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Subject: Pawpet Show #135-Poink Mutates-Timeline PT.1
Date: Fri, 23 Aug 2002 21:19:37 -0700
From: Rob Taylor <robtaylor04@attbi.com>
Newsgroups: alt.fan.furry

Timeline for Funday Pawpet Show #135-Poink Mutates-August 18, 2002
by Blackfoot Ferret

0:00:23 - Opening Clip: Trout Fishing In Amercia salutes FPS!
0:00:30 - Countdown
0:00:40 - Disclaimer! You've been warned!
0:01:00 - <SillyAustinPowersMusic.mp3> Cast rolecall!
0:03:00 - Pyro making out with a vixen.
0:03:25 - Poink's on the toilet with a magazine.
************** START!
0:03:38 - Mutt welcomes! "Ready to go crazy?"
0:04:00 - Stitch is here? Stagehand makes Stitch shake.
          Mutt "There you go. He's gonna be dancing with us tonight,
          everytime someone bumps the stage he's gonna boggie.
          Poink "We inherited the Chuck E. Cheese technology."
          Tod Yays!
0:04:20 - Wierd contrast adjustments. Virtual Sun.
          Tod and Poink and still friends/enemies.
0:05:05 - Mutt think Heather Henson is returning! Ras says nope :/
          Mutt notes visiting is casual "Come by if you have nothing
          better to do."
0:05:48 - Rasvar "Clothing optional." Tod "NO!" Poink "I LIKE that!"
          Movie filmed here tonight? Travis Blaze, movie about an
          artist that draws turtles. Becomes very popular, goes on
          tour of success.. and interview on FPS goes into the movie!
0:06:52 - Tod' been experimenting? Poink finds an excuse to leave.
          Mutt wonders with what? Tod "Mixing strange and noxious
          chemicals together" looks at camera.
0:07:02 - Mutt "Like beer and vodka?" "No.. like Pepsi Blue and
          Red Fusion.." Really powerful "Bright bubbles.."
0:07:36 - Tod brings in mixture, shows to Poink. Poink looks?
          Poink asks what's innit? Tod explains about Red and Blue.
          Poink "BEER!" he dives. Tod "No, it's not beer!"
0:08:05 - Poink chugs. Tod arghs!
          Poink feels fine! Others wonder how it tasted?
0:08:19 - <StarWars-TorpedosHeadedForWeakSpot.avi> Mutt "Woah!"
          <DeathStarGoesBOOM!.avi> Mutt "WOW! It tasted like that
          huh?" Tod "That's pretty good!"
          "That's a lot of sugar!"
0:08:40 - Poink returns.. has a dark coat? o_O
          Poink's become a blackfooted-ferret!
          Tod "Poink.." "What?" Mutt "Ew, he's all dirty.."
          (Hey!) Poink looks at camera? "I drank it, I farted, it's
          Tod "Are you sure?" "Yeah.." "It doesn't smell like you
0:09:00 - Mutt sniffs himself, no, it's not him. Tod "You're like..
          all brown?" Poink earperks?
          Poink "Rasvar! Adjust the camera!" Ras "Um.. the camera's
          Poink has big nose?
0:09:38 - Extreme closeup on Poink. Poink looks at himself?
          "AAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!!! What the HELL!?!"
          Poink has become one of the new Folkmanis ferrets!
          (And they all look like me!) Poink "I gotta big honker!"
          (Well, with some alternations..) Poink looks down "Oh,
          thank God, that didn't shrink!" (Just a few :) )
0:09:50 - Poink freaks out "I'm BROWN!"
          (IFeelGood.mp3) Camera looks down, sees top of JR's head
          Poink freaks again.. guy has hand up his butt!
0:10:05 - Poink blames Tod for everything! Tod "What?" "I'm a stinky
          big-nosed weasel!" (Argh) ".. and I'm the color of POO!" (?!)
          Mutt teehees "Poo-Poo ferret!" (You aren't helping..)
          Tod and Mutt exchange "Poop Ferrets" Poink looks constipated.
0:10:45 - Poink "My God! My nose looks like a huge ZIT!"
          Tod offers vanilla Coke as antidote? Poink.. nopes.
          Poink's nose cam. Mutt "You know what they say about a big
          Nobody knows what they say about a big nose? (You can sneeze
          through widows.)
0:11:30 - Tod says mixture was all just to practice the taste-test.
0:11:43 - Stagehand raises up bottle of MOXIE cola. Today's taste test!
          Mutt wonders where Mach is? Tod "No, that's not MACH.."
          Mach's at sisters house, doing real work again.
          Mutt notes bottle has more hair than Mach.
0:12:20 - Poink "God.. Damn I'm ugly!" (Blackfooted ferrets are COOL!)
0:12:35 - Group shot: Tod and Poink side-by-side, old ferret and new
          ferret. Mutt asks channel who's cuter.
          Screen is frozen? Sounds of arghing in the background
0:13:12 - Tod and Poink keep smiling at you blissfully while all
          Hades breaks loose in the background.
          Tod can make a video camera out of duct tape, aluminum
          foil, and Pepsi Blue?
0:14:04 - Rasvar 's voice oks.. "We've got it there!"
0:14:05 - <LastSlideFromExplodingDeathStar.gif>
          Tod "That doesn't look like me!"
          Poink is willing to try even the evil Vanilla Coke as an
          Tod laments.. his eyes are crooked.
0:14:44 - Poink waits for drink. "Somebody out there got Michael
          Jackson's number? I need some tips!"
          <InterjectionEEK!.mp3> (MJRocks.tshirtlogo)
0:15:15 - Poink tries Vanilla Coke.. feels.. wierd..
0:15:26 - Poink glances at Tod "I feel like I.. I kinda like you!"
          Tod HUHS? Mutt "Uh oh.. it turned him gay." Stagehand
          reaches for the soda. Yappy "Try the Moxie!"
0:15:34 - Poink "(with feeling) I love you Tod!" Tod "What!?"
          Poink looks up at Mutt. Mutt "Don't even think about it
          pal." Rasvar cackles.
0:15:46 - Poink "Hey Ras??" "Um.... No?" "I love you RAS!"
          "Um.." "Especially when you screw up, which means I love
          you ALL THE TIME!!"
0:16:02 - Poink does backflips. People call on Raini to help restore
          Mutt was bummed he missed the show last week, was sick.
0:16:30 - Raini-Cam! On the far edge of the room, she's matching
          a computer screen and ignoring the camera!
0:16:44 - Yappy-Cam. Yappy grins down like evil giant as he sets a cup
          of Moxie on the stage. Poink "I don't love Yappy!"
0:17:00 - Mutt tries the Moxie.. "It tasts like Dr. Pepper.. and
          cigarrette butts."
          JR goes.. "AHH!" "It smells like ALkaseltzer Pluse cold
0:17:50 - While people are grossed, Rasvar takes a sip, then two.
          "You know, this isn't that bad!" Mutt thanks Punktiger.
0:18:00 - Rasvar looks wide-eyed at camera "I like it! I LIKE IT!"
          "It's not as bad as Beverly!" Third sip.
          Tod chokes on aftertaste. Ras finds no aftertaste!
0:18:40 - A butt. Todd "That's JR's butt on camera."
0:18:48 - JR "THIS is my opinion of MOXIE!" Turns alternate face
          to you.
          Rasvar says people didn't drink enough to avoid the
          aftertaste! People challenge him to chug it.
0:19:40 - Simba and Rasvar Kitchen-cam. And Yappy! Modeling Funday
          Show T-shirts!
0:20:20 - Dark contrast for Dark drink. Chugging!
          Yappy wins! "Um.. Yummy!"
          Simba finishes, then looks at camera in fascination.
          Rasvar savors slowly like a fine wine.
0:20:38 - Simba grabs his own throat "Oh.. SICK! I just BURPED it!"
          Simba suffocates. Rasvar finishes drinking.
0:20:42 - Simba's raised feet. "eeeEEEWwww.." Ras thinks a moment.
          Simba "It's like burping Boggers!"
0:20:48 - Rasvar decides to try that. <BelchThatWouldWreckAHouse.mp3>
          Rasvar finishes "I had a full cup!"
          Yappy notes they have diet Moxie with Nutrasweet.
          Ras "EWW! Not THAT is bad!"
0:21:25 - Poink still likes Tod's bennie!
0:21:40 - Yappy proposes making the taste test a regular segment on
          the Pawpet show! People can send in sealed drinks for testing
          on the show. Mutt "You're opening a CAN of WORMS!"
          (Hey.. this could be neat!)
0:22:00 - Everyone talking at once. Poink wants to drink Tod?
          Rasvar wants Real Dr. Pepper.
          People want sealed bottles, non-opened.
          No Huskie-flavored Pepsi Yellow.
0:23:00 - Rasvar is feeling light-headed.. Poink still loves everyone.
          Yappy offers Poink Diet Moxie. Poink accepts??
          Poink is high on life.. o_O
0:23:50 - Poink loves Tod's beanie!
0:24:05 - Simba tries being Mach for...
************* CHANNEL ROLL CALL!
0:24:45 - <OrchestralMexicanHatDanceMusic.mp3>
          Simba "We have.. something I've never done before!"
          Simba chain-guns through the names..
0:25:25 - JarJar starts playing with show controls behind his
          back? <SwayingMusic.mp3>
          JarJar clutches keyboard and SHAKES. (o_O O_O)
0:25:52 - Simba "...Feral. Jackrabbit. Mejeep..." notices Jar Jar
          glancing over his shoulder "... Jar Jar.... Punktiger.."
          Simba refuses to be distracted.
          Jar Jar shrugs and goes back to playing keyboard like
          an accordian. picks up Moxie soda by rim and CHUGS.
0:26:35 - Rasvar "NO! Jar Jar had MOXIE!" Jar Jar goes flying around!
          Poink "I -love- Moxie! I love Jar Jar!"
          Tod arghs "Who farted?" "I love to fart ^_^"
0:26:57 - Simba cam. Simba has squeezed Jar Jar into a ball, and hurls
          him at the camera. Duck!
          Still have to get people on Furrymuck. Goes over them.
0:27:40 - Tod still think something's wrong with Poink.. he's too happy
0:28:00 - Someone starts talking Mexican-like behind stage?
0:28:26 - A SECOND Blackfooted ferret looks up behind stage! "OHYEAH!"
          (Alright!) Mutt jumps!
          Mexican ferret? (Sounds like Yappy..)
0:28:43 - Mex "I have oil on my skin!" (!? Brown is beautiful!)
          "I work on cars, Man!" (Um..)
0:28:53 - Mutt is surpisingly calm "I'm gone for one week, and all
          Hell breaks lose." Touches grease-ferret. Ews.
          Poink "I love oil ^_^" Mex explains it helped him get
          across the border. (From Mexico, or California?)
0:29:20 - Tod looks up "Who ARE you?" "Who am I? I'm a Chevrolet-
          stealing ferret!" (GrandTheftAuto.exe)
          Ferret is named Chevrolet? <HappyMusicInBackground.mp3>
0:29:33 - Chev "My name is Grease-Spoto!"
          (Dobo Arigoto, Mr. GreaseSpoto.) (STYX-Mr.GreaseSpoto.mp3)
0:29:34 - Mutt hmms "I see political correctness just running out
          the door."
          Poink leaves. Mutt "There it goes.. it just stole a car and
          now it's driving down the street."
0:29:45 - ChevMex puffs out his chest proudly "I'm Grease-SPOTO!!"
          Mutt buried his face in ears. "GOSh.."
          History of the Grease guy. (Grease2-Reproduction.mp3)
0:30:33 - The Ford No-Va. Would you buy a car whose name meant
          "It does not go"?
          Grease has a smaller nose than Poink?
          'Evil, greasy and oily' ferret attacks Mutt!
0:31:05 - Grease "Gimme a Toca Dammit!" Mutt ask audience to call cops!
          Rasvar "We dont' have any tocas, you're in the middle of
          Tod has stash of Jack-In-The-Box tocas?
          How do Tiaquana farts compare to other farts?
0:32:05 - Poink wants to go talk to Mandy for a section.
          Grease "Are you gonna DoIt in the back of the ChevroLET?!"
          "No!... how could you THINK something like that??"
          Rasvar WOAHS! Grease notes station wagon has space!
          Poink "(dreamly and happy) That is the sort of thing that
          should be saved for marriage ^_^" Rasvar almost chokes.
          Tod thinks Poink's collar's on too tight..
0:32:52 - Grease talks about food while Poink talks about nobility.
          Poink wants to hold off on sex until 5 years into
          relationship. Grease "(hopeful) In the back of a Chevrolet?"
          Tod looks at the camera, bewierded.
0:33:12 - Mutt returns, ignores the ferrets while using the mini-
          computer to read the channel.
          Grease "Marriage sucks! With marriage you can't, like..
          throw your oats all over town!" Mutt "(typing) I'm in my
          happy place.."
0:34:12 - Tod likes to milk the one-uddered cow? "*NO!!*"
          Poink loves cows ^_^
          Grease "I don't think they call them Cows south of the
          boarder man.. el Toro (Bull) es MEAN-O!! (Mean-o)"
0:34:30 - Poink starts Mooing. Tod "Um.." Mooing. "MuTT!?" Mooing.
          "HeLP!?" Mooing. Mutt"(looking up) Oh, I'm sorry, what's
          going on?"
          Poink wants Tod to milk him. Rasvar WOAHS!
          Mutt "I'm outnumbered by ferrets 3 to 1.."
          Rasvar wonders if Poink is turning female? "Moo!"
0:35:20 - Mutt practices Matrix Jodo on Grease. It won't die.
          Poink snaps out of it. Hates Tod! "You EXIST!!!"
0:36:27 - Poink lookat at the camera closely. "I hate every one of you,
          you know what right?" (He needs to brush)
0:36:47 - The legends of the scoreboard in Ras's bedroom continues.
          Poink gets in Tod's face "By. The. Way. I. Hate. You."
          Tod looks at camera "I'm glad he's back to normal."
          Everyone likes evil Poink! Mutt still things he nees a bath.
0:37:20 - Mutt asks to be punched in the arm. Feels better.
          Mutt begs for a video..
          Person below stage got hit by item thrown down by Mutt.
          Rasvar "He's got such a big lump, he looks like a Ferengi!"
          I see.. throwing something at JR's head cured Poink :P
************* AND NOW TO FLUFF AND SUCH!
0:38:50 - Teddy bear at an artist's desk. Don't know the song.
0:40:05 - Teddy sit on the windowsill, looking out at the huge
          wide world, and a flower next to him.
          "And after all is said and done, I'll be the one beside you..
          Teddy out in the garden, sitting at table.
0:41:00 - Teddy.. in a coffin? O_O
          No.. Teddy on the top of bookshelf.
          Camera slowly pans out. Teddy lays down as song ends.
0:42:06 - Credits: <BesideYou.mp3> by Tal Bachman
          Hardley Bear & Nonsanity Cat
          www.fluffandsuch.com [FSP006]
0:42:18 - Puppets have all turned into naked human hands! They clap :)
          <TheCrowdROARS!.repeatingloop> Lots of thumbs-up.
          Stitch is looking next to the disco ball.
0:42:55 - Poink "Tod.. come a little closer.." Tod earperks?
          Poink head-smashes Tod repeately "Change-Me-BACK!"
0:43:27 - Rummage looks up from where Grease was sitting earlier.
          "Rasvar? Why is there motor oil on the stage?"
          Poink wants to be changed back. Tod thinks he needs a bath.
          "Back..BACK.. to a loveable FERRET!" "Well, you were a ferret
          before, but not loveable.."
0:44:30 - Poink is ready to FREAK! Mutt drops mini-computer on his
          head. Poink AGHHHS!
          Computer hangs by power cord. Mutt "You lucked out pal!"
0:44:45 - Poink is loving again o_O
          Poink "I love you Ras!" People hear it wrongly..WOAHS!
          Poink "I love that too.. I love everything ^_^"
0:45:03 - Poink starts singing <BeautifulDreamer.mp3> Mutt bombs his
          head with corded-computer blackjack again.
          Poink look up at Mutt "BASTARD!"
          Computer's broken! Rummage erfs "That ain't fixable."
          Poink "That was my link to PORN!" Bites Rasvar-arm trying
          to take computer! Rasvar AYEAYES!
0:45:25 - Rasvar clubs Poink's head. Poink retaliates!
          Tod watches wild Poink fight "He's a dog now?"
          Wild Weasel alert! Rummage looks in "What exactly is
          ferret porn?"
          (It involves a lot of carpet and cardboard tubes.)
0:45:41 - High-speed RL anime fight scene of Poink fighting the ogre.
          Poink pants for breath. Rummage wonders if ferrets tie
          in pretzel-like knots? (Takes 3 to do that) Tod "Maybe."
0:45:52 - Poink tries eating Tod. Again. Violent this time though.
          Rummage "What the hell happened to Poink?"
          Poink spins Tod by tail, Conan The Destroyer-style.
          Rummage ".. he looks like a turd."
          (He -looks- like a blackfooted ferret!!)
          (Wait.. that didn't come out right..) Poink throws.
          Rummage "Hey Poink?" Poink looks up "YOU'RE NEXT!!"
          "Poink..?" Poink catapults over stage, takes out Mutt!
          RUmmage "Poink, why do you look like a Turd?" Fighting again.
0:46:20 - Lots of flying things I can't identify. Mutt seems to be
          enjoying it. "Weeeeeee!"
          BV looks in. People ask her why her boyfriend looks like
          a turd.
          Colorless Mutt returns. Rummage "Things droop too low."
          Mutt finds his collar. Asks people to send videos. PLEASE!
0:47:35 - Twilo from Rodhe Island sends a drink. Mutt goes GAGA asking
          him to send Hot Wieners!
          Mutt gets obsessed with Hot Wieners.. o_O Super-sausage?
0:49:20 - Tod "He  has Hot Weinies.. I have Texas Salsa.."
          (Not going there) Only legal in Rhode Island? Smuggling.
          Rummage wants a burritos.. Tod "NO YOU DON'T!"
          Rummage gets gas.. people are nervous.
0:50:40 - Mutt want to Orlando Anime Convention early today!
          One of largest Anime cons in world.
          VIDEO footage! Similar to Furry and SF cons?
0:52:15 - Manga is a type of fruit?
          Manga = Graphic novel. Proper uses of Manga in lingo.
          Poink announces during Pawpet West he'll be beating people
          senseless in studio. Attacks Tod. "NO!No!No!No!Owww.."
          Mutt "(concentrating) Happy Place.. Happy Place.."
************* AND NOW TO PAWPETS WEST. GOOD LUCK TOD. "It hurts.."
0:53:30 - Twin ferrets do <ALBEQUERKY.mp3> by WIERD AL!
          Al doesn't like sawerkraut?
          Inhale.. "IT'S GOOD FOR YOU!!" Ferret freaks out friend!
          Ferrets hand off naration.
          "Where the Shriners and the Lepers play their Ukalelies all
           day long and anyone will gladly shave your back for a
           nickle.. <GaspingInhale!.mp3> WakaWakaDooDooYEAH!"
0:56:14 - Ferrets act out dragging at least 500 lbs of equipment
          from the plane crash.
0:56:54 - "..and just as I suspected.. it's a big fat hermaprodite
          with a Flock of Seagulls haircut and only one nostril."
          (Pat?) "Oh man, I hate it when I'm right.."
          (This song is longer than American Pie!)
0:58:00 - Sheepdogs join rockin' ferrets for Albequerty (sp??) chorus!
0:58:45 - Al wonders what sort of donuts the shop has?
0:58:58 - "..You got any BEARCLAWS??" <MusicStops.fx> "Wait a minute..
          I'll go check.."
          <Lots of people in channel point to Herbie and say "Yes!
           Right here!!!">
          <AFewGuitaurRiffs.mp3> Ferrets leaves for a few seconds.
0:59:12 - Ferret returns "NO! We're OUT of BEARCLAWS!!"
          (There's only one.) "Well in that case.. in that cast what
          DO you have?"
          "All I have right now is this box of one dozen starving
          crazed weasels." (Hey, that sounds catchy.)
          "Ok.. I'll have that." (StarvingCrazedWeasels.comic)
0:59:33 - Ferrets nibble each other. "HRRunnganaHrrungnanaa..."
          "Oh man, they were just going nuts! They were tearing me
          apart!" (StarvingCrazedWeaselsAttackNY.mov)
          The Weasels are eating Wierd Al! (Hmm.. who should I root
          "It was just about that time that a little ditty started
          going through my head.."
0:59:44 - "I believe it went a little something like this.."
          Ferret chews friend! "DDAAA!!GETEMOFFMEGETEMOFFME!OAAAHH!
          "I ran out into the street with these flesh-eating weasels
          all over my face, waving my arms all around like a
          constipated wiener-dog!"
1:00:00 - Al runs into the girl of his dreams. Zelda?
          (LegendOfZelda*.exe) (RedLightDistrict.map)
1:02:00 - "No.. I want you to cut off my arms and legs with a
          chainsaw!" "So I did.."
1:02:30 - Guy hasn't had a bite in 3 days. Al grins and plays a joke.
1:04:00    "A-L-B-U-...<GuitarSolo.mp3>..KURKY!!"
1:04:34 - Ferrets and sheegdogs take a rest. One belches in time with
1:04:44 - Everyone passes out! That's the end!
1:04:46 - Credits: "Albuquerque" (Wierd Al)
          Freddy - Reishal
          Madison - Findra
1:05:10 - Mutt announces they're about to show unedited footage from
          the Orlando Anime Con earlier that day!
1:05:24 - Someone turned a new VW bug into a Pokemon-mobile? o_O
          Headless Naked Barbie MC's.
1:05:45 - Anubis. Big armored Wolfie O_O Mouth moves when he talks
          also! "The first thing about Anime is.. the hot BABES.."
1:05:56 - Anubis devours HNB. (You date them.. right?  o_O)
1:06:15 - Overview of con by girl in skimpy red outfit.
1:06:30 - Pararamic spinning shot of dealer's room!
1:06:54 - Guy in Green Lantern shirt continues narration.
          Lantern guys gets attacked by little plushie things.
1:07:25 - Everyone loves Headless Naked Barbie!
          Rare signed Evangelion books (What's Evangelion?)
1:08:05 - Anime collectables, whole family works on it it!
          (Web site he lists doesn't work.)
          Sabrina would LOVE this place! Lotsa robot-thingies
          www.animecollectables.com (In case it reboots later)
1:09:00 - Gismo? o_O (BrightLight!.mp3)
          DragonBalls-Z. (SlowestPlotAlive.WorldRecords)
1:10:15 - Cute girl! In Easter Bunny outfit?
1:10:26 - Guy with orange hair gets in your face O_O
          "We were making Otaku.. while you were in DIAPERS!"
          (MexicanFood.gif?) "DON'T..MESS WITH US!" (Use less salsa)
1:10:39 - Headless Naked Barbie poses for Orange Man "What in God's
          name is that?"
1:11:00 - Cards tables.
1:11:03 - WOAH! Hot dark-skinned woman in golden tiger bikini!
          "Hi! I'm.. (can't pick out the name or show).."
          Camera pans all the way up and down her front!
          She grins "I'm an alien.. like from another planet.."
          (She's Something Else..) "My father tried to invade Earth.."
          Hero saves the world by beating her in game of tag, and
          grabs her top, thus preventing Earth from destruction?
          (Damn, if only it were always that easy.)
          She lives with hero! Camera oggles again.
1:11:31 - Alien Anime girl's sketchbook?
          Videos. Her friends says "Yeah, PORN!"
1:11:51 - Picture of inside one of the hentai mangas.. I CAN'T SEE IT!
          (Realplayer.TNT) Herbie swings camera away "WOAH!!"
1:12:08 - Camera changes from anime girl stars to guy with spikey
          white hair. (Boooooo!!!)
          Fan costuming! His feline familiar needs a nap..
1:12:25 - Guy looking down at something.
1:12:27 - "Go..gogo!" whispered in background
1:12:28 - Guy dressed in black glances up at you with a grin.
          (Gauntlet-WELLLLLcome!.mp3) Plushie Alien-Spaceship friends!
          Cabbits? Cat-rabbits? Turn into spaceships? Barbie looks.
1:13:16- A Sailor Scout (NNNOOOOOOOO!!)(GirlScoutsWieldingKnives.news)
         Sailor Star. Camera checks out the cool cheerleading outfit.
          (I used to be a Sea Explorer Scout, we do NOT wear kilts!!!)
1:13:35 - Some serious Anime art-people.
          http://www.geocities.com/chilly456 (404) 2nd I can't hear.
1:14:18 - Angel guy shows signed artifact-staff thingy.
          "The price for signing, is doing something provocative with
          it." o_O
          Angel Sanctuary. Normal High School kid. Who loves
his           sister?
1:15:05 - VIDEO GAMES!!
1:15:35 - Con food. Herbie wonders exactly what's in the pan?
          Go-Ku-Burgers? (YCDTOTv-WhatDoYouThink'sINTHEBURGER??.mp3)
1:15:45 - Anime pizza! Lots of pickles, onions, ketchup!
1:16:10 - Herbie salutes food people "YA-TTA!"
1:16:12 - Video-watching room. And video-watching people in the room.
1:16:38 - Tired, bummed out anime congoers.
          Herbie "This is what the convention is all about! They are
          wiped out, they look like they've been having a total blast,
          all weekend. (to magazine-reader) Have you been having fun?"
1:16:47 - Crashing congoers finally notice the camera.
          "(Unenthused) Yes...."
          "Have you been getting any sleep this weekend at all?"
          "(Brightly) No! :)"
          Girl anime-fans like.. Death Boy? Staff guy?
          Con people spend lotsa money o_O
1:17:45 - Girls go back to sleep. Guy walks through door behind them
          and almost steps on fingers o_O
1:17:50 - The Horde convenes to watch the costume contest!
          Schoolgirls, wizards, skaters?
          Vampires, amazons (Ohhh..) Spirit people with black holes
          for mouths and eyes.. sailor scouts (NOOO!) whole bunches I
          can't indentify..
          Strawberry shortcake? o_O
1:19:42 - Ms. Neon. Bird-person!
1:20:00 - Anubis wolf-guy!
1:20:15 - Anubis and Pawpet stage in two windows, transition. (Cool!)
***** AND NOW, BACK TO OUR SHOW! (I watch too much Pokemon)
1:20:21 - Mutt "That was it! That was only about 4 or 5 hours ago."
          Cheers for Orlando Anime Con!
          Channel likes. Mutt blinks, place is empty? JR and Raini left
          to get drinks, leaving place with 1/2 cast.
1:21:26 - Mutt finds something incredibly tacky at Magic Kingdom..

*********** OUT OF TIME AND EMAIL BUFFER SPACE TODAY ***************
*********** TUNE IN NEXT TIME, WHEN RUMMAGE SAYS: ******************

3:10:19 - Rummage "A shelf broke back here!"

*********** I'M LATE FOR NIGHT SORT ...........*********************
Funday PawPet Show Mail List
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Subject: Pawpet Show #135-Poink Mutates-PT.2
Date: Tue, 27 Aug 2002 20:40:43 -0700
From: Rob Taylor <robtaylor04@attbi.com>
Newsgroups: alt.fan.furry

Pawpet Show #135-Poink Mutates-Timeline PT.2

UPDATE: I just realized that I missed several details from Fluff and
   Such's "Beside You" video earlier, such as the flower wilting and
   dropping a single petal. I see, the song start with childhood then
   goes through adulthood. Powerful stuff, I'll have to look through
   the videos twice from now on. I'm just a nearsighted ferret :)

********* PART TWO
1:21:26 - Mutt finds something incredibly tacky at Magic Kingdom..
1:21:52 - Tod peek up behind stage "Is Poink around? Is he gonna hit
          me?" <DanglingRedWhiteAndBlueUSAMetalicSwimmingTrunks.avi>
          "WOW! What's THAT??"
1:22;05 - USA stars are actually Mickey-mouse faces? Mickey Mouse eats
          your shorts.
1:22:50 - Model samples the +15 Glowing Shorts of Tack.
          MickeyFaces on the butt of walking model.
1:23:27 - All the lights go out.. and you're stuck in the shorts? O_O
          (DARKNESS... SILENCE...) Tod "Free Striptease!"
          Flashlight shines up Shortlegs?
1:23:41 - Mutants shorts attack Tod! He EEWWS! Smelly!
1:24:16 - Herbiehands drap shorts over stage like flag.
          Magic Kingdom tour.. tour of mainstreet?
1:25:15 - Herbie blinks at Imagineer giving wrong tour info.
          Mutt "It was a little too pixy-dusty.."
          Mutt doesn't interupt because peope liked it though "They're
          having a great time they're all smiling they're all pixie
          dust and there's Disney hahaha.." (DialSoap.gif?)
          Names on main street are credits for builders of Park.
1:26:27 - <ExtremeCloseupOfSideOfMutt'sFaceCam.fx>
1:26:57 - Mutt tells about hidden Crown effect in Cinderella's picture
          Only kids can see the crown on Cinderella's head. Adults are
          too tall.
1:27:48 - Mutt ARGHS! They repainted it! Only adults can see it now!
          Tour guide gets flustered when confronted. Storms off!
1:28:48 - Tod wants to complain. Mutt things adults don't care!
          Something about a roller-coaster book.. Mutt evades?
1:29:36 - Reflections from Channel, silly Disney experiences.
          Doodles was giving the tour? Paul Presler?
1:30:25 - Rasvar "That would be the equivalent of an animator ticking
          off Roy Disney." Mutt blinks. "Whoops!"
1:30:34 - Rasvar laughs! Tod looks over at Mutt "You're so fired!"
          Mutt "He didn't know who I was!"
1:30:43 - Mutt "I bet it was his idea to change it too!"
1:30:50 - Mutt shakes his head "Unreal." (CoolActionGames.exe)
          Rasvar doesn't think it was Paul Presler.
1:31:40 - 130F in Florida? o_O
1:31:53 - Tod reads channel, Elvin saysDisney AOL and Microsoft are
          evil because initials spell DAM.
          (Use the Microsoft Network.) (AngryBeavers.NickelodianShow)
          Ras thinks AOL is working toward bankruptcy. (YES!)
          Tod "AH! Don't say that! That's my free internet provider!"
1:32:11 - Rasvar cackles loudly! Tod "Don't SAY that!"
          Tod pitches AOL. It provides email.
          Ras wonders why Tod doesn't answer email? "When you have 633
          emails in your box, you pick the Important ones!"
1:33:06 - Hunting for a picture of Paul Presler online. Mutt vows to
          remove his voicebox is it is. (FurAndFoamPeanuts.gore)
1:33:29 - Rasvar boots up the picture. Mutt is edgy.. starts twitching.
1:33:37 - <EarlyPictureOfPaulPressler.gif> "Um.. no.." Mutt's safe!
          Mutt "This guy looked like a fanboy!" (IncognitoEisner.gif)
1:34:02 - Mutt pants in relief. As in unrelated thing, stagehand pulls
          a tenis ball out of the shiny shorts?
1:34:09 - Tod "Hey Rasvar, are you monitoring the channel just now?"
          Rasvar nopes.. "Blackfoot just suggested that everyone in
          channel email Rasvar."   (O_O)    (That was a joke! Honest!)
1:34:17 - A few seconds of contemplation. Rasvar chuckles! Tod "He
          already put it up in channel!" Mutt ohboys.
1:34:25 - Tod "To Rasvar.com" (Now wait, I didn't list an address!)
          Rasvar "I don't pull that down except by choice."
1:34:35 - Rasvar "I have 5,665 emails in my mailbox right now :P"
          Tod "Well I've got 600.." "And 4,236 unread!"
          Tod thinks an email regarding his grandmother in the hospital
          getting a blood transfusion is the important sort. Happened
          to him that morning :(
1:35:35 - Tod wants to go to Pawpets North Coast
1:35:40 - Tod still wants to go to Pawpets North Coast
1:35:45 - Told holds a left-looking pose "Um, Rasvar, you forgot to
          change the thingy.."
*************** PAWPETS NORTH COAST!
1:35:56 - Howdy! Lotsa Louisinian-like folks jamming.
          Whole bunch of .gifs that echo sound lyrics. Giants ants and
          teeth menace you O_O And a happy meal!
1:36:15 - It's Brak from Space Ghost! <OHIO.mp3>
          High in Middle? Or in Mayo?
1:36:40 - Zorak solos. Girlfriend runs?
1:37:01 - <ABikiniWearingModel'sButt.gif> Brak "Round on the ends.."
          <ABikiniWearingModel'sTrunk!.gif> "High in the middle" (Very!
1:37:16 - Credits: "OHIO!" by Brak (Space Ghost Coast To Coast Crew)
          Zersa(? yellow letters blur), Ozark - Stargazer
          Hayseed - Cirrus Kitfox
          Dogg, Betty - Coastercoon
****** AND NOW BACK TO .... WOAH!
1:37:20 - <ScreenDarkensAndSlidesToTheSide.fx>
1:37:30 - Tod! He's Mute Ferret?
1:37:32 - <Sound.fx!> Mutt wants a call-in!
          Mutt "If you have something you want to blow off some steam
          about, give us a call!" (
          Mutt might even look at mailing list!
1:38:10 - Tod can do magic? Psychic magic? Interactive with channel?
          Rasvar "Tod's Psycho?" Tod arghs.
1:38:55 - Mutant Point returns! Stagehand wraps him up in Flag Pants?
1:39:22 - It's.. It's... It's..... Super-Poink? o_O
          Tod likes Poink when he doesn't try to hit him.
          Rasvar notes he tries hitting -on- Tod earlier too.
1:40:35 - Mutt recaps how he shook the 2 week cold in 4 days.
          Mutt regrets kissing Rasvar? (This could get ugly)
1:41:15 - Mutt does pitch for Sam's Club vs. Costco. The Amazing
          USA Underroos Ferret spins in foreground.
          Costco gives discounts, but you have to buy a LOT..
          Poink wants a year's suppy of boxers?
1:41:45 - The Story of What Yappyfox Had To Do To Get Into Costco With
          Rasvar's Costco Card..
1:41:48 - Mutt "He had to go down as Rasvar's SIGNIFICANT OTHER!"
          Rasvar sounds pained. "NOOoo... it's not that!"
          Poink looks up as stagehands float 20-gallon pack of towels
          over his head.
          Mutt ".. He and Rasvar are MARRIED!" Stagehands tosses towels
          Rasvar NOOOoooo!! "YES THEY ARE!" Tod freaks Timmy-style.
1:42:04 - Rasvar tries to talk about bedlam "They don't DO that any
          more! They can give it to anybody! They can GIVE IT TO
          ANYBODY!!" (HortonHearsAWho-WeAreHERE!.mp3)
1:42:20 - Poink, the Amercian Shiek "I am SO outta here.." Leaves
          Tod calls around the room "Gyng! Gyng!"
          Mutt "I've got to see the Channel's reaction on this one..
          get that computer over  here!"
          (If you don't call me a Sailor Scout, I won't call you a
           Costco Cheater :) )
          Tod wants Simba to hack Costco Computer and find out!
          Rasvar TheyGiveItToAnybodys!
1:43:30 - Tod notes it's legal in Vermont.
************* CALL-IN: SKATE
1:43:55 - Tod tells Skate all about Yappy and Rasvar's engagement!
          Tod want this to be the art jam topic.. "NO!!"
          Skate met Tod at Anthrocon!
1:44:50 - Skate gets lobsterifed by sunburn after camping.
          Cookout, Medievil fair, Woodstock all in one?
          Skate plans to mutate BJ-wolf like puppet into Murdock, who
          looks like his friend.
1:46:27 - Skate's visiting Orlando in November? Tod wants March of next
          year "Well, I'll move down there by then." Tod YAYS!
          Skate's a chilli chef. Tod "Are you going to market it?" "No,
          I'm just going to scare friends with it."
1:47:25 - Secret Ingredients.. fresh everything.
          Chilli cookoffs have rules? NO BEANS?? (That's the fun!)
          SKate "Beer and beans, that's good chilli"
1:48:40 - Tod eats Wolf chilli? (??)
          Food talk!
          Skate's from OHIO! (OHIO!.avi/mp3)
          Tod wants to find Bev Cream Soda.. Billion Bubble Beverage
          Ohio has Jones' Soda also?
          Skate likes orange juice, water, burbon. Cold saurkraut?
1:50:30 - Skate lives near Cedar Point, rollercoasters! (Uh oh.)
          All day to ride all coasters? Skate likes creaking wooden
          rollercoasters o_O
1:51:20 - Discussion: THE HULK.
          THE BEAST. THE VORTEX. THE OUTER LIMITS (ChangingH&VHold.fx)
1:52:25 - Tod "WIll they allow a ferret on the ride?" Skate "They will
          when I'm done with them.
          Skate is tired of Ohio, wants Orlando!
          Skate's quit smoking! "Food has *flavor* again!"
1:53:35 - Tod proposes SkateHasStoppedSmoking Countdown.
1:54:05 - Magic 8-ball: Skate has story about his.
          Final's Week: Friend shakes "SIgns point to NO."
          "Are you just screwing with my head??" "Sources say Yes."
          Skate has Technical Support 8-ball?
1:55:09 - Tod involks Technical 8-ball: "Will we ever get the 20k
          stream to run reallyreally well with no problems?"
          Rasvar "20k? We're getting read if that one.."
          120k.. T8B: "It works on my system!"
1:55:37 - Skate's Q: "When I get down to Florida will I be able to get
          a good job in the entertainment industry?"
          8B: "It is certain!" Skate is glad he doesn't have to wear
          Taco Bell Pirate outfit anymore.
          Tod thinks that's a solid job. Skate "I had to wear Knickers!
1:56:50 - Skate signs off. Thinks Poink looks "Damn fine!" (Yay!)
**************** PAWPETS WEST!
1:57:48 - <HewyLewisAndNews-It'sAlright.mp3>
          Groovy Sheepdog, Golden Retriever and twin Ferrets.
          Golden does base, ferrets do ooooooohming. Sheepdog leads.
1:59:14 - Sheepdog closeup "Ev-ery-bo-dy .. clap your hands.."
1:59:50 - "And she's gonna SAY...." music stops, everyone looks around
1:59:54 - Sheepdog "..That it's alright!" oh-mau-maus start again.
          "If you've got soul, everybody knows.. that it's alright!"
2:00:38 - Credits: "It's All Right" (Hewy Lewis and the News)
          Fremont, Pauli, Ping & Pong - TeddyRuxpin
          (All FOUR? Everyone clap your hands and feet!)
2:00:46 - DARKNESS. Bizarre thumping sounds..
2:00:49 - Something's coming.. it's getting CLOSER!!..
          <ScreenSummersaults.fx> Tod "We're BACK!"
          Tod blinks at side-stage props. More stuff to fall on people.
2:01:22 - Tod ponders doing something educational. Scientific?
          Rasvar wonders if it can blow people up? Tod hmms. Uses gas?
          <ScreenHitsWarpedSpeed.fx> <Again!.fx> Tod "Kinda like that"
2:02:02 - <TodInAMagicalTrashCompactor.fx> "Oh.. I feel funky."
************* THE SUN IS A GAS SONG
2:02:20 - Tod and the SunIsAMassOfIncandecentGas song!
          Science jams! Rasvar plays with warping Pawpet logo.
          Another ferret!
          "The Sun is hot.." "The Sun is so hot that everything on it,
          is, a gas." (PearlHarborDVD.gif)
2:03:10 - Fun statistics on the Sun! Ferret uses anti-gravity?
          "The Sun is a huge atom-smashing machine!" (Dude!)
***** (SpockVsQ-Spock-SpaceIsVeryGassy.mp3)
2:04:30 - Tod salutes token educational song.
          Tod "That was They Might Be Giants" <LotsOfGoofyEffects.fx>
          Severe Tire Damage album (Hey, I have that! I should play it)

************ END OF PART TWO *************
Subject: Pawpet Show #135-Poink Mutates-Timeline PT.3
Date: Wed, 28 Aug 2002 19:57:25 -0700
From: Rob Taylor <robtaylor04@attbi.com>
Newsgroups: alt.fan.furry

Pawpet Show #135-Poink Mutates-PT.3

2:04:00 - The Sun is a big atom-smashing machine!
2:04:35 - Tod salutes education song.
          Poink "Your butt is a mass of incadecent gas?"
          Tod notes that's a Moon, not a Sun. Rasvar arghs.
2:05:20 - The varies things that brown Poink looks like.
2:05:35 - Poink gets in your face O_O Asks channel to decide which
          Poink they like?
2:05:58 - Tod likes Love-Everything-Poink. Poink "Never.. again.."
2:06:15 - Rasvar knocks Poink in the head. Poink starts chasing Tod!
          Poink "Come here.. I'll make that beanie spin! :)"
          Poink "I love you all! ^_^" Tod "NO!!"
2:07:05 - Poink loves the camera. Kisses the camera? Again?
2:07:25 - Extremely Unnecessary Closeup of Inside Poink's Nose.
          Tod wonders if he likes BitchVoop? "She's a delicate flower
          of womanhood! ^_^" Tod almost freaks.
          Tod "Ras? We need a straightjacket." "We don't have one right
2:08:15 - Of all the evil.. Poink sings
          "Barney comes to play with us, whenever we many need him.."
2:09:04 - Ras CANES Poink again "I couldn't take it anymore.. I had to
          pop him again.."
          Poink is back to normal personality.. uh oh.
2:09:35 - Poink gets next to Tod. Tod ews "You love Barney?"
          Poink "I love hamsters.. you know whyyyy?" Tod ers "Why?"
          "They go great with honey-mustard.. and you're DEAD!"
2:09:50 - Ferret fight scene! Tod makes stressed noises. Ras Awwwws..
          Tod is frightened.
          Poink looks over Tod "You won't have any more Hemoglobin if
          you don't get me changed back!"
          Tod "You insulted me! And you pulled my tail! And you tried
          to throw my BEANIE!"
2:11:02 - Tod "Apologize!" Poink "Turn me back!" "Aplogize!"
          Poink asks the Channel for another vote: Should Tod Live?
2:11:15 - Tod looks at camera "They can't vote on that.."
          Poink "Or does the Beanies go down SOUTH?" Tod uh ohs.
2:11:38 - Tod calls a vote "Who stay on the show.. ME.. or Jar Jar?"
          Jar Jar looks in? Rasvar oOOoooohhhs...
          (Maybe JarJar can stay on Poink like a blanket?)
          Poink doesn't think argument is needed for that one..
          Jar Jar "MissaWannaKickPoink!" he stares the Ferret down.
2:12:15 - Rasvar wows "I think we're about 50/50, on kill Tod or kill
          Rasvar oks.. "Jar Jar dies!" <IncreasinglyTenseMusic.mp3>
2:13:25 - Ways to improve Monday Night Football. Rasvar suggest John
          Madden in Celebrity Deathmatch.
2:13:49 - <LoveBoatTheme.mp3> Tod grooves to the love! Poink watches.
2:13:58 - Tod sways, looks to Poink "lllLove..." Poink looks at you.
          Tod lip-synch. Poink bashes his own head into the stage.
          Poink. "Help? Death. Killl TOOOD!! I'm going to be running
          him over now!"
2:14:35 - Tod and Poink duet in the "KILL TOD!/POINK!" song!
          <LoveBoatThemeContinues.mp3> "Tod is going to die he'll die
          right now die right now DIE!"
2:15:30 - Poink practices various banned WWF moves on Tod.
2:15:50 - Rasvar's butt. 2 seconds.
2:16:00 - 1 second.
2:16:15 - Java!
2:16:26 - Phone "Gutten Tag! Eek Bin Uncle Kage."
2:16:29 - Uncle Kage "I have JUST gotten back from Eurofurence! IT
          RULED! IT RULED!... or as the Germans say, Et Vas FUNN!"
          Poink "Why'd you come back?" "What?"
          Kage arghs and has to work, would have stayed otherwise.
2:16:50 - Kage was Eurofurence Guest of Honor! Thinks they have good
          Kage notes most conventions use a Van. Anthrocon used a limo,
          he wonders how Euro is going to pick him up..
2:17:20 - Kage "The Theme of Eurofurence this year, was..(deep voice)
          THE F.I.A. The Furry Intelegence Agency. The Furs In Black."
          (F.I.B?) Kage arrives at airport at Frankfurt.. can't believe
          all that happened..
2:17:50 - Kage is surrounded with people with black suits, sunglasses..
          and fedoras? "(Accent) Doktor Konway? Kome vith us please.."
          Poink blinks. Kage eeks!
          FIB's march Kage outside.. outside are two black SUV's with
          F.I.A. logo on them. Between is 1960's silver mercedies, with
          appropriate dipolmatice flag.
2:18:40 - Poink "Whey did they Neuralize you?" Kage "I think they
          forgot to! Cause I can still remember it all!"
          (KageAndZsaZsaGaborKissing.photo) "The really REALLY funny
          part.." driving down the autobaun draws stares from already
          speeding drivers."
2:19:35 - Drivers pulls over to side of road.. put official German
          police lights on vehiles, drive into the Con site!
          (Is this LEGAL?) "They really set the bar high!"
          Poink cools.. Kage got to meet Big Blue Fox and folks.
2:20:20 - Kage is relieved that for once he could enjoy a Con, without
          having to plan everything!
          Poink "But are you still lacking wonderful hair?"
          (Background: Kage promised to get a mohawk if Anthrocon's
          charity drive exceeded a certain amount. It did! And he did.)
2:20:31 - <2SecondPause.time>
2:20:33 - Kage "Dude.. that's getting old, ain't it?" (MrC.gif)
          Poink "No, I'm just asking :)"
          <Pause> "Nooo, it's growing back." Poink wonders what people
          about about seeing a punk in a police car.
2:20:52 - Kage notes mohawk has grown out. "I don't have that anymore
          you dumb..fffe.. (Eh..*HEM*..)"
          Kage kept it for two weeks, then got marine flat-top.
2:21:12 - Kage wows at unique problems of Eurofurence, built on
          mountainside. "I have NEVER.. had to deal.. with conmembers
          not being able to read German and opening up a gate leading
          to the farm next door and having the cows get out and run
          all around through the Con!!"
          (WhoLetTheBULLSOut??.mp3)(Boom,Boom,BoomBOOM.mp3)Ras laughs!
2:21:42 - Kage notices everyone running around and shouting in German.
          "What?What they said..?" "Der's KAUS!" "..Kows?"
          "KAUS! KAUS! MOO-MOOMOO!" "I look out, and God Damn there's
          Cows running all over the place!"
          Poink "How do cows Moo over there?" "N.U.H. Moo."
2:22:10 - Kage "And they had a Pawpet Show! If you thougth Poink was
          bad.. you should meet Poke!"
          (The Pawpets are as diversified as Sesame Street now?)
          Kage describes how bad Poke is. "He's a little BASTARD!"
          Poink listens, unusually thougthful. "So.. I need to try to
          be.. more of a bastard?
2:22:28 - Kage takes the cheap hit "You couldn't.. POSSIBLY be.. as bad
          as Poke." (thought he would say something else :P )
2:22:32 - Kage "An EAST-German ferret! In the middle of the art auction
          he BIT me!" Ezra looks in to listen.
          Poink "That must have hurt!" Rasvar senses a challenge
          between Poink and Poke. Bite-off?
          Kage "You COULDN'T have him on your show.."
          German Pawpets are a little less.. inhibited? "They're very
          very FREE with the English language.."
2:23:34 - For evil photos of Kage and lots of other exciting things, go
          to Eurofurrence web site:
          Kage notes people need "a week, or two, or SEVEN" to recover,
          so photo should be forthcoming later.
2:23:56 - Kage returns just in time to go to Feral!
          "Wilderness of Canada.. Saquatch county!"
          Kage hates bringing his camera on trips!? (There are so many
          things worth snapping!)
          Kage keeps camera on living room shelf. No use, no lose.
2:24:50 - Kage recaps trip, F.I.Bs, castles, autobauns, cows, "JET LAG!"
          Hasnt slept in 22 hours? Had to watch 'A Beautiful Mind' on
          the British Airways flight. Evil European super-coffee.
          Kage is cooked. "The very very second the show is over.. SO
          AM I!"
          Ezra offers to end the show early? Kage still wants to know
          who the new ferret is.
          Ezra "That's Poink!" "That's doesn't LOOK like Poink.."
2:26:30 - Ezra explains Pepsi Blue and Red Fusion mix turned Poink
          brown (new Folkmanis ferret), and mix of Pepsi Blue and
          Vanilla Coke has made Poink get lovey and wierd.
          Ezra notes audience is voting on keeping Poink light or dark.
2:27:00 - Kage wants to call Tod tomorrow when he can think to try and
          make a cure. Poink nots Tod won't be alive tomorrow unless
          he changes him BACK!
          Kage asks for 24 hours! "I guarantee you'll be cured, one way
          or the other!" Poink waits.. "YOU'RE involved?"
          Poink is relieved. Kage chuckles and offers to share cool
          things he brougth back from German.
2:27:50 - Mutt pops back up. Ezra (glasses) and Mutt (colar) blink at
          each other and do double-takes while Kage talkes about
          inovations at youth hostels.
2:27:57 - Mutt and Ezra groom each other? o_O Kage tells about how the
          foyer in hostel is covered in tiles.. you have to walk
          through the shower to get to your room!
          Mutt "Do they have shower curtains?" "Eh..well, No. This is
2:28:50 - Mutt asks for Shoka Cola? Kage was eating on plane. Wired o_O
          Kage's eaten over a pound of chocolate? O_O Kage "It's either
          Ecstacy or Agony, I'm not sure which.."
2:30:00 - Yays for Kage! Rasvar wants to send Kage the Mickey Mouse
          reflective boxers!
2:30:30 - People bring Mutt up to speed with recent Dr. Conway develop-
          ments. Military Kage with flatup? Various Kage-ranks.
2:31:32 - Mutt notes they're practices for the MOVE SCENE in the other
          room! T-30 minutes and counting backward..
2:31:57 - Ezra asks channel for Green Glases, because his glasses are
          hard to see.
          Mutt has arm-paws and collar, and visible eyes. Ezra's let
          his fur grow. Mutt "And I'm groomed better."
          Rasvar "Ezra is shaggy.. mangy.." Ezra "NO I'm not Mangy!"
          "... dirty.. you can't see his eyes, he has no collar."
2:32:40 - Ezra has issues. Things Mutt is too white because he's
2:33:05 - Extreme closeup on Mutt and Ezra. Ras used M-word again.
          Ezra threatens Rasvar with yellow-leg. Rasvar cackles.
************** CALL-IN: NE'ER!
2:34:00 - Salutations! Mutt and Ne'er both miss each other.
          Ne'er wants mountains and snow, less flat. Rasvar "We're
          building overpasses!"
2:34:40 - Mutt explains movie scene is going to be filmed live on show,
          artist character that Pawpets don't like arrives, but they're
          going to act like they like him. 11:00
2:35:50 - Mutt asks next-room-guys if they want to film it twice?
          They're rehearshing. Ne'er notes show is improv.
2:36:25 - Travis is Disney animator! Worked on Beauty and Beast.
          Ne'er wonders if film will show in Cannes Film Festival?
2:36:45 - Mutt to Ne'er "I bet you're going to give us a new word..
          you're going to educate our minds?" "Actually.. No."
          "No." Ras "No?" Ne'er "No."
2:37:04 - Ne'er has special guest? Speculation.
          Ne'er father is there! Dad-Moose?
2:37:57 - Ne'er Dad hellos! Mutt "You don't have an accent like your
          son does?"
2:38:20 - Mutt wants Dad to use Southern Accent. Dad blinks?
          Dad does line from Gone With The Wind.
2:39:18 - Dad watched Pawpet show online! Tried to visit, but got
          diverted to Germany. Uses Y-all twice, Mutt likes.
          How many people hate Orlando?
2:40:38 - Interview with Ne'er's Dad.. Likes Tomalies.
          Best day of life: Graduated from College. "It took me 28
          years to do it."
          Mutt "What do people in China call their good plates?"
          Dad hmms.. "Dishes I suppose?"
2:42:00 - Favorite Cartoon character "Spiderman." saw movie!
          (Spiderman ROCKS!) Dad likes Galaxy Quest? (Um...)
          Was Pearl Harbor cool, or did it suck? "I think it sucked."
          Episode 1? "Star Trek?" "Star Wars." Jar Jar movie.
          Mutt whispers "..say it sucked." Dad "Must not have been very
          good, I dont' remember it.." Mutt "You're very right!"
2:43:00 - Jerry Springer vs. Ricki Lake (Who?) Springer fan.
          Stagehand dangles Mickey Undies over Mutt's head. He doesn't
          notice. Stagehand keeps trying.
2:44:05 - Mutt "Give us some wonderful words to live by!" Dad things
          while Mutt eats the undies. "Oh Gosh.." Mutt surfaces, with
          undies in mouth. He drags them over stage like tie. "Words
          to life by.."
          Dad goes with Spiderman movie "With great power.. comes great
          responsiblity." Treat folks according to Golden Rule.
2:45:07 - Magic 8-ball "Will I be going to Orlando in next year?"
          8B: "Without a DOUBT!" Alrights! Dad will visit show!
2:45:40 - Semi-enthused applause for Ne'er Dad. "Thank you Thank you.."
          Mutt talks to Ne'er again "You don't have to come back, your
          Dad's coming down."
          Ne'er starts to cry.. Mutt was kidding! Multi-ILoveYouMan's!
2:46:21 - Poink pokes his huge nose in, watching crazyness.
          Mutt "(crying) I LOVE you MAN!" Poink "Well I hate him a
          Mutt looks down at Poink "We all hate you, shut up!"
          Mutt huffs "Stupid.. stinky.. Ferret!" (Ah.. aHEM..)
2:46:31 - Rasvar makes pained sounds! "OH, NO!!! OH NO!" Mutt blinks?
          Rasvar OHS! "He just.. that was so LOUD it's gonna STINK!"
          Mutt "Quick! Hang up the phone dude! It'll get through the
          wires!" Ne'er byes. Mutt shakes.
          Rasvar "WE NEED TO GO TO A VIDEO! BYE NE'ER!"
          Mutt shakes and asphixiates. Poink watches impassively.
2:47:15 - Guitar-playing Pets.com dogs?
          "The his the greatest and best song in the world.."
          "All of a sudden.." <CornersPeel.fx> Highway is empty.
2:48:07 - Dog-demon appears in middle of road O_O "Play the best song
          in the world.. or I'll eat your soul.."
          O_O (When did souls start getting treated like chopped sewy?)
          <WierdInvertedScreen.fx> Pets.com dogs return.
          Dogs play best song in world! It rocks :)
2:49:04 - Beast wonders if they're angels? "We are but men!"
          Dog's couldn't remember the song.. so they're writing this
          one.. as a tribute to the Greatest Song in the world?
2:50:26 - Song didn't sound anything like this song?
          Screen goes back to Living Room.
          Pets.com dogs jam!
2:51:08 - Credtis: "Tribute" by Tenacious D.
          Betty.. Rowsdowner - Hobbes.
          (White text is easy to see, but small font blurs it!)
2:51:18 - A naked stagehand? "I'm kidding!"
          Poink regenerates. Poink and Tod.
          Tod notes that Dark Poink is winning in polls.
          Time for another video.
          POink "Tod.. you're going to die..OW OWW! You're cutting me
          up with your propeller!" (RaidersOfLostArk.mov)
2:52:10 - Pawpets Rocky Mountain Presents:
          The Pawpet Show? Stage is empty.
***** I GUESS NOT.
2:52:20 - Jack the Giant gets in your face O_O "Ok, I'm killing time,
          cause Rasvar can't figure out which video to play :P So..
          just look at my cool t-shirt.." <GreenLanternShirt.gif>
2:52:28 - JR "Look at my nice butt too." <JR'sGasFilled---.gif>
          <JR'sButtIsEatedBy1BillionTinyBlackSquares.fx> "Pawpet West!"
2:52:45 - Sheepdog and Vixen swayin to the music.
          "First four letters of farther. Then remove the h-e-r.." O_O
          Girl's Don't Fart? <VariousTootingSound.fx>
          (I know Big Girl's Don't Cry.. but after this..??)
2:54:03 - Jumbo burrito and Cabbage stew.. girls get nothing.. guy
          blows off covers, and blews up house with match?
          Those cheeks will never part.. (Well, who's hungry? :) )
          Vixen raises tail to simulate farting.
2:55:16 - Guys fart with lump inside?
          "Oh by the way, I forgot to say that girl's don't<FLUSH.mp3>
          (Is that Popeye in the background?)
          Girl farts all over narrator! "Oh my.. what a gases display!"
          Narrator was wrong.. "And the dog he just keeled over dead!"
          Sheepdog does the Socrates thing, still singing or writing as
          he dies.
2:56:22 - Credits: "Girl's Don't...." by (Unlisted)(Randy Travis?)
          Patch - Rieshal
          Vixlet - "TeddyRuxpin&Findra" (Anime super-form?)
2:56:29 - Mutt, Rummage and Tod. Mutt "Girls don't fart, but Poink does
2:56:34 - Poink's voice announces New Poink won..
          Light Poink looks up "But I never listen to the audience, so
          screw 'ya!"
          People ooh at the Dissed Audience. (I don't have my socket
          set handy.)

Subject: Pawpet Show #135-Poink Mutates-Timeline PT.4-End
Date: Wed, 28 Aug 2002 21:11:12 -0700
From: Rob Taylor <robtaylor04@attbi.com>
Newsgroups: alt.fan.furry

        Pawpet Show #135-Poink Mutates-Timeline PT.4-End
        Wed, 28 Aug 2002 21:08:17 -0700
        Rob Taylor <robtaylor04@attbi.com>
        Pawpet Show Mailing List <fps-list@pawpet.org>

Pawpet Show #135-Poink Mutates-Timeline PT.4-End

2:57:00 - Mutt announces artist in house! "His name is Will! Yes it is!"
          "He apparently rocked the art world with his unique
2:57:33 - Guy in conservative suit tries to find space stage-front.
          Everyone hey-Wills!
          Mutt, Rummage, Poink, Will and Tod looks like Brady-Bunch Grid
2:57:40 - Mutt "How are you will?" Will quietly heys! Has no microphone
          Gets a mick. "I'm doing great! How are you doggie!"
          "I watch this show all the time! How are you otter?"
          Poink blinks. Mutt "How many times have you watched the show?"
          "Like, once?" Will "No, I watch it every week!"
2:58:20 - Will got sculpture into 'really cool gallery', brought sample
          "It's really awesome.." people rejoyce at free stuff!
          Poink "Wow! We're finally getting some class on this show!"
2:59:05 - Poink What-The-HELLs? Screen effects get jumbled, framerate
          Poink "I'm assuming.. that's the stand for the piece of art?"
2:59:14 - Will sits back down, holding what looks like a Transformer
          on a severe diet that's slowly turning into Pickachu.
2:59:20 - Camera scans down multiple vacuum-cleaner hoses held together
          with yellow string.
          Grease "Hey! It looks like a Chevrolet!"
          Lots of cautious praise.. Tod "Er, what is it's name?"
          Will "Well, it really doesn't have a *name*.. it's got pipes,
          and hoses."
          Too big to fit on stage? Tod gets his propeller caught in hose
2:59:54 - Mutt likes.. the composition. "It has a nice aa.. rhythm to
          it! Even FLOW.."
          Poink "That's 'cause you like this show! This Sucks!"
          Will whispers something to Mutt.. Tod "It's got flow because
          it's got air-hoses in it!"
3:00:14 - Mutt oks.. "We all agree. As an artist you suck.    No no!
          Just kidding!"
          Will notes it's getting heavy and puts it down.
          Mutt has person that he thinks Will would like to meet.
3:00:43 - Snoodles, the.. Snail slides in? "Hey, what's up man?"
          Will looks back? Snoodles "Hi!" Will looks at camera, then
          back. He looks afraid?
3:01:00 - Will starts to hyperventilate "Ohh.. You don't understand.. I
          have dreamed of meeting Snoodles.. for so LONG!"
          Will starts fanboying folks "You are incredible!" he glances
          back at Snoodles (Happy Birthday Snoodels!) Snail evades a
          bit. "Hey man.. that's kinda creepy.."
3:01:15 - Will explains that's he's been drawing Snoodles for years..
          Snoodle looks over? "Yeah?"
          Snoodles is a model for How to Draw Snoodles picture books?
          Will tries to compose himself.. Mutt "And Will here has done
          more Snoodles pictures than anybody else!"
          Mutt "He's your biggest fan, man." Snoodles retreats "Uh.."
3:01:56 - Will reaches over.. and touches Snoodles? "Uh..."
          Poink "Your claim to fame.. it that you're the best artist
          who ever drew this thing?" Will "Well.. yeah." "I'll go get
          you a knife."
          Snoodles "This is the guy you want me to work with?"
3:02:21 - Mutt asks Will to return regularly and teach people how to
          draw! Snoodles Craft Corner?
          Tod "How about we call it, learning to draw for no talent?"
          (Sign me up!) Poink slides back in "How about you draw that
          -ft and put a -p on Craft?"
          Will "Awesome, YEAH! For me to work with Snoodles..."
          Snoodles (Yappy?) is modest "Oh, not like I'm a bit celebrity
          or something.."
3:03:06 - Will asks Snoodles if he's like to go get something to eat
          after the show? Or something? Snoodles "UM..."
          Tod thinks Snood should charge Will $5 for an autograph.
          Snoodles doesn't mind Red Lobster, just don't order Escargo.
          Will "I'd pay $10, you know?"
3:03:28 - People salute Will! Mutt YAYS! Tod yays. Poink keeps staring.
          Mutt wonders if there's room in garage for hose-thing?
          Will poses with Duct-Golem again. Grease "Put it back in a
          Chevrolet man! I gotta drive that car!"
          Tod makes breakthrough "There is a steering wheel on the
          bottom, but it says Honda."
3:03:49 - Poink "Will? Can I give you a small piece of advice about
          stardom?" "Yeah!" Poink notes when host says goodbye, the
          door's right there.
          Will blinks and gets up. Tod arghs and is still caught!
          Will plucks a ferret out of the mechanics "Be careful with
          the artwork, you know.."
3:04:14 - Will again says how much he loves being here. Then sits down
          again "Where's Snoodles going?"
          Other seems anxious to get their stage back. Tod nose-points
          in opposite direction "I think Snoodles went *that* *way*.."
3:04:23 - Will's butt.
3:04:28 - Will's butt. "(anxious) SnooDLES?..." Tod "Follow the little
          Poink "So that was a dream come true?" Mutt "I guess so!"
          Poink "Boy it's great to know that people still set their
          goals -low-!"
          Discussion: Dream or Nightmare. Rummage returns with scarf.
          Super-Artist, or Fanboy?
          Mutt southerns "Fan-boys don't fare well down 'in the South"
3:05:30 - Poink asks Raini who one.
3:05:42 - Rasvar steps on JR's crotch on accidnet. Poink is in pain.
3:06:01 - Raini's Voice "Old Poink had 18 votes.." Poink "YAY!"
          "And New Poink had 21 votes." Mutt/Rummage/Tod "YAY!"
          Poink "The audience.. SUCKS!" (We love you too :) )
          Tod reaches up and grabs Poink down.
          Poink "GAAAAHHH!!" Mutt looks over stage "Oh no.."
          Poink "Not the tweezers! AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH!"
          Tod operates. Poink "Don't touch me there!"
3:06:28 - Tod's back appears on camera. He makes multiple thrusting
          motions? Mutt "What the HECK?"
3:06:38 - A tramatized Dark Poink returns.
3:06:50 - MACH RETURNS! Poink "Where were you when they were molesting
          me??" Mach "I broke SO MANY LAWS getting here when I did!"
          Mach was is Desoto county.
3:07:15 - Closeup on Will's sculpture.
3:07:31 - Mach cam! Mach looks up? Spreads arms as if to say "What?"
          Mach waves camera off and ties shoes.
3:07:55 - Will comes back to pitch web-site.
          www.geocities.com/thepharmer Nothing this week. Next week.
          Bob Ross is inspiration. Happy trees become Happy Sculptures.
3:09:36 - Tuminator time! Mutt eats Rummage's tail? Rummage doesn't
          seem to mind. Mutt blinks and tries to talk, but can't with
          a mouthful of fur.
          Rummage "..Ow."
3:09:48 - (You don't want to see this part)
*************** IT'S TIME FOR TUMINATOR!
3:10:04 - <LOUDTerminatorMusic!.mp3> Rummage "My mic sounds crummy all
          of a sudden."
3:10:20 - Rummage erfs "A shelf broke back here."
          Cascade of puppets behind stage?
          Rules posted in channel. If you kill first song by listing
          title and artist, you have to listen to all of second.
3:11:08 - Rummage jams to.. <HappyBarneyishMusic.mp3?>
          Instrumental? Rummage rocks, showing off his colorful yellow
          "When the sun shines, ON the Mountain.."
          Lots of sing-songs flutes.
3:12:30 - Ohming in a language I can't identify.
          Duet between Rummage and a vixen!
          Rummage is a bird in the sky?
3:13:35 - Fiona sings! "It's a new day, IT'S A new way!"
          Ona Faluma.. Blanka?
          (Music is actually cool.. just hope it isn't evil :) )
3:14:20 - *BANG!* Song is killed! Rasvar can't believe it!
          Song: "Una Paluma Blanka(sp?)" by the George Baker Selection
          70's band. Fiona skulks off. Song was almost done!
          Rummage notes next song is unkillable.. laughs :)
3:14:53 - Next song: Semi-Hawaiian.. something.
          Something about dreams coming true..
3:16:08 - Rummage stops lip-synching. "KILL IT! Kill it!" Is doomed
3:16:12 - Rasvar kills it "It's not my fault! You did it!"
          It's the wrong song? Not by the same band? Lots of GROANS
          from the rest of the room! <+Channel!>
3:16:32 - Rasvar emphasises "I DIDN'T SCREW UP!" Cane pulls at Rummage.
          Mach notes the channel is going to be subjected to another
          crappy song! Mach "I command you.. rise UP!" (DeadMusic.mp3?)
3:17:17 - The next EVIL: George Baker - Little Green Bag.
          (Um.. what's in the Green Bag?) Rummage jams.
          Lots of trumpet Honks and repeditive background instruments.
          Rummage gets into the individual guitar plucks.
          Naked barbie looks ready to give him a high-five?
3:19:26 - Closeup on Rummage and Barben.
          Barbies take turns pounding on Rummage's sides.
          Stagehand toss Barbies around. Bye Bye Barbie.
3:20:26 - Like hammering wood, the sound ends.

************** CALL-IN, CALLING BACK?
3:21:11 - It's Trendane! Close friend of Ne'er.
          Trendane calls in about Will? Looked at piece.
          T "Is this guy for real?"
3:22:22 - Mutt notes it's unique art "Never saw one like it before!"
          Trendane thinks Will's art.. honest opinion?
          "It's... Unique." "Unique is vague, but good."
          Trendane thinks.. "Is he planning on selling?"
3:23:30 - Closeup on Will's art! "5:28" is name.
          Whole thing sits on a steering wheel.
          Not really Trendane's thing..
          Mutt wonders if nobody else was listening?
          Trendane thinks it's for a town center. South Dakota town.
          Trendane doesn't want to say "Crap" on the air.
          Trendane advices watching for sharpt tetnus-invested edges.
3:25:30 - Folks try to get Trendane to say it sucks.
          Poink "Would it help if someone led the way for you?"
          Poink drums 5:28 for an audience blind since birth "This is
          a piece of crap! It's a piece! It's a *Boat Anchor!*"
          "It's a cross between a popcorn makes and an adult TOY!"
3:26:05 - Channel thinks cheese grater exploded.
          Symbolic of junk. Poink thinks it looks like New Grayskulls
          from Master of Universe remake. Multi-ews.
          Slime fountain in front of Nickelodion studios? (Better that
          than a giant geodisic soccer-pockmarked testicle.)
          Someone bids $1 but wants free shipping.
3:27:05 - Giant hat at Disney? Ne'er Dad thinks it looks like a Bong?
          Poink thinks it's from Marathon Man.
3:28:26 - Will returns.. oh boy.
          Will gets Moxie challenge? Study reaction. Mach's next.
3:29:05 - Will's reluctant.. but drinks.. makes several faces.
          People warn him to wait for the aftertaste. Will blinks "When
          goes that happen?"
3:29:42 - :)
3:29:55 - Mutt advises Listerine breathr-strips?
          Will sees how many he can eat.. Mutt counts.
3:30:25 - Will gets 3rd. Drinks Moxie to clear pallet.
3:30:50 - Will starts getting rejection reactions.
3:31:05 - Four... Will has a strong one.
          Mutt "It's like art. Art is pain!" Will drinks more Moxie.
3:32:02 - People wonder if he's kissed a girl?
3:32:40 - Will's married! Will downs more Moxie. People wonder what her
          name is? "Do I have to? I'd rather not say.."
3:32:55 - Poink "Come on.. we'll make it worth your while. First name!"
          Will "This is some great Moxie.."
          Will's wife's name IS:.... Edna!
          (What's goofy about Edna? I'll bet he's glad he met her.)
3:33:39 - Will lied about Geocities site! Mutt "You lied?" Will nods.
          Mutt "TO US?? We trusted you man!"
          Will's wife's name isn't Edna.. it's Heidi!
          (What's goofy about Heidi? Sounds musical.)
          Poink "Then she's in hiding?" Lots of groans.
3:34:00 - Rasvar "But Heidi's such a nice name!" Poink "No, but he said
          www.geocities.com/thepharmer (It's real?) It's up next week.
          Will wants to start a fan club for himself? "If you guys want
          to be the first members?"
          Poink needs to trim his toenails. Mutt "I like your art! I
          also like wearing fiberglass underware!"
3:35:10 - Poink blinks? "You do?"
          Old Poink is going something to Will? O_O
3:35:55 - Mutt wears his fiberglass underware.. Disney shorts again.
          Poink "Mutt looks like he just engaged in an act with a
           mylar balloon."
3:36:40 - Mach tests Moxie. He likes it! "It's not something I'd buy,
           but it's not that bad.
          Tastes almost like really stale Coke.
3:37:45 - Mach experiences aftertaste. Remember a medicine that did
3:38:14 - Will's camera crew tries some Moxie.
3:38:24 - Will's Camera Crew Cam!
3:38:54 - Mutt "JR's got a great idea.. PINK FLAMINGOS!!!!!"
          Someone gets a bad Moxie reaction. (Bathroom cam!)
*************** CAPTION CONTEST!
3:39:38 - <TodAndMutantPoinkFrozenTogetherByVideoGlitch.gif>
          Lots of goofy quotes :)
          Poink is the taste of a new generation?
          Original recipie, or Extra Crispy ferret?
          "Hey! You've got weasels on your face!"
          (Too many to list)
3:41:50 - Will's Camera Crew Sitting On A Couch-Cam.
          Pink Flamingo's is too evil to show, but they can show the
          REACTION people have to watching it.
3:42:20 - Will has seen bits and pieces of Pink Flamingos? Mutt "Have
          you seen the ending?" "No.."
          John and Will look a little nervous..
3:43:12 - Will slightly grins. John is slack-jawed.
3:43:21 - Will tries not to giggle. John is still slack-jawed.
          Rasvar "There you go Raini!"
3:43:28 - Will can't hold back smile. John's jaw moves slightly.
3:43:31 - Rasvar cackles! Both are smiling now :)
3:43:52 - Will and John exchange glances, then seem a bit embarrased.
          Rasvar blinks? "Feel free to scream!"
          Mutt "I think John's gonna puke.."
          Rasvar "You are allowed to yell and scream..."
          Ezra "Does anyone need a Listerine strip?"
3:44:03 - John"I could have some more Moxie right about now."
          John "Moxie was better than this.. Moxie was like a big
          piece of CHICKEN compared to this.."
3:44:40 - Dark Poink. He's stuck like that. "The audience has no taste"
          Mutt "The audience likes this part, that's fine." Poink "The
           audience likes this Show!"
3:44:47 - Mach cam. "Part of them like it, part of them are like hating
           us for putting people through that.." "They mean the new
          Rasvar notes some people get sick just hearing the song now :)
          Rasvar also likes to punch the footage up on the monitor so
           cast can see :P Mach "Yeah, that's wrong.."
**************** SHOUT OUTS!
3:45:20 - Happy Birthday to Hobbes!
          Furnation lost ISP due to a dot.com bankrutsy, needs new ISP.
3:46:00 - Mach reads "..If ever there was a phrase that described Mach
           it would be 'Hair today, gone tommorrow', and when I find
           out who posted that (looks at cam) your SOUL will be MINE!.."
          "Do the new Ferrets look like Crawlers with whiskers?" (GAH!)
          Toraneko's moving to San Fran. (No more Flop? :/ )
3:46:48 - Someone raids the refrigerator behind Mach.
          People congradulate Yappy and Rasvar, married by Costco :)
3:47:02 - Mach blinks as people look over his shoulder.Fridge still open
          Syook back from hospital.
3:47:37 - Cafe press tshirts have vanished from sit? Mutt notes if
           people don't buy a certain type of merchandice, they get
           dropped from the list.
*** http://www.cafeshops.com/cp/store.aspx?s=funday
3:47:58 - Mach looks at hubub around "Yappy, you daddy was a glassblower
          Yappy huhs?
3:48:10 - Camera is still on Mach. He blinks? "Ok, get the camera off
           me.." Rasvar transitions to stage.
3:48:33 - Mutt pitches Mike Kunkle(?)'s comic Hero Bear.
3:48:40 - Shot of front cover of Animation magazine, beside DragonsLair
           3D, Feature Film is "Hero Bear and the Kid the movie!"
          Animation is an industry magazine.
3:50:00 - Tod wonders if anyone else wants to see Bill Cosby with him?
          Mutt notes Circ De Saley (sp?) is in Tampa. Qudom. (sp?)
3:50:40 - Rasvar wants to introduce the New Poink (Coke.gif) in a
           proper way.
3:50:46 - Rasvar punches Brown Poink's lights out. "Bastard!"
          Tod "He's been initiated!" Poink "Oh, you want initiated.."
          Poink calls someone named Bambi?
3:51:30 - Poink has never seen Circ De Saley (neither have I..)
          Mutt "Uncultured bastard ferret." (#*@$#U%$#$#*^@@#!????)
          Poink nods "I know." (Draw circles around your own sleighs..)
          "I like Cheese Wiz straight from the jar, I'm uncultured."
          Stoodles is going too? Stoodles looks in "Yeah,yeah, sure.."
3:52:20 - People want Stoodles to be Circ performer?
          Stoodles is Doorway Into Art for a lot of people?
3:53:17 - Poink "That only brings up one question.. how good does he
           taste with butter?"
          Stoodles "Who?" Mutt "You." "Well, there's only one way to
           find out.."
3:53:23 - Stoodles looks left and right. Mutt "GET'EM!"
          Snail is dogpiled. <RandomlyThrowingObjectsFightScene.fx>
3:53:49 - Mutt thanks audience for watching! (Eh, it was either this,
           or watching Big Brother)
          Mutt "We're watching you! Just like you're watching us!"
           (O_O) (IAlwaysFeelLikeSomebody'sWatchingMe.mp3)
3:54:00 - Will returns! He's going to do drawing of Snoodles?
**************AND NOW, THE SONG!
3:54:30 - <GoodNightSleepTightAndLostOfSTuffICan'tPronounce.mp3>
          Stoodles sees Scream Guy behind him. Freaks.
3:55:10 - Pictures within pictures within special effects.. COOL @_@
************* CREDITS
3:55:25 - (Crud! New thin font makes it almost impossible to read
           the text unless you know exactly what you're looking for!)
          No can read :(
3:55:36 - Will makes picture of Snoodles. Snoodles hold in mouth.
          Will looks around, surrounded by fuzzies. Nervous?
3:55:58 - Mutt pitches Pawpet Show Page.

http://www.pawpet.org/shows/       <- Show download page
http://www.pawpet.org/Funday/      <- Pawpet Show info-page
http://www.pawpet.org/Funday/index.php3?irclogs  <- what people said
       in Channel last week!
http://www.pawpet.org/Funday/index.php3?showindex <- Raini's 100x more
       compant and readable show index.
http://www.pawpet.org/Funday/index.php3?press  <- Press reports about
       Pawpet Show.
http://www.pawpet.org/Funday/index.php3?shouts <- Where to send Shout
http://www.pawpet.org/Funday/index.php3?caption <- Where to send
       Picture Captions.
http://www.pawpet.org/Funday/index.php3?ircstat <- Lots of highly
       technical IRC useage statistic that I can't easily decipher.
http://www.pawpet.org/Funday/index.php3?about   <- Where you found out
       what the heck this strange show is about.
http://www.pawpet.org/Funday/index.php3?maillist <- Where you sign up
       for the mailing list and get to trade feedback and links to
       cool and disgusting shockwave animations.
http://www.pawpet.org/Funday/index.php3?ratings <- The page showing
       what, in theory, the PG-DLS rating for the Pawpet Show is
       *supposed* to mean, so you can count the line crossings.
http://www.pawpet.org/Funday/index.php3?ppw <- Info about Pawpets West
       and a link to their page of archived videos.
http://www.pawpet.org/Funday/index.php3?video <- The page where other,
       random videos by Pawpet crew are downloadable.
http://www.pawpet.org/Funday/index.php3?nipandtuck <- The impossibly
       cool storyline from "Nip And Tuck" by Ralph E Hayes, Jr where
       the Pawpet van gets a flat tire and has to stay for a few weeks
       and do a show in Hillbilly Central.
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       and find all of the above links in a much more compact and
       non-spammy format.
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3:56:02 - Mutt "Take care everyone! Bye!" Will and Pawpets wave!
          Snoodles keeps making raspy comments.
3:56:32 - Black screen. Poink "Somebody get Bambi a brown strip?"

********* FIN

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