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Funday Pawpet Show #168 - Oreos Reloaded - May 18, 2003
Timeline by Blackfoot Ferret


THE OREO SHOW!            3:26 - ART JAM: Pawpets and Oreos
   Pawpets show their support for Nabisco, whose cookies were the
   subject of a lawsuit earlier in the week.

MATRIX RELOADED!          3:26 - ART JAM: Pawpets in the Matrix
   Perhaps THE coolest movie this summer, people think many times
   about talking about it... but don't

[Cookies? No Matrix Talk?] (We can't talk about it yet)
[Why not?] (Only been out 2 days, not everyone's seen it!)
[We can't talk about the cutting edge special effects?] (No)
[The new characters?] (Nope.) [New ships?] (Nope)
[The new powers Neo has?] (Shhhh, the show is starting)

NERD IS ON DRUGZ!         Whole show
   After having knee surgery after being a bit too hyper at
   Anthrocon, DevinFox is fresh out of surgery, and on pain-
   killers. Not only does that -not- stop him from doing
   Nerdferret that week, it actually helps!

************ START! **************
0:00 - Disclaimer! WA-13!
0:01 - Quincy Jones. Building hits your face. Character parade
0:02 - BJWolf looks ticked o_O
0:03 - COOKIES! Six packs? Mutt WOWS! "Yummy delicious love!"
0:04 - Difference species of Oreos. Tod "'OOOoooo's"
       Mutt "And this is chocolate cream, and Poink.. Eew, sick!"
       Poink just happens to be about "Did I hear my name? :)"
       Mutt "This is Poink cream." "OOH! Me, sandwiched between two
         black, tight buns!" Multi-Wows, different reasons
       Milk? Poink "That must mean..Jess is in the house!"
       Broken Devin? Knee surgery, brother here too today.
0:05 - Oreo innuendo? COOKIES AND MILK SHOW!
       Mutt salutes Nabisco in their time of need?
   (SupportYourLocalMultinationalAgribusiness.tshirt) [Since when
      did you like Ma & Pa's cooking anyway?]
*** BACKGROUND: A parent group in CA sued Nabisco last week in an
*** attempt to keep Oreo cookies out of school lunchrooms, because
*** the cookies contained Trans-Fats, fat varieties that improve
*** shelf life but also lower Good and raise Bad cholesterol, making
*** the cookies 'unhealthy'. The suit was dropped two days later
*** after the cookie company revealed existing plans to lower Trans-
*** Fat amounts closer to the tastier and healthier versions that
*** have been in organic food stores for years, like Frookwich. The
*** fact that this story even made headlines is a direct blow to
*** Saddam Hussein's ego.
0:05 - Sweet talk. Rummage notes people used to call him "Oreo"?
0:06 - Mutt tries eating Rummage to see if he's full of fluffy cream
       People hello to Harik and Raini! Mutt TEARTEARTEARS at Rum!
       Devin's a Hobblet today? Devin's on opium? Mutt WOWS!
0:07 - More Devin-details later. "Hopefully Nerd will be even
         weirder than usual."
       People wonder if the prescription drugs are good? "Apparently
         the High is a lot better if you're not actually in pain."
       Rummage has leftover painkillers? Mutt CHEWCHEWCHEWS!
0:08 - Rummage "You keep that up I'm gonna fart." "You're gonna fart
       Rummage/Yappy's farting ever 10 minutes? "Well, it's better
         than ever 2 minutes before I dropped a load." Tod ews.
       Still planning NewlyWed game next week! Poink "Spits or
0:09 - Tod notes Rasvar isn't at the console today, taking a break.
         In the back room. With Shmoopy? Still stops in to fix a
         server though.
       In Channel: Trixi likes bananas? Talkin' fruit
0:10 - Mutt plays with a banana. Acts like it talks? Tod "Bananas
         don't talk.." Rummage "They sing peanut-butter jelly!"


       Peanut butter with a baseball bat. People momentarily go nuts
       Yappy is appointed tonight's Techo-Mage-Beavis.
0:11 - Jimmy NoNeck! Search for bananas continues. Multi-Hellos!
       Jimmy AHHS at the camera! Rummage looks down? "Get your HANDS
         off that you filthy APE!!"
0:12 - Lots of Harry Potter references. Every-flavor beans?
       [Do you fart in the flavors also?] Vomit, grass, dirty,
         earwax! (Oreos.bean) Mutt "And you by them... whyyy?"
0:13 - Kissing after biting the vomit bean. Rummage "I've got
         pressure building up again.."
0:14 - Feeding people after midnight. ()
       Special perks at Denny's: Mutt gets glass with both a cigar-
         ette butt and lipstick on it? Jimmy "In NY you pay extra
         for that"
0:15 - Restaurant in NY that puts tabacco in food?
        NY now has smokin ban in restaurants.
0:16 - Smoking to the filter? Poink does Denis Leary.
       Smoking without the filter? Listerine and asbestos?
0:17 - Mutt tells how Uncle Kage made clove beef-a-roni, cigarette
         butt pasta?
0:18 - Rummage has the snots? Discusses how milk and oreos improve
         shot power.
0:19 - Searching for someone with a mike. People want Rasvar again!
       Rasvar telepathically contacts folks from the bedroom while
         messaging Gyng? People wants mavs.
       People want Mach to call in! Tod "Talk about the Matrix!"
[Can I talk about the Matrix now?] (Not yet)
[About what you learn about the Oracle?] (No)
[The Blessed +947 Iron Lampost of Speedy Illumination?] (Uh-uh)
[How Trinity trashes Cyclops's motorcycle?] (Uh-.. Huh?)
0:20 - Rasvar is a patient person. "I'll run the show from the
         bed room tonight.."
       Jimmy "Remember folks, nobody call tell you what the Matrix
         is. So we're going to be talking about the Matrix tonight"
       People admire Poink. He has hair again?
       CHANNEL ROLL CALL! Rasvar telepathically fills in.
0:21 - Folks dance. A banana tempts Jimmy.
       Poink eyeglows to beat? Blue eyes now?
0:22 - Ras blink "Uncle.. Kogi?"
       Ras is still in the bedroom. Poink wonders where his hands
       Tod blinks "<Cthuhlhu> Youu Cann Seee Inn Theree? Uhh Ohh..
         whatt thee HELLL? II... FEELL DIRTYY.." Poink o_O
0:23 - Roving camera! Camera looks in Ras's room? He's in there..
         with.. a computer?
       People blink, if Ras isn't at the controls.. who's voicing?
0:24 - Still looking at Rasvar, who starts throwing things. "I have
         sinus problems, OK?"
       Poink notices stains on ceiling? Ras dares Poink to enter
         the room.
0:25 - Poink looks in? Ras "See this mike?" Head-bash Combo
         Choking? Yappy takes FX controls, changes camera!
       Poink "He's chokin' his WEASEL!" Ras tries a soccer kick.
       JR's head? Tod "HI JR!" JR responds with a gesture.
0:26 - Back to cookies. Chocolate and Peanut butter! Mutt has eaten
         TWO WHOLE BOXES??
       <TwistedChibiFlinstone'sKids.mp3> Yappy likes the power..
0:27 - Rasvar emerges to beat on Poink again.
       Devin inna crutches after knee-surgery.
       Herbie eats even more Oreos, with Green Milk? o_O Wearing
         Skeletor shirt?
       Yappy "<reverb> I Feel Wierdfeelwierd feelwierd feelwierd"
0:28 - Fun with echoes! Raini eating Oreos. Jess eating oreos.
       Closeup on pregnant Raini!
0:29 - The Pawpet Watchers, in their natural habitat.
       Raini-baby cute! The curse reaches a new generation.
       Herbie notes Yappy now controls the Vertical and Horizontal.
         Raini is rightly disturbed.
0:30 - Poink still has the hiccups. Tries swearing, but nobody can
         understand it.
0:31 - Nerdferret! Mutt "How's your leg feeling?" "It'z feeling like
         I'mm on drugz.."
       Poink is still possessed. Nerd freaks!
       Poink talks rinky-dink? Nerd "Don't mess with me like this
         guyz, pleaze!"
0:32 - Mutt earperks? What strange sounds? :) BlueEyesBrownPoink.
       Nerd does random pitch-changes. WOAH O_O
0:33 - Nerd is possessed now.. shows you his esophagus? -_o
0:34 - People laugh at Nerd! Nerd chibilaughs! More laughing!
       People hello to YippyCoyote!
       Tod earperks to Nerd? "Whatever you're on, can I have some?"
0:35 - Oxycozone, 500ml. Mutt "I want None Of It! Just say No!"
       Mutt reverses earlier policy. Tod "They taste like Pez!"
0:36 - Nerd tries doing to OmpaLompa thing, but Yappy keeps warping
         his voice. "Dddrrruuunngggz..."
0:37 - Poink wounds what Nerd-vomit would sound like? Finds out O_O
       Tod has a song for Poink?
       <WarpedFilkOfWillyWonkaSong.mp3> "Go on bud.. drink my suds..
         'til you've reached.. that pure Inebriation..."
0:38 - Renting beer. Mutt "Dunk an Oreo in coffee!"
0:39 - <Can'tTouchMe.mp3> Track 2? (What CD is this? :) )
       Tod jams to the song. Poink tries hammering the stage down.
0:40 - DVD: "Family Guy" Poink watches it naked?
0:41 - Cohog, Road Island. Type of clam? (Uh oh..)
       RECAP OF OREO LAWSUIT. Partially-Hydrogenated Soybean oil,
         FDA says there's no healthy amount of them. Many companies
         reduce ammounts on their own, Nabisco drags their heels.
0:42 - Mutt "It's Oreo cookies! <Fart.mp3> It's for kids!"
0:43 - <Fart.mp3> Mysteries of the universe: How do YOU eat Oreo
         cookies? Asking the channel!
       Wolfy eats them whole. Dunkum, with ice cream, in your mouth,
         peanut butter. People mix and match fillings and cookies.
0:44 - Uncle Kage doesn't eat Oreo cookies. Smart :)
       Jess asks about the Art Jam, whether it's going to be about
         Oreos, or the Matrix? Tod "It's Matrix Oreo-entated."
[Now can we talk about the Matrix?] (No)
[How Neo eats Oreos without using a spoon?] (No!)
[The part in the car chase where they blow up the Oreo truck to
  shower the road with caltrops?] (That was cool, but no)
         BROKEN LEG AND TRANS-FATTY ACIDS! For display later in show
       Whiffer: Untwist them, and stick them to himself?
0:45 - Dunkin double stuff. <FEEDBACK!.MP3> (EMP.BOOM)
       Drinking cookie-milk after dunking 10 oreos.
       Poink likes to suck and SUCK creamy goodness out of oreos.
       Yappy puts them in his mouth, and swallows them.
0:46 - Jess eats middle first. Raini "I lick all the cream out, then
         I give the cookie to Harik" Mutli-AwwSmoopys!
0:47 - Yappy finds empty cookies everywhere. Cookie-brains devoured?
       Poink "I need milk.. JESS?" "Not TODAY Poink.."
       "Just tonight?" "Not tonight.. not for a VERY LONG TIME.."
       Jess notes Poink did the shirt-thing earlier, not her.
         Poink looks constipated "Raini?" Already occupied.
0:48 - Mutt "Do you love your baby Raini? Then why did you EAT it!?"
       When you eat Oreos, your baby eats Oreos too. Poink "Raini?
         Can I come Moo with your sweater cows?" <Farting.mp3>
0:49 - Joy, Ezra's hairstylist (?) interview.
         Licks around the edges, eats middle. No milk.
       <Tubthumping.mp3> NABISCO stands for: "National Biscuit Comp"
0:50 - Polk County firefighters. Mike eats Oreos, splitting them
         apart with an axe, then dunking to dowse.
       NABISCO? "Need another.. bone?"
0:52 - Lisa at Chicken/Taco/Pizza place. Favorite? Regular.
       Twists, eats cream, dunks, munches. Never dunk cream.
       Donation to show? Huge freezer-bag of white powder.
       Yappy "No, we bought that." Mutt "That's a big bag o'sugar!"
       Poink "I don't think it's sugar!" Nerd "I WANT SOME!"
0:53 - Nerd spinspins.. then wonders what people think funny?
       STORY OF DEVIN'S LEG: Devin tore a ligament at Pawpets
         Megaplex and knee-join padding. Surgery to fix.
0:55 - Mutt wonders if Kage can give a nightmarish description of
         exactly what happened? Camera on Devin's leg.
       Blue, Purple, Yellow and Green. Skittles leg o_O
0:56 - Can't repair torn ligament? Reconstruction.. transferred part
         of healthy tendon? And shinbone? Bonesaw o_O
   [Spiderman-BonesawRULES!.avi] (Well, at least that's not Matrix)
0:57 - Rebuilding Devin. Faster. Better. Hopefully >_<
0:58 - 2 years for full recovery. Yappy "Physical therapy Sucks."
       Bionic knee? Posted Amazon wish list to Amazon journals,
         people actually bought him stuff from it! Devin thanks!
0:59 - At Megaplex: Injury in fursuit, couldn't take it off?
       Pokitfox inna wheelchair. Puts "I am injured, give me money"
         sign in front of chair?
1:00 - Kage gives Devin a hat? A gag, but raised $55!
1:01 - Call for Devin? Phone: "I WANT MY CUT OF THAT FIFTY DOLLARS
         YOU LITTLE RUNT!"
       Uncle Kage! "IT WAS NOT YOUR IDEA, IT WAS *MY* IDEA!"
         GROUND when you were rolling in PAIN!?"
       Pulped Tendon Fiction. Devin "Hey Kage, can I come to AC
         for free?'
1:02 - "It'll cost you FIFTY bucks!" "I appreciate the offer :)"
       Kage notes he break other people's props, but not his.
       Kage tells everyone about Devin's hairy legs? "He's not a
         man, he's a chimpanzee!" Devin shows "It is not that hairy!
1:03 - Devin's brother shows Chuwbacka legs. Justin earns place at
         Pink Flamingos and lots of chocolate cookies.
1:04 - Kage cools, but still wants his cut. Devin notes he can get
         it if he's down there in 3 hours. Kage "I'll just do this
         Neo-Matrix thing and be down there in 5 minutes.."
[Can I talk about the Neo-Matrix thing?] (NO)
[The guy in the Mech-suit when they visit Zeon?] (*Zion*)
[The rabbit-girl who uses tampons for numchuks?] (? o_O)
       Kage, organizer of Anthrocon, "GOTOMYCON!"
1:05 - Illustrator of Nancy, Mudpie and Muppets at AC this year.
       Guy Gilcrist and Mark Rogers, Samurai Cats.
       Poink and Kage compare the state of each other's hair.
1:06 - Kage likes shaving his hair.. "I make this look GOOD!" "You
         look like a giant thumb!" (Thumbwars!.OderkerkMovie)
       World's largest Ferret Performance? Everyone bring a ferret
         puppet to AC, get in Guinness World Records!
1:07 - Ferret rescue organization! Kage "They rescue retarded
         ferrets.." Nerd "Al-WRIGHT!!" "Terminally snide ferrets.."
         Poink "HEY!" ".. and put them in little *cages*" (O_O)
       Tod "Do they rescue little cute ferrets who wear a beanie
         and love Uncle Kage?" "Well, if they need rescuing, Yes"
       Poink "Kage, you blow!" "..you weren't supposed to tell
         people about that.." Kage and Saki
1:08 - Pawpet show at AC! Poink just wanted to go to have fun?
       Susandeer does programming! Tod's bringing the Durian cake!
1:09 - KAGE sent in the Durian cake?
       Mutt and Kage exchange secret messages.. Kage takes off!
1:10 - Rocket City Furmeet next weekend? Huntsville, AL
       Vixen sings, witha earring.
1:12 - Raver fox! English? Anime?
1:13 - "Quicker than a ray of light!" Oh, Madonna!
1:14 - Vixen undulates with vocal line.
1:15 - Vixen tailthrashes! Chuckles.
       CREDITS: "Ray of Gob (?)" GO Home Productions (?)
       Maki-chan - PunkTiger
1:16 - Jimmy Buffett knows a lot about Oreos? <Fart.mp3>
       Mutt "Are you farting on the microphone?" Yappy "Yeah." "Ew."
1:17 - Jimmy pulls notes from Oreo page "I am plugged in to the
         Matrix." Mutt "Oh! We have to talk about Matrix tonight"
[So now I can talk about when Trinity opens the phone booth and the
 weird English guy comes out, with a scarf, a mechanical dog, and
 two stoners from SoCal?] (Patience)
       Jimmy lists statistics on Oreo dunkage. If everyone dunked
         their Oreos, it would dry up the world?
1:18 - Oreo since 1912 stacked, to the moon and back.. 6 times?
       KP "No wonders Americans are getting so heavy.."
1:19 - 1 year of cream filling, 2 1/2 years of wedding cake icing.
       Why are Oreos called Oreos? Challenge to channel!
1:20 - People try to comes up with lies. Jimmy "Do you know Tod?" "I
         may or it could be a fib.." Liar's club.
Roxicat - Oreo Speedwagon?
Name of guy was Oreo? Baltimore Oreos baseball team?
Olbex Richards E-something and Olstrome.
Guy bites into the stuff, likes, but can only mumber "Orreoo"
Inventor of cookie's dog?
1:22 - Oreo = French for Gold? Greek for Mountain? Sounds melodic.
1:23 - Mutt gets a chibi voice again. Cracks himself up!
1:24 - Yappy scrambles Mutt's brain.
       22 millions lbs of coco, 46 mil lbs of filling a year?
1:25 - People keep talking inspite of the echoes.
       Tod notes 1/50 cookies tested in military?
       Jimmy "Shutut Thatat Echoho Offff!"
1:26 - Still echoing. Tod tries timing lipmotions to compensate.
1:27 - Tobasco sauce in army ration packs? 1 in 5 has one. Soldiers
         fight over little bottles.
       Yappy turns off Mutt's mike. Power corrupts?
1:28 - Jimmy shows smallest sauce bottle. And bad breath >_O
       Server problems. Mutt understands something techish!
       <Fart.mp3> Mutt "Stop farting on the microphone!" <FART.mp3>
1:29 - Yappy at the controls! <FartingInStages.mp3>
       Rasvar update. Poink "He's beached himself in the hallway!"
       KP "Poink? He's not in the hallway anymore.." "Oh SH*T!"
1:30 - Poink ows.. "My thumb's gonna really hurt tomorrow"
       How many oreos made a year? 11 Billion eaten a year?
1:31 - The "WeLoveYouOreoYesWeDo" song
       Making snowballs out of icing hordes.
1:32 - Poink notes Jello hasn't made a cookie? Did piecrust.
       Eating piecrust instead of cookies? More things to eat when
         hungry and stoned.
1:33 - <OoooooohYeeeeeeah.mp3> Friend of Jimmy's bring tub of lard
         at work. Refills with Vanilla ice cream. Sat in kitchen,
         eating it infront of everyone. People O_O
1:34 - KP "We should get some of our viewers to do that, tape it and
         send it in!"
       Poink packs hand-lotion squirtgun in porno theater? o_O
       Status of modern porno theaters?
1:35 - PeeWee's playhouse close to Mutt's college?
       Paul Reubens police picture looks like convention visitor?
       Mutt "Hey Mach! Call in, so we can talk about the Matrix!"
[Can I talk about the Matrix *Now*?] (Not until Mach calls in)
[So I have to save the part where agents attack Morpheus while he's
 meditating Buddha-style during a download, and he levitates around
 the room bashing people with his knees, without once changing his
 posture or facial expression?] (Argh..Time for Video!)
       Ferret nodsnods, and nods some more.
1:37 - "Love will turn you around.. turn you around.."
       Rare example of good Country!
1:39 - Ferret on black pillow, or priest with ferret-head? *blink*
1:40 - "Love Will Turn You Around" Kenny Rogers
       Brandon - Hitomi
       Mutt thanks SW for the video! Gives link to send in videos
  -- Also has links to pages of other Pawpet groups!
       Poink wonders if Kenny Rogers is dead yet? NOPE.
1:41 - Story of Kenny Roger's chicken brand.
       Letterman makes Kenny do a blind taste-test on the show, with
         Kenny Roger's chicken, Popeye's Chicken, and KFC chicken.
       Kenny likes first two, tries his "(live) That sucks, that
         one's not mine.." 2 months stores are KOed.
1:42 - Dolly Parton dinner show? Ras "It's more like a Country
         version of Arabian Nights." Poink wants to try her shirt
       Decision: To keep Rating and break it, or Trash it?
       Mutt ponders no rating. Poink "It's ok to say 'Tits!'"
       Poink says Tits in time with Seal going ORK.
1:43 - <DollyParton.mp3> Seal ChainOrks Poink! Poink o_O
       Seal tapdances to song? Poink translates
1:44 - Seal moshdives. Dolly did pose for a nude picture?
       Dolly actually got a reduction? o_O Wow O_O
1:45 - JoJo returns after long break! Poink wows as all the channel
         talks about is tits!
1:46 - Nerd ponders goes naked on the show, but already is.
       All the people who have nice boobs! Harik's on the list?
       Newlywed game next week has 3 couples.. 6-way?
1:47 - <PeeWeesBigAdventure.mp3> MICHAEL JACKSON was doing Spiderman
         at Universal studios?
1:48 - No nose fits in with costume. Also good for Spawn?
       Tom Cruise has done Pluto fursuit at Disney? Jess wows!
1:49 - Nerd O_O at you O_O
1:50 - JoJo is expert at Tarot card readings? And other things.
       Colley calls in from channel for a reading. Jojo "I'm like
         Mrs. Cleo, only cool!"
1:51 - "The First Card is what's gonna represent you.." "..Alright"
         Card: King of Rings? (LOTR.mov) (MrT.gif)
       Colley wrestles in Kentucky, won wrestling competition! Ringy
1:52 - JoJo brags about the accuracy of his deck.
       Card: Sunburn? o_O "Dude, this is not a good card.."
       JoJo surfs, has surfer-karma. Card means a problem that's
         going to burn him?
1:53 - JoJo looks for problem source, draws Page of Presents?
       (AmazonWishList.html) Colley has to get his Dad a birthday
         present.. Dad hasn't said what he wants. Nerd "Itz all
         cooming togethwer!"
       Card: MAGIC 8-BALL? Hand of God holds your fate, and it sucks
1:54 - Duke of Bogus card? (DukeOfDoubt.BurgerKingCharacter)
         Duke with green Mr. Yuck on flag. Otherwise a faithful
         replica of renaisance-era art styling.
       Jojo "Definitely not good.." Dad won't like a Tom Clancy
         video game?
       Jojo consults cards for what would make a good gift:
       Card: Margarita. Colley "(deadpan) Mar-gar-ITA card.. you've
         got some weird cards dude.."
1:55 - Jojo has thousands of cards for Chi and Aura of whole planet!
[Any Matrix cards?] (Wait for a better intro)
       Jojo thinks Colley's Dad is going to get blitzed! Good news
         for Mom :)
1:56 - Colley "The Duke of Bogus kind of makes me think of Bill and
[How about the part where Morpheus unzips his disguise, and turns
out to be Rufus? Black, White, always in Shades](I think about Tron)

*************** END OF LINE *************

Pawpet Show #168 - Oreos Reloaded - Timeline 2/2

1:56 - People do bunch of Ted "WOAH"s
       Kentucky, good chicken and rednecks.
1:57 - Nerd proves he's high by laughing in ultra-high tone and
         passing out.
       Colley pitches wrestling site:
http://www.oldschoolwrestlers.com/ [Dude, looks like the Matrix!]
1:58 - Colley = Ultraman! "Ultraman sounds cooler.."
       Oldschool = More family oriented, less sex and R-lingo
1:59 - Less spandex or More spandex? "I don't wear spandex.."
       Visiting the page!
       Worst injury? Bloody lip.
2:00 - Wrestler on show? Plexor Mutt "Talk some smack to the PLEXOR,
         go for it!"
       Ultraman "I can do anything you can, *40x* better!"
2:01 - Hockey stick vendettas. More excitement for Anthrocon!
       Nerd chibi-squeeks!.
       Magic 8-ball: Win OSW championship? "Yes!"
2:02 - People wave to Colley! Nerd plexes.
       Poink blinks at Nerd? "Why does it sound like someone has a
         vice-grip on your testicles?"
       Nerd Cthuhlus "CAUSE SOMEONE DOES.." looks down
       Mutt "Mach! Call in, we need to talk about Matrix!"
[Remember the part where Squids attack while Neo is still connected,
 so Trinity gets in the power armor, jumps outside, morphs into a
 sphere and trashes baddies like a bladed pinball?] (SNES rocks)
2:03 - Nerd high-squeeks for folks to stop trashing his testicles!
2:04 - "Ew? What's that SMELL?" BAD CHEESE STUDIOS!
       Replay -- "A Beer's Much Better Than A Woman"
       (Second week in a row there's a Bad Cheese replay? They're
         cool, but are folks low on videos?)
2:06 - "If beer goes flat.. just toss it out.."
       CREDITS: "Beer is Better than a Woman" Rodney Carrington
         Woof - Dorian
2:07 - JR hasn't seen Matrix yet? Wonders if folks are spoiling it?
[So I shouldn't say any more about the Matrix?](Yes! Please! Don't!)
[Ok, Agent Smith -isn't- Neo's father] (Chainsaw.mp3)
2:08 - More goofy fx.. delayed sounds?
       Yappy chibis Mutt, who tries talking serious anyway.
2:09 - KP wants Mutt to swear?
       GAY SHOW in couple of weeks? "We're gonna interview real
         gay people.." Poink "woahwoahwoahwaoh..."
       Really gay questions. Mutt "It means Happy, right?"
2:10 - Red-shirted people descend on Epcot. Star Trek extras?
       Put together by: http://www.gaydays.com/
       Questions: Gay or Not Gay? "Amazon.com, gay or not gay?"
       "Line dancing?" "Lawnmowers?" "Bullet Time?" "CGI-UltraGay!"
2:11 - ChibiMutt wants his voice back!
2:12 - ChipmunkMutt? DudeMutt?
2:13 - Finding Nemo- CGI.. but also Pixar.. people are torn.
2:14 - Deciding between Mutt or Skippy to interview Gay folks?
         Mutt "We're not goofing on Gay people! Tongue in cheek!"
       <Matrix.mp3> Still trying to get Mach to call in
[...] (Stop)
[......] (Hey..)
[019124384422MATRIX223290232] (ARGH!)
       Matrix second only to Spiderman for first weekend gross.
2:15 - People who saw the Matrix. KP's seeing again, lots of folks
       Scale of 1 to 10? (It is both the Alpha, and the Omega, so
         it is both 1, and 10) [ZenForDummies.book]
(How can you write a Zen for Dummies book?!) [Made you ask!]
2:16 - 6.5? 7? 8? No 10s?
       Trying not to give anything away about what happens.
[The kid who ODs on Red Pills was in bad taste] (NotListening.ohmmm)
       Mutt "Give everyone at least 3 weeks to go see it." [WHY??]
       Poink's at the consul? (ALERTS.mp3)
2:17 - Live feed of the channel! JR's at the FX controls? He grins:)
2:18 - FolksInTheKitchen cam. People take the blue pill?
       Yappy eating Oreos.. people study the technique
2:19 - New Pink Flamingo's Tshirt? http://www.cafeshops.com/funday
       Show gets $3 profit per shirt. Or just Paypal:
2:20 - "I survived the Pink Flamingo's challenge".tshirt
2:21 - http://www.apple.com/music/ now has song files you can
         download for 99c, totally legit. (But you need a Mac :/ )
2:22 - Still a lot of songs you can't find anywhere, no real
         replacement for peer-to-peer networks. And you can try
         before you buy. (How I found Aqua, for example)
2:23 - Matrix makes $135.7 mil in 3 days!
       Mutt has a GREAT feeling about Brother Bear.. going against
         Matrix 3 in the fall..
2:24 - Mutt's bummed about traditional animation again :/
       CGI films are just pacifiers for kids?
2:25 - Matrix 2 not a sequel, it's a continuation..
       Devin's brother! Looks like him or not? (TheFonz.gif)
       Multi-piercing? Brother sticks fingers in his ear.. wiggles
         out the other side O_O Channel says lots of things..
2:26 - Brother wonders if you want to see lip tattoo? Poink "Sweet
         baby Jesus and a Nitro-fueled bunny. You like pain, don't
         you? o_O" Brother *grinz*
2:27 - Closeup on metal bits. Chin piercing? "I can shoot liquid
         through one of my chins!"
2:28 - People wonder if he's into Metal? People call for cookies!
       Mutt "Have you ever seen Pink Flamingo's before?" "Yeah."
2:29 - Oh, a movie? "I don't want cookies.." "Tough!" "I don't like
         Oreos!" "You'll like them even less after this!
2:30 - PINK FLAMINGOS! Devin, once again, brags about being filthy
       Song starts. Brother starts laughing already! Cookiebite
2:30:29 - Calm. Munching
2:30:35 - Pinched face.. disbelief.. eyes squeezed shut. Mutt "Eat
            the cookies! C'mon!"
2:30:46 - Brother makes distressed sounds, just like Nerd!
2:30:50 - Regurgitation alert!
2:31 - He's a survivor! "That was DISGUSTING!" (FunHouse.tv)
       "There's a girl at my school who looks like that girl."
         Jojo "Um.. that wasn't a girl dude.."
       Trying to sell the 'I Survived The Pink Flamingo Challenge'
         shirt "No thanks.." [BURP.mp3]
2:32 - <SesameStreet.mp3>
2:33 - <SesameStreetTechno?.mp3> Newlywed game next week.
2:34 - Poink's going to get married to Bambi? Poink "Screw THAT!"
       Justin, Devin's brother.. shoots milk out of his chin O_O
2:35 - Mutt "How far can you shoot?" Jojo" That's a loaded question"
       Justin got too big a ball inside the piercing.. has to CUT
         it out?
       Why piercing? "I date a body-piercer :)"
2:36 - <MortalKombat.mp3> Prince Albert piercing story?
2:37 - People used piercing to TIE IT TO THEIR LEG, so they wouldn't
         get an indecent erection? O_O (PrinceAlbertInnaOWWOWW!.gif)
2:38 - Devin and Justin! Descripting effects of second piercing >_<
2:39 - Jacob's Ladder vs. Prince Albert? Mutt "You're a super-soaker
         at that point!"
       Devin's tales of mystery and extreme pain "I just broke the
2:40 - Spiral wire? Notebook piercing? (ThePear.lametorturedevices)
2:41 - More evil piercing, channel takes careful notes.
       Dealing with swordwounds, add more barbells?
2:42 - Tod "I hurt in places I never even know I HAD.." Cookies and
         Milk time. Yappy randomly spins the camera!
2:43 - Camera spin! Everyone "WAAAA!! AAAAAAHH!!" land coaster!
       Tod thinks the moral is 'Piercing Are Not Fun' o_o
2:44 - Fun with split-screen! Tod and Scritch do Wonka-cleaner thing
2:45 - Callin! No.. broken? Rasvar calling from bedroom? Tod arghs!
2:46 - EchoEchoEchoEchoEChoingEchoingEchoingAH!
       Telemarketer gets ticked at Mutt's anti-marketer recording
         machine message? SWEET!
2:47 - Yappy "I need to vent myself to wake up Poink.." <FARTING>
         Recorded farts? Poink is still stunned-stoned. <FARTING>
2:48 - Tod wears GreaseSpoto's hat over nose as a fart-filter
       Rasvar tries beating on Poink! Finally wakes up. Poink asks
         again about private-piercing?
2:49 - Tod "Are you better poink?" "WHY would you put a BOLT through
         your PENIS!?" Yappy "Is it Metric, left-hand thread?"
2:50 - Robocop scene where guy takes bolts out of head. OUCH!
       Barbells add weird to privates.. for exercise?
       Mutt poots! Tod StrongBads "Oh, Holy Crap!"
2:51 - Brady-cam.. top of stage on bottom? Giant Nerd and Poink
         look down at Mutt and Tod. Poink thinks of golden showers
2:52 - Poink says he's perverted, but even HE wouldn't do that!
       Lion sings happy song about evil phone..
2:54 - "Indestructible.. indefensible.. reprehensible.."
       Record of unspeakable crimes in previous lives?
2:55 - Phone puts you to sleep.. you won't remember a thing..
2:56 - "Indefensible..reprehensible..Me!" Lion nodsnods, yays!
       CREDITS: "Reprehensible" They Might Be Giants
         Lenny - PunkTiger
2:57 - Crutch fell on Devin's knee? Ugh.
       Devin is The Guy On The Couch? Ezra thinks Devin's a real
         trooper for coming into the show even when pained.
2:58 - Devin voices, pawpets. Channel loves Devin!
2:59 - NAME THAT TOON! Audience sends in clips from a cartoon
         character, can you guess who it is?
       Ton of rice balls? People guess The Thing, monsters from
         Princess Mononoke? Beholder?
3:00 - Monty Python horned beast? Holy Grail
       Next toon.. reflective jacket? Iceman, Silver surfer?
3:01 - New ice man? In leather?
       Pink and white. Mutt "It's Vagina lady!" Seal ORKORK!
         "Vagina is a medical term!" C-word is bad
3:02 - Votes for Care Bears? Rainbow bear!
       Guy with cross? Mormon superhero? "More-Man!"
3:03 - Girl.. with big breasts. Nobody knows who it is?
         No-clue lady!
3:04 - Ezra got new specks, rose-colored glasses? Cyclops shades!
       Ezra says he'll wear no glasses every time someone sends
         him some?
3:05 - Ezra is not 2.0, 1.0 older than Mutt! Mutt thinks he's dirty
         and gray. Mutt's paws start falling off?
3:06 - Hero Bear and The Kid collection, hardcover comic?
3:07 - Herbie shows you pictures, then blinks and doesn't want to
         give away the ending.
3:08 - Channel wonders who Herobear is? Comic from Mike Kunkle(sp?)
         friend of show.
3:09 - Art style leaves pencil-llines intact. Finished, unfinished
3:10 - More comic pages. Hero bear is only character with color?
       Producer of Die Hard is making a movie out of it!? Cool!
3:11 - Ezra hopes movie boosts traditional animation! Mutt "Comic
         Book highlight for the week!"
       Suprise Kitchen-cam! Ezra "There's Jess, showing us a little
3:12 - FLUFF AND SUCH! Logo turns into the Hulk!
       Back to last week's caption picture: Guy with dogs hanging
         onto his arms. "SPIN DOGGY, SPIN!"
       Matrix-Spin! Guy and dogs turns sideways like cardboard
         cutout and spin vertically!
       Faster.. faster.. FASTER! Dogs are flying?
       o_O O_O EWWWW!! >_< [TwinFountainsOfCherryGatorade.cool]
       People YAY! Ezra "Oh.. my...Gosh!"
       Not wrong, clever :)
3:13 - No Simba for two weeks? Was going to bring friend, but hasn't
         arrived yet :/
       A lot of folks want to come in to watch the show, but there's
         only so much room, so folks have to arraign in advance.
       Poink "Can you switch to the other camera real quick?"
       <ExtremeCloseupOnJess'sLeg!.fx> People go nuts! Jess "You
         like? :) First time I've worn shorts to the show :P"
3:14 - Jess turns "I like the shirt.." people try a quick zoom!
       Jess has DemonKitten for a nick, camera zooms.. zooms..
         zooms.. until you see.. a cute cat logo!
       Mutt and Poink both stare O_O OvO
3:15 - FLASHBACK TO SHOW.. whatever # 3/5/2000 was
       Uh oh.. someone rewound the tape? Rasvar ARGHS from bedroom!
       Rasvar "(distant) I didn't DO anything!" Jess "Technical
         Difficulties are a TM of the Funday Pawpet Show.."
3:16 - Ezra pitches the Pawpet Mailing List! Cool stuff there :)
3:17 - FLASHBACK! Fursuit riot? <ZootSuitRiot.mp3>
       Blue screen? Uh oh..
3:18 - No.. technical difficulties were the actual footage :P
       People try fixing video.. 3 years ago!. Multi-FFs
       Fast Forward through Mutt doing a goofy dance?
3:19 - Going through fursuiter guy doing laundry!
       15-minutes later.. flies by! Arthur! Nuclear bomb!
       Fast Forward Feature! TerryMouse boogies in 4x time!
3:20 - Mutt eats various pawpets. Ezra thinks it's a real acid
         flashback.. Yappy BELCHES.
3:21 - A cool goof! Time compression rocks.
       Poink wants to run old episodes on off-weeks. Ras says Sure..
         if they'll start paying him and Yappy!
3:22 - Ezra recalls group-watching of Pawpet Show.
3:23 - Dinner, and a show! Mutt "Friends watching friends do stupid
       Ezra "Do you remember the Poot Board?" "Unfortunately yes"
3:24 - Fans try to out-poot show crew? Fakes poots?
       Mutt fakes a fart like it's an orgasm o_O
3:25 - Poink recalls when JR farted.. and blamed it on an old guy,
         and his grandmother WHACKS guy with purse
       JR has to fart.. tries it out the car window.. right when
         the drive-up cashier was there O_O
3:26 - Poink farts on a little kid at zoo? Ezra "Poink, you're SICK!
         "Well, should have left him at home next time :P"
         Ezra "Wows.."
       Matrix-Oreo? Green and digitized "No one can be told what
         the Oreo tastes like." - Nonsanity
       Buttrix recollared?
3:27 - Message from Cat, aka The Tiger Guy. Long message.
       Dolly Parton! With Oreos for.. guess :P
3:28 - Animation! Mach sees kids eating his cereal?
         Disguises himself as Neo, "How's it hanging? :)"
         "Want some Matrix cereal Mr. Reaves?" Mach Yesses!
         Counts flavors! Wigs out! Glasses fly off?
         "Hey, that's not Keanu, that's just Mach!"
         Girl "Silly Cheetah, the Matrix are for kids!"
         Bullet Time. Goodbye kids!
3:29 - "New Matrix cereal! Now reloaded with guitar-shaped
         marshmallows left-over from months-old boxes of Bill and
         Ted's Excellent Cereal!" LOL!
[They're talking about The Matrix now, can I?] (NO!)
[About the armor-plated cockroaches?] (Right)
[Where Neo ultra-speed flies to catch up with the others, but a
 newspaper flaps over his face, and he crashes into a Starbucks, 
collapsing a whole city block?] (You're just making these up now)
[When ghosts appear, people get possessed, and they have to find
 the Keymaster?] (SHUT UP!!!)
       Kudos to Garrison and Hobbes! Ezra: Too much Mach hair?
       Killer Oeros attack sheepdog! Bullet time.
         Ezra "That's gotta hurt." Mutt "That's YOU!"
3:30 - Filking the Proper Cup of Coffee song! "If I can't have a
         proper Oreo cookies made from proper trans-fats, I might as
         well eat Poink's fleas" Mutt "That's funnY!" Poink "Uhh.."
       Mach as Neo! Ezra "It's too got much HAIR!" Herbie instead?
3:31 - JR as an Agent? JR "Oh good lord.."
       Mach as BOTH of the Evil Mimbari Twins! People YES!!
       Simba as Morpheus. RAINI AS TRINITY! - Garrison & Hobbes 2!
       Flyingfox goes ferret-shooting-a-gun (At a computer!)[PING]
3:32 - RummageNeo stops bullets! - Iron badger
       Jimmy the No-Necktor
       Roy-unicorn eating an oreo? "I don't think the Matrix has the
         first clue as what's supposed to be in these things.."
       How a drug-user eats an oreo? o_O
       Sefina does anime Raini casting Firewall "Oh oh, she's doing
         the Superman thing again.."
3:33 - People cool at art jams!
http://pawpet.org/funday/art/2003-05-18/ <- This show's Art Jams
http://pawpet.org/funday/art/ <- Archived Art Jams
       Send shoutouts to Devin, get well soon!
3:34 - Devin tries standing up again, but everyone tells him to
         sit down, heal!
3:35 - Jess and Raini are bummed about Newlywed game.. they have
         to actually wear skirts? Doh (Nothing wrong with that..)
3:36 - Rasvar ponders asking audience for Newlywed questions..
Send to carrot@pawpet.org, not the mailing list.
       Nerd "And send money to Nerdfewwet! At Pawpet.org"
3:37 - Evil show questions: "Where is the funniest place you've
         ever made whoopie?" "I have to say.. she has to say, In
         The Butt" O_O Wife also says In The Butt!
       Newlywed(Weed?) show host jaw-drops. TWICE!
       More talk about piercings.. Poink as actually freaked O_O
3:38 - SHOUT OUTS! First one.. censored O_O
       Sefina: "You forgot my birthday song!"
       People blink? "ThisIsYourBirthdaySong!ItIsn'tVeryLong!"
       True fact: There is a bird called a Tit.
       Nakada's in the hospital?
3:39 - Sefina's having a bone-scan Tuesday? Pain in the foot?
       Nerd fan-mail!
3:40 - Come to Marcon next Friday.. (Er, it's SAT now, oops)
www.marcon.com There will be a Pawpet show. Fan show?
3:41 - Dude, think it's time for a new Ezra? Ezra "Send me one!"
       Pawpet.tv.. it's Dot.com!
       FlyingFox web page: www.tailco.com Big eye stares at you O_O
       Yappy "Ok, we have another URL posed here.." (pant)
       Southpaw Video homepage: http://www.clovertone.com/video/
3:42 - Someone farts on a mike again! Ezra "JR, stop it! We're going
         to put a cork in you!" "I dare you to try :)"
       Music helps Devin heal. People get him CDs! He thanks :) And
         pitches his journal.. "GotToMyJournal!"
3:43 - Nerd does Greasespoto? "I have hairy armpits!"
3:44 - Nerd tries to sing, but Yappy strikes "I'm on DRUGZ, I'M oN
         drUGS.." <Dallas.mp3>
       Nerd does C is for Cookie!
3:45 - Whole frigging bunch of cons coming up! Harry Potter con?
       AC has serious competition o_O Mascot games in Orlando?
3:46 - ChibiVoiceNerd! "EEEEeeee*! ^_^"
       CthulhuVoiceNerd? Nerd ARGGHSS
       The Walgreens lady keeps getting hairier.. and hairier..
3:47 - Mutt "Why do girls choose to have facial hair??"
       Nerd Chibisings and overrides everyone! "LalalalalaOH!"
3:48 - Spread-legged Barbie? Nerd "Send me pictures like that, and
         I'wl feel better Real Quick.."
3:49 - Jess and Raini would both remove facial hair. Some girls
         actually have a little cheek hair?
       Nerd "Tacos!" Mutt and Ezra are toast. Poink "Are we talking
         about hairy tacos now?"
3:50 - Guys remove facial hair, it's not status, it sucks!
       Nerd eats the camera O_O "(chibi)ThisismyFACE!^_^"
       KP/Ezra laughs so hard he chokes!
       Nerd gets deep voice, wonders if you have a problem with him
         looking mexican? Hmm?
3:51 - KP hyperventilates! Mutt "Oh, gosh, my face hurts.."
       Jess "It's a first folks, Poink's the actually sane one on the
         stage!" Mutt, Nerd and Ezra crack up! Poink just keeps
         standing there. Looks at you?
       Mutt "That's because Poink is not on DRUGS!"
       Nerd wears sombrero on his nose, then sneezes it off. Poink
         "No.. but he's GONNA be when he gets the hell out of here!"
       It's the Nerd show!
3:52 - This is your ferret. This is drugs. RUN!
       Nerd says things at you, but I have no clue what they are o_O
       KP groans.. "My eyeballs hurt.. Oh my God.."
3:53 - Nerd eats Poink's nose! Poink"OwOwOwOw!"
       Herbie tapes "The Nerd Show" over Pawpet sign
3:54 - Poink "This is too freakin' wierd!" Goes home for a ..WHAT?
3:55 - Nerd beats your head in with the Nerd Show sign O_O
       Ezra wants to see Devin's face when he rewatches the show :)
3:56 - Nerd makes predictions for parents watching Pink Flamingos..
       Poink "(trying not to laugh) Run the freakin' credits!"
       Herbie and KP stagehands wave! "Goodnight!*laughs*GO AWAY!!"
       <Goodnight!.mp3> Everyone YAYS!!
       Nerd starts to lip-synch, and Yappy immediately warps the
3:57 - The Morphing-Facial-Hair-Chibi-Cthuhlu Chorus!
       "And Noooowww tilll weee meet a GAINNNN..."
Funday Cast and Guests:
Herbie Hamill      Randy Fox       John Cole       Jim Mogle
Dan Boatright      Devin Bray      Jess Kiela      Andrew Dobie Kosh
John Nurenmacker   Dan Merillatt   Melissa Merillatt

"Soul Bossa Nova" Quincy Jones - Austin PooweerRRRssszzz
"Adios.. Auevoir.. Aufweidesein" LaWWERRENCe Welk
... and that's it?

Mutt thanks everyone! Nerd eats a microphone. [BELCHBELCHBELCH.mp3]
3:57 - Nerd chews on Poink!
3:58 - Replay of Cast.
Internet server folks:
Aetobatus   Thumper  Frysco  Timduru  Harik  Vitapup

        Nerd eats his face in front of yours O_O
        "And Nooww(faster)Tilllwe(higher!)MeetaGAIN!"
        Chipmunk "GodNite!" <Da> Nerd mosh-dives upstage

************** END OF SHOW #168! *********
Timeline compiled by Blackfoot Ferret

[OK.. the show's over! NOW can I talk about the Matrix!?](About that
 final climatic Duality scene where Neo has to fight the Duke of  Ted,
to see whether Keanu's Dude or Zen side becomes the dominant
[You liked that? But everyone knew Ted was going to win in the
 first place?] (Ted didn't really -win- in the traditional sense,
 it showed how emotion and right-brained thinking can overcome
 removed and dispassionate number-crunching. The Dell geeks thought
 the two sides would destroy each other, but I *really* like the
 ending where Neo and the Duke combine into one person, and then
 NeoTed turns, wearing the trenchcoat over the suit of armor, and
 tells the Interns: "Dudes, you're going to Hell")

  ^-- A huge collection of incredibly cute/fun Java browser-games
      all written by one person. Many with a furry theme
  ^-- Bungee Bear. Jump off the bridge to find treasure!
  ^-- Bubble Bees. Very addictive game of capturing bees in bubbles.
      The more points you score, the more seconds you earn on the
      clock to keep playing. Grab more than one bee at once for a
      compounding score, or clocks for extra time. How long can you
      keep playing?
  ^-- A Pocketful of Stars. Simply beautiful.