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Funday Pawpet Show #169 - Cute Fuzzy DOOM - May 25th, 2003
Timeline compiled by Blackfoot  Ferret


PAWPET NEWLYWED GAME!                        - Start
  Harik and Raini, Jess and Paul, and CarlFox and Sulin all play
  a version of the popular [with the audience] tv game show.

  A disagreement that launched into a flamewar on the mailing list
  inspires the cast to try and make a show that doesn't offend

THE POINK SHOW!                              - 3:00
  In an experiment (and a sort of healing) Poink takes over the
  last hour of the show.

************** START ***************
0:00 - Disclaimer! Turn back now!
0:01 - Sign: Funday NewlyWed Game! (NewlyWedGame.mp3)
       Anthro couple from Top of Raini & Harik's(?) cake!
       Mutt "We're going to do something different tonight!"
         Newlywed game! And possible divorce show? Stay tuned..
0:02 - Three couples. How well do the know each other?
       Raini & Harik-- aka Dan and Melissa Merillat
       Carl & Marty -- aka Carlfox and Sulin.
0:03 - Questions by SK-1!
       First question: Does your mike work?
0:04 - One working mike.. Mutt pitches value of sharing
       Jess and Paul run like mad people, wave!
0:05 - Jess Kiela and Paul Kiela. Jess "I did change my name!"
       Married since 2000! Competitive edge..
0:06 - Jess talks about the wedding! Paul nods :)
       12-hours wedding and reception. Terminator partiers.
0:07 - Raini and Harik, newlywed, but long-time show people!
       Mutt asks Harik about the wedding? Harik "You were there!"
       Mutt asks about the Honeymoon? Raini "It was awesome!"
       Private balcony on cruise ship? (Which one?)
0:08 - Paul and Jess spent week with family, got sick, no
         honeymoon :/ Want trip to Europe later
       Carl and Marty Meyers! Also newlyweds!
0:09 - Rules of game: Ask husbands or wives all same questions, see
         if their spouses give the same answer.. or else
0:11 - (LovePotion#9.mp3) Winner gets.. Mutt "One fresh package of
         Recess Sticks!" (Those aren't cookies!)
       Wives leave for Yappy's Green Room/Garage.
0:12 - Musical Interlude
0:13 - ROUND ONE (Fight!) Husbands get asked first
       Mutt "Would you say.. that you act more feminine.. or your
         wife acts more masculine?"
       Harik "Oh boy.."
       Harik does lots of housework.. picks feminine.
0:14 - Paul notes Jess is the man of the house, goes for masculine
       Carl in the hot seat. Picks masculine, notes Sulin keeps
         him in line.
0:15 - QUESTION 2: "What features of your was your wife first
         attracted to?"
       Paul "My.. beautiful eyes!" Camera closeup.
       Carl "I think it was the hair.." fox has a ponytail?
       Harik "My charming personality :)"
0:16 - QUESTION 3: "What color underwear is your wife wearing
         RIGHT NOW?.."
       Carlfox thinksaboutit "I think she's wearing white.."
       Harik "This morning it was blue and white.." she could have
         changed though
       Mutt is curious about how many colors there are?
         Harik "She's got quite a few.. we wont' go into details.."
         Mutt "Is it getting hot in here?" Chuckling
0:17 - Paul "I'm going to go with the comedy No Underware option.."
         Picks white quickly, just kidding :)
       QUESTION FOUR: "How would you complete this sentence.. If I
         could take my wife to a body-shop, I would have her
         remove her ______, and replace it with one of our friend's
0:18 - Harik wonders how he gets into these situations "...Yyeah.."
       Harik "Going on the fact that I can't image Anyone EVER
         saying anything like that.." SK has explained to do later
       Harik goes for the feet, because Raini has pained feet. :(
0:19 - Paul stalls.. finally goes for thighs "I'm doomed, BTW.."
       Carl thinks they're all doomed.. "Ok.. so what's the
0:20 - Carl goes for Lower Back, Marty has back problems :(
       Mutt looks for background music, but Rasvar's now about,
         people do the Toxic Audio thing. "People in channel,
         humm something to yourself!"
       (SilentNight.hum) FIVE: "What is one of the things of your
         Wife's that you wish you could just throw away, but you
         DON'T, because she's never speak to you again?"
0:21 - (Jeopardy.hmm) Paul back in the hot seat.. "Hmm..."
       Paul "Stumped again..Brain..working.."
         Mutt "Her BRAIN!" Oooohs! Paul NOs! "I'm being set-up!"
       Paul "Her hideously large.. Ford Explorer?"
    Paul "And replace it with a much smaller, economical vehicle.."
http://www.stupidvideos.com/?VideoID=394 Mutt "Good answer!"
0:22 - Carlfox "Hmm.." goes for craft and hobby gear, as it takes
         up a lot of the bedroom
       Mutt wows at wierd questions in channel "Does your husband
         object when you bring puppets to bed?" Carl o_O
0:23 - Harik "I'm gonna have to say, her cat?"
http://www.stupidvideos.com/?VideoID=491 "I'd show you the scars
         it gave me, but it'd break the rating.."
       Mutt is curious? Cat with pins spooked in lap
       LAST QUESTION: "Which of these songs best describe your
         first date? Sea of Love, Let's Get Physical, What's Love
         Got To Do With It, or Help?"
       Carl goes for Sea of Love. "Yeah" Mutt "Smoopy.." "YepYep!"
       Harik! "Oh Boy..Um..." Let's Get Physical!
0:24 - Paul "Sea of Love!"
0:25 - Rasvar returns! Music!
       Bring in the Ladies! Mutt "Go have a place next to the
         man of your choice.."
0:26 - Masuline/Feminine? Jess "Oh Jesus.." picks Masculine, MATCH!
0:27 - Raini "I.. can't see me being masculine.. so I'm going to
         have to say him: feminine.." Harik o_O MATCH!
       Reasons? Raini is just very modest. Jess "I've been a tomboy
         since I can remember.."
http://www.stupidvideos.com/?VideoID=243 (I'm in love..)
  [What's with all the stupid videos?] (Aren't they cool? :) )
0:28 - Sulin can't see Carl being feminine, and was a tomboy also,
         third match! Tie game
       Husband features first attracted to? Raini "There's two of
         them!" Mutt !?! Picks Hair vs Charming Personality.. BUZZ!
0:29 - Sulin/Marty picks Sense of Humor vs. Hair! Wrong wives!BUZZ!
0:30 - Jess picks Eyes.. vs EYES! DINGDINGDING!
  [Go back to the videos] http://www.stupidvideos.com/?VideoID=368
       What color Underware? Sulin has white.. MATCH!
       Jess has on Black? vs White. EEEEEH!
0:31 - Jess "It's a G-string, is that good enough?" Mutt "For Me!"
       Raini says Blue and White.. MATCH!
0:32 - The EVIL question: Body shop.. replace WHAT?
       Jess "Ouch.." picks Thighs... MATCH! Jess "He hears me bitch
         about it a lot!"
       Raini hmmm... picks her nose? [No..nonono..] vs Feet? EEEEH!
0:33 - Sulin picks Midsection.. vs Back? Judges?... EHHHH!! Oh well
       One things He wants to Throw Away?
       Raini knows it. "My Cat.." MATCH!
0:34 - Sulin "... I have no.. clue.."
0:35 - Can think of things of his to ditch.. but hers..? "Maybe..
         all my stitching stuff.." MATCH!
       Jess picks her extra clothes. Paul "Close..." vs Ford? EEEH!
0:36 - Song that describes 1st Date?
       Sulin recalls Saint Augestine Winery.. Sea of Love? MATCH!
       Jess "We got together at the beach..Sea of Love" MATCH!
       Raini giggles.. "Let's Get Physical!" MATCH!
0:37 - POINTS: 20pts 3-way tie! KP "We've got a 3-way going..."
0:38 - Musical Interlude.
       Mutt ponders using Channel questions next time..
       Camera on Jess, who rocks to the music :)
       QUESTION ONE: "What month is your Mother's birthday?"
         Jess "Oh man, I hope he remembers it.. April"
       Raini "April"
       Marty "April!" More 3-way action..
0:39 - (XFiles.theme) TWO: "What DIsney character is your husband
         most like? Winney the Pooh, Donald Duck, The Beast, or
         Goofy?" Mutt ponders leaving it open (DarkWingDuck.gif)
       Raini chooses The Beast.
       So does Sulin.. Jess goes for Donald!
0:40 - NEXT: "What does your husband like to put on his wiener?"
       Sulin sort of squints at the camera? "..Sauerkraut! ^_^"
       Jess "Just mustard.."
       Raini "Mustard, and ketchup.."
       NEXT: Guy flirts with you. What animal does your husband
         act like: timid field mouse, chimpanzee, rabid wolverine?"
       Jess picks field mouse, she flirts right back, but it never
         means anything.
0:41 - Raini goes for a mouse also "Because.. he doesn't mind.."
       Sulin picks the rabid wolverine.
       THE EVIL QUESTION: "What is the strangest place you two have
         ever made Whoopie?"
       Raini picks a beach..
       Sulin..? she sighs "Pretty tame, actually.. my sister's
         watching this.." floor of the bedroom?
       Jess "Backseat of The Car.."
0:42 - What Pawpet Show Character would you husband say he is
         most like?
       Sulin/Marty(sp?) picks Arthur. Mutt "Go with the cameraman!"
0:43 - Jess "Nerdferret!" chuckles
       Raini "I have two I'm trying to decide between.. can I say
         two?" Mutt "No :)"
       Raini sighs "I have to say.. Poink." O_O Multi-ouches..
0:44 - Guys return! In event of tie, tiebreak question comes from
         the audience?
0:45 - Mutt "Now guys, the ladies have answered the questions.."
       Mother-in-law's birthday month.
       Paul "..April?" MATCH!
0:46 - Harik "I'm lucky I remember MY mother's birthday.."
         "October?" April. Doh.
       Marty's mom is watching the show? Carl "April?" MATCH!
0:47 - "What Disney character would see say you're most like?"
       Harik hmms, thinks of 2 "But since I haven't gone on a
         rampage, and destroyed anything lately.." Raini DOHs!
         "Goofy" The Beast. EEEEEH
       CarlFox chooses Donald.. Sulin picks The Beast also! BUZZER
0:48 - Paul "Well... hmm." Goofy? Donald duck! BUZZZZ
       "What do YOU like to put on your wiener?" Carl "It's sort of
         a loaded question, isn't it?"
0:49 - No Trojans. "Assuming we're talking about hot dogs.."
         Sauerkraut? MATCH!
       Paul "Many comedy options.. but I'll go with ketchup."
         Jess picks Mustard? Paul ews! "I hate mustard.."
       Harik/Dan notes Raini likes her wieners naked.. chuckling
         "Ketchup & Mustard?" MATCH!
0:50 - Mutt feels inner torment "I can't make the joke!..."
       'Which animal would you act like if you saw another man
         flirting with your woman?'
       Paul picks fields mouse. MATCH!
0:51 - Raini and Harik exchanges glances. Harik goes for field
         mouse "I'm pretty secure.." MATCH!
       Carl feels secure also. Field mouse? Wolverine! Carl duhs.
0:52 - Strangest place you ever made whoopie?
       Harik picks beach, MATCH!
0:53 - Carl searches his mind, then busts out laughing!
       Various suggestions. Disney monorail?
       Carl picks Anthrocon.. Sulin dohs, floor of bedroom.
0:54 - Paul "Well, there's many, many places.." Jess blushes!
       Mutt "Give us the top 50!" "Ok.."
       Chair in the hotel room. Mutt "What hotel?" "I don't know.."
         Back seat of the car. Doh
       Mutt "And the last question.." Multi yays!
0:55 - Which Pawpet character would she say you're like?
       Carl "Hmmmm.. " large selection. Tod? Arthur! EEEEH
       Paul? "Nerdferret" Nerdferret! MATCH!
0:56 - Harik picks Poink.. MATCH!
       TOTAL SCORE: KP "We have a winner!"
         Meyers-- 40 points.
         Kiallas-- 50 points.
         Merillatts - 60 POINTS! <Ding.mp3> <WobbleWobble.mp3>
       Mutt "And you get Recess Sticks! One each!" Clapping
0:57 - Quick audience question?
       Mutt announces 2-hours Pawpet Special coming up "Safe for
       Everyone waves! (NewlyWedGame.mp3)
       Lots of goofy channel questions. Secret of Monkey Island?
0:58 - Harik "Look about behind you! A three-headed monkey!!"
       Sign off!

*********** END OF NEWLYWED GAME ***********

Sign: "Coming up next.. Funday Pawpet Show..LIVE!"
  [It lives?] (I think they mean Live as in Livewire, racy and
   raw and uncut.)
0:59 - <Children'sBells.mp3> "New Squeaky Clean Funday Show!"
       "A-B-C-D-EFG.. H-I-J-K-LMNOP.." (O_O) [You're like Ms. Cleo]
       <ReplayOfOpeningMovie.avi> Tod smiles at you! :)
1:00 - More rinky-dink music. Alphabet for Xylophone orchestra.
1:01 - Show starts! Everything's just like Scobby Doo deco o_O
       Mutt "HI boys and GIRLS! Wel-come to the Fun-day Paw-pet
         Show! :) I'm-a friend-ly little dog-gie named MUTT!" O_O
       Mutt looks down "And that's a-NO-ther friend-ly lit-tle
         dog-gie named.." Crappy ^_^ ".. what is your name?"
       Crappy "Can I SAY my name? :)" "No, you can't!" "Poopie!"

*** BACKGROUND: Herbie's proposed idea of covering Disney Gay Day
*** (ie, an event organized by the Gay community to have thousands
***  of folks visit Epcot wearing StarTrek-Red shirts) with Mutt
***  mistaking the word 'gay' for 'Happy!' offended a few people
***  on the Mailing List, who then started an ugly Flamewar. So..
***  this show is designed not to offend anyone.. only to inflict
***  slow mental damage.

       Mutt "Oh, he's being naughty! We'll just call you.. SD!"
1:02 - Tod feels special. Poink inna scout outfit"I feel spe-cial!"
       Lots of carefully articulated phrases. Everything's G-rated?
       Planning a song together? Poink "I love togetherness ^_^"
1:03 - Rainbow-flower art jam? Poink "Oh, Smurferiffic ^_^" (o_O)
    (Poink has been possessed also? O_O) [I'll be he enjoyed it]
1:04 - Tod "I've got a song we all can sing!"
       Spanish lesson? It's Pawpet Street! (TwilightZone.mp3)
       Tod "This show was brought to us in part, by the letter
         *E*!" [Evil] (Euphoria) [Eugenics] (Eww)
       Poink has big eyes "I'm just so very very Happy! O_O"
1:05 - Dora the Explorer. Asking permission? Mutt "Always remember
         to ask permission before you steal something!"
       Lots of good things to do "Clean yourself every day!"
1:06 - Mutt "Floss behind your ears -Every- -Day!-" (Aliens.mov)
       Pawpet cast has been inextricably possessed by an an unseen
         alien force.
1:07 - Crapp.. er.. SD and Poink lean again each other.. Awww..
       Tod reads the channel
       Tod "Aatheus is Bad Tripping.. oh my! He might need an
         aspirin or something.."
         Mutt "No.. he's going on a TRIP!" "OH!"
1:08 - HelloKitty! Everyone HELLOs!
       Tod "And Mr.Rogers with a K-word in front of it.."
       Tod keeps reading happily as the channel prays for death.
1:09 - Tod "So many friends, I feel so special ^_^"
       Lots of special people.
1:10 - Mutt "Boy! What a big bunch of [...] great Shmoopy-Woopy-
         Uooby-Doobi-Goopi-Loopy friends! ^_^"
       <It'sASunshineDay!.mp3> Pawpets sing
1:11 - Crappy does lead vocal! Poink backups
       "I just can't stay inside all day, I've got to get out and
        get some of those rays!"
       Camera rollercoasters to 60's bird-chirping hallurock
1:12 - "Everyone seems so happy today!..."
       Poink "I feel so tingly, in a good way ^_^"
       Mutt PoinkyWoinkyOinkies!
1:13 - Friendship and love, as long as it's fluffy and warm..
       Winner of Art Jam today gets.. a HAPPY FACE STICKER!!
       Poink "A smiles is a frown, turned upside down ^_^" Awwwws!
http://www.stupidvideos.com/?VideoID=46 (Soundproof in here)
1:14 - Running through chocolate pudding? Only with parental
       Guest on show, Tod warns that she's scary?
       Headless Clothed Barbie. Mutt reminds folks that headless
         people have feelings too.
1:15 - Headless Clothed Barbie can't talk. Mutt "She has no head!"
       Poink goes to get a song for everyone? Mutt "He knows where
         everything is, because he's so ORGANIZED!"
1:16 - (TwilightZone.mp3) Pool safety tips. Go to bathroom first.
       Channel wows as they're have to keep this up 102 more mins!
       Mutt "I feel so warm and fuzzy.. because I'm covered with
         WARM and FUZZY FUR!" Tod "That's so SPECIAL!"
1:17 - Mutt loses his collar? Tod "Oh MY!"
       Poink even likes Rasvar today o_O
1:18 - "Let's hear it ofr Rasvar! Hip Hip.. HURRAY!"
       <HighHopes.mp3> "Just what makes that little-hold ant, think
         he'll move that rubber-tree plant?"
       "Oops there goes another Rubber-tree plant!"
1:20 - "Once there was a silly old ram, thought he'd punch a hole
         in a dam... he keep butting that dam.."
    (I've always been disturbed by this song o_O) "Oopse there goes
      a Billion Kilowatt dam!" [It's for Al Queda kids.]
1:21 - Crappy in cute deformed rabbit ears!
       "Oops there goes.. another problem Ker-Plop...KER-PLOP!"
       Poink "So remember kids.." Mutt "Don't say DAM!"
1:22 - DVD review. Mutt wows! "What's a DVD!?"
       Tod "Boys and girls.. you should be careful crossing the
         street, like Mutt's about to do!"
       Mutt "RAGGH!" <CarWHAM.mp3>
http://www.stupidvideos.com/?VideoID=62 Tod "Look both ways!"
1:23 - Arthur with giant Google Eyes o_O Poink has them too O_O
       Camera gets in Arthur's face. Arthur "Look in there!"
1:24 - 70's TV shows. They're special!
1:25 - Searching for the C-Is-For-Cookie song. People can't wait
         for music! Oreos left over from last week?
       Cookies and milk.
       Arthur O_O at you "Don't I look like I need more sugar!?"
1:26 - Footage from RH Puff and Stuff.
       Witchy-pooh dozes off.
1:27 - Candle asks the book to team him black magic? "For instance,
         anti-mushroom spell!"
1:28 - Candle is a spy? "I was just trying to make friends!"
       Kids invade the castle!
1:29 - 3-Disk set! Lots of fun! Land of the Lost,tons of 70's shows
       Tod likes Far Out Space Nuts? [MST3K.tv]
1:30 - Carrot likes Far Out Space Nuts too.. and you're going to
         see them in just seconds.. Tod "I feel so happy!"
1:31 - <FarOutSpaceNuts.tv> "Breakfast.. Lunch..I said Lunch, Not
       Always get hit by a pie before putting you helmet on. o_O
1:33 - Tod introduces a show friend, JR! In Green Lantern shirt!
       JR waves! ^_^
1:34 - Newlywed people are still watching in kitchen?
       People in kitchen. Tod "1..2..THREE!" "Woooooowwww..."
1:35 - <NewZooReview.tv> Hippo and Owl give good advice.
1:36 - Advice to Olde World explorers, Ben Franklin, and Henry
         Ford? (How old IS this show? o_o)
       Mutt "It's not a bad thing to make children's shows that
         don't give you Nightmares!"
1:37 - Talking about G-rated movies. PG only if parents guild you.
       Tod saw Bruce Almighty. Jim Carrey gets power of god!
1:38 - Mutt "It's ok to pray!"
       People jam to song from the movie! Poink & 4 Voops.
         Are you ready for a miracle? "Ready as I can be!"
1:39 - Rocking out to Steve Oderkerk co-written movie!
1:40 - Vixens wigging out. Poink groves. Mutt moshes
1:41 - Vixens mosh. "WOO!" fall over stage, showering over Poink
       Stagehand raise their hands! Nakey!
1:42 - New show: Try it and Like it! Mutt "Nummy Wummies!"
       You eat food, and you like it!
1:43 - Jimmy No-Neck! Also ok to be different!
       Mutt "Some people are born without necks.. some people are
         born without Brains..."
       People all love Jimmy! (And his movie and TV show Rock!)
1:44 - People hello to the Duke of Kindness! Dookie looks up?
         Dookie JimmyBuffets "WhatAreYouGuysOn?"
http://www.stupidvideos.com/?VideoID=48 Mutt "We're on Happiness!"
       Some people aren't always happy?
       Mutt notes it isn't ok not to be happy.
1:45 - Bacon! People hello!
       Bacon has personal crisis "I'm not offended by anything!"
http://www.stupidvideos.com/?VideoID=403 [Ok.. THAT'S not G..]
       Bacon "And that offends me! What, are you trying to put me
         out of a job?"
       Tod tries to calm Bacon. Bacon "I need OFFENSIVE stuff!"
http://www.stupidvideos.com/?VideoID=263 [Cute! ^_^]
       Poink "And remember kids, it's ok to be kosher!"
1:46 - Bacon o_O O_O leaves.
       Everyone claps "BringBackBaconBringBackBacon!"
       Bacon returns.. everyone YAYS!
1:47 - Kitchen cam. Simba and newlyweds! Mutt "Wow! It's all of our
         friends who are all straight and married!"
1:48 - Simba introduces.. DELICIOUS.. GERBER BABY FOOD!
   (Protein in good) [GerberFaceDistoredIntoAVomit.gif]
1:49 - Showing the 7 different flavors people are about to eat,
         and guess which one they are.
1:50 - Mutt is glad nobody, *NOBODY* can be offended by the show :)
       Simba half-smiles, then looks down at the jars "So I get to
         choose which one Harik gets..?"
       Tod "Yes you do!" "Oh, good :)"
1:51 - Harik tries very hard to be happy "I..love.. my dinner!"
       Broccoli? Harik loves broccoli.. and chicken as well
1:52 - Paul! Paul is happy. "This is the best Pawpet Show I've
         ever been to.."
       People complement Paul's eyes!
1:53 - Simba feeds Paul a spoonful. Paul distorts, still happy
         "I don't know what the tasted like.. but it tasted good.."
       Peas? Carrots. For beautiful eyes!
1:54 - Up next.. Jess! Tod "I love Jess! You're such a wonderful
       Jess loves everyone! "And I love Simba too.. so I know he's
         going to give me something nummy...."
       More carrots "It was wonderful! ..what was that?"
1:55 - Happy friend Raini with a baby! "If I have to feed this to
         my baby, I have to taste it as well."
       People makes helicopter sounds. Gulp!
       Peachy! Raini "Yum.."
1:56 - MartyArtyWarty! Simba does helicopter thing. Gulp!
       Marty covers her mouth with a hand "That was the spinach.."
1:57 - Carl's turn.. Mutt "We believe in you!"
       Morale is good. Carl watches Simba spoon it up. Simba looks
         over "Do you really want this stuff? :)"
       Carl momentarily does an Ozzy impersonation. Banana yogurt
1:58 - Sleeping Dookie
       Tod "It's time for Simba to taste HIS food!"
       The plane comes in for a landing, and crashes, leaking fuel!
1:59 - Simba does pushups over the sink. Poink "And remember
         children, it IS ok if you tribble it on your chin!"
       Simba put it BACK in his mouth? O_O
       People ask Simba what flavor it was? More pushups.
       Burping Simba.
2:00 - Flavor was mix of all flavors? Mutt "You're special! :)"
       Simba "Wonderful! Can I have some more? :)"
       Tod "It's Berti-Bots Every Flavor Food!"
       Simba exercises some more. Mutt "Raini, now you know what
         you're going to be doing to your child!"

******** END OF FIRST HALF **********

Pawpet Show #169-Cute Fuzzy DOOM-Timeline 2/2
compiled by Blackfoot Ferret

*********** PART TWO ************
2:01 - Mutt "Thanks for playing Nummy Wummies!" Simba "Can you see
         the joy on my face? :)"
       Poink shakes like he has turrets, his goggles eyes make
         rattling sounds o_O
2:02 - Poink losses an eye O_O Mutt "Do you know how to dial 911?"
         Mutt "Have Fun!" Poink "Ow! :)" leaves to call
2:03 - Tribute to the Letter "E". <SilentE.mp3>
         Twin into Twine? (Doom.exe)
2:04 - Dam into a Dame?"But my friend Sam.. stayed just the same.."
       Tod "Thank you Silent E!"
       Turning an E into an eye?
2:05 - Dookie spins E to make M, to W
       Dobie "Hey Mutt!" "Hi Dobie!" "Are you hungry Mutt?" "I'm
         ALWAYS hungry!"
       Simba mixes the baby food?
       Dookie-NoNecks favorite foods? "Uh... pedigree"
2:06 - Art Jam coming up.. Rainbows and :) and non-offensive things
       Art Jam web page http://www.pawpet.org/funday/index.php?art
       Tod "Be sure to get your parents permission before going on
         the In-ter-net.."
2:07 - Something's burning in the kitchen? o_O Dookie eats his face
       Mutt "Did someone not flush the toiley-woily?" Gas!
2:08 - Mutt "That wasn't a very nice flowery smell at all!"
       Dookie helped vacuum, is a clean doggie.
2:09 - Steps for staying clean.
       Jacque hellos! Knows two languages! French, the language
         of love.
2:10 - Jacque sings <PuppyLove.mp3>
       "Someone help me, help me please.. is the answer up above?"
       "How can I tell him? This is not a.. puppy love."
2:13 - Jacque "Wasn't that a beautiful song?" BV "It WAS! ^_^"
       BV wants puppy love? Jacque earperks?
       BV "I want some food too!"
       BV wants all the food in the kitchen? Jacque "You must
2:14 - BV sings <WillyWonka-IWantItNow.mp3> Jacque o_O
       "I want the world.. I want the WHOLE world!"
       10,000 tons of ice cream? -_o
2:15 - BV "I want it NOWwwwwww....." falls off stage. Bye bye
2:16 - JarJars sing <OhmpaLompa.mp3>
       Camera seesaws to psychedelic candy-music. Grooooovy..
2:18 - ACID FLASHBACK: Rapid T. Rabbit visit 3 years ago!
       Following a fox.. through a bathroom?
2:19 - Mascot labyrinth. Any minotaurs?
       Wolves, bears, foxes, oh my!
2:20 - Back of a studio? No, parking lot. (Where is this at?)
       Rapid enters!
2:21 - Following Rapid through he maze. He looks back, wondering
         if you know the way out?
2:22 - <BewitchedTheme(?).mp3> Pawpets rescued RTR from the maze
2:23 - BigEyesArthur rehellos. "Look into my eyez.."
       Nice things people have done this week.
       Arthur likes lawnmowing.. and eyeswirling at you
2:24 - Video from Tod Bright, happy birthday!
       ... or not.. Mutt "Let's try this again!" Jacque "Because if
         at first you don't succeed.. try try again!"
2:25 - FEEDBACK! Dogs start barking.
       Arthur "Meow meow, meow meow, jez meow, holy crap!"
http://www.stupidvideos.com/?VideoID=286 [Sort of like the Muppet
  version of "Smurf"?] (I don't know, I'm just fitting these in)
       .. later.
2:26 - More delicious Oreo cookies.
       #3: "Happy Birthday Tod Bright!" ....
       ... and back. Poink "I like that black screen, don't you?"
2:27 - Lesson in patience! "Whoops there goes another video clip!"
       Filking High Hopes!
       Amber, kid with pink Minie-mouse ears. Ezra sings Happy
         Birthday! Again!
2:28 - Amber starts singing with Ezra! Gets Happy Birthday..
       Ezra "One more time!" Amber nonos.. waves and leaves
       Ezra blinks? "Well.. happy birthday Tod!"
       Mutt "We learned an important lesson from her.. don't overdo
         a joke!"
2:29 - Tod wants to make people happy? Marshmallow fluff?
       Tod "it makes.. Fluffernutters!"
2:30 - High-sugar ferrets sing. Poink has anime-eyes too O_O
       Tod can't find his body? Arthur "I look like a fish!"
2:31 - Callin: For Randyfox? Mutt "Who's this? Who's this? :)"
       Randy's Dad calls in.. wonders who the hell these people
         are? o_O Poink "I think wrong number are special! :)"
2:32 - Things that are OK, and aren't OK
       Kissing another boy on the lips? Tod "They do in Russia! To
         say hello!" People might bash mailing lists.
2:33 - Also having anime-eyes all day. It hurts O_O
       Folks notes next week's show won't be *quite* as cute, but
         will be cuter. Except for the Poink Show coming up!
2:34 - Visine for Anime-eyes.
       Callin: Rapid T Rabbit!
       Just flew to San Fran "Boy are my ears tired.."
2:35 - RTR has been doing shows for decades.. 500 LIVE SHOWS?
       People wows! Tod "I'm HAPPY!" Mr. Happy face nods.
       RTR's favorite show? "Ok.. you are one of our favorites :)"
2:36 - RTR's a 'punny bunny'.
       Doing Care Bear wish for someone?
       Plans for next 500 eps? RTR ears.. "Well, we need to audition
         some more cast..because we're losing them to Real Life.."
       People move down to Florida? RTR "MUtt, when are you coming
         to New York!?"
2:37 - Mutt doesn't like airplanes? "Every time I get on a plane, I
         lose a doggie-year of life!"
2:38 - Pigs flying at Time Warner?
       RTR's favorite TV show? RTR ers.. Mutt has a guess.
       RTR "Sesame Street?" "YAY!"
       RTR got Mutt book signed by Big Bird!
2:39 - 500 RTR shows.. 30min each. Pawpets have 500 hours clocked!
2:40 - RTR calling from hotel? Bill racking up! People say bye!
       Show on Queen Mary? Mutt notes there are lots of Queen Marys
         in San Fran. RTR "Well, Disney owned it for a time.."
2:41 - RTR "Keep hopin' happy!" RTR signs off
       Dookie enjoys Squeeky-clean show!
2:42 - Lots of flowers and smiley-suns and stuff!
       Chilli sends in Baby Yappy "I dream of oranges! There is
         no point!"
       FlyingFox sends in Navel lint!
2:43 - Cute, cuddly Freddy vs Jason! Ras reads about Brownie-baking
         cookoff "Because it's better to work together than to be
         competing with each other!" from Garrison!
       Teletubies WOW! From Javachickn
2:44 - Teletubie-fied Pawpets
       Punktiger, Age 6 picture!
       Mutt refrigerator drawing!
       "It's the Funniest Funday EVER!" Happy Poink!
         Arthur with eyelashes! Mutt "Arthur expressing his.. other
         side!" Arthur "Yeah what th... but I jit.. ugh.."
2:45 - Colley! Burning Pawpets! And they're HAPPY! Mutt "Never
         start flamewars, because you can get burned! :)"
http://pawpet.org/funday/art/2003-05-25/ <-- Art for this week
2:46 - Checking to see who's real.
       SHOUT OUTS! Mutt "Let's see what our friends watching the
         show, wannta say to our other friends, watchin tha show!"
2:47 - Screened against naughty words. Eeps.
       ALL messages filtered out? o_O
       Jess in a comfortable shirt.
       ONLY a shirt? Jess "You guys caught me at a.. bad time" O_O
       Tod "Are you in a happy place?" "I'm in a happy place :)"
       Channel is very happy. At least about that.
       Jess "They love the G pawpet show, they think we should do
         it ALL the time :)" Mutt "No..."
       Show returning to normal.. but to PG-13 for sure.
2:48 - Evil Poink show next? Poink "If you think MY eyes are bugged
         out.. wait'll you hear what I'm gonna say.." Tod ohboys
2:49 - Mutt "We take comedy seriously." Tod "And when people aren't
         happy with what we do.." Mutt "We blow it.. out of
         proportion! :)"
       Still no shout outs? Jess "We have wonderful things called
         technical difficulties..
2:49:28 - Mutt and Tod in Unison "We LOVE Technical Difficulties!"
2:50 - Thinking of ending song to have Misc Ferret do.
       Mutt "We are having a bit of trouble with out computer.. and
         that's.. OK!"
2:51 - Thanks to Newlywed contestants. And everyone! "Everybody!"
2:52 - Camera on Rasvar! Tod "We love Rasvar!"
       Camera getting closer to Rasvar. Closer. Closer.
       Ras reads shoutouts "Keep up the good work guys! - Barney"
2:53 - Happy Ferret sings <BackToTheDaysOfPooh.mp3>
2:54 - "Help me if you can, I've gotta get back to the house by
         a quarter 'till one.. you'd be surprised there's so much
         to be done.."
2:55 - Helping Pooh with the honey jar.
 [Aren't you going to invoke a video?] (I actually like this song!)
 [Then you have to invoke a video] (Oh, right..)
http://www.stupidvideos.com/?VideoID=40 (Brother Bear bloopers)
2:56 - Musical segway. Credits roll to serene music!
Herbie Hamill    Randy Fox      John Cole      Jim Mogle
Dan Boatright   Devin Bray     Jess Kiela     Andrew Dobie Koch
Lee Chapman     Dan Merillatt  Melissa Merillatt (sp?)

"Soul Bossa Nova" Quincy Jones - Austin Powers Soundtrack
"Adios, Auevoir, Aulweidesen" Lawrence Welk
  [Oh, big letters! Now you can't goof it up!] (Grumbling.mp3)
"Puppy Love" Donny Osmond - The Osmonds
"I Want It!" Willy Wonka Soundtrack
"Silent E" Tom Leher - Electric Company
"Ompa Loompa" Willy Wonka Soundtrack
"Return to Pooh Corner" Kenny Loggins - KL: Album of same name

Aetobatus  Thumper  Frysco  Timduru  Harik  Vitapup

Copyright 2003 - Randy Fox
2:57 - Text: "Stay tuned for the Poink Show!"
       ".. I swear that old bear, whispered boy.. welcome home!"
2:58 - <FadeToBlack.fx> Ze End!
2:59 - <LoveBoatTheme.mp3> Poink sings, showing off blue eyes!
       "Come aboard.. we're expecting you!"
       Poink wearing green peace-symbol.. rings?
3:00 - "LuuuuuuoooooooOOOVE!" Poink show sign.
       Poink starts out nice "How about a big hand for everyone
         for what we just did?" Hoots!
       "That took a lot of effort, and a lot of though. It was done
         as a joke, and we hope people enjoyed it."
       Poink "I'm gonna tell you a little secret.. my opinions in
         No Way reflect the show, or these people.."
3:01 - [This is gonna be good!] Poink notes people talking trash on
         the mailing list "Opinions are like assholes.. maybe you
         outta wipe them sometime!"
       People clap! No rating, no restrictions! "So with that
         said.. why don't we get into some funny stuff??"
       Evil Ferret hallitosis-talks! Had some of the Baby food?
3:02 - Wierd AL has a new album! Poodle Hat! (HardwareStore.mp3)
         Crew cheers!
       Poink "I've heard a lot of people bitch that it sounds the
         same as other music they've heard..  IT'S WIERD AL!!"
       Evil "(wheezing)Bitchssbitchssbitch" "He writes Parodies
         you SHMUCK!"
3:03 - Eminem refused to let Wierd Al do more than one song? (So
         Al just did the second in the new Polka segment :P)
3:04 - Trashing Eminem, and Star Trek Nemesis. Poink "I'm out of
         material.. goodnight folks!"
       Evil "CommbacckCoommBACCCK!" Poink returns "Well, what did
         you expect, I'd use every 4-letter word in the book? :P"
3:05 - Goofy screen effects. Poink tells a story..
       Cops pulls over JR. Vehicle tags don't work? Registration
         and registration aren't in car either.. Evil "Doooh!"
3:06 - Cop "Son, you do realize as far as I can tell, you're in a
         stolen car?"
       "Here's what we're gonna do.. I can't believe anyone would
         steal this piece of shit.."
       Screen Text: "This show is by adults for adults, please do
         NOT allow your children to watch this! We are not
         responsible <Poink keeps talking> for ANYTHING that is
3:07 - Poink has Poink bumper-sticker on car he can't drive.
       Cop "What is that THING on your bumper sticker?" "That's a
         puppet I do children's charity work for.."
3:08 - Poink gets busted, AGAIN, trying to take camera on Disney
         "PUT IT AWAY!" Poink freaks! "THANK YOU, AND ENJOY THE
3:10 - People ponders asking Poink to behave, but that would cut
         lots of good stories.
       Poink's NIPPLES are pierced? Closeup o_O
3:11 - Simba turned off viewscreen when he smuggled his camera in!
3:12 - Reasons why Goofy got his name.
3:13 - Heads floating in Blue-Screen background lake.
       Poink "Would everyone like a little romantic music?.."
       Poink praises everyone who puts work into the show. Notes
         it's a lot of work "It's like Con registration.." give
         them a break!
3:14 - Poink "I'm going to hell for this one.." Ras "Music please!"
       <WierdSytheziser.mp3> <BigBand.mp3> (Cool!)
       "You promised the Moon!" "But I prefer Ur-anus.." (o_o)
       "'cause Uranus looks good tonight.." (o_O)
3:15 - Alternative Lounge Music. <Windtunnel.fx>
       Barbies pose in bending-over position. In your face (O_O)
3:16 - Poink stands on forepaws and shakes it in the sky.
         "Have I broken the rating yet? :)" Rasvar "No!"
3:17 - Barbie with EYES on her BUTT? Poink "That's an alien for the
         next Toy Story movie!"
       <TakeMeOutToTheBallGame.music> "Take IT out at the ball game
          "Show it off to the crowd!" <PianoChords>
          "Pull out your peanut and show your crack.."
       "Cause it's 1..2..3.. strikes they suck at the old ball
         game!" Floating smiley face
3:18 - Poink "Have I blown the rating NOW?"
       Sing-along? Arthur joins!
3:19 - "How's your hole.." Arthur "It's great!" "..Family!.."
       "How's your dick.." Arthur "How's your what?" ".. facing
          machine?" (??)
3:20 - "Take your pants down.." "Owww.." "To the clearner's today!"
       Fiddle music!
       Ass- trological charts. Bluegrass!
       Cock- tails.
http://www.stupidvideos.com/?VideoID=315 (Boob?..)
3:21 - The End! Poink "Now I think I've blown it.."
3:22 - Talking backstage. Poink "Is everyone happy?" Yays! "Good..
         because I'm out of material!"
       Arthur replaced by his friend Ass Gasket.
       Arthur WEARING Ass Gasket? "The things I do for you!"
3:23 - Portable holes. Good for diarrhea.
       Ras activates Blue-Screen. Ice field? Poink "I'm getting
         ear-screwed by a penguin!"
3:24 - People wave to Yappy in channel!
       Yappy in channel.. goes away for ONE WEEKEND and all hell
         breaks lose!
       Poink "Something smells like ass.."
3:25 - Poink wants Herbie to protect him when Yappy gets back..
       Arthur "Herbie left?" "..No, he's just lying to keep from
         getting retribution!"
3:26 - Ras-magic strikes. Poink in Wonderwoman Underroos?
       Raini says she'll wear WW Underoos if someone buys them for
3:27 - Java! Looks like New Zoo Review char?
       Poink "I love that frog!" KP "Really? How often?"
3:28 - Techno BlueScreen Muzak
3:29 - Raving Java
       Green truck? Java "I don't have any ARMS!"
       Poink and Java drive off with Barbie.. hanging out the back
3:30 - Java loses an eye? "tHEtHINGSidOfORtHISsHOW!"
3:31 - Spiderfrog? Poink "This is just wierd.."
       Bear with Poink-head "Ok.. THIS is wierd!"
3:32 - Mushroom cloud "Yay!"
       Bermuda! Background screen raves as Poink stands still?
3:33 - Rasvar asks for submissions for Poink's background!
       Poink's teeth are still rotting from earlier cuteness
3:34 - Arthur goes goofy
       Yappy tries hacking into the show to boot off Poink?
3:35 - Poink reads the channel "They want me to curse more."
       <Techno.mp3> Poink "Ras? Can we please kill this techno
         crap?" <Louder> <Stops>
       Poink's Top Ten: Top Ten Positions in Kama-Sutra?
3:36 - Skippy Lion joins, sings love song?
       "You're young.. you're free.. why don't you sleep with me?"
3:37 - Vixen sings high notes while Skippy does base.
       Vixen tail-banging!
3:39 - Tail acrobatics. Poink "Ok, that was wierd.."
       Poink "Raini? Shut up and sleep with me?" Raini "Sure, I'll
         sleep with you poink.." WOO! "How about 2 at once Poink?"
3:40 - <Abba-SOS.mp3> Yappy has hacked into the system!
3:41 - <BillyJoel-MyLife.mp3> Poink and Arthur sing!
         Someone puts "R" sticker by "Poink Show" sign
3:44 - "I don't care what you say anymore this is My Life.. go
         ahead with your own life, leave me alone!"
       Ras teleports Poink into a flower
       Poink looks at Arthur "How do you DO this every week!?"
3:45 - 10 min left.. Ras has something though..
       Poink and Arthur back in car windows! Studabaker?
3:46 - "And it smells really bad.. because my friend puked in the
         back.." Poink "Everyone song along!"
3:47 - Every 3rd word a 4-letter one! Arthur "I hope my Mom isn't
3:48 - Adam "Oh.. Fuck Me!" Arthur "Don't do that.."
http://www.stupidvideos.com/?VideoID=67 [Too late]
       Arthur "My face is hurting, oh.."
3:49 - Makeshift car. Arthur marks the car? o_O
       Ras was waiting for a fart joke! Arthur "That wasn't a fart
         joke, that was a shit joke!"
3:50 - Rasvar "Ok, SHOUT OUTS!"
       Needs more Arthur!
3:51 - Channel likes Evil and Arthur as sidekicks! Arthur "I'm a
         sidekick now?"
       Poink is God? (BruceAlmighty.mov)
       Details of establishing show still in works.
       Poink didn't even know he was supposed to do a show until
         yesterday! Flamewar change of plans.
3:52 - Poink "If people really want to see this again, I'll have
         more material prepared."
       One hour, and still time for Art Jams! Pawpet of the Apes?
3:53 - Debating the Poink Show closing song?
3:54 - Whole show in one download "And if you end up with one of
         the Realplayer versions that blows up when you fast-
         forward?.. oh well! >:)"
       Poink "Goodnight folks! Fade to black.." No, 3 more minutes
       No Voops on Trampolines.. Ras "I don't have a Meet the
         Feebles song!"
3:55 - Poink wants the end the show, but it's still too early!
       <WideWorldOfSports.theme> Poink o_o
The Poink Show
Herbie Hamill     Randy Fos      John Cole    Jim Mogle
Dan Boatright     Devin Bray     Jess Kiela   Andrew Dobie Koch
Lee Chapman       Dan Marillatt  Melissa Marillat

"Soul Bossa Nova" Quincy Jones
"The Love Boat" The Love Boat
"You Promised Me the Moon" Red Peters
"Take It Out At THe Ballgame" Red Peters
"How's Your (W)Hole.. Family" Red Peters
"Shut Up" George Morel
"My Life" Billy Joel
"Piece of Shit Car" Adam Sandler

Aetobatus Thumper Frysco Timduru Harik Vitapup

Copyright 2003 - Randy Fox

3:56 - Poink "Goodnight! I'm going home to get plowed, happy
         Memorial Day!" Arthur "Meow"
3:56:38 - Poink "Bye!"
3:56:41 - Poink "Turn OFF the Freakin' CAMERA already!!"
Timeline compiled by Blackfoot Ferret
( http://www.homestarrunner.com/sbemail33.html ) !

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