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Subject: Pawpet Show #134 - Dial Soap! - Timeline PT.1
Date: Wed, 14 Aug 2002 19:08:25 -0700
From: Rob Taylor <robtaylor04@attbi.com>
To: Pawpet Show Mailing List <fps-list@pawpet.org>

Timeline for Funday Pawpet Show #134
Aug 11, 2002
by Blackfoot Ferret

0:00:24 - Opening clip: Mutt boogies with Stormtroopers
0:00:44 - Morphing Numbers
0:00:55 - Disclaimer!
0:01:10 - Wacky Austin Powers music begins.
0:01:28 - Pawpet Roll call!
0:03:39 - "Also Poink" (He's STILL on the toilet?)
0:03:45 - START! Jimmy and Tod. Odd shadows.
0:04:05 - Herbie/Mutt is sick today :(
0:04:25 - New character: Playdough Bob. Bob is the quiet sort.
0:04:36 - Rasvar smashes Playdough Bob. Doh.
          Tod fixes.
0:05:00 - Poink arrives. He's wearing shades? (How do yo tell?)
0:05:25 - Magic of Backstage lets Jimmy move his arms!
0:05:35 - Jimmy tries questionable gestures?
0:04:58 - Playdough Bob looks a bit like Pichachu o_O
0:06:28 - Arthur is sick. Poink steals Bob.
0:06:40 - Poink EATS Bob? o_O
0:06:51 - RAINI's BACK! Multi-YAYS!
0:07:04 - Bob is flat. Goes to get a rest.
0:07:23 - Adventures of Jimmy at San Diego Comic-Con.
          Mach wonders if he saw the Gold Digger guy, Fred Perry?
0:07:50 - Mach attempts to evade camera by sitting in wrong chair.
0:08:20 - Pictures of Mach looking for food in kitchen.
          Mach turns off the lights. Stealthy cheetah.
0:08:35 - Screen obstruction. Tod "That was Rasvar's butt."
0:08:53 - Rasvar gets some light cords? Mach is afraid of light! Does
          Gizmo impression.
0:09:07 - Mach-Sitting-In-Dark-Kitchen-Cam. Darkness boosts the
          appearance of hair! Mach looks like.. Howard Stern?
          Mach shields his eyes as Rasvar sets up lamps. "Don't do this!
0:09:16 - BLAZING HOLY GLARE! Everyone (but Mach?) AAAHHSSSS!!
          Overhead lamp looks like Chinese hat on Mach.
0:09:36 - Poink "Actually.. in this light it looks like he has more
0:09:37 - Mach makes a gesture, but I won't repeat it here.
          Bob has Playdoh hair?
0:10:00 - Mach plays hide and seek with the camera.
0:10:20 - Mach leaves through kitchen door. Image of breakfast on table
0:11:20 - Ras wants to do an art jam about Arthur.
0:12:20 - Willy Wonka and Ompa-lompa Rocky-Horror style cult?
0:12:44 - Ompalompas are also candies? Ew.
0:13:40 - Multi Heeeeey Arthurs! (Are they doing Fat Albert, or Arnold?
0:14:20 - Bill Cosby has disavowed Fat Albert? It will never be shown
          again? o_O Uh! (Time to get Cartoon Network to by the rights.)
          (Long live Scooby Doo and Space Ghost! :) )
0:15:10 - People plan horribles things to do with Pudding Pops?
          Questions to ask Bill Cosby in the unlikely event he actually
          calls into the show.
0:16:10 - Someone farted. WhoDunIt? (Clue.game)
0:16:45 - Rasvar plans random movie clip for Pawpets to parody.
          Ras "All I can say is that the Channel will kill me for this
************* PARODY CLIP TIME!
0:16:57 - Planet of Grinch Look-Alikes?
0:17:06 - <AdventuresOfBaronMunchowzen(sp?).mov> Boat at sea scene.
0:17:25 - People call to a boat! Baron pulls himself out of the ocean
          by yanking on his topknot.
          Arthur gives up "This speaks for itself!"
          Poink "This is the COOLEST drugs I've ever been on!"
          (What's wrong with Baron Munchy? Better than Cap. Crunch :P )
***** Back
0:18:09 - Poink asks, nicely "Can *I* pick a movie?"
          Poink "(Sultry) *I* know the movie we can use......"
          Little girl in boat also in movie Go. Poink "She grew up to
          be a HO?" Jimmy nods.
0:18:48 - Arthur wants Neverending Story.
          Rasvar ponders showing Robin William head-removing clip.
0:19:30 - People have fun with Bob, who says nothing.
0:19:50 - Not everyone has seen Signs, so they still can't talk about
          it! Jimmy points out direction also did 6th Sense.
          No single huge surprise at the end (actually, I was surprised
          a bit), but gradually increasing tension.
          (The best approach to the film is to go in asking yourself:
          "What the HECK would I do in this situation?" Signs is a 1st
          class suspense film. Who's making the crop patterns? Are
          there really aliens? If so, are they Spielburg aliens, or
          James Cameron ones? Was there some misunderstanding?. This
          movie is second only to Blair Witch for that 'You Are There'
          feeling, but unlike BW you don't know how it will end, and
          there are two possible messages the film can have, the true
          one only obvious at the ending. But getting there is fun
          also: If you had to play a level of (Doom.exe) designed by
          Alfred Hitchcock, in full-screen mode, in the dark, AFTER
          Sibe or some hacker had deleted the weapons, you'd have an
          experience close to some scenes in Signs.
0:20:25 - Tod recalls all the many facial expressions of Poink during
          the movie. Multi-JUMPS! Poink "(softly) You suck.."
0:21:00 - Poink ALSO passed gas? Three people ganged up to tickle JR,
          and JR lets a ripe one right in the middle of it.
          Poink cries. Tod "He cleared the KITCHEN!"
0:21:55 - Arthur thinks it's the Funday Poo Poo show.
          Jimmy wears Playdoh Bob like a hard hat?
0:22:15 - 528/I4 entrance was closed due to gasoline truck accident.
          Concrete fell to ground. Jimmy losses hat. "Just like that"
0:23:25 - I4 shut down for 2-3 months. Almost impossible to get to
          attracts area, Epcot? (WierdAl-TrafficJam.mp3)
0:24:50 - Picture of Interstate fire. BOOM! Tornado of fire O_O
          Melted part of Interstate superstructure? Dang.
0:25:30 - More air pictures. Pavement after a game of (Doom.exe)
0:25:58 - Picture of burning line of fire following side of road!
          4 miles from Arthur's house! And others.
0:27:00 - Mach cam. Mach is still living in darkness. People wave.
          <RockfordFilesTheme.mp3> (Lotsa 70's themes)
0:27:30 - <Three'sCompanyTheme.mp3> People go nuts!
          Poink's company too? Tod "Come and mess on our floor.."
0:28:07 - Filking the 3's Company theme. Mach "Hated that show!"
0:28:35 - Stagehand shows bar of Dial soap.
          Tod is obessed with soap?
0:28:55 - Closeup on Dial's soap bar. Over 20 years old!!
0:29:25 - Rasvar reverses image, turning dial into laib (labia?)
0:29:38 - Jimmy repeatedly pounds his face against the stagetop. Again
          1970's soap? Side says you can save SEVEN CENTS on a 3-pack!
0:30:20 - Poink eats the soap? Soap has ingredients that are no longer
          LEGAL in the US?
          Ras notes soap doesn't have instructions, proof it's old!
          Poink asks the obvious.. "Who needs instructions for a bar
          of soap?" "You'd be surprised.."
0:31:30 - Tod notes soap is still patent pending.. so it's exact date
          can be determined on the internet!
0:32:20 - Ras recalls original Hogan's Hero's premize was a prison in
          the south. Was changed to WWII prison to avoid issues.
0:32:45 - Soap stinks up the room! Jar Jar likes.
          <Mr.Roger'sTheme.mp3> Jar Jar sings?
          Arthur sings with Jar Jar singing with Mr. Rogers.
0:33:50 - Jar Jar eats the soap. Or does he? O_O
          Multi-ARGHS! "Jar Jar, don't put it there!"
          Jar Jar looks up from behind stage, is having a blast!
          <BonanzaTheme.mp3> (I think.. some Western Cowboy theme :P )
0:34:50 - Poink rides Arthur?
0:35:05 - Dark Mach Cam. Contrast returned to normal. Hi Mach!
          Tod wants to get him Roll-call headgear.
0:35:30 - Extreme Closeup on Mach's head. Mach looks at the camera
          without flinching this time, grinning back.
0:35:45 - Mach hmms.. "I just realised, I look like a thug."
          Tod "I cute thug!"
0:36:15 - Mach wants new techno Roll Call theme.
          <MexicanHatDance.mp3> Mach rolls eyes.
          Raini puts mini sombrero onna Mach-head.
************** CHANNEL ROLLCALL!
0:36:25 - Start of Rollcall.
          Mach arghs at longer names "Somebody increased our nick-size
          Poink and Java wearing a Tuxedo bug Mach. He stops.
          Mach holds out for new music.
          <MexicanHatDanceNewBigBandMix.mp3> Mach reads anyway.
0:38:20 - <WOW!.fx>
0:38:45 - Playdoh Bob impresonates Mach? Looks like Bozo the Clown.
0:39:10 - Rasvar smashes Playdoh Bob again. Tod tries CPR
          <DancingCamera.fx> (EnterpriseTakesDamage.fx)
0:40:15 - Bob is smashes into a smoke detector used as a UFO?
0:40:30 - Fart Detector goes heywire.
0:41:00 - Ras smashes Playdoh Bob. Again! Ras "He's ok! He's Fine!"
0:41:35 - Poink has Bob's head in his mouth? Ew..
0:42:00 - Camera walks up to stage. Playdoh looks like Broken Pecker?
0:42:25 - Tod "How many shows can you say you got hit by a piece of
          Broken Pecker?" Guess is not many.
0:42:40 - Tod "I think we need some music Ras.."
          BitchVoop puppet? Made of... (I hope it's Playdoh)
0:43:10 - Poink likes Lord of the Rings DVD! New, better DVD comes out
          in just TWO MONTHS? (Why buy the first one?)
0:43:30 - Closeup of smashed Bob-head.
************** AND NOW TO SOMETHING.. ODD..
0:43:45 - Leonard Nimoy and neon-clothed 50's friends present:
          BILBO BAGINS! (What show was this on??)
0:44:45 - Leonard looks like he's putting the moves on a blonde-
          haired naturally brunette background singer!
0:45:05 - People get catapulted into the air joyfully! An Old Navy
          commercial gone wrong!
0:45:15 - Lots of people throwing all sort of gaudy-colored clothes
          into the air.
          "Bildo Baggins! Greatest little hobbit of them all!!!!"
          (You can't mean to say LEONARD NIMOY inspired Austin Powers?)
0:45:30 - Clip ends. Leonard is frozen, looking at you with 'Yes? Why
          are you looking at me?' expression. Highly illogical.
0:45:31 - A blank stage.
0:45:32 - Arthur peeks in through a corner and looks out cautiously.
          "What... the Hell?"         Giggles offstage.
0:45:54 - <BeachBoys-CaliforniaGirls.mp3>
          Arthur and Ezra jam to slightly more modern version.
0:46:24 - It's dead? o_O Ezra ponders the mind of Nimoy.
          Ezra "Ras, through a funky song on us!"
          Mach notes this is what happens when Mutt isn't here.
0:47:12 - <LotsaDrumsAndTribalMusic.mp3>
          Primative Man scat-talked? Multi-UGHS
0:48:02 - Seal and Voops and.. (something?) do mad bird chorus.
0:48:33 - Ezra gets yellow skirt and does Hawaiian dancing?
0:48:57 - <RunnawayHawaiianFreightTrain.mp3>
0:49:00 - A musical swell.. and.. it crashes! <Frizz> The End.
0:49:01 - Voop spins dizzily below stage. Arthur passes out.
0:49:06 - Ezra earperks "Ras?" "Yah? :)" "What the HELL was That??"
0:49:08 - Arthur rises again, stiff.
0:49:10 - <HawaiianHollowBlowJugBongoMusicStarts.mp3>
0:49:11 - Arthur tetters and falls back down.
0:49:12 - Ezra looks to the side "Turn This OFF!!"
0:49:15 - Arthur rises again. Mach "That's what happenes when you get
          a Disney CD." Arthur falls back down.
          Steve Irwin pops back up o_O
0:49:40 - Mach's caffinated again. Rasvar claims HawaiianBuggaDiggaDo
          music isn't his fault.
          Steve Irwin raises his hands and grooves.
0:50:29 - Rasvar defends alien rhythms "It's called Digga Digga Do!"
          Ezra thinks of Doo Doo.
          French Porn music?
0:50:50 - Mixing Pepsi BLue and Mountain Dew Red.
          Arthur keeps doing pushups.
0:51:00 - Mach threatens to microwave the CD. Arthur chuckles and
          notes music's on the Hard Drive. Mach will micro anyway.
0:51:14 - Ezra takes in the world with a relaxed pose, listening.
          Ezra "You know, I'm starting to dig this!" Mach "...EWWW!"
          Rasvar "This is cool music!" "No, it is NOT cool music!"
          "Maybe 30-40 YEARS AGO!"
0:51:47 - Ezra notes it's not cool, it's hip.
0:51:57 - Mach's head gets flashed again.
0:52:45 - Elevator Music vs. Lounge Music. Ezra hears music from his
          high school, is alarmed.
          Mach notes Metal will never be Elevated. Others disagree.
          Parade of earlier music!
0:54:18 - <SesameStreetTechno.mp3> "You let me violate you!"
          People HUH? "You let me violate you.."
          "This is Nine Inch Nails!" "You let me Pen-e-TRATE you..."
          RATING CALL! Rasvar actually kills it!
0:54:52 - <ScatMan.mp3> Ezra does Captain Caveman lingo.
          Ezra, Arthur, and the amazing rainbow of colored light.
          And Java! Lots of caffine..
          (Scat as in Jive-talk, -Cat, or post-digested food?)
          Ezra jives with hanging string-puppets. Java waves to you!
          Arthur looks into your eye..
          (I still don't get this Scat-man thing..new superhero?)
0:57:25 - For a few seconds, I swear it sounds like Arthur in song!
          Java practices facial contortions with new eye-move power.
0:58:15 - Evil, de-evolved Arthur O_O Arthur does Java? Eats own face.
          Ezra asks Raini to help Arthur finds his features again.
************* PAWPETS WEST!
0:58:52 - Three Mini-Sheepdogs present <BeachBoys-IGetAround.mp3>
1:01:04 - Magical Crystaline Sounds. Ezra glances at you, wearing huge
          Geordi La Forge visor. "For people who say they can't see my
          glasses.." "I feel like DEVO.."
1:01:16 - <LucyInTheSkyWithDiamonds.mp3> Ezra oohs "I feel Prissy.."
          Ras "Get ready to sing!" "I'm not going to sing This!"
1:01:50 - Java gets in your face. Ezra narrates, going into all the
          Lucky Charms colors. @_@ (Groovy..)
1:02:56 - Naked Barbies Dances En Mass. Ezra lifts his head to the sky
          BV sings too!
1:03:59 - Ezra passes out. <Fireworks.fx> Then sniffs Ancient soap.
          "(hoarse) All the ideas that I get from this Dial Soap!"
          Sniffs again.
          William Shatner did that?
1:04:25 - <REM-HappyPeopleFeelingGlad.mp3>
          Ezra duets with a Voop.
          Or not.. lyrics sound a bit wacked..
          Whiney Sappy People?
1:06:57 - Cool pulsating color border. Ezra likes! Wants to stress
          test new Quicktime Servers.
1:07:28 - Trying to freak out Realplayer.
          Mutt Bug? o_O One of 1000's of Fluff bugs on Mutt. Just big.
1:08:00 - Song: I'm on Antidepresants. (Music: I'm on Top of the World)
          Pharmasuticals - The legal drugs.
1:09:41 - Great spinning World-ball. Even Ezra looks dazed.
************** (AND NOW TO SOMETHING... EVIL..)
1:10:07 - Poink does dedication to Gene Simmons. <AKISSSong.mp3>
          (KISS?? EWW!)
1:10:20 - Poink stands up.. with HUGE tongue hanging down! (EWWWWW!)
          Poink sings! (EEEEEEEEEEEEEWWWWW!) Tongue wags like leg.
1:10:24 - Poink does a head-flare "..about Her!" pasted-on tongue
          falls at the exact moment. (WetSquish.mp3) (EWWEWWEEWEEWW!!)
          Ezra dry-heaves laughing! Poink dives for the tongue.
1:10:29 - Poink ".. I KNOW.." has it back on. ( >_< o_O )
          Ezra looks over and grooves. Poink *LICKS* Ezra (EEURGGHH!!)
          Ezra retreats!
1:10:39 - Poink "..walk the street, beside Her!" Tongue falls again.
          (I'll never eat liver again..) Camera starts to groove.
          "Oh what you, WANT!" Tongue falls again! (2 front teeth)
1:10:46 - Poink tries unsuccesfully to scarf up the tongue. (Burp.mp3)
          Poink (tongueless) and Ezra leans on each other and drop.
1:11:01 - Ezra is biting down on the tongue now. (Epilepsy.faq)
          Poink and Ezra both sing, Poink's tongue in Ezra's mouth.
1:11:09 - <ExtremeRollerCoasterCloseUp.fx> Ezra pants like a demon
1:11:19 - Poink and Ezra play tug-of-war with the tongue.
          (Not looking, I'm not.. UEERERGGGHHhaaa.... (thud.mp3) )
          Poink tears tongue away from Ezra and hides it.
1:11:28 - Poink pops up, victorious with the tongue. He opens his
          mouth.. and it falls out again! Poink looks constipated.
1:11:34 - Stagehands steal the Tongue and waves it just in front
          of the camera. (BlackfootFREAKSOut.avi)
1:11:43 - Stagehand tosses tongue back on stage. Poink notices it
          and slurps it up.
1:11:47 - Close up "Funday Pawpet Show" sign.
1:11:55 - Ezra has tongue again, but he he's so big and fluffy that
          it just looks like a pair of pink bubble-gum lips.
1:11:57 - Poink has.. one HALF of the tongue on his HEAD? (uuGHGGGkkk..
          Ezra *grooms* Poink with half-tongue.
1:12:05 - Poink and Ezra both groove to evil KISS music.
          Look like pair of transvestite Blues Brothers.
1:12:16 - Ezra pretends you're a dentist, and says AAHHH!(AAAAAAHHH!!!)
1:12:32 - <MoshPitCam-LookingUpAtStage.fx>
1:12:41 - Ezra and Poink are tongue-less?
          Vixen..No..Randy..NO..Mini-RaNDY.. AAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!
1:12:42 - <JourneyToTheCenterOfMiniRandy'sMouth.mov>
1:13:00 - Excellent Photo shot: Camera looks up, showing the word
          "FUNDAY" is huge type, with Poink and Ezra looking from above
1:13:10 - Close up of Poink, Ezra and the Visitor(tm)-spawn fox.
1:13:20 - That's it! <SinkingTitanicCam.fx>
****** (dazed) I'mmm..Saaiilllingng Awwwayyy... (THUD.mp3)
1:13:22 - Ezra looks over at Poink "Poink!"
          Poink looks over? Ezra "Control your tongue?"
          Even Mach is disturbed o_O
          Ezra "We are going every way WRONG tonight.." looks at
          Poink ".. and it's all your fault!"
1:13:54 - Stagehands help Poink recover piece of his tongue.
          "Mmmm.. Toung-a-licious!"
1:14:00 - Ezra changes the subject, Hobbes in channel has tracked
          down the date the Dial soap might have been produced.
          December 26, 19-FIFTY?? Soap was patent-pending.. EARLIER!
          Rasvar "Put it on Ebay!" Ezra considers.
1:14:50 - Stagehands play with Poink's face? He has Blue nose?
          Ezra looks at camera "Folks, we've lost control."
          Rasvar thinks they haven't had it tonight.
          Poink has pink toungue-eye? (Moving.. ON...)
1:15:15 - <ACompletelyBlankScreen.fx> People wow at effects!
1:15:32 - Poink Moons the camera? Ezra doesn't think it qualifies as
          an asteroid.
1:16:02 - <RasvarMessesWithCameraVerticalTuning.fx>
          Mach notes auctioned soap will never be used, it will be a
          untouchable collector's item.
1:16:49 - Java hugs the camera. RUN! Java soap on a rope?
1:17:05 - Ezra and Raini do some digging. Dial soap is classified as
          a DRUG?
          (You'd be surprised how many everyday things that pass
          through UPS are hazardous. We once had to evaculate the
          building after a spill of fake-fingernail adhesive. Those
          fumes would *cling* to anything, and felt like they'd coat
          the inside of your lungs. Cosmetics SUCK!)
          Ezra lists anti-bacterial quality of soap is regulated.
          You can't import or export Dial soap in US?
1:17:44 - RAINI ACTUALLY TALKS! YES! Raini reads Dial Soap statistics
          from website. Lotsa legal-ese.
          Foreign Dial soap has a different composition that US Soap?
1:18:20 - Ezra asks Mach about freebasing Dial. Mach says he doesn't
          need drugs, already has Crack gland in the back of his head.
          Ezra takes the cheap hit "I'd say you're head's kinda cracked"
1:18:29 - Mach gives camera squinting grin (Laugh now, pay later)
          Ezra "Everyone, that's Mach Stormrunner, we love him :)"
1:18:35 - Camera half-fades out, putting ghost-image of Mach's head
          over the Pawpet stage. Mach "Yeah, you have an odd way of
          showing it!"
1:18:38 - Ezra wants to see that again! Rasvar "Er.. hold on."
1:18:40 - Mach-cam. Mach earperks curiously and shrugs.
1:18:43 - Mach-ghost-cam. Mach haunts Pawpet stage! "It's the ghost of
          Mach!" Mach head-tilts "That looks kind of cool, actually."
1:18:51 - Ezra glances at you through Mach's forehead.
          Mach humms "In your head.." song.
          Mach scratches dog-hair dantruff from head! Ezra tickles.
1:19:13 - Spectral Mach tries evasive action. Then tries eating
          Ezra's face.
1:19:26 - Rasvar changes effects.. color image of Mach now appears in
          outline of Ezra and the Pawpet sign?
          Mach posseses Ezra? (NOW we're in trouble..)
1:20:21 - Ghost Arthur tries possesses Mach while he's possessing
1:20:27 - Mach has whiskers now "I shaved right before I LEFT!"
          Ezra, Mach and Arthur combine their powers to become..(WIERD!
1:20:45 - The Show's on Dial Soap o_O
1:21:25 - Ezra and Java sing a song I can't indentify together.
1:21:57 - Image of top of Mach's head as he's looking down appears on
          screen. Ezra "WHAT is ThAT!?"
          (Top of Mach's head looks like an anthro-rabbit face, with
          huge nose and mouth and little eyes!)
1:22:03 - Mr. Mach-Potatoe-Head slides over to become a hat for Java.
          Mach still hasn't looked up yet..
1:22:05 - Mach hears people laughing, and looks up! Invisible side-
          burns make his ears look HUGE! (Zelda'sLinkWithGlasses.gif)
1:22:09 - Java looks out through elven-Mach's face. Ferengi-Mach
          salutes the camera with a finger.
1:22:16 - Mach looks back down and becomes a potatoe-head again. Looks
          like something from Tron or Netrunner.
1:22:22 - Mach once again tries to defend his head! Rasvar cackles
          Mach tries the Darth Maul thing, and uses 2 fingers at once.
          Cross-eyed Java looks up over Mach's head.
1:22:40 - Ezra can't stop laughing! "Do it again Ras!" Mach
          You complete and utter bastard.."
          Mach ponders going on strike and having someone else check
          the channel. Ezra "Mach, they LOVE it!"
1:22:49 - Ezra reads channel "Oh! They say Mach is a Ferengi, do it
          again!" Mach "NO, Mach is NOT a Ferengi!!"
1:22:53 - Mach's image with huge ears reappears "I don't have the
          freaking ears!"
          Mach goes with the game, and tries shadow-boxes cross-eyed
          Java and Ezra.
1:23:18 - Mach headroom! Gandi-Mach!
          Mach tries reading a book, holding it up to block the camera.
1:23:30 - Mach's head becomes attached to Java's body. Lots of folks
          laugh! Mach's expression is mixed.
1:23:43 - Mach finds a Mic and sums it up. "BITCH!"
1:23:56 - Alien-Mach wearing energy-collar glances at camera "You guys
          are really bored, aren't you? I mean really, REALLY bored.."
1:24:15 - Mach shakes away from Java "That's so freaky! I don't want
          Java anywhere near me!"
          Vixen stares at you. Just stares at you. Yes.. YOU!
1:25:00 - Art Jam rehash.. Arthur in land of Willy Wonka, and something
          about Ompalumpas.
1:25:22 - Ezra "What is that sitting on the head of this fox? Oh..
          that's Mach." Mach glances up after returning to his seat,
          throws up his hands!
1:25:46 - Mach's head becomes hard hat for Vixen construction engineer
          Mach just tries to ignore it now.
1:25:57 - Pat tries to posses Mach? "Ugh! Do something!" Something
          closer to a cheetah.
          Someone in channel thinks Mach looks like the evil Kangaroo-
          Scrotum Pouch thing on eBay? (Don't blame me, I came up with
          the Ferengi thing)
1:26:15 - Mach "WELL.. so much for my censoring the CHannel I guess!"
1:26:18 - CAPTION PICTURE: Toilet with Fish Tank for top chamber.
1:27:19 - Mach's head ignores you from it's spot on toilet rim.
          Mach sort of growls at camera, but it out of gestures.
          Mach "I still don't understand.. your DEATH WISH..."
1:27:32 - Ezra wants to create new character: The Head of Mach.
          Ezra pleads with Mach "Mach, can we make your head a new
          castmember?" "NO, you cannot."
1:27:53 - Ezra calls a vote from Channel (Oh, that's evil..)
          Mach notes his head is his personal copyright, and cannot
          be reproduced without his permission.
          Ezra ponders using the exsting Mach-head library.
1:28:23 - Ezra wants to have Hobbess and Garrison makes South-Park like
          animation using Mach's head. (Now THAT'S Evil!)
          Rasvar ohs "Oh, Mach is the headless horseman!"
          Ezra wants Mach to be SpongeBob Squarepants "..NO!.."
1:28:40 - Mach is starting to get actually annoyed. "Well, that could
          be cool, but I could always dress up as him. (Horseman)
          Mach points out Headless Horseman also doens't have a head.
1:29:00 - Ezra lists multi evil idea by people in Channel.
          Rasvar "We have Mach-Headroom!"
          Mach's head reappears. He looks philosophical (Gandi.gif)
          Mach doesn't like being the head of a Headless Naked Barben.
1:29:30 - Mach has had enough "DUDE! I am not into cross-dressing, I am
          certainly not into cross-Bodying!"
          Mach looks down to reread channel. Predicts they're all going
          to die shortly.
1:30:10 - Mach gets a break. Ezra rocks to Knight Rider music(?)
1:30:40 - Mach notices his head onscreen again, and starts banging his
          head into the keyboard.
1:30:43 - Mach's neck.
          Rasvar votes to give Mach a break.
************* PAWPETS NORTH COAST!
1:31:30 - Rabbit-person rocks while playing the keyboard.
          Song I can't recognize.. "I do the Rock!"
          He does the Rock?
1:35:00 - He really, really, REALLY does the Rock!
          (Sounds a bit like Werewolves of London)
1:35:57 - Credits: "I Do The Rock" Tim Curry"
          Nick Rhabbit - Babs
1:36:10 - Naked Tod? Sick naked Tod?
1:36:30 - <WarningBuzzers.mp3>
1:36:50 - Naked Tod announces tributes to World-Famous musician?
          Ras "What happened to your Beanie?" "I'm not Tod!" (Oops)
          Not-tod gets his beanie and becomes Am-Tod. "Happy now?"
1:38:08 - Tribute to Tony Osmand! (Who?)
          <WhatMustBeATonyOSmandSong.mp3> Tod grooves.
          Song is "Young And Beautiful"?
1:39:53 - Arthur 1.0 looks up and watches Tod. Lots at you and leaves.
1:40:53 - <ExplodingFireWorks.fx>
          1971, Tony(i?) Osmand! (Donny Osmand?)
1:41:30 - 1990's Donny Osmand song starts. Tod keeps swaying.
1:45:00 - <TwoHeartsShotByArrow.fx> x2!
1:45:22 - Making music since 1970's. Tod notes few arts make music
          for 30 years or so. Donny Osmand, Stevie Wonder, Michael
          Jackson. (MJ Rocks!)
1:46:30 - Donny Osmand did (I'llMakeAManOutOfYou.mp3) from Mulan song
1:46:45 - Tod tells how Soldier of Love wasn't released under Donny
          Osmand's name in Europe, because studio felt Donny's Osmand's
          name was 'radio posion'. Became #4 in 1-2 weeks. Then
          announced Donny Osmand sang it, and it dropped in US.
1:47:45 - JR asks wierd questions to himself off-camera?
1:48:43 - <FlyingPig.fx>
1:48:50 - Poink sings strange song. Tod watches. Poink sings 2 voices?
1:49:44 - Fox sings <INeedYou.mp3> <DeathHandReachesFromBelow.fx>
          Nope.. <TwoOfHearts.mp3> Wierd guy talks in background?
          Vixens sings to each other. Two of Foxes?
1:51:15 - Poink and Tod rise up to join the action. Kissing foxes!
1:51:30 - Vixen punches out Poink! Tod rocks on.
          Vixens push both ferrets below stage. Talk to each other.
1:52:20 - Tod peeks up, kisses Voop again. Tod shivers!
          Tod is near freaking! Tod between two foxes.
1:53:40 - Depressed Poink and Ezra. Socky talks in background?
          Socky is a sourdough bread bowl? What?
1:54:11 - Ezra asks Poink why vixens are offstage with Tod?
          Poink notes vixen said she'd kick his butt :/
          Ezra asks Tod to go get a room! Poink is constipated.
1:54:49 - Magical flash disintegrated Ezra. Ghost Ezra "WOW!"
          Poink asks Rasvar to bring Ezra back? "Bring him BACK..?"
          "Please?" "...eeeehhh..ummmm... Ok.."
1:54:59 - Magical flash disintegrates Poink, returns Ezra.
          Ezra thanks Rasvar!
*************** PAWPETS WEST
1:55:26 - Two vixens, one with black eartips, other with hat.
1:58:15 - Ferrets sing back-up to Voops! (Hey, that's not right..)
1:59:06 - Credits: <WeBelong.mp3> But still no artist credit.
          Fiona-Ping&Pong - Francisco
          Vixlet - TeddyRuxpin
END OF PART ONE. Turn the tape over, press play, and covers your ears.
Subject: Pawpet Show #134-Dial Soap!-Timeline PT.2
Date: Fri, 16 Aug 2002 04:57:14 -0700
From: Rob Taylor <robtaylor04@attbi.com>
To: Pawpet Show Mailing List <fps-list@pawpet.org>

Part 2 of Pawpet Show #134 Outline

1:59:09 - Stage is all blue? Arthur looks out at you.
1:59:20 - Arthur starts to announce a new scene. "Erf, I'm too pooped
          to do this. So.. I'll wait for someone to get done pooping."
1:59:35 - Mesmerizing Blue Screen.
2:00:00 - Ezra sings a techno song. Arthur watches, then shrugs and
          joins in.
2:00:53 - ZAP! Singers are on Mars! Arthur looks about, jaw dropped.
2:01:55 - Ferret and Ezra do synchronized nose-pointing.
2:02:30 - Arthur tries diving in the Mosh Pit.
2:02:53 - Arthur turns into Java o_O (TheHORROR.mp3)
          Stage suddenly turns all slimy farm-grass green. Song done.
          Wait.. it's Egypt! With a green tint.
          Java is a mouth and sets of disembodied eyes!
2:03:25 - <WalkLikeAnEgyptian!.mp3> Ezra "Oh no.." Ras "YAY!"
          Java sings! Ezra does that Egyptian hand-pointing thing.
          (Did Poink ever get that Outhouse built in Egypt?)
2:04:45 - Lots of Way-Oh-Way-Ohing.
          Spectral Java jams with Voop wraith.
          Java, 2 voops and two ferrets.
2:05:35 - Java tries to eat you face O_O
2:06:00 - Jamming JarJars.
          Jamming JarJars do Java-walking (JarJar's an egyptian dog?)
          Java eye-googles.
          Tod nose-pokes up "That was WRONG!"
          Captain Tod and his amazing.. empty starship bridge?
2:07:10 - First Contact with human-like alien head O_O Glasses?
          Human alien shifts eyes back and forth (ACastleTapestry.gif)
2:07:49 - Poink, in backstage spot, has hands also! He cavorts.
2:08:15 - Prepping for Star Trekking.
**************STAR TREKKIN'!
2:08:35 - <STARTREKKIN'.MP3>!
          Java, Arthur, Echo (Dolphin navigator!), BV and Coyote.
          BV is Uhura.
          Chocolate Moose is Spock (!?!)
          Moony is Captain McCoy? LOL!
          James T. Kirk is.... JAVA!!!!
          (Is that Chocolate, or a horse-puppet with white mane?)
2:10:55 - Things are definately getting worse..
          Arthur is Scotty!
2:11:35 - "I can't give her anymore, she'll blow apaaRT<BOOOMM!!.mp3>
2:11:37 - Nyas Nyas Nyas Nyas
2:11:38 - Nyas Nyas Nyas Nyas
2:11:39 - Nyas Nyas Nyas Nyas (lots of dazed people)
2:11:40 - Crew ghosts sings chipmunk chorus. Salute!
2:12:10 - KP "...Was.. Just.. SILLY!"
          Mach "Sometimes the channel gives us good ideas.."
          Someone "Hmm.. maybe we should ask the channel what we
          should do next?" (MAME.swf!)
2:12:24 - Ezra "Maybe the channel can help me find my glasses"
          (How can we do that? we can't even see you!)
          Java keeps looking out at you. Stagehand pulls blue tarp
          up from over stage, ruining the magic. Java shrugs.
2:12:54 - Nightmare on Elm Street Music?
          Poink sings <NightmareOnMyStreet.mp3> Java stalks stage.
2:13:30 - Once again.. Mach's head! And nose.
          Java's eyes fill gaps in Mach's eyeholes? Mach is oblivious.
2:14:20 - Poink and Jason-mask rap.
          Upside down Java tries the eye-thing again.
2:15:16 - Poink jams with Pets.com dog. Java wears hockey-mask.
          Hockey mask fits Java perfectly! Spooky eyes o_O
2:16:12 - Java Mask gets in your face O_O
          Pets.com dog turns into JarJar? Lots of screaming!!!!
2:16:55 - The End! Rasvar "This whole SHOW is a nightmare!"
2:17:25 - JarJar Jason? "Nightmare on Epsiode One!"
2:17:55 - Mach announces Freddy vs. Jason movie coming up.
          Mach "Who would win.. Freddy or a Jedi?"
2:18:15 - <NightmareBeforeChristmasMusic.mp3>
          People detect fried chicken. Ezra arghs, wants some!
          Cooner is eating fried chicken, and Ezra gets apple?
          <DyingCamel.mp3> O_O
2:19:30 - Jimmy got Coconut-flavored soda?
2:20:21 - Song for Raini!
          <AQUA-CARTOONHEROS!.MP3> Sing it BV!
          And it's the music video version with sound effects! COOL!
          MC Ezra, Slim Coyote and BV jam.
2:21:22 - <StarShipWarp.fx> in time with music!
          ".. we came out of a crazy mind, ohOHoh!" (No argument!)
2:22:15 - "A bunch of dots that's chasing us.." <ScreenStatic.fx>
2:22:55 - BV solo.
2:23:33 - Ezra sticks his leg over stage. In song background, the
          evil octopus makes pained "ooOHHHHH! Oohhhh... (BOOM!.avi)"
2:23:54 - "Toon!" (Toon!) "Town!" (Town!) "Paaaaarrty!" <WOW!.fx>
          MC Ezra does the Interjection WOW! thing.
2:24:04 - Ezra tells how Give Kids the World does that song about
          every week. Aqua- Cartoon Heros! Album Aquarius.
          (As far as I know Aqua only has two CD's, the original
          Aquarium with Barbie Girl, Calling You, Dr. Jones and
          other I can't quickly recall, and the most recent Aquarius,
          which features Cartoon Heros, We Belong To The Sea (AWESOME!)
          Freaky Friday, Halloween, a full CD's worth of music and also
          the Cartoon Heros music video and even a seperate partition
          with a simple PC video game you can install. Aqua thrives on
          light comic Pop music, but just in case you think
they're                    Disney-like and fluffy upstairs, the deep
          title track "Aquarius" will give you nigthmares when you
          sleep. At first it sounds like a song of praise, but is
          actually about a very painful chapter in the lead singer's
          life. Aqua can do anything.) -BF
2:25:10 - Husky-ish dog gets in your face. "I've got you email.."
          It rocks! (Don't know the song though)
          W.W.W dot, Never Get Over You
          (How the heck do I say that? <WWWdotNeverGetOverYou.mp3>
          <WWW.NeverGetOverYou.mp3> [Syntax Error, two . ]
          <W-W-W-Dot-Never-Get-Over-You.mp3> [Error, goofy and wordy]
          <wwwdotnevergetoveryou.mp3> [Error, too hard to read, like
          real URL address.]
          <WWWDotNeverGetOverYou.mp3> [Error, Dot Warner is
          copyrighted name. Think of something else]
          (Breakdown.mp3) [Hey, you're the stupid guy at the keyboard]
2:28:22 - Credits: "WWW.NEVERGETOVERYOU" (that works)
          PROZZAK? (I'm a Prozzak fan now?) (DialSoap.gif)
          Wilson - Aatheus.
***** BACK
2:28:26 - Poink browses the Internet.
          People wonders what Poink's doing? He hides computer!
          Poink "We're back! Hi!" Rasvar thinks it was porn.
2:29:20 - Poink wonders how many people in the room play computer
          games? Mach thinks it's a silly question!
          (StarCraft.exe)(Netrek.exe)(Civ3.exe) (Nope, no games here..)
          Lots of folks play lots of game!
2:29:57 - Poink loves Grand Theft Auto 3! Mach argh! "That's training
          for future thugs!"
          Rasvar makes disclaimers, views of Poink do no neccessarily
          represent views of all on Pawpet show!
2:30:48 - Jimmy buys Coco Rico coconut drink
2:30:56 - Mach Cam. Mach ARGHS! Points sideways at Simba. Look at
2:31:07 - Camera turns to Simba. Describes Coco Rico. "A musty
          basement, with mold."
          Yappy likes Beverlies?
2:31:58 - KP challenges Audience to find Moxie cola and sent it to
          the show. Yappy has wanted it for months!
2:32:55 - JR asks why, when people find something that Sucks, they
          have to share it?? On Tod's livejournal.
          Mach thinks Coca Rico tastes like rotten apple.
          Rasvar analyzes... "I think this is good!"
2:33:58 - JR notes Rasvar also made everyone in Channel watch 1941.
          (I liked that film!) Rasvar wonders if fried chicken morphed
          his taste buds. Rasvar retries. "This is fine!"
          Ezra "It smells like Old Alkaseltzer!" Applely?
2:34:53 - Rasvar thinks it's opposite taste to Beverlies?
2:35:18 - Ne'er calls in! Poink hoped it was AOL solicitor.
          Ne'er "I'm on fire. Moose, en el Feuego." Ate hot sauce.
2:36:10 - Ne'er is going to make it a little bit easier for folks..
2:36:50 - Ne'er "And no looking at the channel." (Dang.)
          KP looks at backward reverse-engineered monitor.
          Ne'er wonders why they blew up part of the highway?
2:37:44 - Raini reads from channel: Java got smart, so he's an Ex-Igit.
2:38:02 - WORD: "EXEGETE"
          Mutt might have West Nile virus? o_O (Hope that's a joke.)
2:38:30 - Rasvar repeated punches out Poink for no obvious reason.
          Poink wonders if he can say 'P-R-I-C-K' on the air? (Nope.)
          Poink "You can Prick your finger!"
2:39:40 - <EasyListeningPuzzleSolvingMusic.mp3>
          People are stumped. "This is an Exegete headache.."
2:40:40 - Poink is constipated again? Ne'er pictures Grimance sitting
          on Poink's face due to mishearing things over telephone.
2:42:20 - People give up! Ne'er uses in sentence.
          Ne'er "I.. am an Exegete." A person who explains or
          interprets parts of difficult words.
2:43:20 - Yappy has word for Ne'er! "Emoliant"
          <ColorBars.fx> <PictureOfChannel!.fx>
          Ne'er can't use Dictionary.com either.
2:44:40 - Ezra "Cortesy for you from Yappy!" Ne'er "Why does that
          sounds wrong.."
2:45:50 - Yappy misspelled it! Real spelling: "EMOLLIENT"
          Ne'er waits for screen lag to catch up to show. 34k stream.
          50 second lag?
2:47:40 - Yappy "An agent that softens or Smoothes the Skin."
          People aren't sure this is good or not.
2:48:25 - Guest center next week! Who's gonna come over?
2:49:40 - Poink details general Pawpet Show schedule.
2:50:00 - Ne'er getting brain fried, gets ready to go. People later!
2:50:50 - Tech support tips. Arthur Ba-Bu-Da's
          "Get off the sunglasses!" "<Burp.mp3>" "<Burp.mp3>"
2:52:00 - Funny moments in Tech Support. Printer makes woman's children
          look bad. Poink notes no printers can help with that problem.
2:52:35 - Ezra recalls printer that won't print. Girl says "Oh, should
          I put paper in it?"
2:53:08 - Person flushes toilet while on Tech Support.
          <IntelInside.mp3> <HomerDOH!.mp3> (<IntelDOH!.mp3>)
2:53:30 - Rasvar had call from person who asked why Print wouldn't
          blink on paper like it did in MSWord.
2:54:00 - Raini has story!"Yes I do!" Poink"Get a camera on that girl!"
          Raini "(authoritative) NO camera." "Come on.." "NO."
          Poink "Hey! I get on camera!" "No."
          Raini's customer tries printing to the Internet instead of
2:54:30 - Jojo! Gone for a long time. Doing.. stuff?
          Jojo does Dial Soap? o_O
2:55:50 - Songs that rewrite your personal childhood. (Beattles.gif)
          Multi "Aye..AyeYieYies..."
2:57:05 - Jojo "Wow, due. Don't do that stuff!
************** PAWPETS WEST
2:57:28 - Sheepdog and Raccon.
          Song-story narration.
          "The lap-dance is so much better when the stripper is
          ..                         (WHAT?!)
          <SimpleMIDI.mp3> Bambi is girl's name. Person wants to eat
          her like a dear? Wear her face like a mask? (Hannibal.gif)
          "It's hard to hide a hard-on when you're dressed like
          Eddie Pearl."                (O_O)
          o_O  O_o   O_+  -_o  o_+  /_/ =_= >_<
          Something about Mickey Mouse, Ceddar Cheese, Lawn Darts and
          Garth Brooks giving birth to a Cheddar Cheese log.
3:00:18 - (I could describe the rest of this song.)
3:00:30 - (But then you would have to kill me.)
3:00:50 - (Oh, that's right.. you don't know where I live!)
3:01:20 - Bambi shows up on Milk carton? He's kidnapped her?
          (RATING CALL!.WhoTheHeckCaresRatingCallRATINGCALL!!)
3:02:50 - Credits:
          Song was Lapdance, by Unlisted. (In keeping with Pawpets West
          Tradition, no artist is ever credited with their song, even
          though I sure as heck don't know how I'll track this one down
          without knowing who wrote it. ARGH.)

****** BACK TO.. WOW!
3:02:57 - Seal, Tod, Ezra (without glasses), Jimmy, Java, and Bacon
          are all staring at the camera without moving, STUNNED.
3:02:59 - The same scene, essentially unchanged.
3:03:02 - Raini laughs off-stage. Somebody "I need cookies and milk
          now.. >_< "
          Java glances to the side, then back. Ras "I think that even
          broke Seal."
3:03:08 - Java retreats. Everyone else is still slack-jawed. Ras "It
          broke JAVA for crying out loud!"
3:03:16 - Signs of movement. Ras "You guys freaked out Java!"
          Java thaws. "wwWWOWW!!" Tod and Ezra are toast.
          Jimmy's still standing though! Java looks at frozen Bacon.
3:03:21 - Java "That song was GREAT! YAYY!!!" (Tornado.avi)
3:03:42 - Bacon keels over, dead. "OURKURKURKURKURK..URK..urk?"
3:03:44 - Seal hides! Rasvar cackles!
          Mach thinks that should be an after-stream song :P
          Java tries to resusitate Bacon. It doesn't work.
3:04:30 - Tod wants to talk about that Soda pop. NOW!
3:04:54 -Tod reaches a horrible realization "We're smelling DIAL SOAP!
          *AND* Coco Rico. Java "UGH! What STINKS!?" o_O
3:06:20 - Mach tells channel folks they will NEVER show Pink Flamingos!
          Mach "Ew-Ew-Ew (checks notes) EwEw-Ew-Ew."
          Mach "Something Milks and Cookies, PLEASE!"
          Tod suggests Fluff & Such!
**************** AND NOW TO FLUFF AND SUCH!
3:07:10 - Magical letters turn green!
3:07:27 - Fluff and Such's ever cool video: <MajorTom.avi>!
          Pictures of rockets.
3:07:53 - Puppets at control center, wearing headphones.
          Puppets in space Shuttle Cab.
          (Wait.. ) "4.. 3.. 2.. 1...."(..aren't they supposed to take
          the Apollo Capsu..)
3:08:35 - BOOM! Rocket launches. "Earth Be-LOW Us.." (Doh..)
          (Shuttle has better food anyway..) "Drifting, Falling.."
3:08:57 - <EARTH.gif>
          Major wonders "What will it effect?" during close-up.
          Rocket capsule floats in space, it's the Apollo capsule.
          (Nevermind.. just saw it on a Counterstrike level anyway.)
3:10:10 - Extreme closeup of ship window with puppet looking out.
          Family and friends morn back on Earth, but Major Tom is still
3:10:43 - "This is my home.. I'm coming home.." Tom jumps out of an
3:10:51 - Cool scene of Dog and Teddy Bear flying through space as
          Earth approaches.. taking The Ultimate Bungee Jump..
          Teddy and Dog sail apart on the way down.. picture of
          the big, wide Galaxy above.
3:11:54 - Credits. Nonsanity Cat for practically everything.
...       (I've always wondered how that song was supposed to end. The
          ship didn't seem to be damaged, but when Tom says 'What will
          it effect, when all is done?' I thought he decided to turn
          the ship around and sail back to Earth. The original Major
          Tod song has the capsule blowing up though. I wonder if the
...        band has a web page somewhere?)
******* BACK TO.. (OH, NOT AGAIN..)
3:12:19 - Ezra. Jimmy. Java. Arthur. Stunned. Again.
          Ezra recovers first this time "..wwwwOOOAAH!"
          Jimmy and Arthur Wow also. Java is toast?
          Jimmy CoolMans :)
3:12:50 - Video slightly redone to make it clearer.
          Multi-Codos to Fluff and Such! Pawpets all give praise
          according to their quirks and catchphrases.
          Arthur "That was Pretty SpecTacular! Oh ya, I haven't said
          that in a while!"
3:13:10 - Rasvar warns Art Jam cuttoff time is approaching, get your
          pictures and caption contest pictures in soon!
3:14:00 - Ezra notices Arthur's getting some grey hairs, and even a
          slight bald spot, like Mach. Mach "(casualy) Die."
3:14:45 - Arthur 2.0 args at his worn spots.
3:15:40 - Ezra is glad to see Jimmy today! "But I do nothing!"
          "Although I'm good at it!"
3:16:05 - Jimmy saw T3 trailer at Comic-Con.. meets REAL Arnold S.!
          Arnold revels in attending comic convention. No longer
          wants to be muscle-bound action hero :)
3:17:00 - Jimmy tells about Wildlife Force comic.
          Magical Bamboo walking stick turns animals into Defenders!
          www.silvertoons.com (Can't get it to work.)
          (www.silvertunes.com brings up a DJ)
          (www.wildlifeforce.com ... down.)
          (www.silvertoons.com really is the right addy.. but the site
          isn't working, at least today.)
3:18:15 - Ezra doesn't usually like Aligators, but he likes this one!
3:18:40 - Melonny (I can't tell the Voops apart!!) sings.
          "I'll never fall in love again.."
          "What do you get when you fall in love.."
3:21:32 - Song actually SURVIVES TUMINATOR! Nobody killed it!
          (I didn't know the artist and title!)
3:21:56 - Second songs from same artist. Because first survived,
          Channel can kill this one!
          Melonny duets with Rummage yellow-ribbon-wearing coon!
          Magical Disco-ball helps out also.
3:24:53 - Bacon looks up and earflicks at you! Twice.
          Marlyn Manson- The EARLY years? No way..
          Mach is quite skeptical.. others DARN.
          Dion Warwick! "I'll never fall in love again."
3:26:55 - Channel would have trashed it, if they know who it was!
          Songs were used in <AustinPowers.mov>?? (EEEWWW!)
          Before her psychic powers. And bankrupty.
3:27:45 - Poink remembers CHiPs episode at Roller Rink?
3:28:35 - Rummage and Ezra start semi-singing <Heartbreaker.mp3>
          Mach "Please stop?.." "Su-den-ly EV-Er-Y Thing I Ev-Er
          WANT-ED.." "..you're hurting me?"
3:29:10 - To Kareoke, or Not to Karoke?
3:29:35 - Very unrehearsed group singing of <TheLionSleepsTonight.mp3>
          Someone "I don't know how the lion can sleep through that.."
          Ezra "Oh, channel just got that! They aren't happy! :)"
          (PluckingEarplugs.avi) (Wha?ICan'tHearYou..)
************** ART JAM TIME!
3:30:43 - Ezra "You people have no taste! You watch this show!"
3:30:44 - <Arthur'sHeadPastedOverGeneWilder'sWillyWonkaFace.gif>
          Life-like looking! Animated series?
          Hobbes has Arthur explaining Gobstoppers. Arthur does
          very abbreviated version of movie script!
          #1 - The Beverly Card <DrinkDispenser.gif>
          <Beverly Card. 1Red Mana. Pawpet Edition Common.
           Instant. "Target creature takes 2 damage"
           Flavor Text: "Oh my God! It's so bitter!" Test Drinker>
3:32:07 - <Cuddle Pup. 2Colorless + 1 Black (Death) Mana.
           Pawpet Edition Uncommon (silver icon)
           "When Cuddle Pup attacks, you may pay B(1Black), if you
           do damaged creatures cannot untap during opponent's next
           Upkeep (start of turn. Cool card!)"
           "2 Paws (Er.. Evil Pawpet Power?) Regenerate Cuddle Pup">
           (You can't kill it! It's Immortal! And Moral! AHHHHH!!!)
3:32:35 - The MUTT card! (Creature-- Something something, can't read!)
          <Mutt. 3Colorless+2 Red Paw-Mana-Things.
           "When Mutt comes into play (You pay the cost, and put the
            card down on the table, a creature you control) return
           target creature to it's controller's hand.
...                                                    (ie, if your
           adversary had "Snuffleupagus-Mammoth Legend" in play, and
           it cost all their available Mana to play him, they basically
           lose a turn because Snuffy goes back to the hand and has
           to be played again from scratch. They'd be doubly screwed
           if you then played "Summer School" and removed "Big Bird-
           Avian Monstrosity" from the game, because without BB you
           can't summon Snuffy again. It's a useful ability! Similarly,
           a Mach card could Tap once a turn to kick a Viewer creature
           out of the channel, and Raini's attacks would be unblockable
           because you can't block something you can't see. Similarly,
           enchanting Simba with "The Gift of Poptarts" would cause
           1 point of gas damage to all creatures and players every
           turn, good for taking out those low-health Java and
Poink                    creatures, even if they're armed with "Farm
           Cattle Prod"s and "Medievil Torture Device-Pear"s and had
           attack values that could trash anything in hand-to-hand
           (back to Mutt card) "2 Paws- Put any ferret in your hand,
           and squeeze them! (Ouch!) I'm kidding.. put any Ferret in
           your hand into play. (If Evil's mana cost was 4 or above,
           using Mutt's ferret-summoning ability will save you
           resources, and you can use it at any time, even right in
           the middle of combat! If your opponent attacked with Poink,
           and then tapped their "Artifact-Copy of Pink Flamingos" to
           Tap one of your defending creatures (they're too stunned
           watching to footage to do anything, let alone fight) you
           could respond to that by having Mutt summon "Tod-Tech
           Support Gremlin" who can redirect the effect of any
           artifact, forcing Poink to watch the accursed footage
           instead of Mutt, and keeping him from defending next turn.
           Then you can
           play "2.0" on Mutt, giving him extra paws and damage, and
           roll right over Playdoh Bob and Bacon with Trample.)
3:33:03 - Flavor text: "BarkBarBarkBark!"
3:33:07 - Poink!
          (Poink. XWWW (White? I thought Poink was evil?) Pawpet
           Edition Rare (gold icon). "Poink comes into play with X
           +1/+1 (boost to both attack and health beyond that shown
           on the card) Where X is the amount of Mana spent when
           Poink (Creature-Ferret) comes into play. (The more you
           spend when you put him on the table, the more like Jesse
           Ventura he looks. Watch out though, you lose the counters
           if he gets returned to your hand by Mutt)
           "2Paws, Tap Poink: Add 1 +1/+1 counter for each 2 mana
            spent on X. (Add it to what? Poink or another creature?
            Maybe a vixen, since you know how much just being around
            him boosts their confidence..)
            Flavor Text: "Bite Me, I hate you all."
3:33:40 - Arthur!
          (Arthur, 6WWW. Creature -- Feline Legend(?) (not read)
           (You also have to read the Power/Health #/# thing in the
           lower right corner, but oh well.) Pawpet edition Rare.
           Haste. (Arthur many attack or using a Tap ability right
            after he's played, instead of waiting a turn for Summoning
           W: (spend a white mana on Arthur to activate this) Arthur
           gets +1/+1 (this turn only). Only 2 mana may be spent this
           way each turn. (can only use it twice a turn, yours or your
           WR: (One white mana and one red mana, requires varied
            sources of mana) Target creature cannot block this turn.
            (Arthur looks into his/her eye and stuns them with his
             hypnotic powers.)
           Flavor text: "The enemy looked into his eyes, and knew fear"
3:34:05 - Back to Arthur inna Willy Wonka hat.
          Hobbes cards were for Christmas.. 6 months ago?
************ SHOUT OUTS!
3:34:44 - Mach Cam. Mach sits to the far side of the room.
          New and improved Furnation!
          Grandma and Grandpa Kage! 48th anniversiary!
3:35:32 - Happy Birthday song for Kage's Mom! It isn't very long.
3:35:36 - Mach "It really isn't very long.."
          Ben Bruin has new CD.
          GiggaPooch becomes high school mascot. As advice.
          Poink advises "Don't wear a leash, they chaffe."
3:36:40 - Multi-get well soons for Mutt.
          Syook involkes Power of Greyskull, is leaving hospital.
3:37:30 - More Art Jam. Mach is not swishy?
3:37:48 - Picture: Arthur in Willy Wonky factory again.
          Arthur "Well, it's time for the creaming and sugaring."
          Rasvar sings poem for Arthur.
          2 is turning 30!
3:38:15 - Fat Arthur! "Hey Hey HEY!"
          Simba "The Gift of Poptarts, Ladies and Gentlemen!"
          (That card should cost more mana..) Whole Pop Tart boxes
3:38:52 - JR thinks he looks like Louis Anderson.
3:39:02 - Mach Headroom! Onna lunchbox!
          Mach toys with it "Mach Headroom.." looks at screen. "Damn
          that's ugly! No!"
3:39:15 - Mach is eating Leonard Nimoy's left shoulder? o_O
          Ezra thanks NonSanityCan, Hobbes and Garrison for pictures!
3:40:10 - Mach calls 2 Old, Scruffy featherduster at 30! (HEY! I'm 29!)
          Rasvar and company have issues.. "You only LOOK old when you
          lose your hair!" Mach recalls he can still out-run, out-dance
          and out-party any other person in the room.
          KP (?) Challenges Mach to dancing duel?
          Comparing Mach and Jacky Chan.
************* CAPTION CONTEST!
3:41:05 - Picture of Fishy Toilet Bowl.
          Mach's head is on toilet. Ezra not's Mach's brain is in the
          Mach doesn't want to read captions.. erfs.
          Audience keeps mixing up captions and Shout Outs.
3:42:45 - New IMac design?
          Mach stares "This is wrong.." skips.
          Combination toilet and sushi restaurant?
          <ToiletFlushing.mp3> The Love Seat!
          <ToiletFlushing.mp3> Mach has to raise his voice.
3:44:50 - <TonyTheTiger-They'reGREAT!.mp3>
          Poink "(weak) Is this show over yet?" "We've still got 11
          Poink's car that sometimes runs.
3:45:55 - JR, who always ends up at Epcot, has trouble now because
          the wreck makes it hard to get there.
3:47:18 - Ezra gets constipated waiting for new closing credit song.
3:47:34 - <WierdAl-AllAboutThePentiums.mp3>
          People doing Vulcan hand-signs.
3:48:50 - Ezra gets ear-fluffed about how clueless newbie users are.
          Stagehand moves in mini-computer Poink was using earlier.
3:49:45 - Jimmy is wearing a rain-hat?
3:50:30 - "You've got your own newsgroup, alt.total.loser!"
3:51:03 - Java "WHAT!!?" gets in your face. End of song!
          Ezra "Wow.. we're Geeks! What do we find that so funny? :P"
          Mach "(Mystic) Because it Speaks to us.."
          Four people in room do tech support?
          Poink likes it "It's a Geek song that sounds Manly."
3:52:17 - Poink ohs! "(mocking) I can beat you in Quake!" Doesn't
          think Quake is manly. Ezra headshakes "I don't play Quake..
          I have a life."
          Mach OKS.. "(upbeat carnival announcer) Ok, how's this! I
          can beat you in Quake, I can beat you in real life! I can
          beat you with guns I can beat you with swords! WHAT would
          you LIKE? :)"
3:52:28 - Poink has a death wish. "Beat me in hair growth."
          Judging by Ezra's laughing, Mach must look constipated.
          Mach "WouldYouCouldYou with a Gun? WouldYouCouldYou with..
          I don't know, a Nun.."
          Mach doesn't like new Chia-head idea.
3:53:15 - Mach "Hey, I don't mind being bald, but at least I can
          walk up a flight of steps and not be out of breath."
3:54:02 - Group hug. Poink "Mach, we love you :) I don't know WHY..
          but we do :D"
          Everyone loves Mach now. Mach starts to dig it, just a bit.
          Mach fondly recalls when Poink first arrives, and was
          the mascot people kicked around instead of him.
************* CLOSING SONG!
3:54:30 - No.. Rasvar wants to keep everyone for overtime.
          <VincentPriceLaughs!.mp3> Poink makes idle threats.
3:55:00 - <AdiosAuRevarAufFeatezaine.mp3>
3:55:55 - Start of credits.
          Ezra thanks Raini-Cute for rejoining folks! Jimmy also!
"Soul Bossa Nova" Quincy Jones.
"Goodnight, AureRevoir, Aufweitezain(sp?)" Lawrence Welk
"Balad of Bilbo Baggins" Leonard Nimoy, Golden Throats.
"Strutter" KISS, Smashes Thrashes and Hits.
"Sweet and Innocent" Donny Osmand
"Soldier of Love" Donny Osmand
"Scatman" Scatman John, Extended Single
"Two Of Hearts" Stacy Q, Best of the 80's
"We Belong" Pat Benatar, Greatest Hits
"Pop" Nsync, Pop
"Nightmare on my Street" Dj Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince, And
       In This Corner.
"Star Trekkin'" Dr. Demento 20th Anniversiary.
"Walk Like an Egyptian" The Bangles, Greatest Hits
"Cartoon Heros" Aqua, Aquarium (AQUARIUS! DOH!)
"WWW.NeverGetOverYou.com" Prozac
"No No Song" Ringo Starr, All and More
"Major Tom" Peter Schilling, One Hit Wonders.
"I'll Never Fall In Love Again" Dionne Warwick, Best Of...
"Then Came You" Dionne Warwick, Best Of...
"It's All About The Pentiums" WIERD AL YANKOVIC!, Running with Scissors
"Pawpet proudly welcomes back Raini, upping our Cuteness Level to B"

Ezra and Company thanks everyone and everyone!
3:57:00 - <FadeToBlack.fx>
3:57:06 - <It'sOffical..YouSUCK!!.mp3>
3:57:16 - Colors bars with word "Emollient" printed over them.
****************** THAT'S IT!

To see this show, go to http://www.pawpet.org/shows/ before next

This is Blackfoot Ferret, signing off! (HalfLifeSprayPaint.mp3)