SHOW #420 - The Green Stuff Show         

(Under contstruction, the first two hours are done, have a look)

compiled by Blackfoot Ferret

0:00  - Intro start for show 420, The Drug Show!. "Bad Boys" music intro. Lots of Brian Reynolds art.
<BACKGROUND MUSIC> (Open in another window, and read while listening. Once through is fine.)
http://www.newgrounds.com/audio/listen/144223 (A right-click, open usually works for Newgrounds, one step)
0:02  - Stage filled with Funonions and other snack foods! Poink glances up, almost wary.
        Poink "You know what this week is.. hello folks. Welcome to Episode *420* of
            the Funday Pawpet show!"
        Mutt "The Brownies are regular brownies, right? I just had two of them."
        Yappy "You're in trouble!" "They tasted ok.. they didn't make me gag.."
        Poink notes you can't taste it if you make them right. "It's like a good Long Island
            Iced Tea!" Yappy "Did you sniff them first?" Mutt "Yeah, they smell like brownies..
            but they're in this house.. on this show.. so I probably should have asked first"
        Mutt "They *ARE* regular brownies, right?" Poink "Too late now." "Nah, I would taste it."
        Yappy notes they could be stealth brownies. Mutt "You don't know how to make those
            brownies.." Poink "You don't know, he's had a week!"
        Yappy "Ok, the white bowl.. is hot.. the black bowl.. is tame." Mutt whats?
0:03    Mutt "Wait.. White bowl is HOT?" "Yep." ".. DAMMIT! I had the WHITE BOWL!" Poink ohboys.
        The Mysterious Rapidly-Depleting White Bowl. Mutt thinks Yappy had some too.
        Yappy "But the good news is, they take about four hours to kick in!" Mutt "Great, just
            when I have to drive home." Snickering offstage.
        Mutt "No, not four hours, it takes about 45 minutes, not that I would know.."
-0:45   Poink "Good Lord.." asks folks to explain the magical number '420' for the audience.
        Yappy shrugs "I don't know.." Mutt "I heard it was the police call for.. when they have
            something to do with.. Mari-jawana?"
        Yappy thinks it's from the time kids get out of school "By the time they get to a
            congregation point, it's 4:20 in the afternoon."
0:04    Poink wows "So every day is going to be a 4:20.."
        Bob Marly's Redemption Song starts playing. Poink "(to audience) So I guess tonight you're
            going to find out more than you ever wanted to know about Canabis!"
        Poink lists possible things to cover, recipies, what do do when you get pulled over.
            Mutt "Nah, I'm sure our audience knows a lot more about it than we do."
        Yappy "They just went to Urban Dictionary :)"
        One of the Gratefull Dead roadies would light up at 4:20? Mutt "So there's lots of
            theories, so we should go to Wikifur.. oh not WIkifur." Laughter. Poink "Wikifur
                pot-smoking community!" http://wikifur.com/
0:05    Consulting the Great Wiki, knower of things. Yappy recalls how people steal the '420'
            plate off hotel doors constantly. But not the one at Mertle Beach "We were good!"
0:06    Yappy reads the urban dictionary listen, about how a group of pot-smoking 'wiseacres'
            who called themselves the Waldos.. Poink "Who wrote this, somebody's Grandma?".. who
            would get together at the state of Louis Paseur at 4:20, and set a term for a generaton.
        Mutt thinks the channel should all change their name to one of the 300+ chemicals in pot.
0:07    Yappy finishes "And that was by Brandy, who says 'I know my shit'. People think Brandy owes
            them three dollars in the Swear Jar.
        Poink "Ok, since I am not as hip as certain people.." Mutt "I have no hipness" "..what's the
            common term for the stuff now?" Pot, weed, everything in between. BOB? "As in talking to
            BOB, Bob Marley.."
0:08    Mutt is sure it's a safe brownie now. The channel nominates 'Talking on the Big Green Phone'
        A new Generation learns to Go Green. Green Magic 8-ball?
http://ocremix.org/remix/OCR00947/ (For OCRemix, click on the 'Download MP3' link, then choose a mirror)
0:09    A new song starts. Poink "Is that the Green Green Grass of home!?" Yappy "..No."
        Ezra isn't there tonight, helping out with Anthrocon. Rolling lots of joints "No, he's doing
            paperwork.. I'm sure he'd rather be doing anything but what he's doing tonight."
        Poink "He's workin hard, and hopefully all of that work is gonna pay off." Mutt "He -does-
            work hard, everyone who works on this event really works their butt off."
        Guess Anthrocon attendance this year? "3000?" Doing well inspite of off economy.
0:10    Theory, more people are unemployeed, so more will go to fur cons, ghost or crash them.
        3390 last year. Yappy "So yeah, they'll break 3000." http://www.anthrocon.org/
        Mutt "They'll just have 12 people per room instead of 10." Mutt "It wasn't that bad, we
            brought air mattresses."
        Poink finally flips at the Bob Marley music in the background. "How can Bob Marley have
            so many Greatest Hits Albums!?" Mutt "Cause he's AWESOME!" "He only did, what,8 albums!?"
        Poink loves Bob Marley "But he's like the Doors, the Doors only did 3 albums, like *18* greatest
0:11    'Hey Hey Goodbye' starts playing. No, wait, it's "Marijana, Marijana, hey hey hey, get HIGH!"
        Everyone starts singing along, badly. Poink looks up "And today's show is brought to you by..
            Funonions!" Mutt ".. but we're going to try and balance it out.. and learn."
        Questions from the audience "How much can you smoke before you drop dead?" Yappy notes too much
            of anything can be lethal.
        Mutt goes diplomatic "What's the -likelyhood- of dying from Marijuana, as opposed to.."
            Yappy "Alcohol!" ".. cheeseburgers."
0:12    Cheeseburgers vs Marijuana. Poink "You know there was a woman about 6 or seven months ago, who
            died from drinking water?" Mutt "That's right, water's bad for you!"
        Yappy "You want to find out how bad hamburgers are?" go to video.
        Interview with Doctor John, and his motto "A taste worth dying for."
        John "I run perhaps the only honest restaurant in America, I say 'hey, this is bad for ya, and
            it's gonna kill ya."
0:14    Buildling the Quadrupal Bypass Burger. All it needs are gun turrets.
        Would you want YOUR buns coated in lard?
        No salad bar.. only a lard-covered fry bar.
0:15    Guy says the fries are good for you. Mutt "What? He said they didn't lie!"
        Philosophy "We don't do.. Diet Coke.. do don't do.. Light Beers.. we don't even provide
            lettus on our burgers."
        Colestoral for kids too.
        Public recognition for folks who can eat an entire Quadruple Bypass.
0:16    The interview, an old guy, orders a Quadruple. The scantily clad Nurses cheer him on.
            Guy gets to level 2, the Nurse checks his vital signs.
        Reporter contorts. Mutt "He's gonna puke!" "I'm almost up to 6000 calories!"
            Yappy "A $12 hamburger!"
0:17    The 4th level. Even Yappy is squicked. Reporter says goodbye to his kids. Nurse takes him away
            in a wheelchair. Mutt "My gosh, I love this resaurant!"
0:18    Mutt "I love this restaurant.. but I'd never eat there!" People look for a website.
        Mutt "They even have a WEBSITE? Wow!" Consensus is that the Cheeseburger wins.
-0:30   Mutt thanks stagehand for finding his minicomputer while Yappy throws out more weed synonyms.
        Yappy "Stoner, blunt, blaze, Green, Toke." Mutt "Reefer" "Bowl, hash, trees, THC, Baked, Split.."
            Stagehand thinks of raiding the junk food "..Skunk,Hemp,Nug,Kosh,Drug,Blazed,Noog.."
            Mutt wows. Yappy "...Pothead,Canabis,'69'?.." Poink "Why do I feel like Jay and Silent Bob?"
0:19    "..Mouse, Stoners.." Mutt "69 is already Taken!" "..Party, Mary Jane, -Hitler-, 420 and Drunk."
        Mutt wows "Look at all these snacks.." Poink calls dibs on the Funonions.
        Mutt brought his Juggle Sticks, part of Grateful Dead culture? "Is Gratefull Dead week or acid?"
            Yappy "Weed." "That's right, we went over this earlier.."
        Mutt relays a Jerry Garcia joke "What did one Deadhead say to the other Deadhead when they ran
            out of pot?" Answer: "Man, this band sucks!"
0:20    Yappy makes a discovery "Man.. Urban Dictionary is just.. wrong!"
            "Read their first definition of Hilter!"
        Dirty Sanchez has powerful adversaries. Mutt keeps track of the Swear Jar totals. Poink "OH GOD!"
        Poink uses NOs! like morse code. "It has something to do with smuding -something- on an upper
            lip.." Mutt "Say it!" "NO!" Yappy "While they sleep ^_^"
        Mutt "Say it?" Poink peeks in "Poo..." Mutt "You have to rub poopoo on your upper lip?"
            Yappy "No, you rub it on somebody -ELSE'S- upper lip while they sleep."
        Mutt "What does that have to do with smokin pot!?" Yappy "It doesn't! ^_^" Poink "He's had a few
            and he's got ADP!"
        Yappy giggles while Mutt ponders the human condition "I would never have any desire.. rub my
            poo*POO*, on someone's upper lip if I was HIGH.. it's not going to Happen!"
0:21    Poink does another double take "Here's something you'd never see except our -our show-, in
            channel someone just said to all we just said.. 'That's actually called a Dirty Sanchez.."
        Yappy giggles. Mutt "Is that what that is?" Poink "I DON'T KNOW!!" "I always wondered what that
            was.." Poink "I don't wanna look it up!!"
http://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=dirty+sanchez (always willing to help)
        Mutt "I was walking through Epcot and saw a sticker on one of the signs that said 'Dirty
            Sanchez.." takes it down curiously. Manager nods "You wanna take that down.."
        Yappy "A Hitler is also somebody that needs a hug." Mutt "Aww! He's just misunderstood.."
        Mutt wonders if people have seen the 'Hitler Finds out About Epcot 15 Years Later' video?
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W0SaeMNbNCo (Bill Nye the Science guy is ALWAYS relevant!)
        Mutt thinks it's priceless. Yappy heys "They say Hitler had a good side. He created the Autoban"
0:22    Also the Volkeswagon Bettle, laying the basis for both Herbie and Bumblebee (Camero my @#$@)
        Yappy points out stoners love the Volkeswagon Van too.
        Mutt plays up the Herbie and Herb thing as folks talk about Flower Power.
        Mutt "I gotta watch that movie again." Poink "You smoke enough, and your car -will- talk."
        Mutt looks at Herbie the Love bug in a whole new light. Poink "Are you SURE you haven't had any?"
-0:26        "Just two brownies, no, three.." Poink "That must be it."
0:23    Stoner philosphy scenes in movies. Mutt "No, I'm not stoned, I'm just naturally stupid. There's
            a difference!" Poink "That's what pot does :P"
        Channel wonders who's there? Poink "Yes guys, it's just me, Yappy and Mutt tonight." Mutt "Yes,
            unfortunately our friend Ezra is very busy getting ready for the world' Largest Convention
            EVAR!!" Poink "Overloaded, working hard." Mutt explodes.
        Yappy is still browsing Urban Dictionary, marvels at how, like more traditional reference tomes,
            Urban Dictionary will use every word in an example sentense. Giggles more.
        Poink oks.. "How did they use 'Hitler'..?" "You don't wanna know :)"
0:24    More freakage. Poink looks damaged. Mutt sighs at his little plastic monitor "It makes me wish
            my computer wasn't a toy.."
        Yappy catches his breath "This is so WRONG! :)" Mutt hellos to Simba in channel. Poink "We're
            just gonna watch Yappy read Urban Dictionary" Mutt "You know the camera's on, we could
            share it with out audience!" Poink "No,No,No.." Mutt "YES WE CAN!"
        Mutt "If anyone is offended by ANYTHING AT ALL, leave the channel now!"
        Mutt "Ok, we're good, go!"
        Poink "People are gonna quit left and right.." Mutt nopes "People are coming in!"
0:25    Yappy recovers, Mutt hellos to the folks just joining.
        Pawpet News? They have some, but Yappy's ready to start a video. "If you smoke enough of the
            Ganja, you start seeing stuff like this.."
(couldn't find it on Youtube, here's Episode 1 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=31Z8gMyI0F4 )
        Musical number about Living Island, featuring Hippy Trees.
0:26    "We hope, someday! The whole world will live this way!"
        Mole's big solo.
0:27    The owl hoots, and the house sneezes.
        Pretty colors!
0:28    Jamming with the Boyds (Avian band. You have to be there)
        The Kid's solo. Poink "Wasn't he as Osmond?"
        Dancing dosedo with a dragon. Yappy thinks they were puffing stuff.
            Poink "I didn't know until to day that he was a dragon." Mutt ohs? "I thought he was a
            chesseburger!" has sort of the Kermit/Mayor McCheese thing going on.
        Everyone dances happily. Poink notes the show scared the hell out of him as a kid. Mutt got
            freaked out by the sneezing house. "I havent' thought about that house.. since I was like 4."
            Yappy "You like.. blocked it out of your mind?" "Yeah, until just now, now I'm scared again."
0:29    Peace, love, and happiness. Mutt "That house would EAT me!"
        Someone notes they did a movie?
http://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=H.%20R.%20Puffinstuff (oops, wrong one)
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/HR_Puffinstuff (there we go)
        The songs that people have on their iPhones..
        The house sneezes again, blowing down everybody.
        Yappy's giggling again. Poink "Wow, you cannot watch that and tell me they weren't smoking
            something.. was there a show that Sid and Marty Croft did that DID NOT involve pot?"
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sid_and_Marty_Krofft (They did Land of the Lost? Probably not)
0:30    Mutt "That kid ended up on that island and all that crap started happening and I'm like.. this
            place is Gay! Good grief!" Poink "Ok, here's a question, what was the most Gay Sid and Marty
-0:18       Kroft show?" Mutt "THAT one!"
        Poink votes for Lidsville and the talking hats. Mutt "Now if you had to choose between living in
            Lidsville and Living Island, which would you choose?" "Suicide?"
        The Lost Saucer? Poink "Oh great, strand me in space with Ruth Buzzy and Jim Neighboors."
        Mutt notes he loved HR Puffinstuff as a puppy. "Probably because I didn't know any better."
            Poink "It had everything a kid loves, bright colors, moving across the screen that made no
        Sylvester is stalking a singing mouse, who's using the 'Cocaracha (Cockroach)' melody.
        "La Cocaracha.. La Cocaracha.."                     'The Cockroach, The Cockroach'     
        Ya no puede caminar....                             'He already cannot walk..'
        Porque no falta, porque no tiene...                 'Because I have, because he doesn't have..'
        Marijuana por fumar!...                             'Marijuana to smoke'
        Oldschool, politically incorrect cartoons. Freezeframe. Mutt "What? What What?"
0:31    Sylvester tossing a hand grenade into the mouse hole and runs. Ends up getting fried anyway.
            People wow.
        Poink "And somebody said those were the actual words." Mutt "Go figure.."
            Yappy "Go look in the 40s! They didn't care. That was done about the time that Refer
                Madness came out."
        Poink thanks JB in channel for reminding him about 'The Buggaloos' "Thanks JB, I hate you now."
            Yappy "What show?" "The BUGGALOOS." Mutt "YEAH! The Buggaloos was gay.."
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J0jY7RCkh24 (the song is actually pretty good)
        Poink is freaked out by Marta Ray. "She's got a big smile.. I always thought she would gonna
            bite me." Mutt "Like the house."
0:32    ARTJAM TOPIC "420!" Mutt "Or Pawpets in jail."
        Show has been in the works for a long time, since, show #4?
            Mutt "Ten years later.. we finally did it. It's a... anticlimactic."
        Poink "If this keeps going.. and we do a show 840.." Yappy "NO!" Mutt "... YES!"
            Poink "Although by then.. we'll legally be able to have it for Glaucoma."
        Mutt "You know, we could easily hit 1,000 show at this point." Yappy "(small voice) no..."
        Mutt "We'll just take another.. 15 years.." Poink "We'll be in our walkers.."
0:33    What -IS- Geritol for, anyway? Vitamins or bowls?
        Regaee starts thumping, Mutt chills out, starts romancing the snacks.
0:34    Music "Who's got, the Herb?" Mutt studies some of the food, wondering which is for Bandit and
            which are for humans.
        Stagehand starts throwing Hohos everywhere. Poink "No Bandit, you can't have.. WAIT A MINUTE.."
            Holds it up "It looks like a TAMPON!"
        More fast food tossing "You do that with the Ding-dongs, not the Hohos!" Mutt "Don't touch my
        Coffee break. Poink "Is show 666 going to be the Satanic show?"
VIDEO: A BRIEF HISTORY OF WEED http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zfiaC-2K1LM
0:35    As 60's music plays, we go on a Civilization IV-style 3D odyssey through time..
        2727 BC - China begins using Marijuana as MEDICINE. Buddah is smiling.
        500 AD - Cannabis reaches EUROPE by way of India and Africa. Go go dotta map line.
        1492 - Christopher Columbus brings Cannabis Sativa to the New World.
        1619 - Jamestown Colony Law: All Settlers REQUIRED to grow Cannabis. (God bless the USA)
        1797 - George Washington's PRIMARY CROP at Mount Vernon is Cannabis (A *LOT*)
        1876 - The Sultan of Turkey gives the US Marijuana AS A GIFT (Meh)
        1880 - Turkish Smoking Parlors open up ALL OVER the Northeast (When was Steven King born again?)
        1891 - Queen Victoria is PRESCRIBED Marijuana to relieve menstrual cramps (Surprise? No.)
0:36    1908 - Henry Ford's first Model T is made with HEMP plastic and runs on hemp ethanol
            (actually, Hemp fiber rope is some of the strongest there is, it's main use is industrial.)
        1937 - Federal Law BANS Marijuana. Flamethrowers everywhere. A very dark day.
        1942 - The US Military uses Marijuana AS TRUTH SERUM. (I thought that was LSD? Maybe later)
        1965 - 1 MILLION Americans had tried Marijuana. Lots of dazed hippies
        1972 - 24 MILLION Dazed hippies taking over.
        1980s - The Reagan Administration begins its WAR ON DRUGS (Better late than never?)
        1980s - EVERY 38 SECONDS Someone is arrested for violating Canabis Law. Lots of eyes behind bars.
        1996 - PROPOSITION 215 Passes in California, Medical Marijuana is Legal. (The Queen thanks you)
        NOW - Marijuana is America's #1 CASH CROP at $36 BILLION A YEAR. (No wonder Washingon's on money)
        Brought to you by WEEDS (Anyone mind if I write in the margins? I'm on a sugar high.)
        SHOWTIME - (Cool, thanks)
        The SHOWTIME show called Weeds? Yappy likes, Poink's ok with it.
0:37    Poink "But you know what I just remembered that we forgot? You know what else today is, right?"
        Father's Day? And the longest day of the year, the Solstice.
        Music. Poink arghs, hates Windows Vista "It starts playing something, and I can't figure out
            what it's using to shut it down."
        Poink annouces Mutt will be giving away his world-famous Ramen recipie! Mutt coughs.
        Yappy starts singing the Little Houses Ticky Tacky song. Poink ohgods.
0:38    Yappy "...And the green ones, and the blue ones, AND THE YELLOW ONES!, and they all look
            Ticky-Tacky.." he starts cackling. Poink "He just pulled all of that straight from memory!"
-0:10   Mutt "Ok, if you're gonna keep singing like that, you need to put another dollar in the Swear
            Jar.." Yappy hays! "Have you ever heard that song?!" Poink "NO!" "I gotta find the original."
        'Little Boxes' Theme from the show Weeds. Channel things they're doing it wrong?
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KmNSEbgt1Dg (You really don't have to background this if you don't want to)
0:39    For grins, Yappy starts playing his voicemail.
0:40    Mutt prepares some strong coffee "EspRESSO." People keep calling Mutt.
0:41    Mutt wonders if the channel has any questions that They Can Answer? "We can FIND the answer..
            with a little help.. from our friends."
        Yappy startings singing the Beattle's "I get high with a little help from my friends" song.
        Yappy "Could it BEEEEEE anybody..." Mutt "Redski asks.. 'are you guys high right now'?"
        Mutt "*I* am not." Yappy "*I* shot the SherIFFFFFF.." "That answers your questions for the rest."
        Poink/JR notes he's not high either. "I don't smoke the stuff." Yappy "NoNoNoNOOOOO I don't
            smoke it no more.." Poink curses Ringo Star.
        Mutt, are you going to AC? "No, I gotta work. I wish I could, I love that place.
        Mutt recalls the year he went, was blown away.
0:42    Anthrocon takes over whole neighboorhood in Philly, stores actually change their names.
            "Fernandos is becoming FURnandos.."
        Masquarade. 2 and Kage doing standup. Guy from Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends as GOH.
        Nonsanity Cat is doing a puppet show too. Poink "Which I'll be assisting with along with a
            few other people.. and I think Ezra and Poink will be doing a short puppet show as well."
0:43    Mutt "This is too big to be a convention.. it's a CITY!"
            "The whole freaking town turns into this thing! It's like three blocks wide.. every
            restaurant they're putting chalk drawings out in front.. special menus, special tshirts,
            renaming the stores renaming the restaurants staying up LATER.. the Nightclubs, the Bars,
            EVERYTHING! It's like.. AnthroTOWN!"
        Poink "(modest) People love us :)" Mutt "It's Amazing!"
        Coming up with a new word for city-altering gatherings.
        Poink wants to see a "Home of AC" Pitsburg billboard." Mutt "(shudders) What kind of IMAGE will
            they use!?" "Who else? KAGE!" "There you go!" "He'll be up there.. 'Come to my City!'"
0:44    Going with Anthrotown. The Little Boxes song starts up "Then they'll be anthrostate..
            anthrocountry.." "Little boxes.."
        Listening to the Ticky-Tacky song. Poink decides he might try some pot at this rate.
        Mutt ARGHS! Yappy "The show's good!" "HOW is the show good!?"
0:45    Yappy "You've never seen it, how do you know?" "What show is it?" "..it's called Weeds." "Oh that
            is a good show."
        Children go to the university, and come out all the same. Mutt reads names from the box.
        Mind destroying doom. Mutt "This song's longer then OUR theme song.." Yappy notes they're both
            two minutes long.
        Mutt hellos to some channel people.
0:46    Mutt rewelcomes folks to show 420. "The theme is 420.. therefore we have snacks."
        Channel questions: What's the square root of PI? ".... Whip Cream!'
        Who's gonna eat all those snacks? Mutt "ME!"
-0:02   Mutt "How many brownies have I had? THREE! And they're normal brownies. They're not.. choke on
            and puke brownies, throw up in your mouth brownies... standing up in the back of a mid-van
            while getting gasoline brownies.."
        The voice of experience. Poink "The secret's in the spices."
        The audience gets creative "How much.. do you.. spend on pot.. in a typical year?.."
            Poink "He has friends, so he saves money."
0:47    Yappy starts laughing. And laughing. And laughing. Poink chuckles "You'd be better off asking
            how much he spends at McDonalds!"
        Mutt hmms "How much does the -average- person spend?" Poink "Is there such a thing?"
VIDEO: HOW CATNIP GETS CATS HIGH http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J5Xrcp6k8VE
        A disembodied English voice studies a group of cats in the middel of a catnip patch.
        "Even familiar animals indulge in strange activities.."
        Horde of cats descend on the garden like zombies.
        "Cats from far and wide.. are irresistably drawn to a seemingly insignificant plant.."
            Poink "Is this like a catnip thing?!"
        Rubbing, sniffing, and chewing, both the nip and each other.
        Extreme closeup of the plant getting slow, loving licks. Mutt "Dang.. Love That Plant.."
0:48    Meow. Some start fighting over it. Poink "Gang war! Cap him!"
        "It's auromatic oils make them frisky and playfull.." Rrrrowl! SLAP! Mutt "That's not playfull..
            that's angry. That's Angry Drunk."
        Foaming at the mouth. People ew! "You can buy this at Walmart? Publix?"
        Mr. X "As well as rolling around in esctasy.. they chase imaginary mice."
        Lots of rolling, mrrring, rolling again. "Interesting."
        Rolling "This odd behavior is triggered by chemicals resembling those in tomcat urine."
            Mutt "... HUH?" "Courting females writhe in this provocative way.."
0:49    Spaced cats. "But strangely, catnip affects both sexes." Poink "...I don't find that provocative!"
        Serine music. Sleepytime. 3/4 of cats have this sensitivity?
        Screen starts to bend and stretch psycadelicly.
        Goings... really.. slow... Mutt "Cameraman's on it now."
        Matrix high. Letterhead "PECULIAR POTIONS"
-0:00   Mutt thinks he's a Matrix cat. "Mmmmmmmmmeeeeeeeooooooowwwwwwwwww....."
        "Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeewwwwwwwwwwwwooooooooooooo............CATS ARE DUMB!"
            Poink "After a few puffs of that stuff, yeah!"
        Telephone! Solid Snake? Poink "And who do we have here?"
        KP "Hey Poink, how's it going?" "Hey!" "Hey! Hey Kage!"
0:50    KP "... this is not Kage!" Mutt "It's the next best thing." KP "A better-looking thing." "It's
            Kage Jr!" KP "... NO! Don't even say that!"
        Poink wows "Does he have, like a training labcoat?"
        Mutt thinks the whole staff should wear labcoats. KP "... you never know."
        Yappy notes that's Megaplex's theme next year. Mutt "Labcoats?" Yappy "Yes." Poink "NO!"
        Next year is MAD SCIENCE!
        Upcoming themes at Anthrocon for the next three years: http://www.anthrocon.org/
            -Modern Stoneage Furries    Mutt "Huh?" Yappy "Geico caveman." Mutt "You're really running
                out of ideas in other words." Yappy makes muppet Beaker sounds.
0:51        -2010: "Anthropomorphic Institute of Magic." Mutt neatos.
            -2012: "A Midsummer Night's Dream."
        Mutt "It should be the end of the world!" KP "That's 2011... forgive me, my brain isn't working
            right now." Poink "Well get your hand out of your pants!" Pause. Mutt "Are you high?"
0:52    KP "Well if it isn't the contact high, it's coming through the screen from you guys." Mutt bounces
            around "That's right, cause of my farts!"
        Coffee, tea, Funonions and thee. Have thy questions about AC?
        People want schedule posted, KP explains that changes are happening constantly, 160
            individual events over 4 days, 17 programming spaces, Guests of Honor arriving at
            different times.
0:53    Fursuit parade so long it might actually form a Modius Strip inside the hotel, and never end.
        Poink wonders if Yappy will be leading the fursuit parade? KP "Yappy will be leading the parade as
            as he wants to, he created that back in 1997."
            Poink looks to Yappy "You bastard." Mutt "Awesome for you man! Yappy, inventor of the
            Fursuit parade!"
0:54    3 GOH this year. Mutt starts hurling wrapped food at random. Hits Yappy with a DingDong?
            Yappy "You hit the computer." KP thinks it sounds like a private thing. Yappy "You just
            crashed everything."
        Poink is in awe "You just crashed an APPLE.. with a ZINGER!" Mutt tries a few more tosses.
            Yappy "And now he just took out a camera.." KP wows. Yappy isn't worried, except that
            if he can't find them, and Bandit does, it might kill him.
        Mutt fires again. Poink "There's one by the monitor! I'll take that one.."
        Yappy notes if Bandit gets it it's on their conscience.. Mutt MUWHAHAHS! "DrrrrAAMMAA!!"
0:55    More about the quests. Underdog and Trixi rabbit creator, used to be marketing representative,
            asked to make a character and did in one season.
        Ben Valestrari, Dreamworks character designer, worked on Foster's Home for Imaginary friends.
            Has a panel on storyboarding at AC.
0:56    Bob Boyle, Wild Wild Websie. Expert and moving content between media, from animation to print.
        Mutt is spaced out from treats, crashes.
0:57    KP notes due to the feed, he can either talk, or listen to what's being said, but not both.
            Poink oks "So you can't boner hear anything boner that I say boner right?" "...... Cor-rect."
        KP contines as weird bendy alien sounds start.
        Mutt is still spaced from brownie overload. Poink "Ok, because the theme for Anthrocon this year
            is 'Oh My God, Aliens!', we're putting some weird flangire effects on your voice."
            KP tries it out "That would be greeeeat.." Yappy's just punching buttons. "That's what
            Yappy DOES!"
0:58    AC in Pittsburg, rooms in two facilities, Westin Hotel, panels at David Lawerence Convention
            Center. One whole city block for AnthroTown.
        Repitch for website http://www.anthrocon.org/
0:59    Poink has an important message. "I've got to stop you for a second, KP.." "Yes?"
            Mutt wakes up "Swiper stop swiping!" Poink "He raised up and gave me a Beefer!"
        Yappy "And Bandit came over to enjoy it :)" Mutt has a Q about people who don't pay?
        How the con deals with freeloaders. KP "The con really doesn't go out of its way to hastle
            anyway, that's not -what we do-. The problem is, a lot of people that -try- those kind of
            activities do eventually want to try and get -into- convention space."
1:00    3000 using the same elevators, people with badges get priority. Hotel has asked people to
            leave if they aren't registered with the con, or the hotel.
1:01    Visiting friends is ok, just can't crash con events.
        KP notes convention only costs about 50 bucks, and one of the charms of a con is getting
            people together. "If you've made the effort, to -rent a hotel room-, and -travel all the way
            there-, why not go ahead and help support the convention, so more of your friends will
1:02    Diplomacy works, sometimes. Mutt "50 bucks...?" Poink explains "That's like 50 packs of Ramen."
        Inflation, prices going up. KP "Lots of conventions have that price.." Mutt "No, most of the
            conventions I go to cost about *$1,000*."
        San Diego Comicon will put you back. KP restates that $50 is pretty darn good.
1:03    Single Day Passes work too. Fursuiters get special tags. Neat dodads, thank you gifts.
        Mutt "That's $50 for the full weekend, right?" KP nopes, you can get the fursuiter badges
            with a single-day pass too.
1:04    KP notes people try to keep things fun, as long as the supplies last.
        Mutt makes the pitch for AnthroTown. KP "We've suggested the City of Pittsburg rename itself
            'ANTHROPOLIS', but I don't think they're going to go for it."
<BACKGROUND (Short, can loop)>
            Mutt wants an Anthropolis Tshirt. Poink wants a Kageville one.
        Special menus, local restaurants prepare food for people on a budget.
1:05    Poink wonders if anyone will be serving Ramen? Yappy suggests the Hajimart across the street.
            Mutt "Yappy!" Poink "They won't let us cook in our rooms!" Yappy notes the coffee brewer
            works just fine. Mutt thinks Yappy needs to put a buck into the Racist Jar.
        Poink blinks "We have a Racist Jar?" Yappy "What stores do you buy WEED at?" Mutt "Bodegas!"
        Mutt recalls a bar renaming drinks at EF (EuroFurrence?), and their legendary drink "The
            SPOOGY SPECIAL." Someone hurks.
            KP "... The *SPOOKY* Special.. I had a lot of those." Mutt shakes his head "SPO-GEE, with a
            *G*, they had to go to the back and make it, and came back out with the drink."
1:06    Yappy giggles. KP "......Didn't have that one." his tasted like orange. Mutt "I had coffee."
        Yappy reminds people the theme is Weed today. The Weed Alert is active.
        Signoff. Mutt "Thank you very much KP, good luck on your hard, hard work I hope it pays off
            I hope we have a.. I hope you ALSO get a chance to enjoy it yourself." Poink "As a matter of
            fact people, he's in channel right now, why don't you all just private message him a big
            'ole THANKS!" Mutt "Everyone individually, give him a private message and expect a reply!"
        KP braces for the coming inundation "NO! My computer will crash!" People cheer!
            Yappy "Everybody demand he return your call, get all Emo-Plexy if he doesn't reply to you."
            Mutt "And if you see him at the convention, give him a good long half-hour HUG!" Poink agrees.
1:07    Yappy "Bow down to his feet and rub them!"
        That's what friends are for. Mutt tells the Internet that KP's secret weakness is a footrub.
            Mutt notes KP freaks when you do that. Poink wants people to know he wasn't personally part
            of that particular dogpile, creating even more questions.
        3,000 people giving you a footrub at once. KP "My brain is melting even thinking about that.."
        Mutt wants to hand out 'I Gave KP a Footrub' stickers. Poink thinks two big guys should just
            carry him around the con circuit to facilitate this.
1:08    KP signs off. Yappy "You owe me a sticker!"
VIDEO: THE ANTI-DRUG DOG http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KFAN3wdlrJg
        Girl goes to get something out of the refrigerator. "Hey Lindsay?"
        She turns around, looking for the source of the voice, seeing only her dog. She blinks.
            The dog gazes back "I wish you didn't smoke Weed."
        Lindsey sort of freaks. Dog "You're not the same when you smoke.. and I misse my friend."
        Pause. Dog "I'll be outside." Don't do drugs kids.
VIDEO: THE ANTI-DRUG DOG *PARODY* http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fNTUlsOYuPU&feature=related
(Because I just linked THE WRONG VIDEO..*HIC*)
        Girl goes to get something out fo the fridge. "Hey Lindsay?"
        Lindsay turns around, looking for the source of the voice, seeing only her dog. She blinks.
        The dog gazes back "I think I had some of your weed.."
        She keeps staring. The dog continues "I feel really high... ayhe think you should call 911..
            I'm wreally high.."
        Lindsay is throughly creeped. "Lindsiy seriouchly.. call 911.. I can't feel my legs.."
        Lindsay is even more creeped. Dog "I think I'm dead.. I think I'm dying.."
    Above the Influence sign, with the arrow pointing DOWN instead.
    Caption: "The Upset Triangle made this video and has live performances in NYC@www.thepit-nyc.com
        Check out all our videos.
        Giggling. Poink "We're just viral today, aren't we?"
1:09    Mutt recalls stick figure of high guy's girlfriend leaving him for a space Alien.
            Alien comes down from the sky, girlfriend takes off in the UFO. Mutt "I always thought the
            funnies ending to that commercial was.. 'Wow, this is good shit!'"
        Poink "Ok, I'll take your buck now." Swear Jar +$1.
VIDEO: BERNIE & ERT ON DRUGS http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Tfc4tNxes_Q
(Note: Show version is in German, link below is in English. I'll let you decide which makes more sense.)
        Playground where kids get thrown off tetter totter into space. Welcome to Sez-A-Me Street.
        You've met Bert and Ernie? Well picture them.. as Cyclopses. That's right, one big eye.
        Cyclops Ernie spreads drugs on the table and mixes them together, pondering (in German(?)) which
            ones he should take today, elimating each one in turn.
1:10    Cyclops Bert shows up, smoking a joint. He's uncharictaristicly happy and laid back today!
        Bert looks mad, Bert is taking his drugs?
        Knock, on the door! IT'S THE POLICE! They sound angry.
        Ernie decides to try and hide the drugs.. by feeding ALL OF THEM to Bert. Finally jabs the Heroin
            needle directly into Bert's head, then goes to answer the door.
        Bert stops, wobbles a bit, experiencing extreme system shock, then falls to the floor, very
            likely dead.
        Ernie returns, apparently it was a wrong number. He looks around for Bert, sees Bert on the ground
            and says something witty, then does the KEEKEKEKEKEKEEE! Laugh thing. The End!
1:11    Another video: PAWEPET NEWS FLASH! Lightning everywhere.
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RyiQ1iUaweM (All three parts in the same video, watch Part 1)
        A serious mouse in a sweater with conservative letterhead greets you behind the desk.
        Mouse "Good evening. I am John D. Mouser, for Pawpet News, bringing you Breaking News."
        "The War On Drugs has reached a new level as right now, agents of the DEA are approaching a
            house in, ah.." checks his notes "Poncy.. pouncy.. Poinky.. Poin-chee.... somewhere near
        Icon of a house with a big metal X on front appears. "The suspects inside are wanted for the
            possession and distributation, and are expected to be heavily armed and dangerous.
            Intelligence reports indicate that they might even be in possession of Gas Weapons."
        "We now switch to Al Sheppard who has joined the police forces and reports live from the
            scene of the upcoming crime.."
        Warp to Al Shepard, Folkmanis sheepdog with artist's floopy hat on.
        Camera bounces toward the front door, occasionally.
1:12    Al "So far there has been no sign of hostility, but we prepared for the worst.."
        Tiger policeman "We've got their rears covered! I mean.. their rear entrance covered!"
        Knock knock knock "(LOUD) THIS IS THE POLICE! (Al jumps back) WE'VE GOT YOU SURROUNDED! THAT
        Inside, the voice of Hugh "Oh for the love of <BLEEPING> God! I told you we'd get busted!"
            JR "Oh *stuff it*. (determined) You are NOT taking ME alive!!" Hugh "He's not speaking for
            me, I'm endangered!"
        Al hmms "There seems to be no reaction to those nice words of persuasion. We will be back later
            to bring you any new details as the story unfolds."
        Tiger "Just WAIT till they come out.. heh heh hehhhh...."
        The Stage is empty. Some of the snacks have gone missing.
        Mutt "Are we gonna go outside..?" Yappy "Hell no, I'm not going outside!" Poink "I'M not going
        Mutt pops up "It's HOT out!" People agree. Yappy "As soon as we go out the door, there's
            going to be a smoke cloud that goes out the door." People agree.
1:13    Hugh takes over for Poink "I'm not worried about it I'm endangered." Mutt "How long are they
            gonna be out there?" Hugh "Until the weed runs out."
        Yappy "We gonna smoke it all before they get in." Hugh "Hey, FUNONIONS!" he literally dives in.
        Exploding bag of Funonions. Hugh "I'm having a Ding-Dong! Not something I want to say out
            loud.. I'm having a Zinger!."
        Mutt keeps things moving "Ok, we know the health -benefits- from smoking canabins, what are the
            health -PROBLEMS-?" Yappy "When you eatem in a brownie, it sure cleans you out."
            Mutt "Does it really?" Yappy nods. Poink "Also, it does cause spontanious bruises and welts..
            when you try to stiff your dealer with a bag of Oregano?"
1:14    Poink "It causes you to eat an entire vat of cookie dough?" Mutt notes they don't really have
            drugs, just some very rich brownies.
<BACKGROUND (but you can watch it too, it's cute) >
        People crunch Funonions in the background. Mutt "Know what I hate? The sound of people eating."
        Big Cookie-monster Grnoms. Yappy grmmms "Actualy -smack- Der are a lot of people who eat, with
            gheir mouth open.." Mutt "Yes, I *KNOW*.."
        Mutt tries using Positive Thinking, starts mumbling to himself "I try to be good and not say
            anything.. I try to ignore it.. I try so hard to ignore it..."
        Poink notes that's why he doesn't eat out much "CLOSE YOUR FREAKING MOUTH!"
        Mutt "That's why I like having noise, around me, like the TV on or music going.. I don't like
            eaten in silence."
1:15    Survey to see who hates the sound of people eaten, lots of folks chime in. Poink eats to the
        Yappy "Here's why Pot's bad."
VIDEO - Goofy Public Service Annoucement http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZbsBj8NRufw
(from Harold and Kumar Go To White Castle)
        Two guys watch a TV, where an anti-drug commercial is playing.
        One guy tempts the other "Dude.. just wake one hit.. don't you wanna be cool?"
        Couch guys giggle. Mark guy ponders the joint, then takes a tug, and WOOHS!
        He goes to get a shotgun. "Hey man, what are you doing?"
        Couch guys giggle. "I'm so HIGH! Nothing can hurt me!!" Friend grins.
        Guy puts the shotgun into his mouth, and his friend realizes, too late, that he's serious
        Screen goes black, *BOOM* is heard as people chuckle.
        Public Service Annoucements in blood red letters "MARIJUANA KILLS." "I love that shit!"
        More giggling, Wows.
        Fun with drug propaganda videos. Mutt "We do have Reefer Madness, right?" Yappy nopes.
            (It's on Youtube, see ending links) Mutt arghs! Yappy "You didn't send me that email
            last night." "You ignore my chats.." "You sent it while I was sleeping last night!"
1:16    Fun with getting hundreds of messages a day. Mutt "Bummer.. we can't play YouTube videos.."
        Hugh "It just takes him a while to download them.." Mutt sighs "There's a lot of.. wonderful
            videos on YouTube."
        Mutt "Shut off this show and go watch YouTube!"
        Hugh "Well, but you know what YouTube doesn't have?" Mutt "What?" ".. Funonions!"
VIDEO - SCARY MOVIE 2 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HFANuSPo-CY
        Guy feeds his plant some bong water, purring as if talking to a child. "You'll grow up to be
            a big, strong crime plant, yes you will!"
        Guy goes to bed.. but the plant starts to grow, and grow.. and GROW...
        Little Show of Horrors?
1:17    As A Hiphop Christmas plays on the TV, the plant starts taking over.
        Wonderful Christmas filk songs play as doom approaches.
        Giant plant golem grabs him, the guy screams like a litle girl!
        Plant starts rolling him up like a mummy, or a cocoon.
        Rest of the house runs in "Oh My God.."
        Guy is wrapped up.. like a giant toke. Music suddenly becomes groofy.
1:18    Guy "Oh shit! I smell something burning.." it's his hair as the plant starts to smoke HIM.
        Girl "Hang on Shorty!" Shorty "Don't save me yet, I'm getting HIGH as a MFer!"
        Plant draws in, then starts couching. Shorty "Aw! You gotta take it like a Man!"
        Housemates arrive with a plan. White Guy "Hey You! We've got Funonions and Cheetohs!"
        Plant monster turns, distracted, and takes the bait as Shorty's friends get him out of the
            giant bong. Plant crashes out though the window.
        Laughing. Yappy "In Soviet Russia, Weed smokes YOU!"
        Scary Movie 2, before Leslie Neilson took them over. Poink "One and 2 were the Wans, 3 and 4
            were the suckers." Mutt "2 was the best!"
1:19    Another Superhero movie. Mutt notes Scary Movie 2 was original, not just a big parody.
        Poink "Unfortunately.. they're making another Naked Gun."
            Leslie Nielson, the guy from Creep Show.
1:20    VIDEO: THE PRICE IS RIGHT 420 GUY http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZHdjqsSSa_A
        Bob calls a guy down who keeps bidding 420 over and over.
1:24    The guy who keeps calling 420 would have won if he didn't do 1420 to the guitar. Mutt "He was
            -high-, so he screwed it up!"
        Mutt's words of wisdom "Don't do drugs, just ACT like you're ON THEM!"
        Guy from Fast Times at Ridgemont High?
        People say hello to 'Buddy'
        Mutt "Can you get high from the leaves?" Yappy "Maybe if you eat the bunny afterwards.."
1:25    Mutt whynots "Let's teach our audience to grow marijuana..
        Rabbit keeps nomnomnoming. Poink "Could you make a salad out of this stuff?" Yappy "Not out of
            the leaves, no."
        Buds of the plant, not the leaves, have the good stuff in them. Yappy "Only on a female plant."
        National Geographic, Counterculture edition. Mutt "We should call up Trendaine, he knows more
            about this than anybody."
        Poink WOWS! "Way to sell him out right on the air!" Mutt nonods "He's a plant grower! He's a
            professional gardener.." Poink "You had to make that clear :P" Mutt paws up on the stage
            "Nonono.. he doesn't smoke it actually, at all! But he does know a lot about it.."
            Poink "What, is he running for Pres?"
1:26    Mutt ums... goes back to the buds and shooting pollen again. Plant sex ed.
        Shooting pollen. Yappy starts cackling again. Mutt "They DO! They -shoot their seed- into the
            air and it lands on just like.. POOO!"
        The birds and the bees, literally. Poink "That is one F-ed up Bumblebee!"
        Animated video-edited cat sings the song directly, lip syncing the lyrics.
        Mutt "Is that all this is?" "Yep." People kill it.
        Mutt "I would like to see the actual video though."
        (Jay and Silent Bob thank you)
1:28    Hugh the Manetee fills in for poink. Kevin Smith on High Times magazine, pro-Pot activist.
        Hugh "This shows what kind of a nerd I am. Look what I had in my DVD player?"
            Stagehand holds up Kevin Smith "Ever Harder Baby" concert CD.
        Yappy finds the original video
<BACKGROUND (tho you can watch it too, tis cool) >
1:30    "I messed up my entire life.. because I got high" People rock.
        "I lost my kids and wife!.. because I got high" People keep rocking.
1:31    Mutt "Afroman with Kevin Smith.. and whatshisname?" Jason Mews
1:32    Kevin Smith watches Dora the Explorer.. while high?
        Mutt "Now I, Mutt, have smoked it -one time-, while I was in Holland.. and we even have a VIDEO
            of it actually.." Yappy "I don't know where that video is." Mutt "You lost the video because
            you were high." Yappy "Probably, I got pictures.."
        Mutt explains that in Holland, pot is legal. Yappy notes that it isn't?
1:33    Mutt "It is available to purchase without getting arrested.." Yappy nods.
        Smoker's guide to Amsterdam? Yappy wonders what he did with that big blunt. Mutt says he gave it
            to his boss.
        Mutt still wants to find the video. Hugh "It's evidence!" Mutt arghs "It's LEGAL there!"
        Not legal. "It's OK.. it's -somantic- there."
1:34    Nothing illegal in Holland? Nothing -enforced- rather. "Cops look around, 'Everybody happy?'"
        Mutt notes streets are full of international college students "Scared stiff! <whisper> Because it's
            the first time they were there!"
        Holland, a good place to stop by after visiting the Dairy Queen.
1:35    Mutt "Check out the red light district." Hugh "Are you guys going again?" "... eventually!"
            Hugh "Is it as fun as everyone says it is?" Mutt "It's fun because you make it fun."
        Good food "You don't recognize anything." Shockingly clean? Red light district is spotless?
        Mutt wants to call a friend in Holland. Yappy "It's 1am in the morning" "He's up! He's always up."
            Mutt notes nobody he knows in Amsterdam smokes, they just drink beer.
1:36    Mutt notes Amsterdam drug use is a good case in point. Mimes the Republican Advocate for a second
            "HoOOO! If we legalize mariguana.. everybuns gonna be HYE.. *NO*, because it's not gonna be
            *COOL* anymore! Noone's gonna do it, they're gonna go back to drinking *beer*, because now it's
            not a 'big cool thing to do' because it's legal, and anybody can do it."
        Hugh notes it would get the cigarrette treatment "They'd filter it, flavor it.." Mutt "Why are
            cigarrettes legal?"
        Hugh goes through this years changes to cigarrette laws. "They're not allowed to be 'Lights' anymore,
            or anything that makes it sound any less dangerous, and no more flavors."
        Mutt ARGHS "They should just make it ILLEGAL!.." And thus, the circuit of Doom continues.
(I might be more sympathic to cigarettes, if I hadn't watched my Great Granddad, a hard-as-nails WWI vet and     a lifetime smoker, die a slow, cancerous, lungs-filling-with-fluid protracted choking death over a period
    of five years. Or my Uncle Doc's five wives all dying of lung cancer from his secondhand smoke in            sequence. Sure, they could quit anytime.)
        Clothes are becoming illegal too? A bright moon in your future.
1:36    Pictures of Mutt taking a hit in Amsterdam.
1:37    Bars in Amsterdam as the picutre roll. Rummage has some too! "And you just sit around, like you're
            smoking in a bar!" Hugh "Which you are."
        Mutt "And it's really professional! It's not like, 'sleezy underground', it's almost,
            -surrealisticly- a tourist trap." Hugh "You mean like Vegas?" People nod.
        Mutt and Rummage, toking and ordering food. Hugh "In Vegas, prostitution's the same way."
        Mutt hehs "That I wouldn't know.." Hugh "I would! I'm a manette, I get laid ^_^."
1:38    Extreme closeup pictures, then high speed flipping between them. Hugh "It's like the Flash Gordon
            Brain-scan scene."
        Other places to go, besides Holland? Yappy "Vancouver" (BC? Ain't legal here in WA)
            With medicinal perscription, you can do it in California.
        You can buy it soon in Rhode Island? Mutt explains about the two non-profit stores for medicinal
            reasons. "It's basically going to be, a bar."
1:39    Rhode Island. America's little Red Light District? Things are 'Lawfull' rather than 'Legal'
(Lawfull Neutral was always more fun than Lawfull Good.) Yappy notes WA allows medicinal use too.
        Hugh notes people in channel are asking him about the Brain Scan scene in Flash Gordon?
        Mutt wants the video! Yappy notes they don't have it "WHAT? Why not?"
        Yappy notes they don't have space on the computer, deleted. Mutt "Aw, but you have space for
            all your PooPoo music!" "WHAT?!"
        People sing joyfull about bags of weed offstage. Yappy kept the Captain and Teenile music?
            Yappy "Video takes up a lot of space! :P"
        Mutt plots an iTunes deleting rampage. "Lame."
1:40    Family Guy "Bag of Weed" musical number plays.
<BACKGROUND (Doom Doom Doom) >
        Mutt drinks a bag of snacks. Hugh "Yappy doesn't need a 2 Terabyte drive! He'd just fill it up
            with more music!"
        Mutt ahhhhs... coffee. Then blinks "Coffee's bad for you also, isn't it?" Yappy "Worse than Weed!"
        Hugh notes it's a Diuretic. Mutt "A Diuretic?" "Yeah." "I makes you pee?" Hugh nods.
            Yappy notes it hurts your pee too "Makes your kidneys go overtime to filter it out."
            Mutt "So my kidneys are all pumping right now?" he makes train sounds. Hugh "Your kidneys are
            like Arnold Shwartzenegger." Mutt plans for replacements. "I'm a Kidney Stone waiting to happen."
1:41    Mutt "I'll be a Kidney *ROCK*" Bandit plays with a squeeky toy.
        Hugh ohs "Did anybody see Shatner on Conan O'Brien?" Pause. Mutt "No." "Well it was funny, Conan was
            giving him grief about.." Stagehand holds up the Vulcan Life Long And Proper boy scout-ish
            finger sign. "Because he can't do this?" Conan goes 'Your Buddy can do it!' and Shatner turns
            the botched Vulcan hand sign into a middle finger flipoff.
1:41:31 "THE FUNDAY PAW POT SHOW" videoedited logo. Hugh "And now we have, the Funday Pawpet Show!"
            Yappy "Look closer." "Oh God.." Yappy cackles. Hugh "We're in deep trouble."
        Garrison Skunk strikes again, people cheer. Yappy "WAY back in the day, that's off an old show."
1:42    Playing an old audio clip of the show when Garrison called in.
            Rasvar checks to see who's calling "No it is.. YES it IS Garrison! Yay!" "Yay! "YAY!"
        Brief time convergence as old and new merge. Hugh "You have to admit, Garrison comes up with some
            funny stuff." Mutt "You -couldn't- have deleted that video from Holland.. that thing was
            -priceless!" Yappy "I didn't -delete- it, it's on a tape." Hugh "Yeah, he recorded COPS over it."
        Mutt oks.. small voice "Can we.. go to that episode..?" Yappy arghs "Sure! Give me an episode
            number and.." Hugh ".. someone just mentioned the episode number in channel?"
(Gotta love fans. No, that's wasn't me, but I salute whoever did.) Mutt "AhHAA I love the Channel!"
1:43    Hugh asks for a repeat of the show number while people look.
        Mutt "Shoot out a question, maybe the channel can answer it!"
        Holland trip was two years ago rather than one. Mutt "That's right.. last year was the roller
            coaster trip." Yappy "Two Years Ago went by fast!"
        Time distortion. Mutt things last year felt like three years ago.
1:44    Hugh mentions a replacement for cigarettes? "Electronic cigarettes."
        Yappy scoffs "They won't do anything." Mutt "Yeah, that'll be illegal as well." Hugh ARGHS! "Oh,
            will you listen to who.."
        Mutt wants someone to use an electronic cigarette on an airplane, see how long it lasts.
            Yappy "I know some people that tried them. They returned them."
        Hugh aims high. "When is Apple gonna put out the iCig?"
        Mutt browses show art jams. Just Say No.. to Tomatoes?
        Mutt plums the archives, glances to Yappy "Bearly, we're seeing each other.. aghh.." Mutt blinks,
            and starts to freak "I don't know what he -does- with me late at nnnight.." shivers "Help..
            Help.. why do I smell funny?.. why is my fur matted..?"
1:45    Hugh "Guess he gave you a Hitler?" Mutt thinks about it "...ew..."
        Channel question for Mutt "Do you feel more.. urge-er.. to clean yourself, after you get high?"
            Mutt turns that over in his mind. Hugh "Well, a lot of people get really into detail."
        Mutt "I'm a chronic hand-washer anyways.. I'm one of those people who wash their hands about
            ten times a day regardless, so I don't see why it would be any different. That's a 'Me' thing,
            that's just an 'I'm a weird' thing."
1:46    Hugh thinks Yappy found the video.  Mutt's trying to order a hooker? Mutt "We're not asking for
            questions about our -drug habits-, we mean questions in general! Maybe things you always
            wanted to know.
        Mutt "I just showed the one time that I've ever smoked it, in my life.. and it was in Holland, and
            there were photographs of me." Hugh waits "Did you just say.. the one time you ever smoked it?"
            "Yes." Hugh "Ok, hold on.." goes to get something.
        Hugh crouches offstage "Hey Yappy? Can lightning hit me over here?" Mutt "NO!.. the only time
            -Mutt- smoked it, and i'm talking -ME-, talkingaboutmyselfinthethirdperson which is odd.. was
            in Holland! It was Legal!" Yappy "Only *MUTT*!" he grins. Mutt "... *MUTT*!"
        Hugh ers, looking at Yappy "And now you're saying -you- didn't?!" Yappy "Only *MUTT*"
            Hugh ".. and Rummage." "*MUTT*... and Rummage."
        What happens in Holland, stays in Holland. Maybe. Yappy cues up a video.
        Mutt takes a good, long drag while listening to music playing, someone screaming in the background.
            Yappy "Mutt, what are you doin?" Mutt oh MANS.. takes another drag.
        Mutt can't quite get the joint to stay put though, stagehand helps him "Thank you stagehand!"
            Taking a drag sounds a lot like whistling? "Woah man.. having a good time in Holland.."
1:48    Mutt keeps experimenting. Yappy notes the bartender helped them make the shot.
            Fun with funny voices. Mutt inhales so hard his face starts to implode.
        Mutt wooos.. "Hi there.. this is... where are we? Europe right? We're having a good time in Europe.
            Zooming out. "Welcome to this space European episode of!.."
            Zoom zoom zoom, film ends.
1:49    Poink is back, looks up at Mutt "What did you ORDER?" "That was the basic Joint, I think."
            Poink "Wow." "Yeah, that was the easy one."
        Different ratings of joints. "We didn't bother trying the hard stuff, scared of that. That was the
            baby special.. it was the Kid Menu!"
        Series of time warps. Ordering from the Tourist menu, people who can't hold their stuff.
        Yappy "What's with your crocked nose there, Kelsie?" Canine feels his nose, bashfull. The End.
        Back to the Present. Mutt "Oh my gosh.. straight out with it! 'Hey what's with your FACE?"
        Chuckling. Yappy "Ok, so that was with you smokin..." Mutt "*US*" Yappy wags a finger "Nah, in the
            VIDEO it was only you!"
1:50    Mutt notes Stagehand helped. That's what friends are for. "And that was more than two years ago
            so it's -out of my system by now-! I'm sure..."
        Poink fields some channel questions "Hugh, is it hard to light up underware.. hey Hugh?"
            Hugh declines to appear "..Naooo! I used... da peapod."
        Giant Yappyhead checking something. Another questions for Poink "When did you start working out?"
            Poink blinks "Is he serious?" August. "And I've dropped 60 pounds. And I've got muscle,I'm happy"
        Channel "I don't wanna know what Mutt and Stagehands were doing aftewards.." Mutt "Mutt was
            probably working.."
1:51    Food run. Yappy waits! "I couldn't find any, because nothing was open!" Mutt huhs? "We had to go
            to that place that sells the horrible lollypops I choked on!" Yappy "Right! -It wasn't FOOD-!"
        Subsisting on Nasty Lollypops and Mayonese. Mutt "It was good" Yappy notes it gave him wicked gas.
            Mutt "-everything- gives you wicked gas!" Yappy notes there are degrees.
        Poink confirms to the channel that he missed the show two weeks ago because his appartment got
            broken into. "Somebody put a brick through the bedroom window and came in and snatched a bunch
            of stuff."
        Yappy is supporting, starts signing "All in all they're just a.." Stereo "Nother Brick Through The
1:52    Another weird thing happened, Poink put it in his Podcast, about hearing gunshots at Wallmart.
        Excellent audio in the DVD section, then people start running. "Somebody's shooting at the Sporting
            Goods Section!"
        Poink notes somebody broke open a rifle locket at Walmart with a baseball bat, took a gun, loaded
            it, and started shooting. "Well that's my new motto.. I don't show anywhere that sells ammo!"
1:53    Hiding in the shoe section with other refugees. Yappy "You just live in that good side of town
            two." Poink "Oh I'm movin!"
1:54    VIDEO - PAWPET NEWS NETWORK PART 2 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RyiQ1iUaweM
        (Starts at around 2:30)
**** TO BE CONTINUED *********
Episode 1 of HR Puffinstuff (I never saw this show before, but I'm starting to dig it.)
"REEFER MADNESS!" The 1936 move itself, on YouTube. See how progaganda helped ban marijuana.
"Reefer Madness"'s Wikipedia article.
COLLEGE HUMOR'S ANTI-DRUG DOG - Parody of the public service message. Dog sighs "This, is why I drink."
KEVIN SMITH'S "DORA THE EXPLORER" COMEDY BIT, kid shows that are great to watch while stoned.
FAMILY GUY - "A BAG OF WEED" (the Super Accelerated Chipmunk version. Peace.)