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Subject: Pawpet Show #138-EsophaGuy!-Timeline PT.1
Date: Thu, 12 Sep 2002 21:17:13 -0700
From: Rob Taylor <robtaylor04@attbi.com>
Newsgroups: alt.fan.furry

Pawpet Show #138 - EsophaGuy!- September 8, 2002 - Part One

(Note: I'm not going to have time to do Show 137, which rebroadcast the
two hours of the Anthrocon performance and had an extra hour in the
studio after there. Although that was certainly cool :( Anyone else is
welcome to tackle that.)

0:00:35 - WARNING! WARNING! Disclaimer! Turn back now!
0:01:10 - Start of Character parade. <SoulBossaNova.mp3>
0:01:40 - BV "Ras-VAR!"s and attacks.
0:01:59 - Evil attacks!
0:02:30 - Shak attacks!
0:03:15 - Lots of stagehand gestures (edited version)
0:03:19 - Balloon-animal Poink. "Also Poink"
************* START!
0:03:30 - Mutt and Teddy bear and mini-computer. Silence.
0:04:00 - Teddy bear is Frankie the Evil Waiter? "GRAAAA!!"
          Mutt "Frankie's here! Are we being served?" Frankie offers
           something you wouldn't like.
          Frankie from Rainforest Cafe at Disney Village.
          Frankie "You wanna servhing of ME!??" Mutt nopes..
0:04:15 - Mutt wonders why Frankie is still working.
          <Darkness.fx> Rasvar notes Amiga started show on it's own.
          Frankie gets close to Mutt. Mutt "You are WIERD! I hate you!"
          Frankies tries eating Mutt. ".. go away! I ought to beat you
           with a ferret." Frankie likes the idea.
0:04:45 - Tod's here! "Yep. Yepyep."
          People here: Rasvar, Herbie, Yappy, JR, KuddlePup.
          People not here: Simba, Mach.
0:05:00 - Beetoven the Dog attacks O_O (Beetoven5thChords.mp3)
          Slurpy. JR ews.. thinks it's Porno sounds effects.
          Beetoven drools on JR. More objects falling from above.
          Hootch vs. Beetoven. Dog tries to talk.. doesn't work.
          People needs a translator. Echo Squeeks!
0:06:15 - Echo chirps! "oohmYgoD!"
          Echo stays in the toilet? Or uses handcream to stay moist?
          JR? "We want to lube up a dolphine?" Multi-EWS!
0:06:59 - Echo squeekes something. Poink looks up "Don't.. START!"
          People crack up! Mutt "I HEARD THAT!" buries face in ears.
          Echo does Kenny-swearing thing (Argh, can't decode it!)
0:07:15 - Poink looks constipated "I HATE that fish!" Tod "He's not a
          Echo starts squeeking Village People tunes.
          Village People has social worker? People YMCA.
          Rasvar thought of Poink as Construction Worker "Because of
           my big studly chest." Tod nopes "Because of all your arm-
           pit hair."
0:08:10 - Subliminal Poink. Poink speaks without moving his mouth?
          'Tod sucks, I should be the star of this show!"
          More attidute from Echo. Poink ponders stuffing Tod in his
0:08:57 - Rasvar OhGreats "Now we'll get PETA (People For The Ethical
           Treatment of Animals) on us." "Peta? Like the bread?"
0:09:15 - Discussion: What's the wierdest animal you've ever eaten?
          Echo ate shipwrecked dog? Was salty.
          Mutt ate pigeon "What's wierder.. allegator or pigeon?"
          (BertATTACKS!.avi) Mutt(Herbie) had pigeon in Spain.
0:10:44 - Recap of evils of Burger King Tacos. GreaseSpoto ARGHS!
          Rasvar compares them to 'Disgusting Piles of POOP!'
          GreaseSpoto "Those taste like.. MY extrement!"
0:10:56 - Rasvar "EEEEEEEEEWWWWWWWW!!" Everyone looks at Grease?
          Cheese, Tacos, and American Cheese.
          GreaseSpoto notes you need Mexican cheese on Tacos.
0:11:45 - Tacos were tested in Texas. Rasvar "They let'em OUT!?"
          Rasvar can't badmouth Texas (GeorgeJr.gif) but "Texas
           deserves a penalty shot!" (Beverlies.gif)
0:12:09 - GreaseSpoto "See? Texas is to Mehico, as Canadia is to
0:12:20 - Ginger had Rattlesnake! Rasvar did to! Tastes like chicken?
          Tod wonders what chicken tastes like then? "Um.. bland
          Poink samples Tod "Ankle." "GAAAHHH!" Mutt "Why not just eat
0:12:48 - Rasvar's boy scout troop finds rattlesnake and cooks it.
          Tod attacks Poink and bangs on him.
          (What about the Poison in the snake venom?) Lawyers and
           removing fun from scouting.
0:13:35 - GreaseSpoto tells about survivor contest. People eat maggots?
          GreaseSpoto "Maggots are very protein-enriched."
          Tripe = Stomach of sheep or Cow. Even Grease hates it!
0:14:35 - Mutt "Someone asked who you were, introduce yourself to the
           newbies." Grease "(CapeFlourish.avi) I am Grease-SPOTO!"
          Mutt "That's RIGHT! 'Grease-Spoto', the Mexican Ferret."
          (Ok, but I still hate hyphens.) GS "I still Chevrolehs from
           Amerhicans and bring them down south."
          Poink "You have no taste in cars.."
          Tod "They're cheap! Like Burger-King tacos!"
0:15:10 - Char-Broiled strips in the chilli meat? "They're yesterday's
          Rasvar notes people are trying to get ride of Florida people
           with nasty food. ATMs rip off people also.
0:16:25 - BJ takes GreastSpoto's place. Ferrets keep thrashing selves.
0:17:15 - Rasvar takes a moment to get Roll Call set up. Poink notes
           he's behind because he's watching Football. "You bet the
           farm on Football again didn't ya?"
0:17:19 - <NFLSundaySnapFootballScoreboard.fx> "I am not on football..
           it's a scoreboard!" "I was doing that so I could set
           something up for later!"
          Rattlesnake hunts and you.
0:17:55 - Tourettes Syndrome and people who lose Video Games.
          Tourettes and Football? Rasvar finds creative reasons for
           yelling during games.
0:18:20 - Mutt asks Uncle Kage (in channel) to tell people what
           Tourettes is (Turrets Syndrome? You turn into a castle?)
          People hello to Devin!
0:18:53 - Devin notes that people who yell out swear words are only
           a small fractive of people with Tourettes. Disease that
           causes neurons in brina ot andomlyr misfyre.
          Nervous tics and squeeking noises are good examples.
0:19:45 - Yappy gives Kage's channel answer.
          Mutt "But what's the Cursing-type of Tourettes called? 'Cause
           that's fun!" Good excuse to swear and cover yourself.
0:20:20 - Poink hmms Mexican Hat Dance. Mutt "So what do I have to do
           to get Tourettes?" (Beverlies.gif) Poink suggests skull
************** CHANNEL ROLL CALL!
          Special on Tourettes was "Twitch and Shout!"
0:21:00 - Tod reads channel list. Poink wears a tux?
          FurryMuck feed is broken?
0:21:53 - Yappy notes FurryMuck Wizards banned Pawpet Auditorium bot!
          FurryMuck is disconnected o_O Rummage tells Rummage not to
           run it, but wants people to complain to wizzes. Wizzes thing
           it's a security risk, but all it can do is talk to people
           in that room and whisper in that room.
0:23:05 - Poink thinks Show's now a telethon?
          Jerry Lewis has gotten HUGE..
          Rasvar notes he has same condition.. steroid treatments
          <FerryBeuller-OhhhhhYeeeahhh.mp3> Rummage blames tacos.
0:24:30 - Tod relays from channel.. Poink is poster-child for large-
           nosed kids! Stitch holas. Poink tells people to blow him.
0:25:02 - Jerry Lewis has type of lung disease :/
0:25:30 - Poink hates rides with signs saying you can't get on if
           you're too tall. Rasvar tries to rectify with axe.
          Second time hits!
0:26:08 - Poink looks up at Mutt? "Can I say the word 'Prick'?"
          Mutt notes it depends on usage. Rummage "If you're going to
           prick your finger, Yes." Mutt "But if you're goig to finger
           your Prick, No."
          Tod "THERE went the rating folks! Only took 26 minutes!"
0:26:50 - Poink arghs at Screw Up Opening Video! (Huh? It isn't on
           the recording! Doh!) Debate: Was shadow hand or other thing?
          Tod "He was trying to show good Hygene!" Poink "It was
           Shadow Puppet Porn!"
0:27:00 - Mutt notes Special Guest TLC just showed up! Puppeteer for
           both D-word and H-word.
0:28:20 - Rasvar fishes for right button for video..
0:28:39 - Shadow-person getting undressed.
          Lots of clothes falling.
0:28:44 - O_O
0:28:45 - View under a person's BUTT-CHEEKS.. something's hanging
           down in FRONT? o_-
0:28:48 - No.. -_o turns out to be back of a person's hands as camera
           zooms out o_o. Just washing his hands!
0:28:53 - (WHAT THE HELL...?)
0:28:54 - Something cylindrical pushing into something big.. x_x
          Nope.. just hands again.. x_o
**** Lots of laughing! (nervous)
0:28:56 - Back to stage. "Um..." Mutt "You gotta get me some of that!"
          Poink thinks Rasvar was stand-in for hands-guy.
0:29:22 - Ants attack the room? Too many people spilling sugar.
          People count the ants. Someone swings the axe.
0:29:56 - Camera angles down to capture: JR vs THE ANT CREATURES!
          Yappy notes ants are coming in to escape water outside.
0:30:02 - JR blinks and notices he's on camera. Tod "He-LLO J-R!"
          JR still has the axe.
0:30:06 - JR AXES THE CAMERA!!! (AudienceDivingFromComputerChairs.avi)
0:30:09 - JR's index finger. <MonksOhming.mp3>
          Axe has name on it.. can't read.
          People wonders what JR's holding in his hand?
0:30:39 - Hand-held camera gets in Mutt's face. Mutt eats it.
          UHH! Dog licks!
          Stitch Hola-dances to Enigma. Mutt eats him.
0:31:30 - Channel likes Enigma.
******************** AND NOW TO PAWPETS MONTEREY BAY!
0:32:05 - Techno Huskie! Close to your face o_o
          Grim Black and White contrast colors..
          German Techno "Du. Du has. Du has mesh." Repeats.
          According to channel, it means "You. You hate. You hate me."
0:32:58 - Increasing tribal rhythm.. alien saucer sounds.. hard rock.
          Husky sways side to side to music.
          "Du! Du has! Du has mesh!"
          (o_O Ever wonder if one day, a Rocker would stay a magic
           incantation by accident?)
0:33:28 - "Du! Du Has Mage! Du Has MageSuCra! Du Has MageSuCra!"
0:33:39 - Husky starts changing, voice getting louder.
0:33:45 - "Ahhh!" (GroundLifting.avi) "NINE!" (CrashesBackDown.avi)
          "Ahhhh...." (GroundLifting.avi) "NINE!" (Crash.mp3)
          (CityBlockRisingUp.avi) "If-Dis-Do-Den-AlVinStrife.."
          (LightShiningThroughCracks.avi) More German chanting..
0:34:00 - "Ahhhhh!.." (HandsReachOutOfCracks.avi) "NINE!!" (Thunder.mp3
          "Ahhhhh..." (GrabRisingSidewalks.avi) "NINE!!!!" (Thunder.mp3
          Husky gets more violent with motions.
0:34:08 - Musical Interlude. (CityBlockRisesTenFeet.avi)
0:34:25 - Voice gets more subtle "Murr. Do Has. Do Has Mesh." Angelic
           chours sounds, beautiful "Murr. Do Has. do has mesh."
0:34:38 - (JetFightersScrambleAndFireMisslesAtBand.avi)
          (MusicDarkensAgain) "Murr. Du Hast. Du Hast Mesh!"
          (FortressSpins,RocketsExplodeOnScrapers) "Du Hast Mesh!!"
          "Du Hast Mesh Shu Craa, Du Hast Mesh Shu Craa.."
          <BangingDrumNoises.mp3> (PiecesOfExplodedV2RocketsAndJetParts
0:35:09 - More Impassioned Chanting. (FortressStopsBrieflyEachCityLike
          "Ahhhh..." (DeadWorkingOnRockets.avi) "NINE!!"
           (MisslesChipTopOfSkycrapers.avi) "Ahhhhhh..."
           (FallingMaterialsCrashAllAroundBand.avi) "NINE!!!"
          More incantations (BottomOfFortressNowCoveredInRockets.avi)
          Husky takes deep breath, then "NINE!!!!!!!"
0:35:54 - Sound fades, leaving behind only computer notes.
0:35:58 - Credtis: "Du Hast" Rammstein, album of same name
          Wilson - Aatheus
**** Like.. Powerful..
0:36:10 - BV annouces song just for people in channel. Request by
          <CocoCabana.mp3> Ferengi do the cha-cha?
          Voops, Rummage and twin Jar-Jars sing to Neil Diamond.
          Jar Jars do something below camera?
0:38:00 - Three JarJars? They're multiplying? o_O
          Person screams, one of her lovers gets shot.
0:38:55 - Everyone goes "Ahhhh..." "AAHHHHH..." rising up O_O
          JarJar lifts up.. revealing his lower half is GONE! In it's
           place is a HUMAN HAND! "CO-CA!!!! Co-Ca-Ka-BANNAAA!!" (AHH!)
0:39:18 - No.. JarJar has a HUMAN *FOOT* up his butt! (AHHHHHH!!!!!)
          A JarJar starts eating the foot o_O
          Musical Interlude. JarJar starts eating Freddy's tail?
          "She lost her youth and she lost her Tony.. now she LOST
           HER MIND!" Sign swings on one hing, JarJar drags Freddy
           blow stage to unknown fate.
0:40:44 - Sign swings on one hing, stageperson keeps pushing it until
           it's spinning like a pinwheel!
          Freddy pants and returns to rest on stage.. only to get
           repeatedly *WHACKED* by the sign.
          Sign finanlly gives out. <CocoCapanaLongVersion?.mp3>
          Stagehand puts it back up.. upside down.
0:41:30 - Rummage tries to eat the one tac holding the sign on, get in
           a war with the stagehand.
0:42:03 - Coco Cabanas are real?
          JR-hands try to put mini-compture back up, but fumbles and
           it lands on his head again.
          Rasvar fixes something <UpsideDownScreen.fx> "Ok, all fixed!"
          <InversedUpsideDownScreen.fx> Vixen arghs.
0:43:30 - Freddy sings Barry White while others repair stage.
          Freddy has huge fabric-strip arms and legs? Octopus? o_O
0:44:20 - Camera angles up at Barry-White-Freddy and overhead lights.
          Freddy gets in your face. Looks like Purple Skittle with..
0:45:01 - Song is abrubly canceled. JarJar rides Freddy?
          Lots of falling JarJars. Rasvar repairs Sign
0:45:35 - Rasvar backs up into the camera. No visable crack O_O
          Ezra notes he still has no butt crack!
          Ezra rocks to <PeeWee'sBigAdventure.mp3>
0:46:39 - Stick with *EYES* looks up at Ezra? "eRagh!"
          People wonders if it's a rattlesnake? It slowly looks up.
          Ezra "What ARE you?"
0:47:23 - Worm-think looks around stage at various places.
          Stagehand drops EYEBALL on Poink's head. Ezra "Whatever
           happened to your big eyes?" They're on stick?
          Beethoven sees stick and grosses himself out.
0:48:00 - Introducing: Esofoguy, a removed Esofagus! (O_O)
          Ezra "If you're an esophagus? Why do you have eyes?"
          "So I can see!" Poink wonders if he has acid reflux.
          It's Kate Mosse's Esophagus? (NECKs.. NECKS!!!)
0:49:08 - Kate got a new Esophagus? That's how she gets thin?
          Esophagus wears a suit. Poink keeps watching.
          Esophagus coaches Kate on when to hurl.
          Kate drank Drain-O? Drugs?
          In channel ArrowWolf hopes they don't show Colon Powell next.
          EVERYBODY is TOAST!
0:50:35 - Poink wants to see Dick Cheny. Esphophaguy isn't Deep Throat.
          Esphophaguy sings about experiences. Drives car?
          Rasvar's glad he can follows his directions.
0:52:10 - Esophagus drives BMV. Ezra wants EGus to bite Poink's ankle.
          Esophaguy ate PeeWee's breakfast? People wonders what Paul
           Reubens has been eating. <PeeWeeIsStillPlaying!.mp3>
0:54:00 - Kat Moss's fingers and .. nevermind.
          Ezra wonders if EG has ever seen Pink Flamingos? Poink things
           that's NOT a good plan.. "You're cleaning it up."
          Rummage notes PF is better for Colon Powel.
          EG has unique plan for bombing Iraq.
0:56:00 - Macy is watching, real child? People apologize!
          Ezra "What is the grosses thing Kate Moss has ever fed to
           you?" Esopho recalls something her boyfriend did..
          Ate a Ball-Park(tm) Frank.
          <WaWaWaWAAA.mp3> <Popcorn.mp3>
0:57:30 - Poink was in a commercial?
          Esophoguy wants to meet Seal of Disapproval.
************** AND NOW TO PAWPETS WEST
0:58:30 - Cat, Dog, and a Ferret. Barking and Mewing.
          "I never much believed in re-in-car-nation..."
          Lots of -ation words. William Shakespeare's in his cat?
          Cat sees the Phantom, watches Miss Saigon, but kills mice.
1:00:33 - Cat chases after mouse.
          "He wrote Romeo and Juliet.. but his greatest story yet..
           is coming back as someone's pet.."
          To Be or not to Meee..YOW!
1:01:20 - Ferret, Dog and Cat hop on one leg.
1:02:02 - Credits: "Shakespear's In My Cat" (Arrogant Worms (?))
          Patch - Reishal
          Ping- TeddyRuxpin
          Rorschach (?) - Findra
*********** END OF PART ONE ***********
Subject: PawpetShow #138-EsophaGuy!-Timeline PT.2
Date: Tue, 17 Sep 2002 20:37:40 -0700
From: Rob Taylor <robtaylor04@attbi.com>
Newsgroups: alt.fan.furry

Pawpet Show #138-EsophaGuy!-Timeline Part 2
- by Blackfoot Ferret

(note, first 20 min or so have formatting errors, screen was too large
 when I started, I narrowed it after that)

********* PART TWO *********
1:01:20 - Lots of Pawpets West people bouncing on springs!
1:02:04 - Mutt "We have an Esophagus running around the house. Gets
           curiouser and curiouser." Poink "Sicker and sicker.'
          Recap: EsophaGuy is Kate Moss's (anorexic?) esophagus.
1:02:45 - Poink sets up a brilliant segue "That sucks about as much
           as our trip to Bush Gardens!"
          Rhino Rally Ride: Is it a ride if it does't actually work?
          Jeep goes through river. Flood wasn't working.
          No Rhinos?? Poink say 8 Rhino-butts.
          Allegators, Pink Flamingo lawn-ornaments.
1:04:40 - Tod, Poink and Mutt decide to make their own version of ride.
          Stagehand brings in 4-4 radio-controlled truck, Rhinomobile.
          Elephant scritches its own 3-foot long titty?
          Discussion: Is Titty a nasty word people can't use?
1:05:40 - Mutt gets into RhinoMobile. Drives.
          Parade of odd things you might see during the ride. Javafrog?
          Mutt carries truck in his mouth, thrashes.
          Trip through Mr. Rogers magical safari.
          (JarJar binks is rare?) JarJar has giant titties too O_O
1:07:10 - Mini-Mach does animatronic Jaguar.
          Rhino charges, but breaks down. Gets tosses to side.
1:08:15 - Rhino gets upset, takes out truck with Axe.
          Closeup of Rhino-eyes O_O. Disgruntled Rhino takes things out
           on overpaying tourists.
1:09:20 - Animatronic Jaguars eats the camera. Car continues on.
1:09:35 - JarJar-Jason appears o_O
          $129.50 to enter a PARK!?? People are scared.
          Rhino is still thrashing things with the axe.
          People are squeezed Mutt into the Van? Mutt has
Happy-Strap           on?
1:10:55 - Tod calmly explains that the Rhino is attacking Mutt in
the            truck,
           "How do stop a rhino from charging? Take away his
credit             card."
          <WaWaWAAAA.mp3> Rhino gets run over by truck. Hit by axe.
1:11:49 - <ExtremeCLoseUpOfDeadRhinoEye.fx> O_O
          Closeup: Mini-Mach eating your face. Pulls out an EYE? o_O
1:12:50 - Stitch dances to people humming the hulo as sound
isn't           ready.
          Stitch is severely disoriented -_o.
1:14:00 - Stitch, a giant cockroach, and Moonie in letterbox format.
          Truck runs over Moonie's.. nevermind.
************** SPIT.. OR SWALLOW??
1:14:40 - Today's entries by Doddles and Blackberry.
          Doddles sends in Phillipene Coca-Cola drink called Sarsy.
          Tod asks EsophaGuy if Kate Moss drank this? EsophaGuy nopes.
1:15:50 - Tod tests Sarsy offcamera.
1:15:54 - Tod "AAAAAGH! AH, it's a spitter!" Old, raw Nutrasweet?
          Poink's up next.. and EsophaGuy.
1:16:39 - EsophaGuy savors, likes it? "It's like.. a 64.."
          Tod "64-what?" "About 64 damn Years OLD!" Tod thinks of
64           Valiant
1:16:58 - Poink agress to try diet drink under duress.
1:17:04 - Closeup on JR. "Old, dead licorish o_O"
1:17:19 - DEVINFOX RETURNS! Just in time for Drinking Contest..
          Tod makes the ultimate drink insult.. "It tastes like TAB!"
          Rasvar and Poink argue wether Tab is better truely worse.
          Devin thinks it's a horrible rootbeer-candy think.
1:17:57 - Tod reads the Sarsy label. Even he has trouble with words.
          Things illegal in US? o_O
1:18:27 - Rasvar displays Football scores in bottom-window
scroll.               Tod reads
          'Dolpins turned Lions into fish food and devoured them'..
          Rasvar moonlights as professional bias sports critic.
          Tod "What is this? It sounds like Noah's arch?" NFL.
          "The Jets, snack on Buffalo Wings.."
1:20:08 - Second Round of Spits of Swallows: Blackberry's Marble Soda.
          Soda is held shut by marble? Japanese drink. Push down
on            marble to drink.
1:20:55 - Green Lantern JR attempts to open it on camera.. Tod
"Now           that's a titty."
1:21:10 - JR pulls down shirt collar to blind people with his hairless
           chest. Tod "AAAAHHH!" Devin "Make the hurting STOP!"
1:21:30 - Yappy and tech people tackle opening the soda bottle.
Shake           it by accident (?)
          Yappy takes time-bomb bottle and sets it on stage. Tod runs!
1:22:12 - Yappy pushes down while EsophoGuy looks real close.
1:22:20 - <RepeatOfRasvar'sNFLUpdate.fx> Yappy declears bottle
OPEN!            People
           flock to it. Marble falls into middle of bottle?
1:22:45 - JR's butt. Tod declares it's Leche flavor. Type of berry.
          Mini-Randy! Poink declares tonight Art Jam is Yappy getting
           married to Rasvar. "NO!" Mini-Randy cartmans.
1:23:21 - Mini-Randy does that KISS-Lead-Singer-Thing.
          Tod "Here comes the Leche drink" MRandy "Yeah!TastesLikeSmall
1:24:05 - Tod drinks.. likes it better. Poink think it's
rubbing            alcohol.
          Rasvar "Ah, this is nasty stuff!" Devin things it smells like
           Vodka but doesn't tastes like it. Bad sign.
          Tod "Imagine Flat Alkasetlzer.." Devin samples,
winces            slightly.
1:24:51 - Devin picks up a microphone "uuuUCK.."
          Rasvar collects half-sampled shot glasses.
          Discussion: New drink and Tab. Which is better?
          Jackrabbit actually hurled in backroom o_O.
1:25:55 - Herbie "It tastes like I just drank a disease.."
          Even worse than Beverlies? EsophaGuy sings about Beverlies..
          People think of things to expose EsophaGuy to.
          Naked Barbie? (or Ken?) Esopha raps.
1:27:35 - EsophaGuy fills in Barbie's missing head. Yeahs!
          EsophaGuy has some body now.
          Stanghands hold up EsophaGuy. He's only a short tube o_O
          Esopha-Worm wiggles toward Tod, who backs up!
1:28:44 - Lots of Barbies, Carrots, Body Parts and Ferrets jamming.
          "I'm a machine! You're a machine.."
          Naked Headless Barbie Barlerina.
          "One chicken sandwich to go!" (Uh oh..)
          Bacon explains the virtues of meats.
          Saliva.. steps of breaking down food.
          Mini-Mach chews up Eyeball. Hand points to place on Mini-
           Mach stalk where the food currently is (YouAreHERE.sign)
1:30:45 - I'm a machine? o_O (Checks 5-pound physique, flexes)
1:31:30 - Doodles: "I'm a machine, and I need LOTS of Lube."
          EsophaGuy, Tod, and Mini-Mach make digestive noises.
          Seal joins. Bacon "Doodles.. I *AM* offended!"
          Mach-Onna-Stick keeps chewing the eyeball.
1:32:25 - EsophaGuy solos, sings well. Cha Chas? Tod wonders how he
           can Cha Cha in his Hoo Ha?
          Mini-Mach eats Poink. "AHH!" Hangs onto his nose. EsophaGuy
           keeps talking about HooHa.
1:34:10 - <RinkyDinkHappyThingsChattering.mp3> "HAPPY, TREE, FRIENDS!"
1:34:17 - Blue Moose spins friends on Merry-Go-Round.
          Faster! Faster! FASTER!!! Hey love it!
1:34:30 - Um.. wait.. Pink Squirrel flies off..
1:34:33 - Pink Squirrel hits tree.. SPLAT!  O_O
1:34:42 - Maroon Chipmunk flies off o_o. Breaks into chunks. @_@
1:34:47 - Yellow Rabbit's arms snap off.. gets sucked through a jet
           engine. BOOM! (...... !!! ....... >_< )
          Blue Moose gets tired, then notices people have left. Sees
           Yellow's severed hands, uh ohs.. whistles and walks off..
1:35:03 - The Very Final End. Credits.
            ^-- List of ALL Mondo Mini-shows.
1:35:10 - Show credits. Message "Don't forget to FLOSS!" X_x
1:35:11 - Stunned Poink and Violently Head-Shaking Ezra.
          Ezra "that Was WRONG!"
          Cheetah-head bits Poink's nose again. He only half-feels it.
          Ezra looks down "O..K.."
          Stagehand revives Poink by making him drink Leche drink.
1:35:55 - JR actually threw up on show.. second person after Mach.
           Used the Tub? Rasvar "That's where Yappy BATHES!"
          Poink finally wrenches his nose away. Rasvar can't believe
           Poink survived Evil Tacos and lost it to Leche. "Maybe that
           ought to be the Art Jam: Puking Poink?"
          Poink saw his shoes? EsophaGuy gets Kate Moss flashback.
          Fingers going where?
1:37:46 - EsophaGuy talks about EYE-inplants. Poink goes to be sick
           somewhere. People can't believe he's really sick!
          Ezra "(Lovingly) How about some Greasy Pork Sandwiches
           served in a dirty ashtray? :)"
          Poink sticks a finger down EsophaGuy. -_o.
1:38:30 - Rasvar notes there are more Burger King Tacos in fridge.
          Esophaguy is curious? "I'm getting nervous.." People warm
           them up.
          Rasvar announces new Video Group that submitted a video:
           "Bad Cheese".
          Ezra "Bad..Cheese.." Rasvar notes it goes with the Tacos.
************** AND NOW TO.. (oops, off the screen! "Bad Cheese!")
1:39:53 - Opening Clip: Computer world, and fly.
          <Buzzing.mp3> "EWW! What's that SMELL?!"
          Flies flies above smoking cheese, dies.
          As fly dies and bounces.. "A BAD CHEESE STUDIO PRESENTATION."
1:40:05 - Tiger looks up from computer. Looks up, wows at being on
          Interview with the World Famous Bad Cheese studio cast!
          "It's kind of Cheesy around here.."
          Tiger decides to sing a song "Hope I don't mess up too bad..
           see you in a few minutes.."
1:40:45 - <GratefulDead-TouchOfGrey.mp3> Tiger looks up from where he
           just was, starts singing!
          Despite the cheese odor.. "We will, get by!"
          (You know, I've never actually understood the lyrics to this
           song, but you know, it's Alright :) )
1:44:19 - Music winds, down, Tiger puts his chin on stage and gets
           ready to sleep.
1:44:20 - <BlindingWhiteScreen!.fx> (@_@)
          Credits: Bad Cheese Studio!
          Moon (Tiger) by Darian
          "Touch of Grey"  by the Grateful Dead (didn't drink Green Tea
           I guess.)
1:44:26 - Ezra and EsophaGuy love Bad Cheese!
          Ezra announces someone's heated up a Burger King Taco!
          (Coincidence? YOU be the judge.) Poink introduces special
           Guest Star.. Scared Rhino From That Ride.
1:45:30 - Rhino meets EsophaGuy, set up interview.
          Rhino's been at attraction for too long. "Ever single day I
           get HIT BY A TRUCK!!" Very disgruntled.
          Rhino runs from Evil Green Truck! Pushs it back. EsophaGuy
           is nearly crushed!
1:47:00 - Rhino needs counciling.. sees green trucks everywhere, while
           one really chases him around. Ezra thinks he should meet
1:47:40 - EsophaGuy goes to try a Burger King Taco.
          Trucks keeps attacking Rhino "Voices! Voices in my HEAD!"
          <JawsTheme-OverAndOVERAgain.mp3> Rhino ARGHHGHHS!!
1:48:45 - Rhino plots horrifying Flamingo revenge.
          (You know, my dog's afraid of things with wheels also o_O)
1:49:24 - Rhino can't take it anymore, kamizaki's Ezra. Ezra kicks.
1:49:38 - Lee sits on.. (Uh oh) The Pink Flamingo Couch. He waves!
          Mutt introduces Lee as a whole horde of things, puppeter,
           rocker, performer, skydiver, Taco-eater?
          Lee was Herbie's roomate for 2 years. They're best friends!
          Herbie "Alright.. we're going to show him Pink Flamingos, at
           the same time he's going to eat <BKTaco.gif> a Burger King
           *Crispy* Taco!!"
          (They WERE best friends..) Lee picks at his food "There's
           just something wrong with Burger King and Tacos.. ok?"
1:50:36 - Herbie "Do not start eating, until the music STARTS!"
          Rasvar argues he should already have some in his stomach.
          Herbie "Once the music starts.. you must Commense Eating!"
          Lee holds the taco at ready, seemingly at ease, unaware of
           the coming peril.."
1:50:46 - Divine "..not only is she the Filthiest PERSON in the World..
           she is also the Filthiest ACTRESS in the world!"
          Lee thinks this is going to be good.. Herbie "Do not take
           your EYES off the TV!" "..this is the REAL THING!"
1:50:58 - <HowMuchIsThatDoggieInTheWindow?.evil> Lee chuckles and
           seems to be having fun! "Start eating!!"
1:51:04 - Lee munches, then looks at the TV. Stops chewing a second.
          <DogsArfing.mp3> Lee MMmms, and rubs his stomach, chews.
1:51:13 - Lee hunkers down like a devoted football fan. Oh Boy! Chews.
          Everyone ELSE freaks out!
1:51:17 - Lee goes wide-eyed, then OOHs! And points to the screen, nods
1:51:18 - Lee takes a friggin' HUGE bite of Taco.. Background Cackling!
1:51:23 - Lee urges Divine one with hand-gestures, talking with full
           mouth "ChomeOn! OughYa! Mmmmmm!"
1:51:26 - Lee looks at the camera, and takes a defiant bite. "Mmmm.."
1:51:31 - The bad part starts.. Rasvar "Oh, NOO!" Lee blinks as if
           hit by something, but keeps chewing!
1:51:35 - Lee tries to talk, but his mouth's too full, he opens it
           at the camera. Herbie "AAWWWWHH!!'
1:51:45 - Lee keeps chewing.. (wait.. has he swallowed anything yet?)
          Lee has chipmunk cheeks. Finishes the Taco! YAY!!!!
1:51:54 - Rasvar "(to Herb) And this is what happens when You're his
           roomate!" Lee swallows!
1:52:00 - Lee shows empty plat "I Wangna 'Nuther one!"
          Lee "I think Burger King's taking over! Down with Taco bell!"
          Herbie notes he's watched Faces of Death and thought it was
           a comedy.
1:52:35 - Ezra ohmys. "That was WRONG!"
          Stagehands all clap for Lee! (Pawpet history is made!)
1:52:43 - Ezra actually SWEARS "My Frickin' Word." (O_O) ( <- Awe )
          "The channel loves it.. I'm sick!"
1:53:25 - Lee adds special sauce (no.. don't tell me) to Jack In The
           Box taco.
1:53:50 - Lee's also a Rollercoaster buff. Talks Coasters with Mutt.
          Lee has "Wanna Ride A Woody?" red t-shirt. Woody as in
           Wooden Roller-Coaster. People misunderstand it..
1:55:10 - Red t-shirts mean you're Gay at DisneyWorld? o_O
          (I think someone in channel mentions there's an organized
           Gay Community event where everyone goes in a group that
           wears red t-shirts.)
          Hulk, Nitro, and lots of WWF coasters.
1:56:01 - Worst Coasters: Scorpion at Busch Gardens! People yay!
          Scorpion was state of art, but OLD.
          Coaster makes Lee queezy after riding it 6 times.
1:57:52 - The worst his just begun.. audience will soon ask Lee Q's!
********************* PAWPETS WEST
1:58:12 - <LotsOfHallucinagenicMusic-InterpretionGraphics.fx>
          Sheepdog stand in middle of flames
          "Excuse me.. while I kiss the sky!" Flames close and he
           disappears, then returns in a few for next verse.
1:59:48 - Sheepdog breaths along with music.. background graphics go
           blue like window fogging up.
          Sheepdog rocks out in Energy-World.
2:00:56 - Credits: "Purple Haze" (Kazaa look-up, Jimi Hendrix)
          Freemont - TeddyRuxpin
          PPW - 2000
************ EXCUSE ME.. WHILE I GET SOME FRIES. ********
**************** END OF PART TWO ************************
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Subject: PawpetShow#138-EsophaGuy!-Timeline PT.3
Date: Thu, 19 Sep 2002 04:55:58 -0700
From: Rob Taylor <robtaylor04@attbi.com>
Newsgroups: alt.fan.furry

Pawpet Show #138-EsophaGuy!-Timeline Part Three
by Blackfoot Ferret

************** PART THREE *******************
2:00:51 - Pawpets West finishes Jimi Hendrix's "Purple Haze"
2:01:10 - Mutt returns. Football update!
          Texas is playing Dallas, and Florida is playing Miami?
2:01:25 - <RandomTVFootballFootage.tv>
          Mutt "It's like an inbred fight.." "Please, can't we just
           get along?"
          Mutt thanks Lee again for surviving Taco/Flamingo thing.
2:01:55 - Mutt "Can't get any better than that.. we'll have some
           flames on the mailing list for that for sure!"
          (Hey, I didn't have to eat/watch it :) ) "More free publicity
           like on PortalOfEvil.com!"
2:02:15 - Portal of Evil slams Pawpet AUDIENCE? (NoMoreMrNiceGuy.mp3)

2:02:35 - Mutt notes the show is goofy, people should be slamming it!
          Stagehand takes MovieChalkboardThingWithSnapperOnTop (What
           ARE those things called?) and bites Mutt's nose with it.
          Mutt erfs "I'm not watching the show.."
2:02:50 - DVD News: "CATS DON'T DANCE" is hitting DVD!
          Tod loves Darla Dimple "She's so Evil!"
          Frankenstein buttler.
          (Animated movie about Animal Characters breaking into the
           Hollywood movie scene like minorities used to do. The last
           movie that Gene Kelly (Singing In The Rain) advised the
           dance choreography on. And it ROCKS!)
          Mutt wants Shelly, Can't Don't Dance artist to callin!
2:04:10 - EsophaGuy ate a pair of eyes? "Yeah!"
          EsophaGuy is lonely. Tests microphone (eats microphone?)
          Mutt ponders how to get EsophaGuy a date. EsophaGal?
2:05:20 - Food that EsophaGusi prefer. Mutt "You could just keep eating
           the same food over and over again?"
          EsophaGuy is wearing a dress shirt? o_O
          Tod and EsophaGuy compete for who does the best "Yeah! YEAH!"
          Talkin' Pizza and Tacos.
          EsophaGuy likes Halloween and Thanksgiving. Doens't like how
           Thanksgiving is getting Christmasified.
2:07:30 - Brocolli stings? Tod "Only when it comes back out."
          Walmart or Target? "Both"
          BK or McD? "Neither." Yappy plays with cell phone.
          Tattoo on Butt? "A butterfly!" Tod wonders how EsophaGuy has
           a butt? EsophaGuy turns to show you O_O
          Ice cream? "Chocolate."
          Best Day? "When I do the Hanky Panky" NOT Hokey Pokey.
          Farted in Elevator? "Yes!" Jumps in falling elevator.
2:09:38 - EsophaGuy feels like he fell 10' in elevator "Scared the
           Shi(BLEEPER.mp3)t out of me.oh..PooPoo!"
          Gilligan's Island start "Marrianne!" Daisy before the Dukes?
          EsophaGuy likes Liver and Pancreas.
2:10:25 - Controversy: Did Mutt say "MashedOrBaked" or something else?
          Hilarity! Mutt "Oh, you thought I said THAT!!? You guys are
2:10:55 - Multiple cries of "EYES! EYES!!!" The Evil! It returns!
          Mutt buries face in ears. Tod "Simon says SHAME on you!"
2:11:14 - Give Kids The World Blooper: "Simon says puts you hands on
           you Eyes!" Rasvar notes whole room heard "Ass.." Lots of
           young children staring O_O
2:12:05 - Poink clarified "Don't do use that phrase on this show.. we
           use 'Stroking the Weasel!'" Rasvar punches "Not slapping!!"
          Spielburg or Lucas? More Interview With The Esophagus.
          Esophaguy likes Willow.
          Wierd Al Yankovic song "Are We Not Men, We are DE-VO!"
           (Er.. didn't Devo do that?)
          Marvel or DC? "Marvel."
          Cartoon character? Akira?
2:14:30 - Mutt reads channel, channel wants Esophguy-kareokee!
          (Say, who DOES EsophaGuy? Is that Lee?)
2:15:30 - EsophaGuy sings Devo song without any musical accompanyment
           whatsoever! Mutt and Carrots groove! Sings a Wierd Al
2:16:40 - He's still going! Carrot is a gun in a hand?
          Carrot his smiley face on. With EYES O_O
2:17:20 - "I'm an ordinary guy.. burning down the house!"
          Still going! Cthulhu-carrot rocks along
2:17:42 - Every Breath you Take. (EnergizerBunny.gif)
2:18:00 - "Should I stay or should I go?" (Stay!)
          Naked Barbie dance. Jar Jar helps with The Who.
          JarJar fights evil string-puppet.
2:18:40 - "DuhDuhDuhDaDuh..DuhDuhDuhDaDuh..DuhDuhDuhDadDuh Duh..HEY!"
2:18:51 - Applause! (Applause!.mp3) (FootBallTransition.fx)
2:19:30 - Mutt announces Magic's in the house! Giant string-fox?
          EsophaGuy works 30 minutes during 8-hour shift at Sleep-ums.
          EsophaGuy "I.. make little children happy."
          Sweetums from Muppetvision 3D? Has seen it a LOT!
          11 shows a day from 1991?
2:21:10 - Discussion: Wackies places people have *DONE IT* at Disney?
          Behind screen? On top of catwalk? Behind the curtain? o_O
          GMR ride? Catwalk? Mutt "So when it's raining, it's not
           really raining?"
          Rasvar does damage control "NO!NO!DON'T GO THERE!!"
2:21:45 - EsophaGuy does <SingingInTheRain.mp3>. Mutt is toast!
          "What..a glor-i-ous FEEL-ING!...I'm HAPPY a-gain.." Mutt
           changes the subject.
          <AngryFlusterdCats.mp3> Rides used to spin?
          More places: Main issue costume lines. In costume?
2:22:38 - Mutt ohs! "People Doin'-It, at Disney!" Multi-Scandals!
          EsophaGuy "Come on! We're a healthy breed!" Mutt "You need
           something to do during your break, don't you?"
          <PeeWee'sBigAdventure.mp3> (Oh, good timing!)
2:24:40 - Channel is still talking about places at Disney. Beverly's
           machine? Mutt ducks and gets invisible.
          People like EsophaGuy!
          EsophaGuy ohs! "I love you all!" Bombdiggity!
          EsophaGuy gets in your face and tries to make a song about
******************* HAPPY TREE FRIENDS! AGAIN!
2:26:00 - "House Warming" Handy.. has no hands?
2:26:24 - Blue skunk helps make treehouse. Hugs Handy!
          House explodes? Skunk is on FIRE!
          Handy tries to catch.. but has no hands!
          Handy can't turn on the firehose! <SkunkScreaming!.mp3>
2:27:00 - (Don't you hate it when that happens?) Handy kicks over
           a bucket of water..
          Bucket of water was actualy highly flamable liquid o_o O_O
2:27:06 - Handy tries putting the fire out by stomping repeatedly on
           now-charred skunkette with huge hurking constructon boots.
          Fire's finally out.. skeletal chared skunk gives him
           an "OK" hand signal. Circles zooms in. That's it!"
2:27:20 - Credtis. Word of wisdom: "Smiles are always FREE!"
2:27:31 - EsphoaGuy thinks that's an add for "Stop Drop and Roll.."
****************** DEVIN MAGIC!
2:28:00 - <SpookyNeoMissionImpossibleMusic.mp3>
2:28:04 - Devin peeks over stage edge, looks left and right. Has cool
           looking headgear.
          <NeoMaxwellSmartTheme.mp3> Devin blinks and notices stage
           seems small, dodges people grabbing for things.
2:28:24 - Ezra pops up "Hi Devin!" "Hello! Why is the stage not as
           tall as it was last time I did this?"
          Screen top edge now makes Devin duck. Ezra "It's exactly the
           same." "I'm confused!" "You shrunk again!" "No, maybe I
          Devin's a giant on stage. "Or maybe the camer'a positioned
2:28:57 - Ezra and Devin both duck and look over stage rim. "Hi!"
          Ezra sits on the stage "I'm taller than you!" "Shut up!"
2:29:24 - <CameraChangesToCloserShot.fx> Camera level with stage, can't
           see card on surface.
          Technical juggling. Devin gets modest "Anyone who's a regular
           watcher of the show knows that DevinMagic segments don't
           always go very well.." (?) Stage and Realplayer limits.
          (Only remember one goof in about 20 tricks so far. I've
           tried rewinding and watching each trick in slow-mo, and I
           *STILL* can't figure them out.. and I'm a nitpicker. o_O)
2:29:51 - Devin "Let's get to it!" Ezra "You have cards in your hand?"
          <LOUDSuspencefulMusic.mp3> People jump!
          Devin is going to peform the First Trick he ever did on the
          People ask EsophaGuy to help. "I don't have any hands.."
          Devin shows regular decks of Bicycle cards.
          Stagehand takes one, shows. (3 of diamonds/hearts?)
2:31:20 - Devin shuffles. Ezra calls STOP, card is placed back there.
          Ezra puts paw on card, presses down. Devin explains that
           leaves an imprint on card.
          One card in red set now has a Blue back?
          (Colors show on Realplayer, but would helps to get a zoom-in)
2:32:20 - Mobile camera walks close.. and there's a PAWPRINT on the
           blue card!
2:32:35 - Ezra "My card.. was the 3 of diamond.." Devin flips.
          Blue Pawprint card is the 3 of Diamonds! Coolness!
2:32:50 - Not over yet.. Devin takes 3D and set it on counter by
           Ezra, asks him to place paw back on it.
          (Camera angle's a bit flat.. wish I look down a bit at the
           stage and see the card and what's Ezra's doing to it.)
          Ezra keeps paw on card, Devin shuffles remaining deck.
          All are Red. Ezra ".... Stop!"
          Devin shows new card to audience (5 of Spades/Clubs)
2:33:32 - Devin takes card Ezra was pinning down, shows blue back and
           Pawprint to camera.
2:33:50 - Devin turns the card.. and it's changed from the 3D to 5S!
          Ezra "WHOA!" EsophaGuy "Amazing! David Blaine, watch out!"
          Ezra wonders if people have been fooling with his glasses?
2:34:30 - Devin notes if people want him to keep showing up, they
           should send messages "Devin! Practice your Magic!"
          Ezra and EsophaGuy both Devinpracticeyourmagic.
          Ezra "And wear platform shoes!" (Ezra'sEltonJohnGlasses.gif)
2:34:50 - Ezra "Devin, we miss you so much!" turns to the stagepeople
           "Doesn't he look like Frodo?"
          ("One ring to bind them.. BIND THEM...... AARRRGHHHH!!")
2:34:55 - Devin gets ready to sign off. Ezra looks over "Ok, now you
           gottaDoTheLittleThingThereGandalf dies.. yougotta go..NO!..?
2:34:59 - Devin "NnnOOOAAGHHOOO!!!!!" fades out. <LOTRMusic.mp3>
          Ezra "It's Devin Magic!"
***************** FLUFF AND SUCH NEW VIDEO!
2:35:30 - Fluff and Such Puppetry.
          <WaterWaverEffect.mp3> "Annabella's Song"
          (Don't know this one..) Sheepdog inna flower hat watches
           water birds by a lake.
2:36:34 - Puppy starts singing from behind palm tree trunk, standing up
          Puppet seemlessly blends in with background. "You are quite
           a lot of trouble.. for such a pretty little girl.."
          Puppy is behind Annabella, but she doens't see him.
          Annabell won't talk to him? Puppy looks out the window,
           talking to the forest. "You are never alone.."
          "You are never alone.." Various shots of puppy singing.
2:38:25 - Puppy watches Annabelle, even when she doesn't know he's
           there. "You just don't understand.. you're my everything.."
2:40:07 - Puppy sings while Annabelle sleeps.. then fades out.
          Puppy was a ghost O_O
2:40:21 - Picture of puppy in a frame, with words above (posthumous?)
          "In Loving Memory."
          "September 11th, 2001"
2:40:29 - Scrolling credits:
          "In Memory Of All Those Lost on Semptermber 11th, 2001"
          "Annabella's Song" by Everclear. Album 'Songs from an
            American Movie, Vol.1"
          Tag the Dog and Maxi
          Performed & Directed - Nonsanity_Cat
          Additional help - Cuddles_Cat
          http://www.fluffandsuch.com/ (Erf, looks like the site got
           pulled offline temporarily due to too much traffic)
2:40:43 - Mutt "Fan-Freakin'-Tastic!" Tod "That was CREDIBLE"
          EGuy "I think I cried.." (with?) Mutt "Well, you have eyes,
           I guess you're allowed to cry.."
2:41:05 - Official Pawpet 9/11 tribute next week. Mutt encourages
           folks to send in any videos, even if you have to "take a
           piece of foam and pretend it's an (+others) Esophagus.."
          High-class animated videos are cool too :)
          So are pasted-on eye cut-outs!
          Tod looks forward to being able to sit back and do nothing
           and watch videos :)
**************** NE'ER CALLS IN!
2:42:30 - People hello to Ne'er! Ne'er is feeling dirty?
          Ne'er "I think I've fallen in love.." Tod ".. with *Who*?.."
           "...(emotional) I don't think I want to SAY!"
          Mutt "ESOPHAGUY! YAAYY!!" EGuy looks up at him?
          Ne'er admits it! "I love him! I can't help myself! I don't
           know what to DO!"
          (GuidingLightTheme.mp3) (MandyKicksNe'erIntoOrbit.avi)
          People note EsophaGuy is looking for Gal. Ne'er can fake it.
2:43:25 - Ne'er THAT THE HELL DOES THAT MEAN! "And this word.. goes
           out to EsophaGuy.. Toothsome!" People guess.
          Tod shakes chips and salsa with 2. "I gave TWO SOME!" "No.."
          Lots of people saying "Toothsome" ponderously
          Ne'er "Why would that word go to to Esophaguy? he's got no
           teeth." EGuy notes everthing goes down with a slide.
2:44:40 - EGuy could be a match for Austin Powers.
          Nothing to do with teeth. Toonces, Cat that drives car?
          Devin wonders if he can spoil it now? People No! Think.
2:46:20 - More people saying "Toothsome.. toothsome.."
          Nothing to do with body parts.
          Not talkie. Or someone who goes "Yeah! Yeah!" all the time.
2:48:01 - Ne'er "It means.. delicious." Devin "I thought it meant
           sexually attractive though?" "It can mean that too.."
          Ne'er has long list of friends o_o (MandyGetsLightsaber.avi)
          Ne'er examples "EsophaGuy is very toothsome."
2:49:15 - Girl from Hodgymart still likes Ne'er too. She's still scary.
          People ponders EsophaGuy eating things, then eating his tail
           and eating it over and over again.
          People hope EGuys gets enough fiber.
2:51:10 - Ne'er signs off! "Speciba!" Mutt "Liva Las Vegas!"
2:51:24 - Ne'er was on show for 4 months. Scottish Moose with Russian
          Tod points out Tag on Fluff and Such video was killed in
            9/11 in video storyline. Might replay later.
2:53:00 - Rasvar "You know, we have something diametrically opposite to
           that.." People look? "We have another.."
****************** HAPPY TREE FRIENDS!
2:53:12 - <MadHappyChittering.mp3> Mondo Mini-shows!
          "Helping Helps." Giggles and Splending the Flying Squirrel
2:53:45 - Giggles walks by beach.. TIDAL WAVE!
          Splendid flies to save her!
          Giggles walks on crutches.. Water advances!
          Splendid swoops in! Catches her! YAY!!!
2:54:10 - Giggles "YeeHEE!*CRUNCH!*" passing treelimb takes off her
           head. (O_O) <DarkChord.mp3>
2:54:15 - Splendid glances at bloody bone-stalk. Looks sick. (>_<)
          Splendid looks left and right, then A-has!
          Giggle's mother cries, then opens door.. OHS!
2:54:29 - Splendid happily holds up Giggle's body, with a giant acorn
           stuck on her head, with happy face drawn on it!
2:54:40 - Mom snugs Giggles happily. Splendid salutes, then flies off.
          Mom waves! Giggle's acorn falls off. Fountain of bll..llll..
2:54:48 - Credits.
          Today's wisdom: "DON'T FORGET TO STOP AND SMELL THE ROSES!"
**** (ADeadBlackfootedFerret.gif) (x_X)
2:54:58 - Mutt "Wow.. that's.. Brilliant!" Tod hurls.
          EGuy "(relaxed) I think I'm severely scarred. I don't want
           any flying squirrels saving ME!"
          Mutt "It's just a cute little Car-TOON!" (CartoonCarAccident)
          EGuy "That's HORRIBLE! That poor woman!" Mutt nods "She'll
           never be able to get that out of her outfit." (x_x)
2:55:30 - Mutt and Tod want to make videos and send them into the show
          Talk about Larry, a devil that plays the fiddle that wants
           to get into Heaven? Lives with roaches.
****************** PAWPETS WEST!
2:56:46 - Patch and ferret talks about financial troubles.
          "I'm gonna be a PIRATE.. on the River Sackachewannnn!"
          <RockTemp.mp3> Rockin' Pirate patch and ferrets
          Raiding fertilizer from barges!
2:58:20 - "And it's a Heave-HO! Hi-HO! Coming down the plain!"
           Something about Barley and lots of other grains.
          Police follow on shore. Pirates wave!
2:59:30 - Notorious Frozen Canadian pirates. Pirates take time off
           as waters freeze.
3:00:05 - Acapela pirates.
3:00:30 - Rockin' pirates!
          "When you see the Jolly Roger on Red China's mightly shores..
3:00:53 - Credits "The Last Slr.(?) Pirate"
          Benny - Rieshal Madison - Findra Fred - Francisco
Funday PawPet Show Mail List
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Subject: PawpetShow#138-EsophaGuy!-PT.4-Conclusion
Date: Thu, 19 Sep 2002 03:27:24 -0700
From: Rob Taylor <robtaylor04@attbi.com>
Newsgroups: alt.fan.furry

Pawpet Show #138-EsophaGuy!-Part 4-Conclusion
by Blackfoot Ferret

************* PART FOUR *************
3:00:00 - End of Pawpets West Canaidan Pirates. ARRR!
3:00:56 - <TerminatorTheme.mp3!> "Man, that is distorted."
          Coyote blinks "Is that a talking organ?" EGuy stays hidden.
3:02:05 - Coyote rocks to rock music. (Is this start of Tuminator?)
          Coyote nods and sway. EGuy pops up like drumstick.
3:03:30 - DEATH. "Woo! Bear killed that one quick."
          Rasvar "Everyone get your Flock of Seagulls haircut ready!"
3:03:52 - <WhatMustBeAFlockOfSeagullsSong.mp3>
          Lots of spinning, etherial other-space bird music..
3:04:36 - The groove begins. Popular song?
          EGuy rocks, showing, once again, he's just a tube with EYES.
          Coyote watches running Esophagus. Looks at camera?
          "And I ran.. I ran so far away.."
          Lots of running puppets. "I couldnt' get away.."
3:06:05 - String-suspended camel (Hump?) attacks.. Coyote.. (-_o)
          Naked Barbies do Flashdance-leg moves.
          JarJar, an Esophagus that things it's a helicopter, and that
           evil green truck.
          Coyote wirls and fur-thrashes. Running string-puppets!
3:08:35 - Coyote tries to eat spinning EsophaGuy? EGuy pants.
3:08:57 - EGuy pants "Almost gave me a heart-attack!"
          EGuy's friend Larry in next video.. "He hasn't done this in
           a long time, so be gentle!" (MoltarCopsAnAttitude.SG)
3:09:27 - Picture of clouds in background, Larry walks out with fiddle.
          (Is this live in the studio?) <ThatDevilFiddleDuelSong.mp3>
3:09:40 - "The Devil went down to Georgia, looking for a soul to steal.
           He was in a bind and way behind and was willing to make a
          (Why Georgia?) Larry looks a bit like, The Count? Pronounces
           the words well.
3:10:30 - Devil starts fiddling.. (Boogie Woogie?)
          Larry fiddles in time with Bumblebee-like ultra-high
           frequency Fiddles. (YOW! My ears!)
          Devil's in the House of the Rising Sun? (Wasn't that supposed
           to be a dangerous spot?)
          Jonny kicks the Devil's butt-ocks!
3:12:10 - Johnny says "Devil just come on back if you ever wanna try
           again, I'd told you once you son of a.."
3:12:15 - <TrumpetHONK!.mp3> "..itch that I'm the best that's
           ever BEEN!"
3:12:48 - Larry smacks himself upside the head with the violin bow,
           in time with the music!"
3:12:52 - Song Ends. Larry has devilish headache.
3:12:56 - Applause! (I guess it was live in the studio!)
          EGuy "Yay, Larry!" (Didn't Wierd Al make a song about him?)
          Larry's a good friend of EsophaGuy. Thanks folks.
3:13:30 - Poink gets an idea "I figured we'd kinda go back to wholesome
           family values, and I have a song that I'd like to dedicate
           to all the lovers out there, including Harik and Raini, who
           are getting married in April.." EGuy yays!
**************** POINK'S ROMANTIC LOVE SONG.
3:13:45 - Narrator says this is a song for the Ladies, and Guys ought
           to listen too.
          "(Folkish, with guitar) You don't always have to <TRASHCAN>
           hard.. in fact some times that's not right to do.."
          o_o "Sometimes you've got to Make some Loveee.. and <HONK>
           -ing give her some smooches too.." <LovelyGuitar.mp3>
          o_O "Sometimes you've got to Sqeezeeee... sometimes you've
           got to say *please*.." <Grandad'sGuitar.mp3>
          o_o "Sometimes you've got to say HEY.. I'm gonna
           <BURPING-HURL>ck you..... soft-LY!..." Vixens sway.
          O_O "I'm gonna.. Scr<FART>w you gently.." -_-
          -_o "I'm gooNA<DYINGHORN> you.. sweet-LY!.."
          O=O "I'm gonna<BOING> you.." sings to BV ".. disCREETLY!"
3:14:40 - "Then they you say Hey, I brought you flowers.."
          Lots of romantic foxes surround Poink (why POINK??) wave
           tails.. ACT SOME OF THE LYRICS OUT?? (x_X)
3:15:35 - "Harrrrrr...ARRRRR...ARRRRRD!" <SqueekyToy.mp3>
          Vixens dogpile Poink (So much for being discreet..)
**** (The'LY'Song.mp3)
3:15:51 - Rasvar chuckles. Stagehand pulls spent vixen off the stage.
          Poink looks up "w-OW!" Vixen flies and pulls him down again.
          EGuy "That guy's going to VEGAS man!" Channel gets into it.
          JARJAR attacks Poink? Poink suddenly feels nervous.
3:16:40 - Poink "..SO! I've got ten voops to satisfy me!"
          Poink gets jiggy with BitchVoop. Rasvar "Get a room! And
           don't use MY room!" (Scoreboard.gif)
3:17:30 - September highlights next week, but not overboard. Too much
          Lee sits down in front of stage. Hi Lee.
          Lee makes various facial gestures. Mutt ohs "And there he is!
3:18:00 - Whatever happened to.. Mutt censors Trendane's Question!
          To learn to puppeteer? "Practice Practice Practice."
           Lipsync to stuff.
           Lee shows way to make puppets talk.
          College in Atlanta Georgia? Lee never went to puppet college.
          Lee "I am what you'd call.. a natural?" picked them up.
3:19:38 - Lee likes sock-puppets and pin-pong ball puppets.
          Wolf-it show puppets, what happeend to them? Lee ers..
           Trendane asks questions he doesn't expect answers for :P
          Lee pitches Crank-Yankers.
          Lee broke into puppets with auditions, luck.
           Used ping-pong ball puppets!
          Best finger-positions for moving jaws.
3:22:03 - Should you exercise arms and hands? "Yes." Scretches, any
           arm things.
          Penguin-pit? "I haven't broken it yet."
          Horror stories. Mutt "No one's watching, don't worry.."
          Lee had kids come under stage during a show and ask for
           autographs. No hands!
3:23:15 - Lee's performed for celebrity. Michael Jackson! George Lucas?
           "The list is endless.."
          Complex puppet "Bear in a Big Blue house." Sees via video
           monitor.. in *EYES* (O_O)
          Lee "I'll probably get in trouble for saying that.." "No you
           won't, because Noel was in here saying the same thing."
          Lee whews "Thanks Noel! I owe everything to Noel. Noel is #1"
          Mutt "Noel's probably watching.. so Hi Noel!" Lee "Hi Noel."
3:24:08 - Avoiding puppet odor "Impossible" Gloves?
          Sweat-catching cloves. Looks cool too.
          Rasvar wonders if he's tries puppeting while driving and
           listening to the radio. "And getting strange looks?" "Oh
           yeah :)"
          Lipsynching with two hands while driving o_O (Toonces.gif)
          Lee used to travel, not recently.
          Has puppeted for nine years so far.
          Words to live by? "Follow your Bliss."
3:25:55 - Magic 8-ball? "Will I get a new girlfriend?"
          Lee arghs "'My reply is NO!" Multi-NOs!!
3:26:18 - Lee oks.. "Magic 8-ball, will I find another DWARF
           girlfriend?" <20'sElevatorMusic.mp3>
          Lee "'Outlook not so good." Lee shrugs.
          (Ask the 8-ball if it likes Billards)
          Lee asks about *Midget* girlfriend. Getting smaller. Poink
           offers to loan him a voop?
          Lee "That one got a 'You may rely on it'"
3:26:56 - Mutt "Ladies and Gentlemen.. a big round of applause for LEE!
          "Yayy!!" Lee waves, then moves a few feet offstage.
3:27:15 - Then and Thenner for later. Poink say he needs ice.
          Rasvar offers BenGay? Poink notes if Ras had a butt-crack
           he's know where to put the ice.
3:27:38 - Fluff and Such has Cafe Press merchaice shop:
          Nonsanity tells you to buy from Pawpets first though :)
3:27:50 - Poink pitches Poink G-string on his website. Rasvar punches.
          Poink "Oh, you're just pissed because your team can't win
           a football game!"
3:28:11 - 5 seconds of Rasvar beating on Poink. "AHH! AHHHH!!!!"
************** THEN AND THENNER
3:28:30 - BJ wolf arrives, with Poink.
          Hey! I know this! <BurningDownTheHouse!.mp3>
          BJ jaw-jams. Poink nose-points.
3:29:28 - Poink gets keyboard and does backup (inflatable keyboard?)
          More jamming! Lots of bass, drums and things.
3:30:40 - Poink headsways. BJ looks ready to eat someone.
3:31:20 - BJ helicopter-headrolls o_O Does bite-combo on Poink, who
          BJ drags Poink under the stage, buries, then continues rockin
3:32:00 - <CoolElectronicJamMusic.mp3> <FadesOut.fx>
3:32:29 - Three white-eared Voops, standing in a row..
          And here comes Death.. alright let's GO!
3:32:37 - <NeoGrooveR&BSka.style> Singer ohs.. "Fighting Fire with
           Firrryah..." (?)
          Music picks up, James Brown takes over? "Watch OUT.. you
           might get what you're after! COOL Baby!.."
          Death "I'm an Or-din-ary Guy! Burning down the HOUSE!"
          Death and a Voop trade of vocals.
          (The scary thing is.. I'm starting to like this version..)
          Country style gets adds with background twangs.
          Death touches the Pawpet sign, and it falls dead. Death
           arghs and plays with it, swinging on one hinge.
3:34:20 - Death tries to sing and repair sign at once. House seems to
           be falling down.
3:35:10 - Death gets in your face o_O. He doesn't have one O_O
          Death eats the Pawpet sign?
          Stagehand holds up Pawpet sign. Cool 3D effect! Looks ready
           to bash Death on the back of the head though. He ducks!
3:36:05 - Finger of Death. (Save vs. Disgustation!)
          Death does his Bacon impression.
          Death arghs! "MY HEAD!" It flies past BV. "WOAH!"
3:36:46 - Herbie head. Yappy "What was funny was that was the Talking
           Heads, but that was the Tom Jones version."
          Giants humans invade the stage! Repair sign.
************** ART JAM!
3:37:00 - Poink's busy with Voop.
          Mutt notes Zorro's been asking the mailing list about help
           with bleaching the new ferrets. (What, is the world out of
           Guinea Pigs??)
          New ferrets use plastic fur, won't bleach. Very painful
3:37:58 - Ezra notes Ericwolf visited.. found his parents are splitting
           up for his birthday :(
          Ezra has a song. Rasvar does last call for Art Jam.
3:38:30 - Ezra, BV and naked Barben groove.
          "You can get it!" (Echo) "You can have it all!"
          Group of Barbies held like fan of cards (How many Barbies ARE
          "If the fire's in your heart.. every day is a brand new
3:40:00 - Lots of Doo Doo Dooing.
          Ezra's head becomes HeadlessNakedKen's. Then Ken moves
           to use Giant Carrot for a head.
          JarJar joins. Naked Barbies move so fast.. you can't see
           exactly what they're doing..
3:41:36 - JarJar tries skydiving. Barbie holds neck-stump of another
           and twirls in air.
          Ezra rocks with Cane of StageExiting.
          Ezra climbson the stage. Jason-Barbie gets in your
           face. Arms come out of eyesockets? (RaidersOfLostArc.mov)
3:42;30 - Song ends. Ezra notes that's the BaHa Men "That's us, wishing
           Eric a lot of luck, and a lot of happiness. So don't sweat
           it.. things work out."
3:42:45 - Wierd Fish-Frog Thing "Drink BUD!" Ken twirls drunkenly.
          Ezra and WierdFishFrogThing lean on each other "Or you can
           lean on your Buds, we're here for ya :)"
*************** ART.. NO.. NOT YET...
3:43:15 - Megaplex events recorded? Several events, later show.
*************** ART JAM!!!
3:44:07 - Poink is Jerry Mathers?
          Gus guts lost an esophagus.. from Garrison.
          Jamie Far dresses up as Poink o_O.
          <Potatoes.gif> "Mashedbake??? potatoes..Mutt????"
          (Master fishermen frequently use Master _____)
          (If you're a Master Baker you frequently _____-____)
          (The Butler calls young James Baker "______ Baker")
**** That was it?
3:45:20 - Ezra thanks Garrison and.. Faresio? Rasvar namehunts.
          Ezra invites pictures for next week, and every week.
************** SHOUT OUTS
3:46:14 - Person wants people to wish him luck for auditioning for
           Dracla character. Rasvar "Woud would wish you luck, but you
           didn't bother to tell us who you were!"
          Ezra "Good luck, break a leg, whoever you are!"
          "Great show, you have a new Hardcore fan!" -Dracofiend (o_O)
          Rasvar ohs! "Audition shout-out was from Hadrik, BTW!"
3:47:05 - Toraneko has heart irregularity :( People give support
          Punktiger tell Ericwolf that things will get better.
          Ezra suggests birthday song for Eric. "1..2..3.."
3:48:30 - "Love you Lee.. from Amy!" EGuy likes Amy!
          Mutt asks if Amy is a little person? Answer is *quite* the
           opposite. Ezra *Shwings!* at EsophaGuy.
3:49:15 - EsophaGuy has pictures of Midget Wrestling? Will bring
           next week!
          Tonsil wrestling? (Umm...)
3:50:04 - FoxConners birthday was Monday. Uh oh.. "THIS IS YOUR BIRTH-
           DAY SONNNGG, IT ISN'T *VERY* LONNNGGGG...." Ezra "Ok, next?"
          Non-Agony birthday song.
3:50:55 - Ezra notes EGuy needs a girlfriend too. Asks EGuy to make
           magical birthday wish?
3:51:03 - Someone's at the door...
3:51:20 - It's.. EsophaGAL! EsophaGuy is estatic!"
          EGal "I've been watching this show, which totally sucks..
           but YOU.. are the cutest thing I've EVER SEEN!"
          EGuy and EGal kiss. Ezra "I've never seen.. two throats give
           each other tongue before.." more kissing.
          Ezra "Ok you two.. get a room. On second though, get a body!"
3:52:29 - Mutt wants Esophaguses to get married? Right NOW?
          Here comes Forrest.. has acted as a priest before?
          EGuy "You're sort of short for a redwood.." Forest notes it's
           how you cut it."
3:54:00 - Lawfully wedded body parts. Forest works Green Magic.
          Leaves almost scratch the camera lens.
          <EvilStarWarsEmpireTheme.mp3> Forest "By the power.. invested
           in me.. I pronounce you both.. really disgusting body parts.
3:54:40 - (You don't REALLY want to see this.. do you?)
          Ezra notes Forest was Burning Bush. Even though he hated the
           role, he qualifies as priest-like.
          Forest "Can I gO nOW?" Ezra nods "Thank U, goodbye!"
3:55:58 - EsophaGuy is Happily Married! Poink ers.. "Why go out for
           milk, then you can have a cow at home?"
3:56:20 - Ezra reads the channel "Oh my gosh! Someone in channel just
           said they're going to have Esopha-sex!"
           Mutt "Esopha-sex? eeeEEEEWWWW!"
          Poink sticks his nose in BV's mouth "Is that your cousin
           in here?"
************* AND ON THAT NOTE...
3:56:52 - <GOODNIGHT!.mp3>
          EsophaGuy doesn't know the words.. says something random
           now and then.
3:57:45 - Mutt sings things off, thanking lots of people!
************* DISCOGRAPHY
"Soul Bossa Nova" Quincy Jones
"Goodnight, Aurfrevioir, Aifwietz..something" Lawrence Welk
"Touch of Grey" Grateful Dead
"F++K Her Gently" Tenacious D
"Purple Haze" Jimi Hendrix

"Tonight's show is brought to you in part by the combination of
 BK Tacos, and the video "Pink Flamingos" (My childhood is trashed)

"I Ran" A Flock Of Seagulls
"Wishing I Had A Photograph of You" A Flock of Seagulls
"Devil Went Down TO Georgia" Charlie Daniels
"You Can Get It" Baha Men - Who Let The Dogs Out
"Burning Down The House" - Talking Heads
"Burning Down The House" - Tom Jones

"Watch Happy Tree Friends!"
"Thanks to Devin and Lee for being guests tonight!"
"Tod eats BK tacos exclusively"
"Poink Secretly listens to Osmon's music every night! 8-{]:) "(Tricky!)

"Thank you to our server providers:
Chameleon.net (Aetobarus)
Critter.net (Frysco)
Thumber.net (Thumper)
Dawg.net (Vitapup)
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fanarchive.net (Harik)

Copyright 2002 - Randy Fox

3:58:40 - EsophaGuy is eating a Barbie?
          Goodnight song winds down..
          "Goodnight!" "You're married, pal.."
          "That's a Titty!" multi-That'sATitties!

************************ FIN **************************
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