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Subject: PawpetShow#164-UnPhazedWeddingParty-Tline 1/2
Date: Sun, 20 Apr 2003 07:09:23 -0700
From: Rob Taylor <robtaylor04@attbi.com>
Newsgroups: alt.fan.furry

Pawpet Show #164 - UnPhazed After Wedding Party - Timeline 1/2
compiled by Blackfoot Ferret

--- You can download last week's show from
--- http://pawpet.tv/index.php?show


Raini and Harik's Wedding! - 1:06/1:13 Wedding Footage
                           - 3:35/3:45 Raini and Harik call in
   The Wedding has finally happened, just the Saturday before the Sunday
Show! References to the even happen all through the show, both because
of how well it went and the after-effects of the free drinks on the
pawpeteers less than 24 hours later.

Yappy's Neighboor Visits - 1:17/1:34
  Jason, who's lived beside Yappy for the past year, is floored as he
tours the Pawpet command center, thinking there was a cult next door. He
then surprises them in turn by revealing close ties of his own to Give
Kids the World, the charity the Pawpets help, and turns out to be a
musican, the producer for several rap musicians around the world, and
has a screenplay he wrote getting a serious look in Hollywood, for the
movie UnPhazed, described as 'The Matrix on Steroids'. If it hits the
big screen the Pawpets will be at the premire.

Latin Vixen and Chilli Mouse Visit - 2:34 Fursuiter Charades
                                   - General increase in goofyness
   A recorder for female pawpeteers at the show! Arthur gains a set of
huge hyena-like paws. New victims to watch Pink Flamingos!

*********** START! ***********
0:00 - Tail end of "Give Kids the World" promo that airs at the start
         of the live broadcast
       Show #164 - April 13, 2003
       Disclaimer! Turn back now!
0:01 - Character parade. Psychedelic music.
0:02 - Poink gets arrested. Poink's dressed like a priest? o_O
0:04 - SHOW STARTS! Slim hosts. Multi-..Duhs?
       Slim does lyrics from Comfortably Numb "Is there anybody in
0:05 - Nerdferret arrives with caved-in face. Slim "What the hell?.."
       Nerd extrudes his face, hellos :) Really quiet?
       Rasvar turns the mike on. Nerd "SOORRRY FOLKKS!!" (Jumps!)
0:06 - Jimmy NoNeck thinks Nerd looks like Dr. Seuss character. Talks
         about bananas a lot. "This is a weird show opening man.."
0:07 - Slim "I think it's because we're all hung-over.."
       Harik and Raini's wedding was yesterday! Party!
0:08 - Nerd waves to channel. Slim "Why do you have four eyes?"
0:09 - Jimmy had an Apple ]I[? Bastard child computer
0:10 - <MellowYellow.mp3> People sing. Screen gets yellowier.
       Tod plays the trumpet. No paws!
0:12 - <RedScreen.fx> Still mellow. <PruceScreen.fx>
       Banana in song lyrics. Jimmy goes nuts looking for one.
0:13 - <ExtremeAirPolution.fx> Nerd is a Sesame Street Martian.
0:14 - <B&W.fx> After effects. <Psychadellic.fx> Jimmy breathes in your
         face while you can't see him clearly.
       <Regular.fx> Jimmy runs to the background!
       People pretend to be in Atari Adventure, flashing Challis
0:15 - Jimmy is doing something to a red banana? Looks back in "I'm
         -PEELING- it.." leaves. Speculation continues.
0:16 - Yappy plans to make the Ultimate Hamburgers tonight?
       Tod wonders how Rasvar gets these pictures!
0:18 - Rasvar irradiates the stage. Jimmy recalls Imagic company that
         had flashing effects like that for every game.
       Tod recalls finding The Dot in Atari Adventure
0:20 - <LucyInTheSkyWithDiamonds.mp3> <FLASHING.fx>
       Jimmy trips to LSD song.
0:22 - Pawpets with big hair. Nerd looks great in BlueOrangeBlueRedBlue
0:23 - More 60's music! <StairWayToHeaven-BeattlesStyle.mp3>
0:25 - From the Album "Stairways To Heaven" mutations on song
0:26 - Yappy tries hypnotizing Tod with basil? Nerd "The Red stuff
         means it's Goowd!"
0:27 - Tod plays with Nerd's head. Says aliens are coming to get him.
       o_O Nerd gets a CatInTheHat face! "FuZeeFuZeeFuzeeeee.."
0:28 - Cypress Gardens, oldest theme part in Florida, 1936, closing :/
       Pawpets go to Cypress Gardens on last day to look at it.
0:29 - Cool non-coaster exhibits. Santa Claus throughout history?
0:30 - Parking lot fills to overflowing. 3rd party parks. Movies
         filmed there. Park going to become lakefront housing?
       <CoolIslandMusic.mp3> Lots of good scenery. Gardens for garden
         sake. Carousels. Fountains. Waterfalls. Birds! Parrot.
0:33 - Butterflies. Raccoons! Water. Water-skiers.
0:34 - 15 people in watersking PYRAMID! Coolness.
0:35 - <BeachBoys-LittleSaintNick.mp3> Tour of Santa Claus museum.
       Run run reindeer! (2.gif)
0:36 - <GoodMorningAmerica.mp3> Model trains of various cities.
       Looks like expansion of Mr. Rogers town. (I always wanted to
         get out of the house and walk around there.)
0:38 - Mini Mt. Rushmore! Very detailed sets. Circus tent.
       Train wreck! (Why not, it's the last day..)
0:39 - Large, multi-story model buildings. Realistic town. Wow.
       "Good night, America, how are ya.. I'm the train they call the
         city of New Orleans.. I'll be gone 500 miles before they day
         is done.."
0:40 - Black screen. Scrolling text "Cypress Gardens was Florida's
         oldest Theme Park. It was a shame that following the Sept. 11
         incident, the park struggled to survive, and on April 13, 2003
         had to close it's doors due to financial strain. After 67
         years, Cypress Gardens will be missed."
0:41 - Back to show, talk about Cypress gardens. Jimmy notes people at
         the park put a LOT of time into it. Plane suspended in clouds
         with flashing lights in train room.
       Jimmy "They take better care of the stage than we do!"
0:42 - Tod notes people have short attention spans now. (Etc..)
       Disney world actually helped Cypress gardens, staff went back
         and forth.
0:43 - Emergency rescheduling of Wedding Plans.
0:44 - Jimmy "I'm sure 4 or 5 people will have very nice views off
         their back porches.." Tod notes they'll have to pay through
         the nose to get it.
       Jimmy chases an electric banana!
0:46 - The Real Cute Raini gets married! Jimmy thought people looked
         like rock stars with long hair. Poses with Blue Hair.
       SimbaHair attacks Tod.
0:47 - Tod "So.. are we still killing time? :)" Jimmy "I think so."
       Jimmy cuts back on bananas. Down to 13 today. Tod o_O
0:48 - Tod tries switching Jimmy to brussel sprouts? Jimmy is toast.
0:49 - Brussel Sprouts rejected for Spits or Swallows item.
0:50 - Tod reminds folks to send in their CHOCOLATE BUNNY DEATH VIDEOS
         FOR NEXT WEEK! EASTER! People share techniques.
0:51 - Arthur rubs paws and dreams of magnifying glass decapitation.
       Arthur "We have to kill them all. Because... I don't know why..?
0:52 - Tod pops up "I'm back!"
       <EveningNews.mp3> News special?
       POINK: LIVE FROM IRAQ. Poink has a turban?
       Poink "Hi folks! I'm live from Iraq!" still photo in background,
         people make beat-boxing gunfire effects.
0:53 - Chemical weapons. <FARTDETECTED!.mp3> Poink has to hide..
       Tod "I couldn't tell if Iraq was using chemical warfare against
         Poink, or Point was using chem warfare against Iraq.."
0:54 - Debriefing Nerdferret. Nerd wants to keep his shorts!
       Fox jams to German Techno.
       (Translated) "You... You Hate... You Hate Me.."
0:57 - Anger! Words, bass, light electronic flute and Awwwwwwing
         chorus make it sound like someone casting a spell O_O
0:58 - (BuildingsRippingOutOfTheConcreteFloorOfACity.avi)
0:59 - Credits - "Du Hast" Rammstein.
       Roger Kitling - Hitomi
0:59 - New Fox! "Hi Arthur! I'm a fox! I have no name.. name me!"
       Arthur umms.. Fox "Name me NOW!!" (BV's brother?)
1:00 - Fox waves and leaves. Nerd tries the Hate song. (Flowers.gif)
1:01 - Mystery Poot? Nerd says it was him. Rasvar doesn't think so.
1:02 - Crappy arrives! Ezra wonders if Crappy drank at the party?
         "No! I'm underage!" Ezra knows someone that had too much thoug
         Nerd blinks?
1:03 - Pawpets impersonating each other.
1:04 - Rasvar notes the borrowed the satellite like from CNN. "We'll
         return it to them.. eventually!"
1:05 - Crappy and other dog think hard about Raini's wedding..
       .. or not "It might look like this.. it MIGHT look like THIS.."
       <MagicDust.mp3> <MagicDust.mp3> <MagicMagicDustDust.mp3>
1:06 - Ezra "Let's try again Crappy..
--------- <WeddingMusic.mp3>
1:06 - Palm trees? Scotty dog "This is not Harik and Raini's wedding!"
--------- <MusicStops> New video
1:06 - Scotty (what's that dog's name?) "THAT is Harik and Raini's
         wedding.. they did not get marries in IRAQ!"
       People in tuxedos o_O And dresses? ^_^
       LARGE wedding.. Pawpeteers seem to be behaving.
1:07 - <HereComesTheBride.mp3> Raini appears.
       Harik and Raini say vows. Kiss! Applause!
         (Are the ferns fanning them? -_o)
1:08 - Wedding reception. Slow dancing to fast music.
1:09 - Still doing it without music :) Harik dips Raini into the
         food table?
       Pawpets interview couple. Raini Huskitty and (what is Harik?)
         debate on species of kids.
1:10 - Ezra "(to Harik) All these pictures and all this video is going
         to be on the net by midnight!" Harik "(grins) Alright! :)"
       Other questions. (You'll just have to watch, not going there :P
1:11 - Fighting over a finger of frosting?
       Raini gets even.. slowly and deliberately rubs a cream pie
         in Harik's face! Harik kisses her. True love! ^_^
1:12 - Raini throws the bouquet.. cat fight!
       Raini... <TheStripper.mp3> o_O er.. Harik removes her stockings
1:13 - Harik twirls the stocking, and throws them into the male crowd.
       <PeterGunTheme.mp3> TOSS! Guys fight over it
       <HotHotHot.mp3> After-wedding dance! Less formal :)
1:14 - Crappy wows "It seems like it was just yesterday!" Scotty notes
         it was yesterday.
1:15 - Crappy missed cake-in-face scene "I was busy putting shaving
         cream and streamers on their car..!"
       A silent skunk. Crappy earperks "Hi.." Skunk runs "Who are you?"
       Jar Jar? "MissaSoHorny?" Crappy o_O "What's that mean?"
1:16 - Dead air. Crappy "I think the show's done!"
       Neighbor arrives, they're going to show him Pink Flamingos?
         Arthur "This is crazy.. why do we do this to people?"
1:17 - Jason is floored.. "I cannot **** believe this!" looks around
       Jason in front of the stage "I'm on TV!" thought they were
         having some sort of rally.. terrorists? Rasvar "No, next week
         we blow stuff up :)"
1:18 - Mutt returns with Jason. Jason's been a neighbor for a year,
         and had no idea what was going on next house.
       Scotty dog is Jacque, French.
1:19 - Jason wows.. "I'm digging this!" Grills Jacque about why France
         isn't being an ally.
1:20 - <AmercianFlag.fx> Jason "This is the most incredible thing I've
         seen in my life!" Mutt "You need to get out more often!"
       <UnsolvedMysteries.mp3> Mutt explains show to Jason
1:21 - Mutt wonders if Jason knows about Give Kids the World?
       Jason not only knows it, he's had lunch with the founder!
1:22 - Jacque explains about live IRC audience. All over the world!
         Jason "You mean like.. Hane City?.." Germany, France!
1:23 - Ferret talk. Jason recalls friend with ferret. "No drugs.. no
         pets.. he had them both." Brain-fried ferret?
       Audience tells where they're from. Jason blinks, used to be in
         the Air Force.
1:24 - Jason's a screenwriter. Movie script "UnPhazed" floating around
         Hollywood right now? "It's like The Matrix on Steroids."
       Advice for writers. Jason "Keep it simple.. switch places with
         your audience frequently."
1:25 - Jacque "We have no script, can you write for us?"
         Jason "Absolutely!" Jason also does songs? "I'm a rapper!"
       PRODUCES GROUPS? Supports groups in several countries. Wow o_O
1:26 - Jason does THE ORLANDO RAP. Totally his. Pawpets do base.
       <WOW!.fx> Multi-Yays! Jason "You guys are having too much fun
         over here!" Jason ponders staying. Yappy asks if he'll bring
         the coffee?
1:27 - Jason misses the Air Force, salutes. Jason interviews Mutt.
1:28 - Mutt shows off merchandise. Jason "I can not BELIEVE this! I'm
         all shook up.." People wonders if it's a dream or nightmare?
       Arthur show was last week, but Jason's already nominated by
         audience! Gets a TShirt "Extra Extra EX-TRA large.."
1:29 - People ponder Pink Flamingo challenge. Worries Jason won't come
         back if they do! Jason has to go though, waves and does both
         the Arsenio thing and barks for Mutt.
1:30 - <America.mp3> Jason hopes the Marines come home safely.
       <AmericanFlag.fx> Mutt notes whole channel loves Jason!
       Someone from Netherlands says hello, Jason was there "I spent
         four years in Europe.." names places to see if people are
         from there?
1:31 - Jason erfs.. has to go "I'm sad now.. promise you'll have me
         back?" Multi-yays!
1:32 - Jason mentions his movie again "Unphazed" "It's a boxing movie,
         but it's a high-tech thriller" owns the domain, no page yet
         though. Two hour feature film. Rocky/6thSense/Matrix.
       Mutt "Don't say Episode One, whatever you do!" Talk about
         Matrix: Reloaded.
1:33 - Budget is so high for Reloaded that they're building a HIGHWAY?
1:34 - Mutt offers to do premier for Unphazed on the show! Multi-hugs
       Applause for Jason! He shall return..
1:35 - PAWPETS ROCKY MOUNTAIN. Cool opening video!
       "One year ago, a very special event happened on the Funday
         Pawpet Show. This is a tribute to that event.."
       <SynthRaindrops.mp3> O_O <Que!> <Aye!> <DoubleEE> <F> <Lives!>
       <Q> <I> <EE> <F> <Leaves!>
1:36 - <YATTA!!!!!!.mp3> Wolf, sheepdog and vixen sing.
(In case you're wondering what the HECK Yatta is:...)
  ^-- History of Yatta, song from Japanese Group "The Green Leaves"
  ^-- Animutation "IRRATIONAL EXUBERANCE" based on YATTA. Main US
      claim to fame. As cool,if not COOLER, than All Your Base
  ^-- Whatever you do, DON'T LOOK AT THIS without sunglasses!
1:37 - A whole bunch of vowels and consonants!
         Pawpets waists are below stage, no leave-shorts showing..
1:38 - Floating In Space music transition. (No.. bad mental image..)
1:39 - <DA!> "Thank you!"
       Credits. "Yatta" The Green Leaves (Japanese comedy band)
                Album 'Silly Go Lucky'
       All puppets -- Hobbes (All three?) [TheBorg.gif]
1:40 - Arthur rummages for Pawpets. Looks for MiniRandy
       MiniRandy "It's me!" cartmans.
1:41 - Arthur rights. Other people do food and stuff. Arthur notes
         comic relieve characters fill time while others take a break..
       MiniRandy interviews Moo the Spider. "You'raSpider!"
       Moo is sure he's a cow! War.
1:42 - MiniRandy looks forward to throwing eggs at people's cars!
       Moo retreats, Arthur reappears? Wonders where Moo went.
1:43 - MRandy "LookatthisArthurI'mGonnaAbandonYouAllByYourselfSoNaa!"
         runs off. Arthur "(slowly).. Why?"
       Arthur erfs "Well, anyway, we're gonna.." Mini popsup"AHH!"ducks
       Arthur "It's gonna be crazy.. and it's gonna be cute."
       Mini "(Cartman) CuteAndDeath,AtTheSameTime! LikeYouHaveAt
         Christmas!" Arthur arghs!
1:44 - More Mini Madness!
1:45 - Someone holds a box of 'Edible Undies' and holds it in front of
         the camera. Just because. Arthur "I thought you were gonna use
1:46 - Mini and Java do Grapefrui/b/b/b/b/b/b Zoot Suit Riot swing!
1:47 - Mini rocks with Jar Jar.
1:48 - Mini spinspinspinz o_o O_O @_@ (TailSpin.tv)
       Mini does the KISS-tongue thing. Yummy @_@
1:49 - Mini's wearing a suit? (Or is that a straightjacket?)
1:50 - Naked pawpet. Stagehand talks to Java. Not much to say though.
1:51 - Java hurts an eye. Wow O_O <Alert.mp3>
1:52 - <CurlyShuffle.mp3> Musical Draw-Drawers-Guy jams.
1:53 - Lots of Nyuking. <CurlyOggles!.mp3>
1:54 - Don't look at the ground! (Supercombo.move) <Pain.mp3>
1:55 - The end! Broken Peeker repeatedly falls short in mosh pit jump.
1:56 - CHANNEL ROLLCALL! Mach is back.
       Comparing Mach to Magic 8-ball. Devin runs experiments with
         the camera.
1:57 - <MexicanHatDance.mp3> Jacque filks lyrics. Mach glances at him.
1:58 - Actual start of Rollcall. You are looking at a banana.
1:59 - You are still looking at a banana o_O.
       Looking out through nose-less Groucho Marx glasses.
       The letter C. With EYES!!! o_o

****** END OF PART ONE ********

************* PART TWO ***********
2:00 - Arthur fills time. Talks with people offstage you can't hear.
2:01 - <Noise.mp3> Arthur "What is that noise?"
       Ghost mimics Arthur. Arthur argues with himself.
2:03 - There's a female gungan puppet? Ipswitch.. waves at you.
2:04 - FemJarJar "Missa..Luvesa..Yousaa!" attacks Arthur. "AHH!"
       Girl pawpeteer (Who?) arghs, hand is getting slimy.
2:05 - Arthur pitches various other puppet "How about this snowleopard?
2:06 - Cool sunglass spottycat! (You gave her Pat the HERM? o_o)
2:07 - Glasses come off. Pat arghs and tries to paw them back on.
       Arthur get new set of hands! Pat "YAY! Two female pawpeteers
         at the same time!"
2:09 - Herbie arghs.. victims seem to have disappeared!
       On a dare, Arthur tries being Mutt. Still talks like Arthur.
2:10 - Simba "He has this.. halting kind of way.... of speaking.."
       Poink is back from Iraq! Cow spider is happy ^_^
2:11 - Lots of Mooing. Still looking for Flamingo people.
         Chilli Mouse is fortifying the bathroom.
2:12 - Poink hopes she comes out before his cabbage hits o_O O_O
       Hentai and Hot Weenies again. Ezra notes he did NOT look at the
         words beforehand..
       Latin Vixen, Chilli and Raini all in the house!
2:14 - Chilli declines Flamingos. Latin tries to talk reason.
       "What you are about to see.. is the REAL THING"..
       People look uncertain.
2:16 - People look ill. Cover mouths. "I... Ewwww.."
2:17 - Poink wants to get a real Pink Flamingo?
       Castmembers still missing..
2:18 - Sunglass Arthur "Don't eat chocolate after seeing this movie.."
2:19 - POINK'S DVD REVIEWS: Harry Potter and Chamber of Secrets.
       Poink loves Harry. Hates that it's famous.
       Singing Yu-Gi-Oh to Old MacDonald.
       Unseen footage. Harry gets it on with Hermoinie?
2:20 - BAD CHEESE STUDIOS: Cool dying-fly intro!
       Rock'in Tiger, looks like Kenny Rogers Metalhead.
2:23 - Tiger plays to the crowd. Screaming girls! (Can't make out the
         lyrics anyway.)
2:24 - CREDITS: Moon -- Darian
       "The Thing From Uranus" by Sloppy Seconds (o_O Maybe I didn't
         want to hear the lyrics..) - That Darn Punk
2:24 - CHARADES! Two characters. Yappy tries being Rasvar, but can't
         figure the camera out! Ezra "You set it up!" "I plugged it in,
         haven't had to program it!"
2:26 - Poink wishes he wasn't in Iraq, so he could surprise everyone at
         Raini's wedding.
       Poink is glad the wedding was at the gold course. "If the
         wedding falls through, we could play a couple holes."
2:27 - Ezra teaches Crappy to ignore Poink. Crappy ignores everyone?
2:28 - Crappy is like Teddy Ruxpin? People looks for CDs.
       Ezra hates Teddy Ruxpins.. the tapes always jam
2:29 - Talking Big Bird? Adds "Imagine THAT.." at end of everything.
       Crappy wants one! Has new catchphrase to annoy Ezra!
2:30 - The $7mil Bear. Ruxpin gets upgraded.
       Rasvar uses Poink as a punching bag. It's funny!
       Rasvar uses Shirt-Lift-White-Skin Attack! Ezra is blind @_@
2:31 - Rasvar's butt.
2:32 - Crappy gets in trouble for watching evil cable TV.
2:33 - Cars crunch bunnies. Printers crush bunnies?
2:34 - <OminousMusic.mp3> Poink "Oh no! Where's the Ominous Music
         coming from!?"
2:35 - Rolly starts. Makes various hand-gestures. Four words..
2:37 - Latin Vixen goes. Pink Flamingos Challenge! Quick work
2:38 - Rolly starts.. people guess everything but
2:39 - Rolly arghs and searches the house for props. HI-E-NA.
       Latin thinks. Eats? Hides?
2:40 - Makes throwing motions. Herbie "Cute?.. :)"
2:41 - Latin arghs and goes for props.
       Chuck-E-Cheese! (Chucky.evildoll)
2:42 - Latin tries lurching monster-movements. "Cute! Adorable.."
2:43 - Rolly thinks hard.. had to catch up. Channel loves game.
2:44 - Channel loves Latin! Latin tailswings.
2:45 - Rolly does Golum? "Sweet.. innocent.. with a stick.."
2:46 - Latin, one word, two syllables. "Cute-Adorable-Loving-Charming-
         Dead.." Latin lays down.
2:47 - Rolly lays down and uses Latin for a pillow! Hugs!
       Latin has Chucky Cheese doll? Poink "Menaga-Toi, with Chucky!"
2:48 - PAWPETS SOUTHWEST: Vixen singing to goofy anime song!
  ^--Animutation on this song! )
       Vixen sings with FlightOfTheBumbleBee.mp3 pace.
       Rapid changing Wild West font english lyrics at bottom.
       Vixen almost gets whiplash from pace!
2:50 - Lots of Look-Out-It's-GOING-TO-EXPLODE!! computer metal
2:51 - CREDITS: Sakura Saku {Theme - Love Hina} Megumi Hayashibara
       Veronica - Hitomi
2:51 - Back. Rolly is giving Scritch a backrub?
       Rolly plays with ferret. Ferret is dead? Flops it around.
2:52 - Rolly scritches Arthur! Leaves dead ferret to side.
       Arthur's super-paws! Rolly-sized paws!
2:53 - (HelpingHands.improv) Hands gesticulate for Arthur.
       Hands try to grab Arthur, who dodges to the side.
2:54 - Robotic flying hands help Arthur lie about fish size.
2:55 - Arthur counts in roman numbers. Hands are confused.
       ArthurHands do YMCA! (o_o AHHHHH!)
2:56 - "Can you do Yatta? :)" (O_O AHHHHHH!)
       <StrongBadJam.mp3> Arthur follows what his hands are doing.
2:58 - Arthur, who didn't used to have moving arms, goes on a rampage.
       Mutt wonders if Arthur ever punches himself in the face? "No,I..
         PunchPunchPunch.. "Ayaayyaa!"
2:59 - Mach wonders if Arthur has seen Evil Dead 2?
2:59 - SING ALONG WITH ARTHUR <TheUnicorn.mp3>
3:00 - Rapid fire list of Arc Animals. Hands beat up on Arthur.
       <WalkLikeAnEgyptian.mp3> Arthur goes Egyptian!
3:01 - Er.. Arthurhand do motions, Arthur tries to keep eye on them.
       <They'reComingToTakeMeAway.evil!> "They're coming to take AWAY
3:02 - <Siren.mp3> Arthur goes nuts. Poink watches impassively.
3:03 - Chilli was doing the hands!
       Arthurhands take a bow. Arthur blinks and watches "
       Blood-Red COPA. (Cabana?) "Hayseeed Sinks the Hits"
       "How Do I Live" Originally performed by LeAnn Rimes, Trisha
       Uber-cute Coon Inna-John Deer hat.
3:05 - o_O SqueekyCuteWarbled "HowILiveee WithoutYou.."
       "How did I ewer...ewersurrvivEEEE!" (ExplodingGlass.mp3) >_<
3:06 - Better song trashing even than Cartman!
3:07 - Big solo!
3:08 - "howdiiEver..EveryswerVIVVE!" (ExplodingBricks.mp3)
       Hayseed runs out of air "AmIDun?"
       CREDITS - Hayseed: Puppet and Vocal - Cirrus Kitfox
3:08 - Rapid Rasvar Subliminal Attack!
3:09 - Cudos to Kitfox!
3:09 - SPITS OR SWALLOWS. Last call for Art Jam and Captions.
3:10 - ChilliMouse's Halvah(sp?) Kosher Jewish candy
       "It's chocolate covered Halvah" Hellva what?
3:11 - Rasvar's up. Poink narrates. Ras likes, peanutbuttermumbles
3:13 - Jez, aka Lynxcat, next. "With Chilli art on my hand!"
       Cool Lynxdress last night. Lynx likes.
       Chilli was maid of honor, likes Hellva
       Simba goes. Chews. Thinks. "Aw Man.. just kidding, it's good"
3:14 - John friend goes. Munches. Thinks. Like malt? Likes malt.
       Mach gave it a spit. Yappy munches.
3:15 - Yappy thinks. Tries to place taste. Garbonzo beans? Peas?
       JR! Ezra "In his dashing plaid shirt.." JR "I was the ******
         at Raini's wedding last night!" Dedicates ItHadToBeYou
3:16 - Ash goes "That's wierd.." Swallow though. Tastes like bread?
       Latin Vixen! Costume builder. "(munching)CanIEatTheWholeThing?"
       Latin steals some, but there's enough for KP. "That has the
         weirdest aftertaste.."
3:17 - Chilli holds out the plate for channel camera. Looks like..old
         gravy o_O
3:18 - Chilli shows shirt for CardboardDucktape boat races! 20foot
         cardboard racing clipper ship?
3:19 - Poink announced Bab's Bunny Birthday! ThisIsYourBirthdaySongIt
3:20 - ART JAMS! PAWPETS IN 1960's
       Tod-Ezra-Poink-Mutt mutant with beanie?
       N-Men. Nonsanity's "The strangest superheros of all"
3:21 - Screen capture of Arthur and Arthurhands! Quick work!
       Compulsive Bear-drawing.
       1960's Ozark. Groovy.
3:22 - Pawpet Furry Submarine? Carrot is totally into it!
3:23 - Comics. Fortune cookies. Raini takes over Wayne's World!
3:24 - Pawpeteers as superheros? Arthur "I'm Frickin' Huge." Roxicat.
         Devin gets dwarfed again. JR "Why do I have three things?"
         Ezra "Because you DO have three chins!"
3:25 - Simba of Four Fingers and the poster of Doom.
       Slight miscalculations. No water in pool.
3:28 - Say no to human shields. Never do a head-stand on quicksand.
       Channel "Dude, where's my pool?"
3:29 - Sacrifice to fire ants? More empty pools.
       False Zen. "Ohm" vs. "Umph"
3:30 - Nearing the planet Asshauff..
3:31 - Ezra remember vividly bar at marriage party. Arthur and Ras
         were drivers.
3:31 - SHOUT OUTS! [Augh, enough with the CAPS!]
       Birthdays and deliberately embarrasing things for friends.
3:33 - Goofy Song about taxi cabs. Fuzzle and Poink slow-jam
       Ezra looks out to make sure it's safe. Needs translator? "I don't
         speak 'WIERD'".
3:35 - Harik and Raini call in! Ezra "How was everything after the
       Friends cover car in shaving scream, but there's no wiper fluid!
3:36 - Time elapsed for removing clothes. WOW! o_o
3:37 - Back to the open bar! Harik thinks friend are week for not
         downing more than $1,000 in alcohol.
3:38 - Tons of suggestive drink names. Tempferret chews Poink.
3:39 - Poink... um... chews.. no. o_o
3:40 - Booty.
3:41 - Hyena says HI!
       Pictures of Furry Cake-topper sculpture.
3:42 - Harik is glad people didn't destroy anything :) Well, except the
         toilet seat-cover.. (?) People mention tablecloths..
3:43 - Rolly scritches Poink! People want Raini to keep the dress.
3:44 - On the net, nobody can see if you're naked watching the show.
       Fursuiters wave!
3:45 - Arthur has mother duck in backyard, clutch of eggs. Worried
         about Easter looters?
3:46 - Arthur ponders, with help of Arthurhands.
       Yappy hates wild ducks, they eat his trash?
3:47 - Bunny Death Idea: Death by defensive Mother Duck.
3:48 - Poink wants 3 bunnies to hold up a bank.
       Melt bunnies in Florida mailboxes? (And you know who it was!)
3:49 - Bunnies down into the portable john. (EightCrazyNight.mov)
       Death by hot-liquid catheter.
3:51 - <AwesomeManSuperheroSong.mp3>
3:52 - Alternate Superheros. Drug-free boy? Ezra flies overhead happily
       Immigration Dude?
3:54 - Ezra is Income Tax Refund Guy! Poink is Crimson Gynecologist.
       Java found his eye! ..loses it again. Arthurhands search.
3:55 - Ezra thinks it's time for the song..
3:56 - <GOODNIGHT!.mp3> Arthurhands do the sign-language thing.
Tonight's Cast:
Herbie Hamill   Randy Fox       John Cole      Scott Garron
Jim Mogle       Dan Boatright   Devin Bray     John Nurrenmacher
Patric Dowden   Jessica Kiela   Raini          Harik
Erika Rosengarten       Valentina Caicedo

"Soul Bossa Nova" Quincy Jones - Hooked on Austin Powers
"Adios, Aueroir, Aufweldesien" Lawrence Welk  - hooked on classics
"Mello Yello" - Donovan - hooked on caffeine
"Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds" - Beatles - hooked on baseball
"Stairway to Heaven" Beatniks - hooked on the Beatles
"Did Chilli Just Use the F-Word?" Question from Poink.
"Nightfire Dance" Andreas Valendwieder - Down to the Moon - Hooked on
       incredibly long names.
"Lil Saint Nick" Beach Boys - Hooked on bikinis
"City of New Orleans" Arlo Guthry - Time Life Sounds of the 70's
"Mission Theme" Boston Pops - Hooked on aliens
"Zoot Suit Riot" Cherry Poppin Daddies - Hooked on weddings
"Curly Shuffle" - Jump in the Saddle - Hooked on Quincy Jones

(What's the Superhero song though? That ruled!)

Server providers:
Aerobatus Thumper Frysco Timduru Harik Vitapup - Hooked to the Net

Copyright 2003 - Randy Fox - Hooked on tuxedos

3:58 - Poink "It would be a cool superhero.. I could walk around with
         a pap-smear gun" - Hooked.
       <DeanFromAnimalHouse.mp3> - Hooked on Power.

Timeline Compiled by Blackfoot Ferret [Hooked on Phonics]
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