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  Pawpet Show #170 - (TBA) - Timeline 1/2
(compiled by Blackfoot Ferret) [And his computer]

(Don't have the second half finished yet, I'll add highlights and
 the theme before I sent it to alt.fan.furry)

*************** START! *************
0:00 - Warning! Warning! Warning!
       <SoulBossaSupernova.mp3> Character parade
0:03 - Mutt and Rummage. Bright lights! Mutt "I am.. BRIGHT!" "How
         Bright ARE you Mr. Mutt?" "Oh, HI there Mr. RUMMAGE! How-
         Are-You-To-Day? :)"
       <BrightMusic.mp3> "I-Am-Do-Ing-GOOD-Mr-Mutt :)"
       Happiness Hangover. "Oh BOY! It's Good to be GOOD! :D"
0:04 - Ain't Ain't a word? Rummage corrects grammar
       Nerdferret has google-eyes that really move! "Ohhhh!"
0:05 - Rummage Fox-n-Soxes. Nerd "Look into my EYES!"
       Cast goes to pieces. Paws and eyes missing?
       Nerd "AWLRIGHT 'NOUGH! I've been gone since last week, I've
         been here for 3 minutes and I'm already pissed off..."
0:06 - <NoxAndFox.mp3> Suess-Zen sing-along
       "And here's a new trick Mr. Nox.. socks on chicks and chicks
         on Fox!"
       (Suess was definitely a fur) "Fox n Sox on bricks & blocks."
       BJWolf and a Voop argue about tongue-twisters
0:07 - Nose hose grows? "We'll find something new to do now.."
       New blue chew goo?
0:08 - BJ shakes head, can't keep up! Voop "Then move your mouth
         this way, I'll find something it can say.."
       BJ CHOMPS vixen-head, who keeps talking
0:09 - Tweedle-bettle puddle-paddle battle. BJ eats vixen's tail!
       Arms hurt after mouth-flapping exercise.
       Nerd "My brain is broken.." Poink wonders when it worked?
0:10 - When did the voops become male? Seal ORKS!
       Poink "Seal.." "ORKORK" "Seal.." "Ork?" "What pissed you off
         this time?"
0:11 - Nerd wants to lick a frog. Multi-Ehs?
       <WhatWhatWhat?.mp3> "HEY!"
       Mutt "Welcome to the FUnday Pawpet Show!" Nerd "People
         WATCH this?"
0:12 - Mutt "Tonight, we've got FUN for you!"
       Top 100 cult films of all time! And Devin's Mom!
       <Devin'sMomCam.fx> Mom in a dark sillohette?
0:13 - Mom 5'7", Devin 5'0". Poink "He's wearing elevator shoes.'
         Mutt "Like KISS.."
http://thelovespot.com/kiskontonlub.html (Not quite Hershey's..)
       Nerd OHs.. Mutt "Going down.." Seal!
0:14 - Review of Finding Nemo later. They might even have a clip!
         Mutt blinks? "How did we manage that?"
       Gnash from Nashville Predators, mascot calling in later
       Rasvar tells channel, Yes, Devin's mom is seeing Flamingos
0:15 - Nerd "You'regoona watch it and you're gonnalike it!"
       Donut? Chunky? Ras "This is very good for being on a diet"
       Devin's Mom pierced her belly button? Mutt "Let's see that!"
       Brother's into metal also.
0:16 - Nerd/Devin "We are a punk-rock familwy!"
       Earfood? Poink wants Seal to watch Flamingos too.
       Mutt "We're going to look at a belly-button piercing!"
       Camera on Devin's Mom! "You are not going to see a belly-
         button piercing.."
0:17 - 70's nostalgia. Mom is cool!
0:18 - Mom, Devin and Simba in height-pyramid. Mom is even shorter!
0:19 - Mutt notes being not-tall helps with mascotting.
       Devin is going to not-skydive for a while. He's only on one
         crutch today though!
0:20 - People hello to Jess & Raini! Mutt "Fat-Raini's here!"
         Checking out the "prego" Raini "You're mean! :P"
0:21 - Raini's bellybutton, bare midriff!
         Comparing with Rasvar? Ras "No! It hasn't been shaved!"
0:22 - Nerd was pregnant? "It was a pineapple.." Poink ews.
       Monogrammed Sonigrams? (NameGame.mp3)
0:23 - Betting on Raini having twins? Everything goes to Raini?
         It works! Poink "It does NOT work!"
0:24 - Joys of pregnancy. Devin's Mom had it easy.
0:25 - Nerd "I think the main problem is my Mom birthed a ferret"
         Who's yo Daddy?
       CHANNEL ROLL CALL! <MexicanHatDance.mp3>
0:26 - KP chainguns the names! "SefinaWithABrokenToe.."
       "ZZZ-Ozark!" 48 seconds!
       Screen text: <He Looks more pregnant then Raini> Ras attack
0:27 - KP wants to see the screen again. "Oh, Gee, Thank you :P"
       Poink "Well, he does look like he's ready to pass a beach
         ball." KP notes JR needs to wear a truss?
0:28 - Tally of overweight people. "Me!" "Me." Rasvar "I am the
         designated chair-breaker"
       Guys show off their bellies.
http://www.stupidvideos.com/?VideoID=201 [Sure, hurt the appliance]
0:29 - Jess's belly! People are suddenly upbeat
       JR sucks it in for the camera.
http://www.stupidvideos.com/?VideoID=426 Mutt "WOW!"
       Contrast in arm and belly skin-color.
0:30 - Fat Bastards Club weigh-ins! See who loses the most
       JR goes. Ras "192!"
       JR looks back in to give the camera the finger
http://www.stupidvideos.com/?VideoID=617 (Back to ya!)
  [-You- weigh 205] (I'm tall-framed..)
       Mutt wonders if 'Fat Bastards Club' isn't PG-PC.
       Harik - 155  Simba - 158  KP - 235 "Last time it was 242"
0:31 - Kitchen doughnut cam. Rasvar already got weighed at doctor's
       Raini breaks 100 with the baby!
       Jess hops off the scale before it's read out loud.
       Devin - 112. KP "Almost the same as Raini pregnant!"
       Herbie - 242.
       Rasvar brags his weight won't fit on the scale "I will say
         it once I step on the scale to prove it."
0:32 - Rasvar summons witnesses "I'm just gonna put one foot on
         here because it's not gonna work.."
       Devin "7 pounds!" Ras thinks it's closer to 369.
       Yappy is 195.
       Ras "But I will say, when I moved in, I was 389!"
       Fat Bastard's Club rules? Ras moves for weight loss as a
         percentage "Because if you want to go by total pounds I'm
         gonna kick yer ass!"
       KP plots placing lots of donuts around the house.
0:33 - Whale "You're making fun of fat people!" Ras "We're making
         fun of Me!"
       Contest ends at Anthrocon!
0:34 - Devin/Whale still bitches about weight jokes. Ras "I
         normally reserve this for Poink..but.."
0:35 - Herbie/Mutt wonders what day of Anthrocon "I just sit, draw
         and eat.." Yappy "That's what cons are for, aren't they?"
       Channel sticks up for Rasvar! Rasvar notes he's making fun
         of himself "I know I need to lose weight!"
       Whale "I'm not complaining!"
       Rummage wants to play (ShortPeople.mp3)
0:36 - Yappy supports people who buy two airplane seats, one for
         each cheek "If I can't use the ARMREST.."
0:37 - Mutt gets bummed mail from heavy folks on Rollercoaster list
0:38 - Ras notes he's tall as well as heavy, more coaster trouble.
0:39 - National Association To Aid Fat People? (NATAFP?)
       Queen Alien is big-boned, but light o_O
0:40 - Mutt still plans 2 flashbacks a show, eventually catching up
         <AsDoomedAsDoomedCanBe.mp3> Mutt nods.
 [When are YOU going to catch up? This is 3 weeks late] (You can't
  rush art.) [True, but you didn't answer the question.]
0:41 - Coaster design. Plan to heavy and kids fly out?
       CALLIN: "Somebody's busy, what do you Want?" KAGE!
       Mutt "GOTOMYCON!" http://www.anthrocon.org/info.cgi/index
0:42 - Kage is juggling tons of things getting ready for the con.
       Poink asks if Kage can bring a scale to AC? "Excuse me?"
       Poink explains. Kage oks..
0:43 - And a scale that goes 300+ Kage "You're putting me on! Where
         the hellamIgonnagetoneofThose?" "Hey! You're Mr.GotomyCon!
       Kage "I'ma Con-chair, I'm not Santa Claus!" Yappy suggests
         a truck-stop.
       Kage sighs "I suppose I can TRY.."
       Herbie announces FAT BASTARD PAWPET is tonight's Art Jam!
0:44 - Kage ponders huge ice cream sundae for diet winner.
       Kage "I will add this to me.. to do list.." notes he does
         very little in the months before a con. "I've very
         grateful you're telling me NOW.."
0:45 - Kage breaks the rating!
       Kage tells story of Dr. Rotten.. "I am looking for Anal
0:46 - Smooth muscle contractions. Doctors study crude things so
         you don't have to. Mutt "SEAL!"
       Things that make doctors clench.
0:47 - People thanks Kage! Kage "There's something else you need
         to know.."
       Friend from Singapore left 2 lbs of Durian cake! "It's for
         Susandeer.." but folks can have some too :)
0:48 - Nonsanity wants Mutt to bring 'that' scale also?
0:49 - Kitchen food recycling.
       Mutt "Is this gum stuck to my plate for FREE?"
0:50 - Yappy "You go in with a can of roaches, and let them loose..
       Hygiene under the table. Seal is strangely absent
       JohnnyBlanco in channel offers picture to head Fat Bastard
0:51 - 20-pound babies? Rummage "When they have a kid, their
         boobies get big.."
0:52 - Sefina donates $0.50 to winner! RonanOtter $25, Kekyana
         offers to make cross-stitch of character.
0:53 - Con planning. Rasvar wants to know who's rooming with JR.
       Death by Flatulence.
0:54 - Guy gets stuck in doorway during monthly bathroom trip..
         goes on water-only diet.. dies month later.
       Poink things the funeral was the funny part. "I know it
         sounds mean.. they forklifted him down to the grave!"
       Atkins diet. Eats unlimited cheeseburgers! Ras "It's after
         9PM.. bread doesn't count."
0:55 - Carbo loading. Teaching body to burn certain parts? Poink
         has bathroom nightmare about wrong part
0:56 - Rasvar wonders when next FB hike is? Poink picks 2010.
       Rasvar "Everybody, let's do Richard Simmons!"
       Mutt "SEAL! SEAL.."
       People who like Richard Simmons. Mutt "He's happy.."
0:57 - Time for a video! KP "And when we get back, we'll talk
         about the Gene Simmons diet.." Poink "Lots of tongue?"
       BAD CHEESE STUDIOS! Beer-song
       Extremely overweight pig and raccoon sing!
0:58 - Carmen! "I-Can't-re-mem-ber all-the-beer-I've-head.."
       "Beer.. is liquid bread it'sgood for you! We looke to drink
         till we PUKE.. EW!"
0:59 - Massive beer-belch! Both puppets pass out
       CREDITS: "Beer Song" They Might Be Giants
         Ted - Dorian      Ivan Rottenov (Dr.?) - Dorien
       Crappy "HURRAY!" Rummage "(contemplative) Beer gives me gas"
       Crappy "What *Doesn't?*" Rummage "Breathing air." "I don't
         think so!"
       MiniRandy "I drink Clorox Bleach!"
       Mini "Mutt! MUTTT! We need YOU!!" Rummage "You're annoying..
1:00 - Mini "How you do'in.. raccoon.. person?" Rummage farts
       Mutt pitches http://www.bigpondcomics.com/ Derik Fish, local
         artist. Dandy & company
1:01 - Samples from comix.
       <DarthBreathing.fx> Arthur "What is THAT?"
1:02 - <DarthWithGas.fx> Growling? GROWLING!!! "This is SICK!"
       Poink puts on the wrong body. "I've got nice cheeks!"
1:03 - Mini hellos to Arthur! Arthur is dazed today.
1:04 - <MarchingBand-BohemeanRasphody.mp3>
       Arthur wants to do Ebay game. Mini bombards Poink with eggs!
1:05 - Channel suggestion for EBAY GAME.. Dead rabbits?
       KP "I will search for Rabbit pelts.."
       Poink "Worse I've seen is that Hello Kitty vibrator."
       KP finds a dead rabbit o_O Rabbit SKELETON? "That's a dead-
         dog skeleton eating a rabbit.."
1:06 - Evil channel suggestions. Used pacemaker?
1:07 - Rasvar wows.. "We did find.. a used pacemaker!"
       Company went out of business in 1980's. Good luck finding
         part. Current bid $9.99?
1:08 - Wind-up pacemaker?
       People look up "Poink" on Ebay. Zero items!
       Poink still gets egg-pummled
1:09 - Training defibrillator? Rasvar "Comes with your own body to
         train on!"
       Kissing shock-dummies. Good upper half.. no lower half o_O
1:10 - Poink remember CPR. Pinch woman to make sure they're not
         asleep. Uses both hands!
       KP suggest "Funday" Funday Prayer Bibles Games?
1:12 - ACID FLASHBACK.. "Threee yearrsss aggoooo..."
       Pokemon! Journey to the inside of a Pokeball?
       Pokeball explodes. Pawpets injured by shrapnel!
1:13 - People MST3K Pokemon intro. Arthur "Oh, fire!"
       "Pokemon!" "Gotta bug 'em all!"
1:14 - Ash goes into the forest. Lost. Again. Arthur "Bad hair day"
       Finding the hidden village.
1:15 - Misty "Water's my specialty!"Arthur "Water's your specialty?
       Catching water. Get the Bulbasaur!
       Arthur "Can someone tell me what the heck is going on here??
1:16 - Trainers have balls. Butterfly attacks! Arthur "How lame"
       Butterfree? Pokemon escapes! Scritch "Next time use a gun!"
1:17 - Brock "I can't find this bridge on my map.." Scritch "'Cause
         your eyes are glued shut!"
       Brock falls into a deep canyon "One down, two to go"
1:18 - Group caught in a net. Pawpets try to eat it!
1:19 - Pokemon physics. Gravity. Ouch.
1:20 - Reality check. On this show?
       Enslaving wildlife and making them beat up their friends.
1:21- "Who's that POKEMON?!" Scritch "It's Yappyfox!"
http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view.php?id=119 (*PG*)
1:22 - Back to the future. Tod surrounded by Ebay junk?
       Poink "It's crap!" "It is NOT!"
1:23 - Wierd Tod. Camera gets disoriented
1:24 - Buying questionable stuff.
http://www.stupidvideos.com/?VideoID=364 (Gotta love the Man Show)
       Tod and Arthur duet.
  (Can you get kareoke of Wierd Al songs?) [If they have 'Hardware
    Store' I'm getting you a CD!]
1:25 - Backstreet boys collecting Beanies
1:27 - All Your Base! Er.. CATZ is Arthur?
       "How are you gentlemen? All your <Mutts> are belong to us!"
       Planet Mutt is getting closer. Closer. CLOSER! o_o O_O >_<
       Boobie-shirt! Mutt = "Smurf"?
       "All your <Mutt> <Mutt> <Mutt>.."
1:28 - Editing the edited video! And some new pictures
       CREDITS: Animation & Video -- Hobbes
                Original Art -- Hobbes & Garrison
1:29 - Nerd! Took the last of his knee medication. Red-eyeglass
         Ezra "Nothing for your head?"
1:30 - Nerd goes into withdrawal. Heard reverb sounds
1:31 - Cthuhlu-effect kicks in o_o. Nerd "HIGGHH CRAPPY.. YOOURR
         FACCEEE IS SCAAARRYY.." Crappy O_O
1:32 - Perfectly normal Nerd. Really. Really!
1:33 - Nerd giggles with nerd-hiccups. Ezra "Nerd! Be careful or
         we'll feed you Durian!"
       Nerd's Mouth.
1:34 - Crappy tries to catch Nerd. Ezra "Call Kage.."
1:35 - Nerd with Dune metallic eyes. Ezra "I want what he's on!"
       Nerd tackles Ezra. Ez "AGH! I don't want him on me!"
1:36 - Stagehand shows Ezra the pill bottle.
       Nerd "Oxxxyccoodoonne... it goooesss in your blooooddd.. and
         beattssss up your Brrraaiin..."
       Nerd kareoke's the circus song that has no words
1:37 - Nerd with two eyes? "Iiii Uuusseeedd VissseeEENNE!"
         "I can actually see in front of me!"
       CREDITS: "Beautiful like Me" Joydrop   Gretta - Aatheus
       Gretta skunk.
1:39 - The horrible things beautiful people can do.
       "But I'm not beautiful like you.. I'm beautiful LIKE ME.."
1:40 - Alternating between peaceful and headbanging metal.
1:42 - Alien music, fade out.
       Simba's huge EASTER ISLAND HEAD O_O
1:43 - MiniRandy does Devine? Mutt "What you are about to see is
         the Real Thing!"
http://www.stupidvideos.com/?VideoID=262 [Is IT in you?](Clown.gif)
       Mini "Aghhh... JR!" Mutt "What happened?"
1:44 - Poink "Nothing :)" "Did he fart?"
http://www.stupidvideos.com/?VideoID=304 Mini "BLLEAH!!"
       Question to channel "Where's the worst place you've ever
       Mutt hates greasy Cece's pizza. Yappy loved it!
1:45 - Poink doesn't like Medieval Times? Others love.
       Ras notes they changed the show! People want tickets.
1:46 - Devin's Mom goes for Kentucky Fried Chicken?
         Refrigerating KFC gravy. Devin thinks it's like gluestick.
1:47 - CALLIN: Brett. Brett notes he's never done Crystals.
         Brett "I woke up this morning, and thought, what can I do
         to make this day a success.. and I think I've done that!"
1:48 - Mutt introduces Brett Rineheart, one of Top 10 mascot
         performers in the world!
       Brett arghs and would have been there for sure if he knew
         about the free caffeine and sugar.
1:49 - Pro Mascot? "12 years now. That makes me old.."
       First Mascot - Bullfrog for hockey team? "I got paid $15,
         and had to buy my own Gatorade"
1:50 - Brett visits White House, and breaks his ankle. Same as RTR!
       Started Nashville Predators with Gnash.
1:51 - Dangerous Mascot stories? Freefall 100 ft, ended 2" above
         ground o_O
1:52 - Double-checking rope length.
       Some mascots do humor, some do stunts. Some do both.
1:54 - Celebrities he's met? Country music people. Dixie Chicks!
       Mutt "Why a mascot?" "Actually, I was on my way to law
         school... do I actually hear Booo's in the background?"
  [Say something about Martha Stewart] "I got the gig with the
         minor-leage baseball team, and thought 'you know, I can
         go to lawschool any time? I'm gonna do this a little bit
         and have some fun..' and I was so hooked! Um, I just had
         to stay with it, and have never looked back."
1:55 - Playing guitar with fuzz-fingers!
1:56 - Mutt wonders what advice for others who want to be mascots?
       Brett tells them to keep an eye on http://www.gameops.com/
         to see who has openings. Take instruction courses?
       Brett "Other than that.. Get Time In Costume.. the only
         thing that gives you the experience is getting the
         experience, get time in the fur!"
1:57 - Mascot camps?
       <TonsAndTonsOfNashPictures.gif> Favorite moment?
       Gnash does sign-language for deaf community, knows it because
         his wife teaches deaf courses. They go nuts!
1:58 - Story about girl with deaf parents, had trouble relating.
         Gnash talks to parents in sign at a game. "Gnash was cool,
         sign-language was cool, therefore her parents must be cool
1:59 - Mutt "Is it difficult to do sign-language with four fingers?
       <NashGiving4fingeredOK.gif> "It is difficult, you have to
         wing it a little bit, but they got what I was sayin' "
2:00 - Mariner Moose visits kids in hospital, would see one girl
         every week. Then gets postcard "She had passed away,
         letting me know that how much the gift I had given them,
         as the Mariner Moose, every time of the last several
         weeks of that little girl's life she was smiling and
         laughing and happy, the entire time, up to the moment of
         her death, because all she was doing was talking about
         the Mariner Moose, and how much he liked the MM coming to
         see her."
2:01 - Brett "As a lawyer.. there was no way I could do that for
         people's lives.
       <GnashSittingOnSideOfScreen.gif> Ras adds text "Turn your
         screen to the side" and "Turn it the other way this time!"
       Mutt thanks Brett/Gnash/MM for calling in! Starts questions
       Favorite movie? "X2, I'm an old, old Xman reader, they just
         absolutely Kicked Butt making this new movie."
2:02 - Cartoon char? "Tigger."
       Animated movie? "Well, I think they guys that make the
         animated movies really get paid way to much.. and I'm
         really bitter about that whole industry?.." Mutt "HEY!"
       Brett jokes! Picks Lion King.
2:03 - Magic 8-ball? Brett hmmms.. "Will any of.. the guys on the
         show tonight get lucky this week?"
http://www.stupidvideos.com/?VideoID=370 [No.]
       Magic 8-ball... "Ask again later!" "Well, hope springs
       Mutt tries 4 seconds later "WOAH! Magic 8-ball says YES!!"
       Word to live by? "If the people aren't screamin' you're not
         doing it right!"
       (Seal.gif) Mutt "And the Affirmation Ball tells you..
          People Like You!" Brett Awwwwws ^_^
2:04 - Mutt "Big round of applause everyone, for Brett Reinheart
         and Gnash of the Nashville Predators!" "Bye Bye!"

************* END OF PART ONE **********

Pawpet Show #170 - Gnash Visits - Timeline 2/2
compiled by Blackfoot Ferret

2:05 - TINYPAW PRODUCTIONS! "The Small Green Parrot Show!"
       Drawn stage. CGI parrot! "Hel-lo there! Wel-come to the          
   small green par-rot show! This is the first episode of a          
 series of one.."
       Parrot "Featuring me.. the small green parrot! :D"
       Parrot hmms.. "And now.. a song for you enjoyment!"
       Parrot sings Proper Cup of coffee like a Speak-N-Spell
       Parrot smiles again, teeth gleam. *bing*
2:06 - Parrot hmms "And ne-xt.. some a-ma-zing par-rot magic!"
       *poof*   ?   Parrot o_O  "It al-ways seems to work when
         Dev-in does it.."
       *poof* Genie insults Parrot, then leaves. "Feh!"
       Parrot summons Garbonzo the Performing Bear "Hello eve-ry-1"
       Bear makes some hand-motions "Hey.. how the hell can I do
         the Ma-Ca-Reina [Eek?](So I can't spell!) with-out the
2:07 - Parrot "I could-n't af-ford the rights pay-ment." "Yaaa..
         well I'll just pis-off then. Good-bye lo-ser" leaves
       CREDITS: CGI dog peeks in.
       "(old guy) The SmallGreenParrotShow was conceived, scripted
         and the fault off.." dog takes a breath "(deep) Whif-fert,
         who also wrote the mu-sic.  So there."
       "Soft-ware-by-Bill-Gates." <HorrorMusic.mp3> "WuuuUUHAHAHH
2:08 - Mutt cools! Tod "That was pretty wierd" [Bill is awesome]
       Mutt's more upbeat about CGI now!
2:09 - Tod wants to see it again. Mutt "You just saw it!"
         Tod "Bark!" Mutt looks down "DROOL!" "..Yuck!"
         Coffee drool?
       Finding Nemo is out! People wonder how much to give away.
2:10 - Mutt compares it to An American Tail. Seal hums UnderTheSea.
       Simba didn't see it, but loved it!
2:11 - Mutt cools to Pixar "CG-is-al-Ways-Green-ar.."
       Finding Captain Nemo? Nonsanity strikes
2:12 - Looking at the Nautilus's underside. Mutt freaks?
2:13 - Nonsantiy did about 3 such photowarps in 20 minutes. O_O
2:14 - CGI -- Footage of actual fish in a fish tank.
         Swimming fish. In a tank. Interview begins.
2:15 - Fish wants more room. Talks a lot like Simba
       Mutt "How long does your dookie have to be before you cut
         it loose?" Fish goes for a few feet
2:16 - Yappy notes these particular fish can breath on land
       How many of your young have you eaten? "I don't' know, 100.."
2:17 - Poink "Is poop really caviar?" Fish lays eggs
2:18 - Fish separated by glass wall. Tension? o_o
2:19 - Can fish breathe milk? "It comes outofacow, so that's kinda
         strange.." gives gas "And fart.. and that cuts off the
         poop line"
       Fish would buy a bigger tank.
2:20 - Phobias? Other fish.
       Mutt "Is your short-term memory really that short?" "What?"
       Channel "Do you want to be a fish stick?" "It's rather not..
         that's ok.. what?"
       Fish split up and ignore each other.
2:21 - Worst Finding Nemo event? Shark was scary O_O
       Pink Flamingos? Fish remember that one >_<
         Poink-fish loved it! Simba-fish o_O
2:22 - P-fish and S-fish get in an argument.
       8-ball "Am I ever going to get a bigger tank?" "Without a
       Fish romance.. lover's quarrel. Kinda..
2:23 - Tod and Poink both agree that was wierd!
2:24 - Finding Nemo, 2-Paws up. Brother Bear trailer as well
2:25 - Bitchvoop fish breaks the rating. Seal blows a gasket
2:26 - Mutt "We are LIVE! We're here till 11:00! Play with us!"
       FLUFF AND SUCH! "If I Had A Million Dollars"
2:27 - "If I had a million dollars.."".. If I had a million dollars
       Houses. Pictures in balloons above "K-Car ?"
2:28 - Elephant-man-guy-bones. Dancing Skeletons o_o
2:29 - Long limbo! Tag and Hardley race down the car to look out of
         each window
       Tag ties Mutt to a stake? O_O "But not a really green dress
         that's crew.." Mutt headshakes
       Tag rejoins Hartee, dazed from a head wound @_x Collapses
2:30 - Picasso or a Garfunkle. (Which is odder? o_o)
       Tag turns into a monkey.
       An infinite sea of monkeys. WOW! And Tag jumping up to see
2:31 - CREDITS: Animated! Tag and Hardley!
         "If I had a Million Dollars" Barenaked Ladies
         Nonsanity_Cat with Tankpolice and Cuddles_Cat
       Tag passes out again.
       Mutt "WOW!" <OffstageBelch.mp3> People are going to have the
         song stuck in their heads all day.
         Poink "If I had a million collars.. I'd be into S&D."
2:32 - Mutt argues with the fish again. Jerry Springer?
       Yappy "I ought to pull the glass out between those guys."
         "They'd kill each other!" Pokemon?
2:33 - Nerdferret!
       Raini gets extra credit if she gets this?
2:34 - Raini is still getting bigger.. Nerd tells here to lay off
         the Cheeseburgers! Fat baby?
       Props attacks Nerd, who justifies himself "I'm on pain med!"
2:35 - Vixens, barbies go at it! "Let me see you dancing all night
2:36 - Barbie mosh pit! (DiveDive!.mp3)
       And Poink (Klackson.mp3)
2:37 - .. sudden end? Rasvar "Ok, I'm calling a foul! The only way
         you can know that is if you cheat!"
       Guy's voice warped up to female-tone?
2:38 - Poink "If the next song's what I think it is.. I love it!"
       <SummerOf69!.mp3> O_O
       Slim sings, Poink guitar-thrashes.
2:39 - Poink kisses his guitar? [He's having fun..] Eyes light up
2:40 - JarJar and his Blissfully Unaware orchestra.
       JarJar gets a tourettes attack. KOs and falls of stage.
2:41 - 69 must have been a wild year!
       Bryan Adams expressly forbid the earlier song on any of his
         compilation CDs.
2:42 - Poink thinks '69 was the best day of his life.
         Rasvar "Wasn't that also the FIRST day of your life? :P"
       Survey. Most evil music artists?
       Clip of sailors from old Captain Nemo movie singing "Whale
         of a tale", then Finding Nemo footage.
       Popup video arrows and stuff.. too small to see though!
2:45 - PINK FLAMINGOS.. with special guest.. DEVIN'S MOM!
       Nerd doesn't want to watch it with his Mom!! People round up
         chocolate doughnuts.
2:46 - Mom doesn't understand what Nerd is saying?
         Devin does Devine.
       <CouchCam.fx> Mom, Devin, and Oreos. Trans fats and oxford
2:47 - Mutt does disclaims, Flamingos is too evil to show, we'll
         just watch the people on the couch scream.
2:48 - Devine's Filthy speech. As if we didn't know.
2:48:24 - <PuppyMusic.mp3> Devin "Why are we showing this to my
             Mom again?
2:48:35 - Oreo bite #1. "Are Are.."
2:48:44 - Chewing.  Chewing.    Chewing.    Poink "Ho no.."
2:48:48 - Mom says "nonagon" very quietly 15 times. Mutt "Eat the
2:48:55 - Mom only suffers minor shuddering! Devin looks proud :)
2:49 - After almost hitting the Loo, Mom eats another Oreo. Yay!
       Someone rewinds the tape? Mom NOs!
       Mom bugs out. Tod pitches the PF survivor t-shirts!
       Poink wonders how they could do worse than showing this to
         somebody's Mom. Devin "And mine too.."
       Tod calls for a pastor?
2:50 - Spits of Swallows next! People hope isn't not fish..
2:52 - Pawpet gets $3 for every shirt sold? Nerd "Who would NOT
         want to wear that shirt :)'
       Java butt-floss also available. Chip 'n Dale's style.
2:53 - Evil Poink Bumper-sticker too, the one Poink had when he
         got pulled over!
2:54 - Gas alert. Mutt goes to breathe some secondary smoke.
       SPITS OR SWALLOWS! Both from Zorro :)
       Yappy introduces while Simba looks pained.
2:55 - JiVelte Fish? (100% Artificial Mackerel?)
       Nerd breathes on your face "Noooo!.." gets dragged away
       Also tomatoe/clam cocktail. Clamoto?
       Yappy "So who's the first candidate?" Simba realizes he's
         in front of the camera and heads stage right.
       Yappy "Devin!" "NO!"
       Yappy sets the example, and takes the first bite of fish..
         ...      ...
         ".. it's not as bad as it smells.." tries the juice.
2:56 - Yappy gives double-swallow. Simba "Um.. yeah.."
       Munches. "You're right.. it doesn't taste as bad as it
         smells." goes for some Coke.
2:57 - JeVelte is the Spam of Fish? Simba tries juice "This
         actually goes well together.." pause "I'm impressed"
         Pause "I can drink a lot of this right now.."
       Simba savors a second cup as the camera's still on. Mmms..
2:58 - Dan/Harik munches "That's pretty good.."
         Sips. Likes! Someone "Bring on the Durian people!"
       Simba had baby-food last week. Strong constitution. Like
         eating cat-food.
2:59 - Devin munches. Someone mentions boobies? Vote for cat-food
         "WHY?!" Zorro nominated for Durian at AC. As well as all
         who sent in anything.
       Devin notes he can handle the grass-jello. Simba "That's
         because you're a freak." Sips "AGH.. that's bad.."
3:00 - Herbie is summoned. "I'm dieting, I can't eat this.. it
         looks like vomits folds.." wears lucky Thundercat shirt.
3:01 - Herbie chewsa s people cheer.. spits anyway.
         Sips. Helps wash the fish down the sink. Yappy looks at
         the sink and ews.
3:02 - Devin "Come on JR!" "NO" "Yes!" "NO.."
       Jess is braver. "Yummy.." munches in time with Zen music.
         Good taste. BAD texture. Sips. Shrugs.
3:03 - JR still isn't moving. Jess "Excuse me folks.."
       Jess hauls JR to the kitchen like a potato sack. JR waves!
         JR's kicking feet. Smelly black socks.
       Raini munches, as does her baby. "That's.. interesting.."
         leaves without trying the juice.
3:04 - Camera aims at Raini's swelling boobies, then someone with a
         Pawpet shirt stands in the way.
3:05 - Camera slowly zoom in on JR's face. Nose. Mouth.
       JR munches.. drinks from sink like fire-hose. "It's.. FISH!"
       JR spits juice in the sink, then purifies it with Coke.
3:06 - Simba wants prune juice?
       Raini's stretched shirt, and that stupid Pawpet Shirt again!
       An unenthused Rasvar.
       Ras does Zen-stretching.. then munches. Gags! Jess "It's ALL
         about the consistency :P"
3:07 - Sip. Sip? Chug! Ras puts up a hand. Wait. Wait.. Good!
       Devin's Mom! Stagefingers randomly crush heads.
3:08 - Simba tries some more. Lies "I love it!"
3:09 - People feed some of it to the FISH? o_O
       Credits: "This Girl" Chumbawamba (Hawaiian fish?) - Swingin'
         with Raymond.     Velma - Aatheus
3:10 - Velma sings about the world, relationships, and stuff.
3:12 - Odd one out at the supermarket checkout.
3:13 - "This girl.. she didn't out quite the way she was supposed
         to do.. oo oo ooooo.." (BitchVoop.gif)
       Mutt checks to see how's moderating the channel as Poink
         licks a shark. Poink tries getting taste of his his mouth.
3:14 - 50 BEST CULT FILMS!
       Faces Of Death? Nerd "It's a Last Riot!(tm)"
       The Decline of Western Civilization II? KISS and QUEEN team
         up with Sid Meyer.
 [I love the Death Metal troops. They can attack anyone, anywhere
  in the world if you have a Radio Station, and can eat Tanks to
  make more of themselves.] (Oh, Nuke you)
3:15 - #47, Walking and Talking. MiniRandy.. washes the screen
       #46 - Eggwire.. Wrath of God?
       #45 - Superstar, Carpenter story? Death by Anorexia O_O
       #43 - Buckaroo Banzi! Multi-Yeahs!
       Rushmore. Alien likes it! 1999 can be a cult flick?
3:16 - Definition of Cult Flick.. more Rentals than theaters.
       Heathers. Barberella (I havent' seen any of these..)
       Best of Everything. They Live. Poink doesn't like, so Ras
         bashes him.
       A Bucket of BLOOD? @_O  1995 Showgirl. Porno?
3:18 - #35 With Nail and Eye. Grey Gardens. Nobody's heard of it.
       Reanimator (Wierd! Head arguing with severed body. Slow at
         first, but gets cooler later..)
       The Harder They Come. Poink "That sounds like one of my
         kind of movies.."
       Clerks! The Wiz. Argument.. Good or Cheese? WTC scene
3:20 - Dawn of the Dead. Ras "You've never SEEN Dawn of the DEAD?"
         JarJar "Aawwwww... BRAINNsss.."
       Stranger in Paradise. #25 Willy Wonka!
       Giant Frog with lips? -_O  #24 The Toxic Avenger
       #23 - Akira. Jess "Oh.. God" (Anyone for hamburger?)
3:21 - Oh Shen Something. 1926. French.. very disturbing? Salvador
         Dali.. (skip the hamburger >_<)
       Mini Likes Dali painting where nuclear missile penetrates
         woman's backside. [What hamburger?]
3:22 - Razorblade to woman's eyeball. (MOVING... on..)
       #21 - Peewee's Big Adventure! Mini gets nightmares!
       #20 - The Maxx. #19 - EVIL DEAD 2! Hoots!
       #18 - Hard Boiled, John Woo #17 - Dazed and Confused
3:24 - #16- The Warriors. #15 - Bastard Pussycat Kill Kills? (o_O)
       #14 - David Lynch's Eraserhead. #13 - Brazil.
       #12 - Plan Nine from Outer Space.. Worst Movie in world!
3:25 - #11 - Five Deadly Venoms. #10 - Shawshank Redemption. Cool!
       #9 - Blade Runner. (I like the original Asimov, thanks)
         Simba likes the sound track.
       Scareface. Repo Man. Texas Chainsaw Massacre.
       #5. PINK FLAMINGOS! Mini "All RIGHT!" Ras "Uuuuuuuh!..."
3:27 - #4 Harold and Maud. #3 Freaks. Mini "And they used real
         FREAKS!" Mutt "Please see that one, it's amazing." "I'm
         the show midget.."
       #2 - ROCKY HORROR PICTURE SHOW! Mini "I'm wearing my garter
         belt right now!" Rasvar "I didn't know that.."
       #1 - THIS IS SPINAL TAP!
http://www.stupidvideos.com/?VideoID=445 [I thought this was?]
3:28 - Mutt wants Rocky to be #1. Mini wants a Clockwork Orange.
       The Wall? Leonard Part 6. Howard the Duck?
       Mini "How can you hate a giant walking scrotum?" The Wall?
3:29 - Cult films, have to flop before flying.
       Tod notes 'It's a Wonderful Life' almost didn't make money?
3:30 - Office Space. Last Action Hero? Ews.
3:31 - Art from Fans, sculpture of Pawpet characters?
http://pawpet.org/funday/art/2003-06-01/ <-- Archived Jams
       ART JAM! Fat Ezra "Do my glasses make me look fat?"
       JavaChicken shows Nerd super-charged with grass jello
3:32 - Poink Show logo.
       Mach can't get into the show people there's a requirement
         they people have to be fat, like riding a coaster?
       Chilli leaves message for JR "Nice job! You're as wierd as
         ever!" JR "You're reading Shout-Outs!" "It's under
       Mutt goes nuts! "Oh my GOSH! Read it again!" Yappy arghs
3:35 - Mutt begs to read it again.. Yappy "I can't get back to it"
       People try to figure which two pawpetters are in the picture
3:36 - Rasvar wonders what they're throwing the lids at?
       Yappy "True fact.. a ferret will blink when struck with
         a hammer." (o_O) [Gotta try that]
3:37 - "You should have seen the horse.." Oohs
       "Hell, you know everything's bigger in Texas."
3:38 - FLying ass-gaskets for rednecks
       Apple-sented cologne causes rednecks to be eaten? O_O
3:39 - <MASSIVEBELCH.mp3> "Wow.." Tod "How is that spelled?"
       Hitting the rim. Yuck.
       Magic Romper-room mirror?
3:40 - "Look Mom!" I found a boomer-range! <EEK!.mp3> <BOOM.mp3>
3:41 - SHOUT OUTS! Keeping the horseshoe picture
       "Hey all, I just wanted to thank everyone who showed support
         for me before I went into have my bone scan." Laughing!
       <Goofy.mp3> Sefina arrives soon!
3:42 - LupisLupin close to getting his black belt
       4th in Matrix series.. Finding Neo!
       Donations to winner of Fat Bastard's club!
3:43 - "You guys kick ass, keep up the good work!"
3:44 - People talk to Sefina. Mutt "Sefina, when you coming down?
         We've got to hook up with his chick.. How old is she, is
         she legal?" Tod o_O Poink "No" "Oh"
       <I'mTheBaby,GottaLoveMe!.mp3> Aug 20th. And she's 20. Mutt
          hopes he'll be skinny by then..
          Rasvar "Strip Volleyball!" (O_O Ow..) [Flappin' parts]
3:45 - Mutt wonders if Jess will be there? Poink "Herbie.. Ras
         will be there too" <JavaI'mIntoThat!.mp3> Tod "I'm not!"
       Poink "Just picture Jello.." Mutt "I'm picturing *JESS*"
         Poink sings a jello song. Mutt bombards him with poultry
3:46 - Pawpet Song! From Wierd Al's album.
       Pizza all day, everyday? "Why's you have to go and get me
         so Constipated?"
3:47 - (Better it stays in then comes out..) Poink is pained
3:48 - Poink and his girlfriend are related? Doh!
       Stands on Rollercoaster. "Tell.. why I had to go and get
         my decapitated?" (Reanimator.mov)
       "I can't belch or blow my nose anymore.." (Well..)
3:49 - Pawpets WITHOUT HEADS O_O
       Stump-Mutt and Beanie-Damage Tod. "Cool..."
3:50 - Telethon show plans.. Poink has a bet?
       "We we can get enough money.. if the bid goes high enough..
         I'll submit to a bikini-wax?" Somebody ughs
       Ras wants to auction off the chance to do the Bikini-Wax,
         thinking that would make more money
3:51 - Tod wants Duct Tape. Poink ers.. "Yappy? How much MONEY do
         we need? Gimme a goal.."'
       Cost varies with equipment damage. Poink "We raise 5 grand
         I'll do it!" Ras thinks they should take all the body hair
         for that.
3:53 - Tod wants to do the show after Anthrocon, when people have
         more money.
       Poink competing with Kage?
3:54 - 8-hour show. Jerry Lewis has body doubles?
3:55 - Everyone's on vacation each week before Anthrocon.
       Goal set.. second week in August.
3:56 - Recap of show.. Brett Rienhard aka Gnash was here.. the
         cast of Finding Nemo, Devin took the last of his drugs,
         and goofy Tuminator! And Ebay. And Devin's Mom! And
         Fat Bastard's Club
3:57 - <Goodnight!.mp3>

Herbie Hamill     Randy Fox      John Cole    Dan Boatright
Devin Bray        Jess Kiela     Andrew Dobie Koch
Lee Chapman (he was here?) Dan and Melissa Merillat

"Soul Bossa Nova" Quincy Jones
"That Adios Song" Lawrence Welk
"Ebay" Wierd Al Yankoavids.. GAH!
"A Complicated Song" Wierd Al.. Y
"That Girl" Chumbawamba

Aetobatus  Thumper  Frysco  Timduru  Harik  Vitapup

*********** END OF SHOW #170 **********

3:59 - <Goodnight!> Poink fish "Shutupbitch!"