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Subject: Pawpet Show #136-Evil EYES O_O-Timeline PT.1
Date: Sun, 01 Sep 2002 03:27:13 -0700
From: Rob Taylor <robtaylor04@attbi.com>
Newsgroups: alt.fan.furry

Pawpet Show #136-Aug 25th, 2002-Evil EYES O_O-Timeline PT.1
compiled by Blackfoot Ferret

Available until tomorrow afternoon at http://www.pawpet.org/shows/

0:00:26 - Morphing Numbers
0:00:35 - Disclaimer!
0:00:51 - <SoulBossaNova.mp3> (YeahBabyYeah!.mp3)
0:03:19 - ... and Poink is STILL on the toilet..
0:03:22 - <LiquidPouringTransition.fx> (O_O)
************* START!
0:03:24 - It's Mutt! In middle of discussion "Eventualy, Poink is
           going to get his own opening.. picture."
          Mutt oohs at clear audio today.
0:03:36 - JR "You're loud." "I'm loud. I'm obnoxious..."
0:03:38 - Mutt ".. I'm annoying and I'm ugly, and I have fleas!"
          (Keep going!) "..and I smell funny!"
0:03:44 - JR "And we love you anyway." ".. and I'm coming to grasps
           with my inner child." (Damien.gif) "My inner stinky doggie."
0:03:52 - Lurching stagehands and thinkgs "We're still adjusting stuff!
0:04:10 - Mutt gives Hello! speech, then zones out.
          Ezra sounds bad.. doesn't want to come up? Mutt looks about.
0:04:26 - Ezra "I'm afraid.." Ezra did something? Mutt looks down.
          Ezra got new glasses! Mutt wonders if he'll auction old
           ones on eBay?
0:04:50 - Ezra thinks channel will make fun of his glasses. Mutt looks
           at you "Channel, don't make fun of his glasses! Be nice."
0:04:59 - <ThreeStoogeshelloHelloHELLOoo-Hello?.mp3> Ezra rises.
0:05:02 - Ezra's wearing thick horn-rimmed librarian glasses?
          Ezra "..Hi!" Mutt "WOW! I like those Elton-John deals."
          (On realplayer they look like safety goggles. Darker though.)
          Rasvar waits for 50-sec lag to see Channel reaction.
0:05:30 - Ezra got a deal for four pairs. Offical Elton glasses?
0:05:38 - Mutant Poink looks up. Asks Mutt and Ezra to stand together?
0:05:41 - Mutt "Dirty Poink!" (Blackfooted Poink) Ezra slides over
          Poink "It's CHEECH AND CHONG!" Ezra poses! Mutt blinks?
0:05:53 - Determining which would make the better Chong.
          Folks were watching <UpInSmoke.mov>
0:06:38 - Ezra recalls Cheech in movies. Tito in Oliver and Comp.
          Cheech has hairlip? Mutt thought he shaked it close so
           cocaine wouldn't get stuck there. Hair where hair doesn't
           grow? Raini(?) chuckles.
0:07:21 - Poink is stunned "Cheech and Chong.. do drugs?" Ezra gets
           in Mutt's face and looks for a hairlip.
          Rasvar thinks dogs with hairlips would go "Mark."
0:07:50 - Nothing's planned tonight. Mutt and Ezra leave.
0:07:52 - Temp looks in and wonders if he can go home then? Sheepdogs
           pop up "TEMP!" Temp freaks! "Stop screaming my NAME!"
          Poink Multi-TempTempTempTempTemps. Temp blinks?
          Mutt "Look! Poink's all messy." Temp looks "You -are-..."
          Mutt and Ezra use words like 'toilet' 'dirty' and 'evil'.
0:08:05 - (I'm not LISTENING..hmm hmm..) Temp ews.
          Poink turns to camera "I'm.. Mocha."
          Mutt "Do is this the new look for you now?"
          Poink "(low energy) 'Fraid so. Channel picked it." "COOL!
           Thank you Channel!" Poink "You suck."
0:08:20 - <ExtremelyBrightContrastCloseUpOnPoinkCam.fx> "Oh, not AGAIN!
          Ezra notes some art starting a petition to bring the old
           Poink back. Poink "YAY!" Ezra "But we will override it."
          Poink looks constipated. People ponder 'Poink Classic'?
          (ClassicCoke.drink) Mutt "We've got to be diplomatic about
           it, that's Vanilla Poink. Now it's Chocolate Poink!"
          People want Cherry Poink?
0:08:37 - Camera shifts to Temp. He looks back, then retreats!
0:08:48 - Rasvar moves the camera back to Poink. "Temp's shy, he
           doesn't like closeups.."
          <Poink'sHugeNose.gif> "..Poink loves them."
0:08:51 - Poink eats the camera. Lots of screaming.
          Security camera 3 works? There are 3 cameras now?
0:09:00 - Stagehand passes a sign in front of Mutt. Temp "Beware.. of
           attack.. Mutt?" Mutt eats it!
          Poink blinks "It looks like we're on Hollywood Squares.
0:09:20 - Attack Mutt attacks Ezra with the sign. Ezra attacks back.
0:09:25 - It's Shak! "I've been called. I dun know why." he looks up
           at Mutt's sign "wwOOw! That looks neat, if only I could
0:09:33 - Mutt drops the sign on Shak's head "dDOOOOHH!!!"
          Shak holds up "Beware of Attack Mutt" sign. Mutt cackles.
          Rasvar "At least it didn't hit JR in the head."
0:09:55 - Mutt gets another sign: "Beware of Attack Artist?"
          Mutt does the Steven King thing and gets his revenge in art,
           "I just don't post them unless they really deserve it."
          People thanks JoMamma for signs! Shak can't talk with mouthful
0:11:00 - More attacking signs and Attack People.
0:11:15 - Shak horribly regurgitates a sign? Ezra "Uh.....UHhhh.."
          Shak gags and trips. <JawsTheme.mp3>
0:11:32 - Poink is on cold medicine today. Immune to pain.
          Ezra has fanboy?
0:12:00 - The kitchen floor is slippery with *WWWHHHAAATTT???*
          Rasvar and Mutt almost regurgitate!
0:12:15 - All the things that Rasvar is.
0:12:40 - Add angry to it!
0:12:55 - Mutt "Get a Sharpie marker! Give him a butt-crack!"
          Poink "(scared)What is your obession with his butt-crack!??!"
          Mutt still claims he doesn't have one. Shak "Just saw NO to
0:13:07 - Shak "Attaaaaaack Shark!" Jumps over stage, narrowly misses
           Ezra. Mutt picks Shak up and dumps him over stage.
          KP, Yappy, Simba, Mach, JR, Rasvar, Prismo all here tonight!
0:13:40 - Accidental annoucement of Special Guests whose names I can't
0:14:12 - Shak says 'William Shatner', cueing evil sound effects.
          Shak "Am I the only one here who ever say Police Squad?"
          Random visiting stars get killed in credits? William Shatner
           is only one who ever survived! (DAMN!)
          Leslie Neilson in Creepshow?
0:14:55 - Rasvar asks audience if they remember when Leslie was a
           SERIOUS actor? People hum Forbidden Planet theme.
0:15:35 - Poink made good coffee today! Rasvar "That's what happens
           when you DON'T let Mach touch the coffee!"
          Poink wants Shak in the coffee? Shak "Ewww..
0:15:57 - Screen Text : "Puppeteer and Life's Joke: Dan Boatright"
0:16:01 - People finish reading. Ezra rolls on the floor!
          Poink "I am Life's bitch!"
          JR blew a tire, had other ugly stuff happen this week.
          Poink "Next week.. let's drop him into a Nudist colony!"
           Ezra "That wouldn't be funny.."
0:16:40 - Rasvar announces Convention of Nudists nearby! International?
           Poink shudders at evil foreign swimsuits.
          Shak notes Poink is naked?
0:17:30 - Rasvar starts a story that Poink does NOT want to hear!
          Mutt "Story time!" both he and Ezra flip one ear to listen.
          Poink sighs. JR rips company-access badge off while changing
           Herbie's tire. Looped it into his belt.
          JR went to the urnal "Yes, I do pee standing up.."
          (Fiona-TOOMUCHINFORMATION!!.K&Kpanel) Shak gasps!
0:17:59 - Poink "And I lossened my belt..unzipped my pants.." Shak
           GASPS! ".. and my badge fell off!"
          JR bends over to grabs his badge.. "and dropped something
           very personal right into the Valley of Death between the
           two zippers.."
          Shak doesn't gasp, he looks stunned. Sheepdogs chuckle!
          Poink "I ripped off about two handfulls of hair standing
           back up." (>_<) Mutt/Ezra/Everyone "NO WAY!!" Shak is toast.
0:18:18 - Lots of freaking Pawpets. Poink "I decided to go home EARLY
           that day!"
          Shak eats Rasvar. Bye Ras.
          Mutt wonders if Poink has bald patch of fur there now?
0:18:57 - <EarlyMachPictureWithHairAndSpottyLeopardShirt.gif>
          1997 picture. Poink thinks Mach was born like that? Shak
            "That must have HURT like hell!"
0:19:25 - Ezra "You can photoshop the hair out.. and Mach looks just
           as clueless.." (EzraWithHalfOfPoink'sTongueInMouth.gif)
          Poink ponders Mach's "Kilingon eyebrows."
          Mach's Mullet.
0:20:20 - Discusson: What's the wierdest hair style you had?
          Poink permanents butt-length rocker hair? Curly?
          Curling different sorts of hair.
0:21:30 - Something bizarre's on Camera B?
0:21:46 - Camera B: Point-Blank shot of Rasvar's Midsection.
0:21:47 - Shak bites Rasvar's love handle! "AAAAAHHHHHAHHAH!"
           Lots of people laugh!
0:21:52 - Rasvar lifts shirt and flashes camera with pasty skin.
           Same people yell!
0:21:58 - Stage cam. Ezra shakes "I'm having flashBACKsss...."
          Shak "And I'm BACK!" Shak losses 1/2 his teeth?
0:22:18 - People hello to Mach! Ask him if he's tried cake.
0:22:34 - Mach has GAINED SOME WEIGHT? Shak's puppeteer takes Channel
           seat. People WOOOOOAHHH! Rasvar "And he got hair, too!"
          "I let myself go for ONE WEEKEND.."
************** CHANNEL ROLL CALL!
0:23:10 - Neo Mach reads. <MexicanOrchestralHatDance.mp3>
          (You know, I forgot the name of Shak's puppeteer.. Erf)
          Who Lotsa Names. Pawpet IRC and FurryMuck Pawpet room.
          Lotsa people! Lotsa idlers?
0:25:20 - Back to stage.. What.. happened.. to POINK's.. EYES!???!
          Poink Mutates further. Even his girlfriend BitchVoop is
           dismayed! Has huge Groucho Marx eyes? (No need for the nose)
0:25:35 - Ezra args! "You've got eyes, and I don't!"
0:25:39 - Stagehand beats the CRAP out of BitchVoop! "AAAAAAHHHHH!"
           <WobblingCartoonNoises.mp3> People keep looking at Poink.
0:25:55 - Poink's Double-Mutated head.. close up O_O >_O
          Poink drops his jaw. Cross between.. Groucho Marx and Fonzi
           Bear O_<.
0:26:04 - Still frame! It's the New CAPTION CONTEST PICTURE!
          Poink looks baked o_O.
          BV is in a bad mood "When did we lose Mach and get the pork-
           beast over there?" Ezra "YOU behave!" "When have I ever?"
          BV gets carpeting threats.
0:27:01 - Poink thinks BV has nice boobs now? (O_O o_o -_O O_- (shrug))
          BV "Excuse me a moment.."
*************** GIVE KIDS THE WORLD VIDEO!
0:27:11 - BV wields the Attack Warning sign. Poink eats it.
          <GoofyComicLaughter.mp3> Poink has eyes, everyone else has
           dots? Rasvar wants to make it new intro photo!
          People wonders what medication Poink is on, and if he can
           share. Or if he still has zipper problems O_O
0:28:30 - Poink just.. LOOKS at BV. BV freaks! <FogHorn.mp3>
0:29:05 - Ezra wants people to vote on making Groucho-Poink permanent!
          Poink arghs! He has Sailor Moon eyes? (EEEWWWWWWWW!)
          Poink is Martu Feldman? Ezra mentions tweezers.
0:30:20 - Poinks eyes points the wrong way <_>
          Sad Poink.. :/
0:31:06 - Eyes on Poink's ass? BV BEATS!
          Poink looks like.. SNUFFLEAGUS?? Poink wants to be Meet the
           Feedles ardvark.
          Ezra "You are SO freaking funny tonight! We have to get you
           on cold medication every week!"
          BV is still eye-creeped O_O
0:32:02 - Poink finally sees Rasvar's butt crack! (O_O)
          Mutt plots to use Pink Flamingos on new Guests!
0:32:45 - Channel.. lock in your votes!
           Viagra keeps Poink's tail up? "I feel like I'll never
           sleep again!"
          Poink's eyes freak Temp also!
0:33:20 - <I'mGonnaGoHome..HaveSomeSex.mp3> "WHAT??"
0:33:30 - Poink back to normal!
0:33:33 - Temp shudders and looks up. HE'S GOT THE EYES! (AAAAAAAHHH!!)
          Poink "Show off!" Temp shivers "Show.. OFF??"
          Temp looks constipated. Sheepdogs have diarrhea.
          Mad Temp? Temp looks left and right. "Stop laughing at me!"
0:34:10 - Ezra wants to put eyes on every ferret on show?
          Temp "You know what that means.." gets in your face "I have
           to KILL them!" Runs off.
          Magic-markers and paper do cool things.
0:35:10 - Poink "Ok, since the CHANNEL..-The Lowlife Bastards- (your
           point being? :) ) voted me as the New.. Poink, these new
           Folkmanis ferrets are tight.."
          Poink looks down and curses JR for leaving a filter glass
           shoved UP him all week between shows O_O
0:35:39 - It's ARTHUR! With EYES? "Filter-glass?" WOAHHOHOOS!!!
          Arthur looks left and right. Look into both his eyes O_O
          Temp is afraid. Sits there looking at you.
          Stageperson "Go got 20 minutes of comedy out of those two
           pieces of paper!"
0:36:30 - People notice temp. Ezra "Temp.. Temp!"
          Temp CHOKES and collapses O_O.
          Ezra has Evil Eyes O_O.
          Temp coughs and recovers. Ezra "Temp.." "Wha..AHHH!"
          People go to put EYES on Rummage. Temp "This is quickly
           becoming the scariest show in history.."
          Temp notes if he says this is the worse show, people will
           contradict him. Temp is disgruntled.
          Rummage with eyes O_O
0:37:40 - Ezra "Retarded Raccons on Parade!" Rocky Raccon?
          TWO ROCKY RACCOONS? AND RUMMAGE? "Duuuuuuhh..."
          (2StupidDogs.tv) <ThreeStupidRaccoons.O_O>
          "Contestant #1, what is your name?" "#2?" "#3?"
0:38:35 - Raccoon Dating show continues. Temp looks in "Has it gotten
           any better yet?"
          Raccoons leave. Temp "It's getting quite up there.. too quiet
          JAR JAR with.. (he already had eyes?
0:39:15 - Jar Jar.. WINKS AT YOU (O_O) and one eye falls off(>_<)(GAH!
          Ezra "Our who show tonight is going to be based on two
           paper eyes!"
0:39:33 - Jar Jar gets in your face o_O (Homer Simpson?)
          Temp "What is that, Down's Syndrome JarJar??"
0:39:46 - JarJar attacks Temp "AH-ha! GetItAway! GetItAway!"
          Temp is ticklish! :)
0:40:18 - Moo.. the Giant Spider.. has eyes. (Moo! Nuh! Der's KAUS!!)
          Lots of sultry 1-900 mooing.
0:41:08 - Rasvar has idea. Auction coming up? Channel wants Forest(?!)
           to get eyes? Temp "It's never going to end.. is it?"
0:41:50 - Ezra recalls Pawpets Extra Large N'Fur crew wearing T-shirts.
**************** AND NOW TO N'FUR..............
0:42:22 - SK-1 on stage! Snazzy blue duds. SK consults notes.
          SK announces N-Fur!
0:42:45 - Pop music starts. Camera looks around packed auditorium.
0:42:55 - Camera spots fursuits entering from side of room, zooms in.
0:43:05 - Furs do shoulder-jamming thing. Dancing in a circle.
          Good choreography :)
0:43:35 - That point-both-hands-to-the-side thing.
0:44:20 - That both-arms-shifting-left-to-right thing.
0:44:45 - That slap-you-knees-one-at-time-thing.
0:45:02 - Poink "(low energy) that was exciting.."
          Laughter! Poink has evil eyes again.
          Ezra "Win Poink's Money!" Then realises he has none.
0:45:20 - N'Fur performers offered shirts worn in performance to
           help Pawpet show! Pacerfox, TJWolf, Yappyfox, CuddlePup,
           Yahooie(sp). Wait, Dakota was one.
          Message "Auction" in channel. Top 5 bids each win a shirt.
0:47:00 - Ezra starts auction. It will run for 30 minutes.
          Poink "By the watch.. that's not a Dutch Oven, a
           Dutch Auction."
          Ezra said that! Poink pauses "I'm excited."
Subject: PawpetShow #136-Evil EYES o_O-Timeline PT.2
Date: Tue, 03 Sep 2002 01:35:16 -0700
From: Rob Taylor <robtaylor04@attbi.com>
Newsgroups: alt.fan.furry

Pawpet Show #136 - Evil EYES o_O - Timeline PT.2
by Blackfoot Ferret

********* PART TWO **********
0:46:00 - Ezra explains the N'Fur shirt auctions.
          XXXL shirts. Auction goes for 30 minutes.
0:47:25 - Poink explains difference between Dutch Ovens and Dutch
           Auctions. Ezra thinks he's familiar with Dutch Ovens.
0:49:20 - More shirt details.
0:50:15 - Ezra waits.. "There are 3 shirts.." 3 fund Pawpet show, 2
           fun Give Kids the World, offical Pawpet charity.
          Poink "I thought one of the shirts was going to the Poink
          (ThatGuyWhoInventedDynamite.gif) Ezra "The only think going
           to the Poink Foundation is a big can of KickYouInTheButt!"
0:50:30 - Poink thinks he can take Ezra. Ezra notes he'll have to
           fight everyone on the show. Poink "Oh, like WE can organize.
0:51:30 - Ezra keeps running commentary. <PinkFloyd-Money.mp3>
          Poink starts Ben-Stein singing to Money.
          Temp returns after being called by Poink. He's edgy?
          Poink "You look like one of those South Park mutants." "Huh?"
0:52:30 - Poink thinks Temp looks like Kyle?
          Temp "No I don't, I'm a ferret!" Poink points to camera.
          Temp has mini-evileyes. Ezra wonders what happened?
0:52:50 - Arthur! Regular Arthur! And Shak, Ezra and Poink.
0:53:15 - Rasvar "You guys will probably kill me for this.."
0:53:30 - <DiscoMusicForTrafficPolice.mp3> Ezra grooves! Arthur sways.
           Shak.. flippers? Poink "Oh.... God...."
          <RockTheDanceFloor?.mp3> Poink leaves. Shak kareokies.
0:54:21 - Poink "Rock the Ras-var.." People pick it up!
          Arthur and Ezra do synchronized head-turning. Shak and Poink
           RockTheRasvar! Poink still doesn't think Ras has butt-crack.
0:55:15 - Arthur and Ezra are WhackAMoles. Ezra waves legs in air?
0:55:45 - How To Make A Filk: Adding new lyrics section by section.
          Arthur tries the tail-swing thing. (Looks like a beaver?)
          Ezra stands on the stage and struts it.
0:56:26 - Group photo: All four "ROCK the RAS-VAR, ROCK the RAS-VAR!"
           "'Cause he has no butt-crack!" <MusicRiff.mp3> "ROCK the
           RAS-VAR! ROCK the RAS-VAR!"
0:56:38 - BV "Rasvaaaarrrrsss!" in background (? Or is Ras in pain?)
0:57:02 - Song ends. <FartDetected!FartDetected!.mp3>
          Shak "Was any of that song in English?"
0:57:20 - Auction up to $60. Carrot Ooohs!
          Ezra WOWS at channel comments.
0:57:45 - Pawpet sign unhinges, swings on one corner. Takes out Poink.
          Ezra looks down "Wow.. that's pretty bad." "...ow?"
0:57:55 - Poink "Why does everything always hit me on the damn head!?"
          Rasvar claims innocence! "Nobody did it! It happened
           on it's own!" (VincentPriceLaughs.mp3)
          Ezra "The sign Hates you!" Poink "It's a sign from above!"
0:58:09 - Temp Chicken-Littles "TheStageIsFallingApartTheStageIs
0:58:25 - Rasvar comes after Poink? Nope.. fixes sign.
0:58:45 - People RockTheRasvar again! Rasvar eats Temp? "I have a
           mouth full of Temp-fur!" Poink ponders porn-movie name.
0:59:30 - People talks about how long planning for song took. (N'Fur?)
          KP plays song overandoveragain so others had to listen.
          Rasvar think it could have been worse. Could have been Yatta.
          Mutt yikes!
1:00:00 - Mutt talks about dance routine for earlier con, Kage asked
           them to perform at Anthrocon! Used whole new song.
          Pitfalls of performing in costume. Two members had to
           plan over the internet using videos.
1:01:24 - Poink "You know what? I wish you guys would put have of that
           kind of effort into this Show!" Sheepdogs shakes heads.
1:01:35 - Teasers for Pawpet Megaplex plans..
1:01:57 - Guest-Mach cam. "Hey Mach!" Prismo(?) looks up slowly?
1:02:04 - Prismo salutes, then shrugs. Camera returns to stage.
**************** AND NOW TO PAWPETS WEST!
1:02:34 - <STARSHIP-WeBuiltThisCITY!.mp3> (YES!!!)
          Two ferrets and coyote jam.
          "We built this city.." <Riff.mp3> "We built this city on
           Rock and Roll.."
1:03:05 - "Say you don't know me," <BassRiffx3> "I reckon that's
           my face.." <BassRiffx3> "Say you don't care who goes.. to
           THAT kind of place.. <GuitarRiff.mp3>"
          "Knee deep in the hoopla.. (VanityFair.not) Sinking in your
           fight.. (alt-fan-furry.flames) Too many runaways.. eating
           up the night! (Werewolves.gif)"
          "Marconi plays the mamba <Riff> Listen to the radio.."
          "DON'T you Remem-ber? <SuperRiff> We build this city..
          <TechRiff> ".. we build this city on Rock and ROLL!(Rule!)"
1:03:40 - Chorus. Ferrets chin-jam.
          "Someone's always playing.. Corporation games..(Disney.com)"
          "Who cares they're always changing...
           Corporation names.. (AOLTimeWarner.com)
          "We just want to dance here.. (CatsDon'tDance.mov)
           Someone stole the stage.. (AnthroConPawpetCouch.news)
            <Ferret looks for stage?>
           They call us irresponsible..(Sibe.gif)"
           Write us off the page! (ICan'tThinkOfAnything.crp)
1:04:46   <WeBuiltThisCityWeBuiltOnRockAndRollBuiltThisCityBuiltThis
1:05:34 - Looking for money underneath the bar (the stage is a bar?)
1:06:52 - "Rock..and..RoollllllllOOOOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHHH!!"
          Building SanFran on Rock and Roll! (But it could be any
           city!) (Venersburg,Wa/Pop20.sign)
1:07:23 - Credits: "We Built This City" (Starship)
          Fuzzle-Francisco Fred-Rieshal Madison-Findra
1:07:29 - <NFurGroupPhoto!.gif> Ezra announces 10 minutes in shirt auc.
          "They're not washed, they probably still have a bit of
           fur in them.."
1:08:20 - Techno velcro shirts, CafePress helped. Ezra ponders bidding.
1:09:16 - Mega-Carrot is in your face. o_O With *EYES* O_O
          Mutt notes folks can buy the shirts, then resell on eBay.
1:10:05 - Carrot does backflips. Eyes get crossed?
          Anime glass-wearing eyes?
          Poink has an announcement..
1:10:50 - Poink, with paper eyes so big he looks like a Raccoon. "The
           Eye-Joke is not funny anymore!!"
          Ezra chuckles "Oh My." Carrot does backflips!
          Ezra "Carrot.. we love you!" "ILovYooTo!"
1:11:12 - Stormtrooper stagehand aims laser at Poink's eyes..
1:11:16 - Extreme closeup of Poink: Double eyepatches?
          Ezra offers to auction Poink's eyes. Poink O_O.
          Show needs money :/
          Frozen still-frame of constipated bug-eyed Poink!
1:11:30 - Ezra thanks everyone who helps with the show! "We appreciate
           it, a lot!" Poink keeps staring.
1:12:00 - Ezra auctioneers while Poink keeps O_O at him quietly.
          Poink notes his eyes aren't paper "I'm actually standing on
           my own Privates." (o_-)
1:12:19 - Ezra "Uh...." looks behind stage.
          Poink looks at stormtrooper stagehand. "Ow?"
1:12:28 - Upside-down Poink. "I look like a banana split."
          Poink does Devo "Are we not ferrets? We (YOU) are Devo!"
          (DEVO=De-Evolution) Carrots poses with DownUnder Poink.
          Ezra Oh-My's.
1:12:54 - Sleepy-eyed, seductive Carrot? o_O
          Carrot "greebbidebbittyhey!"
          Ezra "What did he say?" "IDigntSaiAnythng.."
          "You did say something.." "OhNo!"
1:13:16 - Carrot sings New York, New York! "IDunNotheWords!" Backflips
1:13:50 - Auction/Kitchen camp, with Guest Mach.
1:13:55 - Carrots looks you in the eye, Mafia style o_o
          Poink "He looks like the promo for a horror movie.."
           Carrot "yeah..Iwilkilyu!" O_O "Dontmeswithme!"
1:14:15 - Camera looks up at huge towering CARROT "Uhhuhha!" O_O
          Ezra "Looks like Crusty the Clown!" Green-leaf hair.
1:14:20 - Carrot baps camera "HA!"
1:14:25 - Camera moves to look at stage. Carrot follows. "HA!!"
1:14:29 - O_O Ezra "WOW!!!"
          Poink has the Biggest Frickin Eyes Ever O_O Eyes=Ears?
          Ezra "Your eyes are flapping in the wind!"
          People start doing Ben Stein Cleareyes commercial.
          One of Poink's PEELS OFF >_< he looks after it?
1:14:47 - Poink "ARGH! It's the pirate place for me, ARGH!"
          Losses other eye. Normal Mutant Poink! Mors ARGHS!
          Poink thanks Herbie "He only had to kick me in the legs
           TWICE to get my eyes that big!"
1:15:08 - Carrot is Two-Face from Batman series?
1:15:40 - Poink tricks carrot into saying something nasty.
          <JollyHappyMusic.mp3> Dr. Carrot and Mr. Hyde?
          Carrot leaf-helicopters.
1:16:21 - Poink "You're not professor SNAPE! Turn around.." Carrot
           turns, "It's.. Gyadamire!"
          (WHO?) Carrot looks mentally dazed.
          One minutes left in auction!
          <LotsOfLaLaAndDaDas.mp3> Poink filks.
1:17:05 - Auction ends! Camera does a barrel roll. Dizzy!
          (What the heck is this music!?) <LotsOfAhAhHaHaAhAhas.mp3>
          Akeakami, Yurex, Tchall, Hobbes and CuddlesCat win!
          Cuddles cashes in at $35, 1/2 price! (Pays not to win a
           Dutch Auction..)
1:18:00 - Poink has a eyeball in his mouth? Carrot's even dizzier.
          <Applause!.mp3> Poink spits out the eyeball and rolls it,
           then catches it with stagehand. "Look, something caught my
           eye!" Ezra ohboys.
1:18:30 - Poink tries selling Ezra on QVC? $110 to charity, $160 to
           show. "Huzzah!" <Applause.mp3>
1:19:30 - Improv comedy, with special guest! TerryMouse gives donkey
1:19:53 - Back to stage. Someone gets punched-out off-camera?
1:20:00 - Poink tests sounds with mini-Shak.
1:20:20 - Technical difficulties. Close-up of a wristwatch?
1:20:30 - Guest plays with a clip-board thingy. "Take one.." looks
           up, gives a start "Oh!" Friends gives him microphone-
           antenna. People humm My Favorite Martian theme.
*************** GAME: REMOTE CONTROL!
1:20:55 - Today's game: Remote Control. Improvise TV-shows?
          Unusual T-show topics.. Eskimo Fire-eaters?
          Terry and KP go first. NeoMach does Clive Anderson buzzer.
1:22:29 - First up: A Do-It-Yourself show.
          Welding torches and Igloos.
1:23:00 - BEEP! "History channel!" Herbie and Rasvar.
          "It's always been so COLD here!" "And so white!" BEEP!
1:23:14 - "Soap opera, Go!" "You run away.. you run away from me!"
           "I caught you sleeping with my Walrus!" (BEEP!!)
           "I vas not sleeping with da valrus, I was sleeping with
           the Sled Dog!" (BEEP!! BEEP!!) "Aren't they the same
1:23:37 - <BEEP!> H&R block speeding castmember to return.
          "Cop show!" Herbie looks at Rasvar? "FREEZE!"
          Ras HURKS and is shot. Herbie "Get it? Get it??"
          No buzz. "Keep going!" Rasvar shakes "I'm already freezing!
          What do you WANT?? I'll come after you with this ice pick!"
          Herbie "Your money or your ice! Wait, that wouldn't be a
           cop.." <BEEP!>
1:24:01 - "Japanese Game show!" Folks spinDawheelofice!
          "ItlandedonICE!" "ICE!" <BEEP!>
1:24:23 - "Jerry Springer!" Back to the walruses. Lesbian walrus?
          (ImmoralCombat.exe) <BEEP!>
1:24:42 - "Cooking show!" Cooking ice! "I like my ice flame-broiled."
1:25:00 - "The People's Court!" Herbie points at Ras "Your honor.. he
           stole all my blubber." Rasvar "E's Lieing e's Lieing!"
          Counter-suit, Herbie stole Polarbear skins?
          Rasvar pulls out evidence "He left me with these stupid
1:25:24 - Judge decides to shot them both. H&R exchange glances, then
           get blasted into the couch. <BEEP!>
          KP gives final thought.
1:25:47 - Back to stage. Poink necking with BV?
          BV "Oh, POINK!" BV contracts eye-disease from Poink? O_O
          BV looks happy of once.. has love-condition also?
1:26:35 - Ezra wows. Plans to have 3 NFur members sign picture of
           NFur shirt.
1:27:24 - Java looks in, carrying his own "Beware of Frog" sign.
          BV runs after Poink to get him to change her eyes back.
          Java and viagra..
1:28:17 - Tiger sings to They Might Be Giants "There's a knock at the
          door that I adore.." (Haven't heard this one..)
          Note on the door.. furniture moves.. when it rains it
          "And now I know! That when it rains, it snows!
1:29:11 - Tiger exits stage right. (Well, I know that you have to have
           rainy conditions at first to get snow.. but there are times
           where it rains.. and.. (what was I saying?))
1:29:15 - Blank stage.
1:29:18 - Tiger looks back in slowly, curious why you're still here?
1:29:22 - Tiger shrugs and leaves. Blank stage.
1:29:26 - Tiger returns.. and song starts again!
          A doctor, a waitress.. a fireman wear a hat?
          "When it rains it snows.. I.. wonder.. why.."
          "And.. now I know.. that when it rains it snows.."
1:30:02 - Tiger walks off.
1:30:03 - Credits: "When It Rains, It Snows" They Might Be Giants
          Punktiger - (too small to read puppeteer!)
1:30:10 - Java.. BUG-EYED O_O Mouth open? "uuuuUUUUuuughh..." o_O
          Java goes to be sick somewehre -_o
1:30:32 - Opening of www.furryfans.com
1:30:33 - O_O
1:30:34 - Two INCREDIBLY overweight cartoon-guys with rabbit ears.
          "ImaWabbit!ImaWabbit!" "Hubeber." "ImaWabbit!ImaWabbit!"
          They jump around. <BoingBoing.mp3>
1:30:39 - Jar Jar appears? Looks greedily at blimp-guy "It's a MAN
            Man!" gives you coy blinks, ducks! o_O
          Fart jet-propells rabbit-fan #2 O_o
1:30:51 - Fan #2 gets in your face "Hubeber." O_O (Hubeber-WHAT?)
1:30:53 - Fan #1 "Happywabbit.Happywabbit." JarJar returns. Gawks!
1:30:55 - JarJar beats Fan #1's gut like a drum set @_O
1:30:58 - Impact causes chain reaction inside Fan #1.. he INFLATES?
1:31:00 - JarJar stares, then defends his face.
          <SqueezedAirEscapeingFromBalloon.mp3> <Cymbols.mp3>
          Fan #1's gut twists and distorts horribly O_@ Jar Jar O_@
1:31:04 - <TheATOMICFART.mp3> <GlassShattering.mp3>
          JarJar gawks.. then.. "Oh my GOD!!!" crawls his face. @_@
1:31:10 - JarJar is toast. O_O "HappyWabbit!" >_<
***** "Habeber!" *_*
1:31:11 - An Empty stage. "HappyWabbit!" Giggling.
          Mutt returns. "Well! Thank you everyone.. who bought those
           shirts!! :)"
1:31:21 - Java looks downright ill.. but.. "AGAIN!"
          JarJar frog trips. "AAHHH!"
          Mutt thanks financial contributors, noting show costs money,
           and it's in debt again.
1:31:47 - Temp notes they can always close up shop and give this up.
          Mutt ohs! "Deal!" leaves. Temp Yays! "Coffee!"
          Mutt pokes his nose back in "Get our Sunday nights back
          Season #2 or #3 starting soon!
1:32:21 - Java ate his Beward of Frog sign?
          Updates to beginning video. Add new characters.
1:32:48 - Mutt "We might even have a Theme! As opposed to a bunch
           of drunk guys hanging around with puppets!"
          (Don't forget Raini and AppleTang!) Temp wants a spine also.
1:32:53 - <GomerPoink.gif> Temp EEKS! Caption Photo #1.
          <MachWithHair.gif> Real Caption Photo.
1:33:30 - How themes are good so they can be abandoned later. Paul
           McGuiness liked the Drunk Guys (and Raini!) theme!
          Temp arghs and missed Henson people. Never here when cool
           things happen.
          Mutt ohs...   ? "You don't watch the Show when you're not
           here!?" Temp "..Not always.." has life!
          (You can watch every episode and still have a life!) Mutt ohs
1:33:55 - Pawpets were only actually drunk once, but tone counts :)
1:34:20 - People go nuts planning food run!
1:34:43 - Beet. The Beet? Beet leaves. Not original Beet? Living Beet?
1:35:30 - Callin-topic.. Wierd Dreams! Call in and share!
          Temp's wierd dream: Gets promoted. People like him. Didn't
           cry. Had all the candy he wanted.
1:36:10 - Temp is popular! Mutt "We love to see you smile!"
1:36:20 - The Wierdest Dream Mutt ever had:
          <Bewareof(Carrot's Eyes??).sign>
          Mutt get stressed, working all day on movie for 6 months,
           then gets notice he might get laid off. "That night I had
           the worst nightmare of my life.."
1:37:15 - Mutt ropes up side of bridge with bike-chain, just like in
           Mulan (which he was working on). Looks down from top of
           bridge.. "Uber-realistic" if he takes off bike-chain, he'll
           fall! "In the dream I keep telling myself that I'm dreaming,
           but I'm NOT! Only it didn't seem like I was.."
1:38:12 - Mutt feels hand under pillow, but is still on bridge. People
           wonders what his hand is doing?
1:38:30 - "Dang! I am dreaming! I can feel myself in bed! Wait a
           minutes, that doesn't sound right.." Cackling offstage.
          Temp looks in cautously. Mutt "I can feel that I Am-In-Bed."
1:38:50 - 6:00 in morning, Mutt/Herbie goes to take care to work..
           but it's been broken into. "I'm still dreaming!" It's NOT
           a dream! O_O
1:39:14 - Wierd dreams from people in channel. Having to go to work,
           nuclear war, but rarely Getting Any!
************ CALLIN- AKEAKAMI
1:40:11 - "AY! I won! IwonIwon!" People great Akea.
          Mutt "So, do you have a wierd dream you'd like to share with
           us?" "..nothing I can say on the show."
          Mutt arghs, has dreams where he's about to get some.. and
           always wakes up. (Lucky, I dream about tornados attacking.)
          Mutt "I wake up PISSED!" Akea chuckles.
1:40:56 - Discussion: Dreams that are on the edge.
          (I think whenever something really good or bad happens it
           wakes you up, and you only remember what happened 30 seconds
           or so before waking up. I wish my brain had a VCR.)
1:42:00 - Dreams that make you think you're late for work.
          Rasvar gets to car before he knows it's Saturday.
          (Doesn't that suck?) Akea gets odd hours.
1:43:13 - FOrgetting college classes, forgotten to be at a class.
          Dreaming that you forgot to take a class (I HATE that!)
          Akea is teacher, happened to a student.
1:44:13 - <ExtremeCloseupOnSomeoneHidingInBackOfRoom.cam>
          Akea does electronics class! Mutt wows!
          Akea gets drownding dreams. Temp freaks. Has died 12 times
           in dreams?
1:45:04 - Discussion: Ezra's new look. Akea likes. Eyes? Er....
          Mutt ponders using eyes for Mamen-shant(sp?) act.
          Akea 49! Still young though. Stays young thanks to PP crew.
1:46:06 - Magic-8 Akea Q: "Will I have fun.. at the upcoming Pawpet
           Megaplex?" Ezra "You have to ASK?" "I'm just testing the
           Magic 8-ball."
1:46:24 - 8-ball.. "YES! Definietly!" (TwilightZone.mp3)
          Mutt kisses the 8-ball "I hope I have fun too!"
          (AttackingBillardBalls.dream) Ezra "You will."
***** Akea signs off!
1:46:42 - Poink.. with EYES. Poink died in dreams? Falling "Except for
           the wone about the clown."
          Killer Clown climbs up 8-story bunk bed to get Poink.. Temp
           looks in, infected with EYES!
1:47:19 - Photo shot: Tod, Fuzzle, Temp and Poink.. 4 ferrets..
           WITH EEEYYYYYYYEEEESSSSS!!!(It's a dream, it's all a dream!)
          Rasvar dreams of destroying alarm clock.. wakes up 15 minutes
1:48:10 - Kangaroos attacks person in warehouse, turn into killer bees!
          Tod's freaky dream: Finds Muppet-frog in shower.
           Muppet-frog HHHISSEESS! Tod acts it out. "I ran out, and
           there were more of these frogs everywhere! They were
           CHASING ME!"
          (I just remembered my freakest dream.. it didn't actually
          involve me, but I was watching a movie, or sitting across
          from someone at a table covered with make-up. This was WAY
          back when I was five or so, and used to be afraid of clowns.
          It looked like a documentry, a clown was putting on Makeup,
          (maybe I watched Dot and Santa Claus earlier that day, and
          remembered the unhappy clown, and was also freaked at seeing
          a clip from the movie 'Alien' where the dot chases the fellow
          on the map, then you see GRRAAAA!<Static.fx>. Anyway, he was
          made up like a martian-frog, and was taking the makeup off..
          Time seemed to slow a bit, and he could never seem to get
          all the makeup off, although you could clearly see that it
          was coming off. Then, I noticed something.. his left eye
          had suddenly become huge.. although that was never part of
          the original makeup. The dream FROZE like a still photo, and
          I was hit by a moment of pure horror that can't be described
          in words. Seeing himself in the mirror, the guy right then
          knew he was changing, and *FLASH* the dream kicked into
          warp speed, with him clawing at the makeup while the change
          accelerated. You didn't see motion.. it was a slide-show,
          like the overhead light had suddenly turned into a strobe-
          light, and the only sound you heard was the *FLASH* of a old-
          fashioned photograph being taken, each slide getting more
          horrible than the last. Then, the makeup was off.. but he
          was a frog-person completely. He looked right at the mirror
          (I think I was behind the mirror) and the dream froze in
          another still-frame. That's when I woke up.)
            (Just thought I'd share that. :) )
1:48:47 - Frogs with bannana-teeth keep chasing Tod! Temp remembers
           he's died several times in dreams. Not just-about-died-then
           -woke-up, died died.
          Temp "Shot.. Crushed.." Poink "Can I ask an odd question?"
          People yeah? "What the HELL happened to everybody's EYES?"
1:49:12 - Mutant Tod "I don't know.. we drank your coffee."
          Fuzzle thinks it was Uncle Kage. Poink "Well this is STUPID!"
************* DARE TO BE!
1:49:18 - <WierdAl-DareToBeStupid!.mp3> Temp oh dears.. Fuzzle ROCKS!
1:49:31 - All four ferrets do the Devo-Sprockets thing! COOL!
          Tod is Al!
1:50:22 - "DARE TO BE STUPID!" Ferrets looks in from sides of screen.
1:50:33 - "DARE TO BE STUPID!" Again!
          (I've only gotten two speeding tickets in my life so far, and
           the last was when I was ROCKING OUT OF CONTROL to this
           song! ^_^) Ferrets peek in to song rhythm.
1:50:54 - That wierd animated-transition thing. "LET'S GO!"
          Ferrets run from the boulder!
          Fuzzle O_O in your face O_O. Poink bounces like kangaroo
           on an air pump! Temp freaks!
1:51:16 - Fuzzle hangs from top of screen by his tail like possum!
          <InvertedScreen.fx> "It's like barking up a tree!" <Riff>
          <WierdColors.fx> "DARE TO BE STUPID!"
1:51:44 - Fuzzle/Temp looks at you right-side up from upside-down
           screen OvO O^O (o_O)
1:52:04 - "DARE TO BE STUPID!" <ScreenInvert.fx>
          "DARE TO BE STUPID!" <Again!fx>
          "What did I SAY?" "DARE TO BE STUPID!" <HorizontalFlip.fx>
          "Tell me what did I say?" "DARE TO BE STUPID!" <Again!.fx>
1:52:17 - "IT's all RIGHT!" "DARE TO BE STUPID!" <WhiteScreen.fx>
          "We can be Stupid all NIGHT!" "DARE TO BE STUPID!" <Back>
          More random screen morphing to music!
          Moonie drops his drawers to baseline.
1:52:44 - Moonies has eyes on his BUTT??
1:52:50 - JR's side.
1:53:00 - New Tasting Contest Name: "Put THIS in your mouth!"
          Viewers sent in Offical State Drink of Rhode Island!
1:53:15 - Mooie drops his drawers.. ANIME EYES!!! AHHHH!!!
          Still frame of Moonie facing you..
          Multiple calls for coffee..
1:53:49 - SHOOM.. close up of Autocrate coffee-Syrup.
          And it has EYES ON IT!! AHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!
          Folks thinks it will be easy challenge. Somebody "I hate
1:54:40 - Kitchen Cam. Rasvar likes. (Hard to see with dark contrast)
          Tastes like Chocolate milk, Ovaltine?
          Rasvar thanks viewer for sending something non-evil!
1:55:15 - Back to stage. And Simba head. Simba's the official food-
           runner today?
          Simba "Let's try this stuff.." sips.. "OhGodItsCoffeeYuck!"
          KP thinks everyone likes it, so Simba naturally won't!
1:55:32 - <SurpriseGuestCam.fx> He runs! Simba thinks coffee is
          <ScreenCrashesFromAboveAndBounce.fx> Terry "It's like a
           heavily creamed coffee."
          KP notes cool Pina-Colada soda. Cheer-wine next week?
1:56:42 - <DarkKitchenCam.fx> Mutt wonders how wine can cheer you?
1:57:09 - Mutt is super-charged on high-caffene Autocrat.
          Mutt notes he has real eyes now! Twylo sent in Autocrat.
1:57:32 - Ezra plans to give all Pawpets EYES. O_O
          New Segment: "Put this in your mouth, and Swallow?"
          Ezra votes for "Spit or Swallow"
1:57:55 - Mutt "Welcome to Inuendo Theatre!" Ezra "..No!"
          Debate: Was there innuendo in Austin Powers?
1:58:25 - Ben Bruin wants to find Indian Rose Milk.
          Temp practices Anime mouth-moving-only talk.
1:59:27 - Picture of the ocean.. and Huskie flies in, riding
          (I *Hope* that's a broomstick O_O) "Do you believe in Magic!"
1:59:43 - Husky flies around stage, while his head's still talking!
          <DoYouBelieveInMagic?.mp3> Ferrets ride brooms too!
          It's not the ocean, it's a airplane view of ground below!
2:00:58 - Harry Potter fans keep rockin'! "Dream on, Dream on, Dream
           on, Dream on Everybody!" (I dont' remember that vocal
           background, cool!) Beach Boys?
2:02:09 - Background music fades ask brooms head up for Space.
2:02:23 - Credits: "Do You Believe In Magic?" performed by Jonah (?)
          George, Ping & Pong - TeddyRuxpin!
***** END OF PART TWO ****
Funday PawPet Show Mail List
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Subject: Pawpet Show #136-Evil EYES O_o-Timeline PT.3
Date: Tue, 03 Sep 2002 15:57:57 -0700
From: Rob Taylor <robtaylor04@attbi.com>
Newsgroups: alt.fan.furry

(reposted as original didn't seem to post)

Pawpet Show #136-Evil EYES O_o-Timeline PT.3
by Blackfoot Ferret

******** PART THREE **********
2:02:36 - Tod studies Moonie up close. Stagehand does touch-ups.
2:02:40 - Headless Naked Barbie has Boobie-eyes? (O)_(O)
          Eyes move to her... (NO WAY!!!) Rasvar "Eye..Yie.."
2:03:08 - Eye-Bush Barbie dancies off. Rasvar EyeYieAyeEyeYieEye's.
2:03:10 - Tod "AyeYieEyeYie.." Barbie bends over. Butt-Eye Barbie?
2:03:28 - Tod "Rasvar, do I hear that special music?" Barbie twirls
           and lands behind Tod.
2:04:03 - Tod "Someone is coming up here to sing! That means *I* must
           go *away*.." leaves.
          Fuzzle and Fiona. Fuzzle rocks! "Tuminator BANGIN'!"
          Fuzzle (Herbie?) thanks Pawpets West!
          Put in Artist and Title in channel to kill, but then you
           HAVE to list to ALL of the second!
2:05:08 - Slow music, country-ish? Fiona(?) and EYE-hand Ken both
           sing. (well, Ken just sort of waves, you get the idea..)
2:06:09 - Vixen continues soulful tune. EYE-hand Barbie O_O at you.
          Eye-hand Barbie gives vixen eyes?
          <HopelesslyDevotedToYou.mp3> Song still lives..
2:07:22 - "Hopelessly Devoted, To.." (BOOM!) Vixen "WHAM! Somebody
           killed it! Olyvia Newton-John."
          Fiona notes song could have been eviler.. sings Physical.
          Rasvar "Or Xanadu!" (I like Xanadu! Both comic and song!)
2:08:01 - ROUND TWO. Vixen and BJWolf jamp to early Newton John?
          Country Western? "If you love me let me know, if you don't,
           then let me know.."
2:11:07 - The End! Fiona "AlRight!" BJ "(deep) Oh Yeah."
2:11:17 - BJ keeps singing song. Hits on Fiona?
          Channel suggestes finding song "Tomorrow" from when Olyvia
           was in backwoods of Austrailia.
          BJ likes Olyvia! Lots of people do. Someone thinks she's gay?
2:12:30 - Fiona (BV? argh!) thinks George Michael fits that better.
          BV "Wake me up.. before you Go-GO? Holy flaming FAG!"
          (Fighter Aircraft Guard?)
          Fuzzle "All you have to do is go to the bathroom next to him
           and find out EXACTLY <Gets in your face> how gay he is!"
2:13:00 - Rasvar WOAHS! "Where'd THIS info come from!?" Fuzzle mentions
           bathroom incident? Combination of curious No's! And Don't
           Go Theres. Fuzzle is shocked! "It was on CNN!"
          BJ (Yappy?) "It was illegal activities, almost Peewee Herman
           style." Multi-EWs.. Fuzzle "He was gettin' Friendly!"
          (Um.. what's a Glory Hole? o_O) BJ thinks it must have been
           in San Franciso. Has them in bathrooms.
2:13:45 - Seal of Disapproval threatens to come up there. People run.
          Fuzzle "You don't know what a Glory Hole is? I'm not the
           one to tell you!" along you can send him one if you find
           it at Walmart.
2:13:58 - Fuzzle uh ohs.. "Run away from THAT ONE! EEEEEEE!!" leaves.
          Rasvar WHAT THE HECKS? Someone "Is that Fuzzle or is that
           Scritch?" "(rinkydink) This is.. (poses,sultry) Fuzzle!"
2:14:10 - "No..Scritch!" "You don't even know you own Name!?"
          Not-Fuzzle hops up and down "I'mScritchI'mScritch!"
          (This is why I don't edit!) Naked Barbie keeps gawking.
2:14:29 - <SultryDanceMusic.mp3> Fuz..SCRITCH returns with Naked Barbie
           in his mouth. Then starts talking and lets her tumble. "I
           hope those are illegal now!"
          Discussion: Are Glory Holes (whatever they might be) illegal?
          Fuzitch claims you find them in Walmart bathrooms!
          Ras "I DON'T think they were there LEGALLY!"
          KP "How do you KNOW this?" "You go LOOk in the wall and go
           reach for the toilet paper! And theres..."
          Laughter! Fuzitch shakes and eats his own face. Seal blinks?
          ".. a HOLE in the frickin' Wal..." "ORKORKORKORKORKORK!"
2:15:09 - Seal gets tranquilizer shot. Breaths deep "Erk.."
          Stagehand has Seal Remote Control?
          Fuzitch "Oh, there's a hole in the wall! So someone can see
           me if I'm peeing!" "..urk.."
          Fuzitch plans to hold it. Looks constipated.
2:15:35 - Scritch eats his own face, and start shaking. "..rk.."
          Stagehand attacks Seal with cane. "...Erk!'
          Seal Tranq wears off. He gets annother. Channel is gaga
           over Glory Holes.
          (You know.. I once saw one of those things in a UW campus
           bathroom.. (shiver). What, does someone bring in a drill
           and hopes no Cops need to No.2 until it's finished?)
2:16:05 - Channel enquiring minds wonder why toiletpaper dispense is
           twitching. Seal has flashbacks. Scrizzle freaks.
          KP "In L.A. they're actually called bullet holes."
          Schoolhouse Rock DVD is out! EEKing is back in vogue!
          Seal starts URKING muscially
2:16:50 - Five species of Schoolhouse Rock. Seal gets EYES!!???
          KP "You'd think that Seal heard about Glory Holes!"
          Seal SQUEEKS? "...eeeeer!" Seal's broken?
2:17:40 - Seal torture. Sweedish Chef song?
          <DeepThroatTheme.mp3> Remembering Schoolhouse Rock's start.
          (Aye, I remembered it. I had to watch that thing every
           Saturday before I could see the cartoons! 500 reruns will
           dull anything o_O (Kangaroo was cool though. And that rocket
           girl thing. And..) Next Issue!!)
2:18:35 - Seal URKS! KP "He's blowing a Seal! WOAH! I didn't think of
           it that way!"
          Seal twitches. Stagehand brings in Schoolhouse Rock art.
2:19:15 - Seal starts.. urking.. the Deep Throat theme?
          Herbie asks Channel which Schoolhouse Rock they Hated!
          (Those Busy Busy Prepositions. Neo Smurfs.) Doddles
           learned Multiplication tables from SHR?
          Lots of Channel folks saw original SHRs. (So did I)
2:19:55 - Seal talks! Almost..
          Everyone likes Schoolhouse Rock? Hobbes hated adverbs!
          (It was cool watching the collected tape, 20 years later :P)
          SHR was cool, but people had to watch so many! KP didn't
           like Energy. A few Lolly-gagers.
          Little 12-toes does non-base 10 math. On DVD.
2:21:30 - Rummage liked In The News. Rasvar notes SHR came out in 1972.
2:22:25 - Lumber and Tod talk numbers.
          "Elementary my dear, 2x2 is 4, Elementary my dear, 2x3 is 6"
          (I think this one got me interested in Sherlock Holmes..)
2:24:13 - 2 x 174! <SuspenseMusic.mp3> Process..348! "It's Elementary!"
          32.. 33.. (Love lasts forever..) 34.. 35..
          Lumber happy-pawflaps!
2:24:53 - "Now.. what's 2x98?" Tod "..Aw, that's hard!"
          Lumber "No, it's very simple.."
          2x98 = 2x100 - 2x2. 200 - 4.. 196.      It's Elementary!"
          Ark sails on, for 40 days and 40 nights.
          (Actually, according to the Bible it rained for 40 days and
           nights, then the Ark had to float for 150 days after that
           before the waters receeded enough to land. That means 2
           of every animal (and seven of all types of birds, and
           "ritually clean animals" whose types aren't listed) had to
           ride with a six-month food supply on a ship 450 feet long,
           75 feet wide, and 45 feet high, which would fit in a college
           football stadium. Still, knowing your tables helps with the
...        bigger questions later :) )
2:25:20 - Random puppet throwing. Rasvar wonders if multi-tables are
           still in use? Mutt notes they use calculators now.
          Grease/Chevy returns. Wears olive-branch crown? "Did yu
           ever have multiplication flash-cards?" Ras "Yes." "Ain't
           they so cool!"
2:25:50 - People think 7s and 8s were "a bitch". Tod arghs at language!
          Chevy "Elevens were wierd!" Mutt "I never went past 10."
          Tod memorized all the multiplication tables? Mutt "They go
           on forever! What's 4,027 and 3's?" "Sevens are actually
           very easy to multiply!"
          Chevy looks at Tod? Tod "You keep adding the numbers overand
2:26:17 - Tod "Did you know that? It's a trick for muliplying by 11!"
          Chevy squeaks. Tod's on a roll!
          Chevy does counterpoint. Argues his technique. (Is it a
           French barret he's wearing?)
2:26:43 - Tod and Chevy do Siskel and Ebert at the Math Class.
          Rasvar wonders who knows how use an abacus? (o_O Not I)
          Tod erfs "Not me.." Chevy "How 'bout a slide rule?"
          Tod knows! Chevy looks over "Geek!" Tod nods.
2:27:03 - Chevy ups the ante "How about reverse Polish-notation
           calculators?" Rasvar used! Tod urks.
2:27:38 - Ras couldn't use a calculator in class until college. Gets
           culture shock. Chevy was senior in high school.
          (I was using one in the 6th grade. I'm smart ^_^) Ras
           experiences scientific algebra-calculator.
2:28:30 - People recall their First Calculators. Compare.
2:29:05 - Chevy "Just for the record, my name is NOT Chevy!" (ARGH!)
           (TearingNotePaper.mp3) "Everyone keeps trying to call me
          "What is it?" "I'm not Chevy.. I'm Grease-Spoto!"
          (I hate hyphens..) Mutt "Greas-Spot-Oh Man!"
          (Dobo Arigato..Mr. Grease-Spoto) Lotsa slur-talk.
2:29:35 - People get ready for video. StyxFerret "I'm gonna go back
           south of the border and eat my burritos!"
************ AND NOW <GS "Buritos! <Fart> Ah!"> FLUFF AND SUCH..
2:29:55 - Fluff and Such logo. Lots of people saying.. "Wonderful?"
          Sign: "Fluff&Such" "Repeat!" appears underneath.
          "Wonderful" by Everclear... <MultiWonderfuls.mp3>
          Text: "The First Fluff & Such Video"
2:30:05 - Teddybear reclines on red pillow in dark room.
          "I wish I could count to 10, then everything would be
           Wonderful again.."
          A broken household. Mom and Dad fight :(
          Music rocks!
2:32:20 - Echoing "No"s! Teddy gets sad/angry. Rubs pillow.
2:34:00 - Teddy goes back to sleep.
2:34:18 - Scrolling Credtis: "Wonderful" by Everclear.
          Hardley Bear - Nonsanity Cat
          Crew - Nonsanity, TankPolice, Muadib, Cuddles_Cat
2:34:31 - Not done yet! Teddy does sound test. Making of Wonderful?
          Stagehand "Take 3!" Hardley gets makeup.
2:34:50 - Bloopers reel. Harley "LalalaLALAaaaaaa!" Crew arghs!
2:34:57 - Couch cam! Time for more Improv! Terry MCs.
************* IMPROV II: HALF-LIFE!
2:35:26 - New game.. HALF-LIFE! (Awesome!)
          Terry summons 'Motley Gang of Performers.' Herbie Motley-
2:35:38 - Herbie, KP(?) and Guest. Guest is Prismo, I got it right!
          3-person team creates everyday scene.. Terry times. "And I'm
           gonna buzz myself, because I've got a buzzer in my pants,
           HA!" After first showing, crew does it again.. in HALF the
          2 minutes becomes 1 minutes, 1 becomes 1/2, 1/2 becomes 1/4
          Not Elementary!
2:36:33 - Motley Clue is assembled. Terry choose Soap Opera as theme.
2:36:48 - GO! Herbie and KP start. Herbie tells KP he has a tumor
           growing in his nose. "I only have four seasons to live."
          KP calls for second opinion. Prismo looks in?
          Prismo "YOU DID THIS TO ME!!!!" Poink to Herb "YOU DID THIS
          Prismo cries! Herbie "Iain'tyobabbyDaddy!Iain'tyobabbyDaddy!
          Prismo will never get into Astro School now!
          Prismo starts crying, starts hating. KP erms.. "I hate to
           tell you this.." points to Prismo's gut "That's a tumor."
          Primso's at his emotional limit. "It's a TUMOR!????"
          Herbie nononos.."The doctor called, and said that it IS a
           child, and you'll be going into birth.. RIGHT NOW!"
          Primso O_O. ARGHS! Falls, squirming. "Push! Push!"
          KP holds up Prismo's legs. Herbie "Push! Oh, AUGH!"
2:37:55 - Herb losses his lunch. KP pulls out a fox puppet?
          KP "Oh my gosh! You've given birth to.." picks puppet
           off floor, puts it in Prismo's face "THAT!"
          Prismo Elmiras! "I will hug you forever! ^_^" squeezes
           foxpuppet (covered with orange stuff?) Fox o_O.
          Herbie "Good grief.. I wanna see the DAD.."
          Fox leaps up and eats Herbie's face. "NO, NO!" "LuvYou!"
          KP notes Herb must be father "It also has a tumor in it's
          Herbie blinks, then points to Prismogut. "Oh, wait, there
           must be more!" Prismo feels pain! Falls
          "Keep pushing! Keep pushing!" Explosion of Puppets o_O.
2:38:30 - Terry calls SCENE early! End of Round 1.
          One minute and 35 seconds on the clock.
2:38:48 - Terry "Let's do it.. in 40! GO!"
          Herbie "(upbeat) I have a tumor in my nose!" shows.
          KP ohohs "You only have four seasons to live!"
          Prismo arrives, points, cries.
          KP thinks it's a tumor. Prismo freaks! Herbie "OhMyGoshThe
          Prismo links, then goes into labor "WOOOAH!"
          Lots of newborn puppets. Fly foxes?
          KP LOOKS! "It has a tumor, just like you!"
2:39:30 - Terry goes nuts! "That'sItThat's it! 33..Thirty-FOUR seconds!
          Terry looks at watch "Who here says SEVENTEEN second?"
          Prismo wipes is brow, looks at camera. KP "I don't!"
2:39:37 - Terry "I DO! Seventeen.. GO!" Prismo throws up his arms.
2:39:38 - Kp and Herbie.
2:39:39 - Herbie "DoctorSaysTumorInMyNose!"KPcallsDoctor
2:39:42 - Prismo! He screams!
2:39:44 - Fox colides with Prismo, he falls!
2:39:46 - Birth scene! ("Is it a tumor?" Arnold "It's not a Tumor!")
2:39:48 - Chanting "Pop'emOutPop'emOutPop'emOut'Pop'emOut!"
2:39:51 - KP holds up kitten to Herb "ItLooksLikeYou!"
2:39:56 - Prismo hugs fox!
2:39:57 - EEEEEEEH! Terry notes they're late!
          "You know what that means? (HO..BOY..)
2:40:04 - Terry "That mean you do it in FIVE! Ready? GO!"
          (17 /2 is 8.5!)
2:40:05 - Tumor!Doctor!
2:40:06 - Prismo!
2:40:07 - Birth! Squeeling!
2:40:08 - Fox puppet!
2:40:09 - "Bringemout!"
2:40:10 - Fox eats Herbie's arm? Prismo is hysterical.
2:40:11 - Herbie "This is my favorite part!" Tosses puppets back
           at Prismo.
2:40:13-15-17 - Prismo gets pounded "How many more seconds left??"
2:40:20 - Rasvar RAAAAS.
2:40:25 - KP keeps the peace! "Slow down guys! Slow down guys!" breaks
           up puppet fight. "Slow down guys for a second.."
2:40:27 - Terry "..causeIWantYouToDoItInTwoSecondsGO!"
2:40:28 - Prismo EEKS! Flying puppets!
2:40:31 - Herbie beats his wife over the head with his own kids.
           Effects of stress on the family infrastructure!
2:40:36 - KP "That's Half-Life Theatre, thank you very much!"
          "We're done!" KP, Terry and Herbie leave. Prismo pants,
           makes troat-cutting gesture at camera.
*************** CALL-IN, NE'ER!
2:41:04 - "Ne'er?" "Yes?"
          Ne'er want to Hooka-lounge last night? Downdown San Hose.
          Mutt "What do they do at a Hooka-lounge?" Ne'er tells about
           hooka and pipes that go off to everyone.
          (This is an educational show for adults!) Tobacco hooka?
          Using the Swiss Embassy for a real Hooka-lounge.
2:42:00 - Mutt "Amsterdam has real hooka-lounges though." Ne'er hmms,
           "And Cartoon Network." One cable channel in city?
          Mutt's glad it wasn't the Cooking Channel. Hungriness.
          Ne'er flaunts vocabulary. Keeps it up in his antlears?
2:43:05 - Ne'er just learned new work: Pecsnifflian(sp?) (O_O)
          (Sniffing your pecks?) Mutt thinks of Rumplestitskin?
2:43:17 - Text rolls in: "Pecksniffian" Electric-company style.
          Mutt "Pecksniffian! It sounds like someone in channel!"
2:43:40 - Ferret sniffs Mutt "What?! What?' "I'm peck-sniffing yoU!"
          Mutt attacks with cane. Ne'er "You're done already?"
          Peck doesn't involved pecking, or the pectorals..
2:44:20 - Mutt "I'm asking for a hint.." Ne'er alrights.."Sometimes..
           a can be very pecksniffian."
          (Ho Boy..) Mutt ".. Smart!"  "...No."
          Tod guesses picky? "..it could." Sometimes?
          Not grouchy. Ne'er wonders if people saw Demolition Man?
2:45:40 - Scene from movie, clue in it. (Havent' seen it..) Tod
           suddenly rejoyces!
          Not sarcasm.. Ne'er does line "The first word is the
           definition, which means you're giving up AndIWinAgain.."
          First word of curse phrase "Sanctimonious"
          (Now what does THAT mean?) Tod nodsnods. Mutt ers..
          "What does Sanctimonious mean?" Ne'er arghs!
2:47:04 - <WindowWithinAWindow.fx>
          Ne'er "Hypocritically benefitial" or benevolent.
          Mutt likes word! Wonders what benevolent means?
          Tod explains pecksniffian.
2:47:45 - Mutt "I'm benevolent, but I'm hypocrytical in every other
           way." Attacks Tod with cane. Tod "AHH!"
          Ne'er "Do as I say, not as I do." example of Sanctimonius.
2:48:40 - Improper ways to use the word. Ne'er advices caution.
2:49:15 - Mutt thanks Ne'er for calling! "You are very Smart!" "Yes,
           I'm S-M-R-T."
2:49:35 - Tod has Pecksniffian experience? Tod meets someone who uses
           lots of attrotiously verbose words to sound more
           intellectually enhanced.
2:50:00 - Mutt "Was this online, or on the phone?" "Both actually."
          Thesauruses are big helps for typing online :)
          Tod used to grade papers. Notes improper useage of elongated
           words is quite obtuse sounding.
2:50:40 - Mutt warns he'll misuse all sorts of words typing, meaning
           is all that counts.
          (Here here! Now I just have to convince my Mom, the English
2:50:57 - Tod eyes Slide-rule hungrily. "I know how to use this!"
          Big stick! Yappy hold it in front of camera. A moving
           lookup-table. Mutt used his as a guitar?
2:52:15 - Rasvar his bullietein. Multi-telephrase sounds.
          JACK-IN-THE-BOX (TheSurpriseInside.tm) TACOES IN HOUSE! Tod
           goes cuckoo for them!
          Burger King tacos? Just like Jack-in-the-box?
2:52:55 - Pawpet window still in center of screen. Mini-Mutt?
2:53:01 - Fluff and Such window now in middle of Pawpet window..
          Rasvar experiments. "Are you guys done?"
2:53:45 - KP samples. Less greasy. Not quite the flavor. 1/2 as good.
          Simba makes faces at the camera.
          KP gives it a 6/10. Simba eats paper?
          KP ohs.. "Just went up to a 7, it's got the JITB burn.."
2:55:04 - Heartburn gives extra point. Mutt "If it makes me vomit it
           gets a 9!" (Eating-Rollercoasters-AndYOU.B&Wavi)
2:55:30 - Rerun next week, Anthrocon show! Party at Pawpet Central!
          Pawpets rest.
2:56:08 - Memphis Fur Meet next week! Pawpets can't get time off to
           get there.
2:56:31 - JR "Rasvar said I grabbed the wrong Buns for his Burger.."
          It's taken the wrong way! Stagehand shows Bun to camera.
2:57:00 - Details of Disney log-cabin resort. Wow!
          Rasvar raves about meat and buns.. buns are too big?
2:58:05 - "Where's the BEEF?" (Burgerville.gif :) )
2:59:00 - Organzing the cabin-party. JR notes if Rasvar sleeps there,
           nobody else will. 40 people show up, need more cabins!
          Most people are eating in kitchen.
3:00:11 - <StarShipBridge.gif?> Teddy "This.. is a public.. service
           .. annoucement. Don't.. mix.. sodas."
          "BAD things can happen.." <SpaceshipNoiseAndStuff.mp3>
3:00:23 -.. last show's picture of Poink and Tod on viewscreen!
          "Just take this guy, for instance.." <MutantPoink.gif>
3:00:31- Back to bridge. A very serious Teddy "Don't let THIS.. happen
          to you..."
********** END OF PART THREE ********
Funday PawPet Show Mail List
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Subject: PawpetShow #136-GOOD Eyes! ^_^ @_@-Timeline PT.4-End
Date: Wed, 04 Sep 2002 21:47:39 -0700
From: Rob Taylor <robtaylor04@attbi.com>
Newsgroups: alt.fan.furry

Pawpet Show #136-GOOD Eyes! ^_^ @_@-Timeline PT.4-End
by Blackfoot Ferret

********** PART FOUR **********

3:00:38 - Back from Fluff and Such public service annoucement. Don't
           be like Poink and mix drinks!
3:00:55 - Mutt ponders lookat at the mailing list.
          Channel talks about food. Burger wars.
3:01:44 - Poink returns from food run. Has cold.
          People suggest lots of horrible remedies. Poink settles on
           salt lick.
************** PAWPETS WEST!
3:02:20 - Three rockin' sheepdoggen'.
          "And I want!" <Riff> "And I need!" <Riff> Sheepdogs earbang!
3:03:47 - Lead singer licks friend, who coughs.
          (Cool music, but I can't make out most of the words.. that's
           metal for you :P )
3:04:31 - More earbanging. Then pause for a breath before guitar
           kicks in again.
3:04:55 - Subliminal messages? o_O
3:05:35 - Earbanging! (Doens't that hurt?)
3:06:24 - Song ends! Leader sings WOAHS! Others look at him? "Heh.."
3:06:28 - Credits: "Animal"
          Patch - Findra, Beany - Francisco, Fremont - TeddyRuxpin
3:06:38 - Leftover art-jam materials? Poink hopes they're better than
           the leftover tacos. Rummage "Those tacos are Nasty!"
3:06:57 - Dangers of discount tacos. American cheese?
           Fast food and classic comedy skits.
3:07:45 - Good 'old homemade fast food.
          Poink "Tacos are supposed to be made at Taco Bell!"
          Rasvar "(distant) No they're not!"
          Herbie "They're supposed to be made at Jack in the Box!"
          Ras "No they're not!.. no evil fast-food places!"
3:08:15 - Rasvar likes Chevy's. People trash Old-ElPaso.
          Rummage relates his first experience with refried beans...
3:09:12 - Camera goes to Visitor of Week: Odinashka (spell??) from
           Canada. Recalls Caribou-burgers. "Fat content = Zero!"
          Distancing Caribou from smart mooses like Ne'er
          Odin recalls Caribou walking up to hunters?
          Seal starts not to like talk about Caribou meat.
3:11:02 - Odin notes killed food is as fresh as you can get.
          Rummage wonders what if it has Mad Cow Disease? (I think
           deer get Scrappy, it's a similar thing though)
          Odin looks at animal's liver first to check.
3:11:55 - Picture from last week.. GUMBY MACH??
          Giant Mutt eating Hersey's kisses? Person hides behind kiss?
           Caption: "Honey I Shrunk the Ferrets"
          (Wait.. those are kisses.. they're FERRET HEADS! >_< AHH!)
3:12:34 - A public annoucement: "Proof of what working on the Pawpet
           Show does to you.. Mach, step foward please.."
          <Mach:PawpetEpisode3.gif> Mach looks at seashells?
           People wow at hair!
          <Mach:Episode131.gif> Gah.
          <Mach:Episode300?.gif> BEN FRANKLIN? Bedlam! Applause!
3:13:15 - Camera returns to stage. Poink is demonstrating how Mach
           must feel. It looks painful O_O.
          People thank Garrison! Grease-Spoto OhMANs at Poink!
3:13:33 - A green Teddy-bear Mach? A POINK-Mach? LAUGHTER!
          Yappy goes NUTS! Poink ARGHS at Hobbes!
3:14:07 - <TodAndPoinkOnCELEBRITYDEATHMATCH!.gif> Poink "Hobbes, what
           they hell did I ever do to you!"
          Ben Bruin. Tod introduces his own cereal? Canned Poink?
3;15:05 - GreaseSpoto wants a REAL taco! Recalls how they bake them
           south of the border. Poink "I'll bring the kids.. we can
           thrown them in too."
3:15:30 - Cooking with GreaseSpoto.
3:16:00 - Poink sees a fly. Grease wants to catch it.
          Poink "I think the only thing that could be worse would be
           an attack by the Big Bad Wolf.
          Grease hehs "Who's afraid of the Big Bad wolf, the Big Bad
           Wolf, the Big Bad Wolf, what's afraid of..
3:16:32 - The Big Bad Wolf. "Aye..Eye..AyeYieAyeYieYie!" Grease leaves.
3:16:38 - Poink calms says that he's scared also. Wolf looks in?
          Wolf chases Greasers "ARIBA! Wooooo!" Runs around.
          Poink wows, wonders what part the wolf grapped.
3:17:07 - Political incorrectness. Grease "I ain't being incorrect! I
           am not making fun of no peoples.."
          Elton Ezra takes stage front, tries to focus with new specs.
3:17:25 - Ezra sings his favorite Schoolhouse Rock song:
3:18:00 - "Wish I could fall up instead of always falling DOWN.. Down
            Down.." (Cool R&B!)
          ER.. cool Happy Days-era music. "Down..down..down..down..
           DOWN.. [all around town now]"
          The Gravity blues. Ezra and BJ sing!
3:19:25 - A world without gravity. Everything would be in outer space!
          Newton gets hit by apple tree! (Then has an A&W)
3:19:42 - Falling foxes! Ezra blinks and looks up.
          Vixen flies past. BJ looks up "Come BACK Mary Jean!!"
3:20:09 - XXX bottle falls and gets stuck on BJ's head. Ezra sings.
3:20:25 - Randomly thrown objects! BJ gets egyptian bead-cord stuck
           over his head. "ShooBeDoDOwnDownDOWN!!!nna.."
3:20:33 - JR looks up, just in time to get puppet-pelted.
3:20:38 - The Timeless Early Mach. O_O With *EYES*!?????
          The Mach Mix-And-Match kit. Hawaiian-turban Mach?
3:21:01 - Crosseyed Bozo Mach O_O (He's going to HURT you guys..)
3:21:20 - <GoofyPoinkWith*EYES*.gif> "Poink caught mid-zippppp OUCH!"
3:21:33 - Poink's been in the beer jug again.    LITERALLY O_O
          Poink doesn't like being intereupted! "Nobody's man enough to
           get me!" Rasvar "WHAT?" Ball hits Poink. "AHHH!"
3:21:51 - Octopus eats Poink. Assults of flying puppets.
          Poink eats the Cthuhlu-carrot?
          Poink starts humming <ChariotsOfFire.mp3>. Hit by squeeker.
          Poink's durable! Java eats the camera.
3:22:37 - Look into Java's... EYE o_o O_O EEEEEYYYYYYYYYEEEEE!! *_*
          Java's EYE is watching you -_-. Send the show money *_*
3:22:50 - Java's EYE attacks the camera?
3:22:55 - Java gets tossed away. (REMEMBER. REMEMBER THE *EYE*..)
3:23:05 - Prismo cam. He's still there! Waves.
3:23:10 - Back to stage.
3:23:25 - Back to Prismo! Dan (JR?), Yappy and TerryMouse are up.
************** IMPROV: SLOW MOTION!
3:23:40 - Prismo MC's. Slow Motion. No words, just movements. In
           slow motion, accompanied to piece of music played by..
3:24:15 - The Usual Suspects. Prismo chooses Playing Football.
3:24:30 - Yappy bends down in front of JR.. people UHHH....
3:24:42 - Music starts! JR sways. Yappy assumes the Center position.
          <ChariotsOfFire.mp3> Yappy bends over. Someone humms a fart.
3:24:58 - HIKE! Terry blitzs, swimming toward JR. Yappy knees him
           down? (Holding!) They start beating on Terry o_o
3:25:02 - Herbie does sound effects. "Bee..Boo..Bee!"
          Football gears up for intense yet graceful ballet combat.
          Yappy has the ball, but Terry has his back, but JR has
           his arm.. symbolizing the unity of mankind.
3:25:36 - Ref Prismo gets in your face. ...ssssssSSSAAAAAFFFFEEEEeeee!
          (Baseball?) Prismo fine Terry X yards for not having another
           player on his team. Terry punches him out.
3:25:48 - <MusicThatEvokesImagesOfRunningHorses.mp3> JR taptaps Terry
           onna shoulder. Terry looks and gets knee in crotch.
3:25:54 - Yappy meanders through openning in line with the football.
           Death looks on, a warning to you all. Eat less nachos.
3:26:04 - Prismo declares a goal. Turns his back to Terry. A mistake.
          Terry looks around, wondering where everyelse is. Death
           returns with skeletal We're#1 hand.
3:26:14 - Yappy and Terry fall to the ground together <PianoRiff.mp3>
3:26:20 - Everyone's knocks out. JR looks in, then shrugs to camera.
          Prismo calls offsides. A Terry arm reaches for the light.
3:26:39 - The Ref is fouled. (Can a penalty award points to one side?)
          Yappy keeps thruckin'. Death flips you off. He's #1.
          Prismo uses E.Honda torpedo on JR. Revenge!
3:27:01 - A moment in which Terry realizes HE has the ball.
          Terry hi-tails it outta there. The Ref moves to tackle.
          <AndTheBandPlaysOn.mp3> Yappy runs to keep up.
3:27:10 - JR's still on the ground, and flips him off while crawling.
          Terry's victorious! But will he survive?
3:27:33 - Prismo decides he's on Terry's team, and calls a touchdown,
           then does the dance thing. JR shows you his lack of chest
          Prismo's all attitude. Terry has a migrane headache.
3:27:54 - Music winds down, but everyon's left the stage!
3:27:56 - Camera zooms in near fox-puppet on couch (did that thing wink
           at me?) then into the Infinite White of the wallpaper...
**** <BattleShipCannon.mp3>
3:28:11 - Mutt and Ezra! "There you go! Improvisatoinal Comedy!'
          Ezra calls a foul. Mutt "What's the channel think abou that
           one?" <BattleShipCannon.mp3> (Well, -I- liked it :P )
          Channel comments come 50 seconds later..
3:28:48 - Prismo thanks people for helping with Improv!
          Channel wants N'Fur video again? Channel talks in slow motion
******************* SOUTH PAW PRODUCTIONS!
3:29:48 - More Potential Giants! "Well the rain falls down without my
           help.." Fox talks about recipie.
          (I could try making sense of TMBG lyrics, but like the
           Necronomicon, it would drive you mad just looking at them..)
3:31:15 - Rock, roll, and false brithdays.
          Fox is not the only Dust Mite on the Range!
3:31:38 - Credits: "It's Not My Birthday" Teenage Mutant Be Giants
          Tourhiro(sp?) Kitsune - PunkTiger.
          And undertext: "No, it's NOT a..." (too small to read :/)
3:31:46 - Ezra "Al-Right!" invites more videos.
          Ezra stalls for time until next thing's ready. "We could
           talk about Poink some more?"
          Rasvar "(working) Don't go into anything long." "Not long,
           just Poink!"
3:32:40 - Ezra "We should talk about it on the mailing list at some
           point, discuss ALL the different thing that we can do to
           Poink." (ChocolateBunnies.gif) "We've done a LOT of things
           to Poink in the past, but we need to come up with NEW and
           IMPROVED things to do to Poink.." (ThePear.gif)
3:33:00 - Ezra might uses different glasses each show.
************** CAPTION CONTEST!
3:33:19 - <EarlyPictureOfMachWithHair.gif> <- Offical picture.
          Rasvar notes many postings are annoynmous "There's the Young
           Slim Elvis, the Old Fat Elvis, now meet the Wierd Soon-To-
           Be-Hairless Elvis."
3:33:33 - Evil for the whole family :) (Too many to list all)
          "Headlights! TOO BRIGHT! Can't.. MOVE!"
          "May the Power of the Mullet Protect me!"
          Mach inspires Elvis in many people?
          Mach sees Pink Flamingos. Before and After shots.
3:34:59 - Mixing Rogaine and Viagra?
          "Before the stress of the show began.."
          Before the Yappy poots began O_O
3:35:40 - Rasvar decides to censor one..
          "What.. Me Worry about hairloss?"
          Charles Manson, the Musical?
3:36:35 - Ezra thanks people who sent in captions! "I'm sure Mach
           really appreciates it." looks slightly nervous.
          (ConanTheDestroyerTheme.mp3) Ezra wonders if rule against
           annonymous postings is wise? Poink "Would YOU want to
           admit to most of those?"
          Ezra encourages people to sign them anyway.
**************** AND NOW, THE MAILING LIST! (How cool is that? :) )
3:37:18 - Kitchen Computer Cam. Herbie "We've been promising for a
           while to show the mailing list.."
          Herbie sits in the Mach seat. Lots of people getting drinks
           and things.
          Mailing list at:
3:37:54 - <WierdLightingChanges.fx> Herbie explains it's an experiment,
           and there's far too many cool things on the list to do more
           than occasional highlights.
3:38:20 - Herb wonders if Ras can put email on screen? Ras notes he'd
           end up disconnection kitchen computer. Tech people consult
           and concoct.
          Rasvar "My mailbox only goes back to Aug. 17" (6,000+ mails?)
3:38:56 - Zorro wants to show last 5 min of Pink Flamingos to Temp,
           Seal and Bacon :) "Let's see the results.." "Explosion.."
          Bob Repas has militant request?
          Yappy has a cousin Bazzle in England?
          (Sent in by Garrison)
3:39:36 - Ras and Herbie hunt through list for URLs.
          Ras notes many are Disturbing Videos..
          (Weeble and Bob, sent in by PunkTiger!)
3:40:19 - Cast realizes they have to pull streams earlier to avoid
           interupting live connections, but can do still photos.
           "Wouldn't know unless we tried it.."
3:40:26 - Herbie looks up "We'll probably use background music too
           for this." (SpongeBobSquarePantsTheme.mp3) ( <- Joke! )
3:40:48 - Herbie thinks. Simba walks by and waves to the camera.
          Treejan notes Shao-Lin Soccer is being rereleased!
          Ezra notes movie was an import and released earlier "But the
           right were bought out by A Large Entertainment Company..
           (Disney).. and they are redistributing it.. the original
           copies that were imports are no long Allowed, they were
           .. Removed.. from shelves."
3:41:36 - Zorro thinks MexicanFerret is Chevy. Still Grease-Spoto.
          Ezra "A lot of people in channel want to call him Chevy.."
          (Well, Chevy sounds more dignified..) Heribe "His name will
           not be Chevy, it will be Grease-Spoto."
          (That's a bitch to type!) Server still shows Christmas in
3:42:10 - Herbie hmms "Denise has one in here.. 'DO NOT GET ANY
           IDEAS..' (That's the penis-puppetry one, right?)
3:42:14 - Herbie "This is SO WRONG!" "Moving right along!"
          Daniel Gill finds Tortise animation:
3:43:31 - Lots of folks looks over Herbie's shoulder. Tech talk.
3:43:40 - Ezra tells channel it would help if, when submitting a URL,
           if you listed what sort of media (video,mp3,etc) the file
           was so Pawpet Central can prepare ahead of time.
3:44:13 - Herbie wants to get audience more involved in show. Notes
           lots of folks send in cool things.
3:44:36 - Herbie pushes some buttons "What's this one?"
          "'Pawpet Show-#135-Poink Mutates-Timeline.." People
warn                that's a LONG one..
3:45:50 - Ezra replies to what formats the show can use, notes as
           hectic as things are folks have to help as much as they
           can to streamline things.
3:46:20 - Herbie wants to try rehearing something they got yelled at
           for doing before. Ezra "I know what that is, it might work!"
          (Huh? What? What was it?) "Why not?" "It's been a while!"
          (What?What?) "I had fun doing it, just need practice!"
3:46:40 - Herbie "I got my Doors blown in for doing it, but I still
           want to do it 'cause I KNOW it can work and I know it'll be
3:48:00 - Poink watches Nonsanity's Public Service announcement from
           the website, not knowing it was on the show earlier :)
          Ezra wonders if Tod will add more to his LiveJournal?
          Darkwulf sends URL for new Tod beanies:
3:49:35 - Ezra notes lots of show inspiration comes from mailing list,
           and folks can just do chat topics as well.
3:49:53 - Back to stage. Poink is necking with Bambi? Ezra "POINK!!"
          "I'm multi-tasking!" "You've got a one-track mind!" "It's a
           FAST-track baby!"
          Poink wants to talk about how great his is. Ezra wants ideas
           of things to do to Poink.
3:50:20 - Actions suggested from movies and tv.
           Hannibal? Poink eats Ezra's ankle.
************* SHOUT OUTS!
3:50:50 - Group support for Mach. Lots of famous bald people.
          Cuddles wants NonSanity to get well soon. He's ill?
          Rasvar can't speak spanish.. Ezra shows off Rrrrs.
          Someone wants to know where to get t-shirts?
3:52:15 - Still getting more set up on Cafe Press. Another week.
          Poink has been loosened?
          Chilli's birthday coming up!
          Rasvar ohs! "Hobbes!"
          "And Denise's is coming up this week.."
          "THIS-IS-YOUR.. (snip)"
          Raini's is coming up? They'll celebrate later.
          Mutt "ThisIsYourBirthdaySongItIsn'tVeryLong"ducks.
          KP and JR's birthdays are coming up? Mutt gets winded.
3:54:00 - Multi-VeryLongs. Poink can fly?
3:54:39 - Rock The Rasvar again!
          Simba "And it's Punktiger's birthday on the 2nd.."
          "THIS-IS-YOUR.." Poink keeps singing. Others "..LONG.."
3:55:05 - Recap of t-shirt winners.
          People vote for Dead air next show.. then decide to show
           Anthrocon show.
          Rasvar arghs and knows what he'll be doing..
3:56:05 - Old Poink not for auction. Ferret are valueable! (nod)
3:56:32 - Rasvar does horrible things to Poink? o_O
          Rasvar heys! "You don't have a name on your collar! How do
           we know you're the real Poink?" Ezra sniffs the room.
          Real Poink alright o_O Poink "I feel so violated o_O"
3:57:48 - Reforming the Birthday Song. Embarrased people? Simba likes.
          Showbiz Pizza birthday tapes.. songs were ripped off, so
           royalties are free!
3:59:30 - Poink arghs at Showbiz Pizza.
*************** GOODNIGHT SONG!
4:00:00 - Cast +Moonie wish you well!
4:01:16 - Mutt "What did we talk about tonight?" Ezra "Wierd Eyes!"
          Poink necks with BV. People look down?
4:01:23 - Beginning of Show Credits.
"Soul Bossa Nova" Quincy Jones
"Goodnight, Aufrevor, Aufweitezen" (sp?) Lawrence Welch Orchestra.
"Dare To Be Stupid" Wierd Al
"Rock The Casbah" Falco (Whatsa Casbah?)
"Hopelessly Devoted To You" Olivia Neutron John - Grease Soundtrack.
"If You Love Me Let Me Go" Olivia Newton John - G. Hits.
"Titles" - Vangelis - Chariots Of Fire
"Nice Eyes! :)" (Thanks, having the big font again helps :) )
4:01:48 - Multi-thanks to lots of people, server hosts.
          Mutt thanks Kage for cool con! Anthrocon footage next week!
4:01:56 - Second half of Goodnight! song. BV and Poink lean close.
4:02:20 - "Goodnight!" <Note!.mp3> Moonie drops his drawers.
4:02:21 - <KissMeYouFOOL!.mp3> People run off.

******** END OF LINE ********


Night folks! - Blackfoot
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