> "You never have to water the thangs!"
(Actually.. that might be better for the environment than all the
  bug spray and fertilizer..) [Shut up, Gilly]
       Mutt "That's a good idea, actually"
1:31 - $250 in silk flowers? o_O 5 for a buck O_O
       Lady can't open bubble-tape?
1:32 - G4, cable station about VIDEO GAMES? COOL!
1:33 - Ad's favorite movie? "Excalaburger: The Spatula In The Stone
         Independent film. Only 30 copies exist?
http://orangecow.org/excaliburger/ (AM I GOOD OR WHAT!?)
       Guy from 'Dr. Fred's Amazing Exploding Cow Show'
http://orangecow.org/fred1/ [Rock and Roll, McDonalds]
       Nerd "Sounds like my kind of entertainment!"
1:34 - Mutt "What's your favorite video game?" "Everyone's going to
         start groaning.. Dance Dance Revolution!'
[<HotLimit.mp3> <BurningCellPhone.gif>] (Nope, not doing Ritalin.)
       Ad is Co-champion DDR-er of Indiana! "I still think it's
         some sort of weapon from Japan.."
(HEY!) [What? It has Hello Kitty in it..]
1:35 - Adric asks Magic 8-ball "Will I be able to open for 2, the
         Ranting Griffin this year?" "Most likely!"
1:36 - <TechnoHallOfTheMountainKing.mp3> Mutt and Ezra spookygroove
1:37 - <Undeath.fx> Neon blue Unhappy Face jams.
1:39 - Audience donates prizes for whoever wins the Fat Bastards
1:40 - Mutt announces Telethon show, after AC! Need money to keep
         things fixed.
       Poink doesn't want to go to AC? Ezra notes they have the
         box ready to stuff him into.
1:41 - AC Event: World Record gathering of Ferret Puppets! Anyone
         can bring one.
1:44 - Live AC show on Friday. Tod notes AC's charity this year
         is Support Our Shelter's, a ferret rescue program
1:45 - Preview of Brother Bear, movie Herbie's working on, out
         this fall.
[Do those moose on the web page remind you of anything?..]
1:47 - Nov 7th. Competing with Matrix III?
1:48 - Find Nemo still #1, has to deal with Hulk.
1:49 - Mutt doesn't want to drive when Too Fast Too Furious gets
1:50 - The Hulk, CGI, and the magical Angry Pants
1:52 - Return of the King out this winter, Harry Potter 3 out
         next summer.
       People plan to ambush bookstores when Harry #5 gets out.
1:54 - Harry Potter Special Edition, digitally remasterd?
1:55 - <DeathStarGoesBOOM!-SpecialEdition.avi> Mutt "Yay!"
1:56 - PAWPETS DC. "Free Falling"
       Ferret sings.. fur shaved into rocker-do?
1:57 - Coon looks in "Ventura BLVD.." ferret bites him to get the
         stage back.
1:58 - Chorus "Freefalling now I'm.. Freefalling" Coon looks in?
         Nibble Nibble Nip!
2:00 - Coon leaves. Ferret blinks and wonders where he went?
       CREDITS: "Free Fallin'" Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers
         Puppetry by Kedge

********* END OF FIRST HALF ********

   Pawpet Show #172 - Evil Country o_O Evil Kage?  - Timeline 2/2
compiled by (Blackfoot Ferret) [And his computer]

Odenashka(spl?) aka Alan Duckworth visits, fursuiter -       1:08
HeeHaw Tribute, Death by Country Music               -       2:30
Tag unleashes Evil Kage.. Part 1                     -       3:02
Art Jam: Rejected Father's Day Cards. Poink Nerd's father? - 3:19
Picture Captions: Burt Reynolds beats up a monkey puppet    - 3:25

************** PART TWO, START! ************
2:00 - Nerd reads his fan mail "'You listen to some pretty wierd
          music..' I do Bobby.. 'Do you have any more strange bands
          you could introduce me to?'
http://www.stupidvideos.com/?VideoID=656 "Yes, Bobby, indeed I do"
2:01 - Nerd calls up Jimmy Cricket, from the band Starlight Mist
        Spooky boogie. Nerd does the look-left-look-right thing
2:03 - 3AM hallucinogenic funk. JarJar, Bandit, and a letter A with
          EYES join Nerd and the Naked Barbie string orchestra
2:05 - Rasvar tries pulling up a video clip, which curses at him?
2:06 - Clips from MTV movie awards: Best Virtual Performance.
          Yoda battles Kangaroo Jack, Dobie the House Elf, Gollum
          and Scooby Doo.
2:08 - Gollum wins! Has friends after all :)
2:09 - Tech fellow accepts the award, but Gollum snatches it!
          Gollum argues with himself, gets repeatedly BLEEPed
2:10 - Gollum "(breathless) MTV.. SUCKS!" Applause.
          Mutt "That was awesome!" Nerd "I'm afrwaid of that guy.."
2:11 - Nerd had some Tequila earlier. Talks to his own foot?
2:12 - Joke Glasses for a wedding present?
2:14 - New exhibit at Epcot. Ellen simulated in space?
2:16 - Gravitron spins you. Mutt "You're on your way to Mars."
2:17 - Rasvar thinks animation of a rocket launch disney made in
          the 70's look just like 2003 rocket camera?
2:18 - Spiderman vs Star Tours.
2:19 - NAME THAT TOON! Channel tries to guess from piece of picture
          A dog nose..
2:21 - Scooby relative? Scooby Dee.. Scooby's female cousin?
        Next: Someone with a horn on their head o_O
2:22 - Zoom out. Monster's Inc guy. Monster. Guy. Grimmace?
2:23 - Furby. Light bright, light bright!
2:24 - Anthro skunkette.. Sabrina? Eek, Tabitha!
2:25 - Mutt guesses Scar. Nerd goes for Little Mermaid?
2:26 - Scar. Nerd "I lose!"
2:27 - Mutt finally gets into Maya, CGI. Likes it! "I'm like a
          boulder, I'm hard to get going, but once I get going don't
          get in my way cause I'm just gonna run you over."
        Poink "I'll remember that next time you're driving behind
2:28 - Alien head-massaging device. Looks like virus? Perches on
          Mutt, reprograms
2:29 - MOVIES THIS WEEK. Dumb and Dumberer?
        Poink has announcement: "In 1969, on this day, a great
          television show, that lasted until 1997.."
          Mutt "Happy Days!" "Worse than that.."
2:30 - Music tribute to an annoying show that starts with 'H'..
          <WhereOhWhereAreYouTonight?.mp3> HEE HAW!
2:31 - Crappy jams while wearing dreadlocks.
2:32 - "I searched the world over and thought I'd found true love,
          you met another and *thwurp* you were gone.."
2:33 - Hee Haw has Kicker Music. Ezra quiz: Where's it come from?
          KIKK radio station, first large-scale country station
http://www.kikk.com/ (Kikk got Kilt? o_O)[BagpipesHitByShotgun.avi]
2:34 - Poink notes HeeHaw was a replacement for the Smothers
2:35 - Crappy sings a warm, hearty country song "Prop me up, beside
          the jukebox, if I die.."
2:37 - Crappy earbangs to the twangs
2:38 - Poink apologizes for the burst of Hillbilly. Rasvar puts
          on another song?
2:39 - Tears and Beer. Two powerful depressants.
2:41 - YappyCrappy "Yeah.. Hank Williams man"
2:42 - Gregory Peck and David Brinkley passed this week :/ Ezra
          looks for a jukebox.
        <MoreCountry.mp3> Poink "NO! Not more Country!" KP "Crap."
2:43 - <IGotFriendsInLowPlaces.mp3>
2:44 - Stagehands help Crappy get into appropriate golfer clothes.
          XXXJug, Poink, and a monkey join in
2:46 - Stagehand tries to shoot itself? <GUNFIRE.mp3>
        Stagehand tries to shoot everyone else instead.
2:47 - <WhiskeyRiver.mp3> JarJar has the gun now?
2:48 - JarJar shoots himself by accident. Crappy keeps jamming
          JarJar tries again. What a goof.
2:49 - Headless naked Ken shoots himself
          Stagehand points the gun at YOUR FACE O_O <BOOM!.mp3>
2:50 - Stagehand turns and aims at the stage, Doom style
          Nerd "No more cowboy.." <MoreCowboy.mp3> "..I'm gonna
          kill EVERYBAWDY!"
2:51 - Nerd's tonsils. Poink "Why is it all Country music is about
          booze, women, or truck getting ripped off?"
        Video. David Brinkley introduces Disney World. Ideal
          urban planning?
2:52 - Brinkley "After Disney's people take over the big cities,
          we will talk about bringing them to Washington.."
        Ras notes he was one of the first news anchors. Poink thinks
          Brinkley would make a good ship's anchor now.
        <SoggyBottomBoys.mp3> People suddenly think of Bandit.
2:53 - Both Nerd and Bacon are offended?
2:54 - Shrieking foxy-thing bugs Nerd "AARGHHH!!"
          JR/Poink passed gas AGAIN? KP swears again. Rasvar "ARGH!"
2:55 - <EvenStillMoreCountry.mp3> Poink "Aw, come ON!"
2:56 - People in channel beg for death
          Even Rasvar can't take it.. bombards song with video
          game sound effects
        "Hey.. if you happen to see.. the most beautiful girl..
          who walked out on me.." Devin invokes God.
   <Shak-WhatTheHELLisWRONGwithThisSHOW?.mp3> Devin invokes Tarzan.
2:57 - "Tell her I'm sorry.." Devin claws at the glass
        "Tell her I NEED my Ba-by.."<AndWhatTheHellIsThatSMELL?.mp3>
        Poink "You know, one little blurb about Hee Haw turns into
          like thirty minutes of poop-kicker music.."
2:58 - Rasvar invokes a video. Poink "Bye!"
3:00 - Veronica Fox sings theme from Goldeneye.
3:01 - CREDITS: Goldeneye - Tina Turner
          Veronica - Hitomi
3:02 - Special from Flush and Such, Rasvar warns that Harly Bear
          is invisible, but will be there later in the week..
        <CloseUpOnACity.avi> "(spooky) From deep beneath the
          tranquil streets of Philadelphia.."
        "<SpookyChords.mp3> Far Below it's unsuspecting streets.."
        "A new EVIL has been awakened.." o_o
3:03 - "<Chords> With but one thought upon its sinister mind.."O_o
        A door.. opens.. creaks.. revealing darkness..
        Then.. "Guwhtomicon.."
        Flaming disembodied head wreathed in lightning approaches!
        Spectral cowboy hat.. flaming EYES! "Goowwtumicon.."
        It's getting closer O_O "GOUTUMICON.."
        UNDEAD KAGE!!! Commands.. "GOTOMY**CON**!"
        Camera enters the eye "GoToMyCON..."
        Head becomes private eye, who solidifies into a mild
          mannered scientist type.
        <LotsOfOhmingPeople.mp3> "A little dog.. exploring while
          on vacation.. was to blame.."
        <LotsOfAHHingPeople.mp3> "Overcurious.. and incautious..
          he did not even realize.. what he had done.."
        Camera zooms in on Tag, who looks blissfully unaware...
        Demon-Kage tries getting Tag to go to Anthrocon...
        [...To Be Continued next week...]
3:05 - Mutt "Ok.. that was Awe-Some!" KP "Ok, we don't need to be
          on the air anymore!"
        Mutt notes series will continue in next few weeks before
3:06 - <ChannelCam.fx> Call-in! It's Crappy? SimbaCrappy!
3:07 - Simba's cool roadtrip. DDR and carpeted Mall!
          KP "Did you go to a beach or anything?" "..Beach?"
3:08 - Pawpets give Crappy requests for food to drag all the way
         back from Texas! KP "Make sure you seal it in a bag, other-
         wise it will reek of onions!" Crappy "..Ok"
3:09 - Simba back next week! Yappy notes Rasvar won't be there
          next week, so Crappy is in control! "Oh BOY! All the
          buttons! :)"
3:10 - Crappy plans to press all of them at once!
          Ras "I'll leave some notes.." [SubliminalMessages.fx]
3:11 - People "Come back soon, we miss you!" "ByeBye!"
3:12 - <MusicAboutPeopleGoingAroundTheOutsideOrSomething.mp3>
          Slim Shady "It feels so EMPTY without me!"
3:13 - Ferret Jam!
3:14 - Generating Controversy.
3:16 - Music turns into <Prozak-ItsNotMeItsYOU!.mp3> JarJar runs!
        Heavy-Lead-Tetris-Blocks-Falling-On-Your-Head music. Cool :)
  (Isn't this ripping off Tchaikovsky?) [He didn't write Tetris.]
3:18 - Vixens, others and Magic Eyeglow Poink "For those of you who
          saw we don't do enough music..? Tonight you can officially
          blow me :)"
3:19 - ART JAM! Replay of "The Fittest Bastard?" picture
http://pawpet.org/funday/art/2003-06-15/ <--Jam Archive
        Raini's Dairyland? o_O -_o
3:20 - Uncle Kage holding a jar of quarters, then suddenly
          surrounded by a gaggle of ferrets. Originally a Ben Bruin
          picture, edited so ferrets say "DAD??" instead of "Shiney!
3:21 - Rejected Farther's Day card. Ouch!
        Finding Nerd-o. Fishy CGI Movie.
        Freaked out cat kid O_O "All these years I thought you were
          playing HORSEY!.. Happy Father's day..>_<" Multi-WOWs!
        Pawpets join Seal in Orking. Rasvar "I like that one!"
3:22 - Raini's got milk..
        Brother bear gets a Matrix makeover?
        Tod tells Poink the computer has determined he's Nerd's
          father. "NO!!" Nerd "Awwwittte!"
3:23 - ShowPoink "He did not spring from my loins!"
        PictureTod "Happy Father's Day POINK!" PicturePoink runs
          text at bottom 'Blame MomentRabbit :)'
3:24 - Bambi's pregnant? Mutt "Poink's been busy!"
        Flawless victory! Bandit gets both Tod and Poink. -Roxi
3:25 - Poink "(defeated) It isn't mine..."
-That's the last time we're getting this guy on Sesame Street!
-Reynolds takes out his anger on a puppet for his final non-senile
thought about JR in Raini's Swimsuit thong.
      JR in background "Won't let it DIE huh??"
-Nine! Don't touch my monkey!
-Where's my precious? My Precious where is it??
-Is it Safe?
        Pawpets "BRAINZ!"
3:27 - PAWPETS DC! Poink-looking ferret sings Japanese "Sukiyaki"
3:28 - Ferret sings on love, incomprehensible, but smooth.
3:30 - CREDITS: "Sukiyaki" Kyu Sakamoto. Puppetry by Kedge
        KP "That's like anime music from the 60's.." Mutt "Yatta!"
http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view.php?id=57804 (Yaffa!)[Long]
        Someone farted? Poink "I have not farted recently!"
          Mutt "Then it's coming back around the house!" Poink "UGH!
3:31 - Eyeglow Bambi sings English-ified Sukiyaki
          "I'm wishing you were here with me.." Poink looks in?
3:32 - Bambi turns to Poink. Romance blooms. Poink looks shy?
3:33 - Kiss! Poink is magically stunned.
        Scritch looks in too. Also get kiss from Bambi? Poink o_O
        "You took your love away from.. me...."
3:34 - Bambi "By the way! It is Poink's kid :)" Poink "You BITCH!!"
3:35 - <BurtHurtingAMonkey.gif> Shoutouts while picture is up.
3:36 - First British furry con scheduled for 2005 http://www.britfur.co.uk/
        "Brains!" again :)
        "A word to everyone complaining about Country, I've ordered
          you'all a bottle of QuitYourBitchin - from Chill"
        Lupis Lupine likes watching the Pawpet show better than
          being beaten purple at a karate blackbelt training camp.
3:37 - Mouser's healed from pneumonia.
3:38 - MYSTERIOUS VIDEO CLIP! From Comedy Central. "What the F*@k?"
        Baby in a crib. Baby rocking the crib? Rocking against.. O_O
          KP "I think you broke Poink!"
        Poink "One one hand.. I'm appalled, on the other, go Kid!"
3:39 - Poink doesn't think Bambi's new kid is his.. Scritch's?
3:40 - In other news.. Yappy "Poink better get his burned, smelly
          carcass out of my garage before I start charging him
        Auctioning off the burnt remains of Poink 1.0? Rasvar thinks
          they'll find someone to buy it.
3:41 - Ras "Hmm.. I think we killed the channel.."
        Poink "How much for Kage to neuter Poink live at AC?" Dare?
        Sir Paul McCartney's birthday! 61. Rummage has a song?
3:44 - "I hope you're having fun!" "Man on the run.."
3:46 - "Searching for us everywhere.. but we NEVER will be found!"
3:47 - Rummage loves "Wings"
        Camera with blinking light in your face. Say hi O_O
3:48 - Disney uses infra-red camera in Haunted Mansion.. can see
          folks in the dark? Rummage ".. and you're like making out
          with your significant other? And you think you're in the
          dark? But up in a console booth people are laughing their
          butts off.." Rasvar "They get some very interesting video"
    People remind Poink of when he took a camera on Tower of Terror
    Poink ".. and now we're going into, the Twilight Zone. YOU, in
      ROW 3.. we see the camera. Please put it away. ENJOY THE RIDE"
3:49 - Ezra recalls JR jumping skyward at Cthuhlu-voice
3:53 - Ezra notes Pawpets will be there at Anthrocon :) Wonders
          what he's going to show Tag..
3:54 - Ezra "This has been an awesome program!" Poink disagrees.
          "It's not my kid.."
3:55 - Poink agrees it's fun hanging with the crew though "You,
          Herbie, Yappy, both Rasvars.." Ras "What?"
        Poink "Aw come on! Rasvar is two of the greatest guys I've
          ever met :)"
http://www.stupidvideos.com/?VideoID=381 [ouch o_o]
3:57 - Comparing fathers. People who watch football, drink scotch
          and grimance like the Hulk?
3:58 - <Goodnight!.mp3>
Pawpet Cast Today:
Herbie Hamill     Randy Fox     John Cole     Jim Mogle
Dan Merillat      Devin Bray

"Soul Bossa Nova" Quincy Jones, Austin Powers
"That 3-word hard to say Goodnight song" Lawrence Welk
"Ulala's Theme" Space Channel 5 - soundtrack
"Deep Throat Theme" Deep Throat
Bad Cheese Studio!
"Dueling Banjos" Various Artists - 20 Bluegrass Instrumentals
"Dream a Dream" Captain Jack - DDR 4th Mix
"Free Fallin'" Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers
"Jimmy Cricket" Starlight Mints - Built on Squares
"Prop Me Up Beside the Jukebox" Joe Driffie
"There's a Tear in My Beer" Hank Williams, Sr
"Whisky River" Willie Nelson
"Friends in Low Places" Garth Brooks
"Most Beautiful Girl in the World" Charlie Rich
"Goldeneye" Tina Turner
"Without Me" Eminem - Real Slim Shady
"It's Not Me It's You!" Prozzak - Hot Show (Import)
"Sukiyaki" Kyu Sakamoto - Very Best of Kyo Sakamoto
"Sukiyaki" A Taste of Honey - Anthology
"Band on the Run" Paul McCartney - Band on the Run

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3:59 - Second chorus. Night!
<ShortCountryClip.mp3> Ezra blinks? "Well that was unnecessary.."

******** END OF SHOW #172 *********
Timeline compiled by Blackfoot Ferret     [About time]


Since I'm not going to catch up in time for the California governor's
race, here's some goofiness in advance:

    Arnold in Japanese Beer Commercial.
    Arnold Soundboard! Mix and match phrases
    Comedy Central. President Bush argues against himself when
    he was Governor Bush. Actual TV clips.