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Subject: FPS: Outline for Show #132!
Date: Sat, 03 Aug 2002 06:42:48 -0700
From: Rob Taylor <robtaylor04@attbi.com>
To: Pawpet Show Mailing List <fps-list@pawpet.org>

Well, it's been a few weeks, and nobody seems to be doing this now, so
I'll hazard another show-outline-like-thing.. I took down the details I
thought neccessary to convey the full charm of the FPS in action :)

Outline of Show #132 - July 28, 2002. Christmas in July!
- compiled by Blackfoot

0:0:30 - Dr. Demento greets the Pawpet Show! Warns it's D--Mented!
0:1:00 - Christmas music instead of Austin Powers! (YES!)
0:3:27 - Cheerful holiday tune abruptly ends. Pic: Poink on toilet.
0:3:40 - Show starts! Poink wonders who took the picture?
0:4:25 - Tod's hat is stuck on his head! Others notice, but don't help.
0:8:50 - Mutt introduces Christmas In July show! Fun with Santa hats.
0:11:30 - Mach's not here, Yappy does Channel Role Call.
0:13:40 - Can't list FM, because nobody has Ops!
0:14:50 - Tod announces Santa could be visiting!
0:16:15 - Fluff and Such: "I Farted On Santa's Lap"
        - www.fluffandsuch.com
0:18:59 - (SlackJawedBugEyedShiveringJimmyNoNeckAndPoink.gif)
0:19:30 - Discussion of worse things that could happen on Santa's lap.
0:20:50 - Heather Henson (aka, Jim's daughter) loves Fluff and Such!
0:22:20 - Heather wants to see Pawpet stage! Mutt is nervous "If
Wayne's         World had puppets, this would be it.."
0:24:20 - Heather's visiting next week? NonSanityCat is "Flabbergasted"
0:26:33 - Rasvar notices the Thumper internet server is overheating.
0:26:50 - (RandomSnowAndCylonsAttacking.avi)
0:27:40 - Mr. Snowmiser song from that Rankin-Bass movie I can't name.
        - Tod rocks with Jar Jar clones.
0:30:00 - Mutt "We really don't write this show, we kindof figure it out
          as we go.." Rasvar's on 50% sleep.
0:30:43 - The ever popular <DogsWoofingJingleBells.mp3>!
        - Jar Jar clones again. JarJar's a dog? o_O
        - Song ends. <AgeOfEmpires-AttackThemNOW!.mp3>
0:32:26 - JarJars do combat, throw friends over stage "Missa WON!"
0:32:56 - JarJars are eating Christmas lights?
0:34:05 - New character- Forest! The talking tree. Christmas tree?
0:35:40 - Possible makeovers for Forest.
0:39:43 - Tod introduces Shak-A-Claus! "Merry Christmaskwanzika!"
0:40:32 - Shak meets Forest. Forest "My name's Forest!" Shak "I don't
          get it.." "I'm a Tree!" "WOW!"
0:41:30 - Channel wants Tree for President?
0:41:58 - Has been in lots of movies. Charlie Brown tree. Burning bush,
          but needed a stunt tree.
0:43:30 - Mach's not here, therefore the coffee burns.
0:45:12 - 6 seconds of <MeSoHorny.mp3> Shak "O...Kay!"
0:45:54 - Ferret (Yappyfox) does South Park "Night Christ was Burned"
        - Vixens help!
        - (MyGlassesShatter.avi)
0:47:53 - BitchVoop "Do we have our lives back?"
0:48:45 - Wonders what the heck the white stuff on the stage is.
0:49:00 - Mutt ask channel if they could have anything for Christmas,
          what would it be? BV "A chainsaw right up Rasvar's..(CUT!!)"
        - Mutt "An *Art Jam*" (I thought Ras didn't have a butt crack?)
0:49:44 - What the Pawpets and Channel want for Christmas (No teeth)
0:51:22 - Tod saw a movie this week. "Spoilers!!!!" sign active.
        - Mutt "Austin Powers 3 *Does* *Not* *Suck*"
        - (Rampart-Ready..Aim..FIRE!!.mp3)
~0:52:00- <AustinPowers3DiscoTheme/ShakeYourBodyRipoff.mp3>
0:56.35 - DVD review of Steve Odekirk's Kung Pow, Enter the Fist.
        - Or not.. Blank screen
0:57:35 - <BlankScreen.gif> Tod "Holy Cow! The special effects are on!"
0:57:40 - Lights turn on. BV has turned into BACON? She's ticked.
0:58:40 - The dark powers of Rasvar restore BV, but make Java
0:59:50 - Pawpets West: "Let It Snow!"
1:02:34 - 4 seconds of JR's butt.
1:02:46 - 2 seconds.
1:03:00 - Mutt announces White Elephant Gift Exchange later in show.
1:03:35 - Comatose Java removed from stage. Con-funk?
1:04:00 - For the first time ever, Herbie farts. Mutt is proud.
1:04:44 - Pawpets' and Channel's favorite Christmas foods!
1:06:50 - Giant ogre-ish Rasvar head.
1:08:00 - Christmas Clip: Rankin-Bass "Twas The Night Before Christmas"
        - "Here's our first example of how you ruined everyone's
           with your opinions.."
1:09:45 - Pawpet show returns.
1:10:00 - Discussion.. what's the Gayest Holiday? (Gay = Dumb)
1:11:50 - Santa arrives!... drinking from a bottle? o_O
1:13:20 - Santa swears? Is this the real Santa?
1:15:10 - Fake Santa exposed! Rasvar wants to take him out.
1:16:40 - <HawaiianDrummerBoy.mp3>
1:17:00 - Discussion: Presents you wanted, but never got.
1:19:10 - Mutt breaks Rollercoaster Tycoon speed record.
1:21:30 - Temp! Discussion: Things not to do to electric fences.
        - .. and not to do to running lawnmovers.
1:23:30 - The Christmas Tree is alive? Things not to do to trees.
1:24:00 - Tod Question: How much does a cloud weigh?
1:25:30 - Baking Biscuits vs. Making Muffins.
1:26:30 - Pawpets going into Mach coffee withdrawl.
1:29:20 - Arthur gets laughs walking in and off of the stage. He has no
          idea why.
1:30:20 - SING ALONG WITH ARTHUR! <JulioIglesias-FelisNavidad.mp3>
          Arthur "Fleas on my Dog... Fl-EAS on my dog.."
1:33:20 - <ToiletFlushing.mp3> Arthur spins and spirals below stage.
1:34:00 - Discussion: Favorite Christmas Movies.
        - Silent but Deadly Night? The HOWLING?
1:36:51 - Clip: Emmett Otter's Jugband Christmas! "Barbeque" song.
        - HBO special from 1980's. Coolness :)
1:39:55 - Scroll message: "Poink's favorite Christmas Show is Hanibal's
          Christmas Dinner With Friends"
1:40:15 - Coolest gifts people ever got. And worst.
1:43:40 - Dangers of unicycling.
1:45:50 - Poink got birthmarks from playing with Hotwheels?
1:47:40 - Related items: How often did people get spanked?
        - And with what? And from what hardware store?
1:50:16 - Pawpets North Coast: "Manger 6" (ie, Motel 6, way back when)
        - Kage's Mom's special spanking tool.
1:52:45 - Inflatible parents? Shak "Don't make me pull out Lego-Dad!"
        - Dads made out of different materials.
1:56:40 - Rules for Art Jam and White Elephant exchange.
1:57:35 - Pawpets West: "Microsoft Christmas"
1:58:25 - Pawpets rush to get back on stage after super-fast clip
        - Mutt pants "That was mid-pee!"
1:59:35 - How Disney's gotten cheap with their parades of late.
2:00:31 - Poink asks what people's favorite non-alcohol Xmas drink is?
2:01:00 - Singing the Coca Cola "Perfect Harmony" song out of tune.
        - Coca Cola helped create modern Santa archtype?
        - Rasvar has more Robitussen.
2:02:06 - Temp keeps people on topic, lists channel favorite drinks.
2:03:15 - Temp gags at mention of TempNog.
2:04:40 - Poink explains TempNog to Temp "When you make eggnog, you milk
          a cow..." Temp gets a bad feeling.
2:06:30 - While presents are dished out, people talk about handheld game
          systems. Poink got Custer's Revenge, X-rated.
2:07:21 - Once again.. Rasvar's butt. Poink "I see glazed ham.."
2:08:10 - KP gets.. (a blank screen?) Rumplemints and Spiced Rum.
        - KP doesn't drink! Poink "Like giving a Playboy to the Pope."
2:10:00 - Herbie picks.. bubblewrap? Rubber duckie!
2:11:00 - "I got a Rubber duckie! Yay!..oh" drops it, it breaks. Darns!
2:11:45 - Temp wonders why people wonder who his puppeteer is?
        - (Note: I think Temp's player was absent show #118 where the
          old stage came down before moving to Yappy's, and was never
          revealed to the camera. Although Temp's a cool character and
          has been around a long time, I still couldn't tell you who
          his puppeteer is, and I've watched a few shows :/ )
2:12:14 - Cooner picks.. foam peanuts! Two stone lions?
2:13:45 - Rasvar opens rattling box.. Tod Puzzle? Puzzle of Susandeer!
2:14:50 - Yappyfox feels some gifts, looking for sardines?
        - Full collection of Captain Jack! WILDLIFERS! Lotsa comix.
2:15:55 - J.R. shows off Panda shirt. Tinkerbiatch zaps him.
2:17:35 - J.R. grapples with fortified package. Beanies!
2:18:25 - Simba steals the booze!
2:19:00 - Temp ? at TempTempRevolution people in channel.
2:19:20 - K.P. picks another present.. gets sidewalk chalk!
2:20:20 - Terrymouse gets Reduced Fact lemon-pastry cremes.
        - Herbie's hungry, wants him to share!
2:21:30 - Debating what to do with extra presents. J.R. has an idea.
2:21:50 - Tod picks ugly brown box.. "I know it's from Poink.."
        - The Bear Survival Kit? Rubber bands? Magic 8-ball?
2:25:30 - Mutt's turn. Terrymouse groves to Charlie Brown theme.
        - Shiny Green Bag. Minced Garlic! People swear, it's huge!
2:27:30 - Treatens to open garlic, but it's sealed. Mutt loves garlic!
2:28:00 - Jimmy No Neck goes. People make all kinds of suggestions.
        -Jimmy looks up at Terry."You know, I have never felt so short"
2:29:00 - Jimmy takes light box. Hopes for bananas.. a single $1 bill!
        - Multi "Pinecone-dollar!"s
2:29:55 - Rasvar is still in bathroom. Mutt "He's giving presents!"
        - Terrymouse ponders his role as package-hander.
2:30:35 - Rasvar steals the booze! JR "I stole that fair and square!"
2:31:15 - Simba (?) chooses the Big Box, thinking it might be rocks.
2:32:05 - Simba hmms.. "It's the worst thing possible to give to me.."
        - BEANS!?? *Pork* and beans! One thing he can't stand eating.
2:33:00 - Rummage picks bubble wrap. Valentine's Day Love-You bear!
2:33:13 - Unenthused Rasvar "Robitussen.. Gooood.."
2:34:40 - Poink picks one of the videos I sent..
2:34:45 - Yappy warns! Says 1st video of set needs to go to Mutt first.
2:35:01 - Yappy reads note. "To Mutt: If you had enough time to watch
          all of Pink Flamingos, it must mean you have time to watch
          this.. (Generic Affection, ) .. Blackfoot.."
         - (Caption on second box: "... in case you destroyed the first
           copy ^_^" )
2:35:25 - Both Mutt and JR both open a box each at the same time..
2:35:33 - Mutt gets Jimmy Neutron box. "BASTARD!"
2:35:43 - Chuckling, then Yappy notices the box JR's holding says
          "KISS: Live in Las Vegas".
2:35:47 - Yappy "What's inside the Neutron case?" (Don't ask that!!)
2:35:53 - Mutt discovers KISS tape inside Neutron box, and JR finds
          Neutron tape inside KISS box. (DOH!)
2:35:55 - Terry and JR give thumbs-up to the camera!
        - (Possible Alternate Ending: Mutt sees the Neutron box, and
          trashes the tape immediately as a matter of principle, then
          stares in horror at the cracked name of KISS on the cover,
          which he would have noticed if he's actually opened the box
          and tried Watching The Movie. In channel, Blackfoot says "You
          can't tell a book by it's cover, and you can't tell a movie
          by it's ANIMATION STYLE!" Scoring 1 for the Sub-atomic One.)
2:36:12 - Mutt exchanges the tapes, then ceremoniously tosses the real
          Neutron video into the trash (Wait till next Christmas..)
2:36:35 - Simba gets more beans, but green ones he can eat. + Corn
2:37:20 - Person who does Temps voices mocks you by during down
          then stands in front of camera "You can't see me now!"
2:37:35 - Wishes you all a Merry Christmas! "It was 140 degrees today."
        - Mutt's glad the air conditioning works.
2:38:35 - Mutt proposes restarting Fat Bastard club where everyone
          bicycles around neighboorhood. Without the buffet afterward.
2:39:30 - Callin, but it breaks. People start All Your Baseing.
2:40:20 - Ne'er calls in! Experiments with speaker feedback.
2:41:00 - Ne'er's a pagan, does "wierd stuff" for holidays?
2:43:00 - JR was doing a private conversation over a library computer?
        - Mutt "Save that log and send it to the mailing list!"
2:44:21 - Today's WhatTheHellDoesThatMeanWord: "Wassail"
          (To assail someone with a waffle iron?)
2:44.51 - Ne'er "And NO reading the channel!"
2:45:30 - Ras explains what Wasseling is, but doesn't know other.
2:46:30 - Ne'er reveals word.
2:48:15 - Ne'er's picture kisses the screen (how did he get headphones
          over the antlears?) and signs off. Threatens to sing!
2:49:20 - Someone's knocking at the door.. Real Santa?
2:49:50 - SANTA!!! (with Goggles?) "Ho Ho, Fricking Ho!"
2:50:45 - Santa's in the WWF? Plexor-claus? Wears title belt.
2:51:30 - Santa taunts people to sit on his lap. Clotheslines Mutt!
2:51:58 - Stomps on Mutt?? Someone get an ambulance!
2:52:05 - Santa gets in your face "Be good! OR ELSE!"
2:52:24 - Terrymouse dukes it out with yellow-haired Santa freak.
2:53:00 - Comatose Mutt and Terry. Santa plays to the crowd.
2:53:35 - It's the Poink show. Rasvar hands out more gifts.
2:53:55 - Mutt crawls back to stage. Ras "Mutt" "What?" "Here's
          something coming at you." "WAAHH!"
2:54:16 - Mutt gets Scooby-Doo box from Lycanthrope. Poink starts
          eating stage snow. Stagehand makes it eat him instead.
2:54:46 - Ras gets Nerve Tonic for stress relief. Mutt gets flea collar.
2:55:11 - Simba gets Beano. And picture from Garrison.. (Blank?)
2:55:50 - Poink gets lady's bra! Teen fashions?
2:57:10 - Java gets brown paper! JR puts on the bra! Has two eggs innit!
2:57:40 - Java gets purple sash, and completely white eyes. o_O
2:58:30 - Mutt gets pasta sauce! Emerald's pasta sauce. From Zorro!
2:59:40 - Garrison sends Simba a huge BRICK of Pop Tarts!
3:00:00 - BV "I got a 'Happy Birthday' thing with bugs.. I don't
          freaking get that.."
3:00:45 - Skippy is summoned "Oh fine, now that you need me.."
3:01:00 - A big, goofy fish toy swims in front of the camera. Skippy
          wonders why people think -he- is wierd.
3:01:40 - Skippy get an orange feather boa! "I'm all fabulous!"
3:02:20 - There's a squid on Shak's head. Arthur "It's Cthuhlu-Shak!"
3:03:25 - Shak gets canned squid for Christmas?
3:03:45 - Java sings song-let about making right things wrong YAY!
3:04:00 - Tod gets a new Duck. (One that won't bite. Or drive his car.
          Or stay out all night.)
3:04:10 - Extreme close-up up disturbingly clear Java-eyes.
3:04:30 - Tod and Poink engage in combat over the Duck.
3:04:45 - Rasvar tosses sound clips at wierdness to no effect.
3:05:20 - Pawpets West: "Santa Baby" Vixen asks Santa for just about
          everything.. (vixen sits on stage and kicks feet, cool!)
3:09:00 - Pawpets III- The Search for Poink?
3:09:20 - Mutt calls on viewers to send in videos!
3:09:34 - Rasvar "I gotta say this is probably one of our worst looking
          stages ever.." Poink shoves ornaments over stage edge.
3:09:40 - Poink is ticked because his squeaky hammer broke on Tod's head
3:10:10 - Poink doesn't think Santa is real. Terry things last one FELT
3:11:00 - Santa #3! Looks real! "Ho! Ho! Ho! Thank you very much!"
3:11:30 - Santa does standup. He's convincing!
3:12:15 - Santa shares secrets about what type of cookies each one of
          the reindeer likes to have when he can't finish them all.
3:13:20 - Strange other types of foods people leave for Santa.
3:14:25 - Santa reminisces about strange toys that made it big, like
          Furbies, and Tickle Me Elmo.
3:14:50 - Santa takes office to the Bahamas after a shave. Incognito!
3:15:20 - Santa and Easter Bunny are Big Brother?
3:15:55 - Santa gives shout out to his hommies. (?) Peeps? (!?)
3:16:15 - Mutt is suspicious."I don't think this is Santa Claus either!
3:16:30 - Santa and TerryMouse rematch. This time the red guy loses.
3:16:45 - Santa loses fake beard and hat.. revealing HUGE tiger-head?
        - Mutt "I knew it! It's SK-1!"
3:17:05 - SK drops Northern accent, looks pissed. "Ah pay you guys a
          Holiday visit, and this is how you treat me!? You'all
          *ANNOY* Mr. Good now!"
3:17:50 - Round of applause for SK-1! SK waves and hams it up.
        - SK visits from doing charity work up North.
3:18:55 - Doodles wants SK to have the Duck Candles.
3:19:20 - Pawpets North Coast: Elvis gives Christmas message.
        - Elvis eats lots of things.. is very hungry.
        - "Message From The King" Bob Rivers Twisted Chrismtas
3:21:47 - Pawpet stage should further destruction.
3:22:10 - Temp wows "What happened here?"
3:22:15 - <BlackScreen.fx> "That much apparently.."
3:22:20 - Screen returns again. "There we go.. it's like.. it's like.."
3:22:23 - Screen cuts out. "It's like any other Pawpet show.. AUGH!"
3:22:28 - Temp makes many pained sounds during blackout "Watch it!"
3:22:39 - Main Screen Turn On! Temp is tangled in Xmas lights.
3:23:55 - Forest Makeover Complete! Charlie Brown Christmas Tree!
3:24:02 - Forest starts singing. Is tripped up by a castmember.
3:24:50 - Temp is dismayed. "We have a talking tree?" "WellWeHave
3:25:28 - Tod wows! Wants Forest's autograph. Forest "Ten dollars."
3:25:35 - Forest loses his star.
3:25:58 - Transition: "And now to FPS for all the Benjamin$.."
3:26:04 - Video Clip: "Raging Rudolph!"
        - http://www.murphybrothers.org/Video/rudolph.html
3:29:25 - (BeautifulHarmony.fx) "Have a Merry Freakin' Christmas, and
          remember what we have said.. don't you squeal, or rat us
          out, or -you- -will- -End- -Up- *DEaaaaaaaad!*" (TheEnd.wow)
3:29:41 - Stunned Pawpets. No sound?
3:29:50 - Sound returns. Mutt "Yay, Mike.. ALRIGHT!" Temp still stares.
3:29:58 - Temp is broken. Mutt "Stagehand?"
3:30:10 - It's time for Charades! Hyena-Claus?
3:30:20 - Mutt "Now.. I think This One is the real Santa Claus.."
        - HyenaClaus shakes his head.
3:30:45 - Closeup on Saint Chucklus. Chuckles head-tilts to look back.
3:31:10 - People try to guess who HyenaClaus is. Chuckles looks hot
          under all those layers.
3:31:30 - Maybe not.. he's not wearing any pants? Mutt "CHUCKLES!"
3:32:10 - Chuckles attacks the camera, waiting for Charades to start!
        - Chuckles, from Give Kids the World.
3:32:48 - Picture of.. Saint NIPPILOUS? (O_O) (Who the heck..?)
        - Picture of guy with no shirt on, and a collar o_O
        - Uncle Kage.. post Mohawk! (Did he lose ANOTHER bet..?)
3:33:14 - Temp is dead. Mutt "I think we killed him.."
        - Kage actually sent that in himself!
3:33:54 - ANOTHER Santa? Santa Pup. (Where's Ezra?)
3:35:00 - First Charade.. one of Poinks favorite films?
3:35:50 - Ten word song..
3:39:05 - ARTIST'S JAM! Merry Christmas pictures from viewers!
3:39:25 - TempNog? With a Poem? Ew? "That doesn't even look like
3:40:00 - Vixen Santa.. good ferret or bad ferret? Happy ferret ^_^
3:40:45 - Rasvar tallies art submissions, then has coughing fit.
3:40:48 - Mutt awws.. "Poor Ras.. all sick!"
3:40:50 - Christmas Tree falls on Mutt. "AAH!" (Karma.force)
3:41:20 - Mutt gets unstuck. Shout-outs start.
3:43:10 - Mysterious background giggling? Chuckles at work.
3:43:32 - "And Now To Something Odd..."
3:43:35 - Saturday Night Live footage.. without sound?
3:43:51 - Back to stage. Feedback. (Odd)
        - Ras tries again. Stagehand gives A-ok handsign.
3:44:12 - "And Now To Something Odd..."
        - Story of the Christmas Kangaroo? Saturday Night Live.
3:44:54 - Kid's Dad fights the kangaroo to get presents.
3:45:25 - Dad losses the next fight.
3:45:30 - .......... O_O
3:45:39 - Egnimatic Narrator "..and my Dad got sodomized.."
        - >_<
        - Dad loses next four years in a row. o_O
3:45:11 - Dad starts to enjoy it?
        - *_* (Calgon,TakeMeAway!.commercial)
3:46:50 - Christmas Kangaroo dies? (Are you sure this is cheery?)
3:47:15 - Narator Salutes You "Happy Holidays Everybody!!"
3:47:19 - The stage is dead.
3:47:24 - Bits of swinging wire and gore.
3:47:29 - 4 seconds of JR's waistline and Panda shirt.
        - Mutt thanks Trendane for the video! Seal goes apeshit.
3:48:12 - Tod wants a Dolphin of Disapproval. Echo goes apeshit.
3:48:50 - Echo makes an incredibly cheesy pun.
3:49:40 - Mystery: Do dolphins fart? Yappy raises an expert.
3:50:15 - Poink and Manetees.
3:51:01 - Pawpets assemble for singing!
        - Tod arghs "I gotta sit by the frog.."
3:51:12 - Ras "(low energy) Are you ready?" Poink "No." "O-kay.."
3:51:55 - Java likes Skippy's feather boa. Lumber "That's disturbingly
        - Poink and BitchVoop have matching purple collars? (ooooh!)
3:52:30 - The Pawpet Tabernackle Choir SINGS: The 12 Days of Xmas!
3:52:36 - The realization that this song is NOT the original version.
        - "A Japanese Transistor Radio.." Mutt "Wrong one.."
3:52:42 - BitchVoop "Ras-VAAARR!" "Cut me some slack, I'm on drugs
        - Poink wonders what his excuse is every other night.
3:53:21 - The Pawpet Philaharmonic PRESENTS: The 12 Days of Xmas!
        - ... (Make that Pains).
3:54:00 - Pawpets duck up and down, taking different parts in song.
3:54:12 - Everyone ducks at the same time, nobody's on stage! "Facing
          my in-laws.."
3:54:18 - Everyone pops up "FIVE.. MONTHS OF *BILLS*..."
3:54:52 - Carrot wants to Transformer for Christmas!
3:56:00 - BV "She's a witch I hate her!"
3:56:07 - Skippy "Oh.. I don't even KNOW half these people!"
3:56:25 - Start of credits while 12 Pains is still being sung.
3:56:50 - Cut sound.
3:56:55 - Cut visual. "Copyright 2002 - Randy fox"
************* Post-show fun!
3:57:02 - Color bars. "SPOILERS!!!!" sign. Pawpet icon.
3:57:16.4 - That's it! :)

(Pawpet Show #132 July 28, 2002. Summary and nitpicking details compiled
by Blackfoot)

Enjoy :)