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Subject: PawpetShow#163-Arthur Awards!-Timeline 1/2
Date: Wed, 16 Apr 2003 21:48:27 -0700
From: Rob Taylor <robtaylor04@attbi.com>
Newsgroups: alt.fan.furry

Funday Pawpet Show #163 - April 6th, 2003 - Arthur Awards!
Timeline by Blackfoot Ferret

---ARTHUR AWARDS -- 0:14 to 2:50, off and on during whole show.
Awards for the most cool, odd and disgusting things that happened over
the last year, nominated and voted on by viewers. Various fans call in
to do annoucements.
---DRAWING ON MACH'S BUTT -- 1:39 to 1:58
To do a good service for a charity, RoxiKatt and Susandeer square off in
a drawing contest, using the backside of Mach's underware for a sketch
pad. While Mach's wearing them. Live video from the con event.
JR forgot to bring a swimsuit to the most recent Pawpet party, so
instead he borrowed some from someone else. Raini. The most popular
caption picture to date, registering over 100 viewer captions, read at
the end of the show!

************* SHOW 163 START **********
0:00 - Disclaimer! Turn back now!
       New warning: WA-13 "No 'WAAA' if you are over the age of 13"
0:01 - "Thirty seconds ago, in a living room far, far away.." (Gas.mp3)
       (PawpetShowTheme-LavaLampMix.mp3) Character parade.
0:03 - Show start! Poink hosts?
       Arthur Awards tonight! Arthur "Oh.. Alright!"
0:04 - 30 seconds of live footage of the channel
       Poink, Arthur, and JAVA in tuxedos. (Madness.band)
0:06 - Java performs ballet to Oscar medley. Hurry for Hollywood!
0:08 - Next week Raini and Harik get married! Party last night?
       Tod notes some people were 'dressed to kill'?
       Tod explains JR wanted to do swimming.. had to borrow a swim-
         suit. Tod "From Raini.."
       Poink offers $5 for Tod to stop. Poink is actually embarrasedO_O
0:10 - CAPTION PHOTO: JR at the pool in Raini's bikini bottoms (O_o)
       Rasvar closeups the picture. Arthur "Um.. I'm broke now.."
       Rating call.. another look at the picture.
0:11 - Rasvar uses Whiteness of picture for video effects.
0:12 - 90 second broadcast delay ends, channel goes NUTS!
0:13 - Rasvar practice-fires Atredes sonic weapon.
0:14 - Hobbes calls in to announce ARTHUR #1 - Best Crappy Quote
        "Let's Play!"
0:16 - More talks about The Picture. Poink puts positive spin "He looks
         like a million bucks in loose change!"
0:17 - Poink practices Laser-Eyes.
0:18 - Phone Booth movie. Good? Tod puts positive spin..
0:19 - TChall calls in for ARTHUR #2 - Funniest Segment
       <ItHadToBeYou.mp3> Poink sings to inflatable sheep? Ewe?
       No other nominations. Poink wins! <MoreSinatra.mp3>
0:21 - More show idea. Tod wants JR waxed? Poink runs from The Frog.
0:22 - Chemical weapons. JR poots when he's nervous? "I'm not being
         WAXED!" Channel goes with Tod.
0:23 - Closeup of Poink. Butt hair transferred to head? Glowing eyes O_O
0:24 - Sefina calls in. She's moving to Orlando in August! Got on
         Disney college program. Tod "So you're going to be underpaid
         a lot?" "Yyyyeess!"
       ARTHUR #3 - Most Wrong Segment of 2002!
0:25 - Sefina wonders how many inflatable animals Poink has? One
         exploded. Sheep and shark both nominees.
0:26 - Sefina "Can I get a drumroll please?" Pawpets BRRR(DrumRoll.mp3)
         It Had To Be Ewe wins! Second Arthur!
0:28 - Stuffing ballots. Poink got his bra instead?
0:29 - Arthur Poink and Tod do Toxic Audio Homestar jam session
0:30 - Mesmerized by Strong Bad.
0:31 - RoxiKatt calls in - ARTHUR #4 - Coolest Gift - Chuckles wins
         over the Fart Detector and Brick of Poptarts!
0:32 - Ferret innuendo o_O
0:33 - Arthur wonders who comes up with these nominations? Channel!
0:34 - Show lag. Rasvar starts launching sound effects
       <IJustGotSomeSatisfaction.mp3> Poink can't get any?
0:35 - TonyRingtail calls in. Poink arghs, not a female.
       ARTHUR #5 - BEST MACH OUTBURST! <Drumroll.mp3> "*DIE!*" wins!
0:37 - Poink does Thumbwars jokes involving Mach and Tony (M16.gif)
0:38 - Rowsby calls in. Poink wonders if his accent is Swedish? "Vat?"
       Rowsby doesn't have an accent.. goes for..
       ARTHUR #6 - BEST NEW SEGMENT: 'Spits or Swallows' wins!
0:40 - Segment does acceptance speech. People spit and/or swallow. O_o
       <LoudDialTone.mp3> Tod ARGHS! "Someone put up a tote board,
         Rasvar screwed up 5 times tonight." [Rasvar 5, Pawpets 0]
0:41 - Educating CrappyDoo about why Menstrual doesn't involve men.
0:42 - TiborTiger calls in. ARTHUR #7 - Best Garrison and Hobbes video!
         "Lilo and Java" wins! <StitchMutatedIntoJava.avi>
0:43 - [Rasvar 6, Pawpets 0] Tod arghs! Poink gets attitude
       Rasvar "Give me a second.." walks up and bashes Poink [7,-1]
       Rasvar uses SuperCombo on Poink.
0:44 - Rasvar uses *What* on Poink? [Ras 13, Poink -12]
       Nonsanity and Cuddles callin!
0:45 - ARTHUR #8 - BEST ART JAM TOPIC - In Search of Rasvar's Buttcrack
0:46 - Rasvar wonders if the Buttcrack should do the speech? People run
0:47 - Nonsanity "<Robot.mp3> His pants..are down. His pants..
         are down." Java looks in?
0:48 - Java's happy feet.
0:49 - Telegrand calls in. Dude, not candybar.
       ARTHUR #9 - BEST NEW PAWPET CHARACTER - Crappy Doo! CD "..WOW!"
0:50 - Pondering the Art Jam topic? Poink in bed surrounded by Nuns?
         of show.
       <JackrabbitWearningRaini'sBikiniBottomsAtPool.gif> Bacon dies.
0:53 - Tod wows as Channel loses weight instantly! Poink laughs "You're
         all just bitching because I'm cute! ^_^"
0:54 - Skates calls in. ARTHUR #10 - BEST FLUFF AND SUCH VIDEO!
         Winner: <Drumroll.mp3> "If I Had A Million Dollars"
0:56 - <BarenakedLadies-IfIHadAMillionDollars.mp3> Pawpets rock to
         modern folk. Stagehand uses Dollar bill to cover up Poink.
0:58 - Poink ponders ways he can use the money during the song.
0:59 - "I'd buy Rasvar a new buttcrack.." <NO!WRONG!.mp3>
       Haven't YOU always wanted a monkey? (o_O) <AtariZaps.mp3>
1:00 - Ozark, raspydog calls in! ARTHUR #11 - BEST SPITS OR SWALLOWS!
       Ozarks wants chewing tobacco on list.. but no luck.
         Horlicks Nourishing Health Drink? Armor Potted Meat Product?
         Herbie's Hot Weenies? (O_O)
1:02 - Durian Cake wins! 'Durian Cake!...AAIIIEEE!' onna screen.
       Yappy arghs.. 12 got omitted
1:05 - FoxConner calls in, like Sean Connery
1:06 - Phone hangs up. Poink chews out Rasvar! Ras boxes Poink.
1:07 - Yappy notes William Shatner is calling Poink to get his toupee.
       Syook calls in. ARTHUR #14 - BEST CHUCKLES BIT
         Chuckles is versatile o_O. "Chuckles rides the Segway" wins!
1:09 - Nobody can buy a Segway. Rasvar scores another point on Poink
1:10 - Poink "I dare you to do that again!" [Rasvar 17, Poink -12]
       Poink's chest hair? Paw fur on chest? Fashionable mange.
1:11 - ba_ar calls in. ARTHUR #15 - BEST PERK FOR WORKING AT DISNEY
         $800 office chairs wins.
1:12 - Systematically ripping off Poink's clothes. (Don'tAskMeWhy.mp3)
1:13 - Java kisses Poink o_O
1:14 - Punktiger calls in. ARTHUR #16- BEST SQUEEKER! - Trixi-Cute! :)
1:15 - Java nibbles on Poink.. neither can breathe?
       Tod "Oh wait! Java used superglue for lip gloss!"
1:17 - Arthur checks in to see how the show named after him is doing.
1:18 - EagleBeagle calls in. ARTHUR #17 - BEST JAKE WEBSITE!
         www.NitpickersGuideToThePawpetShow.com? (Who needs it?)
         MachNaked.com wins!
1:19 - Drumroll after answer? Tod "Rasvar screw-up#10!"[Ras 27,Paw -13]
1:20 - Online Florida elections. Rasvar operated one in RL?
1:21 - Poink jumps over the stage! JR looks over stage after him?
1:22 - Saddam Hussein calls in. He alive? "Really..Hussein..honest!"
       Tod "You're going to get bombed." "That's what I'm doing right
         now!" Tod notes a Yappypoot "Oh!OHNO!IGetHim!"
       Saddam turns into Uncle Kage! Kage likes Poink's toupee.
1:23 - Medical reasons for extra/less Poink fur.
       ARTHUR #18 - BEST NEW PAWPETER Tod "You misspellted PAwpeteer!"
1:24 - Winner: "Only announced is someone pokes Poink in the eye for
         me, right now!" JR stagehand provides. Garrison and Hobbes!
1:25 - Kage is still waiting for his Arthur from last year. Poink
         notes he's got more hair than Kage below. "SHOW IT!"
1:26 - Tod threatens to bomb Poink, since Tod's now the one above-stage
       Garrison thanks 'all the little guys I stepped on' in channel
       Rasvar stomps on Poink [Rasvar 30, Poink.. smelly]
1:27 - Ginger calls in! ARTHUR #18 - BEST RUNNING JOKE
         Poink burning Rammen noodles on John?
         Newer and better ways to beat up Poink.
       WINNER: Poink's obsession with Rasvar's buttcrack!
1:28 - Tod think's Poinks head looks like rammen noodles.
1:29 - Poink looks like Burnt Reynolds? (StinkyAndTheBandit.mov)
1:30 - Calls for Rasvar to do the Fatty Dance. Rasvar holds out for
         an Arthur.
       No he doesn't!
       OrionJay calls in.. you can hear time-lagged show in background!
1:31 - ARTHUR #19 - BEST TOTALLY UNEXPECTED THING - Sinkhole Madness!
1:32 - Sinkhole controversy.. if whole house got sucked underground,
         how can they be here?
       Tod "That was a very very weird show.." <JRInBikini.gif>
1:33 - Tod points out sinkhole in bellybutton. [Rasvar 33] [Tod 1]
1:34 - Nexxus calls in, Furnation guy!
       ARTHUR #20 - BEST CAPTION PICTURE - Crazy FC Lady with PocketFox
       Tod wows at how popular PocketFox was.. Rasvar reflashes JR
         Pool Picture.
1:35 - Tod reexplains why JR was in Raini's bikini bottoms.
1:37 - AkeaKami calls in. ARTHUR #22 - BEST ROLLERCOASTER!
         Herbie's Rollercoaster Tycoon Coaster that kills unhappy
         park-goers wins!
1:39 - VIDEO: ART JAM ON MACH'S BUTT! (?!) by Susandeer and Roxikat
       Mach laying down, JR announces everyone's gather to shave Mach's
         rear "NO!!"
1:39 - Roxi and Susan ponder how to go about this.
1:40 - Subject #1 - Poink smooching Mach's butt. Mach arghs!
1:41 - Various Pawpets wave to the camera. Except Mach.
1:42 - Sharpie markers selected. One minute time limit? Underwear as
1:43 - Pens move. Pawpets comment. Mach likes it?
1:44 - Sue draws a head on Mach's ass? Character going 'GAH!'
         Sue cracks up laughing! Mach "Stop tickling!!"
1:45 - Sue "I'm so glad I had my nails done for this :)"
       Art is for charity? Java looks in close "Ex..cellent!"
       Mach "Keep.. The FROG.. away from my butt.."
1:46 - Herbie laughs "Poor Java! ^_^"
       Roxi tries to erase. (AnyPBSDrawingShowMusic.mp3)
1:48 - People dare Mach to roll over in 5 sec to prove he's not SHWING!
       Java looks eager? Sue blinks at Java. The ferret on Mach's butt
1:49 - While Mach can't see what they're drawing, people tell him
         there's a giant tongue back there.
1:50 - Time limit clearly abandoned
1:51 - Using various shades of brown for blending.
1:52 - How much would YOU pay to have people draw on your butt?
       Done.. wait, forgot to autograph! Mach "Hello NURSE!"
1:53 - Java takes a close look. Mach "Keep the eyeball away from my
        Butt!" Mach retreats! "Keep the Frog away from my BUTT!"
1:54 - Finished art! Finding the best angle. Poink takes a good look
         next to his likeness.
       Mutt likes the fruit bowl at the top. Favorite picture? "I think
         they both.. STINK! Get it!?"
1:55 - Poink pretends to be Seal. Tag from Fluff and Such takes a look
1:56 - Mach takes a look.. "Oh my GOD? It's so wrong!"
       Even score. 2 griffin breaks the tie. Plugs his nose
1:57 - 2 comments using his finger as a pointer. Mach "2!!!"
1:58 - 2 "I'd have to go with Suedeer.." SLAP! Mach buries his head
         under a pillow.

Funday PawPet Show Mail List
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Subject: PawpetShow#163-Arthur Awards!-Timeline 2/2
Date: Wed, 16 Apr 2003 21:55:33 -0700
From: Rob Taylor <robtaylor04@attbi.com>
Newsgroups: alt.fan.furry

------------ And now, back to the show! :)
1:58 - Ezra and Poink love it!
1:59 - Ezra wants a copy!
2:00 - Ezra "Anyway, it's the Arthur show!" Arthur "I think it's about
         them, not me.."
       *BELCH* TeddyTiger calls in. Is glad they found a video worse
         than the JR picture. Poink "Ok, hang up on him!"
         Winner: <DrumRoll.mp3> Evil Eyes Poink! (Actually has LEDS
         in his eyes now!)
2:02 - VIDEO REPLAY: TeddyTiger watching Pink Flamingos earlier.
2:03 - Stroking the one-eyed Weasel? Tuxedo Java.
2:04 - LupisLupine calls in. ARTHUR #24 - BEST PPRM VIDEO
         Winner: "Tribute to the Greatest Song in the World"!
2:06 - Megawolf calls in. ARTHUR #25 - BEST CENTRAL OHIO PAWPET
         AUTHORITY VIDEO - "Hayseed and Ozark" win! (Loved Ohio :) )
2:07 - YATTA!! NOOOOOO!!!
       YMCA... NOOOOOO!!!
2:08 - <First5SecondsOfYatta.mp3> Rasvar spooks people :) [Rasvar 37]
       Ezra has gas.. and it's bad o_O Then he tapdances O_o
2:09 - Crossed-Armed Arthur returns. Monk Arthur?
       RikkiTik calls in! ARTHUR #26 - BEST SATELITE PAWPET - Tag Wins!
2:11 - Arthur tries to do something, but has a cracked voice and can't
         easily meow. Talks like Crappy and Strong Bad instead.
         Arthur "Voices in my head!" <GhostChuckling.mp3>
2:12 - <54JavaI'mIntoThat's!.mp3> Arthur is possessed!
       Arthur "<Java> The voices in my HEAD!" passes out
       Arthur's about as good at impressions as Devin! Smackdown time!
2:14 - Arthur attacks Ezra with catchphrases. MultiDamage.
2:15 - Arthur does ARTHUR #27 - BEST OPENING BIT
         Lots of Headless Naked Barbie nominations..
         Winner: "Headless Naked Barbie Riverdance!"
2:16 - Barbies do Rockette kicks on Arthur and Ezra's heads.
2:17 - Arthur is possessed by Simba O_O Who is in turn possessed by
         Homestarrunner. o_O. Ezra uses Simbahead as a puppet.
2:20 - Winner: "Female Pawpeteers Take Over The Show For A Day, Then
           Lock The Door!" Need more female pawpeteers!
2:21 - Ezra ouches "My arm hurts!"
       Mutt is working late, can't get there today. Ezra "Mutt, come
2:22 - Sefina calls in again! Wants to Pawpeteer when she visits :)
       Rasvar aims the camera at a sleeping Jackrabbit, who slowly
         opens an eye?
       ARTHUR #29 - COOLEST REAL LIFE TRIP - Anthrocon wins!
2:24 - Sefina tells about huge Gaming Con, Anime. Almost tells about
       QUAG (?) but it would break the rating (? What? Whatsit??)
2:25 - Poink is awake again :)
2:26 - Strong Bad is on the phone? Hobbes returns!
       ARTHUR #30 - BEST ART JAM SUBMISSION - Good Widdle Ferret Or
         Bad Widdle Ferret wins!
       Griffinwolf callsin. ARTHUR #31 - BEST HERBIE NON-MUTT CHARACTER
         Winner: Scream Guy
2:30 - Rasvar cuts off the telephone? "Sorry about that!"
       [Rasvar 57] [Pawpets -34] Poink "How long before the stupid
         show is over..?"
2:31 - TChall calls in again. "I don't know why I'm doing this again!"
         Winner: "2, Death By Machine-Gun!"
2:36 - Punktiger calls in again. Has DejaVu.
       ARTHUR #33 - BEST PAWPETS WEST VIDEO - Rabbit Valley wins!
2:37 - VIDEO: PAWPETS WEST - Rabbit Valley.
       Postman isn't wearing pants? o_O
2:39 - Squirrels wearing rabbit ears so they get can get into Rabbit
         Valley. Rabbits beat them up. (BloodyRoar.game)
2:40 - Squirrels pack heat, go back as Postmen. Do all the vowels.
       CREDITS: Rabbit Valley (The Four Postmen)
       Justin - Findra    Jason - TeddyRuxpin
2:40 - Back to the show! Raini is perky for pixie-sticks?
2:41 - Ezra hopes Raini will looks up and say hello?
       Raini looks up behind stage for 2 seconds! Then retreats.
       Ezra wants a kiss. "This is one of the last times you'll be
         able to see Raini as a single woman!" married to Harik soon.
       Poink wants a kiss also! Doesn't get it. Only the underwear.
2:42 - "I'm HEEEERRREE!" Babs Bunny calls in :) Hellos from Ohio.
       ARTHUR #WhateverThisIs - BEST POOT EVER -
       Ras says voting was close.. and he had the fewest votes :)
       NASTIEST POOT - <FartingSounds.mp3> - Jackrabbit/Poink wins!
2:44 - Babs "You stink! And I mean that in the nicest way possible :)"
         Poink is thrilled. Sorta.
2:45 - Babs does impressions! Promises to dig tunnel to Florida.
       It's Jackrabbit's night :) Ezra wants to rename poot award the
         Poink! Poink "I hate you" "No you don't :)" "Yes I do"
2:47 - Mr. Pawpet song? Not a beauty pageant..
2:48 - HERBIE calls in! Poink "We're not.. really.. using your spot.."
         About whole cast nominated.. <DrumRolls.mp3>
       Herbie/Mutt blinks "Oh my gosh.. the winner is.. Poink!"
2:49 - Poink is stunned! "I'd like to say I love you all, but.."
       Last Pawpet Award! Arthur "Are we going to end the show early?"
         Ras "NO NononoNO! Another hour left :)" (And captions!)
2:51 - <HorrayForHollywood.mp3> Poink eyeglows. Arthur stripdances?
       Arthur "I'm no longer the best pawpet!" goes Chimpendales dancer
       (Since when did Chip and his friend become strippers? o_O)
2:52 - Arthur gets Hollywood makeover. Poink "HEY!" is ignored.
2:53 - Nerdferret is better dressed than Poink :) 2ft bow tie on 1ft
2:54 - Everyone except Poink has fun and dances.
       Nerd blinks "<Homestar> Whaght happened to yoor hare?"
       Replay of caption picture: <JRInBikini.gif>
       Nerd ARGHS! Arthur "Wow, I got four dollars!"
2:55 - Nerd consoles Poink "Tawk to me! I'm yur friend!" Poink nopes..
2:56 - Live footage of the channel in background! Blue screen effects.
2:57 - Nerd "Somebody says 'WHHAAHAHAHAHA!' Wooow.."
       Playing Pacman with IRC words.
2:58 - Ezra "If someone does that >> thing for a comment, it'll point
         right to Poink!"
       Massive audience interaction. Poink counts to 10 silently..
3:00 - Something about batteries and needing them.. LAUGHING!
         Poink "That... hurt..." Arthur MultiMultiBobbages.
3:01 - Arthur returns, covered in money?
       Nerd.. looking closely at the camera o_O O_o
3:02 - Nerd eating his own face O_O -_o
       Nerd singing Spanish Opera with half a face O_
3:04 - Java, Nerdferret duet! Nerd headbashes the camera. (Ouch! x_C)
3:05 - Simbahead looks up. First interview with a Pawpeteer in a long
         time! Going to be Raini and Harik's butler?
       Simba/Java/Cow/Carrot/Crappy/Arthur waves, with cool headgear.
3:07 - SPITS OR SWALLOWS! Sudden camera change catches Raini onscreen!
       Yappy waves, and introduces today delicacy: Macadamia Nut Chews
3:08 - DevinFox growls hello! Goes first.. (Are they crunch or chewy?)
       Facial distortions "It's not -bad-.. mmm..someone else eat one..
3:09 - Simba melts in chewy chocolate ecstasy. Passes out.
       Raini goes. "Actually, it's really good."
3:10 - <PouncingMusic.mp3> Lynxcat goes, likes
       The beleaguered Jackrabbit "Glad I'm not wearing the bikini.."
       <CheezyCloserToTheHeart.mp3> Ezra "That we can see!"
3:11 - JR savors.. holds in.. "Yepmph, it's goof"
       Rasvar munches, chews..chews.. "It'sf chewy"
       Harik(?) savros.. savors.. chews.. sees lights?
3:12 - Harik argh, stuck "I can't spitht.. I can't swallowf.."
       KP mmph "rreally wreally thiwk caramel.."
3:13 - <CloserToTheHeartBrokenRecord.mp3> Yappy swallows.. hmms, likes!
       Someone people like for once! General celebration <Beverlies.gif
3:14 - Poink gets caught necking with Bitchvoop again. "I was accepting
         my Arthur!"
3:14 - TONIGHTS ART JAMS! Theme: Pawpets in Hollywood.
       JR gets into the Onion? Goes on rampage. Chemical weapons used.
       JR gets into the Enquirfur? "Harry Potter seen cavorting in
         Woman's bikini!" Ras "The boobs have been pixilated out!"
3:16 - Scenes from Poink's life. First porno.
       Java leaves handprints with eyes?
       ANOTHER JRBikiniBottom monster movie!
3:17 - Kingdom Farts! (TheDoorToTheDark-OPENING.avi)
       Chippendales Pawpets?
3:18 - Nerd. In you face. His tie beating you eyebrows. Arthur "OW!"
       Nerd's bowtie tiled to one side, cape or weed-cutter?
3:19 - Rasvar does last call.. for PICTURE CAPTIONS.. searches for
         someone to read them. Poink exits..
3:20 - Rasvar blinks at record number of captions.. "How many we got?"
         Yappy "About a hundred." Rasvar "WOOOAH!"
       Camera on pawpeteers watching the channel talks about watching
3:21 - Devin ARGHS.. puts his head on mini JR-picture.
3:22 - Yappy reads, no shortage of ammo!
       Yappy "'...You snap that photo, I'll eat your BRAINS..'.."
       Camera hunts around, like 1st Person shooter, until it finds
         JR crashing onna bed, absorbing it all with style.
3:24 - Lots of song lyrics!
       JR.. doesn't react much. Tries not to laugh :)
3:25 - JR reclines, glances casually over at the others.
       Yappy almost cracks.."'We replaced the fine Raini-Cute normally
         served in these bikini brief with new Folgers JR C(K?)rystals,
         lets watch and see if Harik notices!"
       Pawpets in pain! JR sits up and unbuttons his sleeves. Converses
         with channel via laptop computer.
3:26 - Yappy "'Keep the FROG away from my butt!'" Java "yyEEAAyy! ^_^"
3:27 - Pawpet Swimsuit issue. JR gives up and closes the computer!
       Wallace and Grommit 'The Wrong Bikini Bottoms'
3:28 - There's a picture from behind also?
3:29 - Chilli "Lost another bet JR? :)"
       Last one! JR has something to say "Ok.. I'm gonna say this..
         Rasvar, move away from the camera.. drop the camera down a
         little bit.." Multi-NOss!
3:30 - JR calmly lists points on fingers "..I am a good sport, I did it
         simply to make my friends laugh, I consider the majority of
         people in channel my friends.. (^_^) [? Sunglasses at Night?]
       ".. and if they got a good chuckle out of it, I'm happy for you
         you :)      For THOSE.. that..kinda went a little too
         personal?.. like The Dummer?  ....  .    ."
3:30:25 - JR MOONS THE CAMERA. (O_O) [<SunglassesAtNoon.mp3>]
       Rasvar runs to aim it up, but too late!
       People clap! Rasvar claims someone else without a buttcrack.
       JR "If a picture is worth a thousand words.. then why can't you
         smell my crack?"
3:31 - People love it :) KP thinks he's the best sport in the house,
         gets standing ovation :)
       JR "I'm going to do something I've need to do for the last ten
         minutes.." KP "Gonna go smoke?" "You're Godd*mn right!"
3:32 - JR goes to the store to get some. Rasvar hopes he doesn't poot
         in KP Cafe Latte mobile. "Those were the most captions ever,
         and that was the brightest moon ever!"
3:33 - Good words for JR.
3:34 - Nerdferret "I luv you JR! I luv you Ezra!" Ezra looks down"No.."
3:35 - Nerdferret talks about his bowtie!
3:36 - Nerdferret's nose O_O Google eyes O_O Bowtie?
       Nerdferret eats the camera and belches.
3:36 - VIDEO - Rasvar doing a cannonball the same night. BOOM!
       Ezra "We need to mix that video, with the exploding DeathStar
         video.." (TaDa!) [SPLASH.mp3] (...Daaaa!) [LotsOfStars.avi]
3:38 - Rasvar videoedits, making himself jump into the pool, and fly
         out of it repeatedly, with word 'Eject!' at the bounce!
       "Buy 2's DVD Buy 2's DVD" loop
3:40 - Next year's Arthur ideas.. Uber poots?
3:41 - Spirited Away DVD out April 15th! And someone likes Nerd's
       NEXT SATURDAY: Raini and Harik get married! Simba butler.
3:42 - Stare of disapproval contest? Devin o_O at you (O_o)
3:43 - Simbahead and Crappy talk to each other. Nerdferret talks to
         Devin. All sing the YaYayayayayayaaaaayyaaaa song.
3:44 - <2Griffin'sPawpetSong!.mp3>
       Massive Pawpet jam!
       "PawPET PawPET!" "We can sing and dance!"
       'PawPET PawPET!' "We're not wearing pants!" (just for samples..)
3:46 - "Everyone around me.. is -JUST- -PLAIN- -WIERD-.."
       BowtieScarfNerd looks a bit like the Red Baron. Solos!
       Java just had a cow? Someone's goona puke now..
       Lots of NaananaaNAAANaaaaas

3:49 - Back. Ezra thanks 2 and all the nutzy fans of the show!
       Nerd mimic Arthur mimics Arnold Swartzenegger.
       Arthur "Ok, I'm retired! By!" leave. NerdArthur "NO..!"
3:50 - Crappy Show after regular broadcast last week? Sometimes stuff
         hidden after the show :)
3:51 - Ezra and Crappy practice using their ears as baseball caps.
         Nerd arghs "MineDoesn'tDoIt!"
       Rasvar notes 2 weeks from now.. CHOCOLATE BUNNY EASTER DEATH!
       Send in videos! Lots of suggestions! Get on the show!
3:52 - Nerdferret gets in your face "Everybody, I'm coming in through
         your screen!" HEADbashesBashesBASHES the screen. (@_@ dizzy)
3:54 - JR returns! Slowly sits down.. people look for voops.
       <JRInnaBikini!.gif> JR notes after tomorrow, it's gone FOREVER.
3:55 - In channel, Trixi, coiner of Manpanties, arrives in channel,
         sees the picture for first time! KOed.
3:56 - Ending Song. Credits.

"Soul Bossa Nova" (aka Opening Song) - Quincy Jones - Austin Powers
"AdiosAurRevarAufweldeveis" Lawrence Welk (aka Ending Song)
"Rabbit Valley" The Four Postmen (of the Apocalypse)
"Hooray for Hollywood" Disney MGM Studios - Great Movie Ride
"It Had To Be You(Ewe)"Harry Cornick JR"
"Hoorey for Hollywood" Mambo Fever - Ultra Lounge

3:56 - People hope Herbie gets time to return soon!
3:57 - JR "Goodnight.. sleep tight.. I'm gonna haaave a beer..
           or two.. as soon, as I get out.. of here.."
       <NakeyJR.gif> Ezra "Thanks everyone, goodnight!
****** END OF SHOW 163 *****
       Color bars
3:57 - 9:93 Lots of static.
Argh, spent a week trying to backup a hard drive that was about to
crash. Since I'm falling behind [again] I've tried a different approach,
and stopped pausing the show, writing as good an account as I can while
the film is still rolling. I've had to leave a lot of things out, and
can many of the regular cute comments [Halleluja.mp3]
(HALSingsDaisyAndBitesIt.mp3) [2010.mov], but I think the result might
be easier to read than before. More fun like this though, it's like
playing Tetris with Poink's face. See you folks Sunday :) - Blackfoot

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