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Subject: Pawpet Show #133-Special Guests!-Timeline PT.1
Date: Wed, 07 Aug 2002 19:21:45 -0700
From: Rob Taylor <robtaylor04@attbi.com>
To: Pawpet Show Mailing List <fps-list@pawpet.org>

Pawpet Show #133 - Visiting Puppeteers!  Timeline, Aug. 4th, 2002
compiled by Blackfoot Ferret. (No, I didn't walk in a paint spill..)

0:00:00 - Let the Games begin!
0:00:23 - Mutt gets trapped Between The Lions. Eaten again.
0:00:46 - Dad Lion supports son by chompion on Mutt also. Countdown.
0:00:58 - Buzzing Disclaimer. Turn back now!
0:01:15 - <GoofyAustinPowersTheme.mp3>
0:01:30 - Pawpet Roll call!
0:03:41 - Roll call appended to add Poink on the Toilet!

************ START!
0:03:44 - <ScreenFillsWithPaint.fx> Heeeeerrrrreee's Mutt!
0:03:55 - Mutt still wears Santa hat, likely crusty.
0:04:05 - Mach still has to open gives. "Oh NO.. I know what these are
          going to be too.."
0:04:41 - Pawpet Show without a Net. Mutt "If you fall, you die."
          Mach "Coooooll.."
0:05:05 - Unexpected closeup on Mach. Mutt "We've got to get you a hat!"
0:05:10 - Mach confronts others about mocking his hair. Shaved most of
          it off to accelerate things. Mutt still wants a look.
0:05:28 - Mach's fed up, and he's not going to take it anymore..
          "Guess what.. I can still out-party, out-run, any of you."
0:05:33 - With that, Mach turns to the computer again. Tod askes
          innocently "Hey Mach? Look back at the camera for a second?"
0:05:35 - Mach looks back? Tod "You look like a giant Thumb.."
0:05:51 - Mutt suggest shaving all the hair because bald is cool.
          Unfortunately that only works for People of Color.
          Tod "White guys look all dorky.."
0:06:01 - Yappy suggests Patrick Stewart?
0:06:26 - Mach didn't dis last show, was helping sister with roof!
        - Mutt "Darn you for having your priorities straight!"
        - Mach "She paid me $100 dude.."
0:06:34 - Mach-cam.. Christmas leftover fun begins.
0:07:10 - Mach gets latex skin-head? (TMBG-RockToWindStringAround.mp3)
0:07:39 - Mach refuses to wear skin-head! Rasvar makes Things You Can
          Put On Mach's Head the art-jam topic.
0:07:45 - <LightAndCheerfulSleighRide.mp3>
0:08:13 - Mach gets brown paper bag "I'm really scared.."
0:08:55 - PIECES of paws? Dead Plushie?
0:09:13 - Mach read "In case you don't get it, these are HARE pieces..
          H-A-R-E." EVERYONE groans. Mach grins. Thanks Zorro.
0:10:14 - Mach gets up. Picture of chair for 10 sec. People wave.
0:11:04 - Mutt wants to wear the skin-cap! Others want to too!
0:11:33 - Mutt looks like Centauri from B5? (Londo.gif)
0:12:07 - Cap shoots off! Tod "You hit ME!" "Sorry!"
0:12:50 - Tod issa conehead? Wears over propeller.
0:13:47 - Mutant Rasvar wears the skin-head! Stands by Mach.
        - It's GREEN? Poink "You look like BENNY HILL!"
0:14:45 - Tod tells story of JR going to store. Saleslady likes him?
0:15:25 - <DeepThroatTheme.mp3> Lady is goth punk.
0:15:45 - Simba is surgeon Gallager. Mach "That scares me.. get away"
0:16:15 - Rummage wears yellow ribbon? People wonder about tradition.
0:16:50 - Yellow ribbon is teen suicide prevention?
0:17:40 - JR wears the green skin! (KidsInHall-CabbageHead.gif)
        - Head condoms?
0:18:15 - Yellow ribbons against Comic censorship?
0:18:40 - Rummage wears Evil Hair.
0:18:50 - Mutt asks unnamed guests to name this song!
0:19:15 - JR doens't know what it is? Rummage and Tod think he's
          seen it many MANY times..
0:19:45 - Pawpets watches Meet The Feebles and Creepshow last night.
        - (And Mutt still won't watch Jimmy Neutron.. everyone has
          different tastes I guess..)
0:20:30 - Deep Throat vs. Shallow Throat? Multi-RATING! cries.
0:21:25 - Tod has Live Journal now!
        - http://www.livejournal.com/users/todferret
        - (Tod nominates Bubble Wrap for a Nobel Prize?)
0:21:55 - Mach arghs as channel thinks he takes drugs. "I haven't
          touched that stuff in so freaking long.." laughs.
0:21:59 - Rummage "You haven't touched what?" Mutt "What?"
          Mach earperks innocently? "Pot!"     "WHAT!!??"
0:22:10 - Mutt sinks like the Titanic. Legal in Nevada? England?
0:22:40 - Prostitution is legal in Vegas also?
0:23:25 - City of San Fran is thinking about growing on Mary Jane?
          Fed law says you can't import it.. but you can grow it?
          City wants supply for medicinal purposes.
0:24:00 - Tod freaks "I think I'm going to go to jail just for being
          *around* you guys!"
0:24:10 - Mach reminds the audience that, as everyone knows, this is
          a completely fictional account of their lives :) "We would
          never.. EVER.. condone drug use. Would we? :)"
          Tod erms.. "That's.. Right..."
0:24:27 - Mutt "Let's record this conversation, and play it back later"
0:24:30 - Start of Movie reviews! Country Bears!
          <It'sOfficial...YouSUCK!.mp3> Massive Ursine Trashing.
          People like costumes though.
0:25:00 - Mutt "The story was written by 3-year-olds for 2-year-olds!"
          Christopher Walkins couldn't even save movie.
0:25:40 - Poink trashes Ninja Turtles. Others are split. Mutt likes.
          Tod wants Turtles to go to San Diego.
0:26:20 - Rummage arghs and wonders why LA and NY get so many movies.
0:27:20 - Places character were born. Poink from Tennessee?
0:27:40 - <DuelingBanjos.mp3>
0:28:40 - Mutt plays banjo with paws? Poink uses guitar, but has no
          arms. Tod plays the strings for him. Rummage just watches.
0:29:50 - Mutt goes nuts! Jams to banjo music! (Uses foot to play?)
0:30:30 - Mutt bashes banjo against stage and Poink's head. (KISS.gif)
        - Mutt bashes Rummage also as Berserker Rage continues.
0:31:25 - Mutt fake-bashes Poink.. then drops Banjo. JR "OW!!" "Oops,
          I didn't mean to drop!" Poink "*#@Mother Trucker!?"
0:32:05 - Ferrets jam to Tom and Jerry. Mutt blinks.
0:32:30 - Country Bears vs. Hey Arnold! (so Neutron would beat it?:) )
0:33:18 - Mach askes THE QUESTION:
          "Which was worse though.. Country Bears or Jimmy Neutron?"
0:33:22 - Mutt is adamant "I never saw it.. and I never WILL see it!"
          (Ok, I guess I won't see your favorite: Pink Flamingos :) )
0:33:35 - Rasvar notes CBears have made $9mil in 8 days.
          Country Bears doesn't pay for itself due to low quality.
0:34:11 - Austin Power's 8th day beat all 8 of CBear's days.
          Some in Channel like the movie?
0:34:26 - Mach "Keep in mind the type of Channel we have, and the
          type of people who are in this Channel.."
          "..I've gotten, like, one response that has seen it."
0:34:45   Poink "Let's go to our real Litmus test.. SIM-BA?.."
          Simba is the show contrarian?
0:35:10   Mutt liked Panic Room openning.
0:35:30   Poink "There are two good ways to make a good family film..
          you could be like Disney and write something nice like Lilo
          and Stitich.."
          (Or you could be like Disney and be so deserpate for content
          that you'd rip off Anime in Atlantis, or change Victor Hugo's
          "The Hunchback of Notre Dame", which more or less cynically
          shreds the Feudal system and Catholic Church in Paris at the
          time, and make THAT into a family film. In the book Esmeralda
          detests Quasimobo, prefering the handsome upper-class Pebos,
          and is tortured and hanged for the murder of Peubos, although
          the stupid knight isn't dead, and won't condescend his social
          position for a gypsy by showing up at the trial to prove that
          he's still alive. The Bishop (Cardinal?) has Esmeralda killed
          to keep himself from feeling lust, Quasi offs the Bishop,
          then crawls into the skeleton-filled pit below the gallows,
          where his own skeleton is found years later clutching the
          remains of the gypsy who rejected him, thereby making a
          sequel to the book or Disney Children's Classic improbable,
          unless you got Tim Burton on the staff. Lilo and Stitch is
          an amazing film with an original plot, but for each hit the
          company has there's a lot of trash to search through.)
          "... or you can go like Nickleodion (makers of Jimmy Neutron)
           and put together some Flash animation and call it The
           Powerpuff girls! (Cartoon Network?).. or Hey Arnold (there
           we go) or whatever you want to call it!"
          (If Disney's scripts are go bad that you can beat the
           billions they put into animation production with Flash,
           who does the shame belong to? :) )
0:36:23  - Hey Arnold is just below what Country Bears is doing. (And
           the Bear have the Disney spin machine behind them :) )
0:36:40 - SpongeBob Squarepants takes the cake though :)
0:36:51 - Mach wows "Guys.. we have 90 people in channel!"
          Semi-enthused yays. Mach "What have you been doing while
          I've been gone?"
0:37:00 - Pawpets evade the question by calling for Channel Roll Call!
0:37:50 - Mach Cam. Mach reads while people play jokes he can't see.
0:39:40 - Rummage is mesmerized by shiny closeup of Mach head. "DIE!"
0:40:05 - Pawpets like Signs. Tod like little girl actress.
          Same guy as 6th Sense. More than Crop circles?
0:41:15 - Tod "If you want Eye Candy (Disney) this is not the movie for
          you, if you want substance (Nickelodion) -this- is the movie
          for you.."
0:41:20 - Garrison remember Show #6, where 10 people were in channel.
0:42:00 - Pawpets rave to background music.
          People want to see Garrison and Hobbes videos again!
0:43:20 - Tod wows at Rasvar pushing buttons to keep the show running.
          Poink's looking at the dark side of the Moon?
0:43:25 - Mutt "Send videos! So we can go to the bathroom."
0:43:32 - Poink destroys one myth: Can see Rasvar's butt crack.
0:43:40 - Rasvar "ENOUGH!!"
0:43:42 - Pawpets Rocky Mountain --- Darkness
0:43:51 - Rasvar arghs and experiences technical difficulties.
0:43:55 - (3..2..1...BV) "Ras-VAR!!" Ras blames Tod for distracting.
0:44:20 - Garrison and Hoobes Productions: <BlazingSaddles.mp3>
0:44:35 - "Blazing Ferrets!" (AWESOME!)
          Poink and Java are cowboys? (Less awesome..)
          Save the South Park people!
          Poink looks 10x bigger in uniform.
          "Then out of the Sun road a man with a gun, and
          <RinkyDink*POINK!*.mp3> was his name.."
0:46:24 - Grand finale.. Java and Poink are actually riding a kid's
          vibrating pony outside K-mart.
0:46:35 - Behind the Scenes! "Blazing Ferrets gunfight scene-TAKE 1"
          Poink shoots Kenny O_O Poink issa bastard.
0:46:54 - Just when you think it's over.. Java's riding Poink like
          a horse o_O. No.. pony-puppet. Java "I LIKE IT!"
0:47:12 - Java gets in your face, then leaves Poink along on stage
          Poink "Remember what I said about running it again later..?"
          "You will never see that on the show, AGAIN" Ras "Oh yes we
          will! I hope he makes more of the series!"
0:47:35 - Who is scarier.. Java.. Poink.. or boa-wearing Skippy?
          "Java, this is my boa.. you can't touch it anymore!"
0:48:10 - Seal attacks everyone! Everything!
0:49:00 - Mach predicts that soon Pawpets will be able to show 3rd
          party videos for all four hours.
0:49:40 - Yappy rebuilds and improves Java.. Java can how rotate his
          eyes.. spooky O_O And eat his own face o_O
0:50:40 - Plans to taste-test The New Blue Pepsi.. Echo uh ohs.
0:51:10 - Echo has a cold? Awwww... sneezes underwater?
0:52:00 - Echo "YeWwAnTmYcOlD?" Mutt hesitates "Do I want your cold..
          sure." Echo leans and sneezes, blowing Mutt backward.
0:52:48 - Arthur camoes, says "What?" then leaves! Mutt "Arthur! YAY!"
        - Arthur returns "WhatYouWannaDo?" Mutt "I want to do a
          Listerine gargleing contest."  "....uh.."
0:53:12 - Mutt explains Arthur recently ate a whole box of Listerine
          Strips on a dare. "It wasn't me.. it was Simba." 24?
          Arthur "It was like a heart problem!"
0:53:35 - Simba gets cinnamon overload.. Arthur convolutes.
0:54:05 - Channel wants Flinthoof to gargle mint :)
0:54:50 - Listerine strips are good stuff!
0:55:05 - One shot of Rumplemints = 500 altoids? TicTacs?
0:55:15 - Asks unnamed special guest if she likes Rumplemints.
          Unnamed special guest is in the bathroom. Tod "I hope the
          Fart Detector's off!"
0:56:34 - More shots of the head-condom. <OhNo.mp3>
0:56:48 - Pawpets West: TMBG "What are you staring at?"
          Rummage-like raccoon (full body?) and a ferret!
          Montana was a land.. (?) TMBG does Magic cards?
1:00:01 - Credits: "Montanna" by... not given.

1:00:10 - AHHHH!! WHAT IS THAT??
        - Bear rewaves and greets the Pawpet Show! Then wonders who
          was eating beans..
1:00:30 - Bear remains after song ends. Unsettling evil ohming noises
1:00:37 - Live feed of Yappy going "Eeeeeeeeeeeeeheeeeee...." into the
          microphone "OOP! Hello :)"
1:01:00 - Taste testing of Pepsi Blue preliminaries.. Yappy hates the
          smell o_O
1:01:30 - <I'mBlue.mp3>
1:01:45 - Yappy sips.. ponders "..UGH! That's nasty!"
1:02:01 - Mach thinks it smells like Bubble Gum. Defends Pepsi, then
          sips. Blinks, tries again. Windshield washer fluid?
1:02:22 - Herbie. "Smells like cotton candy.."
1:02:30 - Extreme closeup on Herbie.. drinks. Chews? "It tastes like
          cotton candy.." drinks again, then ews, expecting a horrible
1:02:48 - Special Guest Paul! "Hellooo..:) "
          Analysis: "Tastes like a melted otter-pop."
1:03:05 - Music "I have a girlfriend.. and she is so Blue.."
          KP tastes.. shakes head "It's just.. Wrong!    EWW!"
1:03:13 - Even the world outside the window is Blue o_O
1:03:18 - Rasvar drinks, while someone says "Smurf pee" in background
          Rasvar thinks it tastes like MFM drink last year. Thinks it
          needs alcohol.
1:03:53 - JR's only one last "No.. I bought the stuff.."
          "It tastes like Pepsi.." looks at the camera, then picks up
          mike "With someone in it."
1:04:53 - Simba likes it! (guess it was Simba)
1:05:06 - THERE'S JR.. "Ok.. should I just chug it straight down to
          the bottom or what?"
1:05:12 - Jackrabbit chugs. Mach keeps time thunder-counting style
          "1-1000, 2-1000, 3-1000.."
1:05:18 - JR lives! "It's Pepsi.. with just a little hint of Tidy-Bowl
          .. Good!" JR chugs again.
1:05:40 - Mach tastes again.. tastes like Rum and Coke? People ponder
1:06:10 - More talk about mutant colas.
          Vanilla Coke + Pepsi Blue = Spew?
1:07:25 - Mutt "If you work for Pepsi! Call-in!" People don't expect
          ad revenue.
1:07:50 - Mobile cam! People want Bathroom cam again!
1:08:20 - For the first time.. Yappy's Bathroom! Interview time!
1:08:45 - Yappy has scoreboard above his bed? Door's locked!
1:09:50 - RealTV: Yappy's keyhole cam! Too small? Rats.
1:10:45 - Behind Stage Cam: Lotsa puppets onna rack! Mach wants!
1:11:07 - Extreme unneccessary closeup of Mutt's Nose and Tongue O_O
          Mutt licks the camera? Mutt licks YOU? EW!!!!
          Mutt's butt.. Mutt's boogers. Mutt's gas release >_<
1:12:18 - Control panel.. nothing turns into space-age set!
          Rasvar demonstrates sound effects. Drives space-car.
          Rasvar plays pinball? Actually? Slacker!
1:13:23 - You-Are-On-An-Indoor-Roller-Coaster-Cam.
1:13:44 - Macro-Mutt? o_O
1:14:24 - Tod finds game online, The Underroos That Ate New York
        - http://www.wurb.com/if/game/223
1:14:51 - Simba thinks Reign of Fire bombed. Almost no dragons.
          Mark of death for any film. Simba likes everything!
1:15:45 - Rasvar tries out Underware game. Gives cry of dismay "It's
          like playing ZORK!"
1:16:41 - Reign of Fire re-enacts Empire Strikes Back?
        - Channel things Pawpet Show is like Real World MTV show?
        - Mutt and others try being Osbornes.
1:17:15 - Mach thinks Ozzy looks like a public warning against drugs.
1:18:00 - Ozzy and eating cute things.
1:18:33 - Extreme closeup on Poink. Poink earperks? "Go away. Go..away"
          Poink does Meet the Feebles.
1:19:00 - Mutt ohs at mention of Feebles. Wants to show all the special
          guests that, and Pink Flamingos!
1:19:26 - Technical Difficulties.
1:19:33 - Pawpets Rocky Mountain.. Rasvar "There's too many buttons!!!"
1:19:44 - An animated tribute to the Pawpet Show.
          South Park-ifed characters!
          Devin issa Canadian? o_O
1:21:20 - Mutt thanks Harrison and Gobbes! (?) "Ugh, I did it again!"
1:23:10 - Quick story of FPS helping Folkmanis Ferrets get popular.
          Mutt has been sold repeatedly?
1:24:10 - Dookie, caffinated imperfect Mutt clone. (Bizarro.character)
          How dookie got his name.
1:25:10 - Dookie eats... (No.. this can't be happening..)
1:25:43 - And now to something odd! Cats are soccer fans?
1:26:05 - Back! People wonder what the heck that was?
1:26:35 - Cats do soccer dance again! Florida-Loopy recording.
1:27:15 - Paul prepares to take: The Pink Flamingo Challenge.
          Movie is too evil to see, but you can watch people watching
          the movie.
1:28:20 - Divine she claims she's the filthiest person in world.
          Nobody objects.
1:28:40 - Paul smiles.
          Pauli leans forward.
          Paul "Oh no.."
          Paul curls up and prepares to do that Sonic spin thing.
1:29:20 - Everyone cheers! "That was almost as bad as Pepsi Blue."
          Mach "Behold.. the power of squick."
1:30:00 - Flamingo's disgusting vs. Feebles disgusting. Evil and Good.
          Mutt has known about Devine for over 20 years.
1:32:18 - Start of Flying Wind Tunnel videos!
          Herbie tries to stay centered. Bounces like Pinball.
1:33:25 - Rasvar thinks this is the Fizzy Lifting drink arena from
          Willy Wonka.
1:35:55 - Turbine costs $600/hour. Some people do tricks.
1:36:25 - Herbie tries being Superman again. "I had no idea my ass
          was so large."
          WWF attendant keeps trying to keep the Incredible Flying
          Herbie off the ground.
1:38:00 - Channel, always bastards, keep talking about Herbie's butt.
          Heather Henson and folks went also.
1:39:20 - Drugs and giant wind tunnels don't mix.
          Poink is glad it's clean wind. Mutt "It wasn't!"
          Kentucky Fried chicken air sucked in?
          Tod wants to harness gas power of castmembers.
1:41:20 - Chicken Windtunnel is right next to Pawpet Megaplex hotel
          next year!
1:41:50 - Paul talks about real skydiving. Plane-ride is worst part?
          Step.. into.. the SKY...
          Paul's mad skydiving friend teaches him Sonic spin.
1:43:50 - Flying Herbie Video #4. Code-name: Hockey-puck.
1:44:35 - Extreme closeup of Flying Herbie's shoes.
1:45:15 - More discussing Mutt's butt.
          Herbie tries flying out the door gracefully. Bang.
1:46:10 - Poink doesn't want to go next time.. Herbie says everyone
          will! Ras has to loose weight, so they can force JR to
          go. Raini would get shot out onto I4?
1:47:10 - The Incredible Flying Naked Headless Ken?
          Mutt "It IS me skydiving!"
1:47:50 - X-coaster is down? <UnsolvedMysteriesTheme.mp3>
          Can takes years to fix a coaster? When will it be up?
1:49:00 - Mutt "When in doubt, ask the channel. The Channel is
          Omnipotent, and Omnipresent. They know everything, they are
          everywhere."(I know Jimmy Neutron ROCKS! :) )
1:49:20 - Toraneko broke the X-coaster? Up next: Gravity-Max coaster.
1:50:20 - Demonstration of Gravity Max coaster. It flips?
          You go down.. you go BOOM!
          <AirplaneCrashes.mp3> Mutt nods "That's what I'm afraid of"
1:51:10 - RL Rollercoaster Tycoon death machines?
          http://www.rasvar.com/ - Rasvar's page. Coaster lynx.
1:52:10 - Mutt thanks Yurex for Coaster Mayhem trip.
1:52:45 - Art Jam Reminder: Things to Put on Mach's Head!
          Mach "P-G!"
1:54:03 - Pawpets West. Gliched again!
1:54:10 - Trout Fishing "Hi! I'm the real Kei*ZAP*"
1:54:36 - Squirrel "HeHeHe.. Hehehe.. Whad I say?"
1:54:53 - Pawpets West: "Oh Lord, Would You Buy Me, A Mercedes Benz?"
          And a color TV. A night on the Town.
          "Mercedes Benz"
1:56:50 - Keith and Real Ezra again. They wave, but are cut off again.
1:57:10 - Coyote sings goofy Gorillaz (?) song. Multi-Voops help.
          Lots of water bubbles, nyah nyahs and "Cool ShooSha"s
          Coyote either conducts the orchestra, or stratches fleas.

ARGH! I had to divide this up again.. second half coming - Blackfoot
Subject: Pawpet Show #133-Special Guests!-Timeline PT.2
Date: Wed, 07 Aug 2002 19:23:18 -0700
From: Rob Taylor <robtaylor04@attbi.com>
To: Pawpet Show Mailing List <fps-list@pawpet.org>

Second half of Show #133 Timeline.

2:00:31 - Voops fight behind stage.
2:00:41 - Tod and Bacon combat. Tod tries a Bladestorm swinging Bacon.
          Snakes outside?
2:01:55 - Question to channel, what's the wierdest animal you've seen
          by your house? Mutt saw gray fox! Tod saw brown one at Give
          Kids the World.
          Rasvar saw a PANTHER? Peacocks in tree? QUE?
          Ferrets, minks
2:03:00 - Mutt recalls being attack by wild trukey while rollerblading!
          "You are dinner! I"m gonna eat you!"
          Mach recalls male turkeys have 3-in spurs that can kill.
2:03:55 - Huge Mutant Deep-Voiced Forest o_O
          Cthuhlu-Forest introduced by his little brother.
          Big Forest talks like Big Carrot?
          Big Forest is named Bigger Forest.
2:05:20 - Little Forest notes there can be only one. Threatens Bigger
          Forest with violence. BF in non-plused.
          Forest is only member of Forest Actor's Guild union.
2:06:30 - Little Forest tires to convince Big Forest that farts have
          methane, and kill tries. "Hold you breath!" BF uh ohs. Little
          Forest holds his breath, and passes out.
2:07:50 - Picture of Gravity-X coaster. Multi-Forest Clones?
          Nightmare coaster that isn't finished o_O
          - 3D GX animation. posted by Hobbes on mailing list.
2:09:15 - Magnets vs. metal latches. Safe? o_O Mutt hides from coaster.
2:10:05 - Update on X. Camera on Mach. And his head. July 31st repair.
          Mach looks at screen "Damn I'm bald.."
          Mach's going for the streamlined thing.
2:11:25 - Poink sees Hannibal as a kid. Mach tastes his own fingers.
2:12:00 - Arthur arrives! Everyone wants a sing-along! Except Arthur.
2:12:50 - <TieMyKangarooDownSport.mp3>
          Arthur sings with Multi Mini-Shaks.
2:13:35 - Someone with a big butt walks past the camera.
          Arthur jams with a Flop-like birds.
2:14:40 - Arthur gets sad as singer starts getting sick.
          (What is this song about again? Whose hide got tanned?)
2:15:30 - Arthur arghs "I can't even rhyme." has food poisoning?
          Rasvar thinks everyone's going to be sick. Arthur thinks
          everyone already is!
          Channel thinks of tearing Underoos down?
2:16:45 - Arthur stares at Java making google-eyes at everyone.
          "How is he doing that without me?"
2:17:20 - Another song. Voop and Jar Jars sing <TheWiz.mp3>
          The Wiz sounds like John Phllips Sousa?
          The Wiz sounds like Star Wars bar?
2:21:25 - People are through Wizzing. Inside-out Jar Jar.?
2:22:00 - Pawpets Monterey Bay: "Tom Lehrer's Element Song."
          Wholeium? Halfnium?
2:24:05 - Poink sings <STYX-ComeSailAway!.mp3>
2:24:10 - O_O
2:24:15 - (This isn't STYX..)
2:24:20 - (Oh Holy Death No..)
2:24:30 - (SouthPark-CartmanSingsComeSailAway.mp3)
2:25:08 - Ferret tonsils. Cartman "..to CAAAAAAIIAAARRRRY on.."
2:25:11 - <BlackfootSaysManyObseneThingsInChannel.txt>
2:25:45 - Ferret Cartman swallows chalk just to prepare.
2:26:10 - More ferret tonsils. "To CAAARRIIAARRRYY ON!!.."
2:26:16 - Another ferret arrives with Guitar.
2:26:20 - Ferrets rock to desecrated STYX music.
2:26:24 - (For the sake of being evil I say that things imply the
          ferret holding the guitar is having far too much fun.)
2:27:00 - Cartman backup guitar hits a wrong note. (ARRRGGHHFHHGHGH!)
2:27:18 - Music Interlude. Ferret starts bouncing up and down like
          sitting on an air pump.
2:27:25 - Ferret tonsils 3. Cartman gets a sore throat.
2:27:45 - "They heading for.. *THE* *SKIIEEEEESSS!*"
2:28:00 - Cartman is ADD.
2:28:03 - A ferret nose.
2:28:09 - A wolf nose?
2:28:16 - Come Sail Away is further warped into a Jazz/Ska mix.
2:28:28 - Wolf raps.
2:28:32 - Ferrets takes out Wolf "StopIt!ComeSailAway.."
2:28:40 - A ferret head in your face.
2:28:46 - The results of sugar on a high-strung person.
2:28:47 - Ferret eats the camera?
2:29:00 - The Horror of Epilepsy.
2:29:07 - Cartman needs food, badly.
          (Just a quick note here.. Cartman only warps Good songs to
          create as much Evil as possible. Has Cartman ever warped a
          song from.. *KISS*?? I didn't think so!!!! :P )
          (STYX > KISS.tshirtlogo)
2:29:20 - End of Song. Ferret gets tossed in exile behind stage.
2:29:26 - Poink is peeing behind the stage? Ras "No.. NO!"
          Poink "Sorry Echo.." Ras "I've got to clean that up later!"
2:30:00 - People try to intelligently discuss the worst part about
          Pink Flamingos. Mutt "I *FORGOT* about that scene.. thanks
          for REMINDING ME!"
2:30:47 - Pink Flamingos is at Walmart? People wonder how it got through
2:30:58 - The Frog eats your face. Poink "They don't know what it *IS*!
          It's in the Kid's section!"
2:31:00 - Rummage pops up. Poink "Yeah?" "No way." "Yes way." "Eww.."
2:31:07 - Poink "'Fraid So." "Eww.."
2:31:12 - <BUZZER.mp3> Rummage "Yah, exactly.."
2:31:22 - Poink complains Buzzer is loud. <BUZZER.mp3> <BUZZER.mp3> "AH!
          Morse code? Rummage "Rasvar.. you know I can take revenge on
2:31:35 - First mention of Titanic Exhibit.
2:31:56 - Paul looks in, looks like guest on the Muppets.
          Paul likes exhibit, except <EnyaTitanicTheme.mp3>, which is
          everywhere and inescapable.
2:33:00 - Each ticket has name of person on the ship, and at the end
          you can see if you lived or died.
          Fuzzle is curious at Paul "Did you Die? Did you Drown?!"
2:33:50 - Paul was 3rd glass passenger. Died while being locked down-
          stairs. That scene was real? Gawd.
2:34:50 - Fuzzle is pumped "BIG CELEBRITIES! Televison Sitcom- Child
          Stars were here!" Titanic costs $20?
2:35:15 - Titanic sinks soon..
2:35:25 - Poink warns that sequel is coming out. Titanic 2: Ice Ice
2:35:48 - Paul tells story of a friend of his bringing Ice Ice Baby
          the Board Game to the real Vanilla Ice.
2:36:28 - Paul striches Poink to shut him up :)
2:37:00 - Paul returns to story. Vanilla is surrounded by Groupies..
2:37:03 - Paul gets interupted again by the sound of a Moose on the
          telephone "What was this about you wanting lice?" "..what?"
          Vanila Rice? Vanila Coke?
2:37:45 - Ne'er, the Canadian Moose from Scotland with a Russian
          Accent is calling from California!
2:37:55 - Paul butts in "You know, I'm going to finish this story..?"
          Multi-Go Aheads!
2:38:09 - Vanilla looks at satire board game girl wants him to sign?
          Turns to acolytes. "Dude! It's my Game! :)" Signs it
2:38:24 - Fuzzle OHS! Things girl bought the only copy.
2:38:27 - Paul recovers from laughing "Alright.. I'm out of here. Bye!"
          Multi Thank you Pauls!
2:39:00 - Fuzzle makes ADD send up "It's time to play.. WHAT THE HELL
          DOES THAT MEAN!" Ne'er "yes."
2:39:12 - Today's word: "Fulsome." Ne'er thinks they'll like it.
2:39:55 - Fulsome street in San Fran? Ne'er ponders mentioning Fulsome
          Box, but decides not to. Mach seconds!
          - Not part of a ship, or floating junk.
2:40:40 - Rummage gives. Ne'er "Well, I imagine everyone Channel has
          already looked it up about 650,000 times.." Rummage "We don't
          look at the channel." Rasvar "We don't cheat!"
          - www.dictionary.com (I cheated, but I wasn't playing ^_^ )
2:41:05 - Ne'er thinks Flying Herbie is fulsome?
2:41:11 - "Fulsome", revealed! <PinballSounds.mp3>
2:42:00 - Many examples of things that are Fulsome o_O
2:42:35 - Ne'er friends make noises over the phone to Hello!
2:43:25 - Ne'er signs off! Poink thinks he's smooth?
2:44:05 - The evil new earphones.
2:44:20 - Funny Arthur story! Arthur has <FogHorn.mp3> sound on his
          computer, and was listening to music really loudly before. He
          went to sleep with IRC on, and someone called up the sound
          in Channel. Arthur claws the ceiling? Grandmother attacks.
          Rasvar Multi- <FogHorn.mp3>s
          (It wasn't me! But I need to learn how to do that!)
2:45:20 - <IDon'tWannaWork!.mp3> Tod and Rummage sway-jam.
          Arthur "I don't want to work.." sings anyway.
          Tod jams with guitar! Rummage drops bowling ball over stage?
          Rummage has yellow ribbon on still.
2:48:42 - Rummage beatboxes. Tod thinks he needs Listerine.
2:49:00 - Tod still has evil pizza in fridge still? Green peppers
          turn out to be green mold.
          Rasvar sees genesis of The Blob. Arthur thinks frozen mold
          won't get worse.
2:50:14 - Special Guests want to see Pink Flamingos? Fuzzle warns!
          Special Guests are eating? Pizza with Flamingos?
2:50:40 - <YouAreHisCheeseburger.mp3> Veggie-tales?
          Love story involving food?
          (So.. after refusing all other foods, the main character
          horribly devours his cheeseburger love? File that under the
          'Flintstones Vitamins' area.. who wants to eat Bam Bam?)
2:53:14 - Song's over! No.. this is the vocal solo o_O
************* PAWPETS WEST
2:53:43 - Trio of mini-Mutts sing <BeachBoys-LittleLooseCoup.mp3>
2:54:45 - "And if that ain't enough to make you flip your lid.. there's
          one more think I got a Pink Slip Daddy.."
          (That was for corrupting Elmo, right?)
2:55:21 - Credits. "Deuce Coup" by.. Unlisted! (BeachBoys.gif)
************* Back to the Studio..AUGH! WHAT IS THAT!???
2:55:25 - Benjamin Franklin watches the Pawpet Show? o_O
          "I'm Benjamin Franklin, and you're watching the Funday
          Pawpet Show!" looks philisophical. "I wish I'd never
          invented electricity.."
2:55:38 - Tod "We love Ben! He loves us." (Looks good for being 200+)
2:55:42 - Tod sees Poink looking at a computer screen? "Poink! What
          are you looking at?" Poink earperks? "You know... :)"
          Tod looks closer.. "That's SMUT!" "Right! ^_^"
          Poink does public library antics again. Tod flips channel.
          Poink doesn't want to watch THIS show!!
2:56:06 - Extreme closeup on someone's sock. Clean and white.
          Sock gets tickled, toes wiggle.
2:56:21 - Sock-cam again! Sock waves and gives you Big Toe up.
          Sock does impressions?
          Sock can TALK? "I'm Sockie!.."
2:57:09 - Sock-cam again again.. it's grown EYES? o_O O_o O_O
          Socky talks like Mr. Hanky?
2:57:26 - Tod wonders how Socky can talk without a mouth? Sockie
          has a stain in the right place. (ClothespinOnNose.gif)
2:57:33 - Socky mutation accelerates.. he/she/it has a mouth now o_O
          Poink wonders if Socky has heard of bleach? "(indignant) Oh,
          you're trying to be Funny! Ha-ha-.." Poink is serious!
2:57:54 - The Socky Trick of the Day: Sticks own eyes in mouth?
          Tasty. Socky takes a bow. Er.. curl.
2:58:17 - Socky gets taped-on Birthday Noisemaker? Or is that a bong?
          Pipe with leaf coming out of it..
          Ok, it's a noisemaker :) Stagehand unfurls curl and tickles
          Socky-toes "Oh.. now I'm excited!"
2:58:42 - Stagehand takes noisemaker and tapes it lower.. Multi-NOs!!
          Socky "That's unnecessary.. and it's.. too small!"
          Socky "Thank you kids, for coming to the Socky show!"
          "Back to your Regular Programm'in!" (KeyholeCam.avi)
2:59:01 - Java bounces. Tod "This is Java, this is not regular!"
          Java annoys Tod.
2:59:24 - Mach-cam. Tod "Oh, speaking of freaks, hi Mach!"
          Mach responds with a non-verbal gesture.
          Socky defends her friend Baldy!
          Poink likes this show now :)
3:00:05 - Socky and Mach comparison, side by side?
          Mach Brady-window is on Socky's head? Socky is fuzzier.
          Mach uses camera-evasion techniques.
3:00:40 - Socky jestures over his/her/it's shoulder (?) at pillow.
          "If you take away this pillow, you'll see my friend Boobie!"
          Hysteria! (Definitely a she now)
          Socky can't understand why the Boobie twins don't want to
          come out and play.
3:01:05 - Mutt notes it's after 10PM, the Rating can be lightend up.
          Tod says something about milk and cookies. (Not going there)
3:01:21 - <SealOfDisapprovalORKORKORKORKORK!!!.mp3>
3:01:48 - The subject is voluntarily changed to Cartoon Characters.
3:02:11 - Today's Travesty:Top 50 Cartoon Characters rated by TV Guide
3:03:40 - Camera goes to 5 Mystery Guests today!
        - Jason, James, "Hey boys, I'm Carrie.." <WHOAs!.mp3>,
          "Hey boys, I'm Scott!" <Laughter.mp3>
          People use "Scott" like "PINECONE!" "Named after a tissue!"
          And Paul again.
3:04:40 - Discussing the List of Evil. Tom & Jerry is #50 on list?
          #1. Bugs Bunny. #2. Homer Simpson?
          Are Rocky and Bullwinkle seperable?
          Are *BEAVIS AND BUTTHEAD* seperable?? (#4)
3:06:45 - Angelica Pickles.. evil *itch from Rugrats?
          Scout likes Rats? Paul likes Rugs.
          Charlie Brown and Snoopy below Angelica Pickles.
3:07:40 - Crowd is devided over SpongeBob Squarepants.
3:08:02 - Carrie wonders how Tom and Jerry scored lover than Beavis
          and Butthead? (FlordiaElections.news)
          Scout points out Gene Kelly helped with Tom and Jerry(?)
3:08:21 - Mutt "Cartman made #10" (NO FRICKIN' WAY!!!!!!!)
          Mystery Guests actually like Cartman?(ApocNow-TheHORROR.mp3)
          Carpet vs. Cartman. (Carpet wins)
3:08:33 - #11 Bart and Lisa Simpson? "OJ Simpson?"
          #12 Fat Albert. And LOTS of impersonators!
          People like Wierd Harold and Mushmouth better though.
3:09:22 - #13 Powerpuff Girls. #14 Daffy Duck.
          #15.. Pichachu. #16.. Gumby?
3:10:03 - Mutt "What has Gumby done, since the 70's??"(FloridaElection)
          Tod thinks Eddie Murphy kept Gumby alive.
          #17. Betty Boop. (Voop?) Scott never likes the Golden Girls.
          Lots of people defend Bea Arthur!
3:10:55 - #18. Top cat (Who?) #19 Mickey Mouse!
          Paul "Mickey Mouse is nothing.." Mutt "You heard it here
          folks.." What's Mickey been doing recently?
          Mickey holes up in Theme Parks.
          Scott valiantly defends Mickey! Does the voice. People watch.
3:12:10 - #20. Gerald McBoingBoing. (Wha? Who? whuh?) Police-Academy
          style human sythesiser. In 2 cartoons.
          #21. Scooby Doo. (At least he's below Bongy.)
          Where's Mayor McCheese?
3:13:04 - #22. Underdog! #23. Josie and Pussycats (Need to see that)
          #24 (25?) Heck and Jeckle. #26. Arthur. Hey Arthur? Not Bea
          #27. Winnie the Pooh? (Peh! Trash BoingBoing and Beavis)
          People wonders if blind students made selections.
3:14:40 - #28. Felix the cat. #29. Mr. McGoo.
          Space Ghost made list. Guest had crush on My Little Pony,
          wonders where they're at? (And what about the Gummi Bears?)
          Unicorn/Pegasii with rump birthmarks are hot :)
          (Loved the D&D style first few episodes also!)
          Concensus against Strawberry Shortcake.
3:15:20 - #30. George of Jungle. #31. Ren and Stimpy. (Ew.)
          #32. Tom Terrific (Who?) #33. Tweety and Sylvester.
          #34. Belle from Schoolhouse Rock?
          No League of Superheros people.
          Paul wonders why Wonder Woman wasn't invisible in the
          invisible plane? Target her levitating buns.
          #35. Space Ghost!!
          #36. Yogy Bear.  #37. Mighty Mouse (Where's Dangermouse?)
3:17:00 - #38. Road Runner. #39. Superman. #40. Batman.
          #41. Daria. Tod hates? Love it! Female low-energy Beavis :)
          #42. Wonder Woman (so what has WW been up to lately?..)
          Paul likes Daria too! Is attacked.
          #43. Donald Duck. <Silence.mp3>
          #44. Alvin and the Chipmunks. Many Kow-tows!
          #45. Boris Badinov and Natashia. More Bullwinkles.
          #46. Woody Woodpecker. Mutt YAYS! Paul "How about Scrappy-
           Doo?" Mutt Ewws.
          Paul likes Scrappy Doo also. Gets air-punched again.
3:18:15 - #47. Porky Pig. (Belch.mp3)
          #48. Bobby Hill from King of the Hill. (MassiveUpchuck.mp3)
          #49. Speed Racer. #50. Tom and Jerry.
3:18:30 - Herbie asks Mystery Guests who they like.
          Votes for Space Ghost and/or Brak. Carrie's undecided.
          Thundercats! (Good art, no plot)
          Thundar the Barbarian! (Oh, someone else saw that? Cool :) )
          He-man. (OrcoRocks!.tshirtlogo)
          People like Skeletor. (Even though he has no bits.)
          Carrie picks Invader Zim. (I *still* have to find that)
          Paul likes TRANSFORMERS! (BumblebeeIsTheBuzz.tshirtlogo)
          Jem and Holograms! (YAY!) People mock? (Huh?)
          No Animaniacs? Or Tiny Toons. Robbed.
3:20:00 - Mutt wonders what profession the Mystery Friends are in?
          Puppeteers! Mutt wonders what that is?
          Foam-wigglers? "Very highly technical skill"
          Scott "We're like GE, we bring good things to life!"
3:21:00 - Puppeteers like Pawpets? And Pizza.
          ALF inspires people to pursue a life of foam wiggling?
          Al Gore in an inspiration. Very life-like. (Not animatronic,
          like George 2.)
3:22:51 - Asks for advice to give audience member who want to become
          puppeteers? ".. Don't!" Common answer.
          Violent start by mutilating stuffed animals at home.
3:23:48 - Don't eat pizza at Tod's bottom of fridge. Or watch end of
          Pink Flamingos.
          Once again, Mayor McCheese is snubbed by viewers.
3:24:40 - Mutt wonders if Channel has questions. Mach laughs! "DON'T
          ASK THAT QUESTION!" (BoxersOrBriefs.Q)(CarrotsOrBrocoli.Q)
3:24:56 - Wisdom from Guests
          Carrie "Live the life you love, and love the life you live."
          (Say *that* three times fast) Scott forgets his proverb.
          (I keep mixing up Jason and James, since they didn't go
          in order.) "Oh.. Expensive China is rarely touched, yet a
          plastic fork is used regularly." & "A book left unread is
          seldom enjoyed." & "My package is like my ego.. if you
          stroke it, it was grow."        O_O       "Oh, WAIT!"
3:25:44 - Scott "That's not right! That's not right!"
          Back to Carry "You can get away with anything, as long as
          you do a take to the audience." Multi-Yeahs!
3:26:04 - Jason "I have nothing important to say. However.."
          "The answer to any question is 3."
          (How many toes do you have?) "If you believe it enough, it
          will be right."
3:26:29 - Jason asks if the Package comment will be censored?
          Mutt "The show is live, so nothing's censored."
          (No need for me to edit then!) "Can't take it back now!"
          Jason oks. "I saw a bumper sticker the other day that said
        'Sex is like Pizza, even when it's bad, it's still prett good"
3:26:54 - James has no closing words. "None."
3:27:06 - The Whole Group gets a single Magic 8-ball question.
          Scott "Do we get paid for this?" "No." James demands 8-ball!
3:27:21 - Mutt oks.. "Oh Magic 8-ball.. will they get paid for this?"
          Jason "If it says '3' I get ten bucks."
3:27:29 - 8-ball: "My sources say.. No." 8-ball freaks people out.
3:27:46 - Magic Affirmation Ball says:
          "Your breath is so MINTY!" (ListerineStrips.gif)
3:27:55 - Profession Puppeteer People wave! <Applause.mp3>
          Poink "Last time you'll see professionalism on THIS show!"
*************** IT'S TIME FOR TUMINATOR
3:28:45 - Fiona's doing Tuminator? Channel can kill first song, but
          then has to list to ALL of second one.
3:29:05 - <IThinkWe'reAloneNow.mp3> Fiona shakes her tail.
3:30:26 - ZAPPED! Fiona urks "We've got a problem now.."
          No second Tiffany song?
          Restart! Not a Tuminator
3:31:00 - Song starts.
3:31:50 - Dancing Naked Headless Barbies.Intertwined in plastic bliss.
3:32:30 - BOOM! Naked Barbie poses, using Fiona's head for hers?
3:33:00 - The 2nd song starts. Fiona laughs evily.
          Second Voop joins.
3:35:50 - Syncronized "Ah-AH!"ing
3:36:46 - The End. Fiona tosses Forest over the stage.
3:37:11 - Undead Scream puppet sings <What'sNewPussycat.mp3>
          <MobileCameraGetsClose.fx> <ReallyClose.fx>
3:38:15 - Good voice for someone without a throat.
          Pussycat is delicious? (Um...)
3:39:10 - Scream-guy finishes, salutes you with finger (?) And goes.
3:39:16 - The Blue of the Stage. Lots of Blue. Endless Blue..
************* ART JAM! TOPIC: "Things to put on Mach's head."
3:39:57 - Picture of Poink getting sucked through Wind Tunnel?
3:40:40 - Mach's head gets Gift of Poptarts?
3:40:51 - Poink on Cheetah-head!
3:41:24 - Mach reminds Kage of bald Gym-teacher? Poink doesn't have
          enough money for AC. Mach looks at Poink?
          Poink sits on Mach's head. They're both go to AC!
          Both Mach and Poink are urked!
3:42:00 - Socky gets own Comedy Central show! "The perfect companion
          show to Krank Yankers!" (Saki.drink)
3:42:35 - Pepsi Blue: Choice of Pawpet generation.
3:42:55 - Mach goes on massive revenge head-shaving attack.
3:43:15 - Tempferret on Mach's head? Mach likes! Tie is Mach-hair?
3:44:25 - People wave to Temp in channel!
3:44:48 - Giant Were-creature starts eating Poink? Bye Poink!
          Hyena on the lose! Chuckles Rampage!
3:45:15 - Chuckles barfs out Poink, then looks ill. Poink "Have I told
          you that you suck?"
          Chuckles sniffs Mutt? Nose moves.
          (Is this wrong?)
3:45:50 - <You-Are-On-A-Rollercoaster-Right-NOW-Cam.fx> o_O
3:46:00 - Mach races to finish shout-outs before show ends.
          Chuckles rubs a Mach head. Mach slowly learns patience.
3:46:45 - Proposed Charity: Give Kids Mach's hair.
          Mach blocks out screen with menu window "Wrong button!"
3:46:59 - Mutt "Give-Mach-Some-Hair.org!" "NO! You register that, I
          SWEAR I will hack it!"
3:47:20 - Start of Shoutouts
          Yappy wants to marry DJ(Raichu)? "No.."
          Max Headroom rocks!
          Mach multi-censors. Naked barbies looks around screen.
3:48:18 - Important announcement! FurryFox and Kitsugami(sp?) have
          a kid! Stagehands give thumbs-up.
          Multi-YAYS! Mach "But I can still beat you in a race."
3:48:48 - Stagefingers crush Mach's head?
          "Happy Go Lucky! Yatta will never die!"
          Mach wishes it would. (Eep?)
          Need.. more.. VODKA!
3:49:17 - Mach glances up to see Jar Jar puppet walking out of view
          stage right. "DIE."
          JarJar "Missa gonna die?" "YES you ARE!"
          Mach hopes Star Wars #3 does horribly.
          Tod thinks computer generated JarJars are to many to kill.
          Mach Controlsa's, Altsa's, Deletesa's.
3:50:00 - End of Shout Outs.
          Moonie Puppet! Gains butt-crack from Rasvar?
          Ras punches Poink because Tod has contacts.
3:51:05 - Mach asks Channel to tape episodes of Justic League, doesn't
          have cable.
3:51:27 - Testing new servers next week? Ras announces Technical
          Difficulty Weekend.
          JR at the Controls new segments? Tod and Mutt "NO!!!"
          Yappy likes new Quicktime. Audio 6 seconds late?
3:52:11 - Mutt invites people to join the mailing list "And help
          write the show!"
          Pawpet show needs money also!
          Merchandise available at:
          Lunchboxes coming up.
3:53:10 - Channel suggest getting Chibi-pet refill kit for Mach's
          head Mach "You SUCK!!"
3:53:25 - Results of an experiment to turn a Jar Jar inside-out.
          Movie is too horrible to show audience, but audience can
          watch people -watching- the film.. and their expressions.
3:55:16 - Start of footage. Divine boasts of being the filthiest
          person in the world. Nobody argues. "What you are about to
          see, is the *REAL* *THING*!"
3:55:21 - <FlowerlyVersionOf-HowMuchIsThatDoggieInTheWindow?.mp3>
3:55:32 - People start smiling. Doggies Arf! Arf!
3:55:43 - Carrie glances at the camera "I've already seen this, so
          I know what's coming up.."
3:55:45 - Heather "Oh no.."
3:55:48 - Heather "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOAAAAAOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
          More doggies Arf! Arf!ing (While people are barfing)
          (AClueToWhat'sHappening.->) (LagomorphEatingHabits.txt)
3:56:11 - Mutt "At home, if you Only Knew what they were watching!"
          (You could be watching Jimmy Neutron, but NOoooo...)
3:56:14 - Mutt "Our audience has no idea what they're watching!" (NC)
3:56:21 - Rasvar's wiring forces all the rest of the Pawpets to watch
          what was happening also. AGAIN. Poink "Rasvar.. you suck!"
          People are hungry now? o_O
*************** GOODNIGHT SONG!
3:57:05 - Lotsa Voops, Ferrets and canines singing.
          Poink and BV still looks close.. are they dating?
3:58:07 - Mutt Multi-thanks folks! Even if he can't legally say what
          all the people do.
3:59:00 - <Goodnight!.mp3><Ding!.mp3>
          BV and Poink kiss and fall below stage.
*************** FADE OUT
3:59:04 - <TheMakingOfPinkFlamingos.mp3> "My original ad copy for
          Pink Flamingos read: 'The Filthiest Mo..
3:59:06 - <MarvinTheMartian-KABOOOM!!!.mp3>
3:59:20 - <ColorBars.fx>
*************** THAT'S IT!
*************** ENJOY! (Blackfoot.gif)