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Subject: PawpetShow#139-9/11Trib-TimelinePT.1
Date: Wed, 25 Sep 2002 19:09:27 -0700
From: Rob Taylor <robtaylor04@attbi.com>
Newsgroups: alt.fan.furry

Funday Pawpet Show #139 - 9/11 Tribute - Timeline Part 1.
by Blackfoot Ferret

0:00:24 - 9..8..7...6...5...4...3...2....1.....
0:00:34 - Disclaimer (Buzzing stops early?)
0:00:50 - <SoulBossaNova.mp3>
0:01:08 - Character parade.
0:03:19 - Martha Stewart's 'Poink' with EYES. O_O
0:03:26 - <LiquidPouring.fx> Momentary picture of cat with puffed
           chipmunk-cheeks. "The Funday Pawpet Show is up NEXT!"
0:03:26 - Subliminal flash of football scoreboard!
***************** START
0:03:27 - Mutt, Tod and EsophaGuy.
          Trouble with FurryMuck connection continues. Mutt swears.
          Tod blinks at oath "Why?" "I was just told to say that."
0:03:45 - FurryMuck and alternate uses for metal screws.
          Wizards just kicked bot off
0:04:19 - Repeated credit: "Puppeteer and Life's Joke: Dan Boatright"
0:04:23 - Poink appears. He looks constipated.
          JR's stove caught fire by boiling water?
          Poink ponders eating the Pawpet sign. Tod "That sign costs
           money! We have none!"
0:05:24 - People are burping up onion rings. Poink "I had Tacos and
          (SaturnRocketScoutdown.mp3) <CoolJiveCountryFunkStuff.mp3>
          People wonders when Colon Powell will show up.. body parts.
0:06:47 - Ho downs and... (moving on!)
          The Double-Dutch bus? Poink "Is that anything like a Dutch
          Esophaguy has intestinal problems. Had tacos.
0:07:45 - Mutt bounces New Ideas For Next Season to channel.
          Like or dislike opening videos just before show? (Cool!)
          Aka. AllYourBase,Yatta,HappyTree. Poink wants more nudity.
0:08:45 - Channel likes.. Mutt reads list of KeepUm's! (Yay!)
          Rasvar "Keep everything as it is!" (Well.. about the tacos..)
          Esophaguy like burning squirrels? o_O (HappyTreeFriends.mp3)
0:09:50 - Channel wants to see Greased Ferret Wrestling? (o_O)
          Mutt listens while the show goes on. Esophaguy likes Mutt
           and thinks he's creative! Mutt says it's really his fleas.
0:11:10 - Discussion: Art Jam Topic? Midget wrestling?
          Poink "I am a midget. I'm only a foot tall?"
          <60'sLoveMusic.mp3> Tod doens't like Poink/Tod deathmatch
0:12:10 - Poink pounces Tod. Tod spins Poink around by the tail in tune
           with the disco music! Throws.
          Rasvar is the next topic? Poink "Grant prize.. a butt crack!"
          Rasvar asks channel for a different idea..
0:13:30 - Channel has lots of ideas for Poink. Rasvar "No, no pictures
           of Rasvar as Sailor Moon.." Esophaguy grooves to disco.
          Tod looks down "It's the EsophaGuy sing-along!"
0:14:26 - More killing time. What people did all week. EG's car caught
           fire? EsophaGuy slithers to get fire extinguisher.
0:16:00 - <MontyPythonTheme.mp3> Tod "I have some bad news this week.."
          Tod losses free AOL access :/ Had free AOL for life.
          Tod ponders changing. Rasvar ohs! "A real ISP!" "It was free!
          EsophaGuy likes the adult access from his PC.
          Esophagus porn on internet?
0:17:40 - People practice saying. "Now-That's-A-Titty". A few retakes.
          <DeepThroatTheme.mp3> Ferrets talk about feeling each other?
          Poink "Why are we listing to lounge music?" Tod "That's NOT
           lounge music!!"
0:19:30 - Discussion: Why wierd pictures about Poink are so fun.
          Diarea diaries? Esophaguy "16:02- Green Apple Splater"
          Hersey squirt. Poink beat on Tod with mini-monitor.
0:20:45 - Poink "Can we do the rolecall NOW?" Rasvar nopes.
          Tod attacks Poink with axe. People wait for new channel
           person. Mach's taking a sabatical?
0:21:45 - Broken Pecker looks in over the stage. Esophaguy ohs.
          Someone's sitting on a cell phone.. Poink listens.
          Poink nods, then looks up. "Tod?" "Yes?" "Blow me." "NO!"
          EsophaGuy ohs and watches, entertained.
0:23:10 - The property way to pronounce "POINK" Poink's real name is
           Sigmond? (Freud?)
0:23:40 - <MexicanHatDance.mp3>!
****************** CHANNEL ROLL CALL!
0:23:50 - <SimbaCam.fx> Simba hellos, then looks at computer.
          Simba reads channel names quickly..
          Simba gets into a rhythm. Hat dance accelerates.
          Channel changes names yet again. PepsiBlue?
0:25:00 - Simba turns to the camera "And there you have it."
          (WalterCronkite.gif) Tod ohs "Mach, how did you get so much
           hair?" Simba wields pony-tail.
0:25:20 - FurryMuck is still down. Can't go there anymore.
0:25:30 - Wierd, purple buzzing mosquito thing O_O Ensephilitus?
          Tod hopes he's not going to bite someone.. almost attacks
0:26:11 - Tod interviews Ensephitus. (Sounds like Carrot..)
          Tod has a friend named West Nile? (CharlieBrownParents.mp3)
0:27:05 - Mutt pops up "We need to get him a rolled-up paper."
          Ensephitus returns downstage! (Puppeteer isn't Herbie..)
          Tod has gift for Ensephitus. Picks up a newpaper and drops
           it. Ensephilitus "BuzzzBuzzBuzz...arrghh!" falls
0:27:29 - Esophaguy returns "I think he's Out, man!" (Lee returns!)
          Poink wonders why people are talking about N. Sephilitus?
          Poink meets N. Sephilitus. "Hi..." Mosquito buzzes around
           Poink "Uh.. little guy?" N.S kisses.
          Poink "He's going to be stones in a second. My blood's about
           50% beer!"
0:28:50 - Poink introduces E.Sphil to a friend of -his-.. a giant
           tennis raquet. Bye Sphi!
          <OddPianoBongoMusic.mp3> Poink looks down to survey the
           damage. Says something bad.
*************** DVD NEWS
0:29:35 - Tod recommends "Are You Being Served?" box set coming out if
           you like British comedy! N.Sphil is alive!
          N.Sphil perches on Poink's head. Poink swings raquet.. and
           misses! It breaks!
0:30:50 - Poink hmms.. "You stay.. -right here-" goes to find someone.
          Tod think they can find someone who isn't affected by
0:31:30 - Ensquilitus gets in your face. Mosquitolaughs!
0:31:46 - It's Carrot! Carrot talks to Ensephilitus. Heated mumbled
          Mosquito/vegetable intense combat! Tod "There's nothing for
           you to suck out of there!"
0:32:15 - Mosquito and Carrot get tired. Carrot hops up and bounces
           off of Tod.
          Tod warns Carrot might swell up if mosquitos bits him!
0:32:49 - Ensquilitius (ARGH! How do you SPELL THAT!??) and
           Cthuhlu-Carrot. "BOSWEEE..." It's big o_o
          Ensephilitous gives carrot Elephant-tius?
          JR has Elephant-tius also? People ask him to prove it.
0:33:30 - Java and Ensphiligus. Java loves it! Ask to be bit again and
0:34:30 - Enseph starts humming "Sing A Song" from sesame street?
0:34:50 - Enseph gets in your face.. then turns and FARTS on the
           camera? TWICE!
          Mutt welcomes Enseph to the show, and notes that, like
           Hotel California, he can never leave!
0:35:37 - Mutt announces someone has a birthday.. going to call.
0:36:02 - Practicing the Pawpet Birthday Song.
          Enseph keeps singing TGI Friday's birthday song..
          Mutt and Tod try again "This is your BIRTHDAY SONG! IT ISN'T
           VERY LONG!" "veelthatsucks!"
0:36:30 - N. Espho's EYES O_O
          Noel McNeil's birthday! NSeph attacks Poink again.
          Poink looks down at himslef "Well! Something's swelling up
           down there!"
*************** HAPPY BIRTHDAY NOEL!
0:37:30 - Rasvar dials.. ferret and mosquito keeps fighting.
          Poink tries to eat NSeph, breaks Pawpet signs! AGAIN!
          Poink uses Pawpet sign as GIANT FLYWATER.
0:38:08 - Noel's answering machine. Erf. People quickly turn off before
           the number goes over the air.
0:38:40 - People sign the birthday song for the answering machine.
          Poink wants to keep repeating the song for the machine!
0:39:13 - Mutt recalls Noel's last visit last you.. after 9/11..
          People note media's using 9/11 as a media circus, and people
           need to move on.
0:40:17 - Tod has several prototypes for new Trade Center buildings..
          Esophaguy talks about finding free cheese?
0:41:15 - <ABlankScreen.fx> Rasvar oopses.. "Hold on.."
          Technical difficulties. Poink beats his head against the
0:41:53 - <SundayNightFootball!.tv> Tod "Everyone, this is what Rasvar
           watches while we're doing the show!" Football player blinks
            and looks up a bit at the camera.
          Rasvar "I haven't been watching it tonight!!" Tod "That's why
           it's on camera C!" "Well it's actually a pretty good game
           it looks like.."
          More football coverage.
0:42:30 - Poink calls on Simba to show a video. Screen show
           compromising footage of Rasvar's head looking up and down
           to monitor both the show and the football game.
          Rasvar notes that was an earlier game.. "And the jaguars
           already won!" <RasvarInNumberedSportsJersey.avi>
0:42:45 - Poink notes Rasvar doesn't change clothes very often.
          People haul up Rasvar's deoderant on stage. Mutt reads:
           "Mitchum's: So effective, you can SKIP A DAY!"
          Rasvar "(defensive) I don't skip a day!"
          Deoderatant container even looks like football.
0:43:35 - <ExtremeCloseupOfDeoderantContainer.avi>
          Tod EWS as deoderant gets on him! "It's on my pants!"
          Ensephilitius laughs at it all. Attacks Poink again!
0:44:28 - Poink challenges Rasvar on the Skipping Issue "Ok everybody,
           SNIFF RASVAR'S PITS!"
          "NOPE!" "I'LL PASS!" Pawpets distance themselves while a
           pair of Rasvar-arms reach and and strangle Poink
0:44:34 - Rasvar gives Poink a full-nelson "Oh.. Shoot!!" Bedlam.
0:44:36 - The lower half of Rasvar's face, strained from exertion of
           choking Poink. Mutt "Oh.. nasty!" Poink arrgharaghhauahs.
          Tod ohs! "The humanity of it all!" Poink gasps for air and
           falls. Esophaguy is open-mouthed.
0:44:47 - Poink rises up, looking constipated. Esphoguy passes out,
           and falls against him while coughing things up.
          Poink "I'd like to go on record here.. Rasvar is a lying
           bastard. He's been skipping -more- than a day!" Rasvar tsks.
0:45:05 - Rasvar "I've been busy today! I've been cheering.." working
           with hot equipment."
          Tod doesn't want to see Esophaguy throw up..
0:46:05 - Esophaguh warns Poink! Rasvar takes out Poink. Esophguy ahs
           and guesses that hurts.
0:46:55 - Channel mentions Poink as Art Jam Topic! Poink says over and
           over "PleaseBeAWithAWomanPleaseBeWithAWoman.."
          Someone mentions Richard Simmons. "NO!"
          Channel loves Rasvar's armpits and Poink shopping for de-
0:48:25 - Final Topic: Poink shopping for deoderant talking to the
           FurryMuck Wizards!
0:48:39 - Camera goes from channel to stage, and back of JR's shirt.
          JR repairs the Pawpet sign. Esophaguy ohs and think he's
0:48:49 - Extreme unneccessary closeup of JR's armpit! (No hair in
           there either!? ) Multi-OhNOs!
0:49:00 - JR uses deoderant while everyone watches.
0:49:20 - Mutt needs to get up early tomorrow, regretfully signs off
           for the night.
          Mutt "And here we go.. Noel McNeil, from last years's
           September 11th video.."
#<*> < >  < > < > #$#(#$LOOK#$#OUT#@*)(#EVERY#($#$ONE! <><><><<><
 < >  <  >   <      >         <             >  <                    >

     TTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT             WWWW      WWWW       WWWW
             TTTT                     WWWW    WWWWWW     WWWW
             TTTT       < >            WWWW  WWWWWWWW   WWWW
             TTTT                       WWWWWWW    WWWWWWWW
             TTTT                  < >   WWWWW      WWWWWW
             TTTT   < >                   WWW        WWWW
    < >                    < >                 < >         <  >
             IIII                            AA     AA
             IIII            < >            AA       AA
             IIII                          AAAAAAAAAAAAA
             IIII    < >                  AA           AA
             IIII                        AA   <  >       AA
     IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII               AA               AA

     MMMM            MMMM               RRRRRRRRRRR
     MMMMM          MMMMM               RR        RRR
     MM MMM        MMM MM      < >      RR         RRR
     MM  MMM      MMM  MM               RR        RRR
     MM   MMM    MMM   MM               RRRRRRRRRRR       < >
     MM    MMM  MMM    MM               RR       RRR
     MM     MMMMMM     MM               RR        RRR
     MM      MMMM      MM               RR         RRR

     EEE                                PP        PPPP
     EEE                 < >            PP  < >     PPPP
     EEE                                PP        PPPP
     EEE                                PP
     EEE                                PP
     EEE       < >                      PP

************ CONNECTION TO SERVER LOST ***********
****************** UNKNOWN HOST ******************
..Subject: PawpetShow#139-9/11Tribute-<ANOMALY DETECTED>
Date: Wed, 25 Sep 2002 21:39:56 -0700
From: Rob Taylor <robtaylor04@attbi.com>
Newsgroups: alt.fan.furry

Funday Pawpet Show #139 - 9/11 Tribute - Timeline Part 2.
by Blackfoot FerreteereetttteterRERETERERERERER#$#(@)#$(@)#(!#!#$#
< >#$(#$)(#(#@< >#@)!!@###$@#< >< >#$()#@)#(#(_++_+###)#o_O#)(@< >
@#*$U#*&$!@!*@(#*@!##@@~$$~@!@!@!!!!!!................ .  .       .

**Logging stopped: PawpetShow #139 0:49:20.............. **



(Computer, what the HECK is happening!?)#()#(__!(%#*$*!@*#$&!*#&%#
[*BEEP* It appears to be either a massive amount of nonsense, or
 an invasion of Nethack symbols *BEEP*])@##&--*########@....DLc..*
(What is it, a VIRUS?)##*@)#$#ahwemeetatlastmrbondowwmyfootgaahhhh
[*BEEP* I think it's corrupted data on my hard drive]WoOOWOOOWOOWO
(On Screen..) oooooAAAAAoooooAAAAAWEYOWWEYOWWEYWO *oooh* *AAAH*
 *oooh* *AAAH* *uuuuuuUUUUU* *uuuuuuuuUUUU* *BEEP* *BEEP* *BEEP*
*BEEP* *BEEP* <CarAlarm.mp3> *BEEP* *BEEP* ...

Subject: FPS: Sept 16th Show #92, Loved/Hated
Date: Tue, 18 Sep 2001 18:06:59 -0700
From: Rob Taylor <robtaylor04@home.com>
To: fps-list@pawpet.org


Introduction with patriotic posters (from WW2?)
Mutt gets eaten by Lions again.
The First Show in Mutt's Garage. The Furry Wayne's World!
WOW! Interview with Noel McNeil, puppetter for Bear (in a Big Blue
  House.) and Magellen the Dragon (Eureka's Castle)
Mutt's Garage is the Land of Misfit Toys
Happy Birthday! Happy Birthday! Happy Birthday!
Happy Happy Happy Happy Birthday! Birthday! (Refrain)
               (What the heck is this?)
(Refrain x 5)
Incredible story of how Noel was on a plane, on the ground, IN NEW
  YORK, and saw the Trade Center crashes out the window, and on TV.
In a world of craziness, all you can count on is the innocence joy of a
  child.. and diapers.
Heading to Florida in a (stolen?) Automobile. (Bear fits in a car?)
Alright, the innocence of a child, diapers, AND Wafflehouse.
Welcome to Florida.. and Hurricane Gabriel!
               [It's from Loved It/Hated It #92, the first
                time you tried making a summary for the show]
Happy Birthday from Disney! You're stranded at sea!
Wall Street Pastor, sometimes the world needs multi-class characters.
(Dang, I've never seen Bear in a Big Blue House.. (checks TV Guide))
Bear in the Book of Poo(h?)
Puppeters have to stay in shape, exercise and lots of cheesecake.
AH! WHAT IS THAT? (Oh, it's Scritch)
Puzzle place: Leon is Noel spelled backwards.. (Hidden messages..)
I am the ferret that fixes the lock to your door.. I'm Darkwing Scritch!
            (This summary sucks! How can anybody navigate
             the Pawpet show with this? Where are the times?)
Thanks Noel! (Remember, return the car!)
The Bearman returneth..
The PawPet Show: Where every day is Chroma-Key Day!
The poster may fall, but thanks to the fan, the Flag is still waving.
Until Tinker-Biatch zaps it!
            [*BEEP* This was back when you were a stupid
             fanboy for the show. I believe the unorganized
             natural of this post is the source of the corruption.]
Thanks again Noel! (You still have to return the car though)
Mutt leaves to take Noel and his wife to the hotel...
More stories from Tuesday, Pentagon plane flies right overhead.
What company does Ezra work for again..? Lines go dead at work.
Arthur was in bed the whole time!? (he creates a cable connection?)
            (Ok, I get the point! I'm a sophisticated fanboy
             now though, so how do I get back to Sept. 25, 2002?)
Pawpets 3D, the camera roves.. reveals garage base, Yappy's gut.
Callin from Chilly. Most Pawpet friends are ok.
The Proposed New World Trade Center pic.. a message to bin Lauden.
Pawpets West does Prozak (was there a doubt?)
Charismatic, moral-boosting speech from Fuzzle and Arthur.
Ezra: "New York, New York!" (Where are the Rockette leg-kicks?)
            [*BEEP*The Rockettes are owned by the Mob. And I won't
             be able to plot a course home until there's a
             workable timeline to launch from.]
Uncle Kage - If Frank were alive today, someone would get a boot-kicking
World Trade Center -will- be rebuilt. As Obelisks-monuments?
Callin- Rapid T. Rabbit! Birthday Bunny!
Happy Happy Happy Happy Birthday! Birthday!
            (*Paws over ears* ARGH! That wasn't Me-Me, that
             was 2001 Me in the ( ). And what happens if the
             new Timeline doesn't work?)
Happy Happy Happy Happy Birthday! BIRTHDAY! (refrain) (Ok, it's just me)
Wow, Rapid is 44. Terrible puns and jokes ensue.
Rapid recalls WTC attacks, living in New York. Lots of people visit it.
Manhattan has two business districts due to bedrock patches.
             [*BEEP* Then you'll have to let time continue
              normally, and watch all of the 48 4-hour episodes
              of the Pawpet Show between Now-Now and Then-Then.]
The Beattles are on the Stage!!
Somebody get a bug zapper!!
Rapid continues to talk about Manhattan and WTC aftermath.
Rabbit Hole is a few miles away, tales of smoke and devestation.
AHH!! There's a lizard burning in the BUG ZAPPER!!!
Look into the Bug Zapper... (strange music)
Ezra: "We have a tribute song for you Rapid, give us a minute.."
"Shut down the bug zapper!" "We can't, it has to kill the bugs!"
            (I don't think I could survive that.. where do we
             have to start?)
Arthur really sounds like the Terminator now!
Closeup of Bug Zapper with fried lizard inside. Looks like Dark Crystal.
Ok.. -now- we'll do the dedication to Rapid T. Rabbit..
Cooner is trapped outside with the birthday cake! Open the airlock!
           [*BEEP* At the start of the Noel McNeil Interview. While
            Show #92 unfolds, I will try to raise the energy
            to send us back home.]
I give up, how -DID- you get the lizard in there?
Ok... *NOW* we'll do the dedication to Rapid T. Rabbit!!
Happy Birthday! From the Arogant Worms! (refrain)
           (Make it so! Just do it! No fear! Ariba, Ariba!
            All those relevant catchphrases.. ACTIVATE!)
(one more time..)
(one additional time..)
           [*BEEP* I guess I'll watch the rest of 'The Black
            Hole' later then. Vincent is a god. Initiating
            Abnormalicy Stabilizers now..]



(did someone on the tape say 'The Butch Kangaroo?')
Mutt returns.. Mutt has a tick? ('WHAT HAPPENED WHILE I WAS GONE!!??')

< >

< >

Funday PawPet Show Mail List
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Subject: PawpetShow#139-9/11Trib-Timeline PT.3
Date: Fri, 27 Sep 2002 17:25:33 -0700
From: Rob Taylor <robtaylor04@attbi.com>
Newsgroups: alt.fan.furry

Funday Pawpet Show #139 -9/11 Tribute- Timeline Part 3.
by Blackfoot Ferret

******** PART THREE **********

<TIMEWARP ACTIVE: LEFT #139 at 0:49:20> < >   < > <  >
<PRESENT LOCATION: SHOW #92 - September 16th, 2001>
     < >        <   >          < >
        < >     <   >       < >
           < >  <   >    < >
              <   >  <  >
                 < >

0:05:37 - Mutt announces the first offical show from his garage. "We
           are officially Wayne's World now." Multi-Excellents.
          Mutt notices the show will be uplifting. Callins from folks
           from the New York area.
0:06:55 - Mutt announces a friend is in the house, who was recently in
           New York. Had a 'National Lampoon's Disney World Vacation'
0:07:17 - Mutt announces Noel McNeil, who's "very good friends" with
           Bear from Bear in a Big Blue House! <Applause.mp3>
          Noel takes a seat and one of the rare microphones, waves to
0:07:50 - Noel wows at stage, and opening credits "You have a cast of
           thousands!" Mutt notes all the reserve puppets in background
          Mutt "Most of our cast actually came infrom our viewers. They
           had a toy that didn't want to play with anymore?, so they
           sent it to us, and we make a star out of it."
          Noel ohs "So you're like that island from Rudolph?" "Exactly!
           We're the Land of Misfit Puppets!"
0:08:20 - Why's Noel here? "My car broke down.." "It's your BIRTHDAY!"
          Tech crew searches for special sound file. Noel blinks at
           opening chords..
          Wrong song! Mach ohs "You guys are able to screw up in new
           and interesting ways.." Mutt notes they just go here!
0:08:50 - <BearSingsHappyHappyHappyHappyBIRTHDAY!Birthday.mp3>
          Noel grins uncertainly and does the bouncing-ball thing
           with his hand. People sing along!
0:09:11 - Song goes on. Noel starts making -CUT!- motions. Mutt wigs
           out to Birthday song, breakdances.
0:09:23 - Song goes on. Tutter(?)"Let's sing it ONE MORE TIME!!"
          <HappyHappyHappyHappyBirthdayBirthday!.mp3> Noel notes that
           when they're actually singing that the feastive atmosphere
           takes over..
0:09:45 - Song ends. People relax. Rasvar notes at least Java wasn't
***************** NOEL'S 9/11 STORY
0:10:01 - Noel, his wife Susan (of camera) and his mother were planning
           on a Birthday trip for some time! They take Jet Blue, which
           offers TV screens in the back of seats.
          Noel notes everything was going great! "We were doing the
           Happy Feet dance" grooves.
          Plane gets on the runway. Captain tells passengers they're
           #2 for takeoff. And.. "If you look out the right side of the
           plane.. the World Trade Center seems to be on Fire..."
0:11:14 - All three are sitting on right side, and look out the window.
          Only one tower on fire. Noel turns on TV set. CNN talks about
           an airplane that hit the tower. "And just when we're
           watching this, I'm looking out the window, and that's when
           the 2ND airplane hits." Mutt "Ohmygosh" "So we *see* the
           2nd airplane hit the tower, out the window, and on
0:11:50 - Mutt "On a plane!" "#2 for takeoff!"
          People on plane are stunned. Then Pentagon gets hit. "People
           are.. crying.. we are shocked.. we don't know WHAT'S
           happening.." Mutt Unreals.
0:12:30 - Scrolling text says that the FAA has closed all airports.
          Captain turns plane back to airport while everyone's still
           watching the news. Then the towers fall.
0:12:55 - Mutt wonders what was going on in people's minds at the
           time? "We're trying.. not to panic, but also just..
           incredibly emotional at the same time. 'Cause, this doesn't
           -happen-.." looks just like something out of a movie.
0:13:35 - Airport moves people to different concourses, unsure of
           security threat. Noel continues on, calmly but with
           emphasis "At that point, *nobody* knew what was happening,
           the airports could have been a target, they -closed-
           Manhattan, all the tunnels, all the bridges, nobody could
           get in, nobody could get out of Manhattan."
          Noel and company live in Manhattan. They decides just to sit
           down and figure out what to do next.
0:14:04 - While talking with other passengers, they meet another
           couple. "By sheer coincidence, the guy's an Imagineer." Mutt
           half-chuckles "oh-K." "..for the Walt Disney company. BUT..
           his little girl is 1 year old, and was so cute, she was the
           saving grace of this Whole Thing..because she was so cute,
           and so innocent, and had -NO- idea what was going on."
0:14:26 - Couple is back from Orlando, while Noel's heading -for-
           Orlando. Folks talk, Noel hands them a postcard, and both
           parents and girl go nuts because they're all Bear In The
           Big Blue House watchers. "I tell them 'I'm connected with
           it', and they they just like.. *love* it, so we start
           walking with them to the -next- terminal, and the thing what
           bounded us with them was that the little girl was so cute,
           AND they only had two diapers.." Noel gestures 2 fingers.
0:15:13 - Mutt "I'm sure they needed a lot of diapers on that plane
           right then." Background chuckling. Noel "Well, at that
           point there wasn't a dry seat in the HOUSE.. but I mean.."
          More chuckles. Mutt shakes his head. Noel tries not to laugh.
0:15:26 - Noel reveals the Quest "We had to get this kid Diapers! For
           some reason, we couldn't control anything else that was
           happening, so we focused on We Have To Get The Child
           Diapers! We're not getting on a plane to Orlando, what can
           we do? We're going to get the child Diapers!"
          All the shops are closed, people are looking for bombs. Some
           cell phones were working, although with WTC antennas down
           and all the calls few could get through. "And Mom was in
           town, to babysit out cat. ... Once again another creature
           that had no idea what was going on.."
0:16:25 - Noel tries to call Mom to see if she's ok. Luckily, airports
           have free wireless interenet now, they send email.
0:16:48 - Families wanted to come and get people from the airport, but
           while people were allowed to leave New York, nobody was
           allowed in.
0:16:56 - Noel's traveling misadventures begin.. "So, we thought -OK-,
           this is what we'll do... we well rent a car, we will drive
           them outside the city, to Harrytown(sp?) where their
           parents can meet them, -then-, per Susan's suggestion.."
          Noel glances off-screen to Susan. Susan fills in a few
           missing details. "But since we're out of the city, already,
           and I-95 is clear.. we're just gonna DRIVE.. and see how
           far it gets us.." (HolidayRoad.mp3)
0:17:30 - Mutt "And it's still a Rent-A-Car?" Noel yeps!
           (And the Garage is in Orlando,FL..) Mutt hides his face in
           ears. Noel chuckles, then makes dismissive gestures "It's
           not *STOLEN*.. BORROWED!" "Borrowed!" "We were -going-
           to return it! ... Soon! :)"
0:17:45 - Noel heads down I-95 in a stolen automobile. "Let me tell
           you, Jersey's a LONG state people.."
          Susan and Noel swap driving, head for Florida nonstop. "We
           drove.. we drove we Drove.." 22 hours! Mutt inquires about
           bathroom breaks? Noel ohs "You, being a dog, would know
           about this." "Well, yeah." "Have to take those breaks.."
0:18:42 - Noel's mom (Susan's Mom was in NY?) is still pumped about the
           trip! "She was up at 3c'clock in the morning, and just
           couldn't go to sleep. That's how excited she was." Noel
           looks around set (nervously?) "And she's still awake.. she's
           goig on NO sleep.." Mutt and Noel both remark what a nice
           person she is. Noel "Auntie-May on Uppers!"
          Susan exchanges a few words. Noel earperks?
0:19:25 - Party of Adventurers sees spotlight on US flag while on the
           trip, waving in the middle of a fog. Adds energy to the
           trip. "Dammit.. they are not going to get to us!"
           Mutt "Gotta happen!" Noel "We gotta keep goin'!" "You're on
           a mission."
0:19:45 - Susan says a few things off-camera, but isn't holding a
           microphone. Noel ohs and compares her to Norm's wife,
           "You never really see her, you only hear about her.."
          Susan has a few more things to say! People chuckle.
0:19:59 - Debate: Goofy. Where is his wife, and when was he married?
          (Max was a love child! Scandal!) Mutt asks Jason Marsden
           to call in and clear things up.
          Noel notes Goofy's one of the few Disney characters that
           wears both pants and a shirt. (Hidden tattos?)
0:20:21 - Noel "ANY-ways.. we drive.. and we're driving.. and my
           mother discovered that institution of the South:
           Wafflehouse" Multi-yays! Rasvar "On every corner of
0:20:45 - Wafflehouse is great inspite of the grits. Menu names
           even more delicious and convoluted than Dennys!
0:21:26 - Party finally arrives in Florida! "Just as we hit Florida,
           the 'Sunshine State', we could barely read the sign due
           to the torrential DOWNPOUR.."
          Noel arrives in Florida just in time for Hurricane Gabriel.
          Gets to read 9/11 headlines from hotel. Tiny spot on page 5
           ".. oh and by the way, Florida might be haveing a
            HURRICANE this weekend.."
0:22:05 - Noel gestures Gabriel storm-spiral with his hands. Then
           shrugs "You know what? Fine! At this point, I was expect
           nothing less!"
0:22:20 - Noel dares the Hurricane to come, using attitude lingo.
           "You got 'nuthin!" Mutt laughs! "You walk into your hotel
           room, you're in the lobby on your knees.. SANTUARY!!"
          Noel nods! "I don't care, I'm never gonna complain again!
           Literally, in view of everything that's happened Tuesday, we
           having NOTHING to EVER complain about again.."
0:22:46 - Mutt ers "What about the Boat Ride?" Noel ohs "That was.. a
           couple of years ago..with my Mom.."
0:23:01 - Noel recalls earlier birthday at Disney World.. "We rented a
           pontoon boat and took her out for her bithday, it takes you
           to Epcot and you can see the fireworks, bridge.. and then
           it takes you over to Disney MGM to see it at night."
          Things go well, until pilot tries to restart the boat's
           engine to take them back. Engine's dead. "We're just
           floating in the middle of the water near Disney MGM..
           there's nobody around.."
          Noel forgot his cell phone. So did his friend Mike. And the
           pilot didn't have a walkie-talkie either. "He forgot to
           bring it.." Mutt ohboys.
0:23:35 - Noel "And actualy he said, and I Quote: 'Wow! You know this
           is the second pontoon boat I've lost today!'"
          (HolidayRoad.mp3) Pause for audience laughter! Mutt ohs!"This
           is the second JOB I've lost today!"
0:23:53 - Stranded boat people come up with escape plan "So, the table
           that had the cake and sodas for my Mom's.. birthday, we took
           those off, -ripped- the table off, and the guy used it as
           a Paddle.. <Mutt hides face in ears> to paddle towards
           shore, away from the Reeds, and they'd probabbly been some
           alligators there LURKING, so he could run up onto shore,
           through the security house, to get another pontoon boat!"
          Nothing phases Noel "And during the whole time, we're
           laughing! 'Cause my Mom said, 'On come on! This will be a
           great story someday!'"
0:24:27 - Mom calls the boat rentals the next day. Long pause..
           "y..yes.?" "(Mom) 'Well, we never settled, so I just wanted
           to know how much we Owed you?'" "And at this point the woman
           on the other end is like.. 'NO CHARGE! NO! WE ARE SO SORRY!"
0:24:58 - So, years later, yesterday, they went back for another
           birthday pontoon ride. Guide tells funny story about a boat
           that quit a few years ago. And embellishes, saying people
           had to paddle with their hands to shore :) Noel beams "That
           was Us!" <DOH!.mp3> "We're a Disney legend now!"
0:25:28 - Noel and folks extend the vacation in honor of the Hurricane
           currently (last year) bombaring Florida.
0:26:05 - Visit to CircDeSalley (never seen it, can't spell it),
           service given by pastor who'd spent 35 years on Wall Street.
           People who talk to you vs. those that talk at you.
0:25:50 - Noel likes the Pawpet show, and watches it whenever he can't
           get on AOL. "It's quite the show Mutt!" "Well.. we like your
           show too!"
          Mutt has questions "Bear in a Big Blue House doesn't take
           place in a garage, from what I understand?" Noel notes they
           get a whole house.
          Bear is just "your average furry homeowner, who's trying to
           get by with the morgage.."
0:27:30 - Season #4 coming out this fall! <Applause!.mp3>
0:27:48 - Other things Noel's been up to. Starting on Book of Pooh on
           the Disney Channel. Close to 'Rabbit', talks about other
           folks who work on the show.
0:28:23 - Randyfox looks up from behind stage. Noel earperks and looks
           over "He-llo.."
          Mutt introduces Noel to Randy and Randy to Noel. Randy looks
           a bit shy.
          Noel ers.. "I like the jacket.." Randy keeps staring. Mutt
           "It came with him, came with the puppet!"
0:28:40 - Randy urks and gets his microphone working. Noel "You were
           very ominous, not speaking!"

************ END OF PART THREE **************
(Ok, I know it's in a bad place, there'll be a lot of parts this time)
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Subject: PawpetShow#139-9/11Tribute-TimelinePT.4
Date: Sat, 28 Sep 2002 20:22:26 -0700
From: Rob Taylor <robtaylor04@attbi.com>
Newsgroups: alt.fan.furry

Pawpet Show #139-9/11 Tribute- Timeline #4
by Blackfoot Ferret

************** PART FOUR ************


0:28:43 - Randy's microphone gets turned on. Noel ohs at ominious
           silence. Mutt grins "He creeps us all out!"
          Rasvar notes his offspring is scarier!
          Randy and Noel exchange hellos. Randy "I just get shy around
           celebrities." Noel notes he isn't Bear "I just know Bear,
           I'm just riding his furry coattails as long as I can!"
0:29:27 - Questions for Noel?
          Talk about washington furs, people shout outto Rapid T.
           Rabbit, who'll be callin in later.
          Mach relays channel question: How do you deal with costume
           heat? Noel notes some costumes are 92, and some have cooling
           systems. And some characters are dubbed in.
0:31:03 - Exercising before a performance. Mutt "We eat lots of
           cheesecake before the show." Other tips. Talking in slow
0:31:38 - Scritch pops up. Noel "Well, hi there!"
          Everyone starts laughing. Scritch earperks? "WHAT?"
          Mutt "This is Scritch, the ferret. Say hi to Scritch." Noel
           "Hello Scritch.." Scritch "(rude)..WHO ARE YOU?!"
          Noel cracks up. Scritch "You sound familiar!" Mutt starts
           beating on Scritch's head "Down down down!"
0:32:07 - Scritch (Yappy) ignores it "Have I heard you somewhere
           before?" Noel "No." "I haven't?" "Nope! :) Nono..no no.."
          Scritch hmmms... "Sounds awefully familiar." Noel notes he
           a friend that does a Scritchin' and Scratchin' before he
           dances. Scritch "Do you have, like, a Spanish girlfriend?"
          Noel "No, I have a wife.. who's sitting off-stage!" Hoots!
           Mutt pawfans Scritch "GO A-WAY..!" Noel "We don't talk about
           *that* on the Air.."
0:32:50 - Various gestures of people who don't know what to say next.
           Mach "Goodnight everybody!" <BEEEEP!.mp3>
0:33:19 - Mach asks quick of 3 character he likes best? Noel starts
           talk. Scritch madly nods his head. Mutt attacks "GO AWAY!!"
0:33:33 - Mach practices Whirlwind-Bark Attack on Scritch. Noel
           watches, entertained. <CrashingAirplane.mp3>
          Mutt "Anyways, like you were saying.." Scritch madly nods.
          Noel looks at HyperScirtch "You've had one too many doughnuts
           haven't you?" Scritch nodsnodsnodsnodsnodsnods.
0:33:51 - Back to the questions! Noel has also done Magellen the dragon
           from Eureka's Castle.. Scritch "Eu-EK-AH!"
          Also on Noggin, and Puzzle Place, where he plays Leon.
          Noel "And if you spell Leon backwards.."
           Scritch "(breathy)aaaaaaaaaaaaggghHAAAAAAhhhhhhhhhhh..."
          Everyone stares at Scritch o_O.
          Noel likes Bear the best though :) Scritch sings Blue House.
0:35:23 - Scritch works at Disney also? Disney World has 70+ Disney
           channels? o_O Big Blue house plays several times daily.
          Noel is curious "As a ferret, what do you DO for the Walt
           Disney company?" Scritch "I..fix.. your doorlock..?"
          Mach "That means he has access to your room." Scritch wonders
           what hotel Noel is in?
          Scritch makes guesses. Mutt ponders military action. Noel
           No's to several guesses, then No Comments at 4th.
0:36:31 - Mach "Somebody hit the ferret?" <WhatASTRANGEPerson!.mp3>
          Mutt "Big round of applause for Noel McNeil!" Eight or so
           people in the room clap their hands.
          Mutt reminds Noel to return the stolen car.
           Noel nods "Eventually.."
0:37:15 - Mutt "Do we have any more question for Noel in channel?"
          Mach "Only about THIRTY.." Mutt dohs!
0:37:29 - Noel returns and sits back down where he was. Mach "Ok.."
          Mach browses 50 pages of IRC scroll.
          How long does a typical BIBBH episode take to shoot?
           Noel explains 6 episodes in 2 week. Then the 2nd Friday is
           "Chroma-key" day with the special effects
0:38:25 - <VariousSpecialEffects.fx> Noel dodges fireworks!
          Mutt "Either that, or it's dandruff!" Mutt earshakes.
          <ExplosionOfDandruff.fx> Scritch bbbBBLLAAGGGGHHSS! offstage
0:39:11 - <A60FootGrizzlyBear.gif> 9-6 job, but no decks, or phones!
          Noel tries to make sure his Mom is entertained, since
           sometimes shots are repeditive. Mom notes she's typed the
           same secretary letter for 30 years, and it's NOT boring to.
0:40:09 - Offstage fan catchs a flag sign. Descruction of stage begins.
          Noel picks up flag sign "The flag's still waving!"
0:40:28 - People try to repair stage. Mutt dodges Pac-man.
          One more quesiton for Noel. Mach "Ok, I need to pick an evil
           one now.."
          Barney Vs. Bear? Rasvar "That's a no-brainer!" Noel tries to
           find a diplomatic answer, looks back to Susan "Honey, who
           do you think?"
0:41:22 - Susan "..Bear!" Mutt alrigths! "Hands down! Bear kicks some
          Noel "NOT that that would ever happen.. <Nightline.mp3>"
          Tinkerbiatch zaps Mutt. Mutt vanishes! "AHH!" Again.
          Noel "What.. was that?" Mutt "Oh, that was Tinker..Bi-atch."
          Genesis of Blank Lingere Fairy! Mutt explains that that isn't
0:42:08 - Noel waves and exits stage left! Lots of applause.
                 (There.. the interview's done.. let's go home!)
                 [*BEEP* Roger, attempting time jump..]
0:42:13 - <Applause!.mp3> <Confetti.fx> More of the stage breaks.
          Mutt announces upcoming vides from Pawpets North Coast and
0:43:05 - Ezra arrives. Mutt leaves to take Noel and Susan back to the
           hotel, waves and will return in an hour.
0:44:00 - PangaGuy relays story to Ezra. PG works close to pentagon,
           could see the airplane that hit it fly right overhead.
          Mach searches for stories from channel.
          RTR calling in around the hour.
0:45:27 - Ezra works for a 'Technology Company" <clears throat> while
           working, friend Tom hears calm from friend in American
           Express building across the street.
          Calls started disapear as communication lines went down O_O
          Arthur pops up, hellos. Ezra works at 'PlexCo'?
0:46:45 - Another person in room was on the phone with someone in New
          Ezra wonders where Arthur was on Tuesday? "I was in bed!"
          Arthur woke up, had radio on alarm, veges and hears about..
           Trade Center? Opens eyes at one point. 2nd play. "This is
          Arthur jury-rigs TV antenna to hear news. (McGuyverTheme.mp3)
           Just in time to see second building fall o_O "Wow."
0:48:15 - Ezra things street video looks like Independence Day. Could
           hardly believe it.
0:49:00 - 3D Tour around new Pawpet HQ!
          Ezra "First of all, Major Change #1: Yappy's Gut."
          <Yappy'sGuy.avi> Yappy poses, then moves so people can see
           all the screens, dials and buttons at control center.
                 (Um.. Computer? Why are we still here?)
                 [*BEEP* Technical difficulties]
          Camera roves around room, catching some people unawares.
0:50:00 - Chilly calls in! Talks about what's happening in NY.
          Chilly's in Long Island.
          RTR, Chilly and Mejeep are in Manhattan area.
          All friends in NY are alright so far. Neighboor of Chilly's
           got out of 1st Tower after it was hit.
0:53:05 - CNN reports about American Express building being unsound?
           Sound, but damaged.
0:55:24 - <PictureOfProposedNewWorldTradeCenter.gif>
          Mach likes the idea! Arthur "No!" "Why NOT?"
          KP's Mom is doing fine. Ezra (KP) "I miss her already.."
           loves her cooking, and waffles!
0:57:30 - Chilly runs some art auctions to help NY relief fund. Herbie
           (Mutt) also has portfolio of prints up for it.
          Chilly plans to meet JR at next Further Confusion! Ezra
           tells her not to inhale.
0:58:30 - Chilly signs off!
*************** PAWPETS WEST
0:58:40 - Sheepdog and Fox "Tell me Simon.. what seems to be the
          <Rock.mp3> "A little sexual frustration.." <Rock.mp3>
          "Combined with lack of Motivation.." <Rock.mp3>
          "And a loss of compensation.." <Rock.mp3>
                  (This is PROZAK! Warp! Warp NOW!)
                  [*BEEP* Negative. Warp energy requirements
                   now exceed our available battery charge.]
0:59:02 - Sheepdog jitters and shakes while telling story. Is joined
           by pair of ferrets. Imitate UFO sounds.
1:02:03 - Song "Strange Disease"
1:02:10 - Arthur "Welcome back!" Hums some notes "I don't make a good
          Tod looks in. Tod notes talkes about people talking about
           their problems.
          Tod has a lot of problems. Arthur "I don't have any problems.
           Arthur ohs "Nothing compares to these problems that are
           happening now.."
1:03:10 - Tod notes disagreements with friends now seem insignificant,
           and he resolves to fix everything "It's all up to us!"
           Looks to Arthur "Right?" "Well..     Yeah! Yeah, definetly"
1:03:40 - Half the stage is gone?? People moved fan again!
1:04:20 - Rasvar gets a song ready. Arthur blinks "Do I have to sing?"
          <NewYorkNewYork!.mp3> Ezra lipsynchs. Arthur watches. Leaves.
          Frankie "If I can.. make it there! I can make it.. Anywhere!"
           (Isn't that a slam?) Ezra gets downright showy.
                (HUH? What about the power strip you just got?!)
                [*BEEP* I didn't have it a year ago.]
1:07:46 - Rasvar reads the channel "I have to agree with (Uncle) Kage's
           comment.." 'If Frank Sinatra were alive today, someone would
           get a serious boot-kicking!'
          (CementShoes.gif) Ezra notes someone's going to get one
1:08:20 - Ezra gives a talk about how much he admires the ability of
           the people of New York and Washington (DC! Say 'DC') to
           get through an event like this, and he's never felt more
           proud of being an American.
1:08:50 - Ezra looks over "Right Arthur?" Arthur wakes up? "Yes! Sorry"
1:09:20 - World Trade Center will be rebuilt!
          Possible changes? Rasvar notes technology has changed.
           Idea: Add little gold pyramids on top of same design as
           momerial, like Washington Monument.
1:12:20 - Ezra wants to help people not dwell on past, and feel better.
          Arthur "I feel better.."
************** RAPID T. RABBIT CALL-IN
1:12:32 - RTR hellos! Ezra "Who in the World could this be??"
          Rapid's birthday is today! And Roffus Roo.
           Whole list of folks in the area. Many species represented.
1:13:45 - RTR is 44! "I'm an old grey hare." Groans! Arthur "How many
           years did it take you to come up with that one?" "44!"
          Ezra notes there's something good about being 44.. "If you
           write it backwards you won't forget it." Arthur's 22!
          Ezra "I'll be 33 in October!" RTR notes soon Ezra will be
           33 and 1/3. "Just like the Naked Gun!" Ezra feels ill."OhMy"
1:14:30 - RTR is glad he wasn't in Manhattan. Turns news on when he
           woke up.
          RTR was in WTC 4 days earlier, it's a transportation hub,
           observatory and more. Was at top of WTC before Anthrocon.
1:16:25 - RTR's taken a lot of visiting furs to WTC, but the view's
           not there anymore :/
          RTR's lived in NYC all his life. Lives in lower Manhattan.
          RTR talks about how Manhattan only has two big business
           districts, because that's where the good bedrock is that
           holds skyscrapers up.
          Rabbit Hole's near Kennedy Airport.
               (Well heck! Can't you find a new power source?)
               [*BEEP* It would have to be something in the show]
1:18:21 - Yappy walks in front of the stage, headed for garage door..
          Ezra talks about Arthur's NJ roots. Arthur listens and nods.
1:18:58 - Yappy walks back away from the door (whistling to himself?)
           Strange giggling in the background..
          RTR and Arthur talk about how far away you can see WTC.
          RTR works at Chuck E Cheese in area. Had brother missing for
           3 hours after attacks.
1:20:10 - While Rapid's still talking, <BlackScreen.fx> Ezra acks!
1:20:13 - Camera looks down to see the open garage door, with darkness
           outside, and that bugzapper that Yappy set up -inside- the
                (Hey, do you think that zapper would work?)
                [*BEEP* It might. We need to get closer]
1:20:34 - Rapid keeps talking about how his friend barely escaped the
           1st floor of WTC.. Ezra suddenly starts to jump.
          Rapid "And that's when he looked, and saw.." Ezra "AHHHHH!"
1:20:42 - Bugs are flying into the garage! Ezra tries to shake them off
          Rapid "And that's when the towers fell, he just kept on, he
           just kept on running.." Ezra ACKS! "Get away!"
1:20:58 - Closeup of ominously glowing Bug zapper. With something
                [*BEEP* Charging..]
                (Almost looks like an alien in there..)
1:21:00 - Ezra "Rapid, you'll have to forgive me for just a second,"
           "Yeah." "Yappy just made a Tactical BLUNDER! He opened the
           garage door.. now it stinks in here and there's BUGS,
           *Everywhere*!" "I'm getting bit by mosquitos back here!"
1:21:17 - It's not over. "And there's MOTHES in here!" The camera
           starts verring crazily as cameraperson gets bit.
          RTR "We what happens when you do a show out of a garage?"
           "YES!! Oh my gosh, this is horrible!"
          RTR giggles. Ezra tries not to swear.. "Oh, NO!"
          Beatles are on the stage!
1:21:31 - Camera sees Herbie's Love Bug outside. RTR ohs atta Beattles!
          RTR "All four of th.." Ezra "GET'EM AWAY! GOAWAY! GOAWAY!!"
          Simba pops his head up "AHH!" dives for cover.
          RTR "Anyone know where the close button is?" "There's no
           Close button this is manual!"
1:22:00 - Ezra "AGH! There's another one on me!" Mach giggles in back-
           ground. Ezra starts swearing. "CRAP!"
          Arthur "Yappy, why did you open it?" "Cause it's cooler out-
           side then.." "It is not! It got frick'in hot in here when
           you did that!" Ezra "OH-MY-GOSH!"
          RTR ohs.. reminds folks you need air conditioning in studios.
          Mach loves it! "BUGS! *BURNING* on an open FLAME!"
          Stage lights draw bugs to Ezra and Arthur.
1:22:24 - Mach aghs at something "Guys, do you know what this smells
           like?.." bad odor in room.
          Ezra "AGH!GETAWAYFROMME!!" shakeshakes. Rapid talks about
           huge clouds of smoke from WTC collapse, and the smell.
          RTR "BBQ, or burning tires, or burning cars.. and with all
           the fire trucks running around we thought it was a local
1:23:29 - Ezra arghs "If you want to know a bad, burning smell, come
           into this GARAGE, this burning-bug smell!" Mach starts
           doing some detective work on the smell.
          RTR keeps talking while tech crew argues about something..
1:23:56 - Rasvar AGHS! "Oh no, we're burning a LIZARD!"
           Mach "(hysterical joy?) YAPPY BURNED A LIZARD!!!"
            Rapid Ews? "Burning a Lizard?" Ezra blinks "..*WHAT!?*"
1:24:02 - Mach looks at the bug zapper "There's a LIZARD in there!
           Yappy you Murderer!" Arthur "DAT'S what the smell is.."
          Ezra "AAhhh.. SICK!"
1:24:22 - Closeup of blue-glowing bug zapper a la lizard. Yappy
           closes the garage door.
                  [*BEEP* Ok, we're all charged!]
                  (Let's get out of here before Herbie
                   retuns and sees what happened to the house!)
1:24:34 - The bug zapper sucks you in.. Arthur notes Florida has a
           lot of lizards.
          RTR recalls when he lived in the Phillipines near Manilla..
          Mach "It's STILL burning!!" RTR ".. That's the first time I'd
           ever seen lizards.. they would, like, stick to the walls..
           stick to the ceiling.."
          Ezra assures people Java isn't burning, just a lizard.
           Java-clone on Rapid T Rabbit show earlier? 1984, at Chuck
           E. Cheese..
1:25:10 - Ezra notes they have a tribute song for Rapid, so he should
          stay tuned. Mach "It's still on.."
          People wish Rapid a happy 44th birthday as he hangs up.
          Rasvar laughs "We will have to wait until FALL to open the
1:25:50 - Arthur ARGHS! "Turn the damn thing OFF!" Rasvar "We can't, it
           has to kill the bugs we let in!" Ezra arghs "'CAUSE THEY'RE
           ON ME!!"

                        < < < <        > > > >
                    < < < <                > > > >
                < < < <                        > > > >
            < < < <   T I M E    -*-     W A R P   > > > >
                < < < <                        > > > >
                    < < < <                > > > >
                        < < < <        > > > >

********* END OF PART FOUR
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.Subject: PawpetShow#139-9/11Trib-Timeline Pt.5
Date: Sun, 29 Sep 2002 01:03:32 -0700
From: Rob Taylor <robtaylor04@attbi.com>
Newsgroups: alt.fan.furry

Pawpet Show #139 - 9/11 Tribute - Timeline Part 5
by Blackfoot Ferret

************** PART FIVE *****************


-*- < >  <*> / / \ \ @ * ( _ ! # $ * ( _ ( ! @ ( _ * & ^ $ @ ! _ ( +
(That's one powerful bug-zapper.) ReReReReReReReReReReReReReReReReReRe
[*BEEP* They plan to expect the design to fry telemarketers] ReRespect
(What do you think Herbie did, when he came    justalittlebitalittlere
 back after an hour away from the first show   respect#$*(#@*#!)sockit
 taped from his garage, to find his whole      #tomesockittomesockitto
 house invested with bugs and the stench of    sockittomesockittomesock
 burning gecko?)                               sockittome*BAM!*"Oh!.."
[*BING* He was actually cool about it, but if  12345*678910*11*TWELVE*
 it were me. *BOING* <SplinteringCRASH.mp3>]   smurfsmurfsmurfsmurfsmu
(I didn't know you could do the sound effects  murfsmurfsmurfsmurfsmur
 also.. how long until we get home to show #139?) fsmurfsmurfsmurfsmur
[<FIVE!.mp3><FOUR!.mp3><THREE!.mp3><TWO!.mp3>.....] .. .  .   .     .




0:04:05 - Footage from a Basketball Game on television.
                  (HUH? This isn't where we left..)
0:04:16 - A blank stage. A VERY blank stage.. nothing but a grey
           wall and what looks like the plain red back of a sofa.
                  [*BOING* I seem to have made an error..]
0:04:21 - <PawpetShowOpeningMusic.mp3> Pawpets slowly peek over stage?
          Rocky Raccon, and a snail(?) Rock jams, showing off
           shiny metal arm-rods.
          Exeriments with microphone feed-back "Hello?" can hardly
           hear the characters!
          <Feedback.mp3> Rocky "Rasvar? Rasvar? HELLO?" <Feedback.mp3>
0:05:51 - Snail turns to Rocky "We have nothing planned (?) at all,
           either.." Rocky shakes his head.
                  (Are you sure you went FORWARD in time!?)
          Theme song keeps playing. Snail looks over "We're going to
           do this AGAIN? We just did this last week!"
                  [*DING* We appear to be at Show #2.]
0:06:12 - Snail oh wells, turns to audience "Hi everyONE! We did this
           last week, and we decided to do it again.." Rocky doens't
           have a microphone.
          Snail erfs "Rocky can't talk." looks over "You can use my
           mike? What do you want to say?"
          <MusicFadesOut.mp3> Rocky "My mike is broken!"
                  (Show *TWO!?* WRONG DIRECTION! Take us back!)
          Snail "We only have one mike." Mach arghs "What, the mike's
           broken.. AGAIN?"
          People hellos to Crow, KP, Simba and folks. (Crow?)
          KP's in Texas? "Vermie says Hi"
0:08:02 - Snail is bored "What's go'in on?" turns to Rocky "We did this
           for four hours last week, are we gonna do another four hour
                  [*POP* I can't unless I know where we're
                   launching from]
          Snail complains that his arm "er, face" hurt from last week.
           "Let's do a two-hours show?" Rocky "No." "Let's do a 1/2
           hour show?" "No!"
0:08:32 - Snail "No? I can see your Arm!" Rocky looks down "I can see
           your head."
                  (We're on SHOW *TWO!*)
          Snail does shark thing, sneaking up on Rocky. Rocky ouches.
          Snail hmms "Do you wanna do music?" Rocky shrugs.
0:09:03 - Mach wows, there are ten people in channel! "So Far! Well,
           Nine now.. nine, ten.."
          Rocky "Just tell them in channel to go to http-colon-slash-
                  [*THUD* I can't be certain this is Show #2.]
          Simba "Yeah. Go there where he said."
          Snail "What we gonna DO?"
0:09:40 - <IGotYouBabe.mp3> Vixen pops up and sings with Rocky.
                  (Do you need a SIGN?)
          Vixen sniffs the stage and repeadly bangs her head against it
          Vixen starts destroying the stage while Rocky sings, it's
           just a thin sheet.
0:11:17 - Spider puppet reaches in and chokes both Pawpets?
                  [*TA-DA* Yes.]
          Stagehand takes vixen by the tail and uses her for a club
           to bash Rocky with. Rocky takes it in stride.
0:12:21 - "I gooott.. YOU Babbbbbeeee...."
          Vixen hops upanddownandupand down.
          Mach ohs "We've got two requests for Metallica."
0:12:39 - Song keeps going, just when you thought it was over.
          Finally ends. Vixen "I got YOU babe!. IgotYouBabe!"
0:13:10 - New Character: Log! Vixen "Hi Log!" <AllKidsLoveLog!.mp3>
                  [*BING* I think you drew that up.]
          Log waves back and forth to the Log Song. "Everyone wants a
           LOG!" Vixen ohs "Looks like a dodo!"
          Log attacks Vixen. Vixen ews! "Get it away from me! A-ah!"
0:14:03 - Vixen pulls red cloth away from stage, revealing a worn-
           looking couch.
          Stagehand makes Vixen eat the tablecloth. Vixen spits it out,
           "Can we start OVER?"
          Vixen hellos to the ten people in channel. "Hi everyboddie!"
                  (So I have to keep watching until you're
                   absolutely 100% sure where we are?!)
          Mach "Rapid T. Rapid, SK-1.. who's SK?" Vixen "He's a friend
           of ours. Hi SK!"
0:14:45 - Annoyed ferret joins stage. Background looks ready to fall.
                   [*BeDeBeDeBeDeBeep* Affirmative]
0:15:05 - Vixen blinks as someone walked in. People try to repair
          Vixen hmms "Who came into Yappy's house?" (?)
                   (That could take MONTHS! Wait.. Yappy's house?)
0:15:18 - Devinfox stands up and squint-poses at the camera, Michael
           Knight style. Vixen "Hey, who's that?"
                   [*DING* *DONG* Affirmative.]
          Devin head-turns left and right, tries several thoughtful
           poses. Vixen "That's Devin!"
          Commotion. Vixen arghs "Devin! We won't even know who you are
            for two more years!"
0:15:24 - Tod and Poink poke their heads in and wave!
                   (They're time travelers ALSO? o_O)
          <FlashingMessageFliesAroundScreen.fx> Devin runs off.
           Vixen "(angry) We don't even know who you ARE yet! Come
           back in two years when we know who you ARE!"
0:15:35 - Arthur looks up. Poink shows you his tonsils. Vixen turns to
           the camera and grins at you! "APRIL FOOL!"
<TARGET LOCK: Pawpet Show #117-Easter-March 30th, 2002. 0:15:35.7>
                   [<Moltar.voice> NO..I just did this deliberatley
                    to ANNOY you!]
                   (I'll have to play Robotron against you some
                    day. Make with the ASCII gibberish.)

*                *            *       *    *  * * * * *********#@#!


@#@#********* * * * *   *     *       *        *              *

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Subject: Re: PawpetShow#139-9/11Trib-TimelinePT.6
Date: Mon, 30 Sep 2002 18:16:11 -0700
From: Rob Taylor <robtaylor04@attbi.com>
Newsgroups: alt.fan.furry

"Obvious Fake. Do Not Harvest." wrote:
> There's a web-based "television" program called the Funday Pawpet Show.
> is posting transcripts of the "broadcasts."

The Funday Pawpet Show is a four-hour *PG-13* puppet show run out of
Yappyfox's kitchen in Florida ever Sunday from 7 to 11 Eastern Time.
It's been going for almost three years now, 50 shows a year, 4 hours a
show, with several celebirty call-in and lives guests, with a comedy
quality that could easily pass Saturday Night Live, but they still don't
have an offical sponsor, and the whole show runs on donations. The whole
thing started when some puppeteering/fursuiting that were performing for
the charity Give Kids the World got together for a party and started
goofing around with a webcam.

They can archive the last Sunday broadcast for a week for people to
streamview/download it, but since the group regularly performs to
copyrighted music (ie, "Fox on the Run" with people throwing vixen
puppets everywhere) they can't permanetly archive the shows online, at
least until they get some liscencing money coming in. So I've taking up
the foolish, mad Quest of trying to record the best parts of each show
with a text timeline that -can- be archived, although I still have to
get a website up I can post them to.

I'm still a week or two behind in the archive, but last Sunday's show
is at:
  From there you can go to the main page, or scroll down to the down-
load links. - Blackfoot
Subject: PawpetShow#139-Pt7-9/11Tribute
Date: Tue, 01 Oct 2002 21:54:33 -0700
From: Rob Taylor <robtaylor04@attbi.com>
Newsgroups: alt.fan.furry

Pawpet Show #139 - 9/11 Tribute - Timeline Part 7
by Blackfoot Ferret

************** PART SEVEN *************
2:03:21 - A Blank screen.
          Someone "Well.. that's interesting." EGuy "I didn't do it,
           I swear!"
2:03:26 - Credits for Pawpets Monterey Bay. EGuy ohs and feels better.
2:03:30 - Esophaguy gets.. Midget Wrestling photos ready?
          Ezra notes Mach is on break for a while, and "Puppet" in the
           IRC channel today is LocoBunny.
2:03:55 - Camera: LocoBunny beams. He waves.
          Ezra "This is like Dr. Jeckle and Mr. Hyde.."
          LocoBunny and Arthur did a sing-along at Megaplex, even
           thought it wasn't planned. Folks liked it!
          Arthur "I didn't know.. that he didnt' know.. that I didn't
           know.. wait.."
2:05:45 - 5 seconds of "We All live in a Looping Subroutine."
2:06:07 - Interview with LocoBunny. Plays guitars, hangs with folks
           for a while. "I like to go biking, I like to get outside.."
          Ezra notes Fat Bastard's Club is starting soon! People
           exercise around disney. Simba notes skinny bastards can
           join too.
2:07:50 - Loco's favorite Sat cartoon? He thinks carefully..
          EGuy sings Scooby Doo.. Ezra threatens violence if he hears
           that again. Rasvar "Scooby Doobie Doo.."
          Loco picks Superfriends.
          Favorite superhero? (Besides Wonder Woman!) Superman.
          Ezra likes Green Lantern. So does JR, by the shirt
2:08:40 - Cereal? "Honeycomb" Cereal prize? Hmms. EGuy "N. Sphilitus!"
          Loco arghs "You ask such hard questions KP!" Picks Burnt
           Rice Cripsies, and Matchbox Car.
          School House Rock? "Bill on Capitol Hill"
          Soft Drink? "I'm a Coke guy, not a Pepsi Guy."
          (Snapple will destroy you ALL!) Multi-Yeah. "I think Coca-
           Cola's gonna got it.. maybe that or Beverlies, it's a
          (SomeoneHurling.avi) Ezra tells Loco to look behind him, at
           the drinks lines up for the "Spits Or Swallows" segment
2:10:37 - Poink actually puked last time? Discussion over segment name.
          Viewers send bizzare wild drinks, casts samples and sees if
           it stays down.
          Loco likes Indian and Japanese food.
          Boxers or Briefs? "I'm more of a Briefs guy."
2:11:39 - East Coast or West Coast? "East Coast."
          (Midwest will destroy you all!) Magazine? Loco reads music
           magazines, Guitar info. Loco's a music buff.
          Pixie sticks? "In small doses.. not up your nose."
2:12:30 - Loco gives instructions for inhaling Tang. (Astronauts.gif)
          Window seat or Isle? "I'm a window-seat guy."
          How long guitaring? Since Loco was 15, 15 years.
2:13:36 - Church choir won't let Loco in, so he goes to learn guitar
           and Rock'N'Roll.
          Least favorite Willy Wonka Kid? Loco blinks? "Veruka, she's
           such a..(BitchVoop.gif)"
          Pawpets actually met and interviewed cast earlier at a con!
           Arthur notes actress is cool in RL :)
2:14:10 - Loco hmms "I guess I need to watch more TV.." Arthur humbly
           suggests the Pawpet Show.
          Which Pawpet would you -least- like to marry? "BitchVoop"
           Ezra picks Java. Poink "I would have said POINK!"
          Can you play Stairway to Heaven? Used to. Rasvar has Dolly
           Parton version?
          Mashed-or-Baked? Chuckling. Loco ers.. "Baked"
          Ginger or Marryanne? "Marryanne." Poink asks for a potatoe?
2:15:58 - Another channel question.. who would you embezzle from?
           EGuy "He wants to steal money!" Ezra "None of us HAVE money!
2:16:30 - Words of Wisdom? <MexicanHatDance.mp3> "Always make sure to
           change your underware before you go out, in case you have
           an accident." Arthur wants details.
************* ROLL CALL!
2:17:01 - Loco tries to read the list of who's in channel.. before they
           change their names. More than once.
          Rasvar notes everyone he mispronounces will be after him late
2:18:07 - Loco "And last but not least.. Zir-ex?" <Applause!.mp3>
          Ezra notes TiborTiger has changed to LocoBunny. Loco "Cool!"
2:18:44 - Ezra notes difference between Mach and Loco. Hair! (And
************* SPITS OR SWALLOWS!
2:19:20 - Camera follows people preparing things in kitchen.
          Ezra "Yappy, what WONDERFUL concoction do we have *chilled*
           for this week?"
2:19:37 - Yappy (aka Rummage and Randy) holds up Calamancy(sp?) Soda.
           "Made with real fruit juice. Caffine-free. Recyclable.."
          Ezra "The SODA's re-CYCLABLE?" EGuy notes it comes out later.
          Yappy reads long list of contents. EGuy wonders if one of
           them makes you live to 1,000? Ezra "No, that's the one that
           makes you pee Green."
          Twinkies as embalming aids.
2:20:35 - Simba waves! Yappy fills a glass, point to it, then hands it
           stage right.
2:21:03 - Loco offers a toast, still smiling. Rasvar Extreme-Closeups.
2:21:10 - Chug!
2:21:14 - Loco hmms, shrugs "Actually ain't that bad." Others blink.
2:21:27 - Simba's turn "And you know I like everything, so here we go..
          People makes hurking sounds.. but Simba likes it.
2:21:50 - JR's turn. He doesn't seem keen on it.
          EGuy hums Darth Vader March. JR tries to decline. Ezra NOPES
          EGuy "HEre we go! 30seconds to launch everybody!" JR looks
           at the drink. Smells it.
2:22:04 - Rasvar "It's not like the other one.. you'll be FINE!"
2:22:07 - *sips* People provide fish-gulping noises. JR leaves for the
           bathroom. (?)
2:22:24 - Camera focuses on Green-Lantern Jackrabbit on the flooring,
           staring up at the ceiling. KP (Ezra) "Is it a Spit? :)"
          JR doesn't respond. People try waving hands over his face.
2:22:32 - Show moves on. Camera goes to Lee (EsophaGuy). EGuy's all
2:22:54 - Unsteady closeup of Lee's face. Lee "Are you ready?" Sips.
2:23:03 - Lee's face swells like a Puffer-fish. Uses as mouthwash?
          Rasvar "You know, that's more reaction than you gave to
           Pink Flamingos.." Lee opens his mouth and AAHHS! at camera
2:23:30 - KP's turn "I'm afraid.."
2:23:51 - KP remains afraid after drinking. "...eeegh! It's a lot like
           a lemon-drop in water. And it has an AFTERTASTE.. AOOOH!!!"
2:24:14 - Rasvar, wearing football armor. Ras "I like it!"
          KP wants him to wait for the *aftertaste*, but Ras is immune
           to aftertastes.
2:24:43 - Yappytaste. Yappy likes, and shows people by downing the
           rest of the can!
2:25:10 - Arthur wants some?
2:25:23 - Closeup of Arthur, surrounded by Blue Haze "Oh, hi!"
2:25:27 - Arthur Chugs!
2:25:29 - <PhotoOfCatWhoseFaceIsAboutToExplode.gif> Screen text: "Don't
           hold your breath! The Funday Pawpet Show is up NEXT!"
          (LetterPeople.tv) Arthur UGHS!
2:26:10 - Cast concensus.. Swallow! EGuy returns with wierd hair and
           feather boa.
2:26:26 - Ezra "You know, Blackfoot actually asked a good question in
           channel.. he says it's a Quantum Physics question: Are there
           any sodas you can taste the flavor before you drink the
          (All my questions are good! :) ) EGuy nominates Vanilla
           Coke. Another picks Neutrino Cola.
2:26:44 - Camera back to Yappy. He samples the second can. "Ok, that
           drink was like.. normally foreign.." Malaysia diet drink?
          Yappy notes that's the last of the stuff Doodles sent in that
           made JR puke.
2:27:26 - THE NEXT CANDIDATE: chocolate-milk Sobe "Love Bus Brew" sent
           in by Blackfoot! (Applause!.mp3) [*BELCH* Very modest, yes]
2:27:47 - The label slowly gets closer.. <GreenDemonBusWithWings.gif>
          Ezra "It's chocolate-milk ginseng!" EGuy "Drink the Lizard
          Bottle features chocolate milk with gluey brown chocolate
           residue at bottom, and the instruction: "Stir up the Goo."
          (I just though you folks would like this one :P )
          Debate: Love Bug or Love Bus, Drink lizard or Drain lizard?
2:28:22 - JR wonders if it's Lizard Milk.. KP "I hope not."
          Rasvar "Yes, the capture ALL the lizards, and they MILK them,
           hours upon hours upon hours.." "Ew.. sick!"
2:28:56 - KP notes Poinks is second castmember to puke on the show.
2:29:18 - Closeup of inside of cap: Alfred E. Newman? (Hey, I didn't
           even know that was in there!)
          Alfred says: "It's all GOO!" "..*Goo*!?"
          EGuy "Is that what you say to her... OH.. it's all goo baby!"
2:29:48 - Lots of enthused people. Lee rubs his hands together, Oh Boy!
          JR wants coffee.. even the Weaselpoop coffee.
          KP blinks "It's got chunks floating in it?" Simba "Ah, that
           means it's bad." (Nope, just stir up the goo!) JR "*I'M* out
           of it!"
          [*Ding* We already knew that] (Hey, that wasn't bad!)[Thanks]
2:30:16 - Loco salutes camera with cup. EGuy "Drink the LIZARD baby!"
           "This is bringing me one step close to Mach.."
2:30:20 - Chug. Loco hmms "A clean finish, with just a gentle touch
           of.. lizard growth hormone.." Votes for Spit.
2:30:57 - Yappy chugs. JR swears he won't drink it! Yappy hmms "That's,
           like, very 'You-Who'ish"
          (Huh? What's that?) JR "You-Who makes me sick.." Ezra "You
           have to, it's in your contract!" "I don't have a contract.."
            "Yes you DO!" Rasvar "We have a contract out on you if you
             don't do it!"
2:31:35 - A brave Rasvar. He looks down "There's something floating in
2:31:44 - Chug. Rasvar blinks "It IS You-Who!"
          (I've gotta try that then) "Although it's You-Who with
           ginsing, so who knows what will happen later.."
          Leftovers from making Cheese? Lee's turn.
2:32:15 - Lee "HEY! This IS a You-Who!" (You-Know-Who.NoWhatIsIt?)
          Lee downs some more. Likes!
2:32:34 - Close up of EGuy, all enthusiasm! Also a close-up of Poink,
           who looks constipated..
          EGuy glances over Poink's ears "Come on, SAY IT! You know you
           want some!" "No.." "You KNOW want some!" "NO.."
2:32:46 - People go to Simba. Simba-head drinks. "It is You-Who, yes.."
          JR thinks it's all a conspiracy, everyone say You-Who to make
           him drink it!
          Raini drinks You-Who all the time, but isn't here today. Erf.
2:33:25 - Back to JR. Poink says "NO.." repeatedly.
          JR sighs and reaches for a cup. KP "Mine looks like it has
           dandruff floating in it.."
2:33:45 - JR "What's that WHITE CRAP floating in it??" KP "That's
           probably ginsing.." "That's probably MOLD from BAD MILK!"
2:33:53 - JR chugs! "It's like you milked a rancid cow.. it does
           taste like a really ROTTEN You-Who!"
2:34:06 - KP "I've got mine here.. with Mold!"
          KP carefully counts 9 dandruff flakes in the cup. (They
           might have put marshmellow pieces or something in there
           just for disgustation value.. I'll have to try some!)
2:34:22 - KP "Yeah, it's You-Who" Loco "Is it Head and Shoulders above
           the rest?"
          KP drinks from the second bottle! JR "It's proof-positive
           folks.. they're all choco-holics."
2:35:00 - They kept it in the fridge (Whew, I'd actually sent that in
           a few weeks earlier.. although they store it on a shelf at
           the store)
          Chunks are reportedly cogulated milk. Ezra "Yummy, we get our
           Protein that way!" (Glad I'm not drinking it.)[I Saved some]
2:35:25 - On a dare, Simba chugs most of the 2nd bottle solo o_O
          Simba finishes, looks at the camera "Al-right! Oh, there is
           some bad milk in there."
          (Now I'm starting to feel bad..) "No! I'm just kidding :) "
          KP "It's cottage cheese, not curdles!"
2:35:55 - People are keeping Diarea Diaries?
2:36:15 - Story of Diarea Diaries turns into horrible Brady Bunch filk.
          Ezra tells about how he felt ill at Megaplex meeting, cramps.
          Diarhea.. multiple times?
          EGuy moves up and down like a pump. Poink o_o Ezra "And I'm
           driving over to Yappy's, and I can't fake it, I got stop!"
          <DigestiveNoises.mp3> Poink "So guess where he STOPS!" "I
           pulled into Perkins!(c)" "In a RESTAURANT!"
2:37:38 - Ezra notes Perkins has clean bathrooms. Poink "I don't CARE!"
           "They're like Pretty! They have blue and green tiles on the
           wall.." (Not anymore)
          Poink "Ok folks, follow the logic here: You've got the
           Screamin' Poops, they *STINK*, you're out waving your feet,
           like you've got an anteater in your pants.." Ezra mmhmms.
           ".. so what do you pick? A Gas-station? Or a place where
           people are sitting down to *EAT!?*"
          Ezra notes it was the first place available. "The only other
           place was a t-shirt shop!" (ShitHappens.BrownTshirt)
2:38:10 - EGuy notes it couldn't hurt, even if bathroom is no longer
           clean. "Nobody's going to go in there.." Ezra "Again!"
2:38:26 - Ezra continues. Finishes, and goes out. Yappy takes the time
           to reset his cell phone to play London bridge for each call.
           Calls while in toilet, 'London Britches Falling Down'?
          <BarneyTheme.mp3> <No--BarneyThemeDubbedWithFARTS!!.mp3>
          Friends concoct Diarea Diary to keep track of incidents.
2:38:57 - Music's so loud people stop and dance.
           Poink o_O <FartingTuba.mp3> "Oh.. this is.. appropriate.."
          Lot's of Pawpet's behinds. JR raises a flaming cig-lighter.
2:39:43 - N. Sephilitus farts in your face. Rasvar "Um.. guys? We had
           someone on the phone through all that.."
          Voice of Ne'er "What's going on?.."
2:39:50 - Ezra "Ne'er?" "Yes?" "Ne'er! How are you sir?" "I'm doing
           ok.. how are you?" "I'm quite flatulent at the moment"
          Ne'er notes he used to live with Yappy, is immune to gas.
2:41:15 - Today's word: Bibelot.
          Standhand holds up Ne'er puppet. Ne'er hmms "I'll bet he
           doesn't have a hat."
          Ne'er blinks "Is that EsophaGuy?" EsophaGuy appologizes for
           sneaking back into the show :)
2:43:00 - Folks try to guess what "Bibelot" means. Wine?
          <Bibelot.screentext> Not Babaylon either. Or Salem's lot.
          No books.. or guys with machine guns.
2:45:52 - Ne'er gives a clue "If you penis is that small, it could BE
           a Bibelot." Ezra "WHAT!??!"
          Not home-microwave pizza either.
          An object? "Very much like your penis, it's a very Small
           object.." Ezra "You can't see back here, you don't know!"
           Ne'er "I've been back there before."
          EGuy "Telescopic?" Ezra "No..." <SomeRestaurantMusic.mp3>
2:46:53 - Ne'er uses example of fishing Ezra's penis out of a giant
           grain machine.. Ezra "Leave my privates out of this..!"
2:47:18 - Everyone gives up. Ne'er"Ok, I'll tell you.. it's a Trinket!"
          Small, unimportant object. Ezra "I think I've been insulted..
2:48:00 - Other things happening in Ne'er-land, California.
          Member of Yarf crew is in heart surgery :(
          Ne'er clone (Chocolate Moose?) tries to mimic Ne'er. Poink
           idly munches on Carrot.
2:49:29 - Ezra "Well, thank you very much for calling in! And insulting
           me lots!" Ne'er "Oh yes, it's what I live for!"
          Ne'er still loves EsophaGuy too! He laters to everyone.
          Ezra "That was Ne'er! The moose with the biggest vocabulary
           in the world, for a moose."

[[[[[[[[[[[[[[ END OF PART SEVEN - TOMORROW, THE END! ]]]]]]]]]

(Why do I think I've lost control?)
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Subject: PawpetShow#139-Conclusion-9/11 Tribute
Date: Thu, 03 Oct 2002 15:21:28 -0700
From: Rob Taylor <robtaylor04@attbi.com>
Newsgroups: alt.fan.furry

Pawpet Show #139 - 9/11 Tribute - Conclusion
by Blackfoot Ferret

2:50:00 - Switching from Camera A to camera 'Blank'
2:50:40 - Hard-rocking lion. <Riff.mp3><Riff.mp3> "She broke my DICK!"
          O_O. Record warps and stops. Lion looks over?
          Producer "Lenny, are you Tapped?? Get off stage!" Lion hangs
           head and leaves.
          Producer Punktiger moves in "You ought to know better than
2:51:02 - PunkTiger starts another song in another studio, uses cool
           electric piano (?) Wear a dress shirt
          "Something in the way she can't hear a word I say I'm In
          Tiger's smitten! Girlfriend to be keeps running off.
          "Wasting my life, waiting for you.."
2:52:28 - Paws move over piano keys! Groovy riff.
          Back to front of head-bangin' tiger (Ok, not a lion)
2:53:26 - Rock groove winds down to single pipe-organ note, tiger puts
           head head down and is lulled to sleep by it.
2:53:27 - Credits: "Wasting My Life" The Hippos (Hungry Hungry!)
          PunkTiger - Himself
2:53:34 - Synchronized Wowing.
          EGuy goes to bar, gets drink, watches Midget Wrestling?
          He's got pictures! Ezra "This is like.. Extreme Midget
2:54:21 - Picture: Big one grabs little one and throws him into a
           wall? One's actually a dwarf. D&D class smashdown.
          Guy gets put IN the trashcan? o_O
          (Hard to see pictures clearly..) Fighters struggles to climb
           to the top of the bar to make cool body-slam moves.
2:56:02 - JR gets caught in the action! Picture of top of his head.
          Ezra "What is he looking at?" JR watches the combatants..
           arms? Rasvar "I.. don't know.."
          EGuy ".. and then it got REALLY hard core.." more photos.
          Guy gets pulled up to a balcony? Dives off balcony! Midair
           photo. Crowds points upward! (It's a bird, it's a plane!)
2:57:10 - Bleeding, ugly, ninja dwarves. One tells EsophaGuy to twist
           himself into a nail-hole?
          Poink notes no midgets would fight Hulk Hogan, because their
           teeth are in range of a vulnerable spot.
          EGuy ponders were-midgets? "A specially disease, suddenly you
           *shrink*.." Ezra laugh-chokes (MrBobbit.gif)
          Poink demonstrates with EGuy, but EsophaGuy is immune to such
2:58:38 - EGuy recalls things that went down Kate Mosses's throat
          AppleJacks? Poink "It doesn't taste like apples.. it doens't
           tastes like Jacks!"
          EGuy wishes the Rabbit, who does all these cool tricks, can't
           get any of the cereal. Kids are evil, don't share.
2:59:41 - Ezra "What is the name of that show.. where they remake old
           TV shows?" Poink "UPN?"
2:59:54 - New TV shows: New NEW Twilight Zone! Birds of Prey.. Batgirl
           and Justice League folks?
          (What's.. TV?) Ezra likes EGuy with the hair, he goes and
           get it again.
3:01:00 - People investigate beeping sound. Poink hates when they put
           a light on things to tell when battery's out.
3:01:50 - Yappy goes to adjust something on the camera. All of the
           Pawpets stare at his gut in the process.
          People start making poem about Yappy's Gut? Ezra ohs! "Snitz-
           ledonk! We haven't done that in a long time!"
3:02:00 - Poink "Yappy's butt.. Yappy's gut.." Ezra and Guy join "Oh,
           diherda oh,diherda oh,dirherda SnitzleBonk!"
          Arthur blinks "When did we EVER do that? o_O"
          Ezra "That's a German international friendship song!" Poink
           blinks and dodges a blow from Yappy.
3:02:20 - Yappy grabs Poink and jams him up and down like an air pump.
          EGuy ahs.. "Poor Boink." "STOP CHOKING THE WEASEL!..." -_o
          Boink vs. Poink. EGuys ohs and tries to remember.
          Poink likes to boink. So does EGuy?
3:03:23 - EGuy has video of what Teletubbies really do to people?
**************** SNITZLEBONK!
3:03:56 - Yakko, Wakko and Dot "We're here to learn the international
           friendship song! And here to teach us, is our good friend..
           <Tod lysyncs down to Poink> Professor OttaBonSnitzlePuzz-
           Conkondishitmeyer!" (O_o)
          Poink does Professor OttaBonSnitzlePuzzConkondishitmeyer,
           "Velcome! It'z a wunderfol day in da Neighboorhood, Ja?!"
3:04:13 - It starts. Tod, Poink and BV groove. <LotsOfHeavyStrings.mp3>
3:04:27 - If anyone else want to try and transcribe this part.. be
           my guest! O_O <RapidFireGerman.mp3> Yakko "Are we having
           fun yet?"
3:04:32 - Lyrics change subtly.. revealing English words? Warner kids
           repeat each verse.
3:04:33 - "Cuckoo Clock" "TicticTock" (Piece of Chalk?)
           Churna-AlBiChurna-AlBiChurna SnitzleBONK!"
3:04:41 - Mutant Blue Elmo joins. Next verse.. Yakko starts it
          "ItzaPickDinePieceOfBread" "JAWEPICKDINEPIECEOFBREAD!"
          "DoesZitFitInWakko'sHead?" "JAZITFITINWAKKO'SHEAD!"
3:05:08 - Dot's turn.. GreatBigKiss? Gets added to list in refrain.
3:05:31 - Good luck o_O "JAVoSnitzAnIncrediblyLongNameYouHaveToTryASay!
3:05:53 - ItzaSnifdineAuto'sBUTT? Poink presents his tail.
          PairOfPants.. and something about France..
3:06:37 - The End!
3:06:49 - People think up NEW words while <TicTacs.fx> display..
*************** PAWPETS MONTEREY BAY
3:07:00 - Skunk sings <TMBG-PutYourHandInThePuppetHead.mp3>
          "Reach down inside, reach down inside, put you hand in the
           Puppet head!" (PoinkDuringTransport.gif)
3:08:15 - "Memo to myself.. do the dumb things I gotta do.. Touch The
           Puppet Head.." <MusicalBuildup.mp3>
          (Mini-Bush.avi) [MiniRoveEATINGMiniBush.avi]
3:09:04 - Credits "Put you Hand inside the Puppet Head" TMBG
          Samwise - Aatheus
3:09:11 - New Snitzelbonk lyrics! Esophaguy..Arthur's Eye..
3:10:38 - Esophaguy's evidence of Telletubbie alien abuse.
          Two guys watch Teletubies in the morning.. then later..
3:11:04 - Kids. In a van. Heading for destiny.
          Guy gets pain in chest?.. (Oh..No..)
          Guy gets hiccups.. shudders..
3:11:30 - BLARRGGHGHH!!! (Ew..)
          Happens to EVERYONE!? O_O
3:11:50 - Stunned Arthur and Jaw-Droppin' Ezra. EGuy "I told you!"
          Don't watch teletubies.. (They rip off Aliens!)
          Ezra "What happens if you watch too much Funday Pawpet
           Show?" (o_O I.. don't know.. you tell me?)
          Poink "You break wind."
3:12:22 - Arthur and Ezra give birth to Naked Headless Barbies (>_<)
          "Eeaguguh..eeaghh.." Ezra looks at barbie "..eeARGGHGHH!!"
          (Crow-Who'sHungryForSalt?.mp3) Poink is glad they didn't
           come out of their butts.
3:12:50 - Poink's DVD reviews. Two releases: "Drum roll please.."
          (DrumRoll.mp3) Monster's Inc! New short on DVD. BestBuy or
           WallMart for $15?
          CAT'S DON'T DANCE! Ezra pitches Virgin Megastore.
3:14:20 - Poink sat down to watch CDD, thinks title fits?
          Eguy "Is this like, Cats vs. Dogs?" Ezra nopes.
          (It's about a pair of cats and their anthro-fur friends
           who want to act breaking out of type-cast roles in
           Hollywood, like minorities had to. Cool toons, not loony
3:15:08 - <SingingInTheRain.mp3> Poink dances by standing still. Ezra
           dances with blurred feet.
          (Well, there was a lot more happening in the choreography
           than just foot movements. What about the dancing duel
           between the guy and girl in the costume department, or the
           "accident" in the Disaster Movie set? A lot of plot unfolded
           during the songs, the quality was on par with Beauty And The
           Beast there.) "But it's a cute movie, and a cheap DVD."
3:15:50 - Ice Age and Spirit are out soon too.
          Discussion: Did Bryan Adams ruin the Spirit soundtrack?
          (Yes, but the movie is still worth seeing.)
          Poink hated Beauty and the Beast? And PICASSO? (War.) [War.]
3:17:14 - More DVD's, N.Sephilitos trips on Poink's blood? Crashes.
          Studio trade Re-releases like Pokemon battle.
          ET did badly on re-release?
3:18:18 - Star Trek: Nemisis, Two Towers, 2nd Horry Potter are coming
           out soon! (Don't forget Matrix: Reloaded!)
          Poink "And.. the sequel you have to see.. Red Dragon!"
          (That's just about a tattooed freak! Eliot would EAT him!)
          Multi-ugggghhss. The New Hanibal Lechter film. EGuy "Why do
           you get off on that man? o_O" Java YAYS! "aLMOST hERE!"
3:18:49 - Intestines hanging on fenses? And not even EGuy likes it.
          Anthony Hopkins narrated The Grinch?
************ Question To Channel: What's your Favorite Movie?
3:19:40 - Ezra asks channel what their favorite movie of all time is?
          (Bambi or Marry Poppins. I know I trash Disney Co. a lot, but
           Walt himself was hard to top.)
          Simba-head looks up "Take a wild guess.."
          Poink picks 'Is That A Weasel In Your Shorts Or Are You Happy
           To See Me?' (-There's- a cheap DVD for you)
          Rasvar "Silent Running."
          Channel likes Das Boot, All Dogs Go to Heaven, Moulin Rouge,
          Poink changes vote to "The Black Hole." Instant jokes.
          EGuy likes Caligula? Someone picks Pink Flamingos.
3:21:33 - Jumpin' Jack flash, Last Crusade, Empire Strikes Back,
           Space Balls. Loco "Space Balls was pretty cool.. smoke'm if
           you gott'em."
          Dark Star, Grease. EGuy "Dark Star?"
          Iron Will (UMmmm.....) [*Ding* Remember, be nice](Crud)[Yes]
          Joan of Arc, EGuy laments no Buckaroo Banzi!
          The 5th Element! Poink hates Banzi!
          Loco huhs. "Mary POPPINS?" (Serious umbrella action.)
          Ezra guesses Yappy likes Robin Hood.
3:22:25 - EGuy starts up chorus of <Let'sGoFlyAKite!.mp3>. Ezra "..with
          Ezra and EGuy keep singing. Poink looks constipated again.
          Eguy notes Dick Van Dyke drank a lot during filming. Poink
           offers him two fingers.
3:22:50 - People try to guess Ezra's favorite film. "You will not guess
          Not Jackie Chan. Or Mad Max. Or Doubtfire. Bill and Ted! Nope
          Not Death Race 2000. Ezra headshakes "My favorite films is
           not out on DVD yet."
3:23:38 - Ezra picks "A Patch of Blue" 1967.
          Yappy's favorite film.."Robin Hood!" EGuy "Men in Tights?"
           "NO.." Fox-picture.
          Folks like Ghostbusters and Clash of Titans too.
          Lee likes "PI (3.1417..)"
3:24:42 - Yappy holds Robin Hood animation cell in front of camera.
           Subtle hints around house.
3:24:50 - People start humming the Robin Hood opening theme.
3:25:00 - Rasvar turns on the Real one! <RobinHoodTheme.mp3> People
           filk it.
          EGuy describes PI, breaking the mathmatical code of the
          Poink likes Eraserhead. "That is WIERD.."
3:26:20 - Ezra pitches Twice Upon a Time, with Ralph the All-Purpose
           Animal (I saw that a long time ago!) Phantom Tollbooth.
3:27:05 - <ManyRobinHoodClips.mp3>
3:27:48 - "The Ballad Of Mutt"
          Mutt(?) counts down, starts to groove to blues music.
          "Before I met my baby.. there was a whole lot going in!"
          "I used to wag my tail at every corner and never had to
           sing to give that BITCH a bone.."
          O_O Sheepdog wonders what he should do, sounds constipated.
3:29:20 - Pets.com dog plays guitar.
          Life sounds downright ruff. (er, rough)
          Girlfriends throws bone right back at him?
3:30:37 - Ferret plays harmonica.
          (If Blues Musicians have all these friends, why are they
           depressed all the time?) Sheepdog laments.
3:31:22 - Credits "The Ballad of Mutt"
           (Small text below I can't ready.)
          All Puppets - Hobbes
3:31:41 - EGuy and Ezra talk about where to put the Rocky Mountains.
          EsophaGuy has rocker hair. "It's actually Sweetum's hair, I
           skinned his [*BLEEPER*]"
          Ezra "Oh My!" "I'm not allowed to say that.." "Yes you are!"
3:32:54 - People ponders how to turn EGuy's Saturn into a time machine.
          Eguy doesn't like US Patriot act.. everyone's library books
           are compiled into a list?
          Ezra compiled a list of every military base in the world when
           he was in college.. uh ohs!
3:35:07 - Ezra has annoucement: "Pawpet.tv" is a new Pawpet domain!
           Has cool animation and stuff. People are updating.
           Arthur (Simba) "Yeah, it's actually changed! With new typos!
          EGuy wonders about girl pictures? Ezra "Not yet."
          EGuy added to Pawpet list :) EGuy tries to spike his hair.
3:36:25 - More beef about FurryMuck Wizards. They kicked the bot
           connecting the Pawpet Auditorium to the Pawpet IRC channel.
          EsophgaGuy "Spam them! Spam them all! SPAM them into the
           stone age!"
          FM = FurryMuck, not Foul Mouth :P (FM is cool! You get to
           build your own houses and stuff. And if you don't like
           being a ferret you can turn into a kangaroo or wolftaur..)
************* ART JAM RESULTS!
3:38:15 - Poink is He-Man? "By the power of Yappy-stone.. (is that
           kidney stone out for good?) I HAVE THE FERRET-PORN!"
          (The power to raise objects.) Poink "Is this another one
           of those Pick-On-Poink things?"
3:38:52 - Four stunned ferrets "The Ferrets go into collective shock
           after drinking Moxie." They all have.. EYES! *O_O*
           Poink names Sailors Scouts from picture.
3:39:08 - The National ENQUIRFUR. Love triangle between EsophaGuy,
           Bambi Voop and Poink?
           Poink "Oh, I'm gonna Beat her.." Esophaguy admires the
            picture of himself!
3:39:38 - Lots of little sphere-headed people in orange jumpsuits
           disassembling the word "FurryMuck" "Dear FM, Thanks
            sooooo much for what you did. Die a horrible death."
3:39:55 - A super deoderant powerful enough to let you skip a Con?
           Rasvar urgs.
3:40:11 - Hard to see.. light lines.
3:40:30 - People sing Puttin' On The Ritz. (Taco version I think)
          Poink annouces he's leaving early "But I will leave you with
           something to remember me by.."
          (5.4.3.Two.ONE....) Arthur "Don't FART!" <FART.mp3> "ooHHH!"
          Multi-FartDetecteds. <FartDetectedAlarm.mp3>
3:41:10 - Filking The Ritz again. (Gas crackers!)
3:41:39 - Expanded earlier picture. Ezra "Pawpet BABIES??"
          (MuppetBabies.mp3) "Oh My!" EGuy "We are so freakin' CUTE!"
          <FartDetected!.mp3> Pawpets looks somewhat mutated?
           Cartoon Poink reads ferret Porn. Tour of all the Pawpets,
           EGuy's on there too!
3:42:34 - Poink thinks he looks like Golum o_O (That's precious)
          Multi-Preciouses Poink "Kinda funny.. I'm wearing that Ring
           right now."
          Pawpet Babies vs. Baby Looney Toons. Granny's in diapers? o_O
3:43:50 - Poink splits, waves to folks. Gets phone call. EGuy sings
           the Telemondo song.
3:44:25 - More about Mucha Lucha. People speaking spanish? Spanglish?
          Girl with exposed brain?
3:45:20 - Places to pick up Disney college girls.
************** SHOUT OUTS
3:45:50 - EGUy hopes midget wrestling didn't freak people out.
          Hobbes - Happy Birthday to TeddyRuxpin!
          Garrison - Happy Birthday Rapid T. Rabbit.
3:46:35 - Loco does a little dance. Birthday song?
3:46:48 - <ThisIsYourBirthdaySongItIsn'tVeryLongPhew.mp3>
          Hobbes-- Fuzz off to FurryMuck.
          More Birthdays to RTR and folks.
          PandaGuy plans picnic! For Sept. 29th.. (4 days ago)
           [*Ding* See why people tell you to keep this current?]
          Loco likes the park. Mini-golf ruins?
3:47:54 - Hobbes - EsgophaGuy, we love you!
          Syook from Karen - Can finally give aniversiary gift, she's
           having a son! Multi-congrates.
3:48:45 - Ezra wonders if new kid will be named after a Pawpet?
          (You're going to name a kid after EsophaGuy?)
3:49:45 - Ezra pitches Pawpet Megaplex! And Furloween.. can't advertize
           that one?
          Ezra wants to go as Austin Powers. EGuy wants to be OmpaLompa
3:50:53 - People do that OmpaLompa song.
          EGuy "What do you get when you guzzle down sweets?"
          All "Eating as much as an Elephant eats!"
          "What are you at, getting terribly fat?.. what do you think
           will COME..OF..THAT?.." (DeathStarGoesBOOM.avi)
3:51:10 - Alternate lyrics.
          Ezra happy Yom Kippors to folks. People sing song about
           playing with Drain-O?
3:52:00 - Ezra notes it's also the week of 9/11. "We tried not to
           dwell on it too much, but it was heavy on everybody's mind
           all week." Samed video for now.
          EGuy was sure US would nuke somebody. Ezra "Gotta get the
           right guy though."
          EGuy "Hey, you don't see Baptists flying planes into other
           people's buildings. Like Mormons, or any other of the
           Christian religions.."
          Ezra "Or any religions..(IndiaVsPakistan.news) just that
           one, Al-Ki-Yeda."

(Rant Warning:)
...       (You don't think mainstream Muslims view terrorist groups
           like Hammas and Al Queda much like mainstream Christians
           view the KKK or IRA, as a disgrace? The KKK was popular
           after the Civil War because it promised dispossesed
           Southerners a way to patriotically defend their way of
           life from Northern takeover, then largely disbanded after
           things stabilized, except for a handful of hardcore nuts
           who still wanted someone to kill, but didn't have the
           strength to hit Northern officals anymore. Prime Minister
           Sharon's bulldozing of Palestinian buildings has had the
           same effect, turning crackpot groups into heroic popular
           fronts. When (if) the Middle East mess finally clears up,
           Middle East children will doubtless read about Isreal and
           Palestine in history books, and wonder what Ignorance-Born
           Madness could have caused their stupid ancestors to do
           such things. I'm sorry if comparing a Christian terrorist
           group (the KKK *claims* it's Christian..) to an Islamic
           terrorist group (Al Queda *claims* it's Islamic) makes some
           Americans uncomfortable.. but it goes back to that saying
           about 'Those who don't know history are doomed to repeat it'
(End Rant)
...        [*COUGH* Don't you hate it when he does that?] (So skip it!)

3:52:50 - More about 9/11, and all the air-time it's been getting.
           (Wonder who funds all of that..) Rasvar gives the End-Of-
           Show-Nearing warning, ending comments.
          Ezra "So our hearts go out to everybody who lost someone in
           9/11.. and, ah.." EGuy "Killa O-Sama for my Ma-ma!" "Yep"
          Ezra "We know that everything's gonna be OK. We lost a lot,
           but we came together as a country."
3:53:38 - EGuy kicks of the "Copa Cabana" song. Ezra joins, Arthur
           tries to.
3:53:41 - <ABlankScreen.fx> <TicTacs.fx>
3:53:54 - Blood-Red "C.O.P.A."
          That sheepdog with the straw hat that covers his eyes, in
           front of an American flag. Patriotic music.
          Hat-guy recites a John Wayne (?) speech. Shades of the
           earlier hungry Elvis.
          Another sheepdog, less raspy voice (music's too loud, can't
           make out the words!)
3:54:37 - Patapus testifies. Music continues on. (Or is that a dog in
           a really oversized hat? o_O)
3:54:50 - All three do the Pledge of Allegance.
3:55:05 - Slide show of patriotic illustrations, pictures.
          Looking up at spotlight-generated WTC memorial at night.
3:55:43 - Credits... also in dark blood red on black. Can't read :/
3:55:50 - Encore performance, RandyFox sings "Proud To Be An Amercian".
3:57:25 - Camera moves in to look up at Randy. While he's singing, the
           credits roll.
****************** CREDITS
The Funday Pawpet Show
Randy Fox - Producer, puppeteer (Yappyfox)
Heribe Hamil - Director, puppeteer (Mutt)
John Cole - Writer, puppeteer (argh.. I don't know!)
Scott Garrison - CGI, puppteer (Simba)
Jim Mogle - Technical Director, Video Director (Rasvar)
Dan Boatright - Writer, Research, Puppeteer (Poink)

****************** DISCOGRAPHY
"Soul Bossa Nova" Quincy Jones
"Goodnight, (+Goodnight in two other languages)" Lawrence Welck
"I" Pizzicato Five
"Navy Hymn" The Ohio State University Marching Band
"New York, New York" Tony Bennett (I thougth it was Frank Sinatra? Erf)
"Wasting My Life" The Hippos
"Proud To Be An American" Lee Greenwood

"Thanks again to Lee for Guest-staring!"

"Thank you to our Server providers:"
"Chameleon.net (Aerobatus)"  (? does that spelling change each show?)
Critter.net (Frysco)
Thumper.net [Thumper)
Dawg.net (Vitapup)
Timduru(sp?).org (Timduru)
Fanarchive.net (Harik)

Copyright 2002 - Randy Fox

3:58:00 - "And I'd proudly stand.. UP! Next to you and defend her till
           the day.. for their ain't no doubt I love this landdddd..
           God Bless the USA!"
3:58:59 - Transition to Blank screen.

***************** END TRANSMISSION ******************

(Applause.mp3!) [*Applause* That's great. It's too bad this file is
 still two weeks late though, people might have been able to watch it.]
(It was a special occasion, I'll make them shorter from now on.)
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