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Pawpet Show #171 - Love Bandit(s?) - Timeline 1/2
compiled by (Blackfoot Ferret) [And his computer]

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BANDIT-NEW RL PUPPY!                     - 0:21  FerretCombat 2:13
   Yappy introduces his new dog to the show, who looks a bit oddly at
   everyone, but enjoys wrestling with Nerdferret.
   A good example of a BAD day..
   A musical collage of sights at the annual Non-Star-Trek event
EBAY GAME                                - 2:45
   Crew discovers Rubber Baby Buggy Bumpers actually exist.
THE HISTORY OF CONDOMS (o_O)             - 3:05
   History of Protection, and other experiments you can do at home.

************ START! *********

0:00 - Warning! Turn back now!
0:01 - Pawpet Intro! Character parade.
0:04 - START! Mutt Rummage and Nerd.
        Mutt lost his paws? Rummage "You have leprosy?"
        Hot glue burns and mascot heads. Nerd "Yummy!"
0:05 - Scream heard around the world. Poink can top it? "When I was
          making the first Poink, I was hot-glueing in the nude.."
0:06 - Poink tries to describe exactly what happened in PG terms..
        <YouMagnificentPerson!.mp3> Mutt and JR compare damage.
0:07 - Frying bacon? Rummage "However you wanna"
        Sizzilean. Synthetic bacon?
        Forman Grills. Good for bacon, sausage, and Easter bunnies
0:08 - Poink got new WAVs for Ras, but Ras is bummed that they
          aren't labeled with what they do
        Poink "Oh just pick one at random, they're all the same!"
          Ras "Oh yeah.. I *know* better than to trust you :P"
0:09 - Sound Wav roulette..
        o_O  Mutt "Great!"
0:10 - Sesame Street and Barney to torture Iraqi solders?
        Metallica is re-thinking Napster, likes downloads now?
0:11 - Ezra notes they're playing the same song over and over, at
          high volume. <ILOVEYouYouLOVEMe.mp3>
        Rummage wonders about people working at Theme Parks?
0:12 - Mutt "What happened to a good old sock in the JAW?"
        Rummage sing-songs Small World. Nerd "Good morning Iraq!"
        Mutt asks channel.. if you could talk to Iraqis what would
          you say?
0:13 - Channel suggestions on Iraqi torture. Inflatable sheep?
        JR arghs at bikini comments in channel
0:14 - Finding keychains with unusual names.
        KP and his dad both had same name (Try have four people in
          the family named Robert Emmett Taylor o_O)
        Poink "I know what's coming next.. kick the baby!"
http://www.stupidvideos.com/?VideoID=298 Nerd "I was restraining
0:15 - Rasvar aka Jim Mogel never had trouble :P
        People's Coat of Arms. Fooks? o_O
0:16 - <TheLaLaLaSong.mp3> Nerd eyerocks. Mutt attacks Rummage!
        Person with pet raccoon? Like a ferret!
0:17 - Turns feral one day though, like foxes. And bears?
        Nerd gets shot by microphone feedback?
        JR "Oh my goodness.. he's standing a little ways BACK.."
          Herbie "He's gonna have to! you know what they say about
          bears..." JR "No, what do they say?"
        Picture is of a REAL BEAR O_O Don't leave crumbs around
        Audience sends in captions for reading at end of show.
0:19 - Rummage got laid? Nerd SQUEAKS! Hawaiian flower-wreath.
0:20 - Mutt hit a shirt-convention last week?
        Anthrocon gets 2000 people, Shirt-con gets 100,000?
          Nerd SQUEAKS! <BELCH.mp3>
        Red-shirts.... Mutt was amazed! Poink ummms..
0:21 - NEW PAWPET CAST MEMBER! Devin's head?
        No.. RL puppy! Bandit! Camera zooms in, Bandit o_O
        Poink "He's wearing my collar!"
0:22 - Cute Bandit close-up! Bandit looks uncertainly around
        Pure-bred boarder-collie. Mutt patpats Bandit's head
        Worried about pee? (Good thing the stage-top is yellow)
0:23 - Poink wants Bandit to herd his inflatable sheep?
0:24 - Bandit's 4 months old, Valentines Day Dog!
        Nerd is is jealous "I'M the cutest character on the show!"
        Nerd asks Mom if she enjoyed the show.. Mom doesn't like
        Nerd "She says I'm Obnoxious.." Poink "Yes?"
          "She sawys I'm diffigult to understand.." "Yes?.."
          "Shew says I get too close to the camewa.. she's CRAWZY
           right guys??" Poink ...
0:25 - Nerd gets in your face "She's CWAZY wright!?"
        Poink "I could say something mean? And I will.."
        "Your Mom was really really smart.. because she -had- you"
          Pause. Mutt blinks "Oh NO!" Nerd "OOOOOOOOOHHHH!" dies
          Ezra "Oh My.."
    (? What? I don't get it o_O) [Do you ever?]
0:26 - Raini, Harik and Jess arrive! Simba enroute. Meet Bandit!
         introduced to the Pawpet Show.."
       Bandit watches PF? Rummage "He acts it out himself" <WARNING!>
0:28 - Bandit leaves treats for Yappy? Yappy ponders joy of finding
         pee in his bed.
        Mutt "Why is Bandit in your bed?" <OhGOD!.mp3> "Sleeping"
        Other treats on the floor. Poink "Hershey's kisses?"
        Mutt "WHY are we TALKING about THIS!?"
0:29 - CHANNEL ROLLCALL! Mutt"We love our audience like crazy love!
http://www.stupidvideos.com/?VideoID=511 (Thanks, you're good too)
0:30 - Confusion on the set. Mutt chews Rummage's tail?
        Rasvar moons Poink offstage? Poink "MY EYES ARE BURNING!"
        Poink eyeglows. <Shak-WhatTheHellIsWrongWithThisSHOW?.mp3>
0:31 - Ezra arrives.. just in time for Rummage to fart.
        <PainedTarzan.mp3> Nerd reads channel!
0:32 - Rollcall! Nerd starts, then sings to the music.
        Stagehands help Nerd scroll the list.
0:33 - "Nerd is a Goof.. Shut UP!" Bandit looks from other side
        Nerd erf "There are too many peowple watching this show!'
0:34 - Song ends! Mold in coffee-maker?
        Crappy has new name.. Scoopy Poo? "Um.."
0:35 - Who's cooler, Ezra or Crappy? Nerd decides.
        Crappy barks at the retreating mini-computer.
0:36 - Crappy visits Texas. Where? "Wherever Jess takes us!"
        CLose-up on JR's Flash shirt. Ezra thinks he gained 3 lbs.
          JR signals 1 with a digit.
0:38 - Rapid fire weigh-ins.
        KP's down by 3. Herbie "I gained nothing and liked it."
0:39 - Ezra notes Devin and KP both lost weight "And JR gained them
          all." JR "You all suck."
   [If fat was sucked, wouldn't they all blow instead?] (...Yuck)
0:40 - Nerd/Devin "I lost weight, but I shouldn'tav been lowsing
         weight.." leg atrophies?
        Ezra "It could be your brain withering away." Nerd freaks.
        Rockin' Raccoon does trucker-Elvis
0:43 - CREDITS: "Promised Land" Elvis Presley
        Puppetry by Kedge
0:44 - From Rummage's neighbor! Mutt ohs at Raccoon mouth-shapes
        "The raccoon looked like he had jowels.."
        Mutt gives video submission guidelines
0:45 - Devin notes he's finally off the leg-pain drugs this week,
         but still has withdrawal jitters <MadYodeling.mp3>
         Poink "That's the sound I make on a cold toilet seat."
         Nerd/Devin joyfully recalls all the horrifying aftereffects
0:46 - Nerd sings <Don'tPointAtTheStoners.mp3> as a song about
         tolerance. Naked barbies and screen-colors help.
0:47 - Alien 8-bit 60's Nerd gets in your face O_O "I hope you all
         learned a valweuble lesson!" Poink "Never use the
         drugs you use o_o" Rummage used only responsibly.
0:48 - Rummage wows "We haven't made it to the first hour yet?"
        Mutt pops up, banging his head in the process
0:49 - <ThatWasn'tABitNice!.mp3> Survey, who's between jobs?
0:50 - KP's Worst Job-Hunting Experience. <ScaryScreaming.mp3>
0:51 - KP dresses in business suit, tie. <LurkingThings.mp3>
        Company: 'Deals with Fortune 500 companies'
0:52 - Stagehands help with gestures. On to International Drive.
          Tourist trap? Poink "It sounds like you're picking up
          hookers." KP thinks -that- would be been more interesting.
0:53 - Clients had NO IDEA group was coming.. door to door people
          cold-calling, selling cosmetics.. <Lightning.mp3>
        Company say "No Soliciting" on door. They solicit. "I've
          never seen so many slammed doors.."
0:54 - <XFiles.mp3> Death listens in. KP discovers pay structure is
          like a pyramid scheme.
        Torrential downpour. KP cringes as he sees people he knows.
0:55 - KP can't leave.. they drove him there. Back into the rain!
0:56 - Attempting to drive home. KP has to guide his hosts, because
          they don't KNOW Orlando.
0:57 - Death feeds KP with a fork. Packages sold - 1. Suit ruined.
0:58 - CareerBuilders.com  KP does Carvey doing Bush "Not gonna
          do it!"
0:59 - Selling cosmetics to guys. Economic downturn.
        Rummage notes scam folks like to get people desperate for a
          job to work for them for one day.
1:00 - Survey of Bad Job Experiences. (Well, I got paid $2/hr for
          two weeks working for College Pro Painters. That wasn't
          the announced rate, just what we got after the work.)
        Poink's evil job-hunting story. Landscaping? $10/hr!
1:01 - 'Mormon Redneck' boss doesn't like him.
        75pound push-mower working on a 30% slope? Poink beats boss.
1:02 - Boss blinks "Why'd ya do that boi?" Poink leaves quickly.
       Tibortiger sends in toilet butt-cleaning system?
1:03 - Moral.. also use the warm water. <EEK!.mp3>
1:04 - Poink "Could you fill it with soap?! You're sitting there,
          and..!" <BATTLESHIPCANNON.mp3>
1:05 - French technology and You.
1:06 - CENTRAL OHIO PAWPET AUTHORITY! "Hayseeed Sinks the Hits"
        'Rocket Man. With Apologies to Elton John and Will Shatner'
        Hayseeed and Ozark perform at a con!
        Hayseeed didn't finish a song "I can't write."
        Ozark blinks "You're illiterate?" "No..no.. I don't care"
1:07 - Hayseed wants to sing Rocket Man! Ozark sighs "Well, I did
        Hayseed "And I'm gonna be as hiiiIIII*III*Gh.. as a kite by
          then.." Ozark ponders painkillers
1:08 - Hayseed "I'm notthe man they thing I am at all.. oh no no.."
        Wharf "ARRGHGHHH! You're under arrest by the Killingons for
          MURDERING that SONG!!"
        The audience cheers! Hayseeed is carried off for execution.
        Ozark rasps "I think it's gonna be a LongLong time before
          HE sings again.."
1:09 - CREDITS: COPA - Hayseed Sinks the HIts
        Hayseed: Puppet and Vocals -- Cirrus Kitfox
        'With special thanks to Pawpets North Coast'
        Mutt asks audience if they have the Motley Crew GirlsGirls
          Girls song. <CloseupOnRaini.fx>
1:10 - Jess and Raini! Two girls so far.
        POINK'S DVD REVIEW! Only DVD out South Park Season 2?
        Mutt "What about the Animatrix?" "Screw the Animatrix."
        Mutt notes it's dark, disturbing and awesome!
1:11 - Further into the backstory. Terminator-world?
        Gorilla-Z have a DVD out. 3D live cartoon concert?
1:13 - IRC server crash, nobody can vote or talk?
        Nerd "Guess what channel? You're ST-UPID!"
http://www.stupidvideos.com/?VideoID=630 (So?)
1:14 - Mutt chuckles "No you're not!" Nerd "You smell BAD!"
http://www.stupidvideos.com/?VideoID=626 (NOW you're going down..)
        Rasvar "BTW, they can still see and hear you.."
        Nerd "DOH!" leaves. Mutt "You're in Troubllle pal!"
http://www.stupidvideos.com/?VideoID=645 [You knew it was coming]
        <GorillaZ-SunshineInABag.mp3> Slim sings
1:15 - JarJar "Finally.. someone let me out of my tank.."
1:16 - Lots of depressed happy people.
1:18 - IRC Server is still down.
1:19 - Seal doesn't like Gorilla-Z either. Mutt blinks as he
          realizes after 100th listening that the band is cursing.
        Rasvar notes it's a new mix.
1:20 - Nerd "They did not mean to sawy.. 'Poopie' and 'Frickin'"
        Nerd notes Frickin is German for 'to strike'. "I just
          channeled Ne'er.."
        Nerd sighs "I miss you Ne'er" Mutt "I miss Ne'er too!"
        Vocabularies are dropping. People need Ne'er! Poink "A
          little moose is good"
1:21 - Channel still can't respond. Nerd "Can we say Poopie now?"
        Mutt shows footage from "A shirt convention!"
1:23 - Nerd eats Steve Irwin? o_O
1:24 - Live Steve Irwin! Rasvar wonders when he's going to die.
        Poink "Let's see what happens when we hit (a shark) in the
          genitals with this cattle prod!"
1:25 - Irwin's a kid in a candy store. He's crazy, but cool :)
        Mutt mimics Irwin being eaten.. using Poink. Seal ORKSORKS!
1:26 - Mutt arghs "You guys got nasty minds!"
        Poink shares something.. farts but NEVER burps? o_O
        <GayVersionOfSmallWorld.mp3> "It's Gay Pride Day after all!"
1:28 - Lots and lots of Star Trek extras.
        In song, Magic Kingdom security guard goes postal.
        "It's gay pride day." "BITE my ASS." "It's gay pride day.."
1:29 - <Squirrels.mp3> Erm.. <Girls.mp3>
1:30 - People in Red shirts actually act just like everyone else.
          Except for the occasional wierd mouse-ears.
1:30 - Winnie the Pooh inna red shirt? O_O
1:31 - "Gernderalla" and "Tinkerbella" shirts
1:32 - <BeachBoys-CaliforniaGirls.mp3> (Well, different band)
1:33 - "Dairy Queen" shirt, possibly authentic.
1:35 - <WorkingGirl.mp3> More shirt show-offs. Spinning teacups.
        Sesame Street shirts, rainbow-colored group! Grover is Red?
1:37 - No.. ELMO is Red o_O
1:38 - Back to stage. Mutt groves to music! Ezra does too.
1:39 - 100,000 people show up for Red Shirt Day every year?
        People think Rasvar for video post-production!
1:40 - Ferrets STILL Illegal in CA? So much for tolerance.
1:41 - Ferrets get mistaken for polecats?
        Gerbil's also not native to CA.
1:42 - Techniques for smuggling gerbils into SanFran.. Seal ARGHS!!
        Mutt um.. "It's not REAL.. is it?" Ezra "Yes they do.."
1:43 - Yappy "Well, it ends up dying after they get their trill"
        Ezra "HappyThoughtsHappyThoughtsHappyThoughsARGH!" Moony's
          relative Flashy salutes Ezra?
        <BennyHill.mp3> Closeup on Flashy. "Oh Yeah.. Oh YEAH!" o_O
1:44 - Ezra "That's WRONG!!" Herbie hands check out Flashy?
1:45 - Channel back! Tchall, sender of Flashy, hellos!
        Mutt "How do I find something like that? Or stay away from
1:46 - Blinky-toys available at Spencer's!
        Lights go off so you can see blinker. And JR farts. "ARGH!!"
1:47 - <CottonEyedJoe.mp3> People concentrate more on The Light
        Playing YoYo with the blinker. <TechnoRedneckMusic.mp3>
1:49 - <HeyHeyHeyHeyHeyx345.mp3>
1:50 - Look into the Strobe-Effect.. also a Poink-beater?
        CREDITS: "The World Song" Animaniacs. Gerald - Aatheus
1:52 - Making Geography fun!
1:53 - Faster.. Faster.. FASTER!
        Fun exercising your finders! Gerald passes out
1:54 - News: Volkswagen classic Beetle model discontinued? :/
1:55 - Turbo PT-cruiser. A JR sneaks under the camera
1:56 - People try to show Bandit Pink Flamingos, but Yappy points
          out the puppy already HAS some of the habits? O_O
1:57 - CALLIN: AgVulpine. Watcher for one year, from Chicago, IL
        Mutt wonders if he's going to see Opera Winfurry? "Er.."
1:58 - Ag also had a work-related tale. Loves work.. but
        Ag contracted Monkey-pox.. first person in US to get it?
1:59 - Pet store animals, thought it was chickenpox.
2:00 - Passed by prairie dogs? Ag watches himself, right then, on
          the news while talking on the phone. <StarWars.mp3>
2:01 - Ag notes Monkeypox is related to Smallpox, but is less
          severe. He's fine now.
        Ag wants to name it Fox-pox :)
2:02 - Other medical procedures Ag has been through.
        Ag keeps fending off reporters, telling them this isn't
          the next SARS. Mutt "Charge them! $300/min!" "I tried,
          they said 'We're sorry, we don't do it. :P"
2:03 - Checking website about Monkeypox. <ImperialMarch.mp3>
        Articles confirms outbreak came from prairie dogs!
[Better watch what you eat.](<Munching Grapenuts> Why?)[Nevermind]
2:04 - Came from Gambian rat? Ag becomes the Transferrer. (*Chord*)
2:05 - Panicked crowds run from prairie dogs?
        Ag loves B-movies! Night of the Lupus, Heavy Metal.
2:06 - Nerd contorts, listening to loved movies.
        Favorite cartoon character? Nerd "Me!"
        Breakfast? "Poptarts."
2:07 - DVDs? "I borrow other people's."
        Last one borrowed? Nerd "Night of the Me.."
        Last movie seen in theater? "Batman 1" Mutt wows!
        Ag thinks theaters there are 'Funky' "Peewee Herman was
          around here I think"
2:08 - Camera looks at a sleepy Yappyfox.
        Magic 8-ball: "Will the Smallpox virus wipe out the United
          States, and will I be the last man standing?"
          Rasvar "In other words, DID HE KILL US ALL??"
        Answer.. "MOST LIKELY!"
  (Time to head for Hawaii o_O) [I'm immune, can I have your CDs?]
        People celebrate their coming untimely deaths!

*********** END OF PART ONE ***********

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Pawpet Show #171 - Love Bandit(s?) - Timeline 2/2
compiled by (Blackfoot Ferret) [And his computer]

2:08 - People thank AgVulpine for the coming plague! Ag wavers
         and heads off.
2:09 - Bedroom cam. Yappy playing with Bandit.
       <OperaMusic.mp3> Cool sailboat shirt.
2:10 - Bandit has kennel-cough? Kp explains it's like canine
         cool, or pneumonia. KP "He's a little underweight
         right now, but in this house, with -these- people
       that's not a problem for long."
2:11 - Bandit looks around, earperks at camera? Cute!
2:12 - Bandit checks out Devin, then prances around
       Planned combat with ferret vs puppy?
2:13 - <MortalKombat.mp3> Nerd and Bandit go for it!
       Nerd tries the anime-spin thing, but is too ticklish
         and passes out.
2:14 - Bandit does the take-down! Licks Nerd. "Fatality!"
         "Round three.. BITE!"
2:15 - Nerd tries again, but Bandit bites his throat O_O
         <FinishHim!.mp3> Bandit drags nerd off for bed
         lining. Dark Simba "FA-TAL-ITY!"
2:16 - Bandit grooms the dead ferret. <Excellent.mp3>
         Poink misses everything, necking with Bambi.
2:17 - Nerd escapes, returns with shakes. "No...no.. AGHH!!"
2:18 - Wildwolf also got puppy! Border collie. Nip people
         as they try to herd you around?
2:19 - FLUFF AND SUCH! <ChipmunkSpeed.fx> QUICKY!
       Tag checks sound. "What are we doing again? Ah.."
       Tag gets ready again.. then.. erms. Checks again.
2:20 - "Testing.. 1.2.3..." "...." "MeMeMeMeeee...."
       "1..2..3... Happy Birthday JSonic!"   "That good?"
       Ezra cools! "I love Fluff and Such quickies ^_^" (?)
2:21 - Nerd wearing a.. jockstrap on his head? o_O
         Nerd "Ow.. my head hurts.. my blood hurts!"
         Poink also thanks Bambi for the Quickie.
       Mutt comforts Nerd "You put up a good fight not :)"
2:22 - Both Nerd and Devin are hurt. Mutt suggests drugs.
         South-Park-Kenny-Nerd. Nerd eats his bandages fast.
2:23 - Nerd sings along with a Jack-o-lantern
         Happy song about death?
2:24 - Bacon looks over stage at Nerd, then gets spooked by
         trumpet-playing Barbie.
2:25 - Poink offers Nerd his collar?
2:26 - Mr. Wierd 'Z' "How strange it is to be anything at
2:27 - Singing saw? Letter "Bob", 27th letter. Microscope-Z
         Mutt wearing headphone gear.
2:28 - Pronouncing the letter Bob. "PPPPFT!"
2:29 - Bob "I feel like a pregnant 7!" Mutt nod "A boy 7"
         Mutt "Wait, did I just say that?" "Yes you did!"
           "I'm going home.. Ow!"
2:30 - Arthur! Wearing a hat!
         July 5th, Pawpets see Wierd Al Live!
2:33 - Ezra tries to get tickets, Train and Wierd Al both
         were at the same time, Train people get back in
         line to get the Al tickets. Pandemonium.
2:34 - House of Blues, Frankie's relatives work there?
       Track the AL tour: http://www.weirdal.com/
 ["Wierd All".. is that a magic spell?] (+10 vs Violinists)
       House of Blues, 500 people max! Close quarters
2:35 - NAME THAT TOON! Guess the character from image clip
         Unknown comic-book chick?
         Character with reflective breasts? o_O
         Mutt "Star-breast-woman.." JR "Looks like a Pimple
           on Rush Limbaugh's A**"
2:36 - Lots of Ticks and bug people. X-men Dazzler! It was
         a breast! 10-year collectable
2:37 - KISS armor? o_O Colossus?
2:38 - Metal-Armor Spiderman! Only used once! Colley rules
2:39 - Poink "Isn't the point of this supposed to be having
         a chance at guessing? o_o"
       Green-Lantern-Like-Guy. Condorman? Poink "CondomMan!"
2:40 - Mutt guesses it's a superhero.
       Audience can send in any kind of cartoon chars!
         Send to carrot@pawpet.org
2:41 - Best to find obscure picture of someone known.
         Two files, full-size and closeup
2:42 - Bandit eats Mutt's feet?
2:43 - Giant Bandit O_O
       Eminem Arthur? Nerd does Arthur!
2:45 - EBAY GAME! Finding stuff you never know existed.
       Java "I search for RubberBabyBuggyBumpers.. but I
         never fIND tHEM!"
       Java and Arthur are both missing an eye?
2:46 - 1 hit for Buggy Bumpers!
       Hitomi wants Hot Glue. TRWolf wants a Proper Cup of
         Coffee Pot.
2:47 - Copper Coffee Pots, but not Proper Copper Coffee Pots
2:48 - Nerd turns into Arthur? o_O
       Clown Shoes.. 1,343,391. Rasvar "Psychedelic Leather
         Clown Shoes!" $1k!
2:49 - Underroos? Ezra wonders what other show would go to
         this length for viewers!
       Superman.. Spongebob.. Action Man? o_O
2:50 - Raini -still- doesn't have.. "Wonder Woman!"
         Adult underroos? Nerd "Yay for pooping!"
2:51 - Ezra explains underroos to non 80's folks <OhNo.mp3>
       Arthur wears his hat upward like a head fin
2:52 - Crappy looks at Arthur and freaks.
       Rocky Horror? Rasvar "442 entries.."
2:53 - Simbahead ews. Rasvar "Dodo.. 6,402 items.."
       Rasvar notes "Do" also picked up ScoobyDoo
2:54 - Captain Kangaroo! Lotsa stuff
2:55 - Nerd and Arthur show off mutated eyes together O_O
2:56 - Cigar Beard registers a hit?
2:57 - Titanic Toilet? Nope. Titanic Props? From movie.
2:58 - Real Titanic artifacts protected, illegal to sell.
2:59 - PAWPETS DC! Raccoon sings <TurnThePage.mp3>
3:00 - Lonely life on the road.
3:01 - Anti-Musician? Long hair.
3:02 - Band life on the road. "Here I go.. back on the road
         again.. there I am.. up on the stage.."
       "Here I go.. playin' the Star again.. there I go.."
         "Turn the page."
3:03 - Raccoon poses for the crowd
       CREDITS: "Turn the Page" Bob Seger 'Live Bullet'
         Puppetry by Kedge
       Poink looking at Arthur. Arthur looking at YOU O_O
3:04 - Arthur leaves. Poink "Hi folks! It's me.. I bet
         you're all thrilled, huh?"
http://www.stupidvideos.com/?VideoID=11 [An Arab complement]
       Poink tells Arthur about something incredible he
         found out the racetrack. Arthur "It's not something
         off the internet is it?" "No!" Men's room? o_O
       Poink "Did you know they have condom machines in
         there?" Arthur "What's a condom?"
       Poink explains about carrot-protectors. "And I
         noticed something in there that surprised me.."
3:05 - A scented condom? "CHocolate, mint, banana,strawberry
       Situations where flavors would actually make sense.
3:06 - Yappy "Disney warehouse system stocks condoms.." used
         to protect microphones?
3:07 - Mini "I wanna see!"
       JR gets up for closer look "It's GREEN! o_o"
       Devin wields it at him. JR erfs "It's doublemint!"
         Devin advances.. JR "..No!" falls backward
3:08 - JR samples with a finger. "He's right, it tastes like
         Listerine!" Ras uhmmms..
       Arthur "Play the WhatTheHellIsWrongWithThisShow .wav please.."
       Dead Air.
3:09 - A giant plastic balloon? (It IS a balloon.. right?)
       Arthur "It's gonna snap me in the face.." Stagehand gets a
         magic marker. "No, that WILL pop it!!" *BLAM!*
       Lots of pained expressions "It's stuck to the stage wall!"
3:10 - JR looks ready to explode! KP notes magic markers dissolve latex?
       (It was not a balloon o_O) [Designed for blowing though]
       Yappy also notes you shouldn't use Vaseline. Herbie mops up
         the front of the stage.
       Poink still can't get Listerine taste out of his month.
3:11 - Poink Presents: The Brief History of Condoms
       1600AD France? 1500AD.. trial with 1100 men and sheets. No
3:12 - Goodyear started with latex? [Bet you wish you HAD a blimp]
       Poink goes to get a drink, Arthur does NOT want to cover for him
       JR peels off condom crust, then steals Arthur's eyes.
3:13 - PAWPETS SOUTHWEST! "Love will turn you around"
3:14 - Ferret talks to you about love!
3:15 - "Thought are burning.. churning.. turning around"
3:17 - CREDITS: "Love Will Turn You Around" Kenny Rogers
       Brandon - Hitomi
       Nerd and Crappy inspect the screen. Mutt "Wierd.. condoms.."
       Crappy wonders what sex is?
       JR "Musicals use condoms also, they put them over their
         instruments and practice safe Sax.."  Crappy RUNS!
3:18 - People threaten Swirlies? Whatsit?
       Rasvar "Holding someone upside down in the toilet while you
         flush it." Nerd RUNS. Mutt "WOW.. that's not nice!"
       KP's Bizarre and Unique June Holidays!
       Aquarium month, Candy month? Diary month?
3:19 - "Flight the Filthy Fly month." [Go pantless?]
       "Rose month" (While keeping your socks on?)
         Red shirt month! Mutt "Like JR has on!" (TheFlash-Shirt.gif)
         Crappy pops up "Flash. AHH!! ^_^" Nerd pops up "Gay."
3:20 - Name Your Poison Day.. and Best Friends Day.
       Drink names? KP likes Fuzzy Navels.. Mutt just likes Chocolate
       Poink "Vodka and caster oil."
3:21 - Jess likes Mangos. Harik like Leg Spreaders? Nerd "WOOO!"
       Raini likes Buttery Nipples.
  (I like Snapple.. is that wrong?) [Yes]
3:22 - Channel likes Mind-Probes.
       Poink chances his to Newcastle Brown Ale
3:23 - Mach is still away from the show :/ Mutt "Why aren't you here??"
       Dare Day. Navy Day? National Rocky-Road Day
       KP "June 3rd is Repeat Day." "What?" "I said Repeat Day" "What?"
         "Repeat Day" Nerd "Shut up!" "There you go"
       4th- Old Maid's Day. Gardening Exercise day. Choco Icecream Day?
3:24 - 10th - National Yoyo Day.
       Image of Bandit next to Pink Flamingo's video 'I'm sorry folks,
         I made a mess!' KP "National Smile-Power day.. and Eat Your
         Vegetables Day.."
       "National Panic day.." Rasvar "ARGHH!"
3:25 - Chocolate Eclair day? Just in time to wreck weight-ins
       KP "(calmly) And June 30th is Meteor Day, so we're all gonna die
       ART JAM! STarting with Bandit.
       Brother Bear Moose-es try to pitch show coherently.
3:26 - Yappy and the Bandit.. Bandit Drives
http://www.StupidVideos.com/?VideoID=351 Poink in cop car?
       Mach inna Bandit Suit?
3:27 - 2's costume, fox suit. Lots of posing o_O
3:28 - Nerd thinks Pocketfox would like that one. Rasvar notes people
         should check for ceiling fans before he jumps again
3:29 - PICTURE CAPTIONS! <RLBearStandingByPublicUrnal.gif>
-Herbie experiences Beer-Wiz Beer..
-Oh, so Bears don't.. #(#@ in the woods.. Mutt "WhWhat?"
-There he is officer, a Bear Man in a restroom!
-When Bears go domestic.. next on Fox
-Wait, this isn't covered in the Men's Room Ediquet test?
3:31 - The Brother Bear appears
-Great, the Moon would come up right about now..
-Man, those big gulps go right though you. JR "I can attest to that"
-KP will try anything to sell you cosmetics. "Wha..?" "WOAH!"
3:32 - Laughing like Beavis.
-A Kodiak Moment. Groaning
-Stand closer.. it's always shorter than you think
-Grrr..sensor isn't working
-For a good time call 555-Yogi?
3:33 - Ahhhhh....
- Here's something you won't find on Ebay. Simba "MaybeMaybenot.."
- Argh.. can't get scented condom on..
- Wow, the Blue Beer looks the same coming back out..
------- END OF CAPTIONS  <OhNo.mp3>
       JSonic sings his own birthday song! And brings beer
3:35 - "What is your definition for Multi-Boobage?" Simba "Not yours.."
       'Let's declare a straight-pride day and watch the Gay pride
          people have aneurysms!'
3:36 - Ely likes the improved video and audio! People make grunting
         effects by blowing on the microphone in the background
       Javachickn "I love you Devin, and you're out of your mind." Dev
         talks like he's in a tunnel "I luv you Javachickn!"
3:37 - Mutt "Let's sing the JSonic birthday song now officially!"
         Yappy "We already did." "Let's do it again anyway!"
       People arg as Mamma Melrose restaurant use the Pawpet song, with
         a HEY!
3:38 - Mutt "We stole it from Trendaine.. who's he steal it from?"
         Folks guess the restaurant. "Trendaine, call in!"
3:39 - Musicians sued for doing covers of other's song. Beattles&Queen?
3:40 - Preparing to sing <Queen-FLASH!.mp3>
       "Flash! <Barbies Jump!> AHHAA! Savior of the Universe!"
3:41 - Barbies Flash you "He's a miracle!"
3:42 - "Just a man.. with a Man's courage.." Jess looks in?
       Poink and Crappy sing to <ListingShipCam.fx>
       "Flash! I love you! But we only have 14 hours to save the Earth!
       Final "FLASH!" Jess shows you her bra O_O
http://www.StupidVideos.com/?VideoID=596 (Ouch Wow O_O)
3:43 - Crappy jawdrops. Poink "Ok, I'm Flabbergasted! ^_^"
       Crappy looks at you, still jawdropped. Poink "Can we do Flash-
         dance next?!"
       Yappy notes that a bra is PG-13. "JCPenny's Catalog."
3:44 - Poink looks for ways to make it R. Jess "You already HAD your
         milk Poink, now cut it out!"
http://www.stupidvideos.com/?VideoID=185 [Denied!]
       Rasvar "Woah!" Nerd "AGHH!" Yappy "That must be where all the
         cookies went.." Crappy "I like milk! :)" Mutt earhides.
3:45 - Crappy has new eyes, flashes them at you.
3:46 - Discussion: The Family Guy. Mainstream R?
       <StrongBadTechno.mp3> People welcome chance to do something else
3:47 - Family Guy toad-licking.
3:48 - Straight Pride minute? Nerd "WhohohohohoVagina!"
       List of straight couples in room. Poink "Rasvar is actually
         Two straight people :)"
3:48:30 - Poink "Oh hell, here comes the beating of Poink!"
       Poink looks up just in time for Nerd to score a hit with a
         casually lobbed racquetball. "Ouch, You hit me in the face!!"
http://www.StupidVideos.com/?VideoID=157 (What the caption says)
       Poink "Which one of you threw that!?" Nerd "Not Me!"
         Poink "No, which one of you 2 Rasvars threw that?.. :)"
http://www.StupidVideos.com/?VideoID=140 [Best to quit while ahead]
3:49 - Poink "Is that the BEST you guys can DO?!"
http://www.StupidVideos.com/?VideoID=600 (What was in that trash? O_O)
       Poink seems to enjoy pain. Ras plugs him with styrofoam.
       Nerd mumbles the Xmas Wassail song while <Stoned.fx>
3:50 - Anthrocon trip in a month!
       Poink licks a toad while Nerd chews Devin's foot.
3:51 - Poink say he's not going to AC. Rasvar "Do you remember FC?"
         Poink "None of you are man enough to do that to me again!!"
http://www.StupidVideos.com/?VideoID=46 (I can't look >_<) [Good aim!]
       Whole cast at AC! Including Mach!
3:52 - Crappy and Nerd are upbeat. Poink is beatup.
       Poink's echoing voice "Myy headd iss stuckk upp thee asss off aa
         toadd. Thiss reallyy suckss.."
       <CameraCloseup.fx> Poink does his catchphrase. "Helpp.."
       Poink makes the toad gesture from inside. o_o
       Poink squeezes out, then dries his fur on the stage >_<
3:53 - Mutt ums.. Rasvar "He needs a scented condom now!"
       Poink "Say now to gerbils.. say yes to carrots!" Seal ORKS!
       Crappy shows off cool hat and shakes. Jess "It's old-golfer
3:54 - Mutt decides to wrap things up..
       Review of show: Fat Bastards, Condom History , Red Shirts.
       No Spits or Swallows? Poink "I did.."
       New castmember, Bandit!
3:55 - And the fish. Fish get fed whenever they look at people?
         Mutt "They can't close their eyes!" (BlowFish.gif)
3:56 - Staring at waitresses to get food.
3:57 - <Goodnight!.mp3> MiniShak joins in.
         Cool Slinky-tornado effect!
3:58 - CREDITS

Herbie Hamill       Randy Fox         John Cole        Jim Mogle
Dan Boatright       Devin Bray        Dan Merillat     Melissa Merillat

"Soul Bossa Nova" Quincy Jones
"Adios, Reservoir, AufWithTheirBrain" Lawrence Welk, Traditional
"Promise Land" Elvis Presley"
"Don't Point at the Stoners" Deathray Device(?)
"Clint Eastwood" Gorillaz
"Gay Pride" Monsters of the Mid-Bay
"California Girls" David Lee Roth (BeachBoy impersonator)
"Girls" Beastie Boys
"Supermodel" Rupaul
"Cotton Eye Joe" Rednex (TronProgramsWithCowboyHatsAndBanjos.gif)
"Yakko's World" Animaniacs
"Mortal Kombat" Soundtrack
"In The Airplane Over The Sea" Neutral Milk Hotel (o_O)
"Turn The Page" Bob Seger
"Love Will Turn You Around" Kenny Rogers
"Flash Gordon" Queen"

Aetobatus  Thumper  Frysco  Timduru  Harik  Vitapup

3:58 - Bandit checks out the stage again. Cute! Mutt "Yay! This makes
         up for anything bad we've done.."
       Poink "And, we love our audience too. You guys are the best
         puppet-shows that we've ever met!"
http://www.StupidVideos.com/?VideoID=221 (Thanks)
       Mutt "And go to http://www.cafeshops.com/cp/store.aspx?s=funday
         because we are broke :)"
3:59 - <Goodnight!.mp3> Bandit goes to sleep

************ THE END ***********
Timeline compiled by Blackfoot Ferret   [Brrraiinnzzz...]

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