SHOW #275 - Jan 8th, 2006 - The Panda-Rap show         

80's music one-hit wonders, Rap, and Bodies: The Exhibit                          0:08
Why the would should not be Walmart-Approved                                      0:26
Uncle Kage and "The Better Camel Story"                                                 1:18
Interview with Gene Fowler of Fatkat Productions: Happy Tree Friends!    1:38
The annoying screenshots begin                                                                  1:55
Rapping Rollcall: How to say names when a bird is eating your brain           2:42
Jess and Liesl uses their secret weapons to take over the show                   2:52
Once in charge, the fashion lessons begin                                                    2:57
ART JAM: Topic was Ebay, but people were thinking of other things!      3:10
Captions: Romance between a hippo and a giant turtle                                3:21
Rappin Rollcall Redux: Herbie shakes it                                                      3:47

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****** START! ******
0:00 - Andy Warhowl opening.
0:02 - Ezra soundtests. "1-2-1-2" Liesl "Bandit just stuck is cold wet nose down my
  shirt." "He did what?" Jess "Good boy!" Ezra "Good boy Bandit!" Yappy "That feel
  good? :) "...(silky) oh it felt so..<garbled>"
0:03 - Cold in the house today? Rasvar "It feels nice here to me.." Liesl "It is F-
  ing cold in this house!" Jess "I have two layers on and it is stinking cold!"
  Yappy shrugs "I put on my jacket..so I'm good." More votes for Nippy. Jess "This is
    the point in time where Ronin would sit there and tell me that I need to come
    back north so my blood can thicken up again."
  Ezra "We live in Florida for a reason, this weather ain't it!" Lilivoop tries to
    convince Bandit she won't play crotchball tonight.
0:04 - Ezra "...oh! We're on, Hi Everybody!" <WeirdTVClip.mp3> "Everyone welcome back
    Rasvar, he's here!"
  Odd 80's slang. Lili "Oh.My.Gawd!" Scritch "That's Gnarly!" lili "Gag me with a
    spoon!" Ezra "It's not Tubular, dude." "No, it's no tubular." "Barf out!" "Ew!"
    Scritch "Gag me with a spork!" "EEEww!" "That would hurt."
0:05 - Ezra "So why are you all 80's out?" Scritch "Listening to XM radio."
  Beef Jerky: The Exhibit? Bodies: The Exhibit. "ewww."
  Lili shivers "I seriously have to close this door over here.. I'm gonna cut glass!"
    Scritch "Are you getting high-beams?" "Yes!" ".. can I see?" "No!" Ezra "Is the
    turkey done?" Jess "This is why I have a bra, a shirt and a sweatshirt on."
0:06 - Eaglebeagle gets Lilivoop's puppeteer a blanket. Lili "Eaglebeagle just
    covered me up! That's awesome! Thank you!" Scritch "Wow, Chivalry isn't dead."
  Ezra "He just put a coat on her, does he want someone to walk on her?
  Camera flashes to Liesl a second. Ezra *ding* *ding* Scritch "Can you make a
    wigwam like a fire engine?"
  (!?!) Lili "No, I'm not that talented." Jess "O-M-G-W-T-F!"
0:07 - Lili "I know.. it's pick on Liesl night." <Boing.sound> <DifferentBoing.sound>
  Scritch tries matching the notes to varying cup sizes. "A C and a D."
  C-Sharp? Lili wants to go back to talking about tampons.
0:08 - Scritch recalls XMradio replays. How many one-hit wonders get used over and
    over and over, to the present day? Break My Stride? Rock'n'roll Part 2?
  (Tequila, Louis Louis?) Hot Hot Hot, Macarena, bunch
0:09 - Will Smith's Switch? Devo's Whip It? Who let the dogs out. Oop there it is.
0:10 - Scritch heys! Jess put Oop There It Is in the playlist for tonight? Jess grins
  Jess "I admit that, as sick as it is, I really did like Ommph there is it" Not a
    song for the Seuss set.
  Ezra wonders what Uncle Kage's favorite 1-hit wonder is?
  More suggestions: Putting on the Ritz by Falco, Tarzan Boy by Baltimora.
0:11 - Bandit likes Liesl! "No! Go away!"
  <WoompThereItIs.mp3> Jam session. (It has other lyrics too?)
0:13 - "Heeeeeeeeeeyyy...... Louderrrrrr.."
0:14 - Underground old school "Here'sAShovelCanYouDigIt,Fool?"
0:15 - Ezra "It is LOUD in here." Scritch notes the headphones are 'broke-ed'.
  Scritch/Yappy overheats, doffs sweatshirt. Ezra "A little hip-hop." Yappy "No,
    I think I was gonna do oldschool 80's rap." Ezra "Oldschool,80's,crap." Lili nods
0:16 - <TheTootsieRoll.mp3> More jamming. Scritch "We gotta whole pile of tootsie
    rolls on the counter!"
  Rasvar makes a 'Tootsieroll', gas alert!
0:17 - Lili rocks "You know, they could have mixed those two songs together?"
  Whoop is 90's rap? Basebeat. Scritch "Works out well for that arena stuff."
    Freebasing? Ezra "All your base are belong to us."
0:18 - Lili "In ten minutes, I'll be safe to use the bathroom." People consider using
   Apache with 90's rap.
  1979, Rapper's Delight first Rap song? "Your Momma's chicken tastes like wood"
0:19 - <Rapper'sDelight.mp3>
                           (Ok, so it's in German, I can't get them all right)
0:20 - Girls referred as "Lois Lane". Could be worse.
0:21 - "Ho-tel, Mo-tel." over and over.
0:22 - Musical food poisoning. "And you run to the store for a bottle of Kay-oh-pecte"
0:24 - Next song, Sugar Hill Gang. Grooving to the Venture's song "Apache".
0:25 - Jambonine, Zambonie, ice cold.
0:26 - Herbie "For the oldschool rap tonight, I'm wearing my Polo cologne." "..Wow!"
  "I've got my Johnson's baby powder, I don't have a gango though."
  Two versions of "Girls Ain't Nothing But Trouble?" Clean version "So I handed her
    my wallet and ran like hell.." vs "So I hit her with a trash can and ran like
    hell" in original
  Ezra ahhhhs "So it was Wal-mart approved?" "He sold out." "Thank you Wal-mart, for
    making all the lyrics of our music sterile."
0:27 - Kmart vs Walmart. Ezra "I want music to be the way it's supposed to be, not
  sterilized.." Rasvar "What do you think happens when you would through those
    little sensors?" Lili acks!
  Team America Walmart version vs Target version. Target rules.
0:28 - Puppet noogie scene. Yappy "...mrrr!" people freak out. Lili "Should I run?"
    Yappy "I just had to do that :)" Rasvar poots. 2 points.
  Lili "This house smells like farts and men."
0:29 - <Wipeout-JointBeachBoys&FatBoysVersion.mp3>
0:30 - Rasvar scores a third point. Herbie "YAPPY is choking.. and if you can make
    Yappy choke..  I can't smell it yet, I can't.. OH MY GOSH!"
  Bandit retreats, hides under the console. Everyone but the Rappers is freaked.
    Rasvar "Hey, at least I went into the other room and did it!" "Leave it in there!"
0:31 - Raisin Bran, oldschool nutrition.
0:32 - Beach Boys vs Fat Boys, fusion?
0:33 - Analyzing the air currents in the house for transit times. Ezra "Have you ever
    heard of BACKDRAFT?"
0:34 - Back to "Beef Jerky, the exhibit!" Mummies vs The Preserved.
0:35 - Mutt explains how the exhibit is like an anatomy book,
  Bodies fencing, bodies playing basketball, chess. Real donated bodies, not plastic
  Tar-black smoker's long. Herbie swears off cigarettes, and Rasvar farts.
0:36 - Can farts destroy skin? Mummy frozen in the act of running. One picture
    has lays of butt muscle in layers, like an explosion.
0:37 - Lots of diseases, healthy bones vs bone cancer.
0:38 - Herbie ponders brining in a chicken leg and leaving it somewhere.
  Acetone removes water, then is replaced with plastic.
0:39 - Vein process, red plastic in veins, then rest of the body is dissolved, showing
    only the blood vessels. Jess eeehs! Liesl ".. I wanna see that."
0:40 - Rasvar "Did you find a pancreas?" "Yeah, they were there."
0:41 - Ezra ohs "Pizza's here!" Rasvar asks about whether the families gave permission?
    Bodies donated only for science. No names given for cadavers "You wouldn't be
    able to identify them."
0:42 - Six-month battle to get the exhibit. Jess notes every man and woman in the
    display is Chinese or Korean?
0:43 - Scritch notes they're uber-mummies "They're immortal, in their own way." Jess
    isn't buying it. KP munches on Meat-Lover's Pizza.
0:44 - Bodies gift shop? Plastic invisible man. Fake pieces of brains for keychains.
   Scritch "If you had a keychain brain, you'd have a USB fob!" Undead cybernetics.
0:45 - Mutts likes it "But don't go alone!" bring turkey
0:46 - Uncle Kage has an announcement, has donate button on his Livejournal, wants to
    get his parents a trip to Europe for their 50th anniversary.
0:48 - Mutt sees Chronicles of Narnia for 3rd time. Scritch wants to live in Narnia!
    "Then I could sing like a smurf!" does. Liesl "Smurf me now.."
  Mutt's technique for avoiding Europe jet lag "Stay up all night and the night
    before, get really tried, soon as you get on the plane have a couple glasses of
    Chardonnay, pass out and you wake up while you're descending into Europe" Liesl
      "It doesn't work."
0:49 - Scritch "And in response to all those in channel, yes, I would give all of you
    up just to live in Narnia :)" Mutt "Shows where you guys stand!"
  Rasvar "Would you give up *sex* to live in Narnia?" Scritch is quiet.
  Mutt ".. and it leads us into our next question. Then why would *you* be going to
    Narnia? :)" Scritch is still quiet. "............... define 'sex'?"
0:50 - World of beavers and minotaurs. People search for alternatives. Liesl "Toes?"
  Anything below the waist? Scritch "That means if I get a female vixen, I can
    nibble titties above the waist!" Creativity rocks. Liesl "Anything past 2nd base!"
  PG-13. Scritch thinks 'PG-13' is doomed. Ezra "Anything that would get Janet
    Jackson in trouble."
0:51 - Mutt asks Scritch if 'Would you live for 10 years, do anything you wanted to,
    with all the money in the world, and live the rest of your life in poverty'?
  Rasvar "I'm selfish, I'll take the 10 years." Is 40 now.
  'If you clones yourself, exactly as you are, and popped up next to yourself,
    what would you do?' Mutt "Would you have sex with yourself, as a clone?"
0:52 - KP ".. That is the most wacked-out question I've ever heard!"
  Several NOs votes. Scritch "Would you find yourself attractive?" Mutt "I don't find
    myself attractive.. that doesn't mean it won't happen.."
  Incense vs Incest? Channel votes 'ugly' and 'no' a lot, a few yeses.
0:53 - Jess recites Issac Asimov "Oh give me a clone of my own flesh and bone, with
  the Y-chromazone changed to an X, and when I'm alone with my own perfect clone we'd
    be thinking of nothing but sex!" Rasvar oks "That one works!"
  Question is changed to reverse gender clones. Rasvar ".. I really have no idea"
0:54 - Mutt still thinks he wouldn't be hot. Doodles "I'd make a damn ugly woman."
  Scritch does The Camel Joke. Iraqi guy needed 7-day camel to go through the desert.
  Dealer only has 5-day camels. "But I've heard you can do this thing, that will make
    a 5-day camel into a seven-day camel." watch when the camel is drinking water,
    then when almost done, take a stick and WHACK him in the nuts, and he'll gag and
    suck up the extra water. Iraqi guys does that "But the camel suddenly explosively
    poops all over him! So one Iraqi says to the other "Quick, pull his head up,
    he's sucking up mud!"
0:56 - The End. Rasvar groans in discomfort. Mutt does a little dance "We need some
    canned laughter!"
  Coughing. "That was the extent of our conversation. While watching Cheaters. Ever
    seen Cheaters? I think it's fake. http://www.cheaters.com/
(Ads for Dating services, spy gear, and attorneys?) Jess arghs "I can't believe anyone
    watches it." Mutt "I watch it.. oh we were wondering why We were watching it,
    because every single commercial was for, like, bail bonds?" Jess "That could go
    into my looong extended rant about 'there's too much crap in the world, why are
    we watching it? :P" "Truth is stranger than fiction"
0:57 - Busting infidelity, catching cheaters in the act by swooping in with cameras,
   helicopters, and the SO. Jess "If you were the one who's being -cheated on-, why
     would you want your life plastered on TV like that? I'd want to deal with it
     myself" Mutt "But what better revenge??" Yappy "Either that, or they can get
     free private investigation."
   Mutt "Is Strawberry cheating on somebody?" "Other camera."
0:58 - Strawberry, mouth handing open limply in esctacy, as she gets squeezed by
     the electric grill. "George Forman!" "Sad face :)"
  Still cold in the house. 50degF?
  Mutt wonders if anyone has seen Hostile? People puking, not rated NC-17?
  ("Hostile" what? There are several) KP explains it's based off a real life advert
    in Thailand. "In Thailand, you can go and pay $10,000 to kill a person with no
    repercussions, and a portion of their proceeds will go to their survivors. And
    they verify that this is true and they went and based this film on that, because
    there are weird, sick, wacked-out people in southeast Asia that actually pay
    $10,000 to kill a person who's so poor that they're willing to end their life to
    get money for the family." Written for 2 audiences, those that will see it this
    weekend, and those 5 years from now who will see if it's still real.
1:00 - Kitchen cam. People debate seeing it or not.
  Mutt "Has anyone seen, I called it Bareback mountain the other day, but Brokeback
    Mountain?" Rasvar "Depends on who you talk to!"
1:01 - Memoirs of the Geisha also. Uncle Kage calling in later
1:02 - Video from Stupid Videos! To "Ebay" from Weird Al.
1:05 - Rasvar used to have a Ferra Faucet poster? Mutt "I remember seeing that poster
    a kid, it was the first time I ever saw a nipple. You can see right through her
    wet tshirt!" Rasvar "I had that one up in my dorm room :)"
1:06 - Mutt wants an iron-on tshirt of that. KP "What's the most unusual thing you've
    ever bought from Ebay?"
(Some lifeboat rations from 1962) Rasvar "The only thing I bought was a Videonic
    Mixer :P" Mutt "I never really bought much on Ebay. I bought a sword once, and it
    ended up being a letter opener." Rasvar waits "I have a leopard photograph in my
    room that I bought on Ebay."
1:07 - EagleBeagle buys Mystery Box of electronics on Ebay? "It was 99c, ten dollars
    to ship it, it was a box of cell phone cases for phones that aren't made anymore"
1:08 - THE EBAY GAME! Searching Ebay for the strangest things you can imagine.
  <More80'sRap!.mp3> "You be illing!"
1:10 - How eating too much McDonalds and dog food isn't good for dates. Back when
    Rap was humorous!
1:12 - Rap song for Strawberry and Blueberry? 'The cars that go boom' song? La Tigre?
1:13 - <SaltAndPeppaSong.mp3> Voops sing about cars that go Boom! Lots of headrocking
1:14 - BIG Stereo systems. "We're La Tigre, and Bunny and we like the BOOM!"
(Not a song to play in Iraq) "He wanted us to go up to his room, but we'd rather stay
   with the car that goes BOOM!"
1:16 - Vixen tail-biting and horn honking! Camera shakes to the bass.
  Green machine does a wheelie.
1:17 - The End. Rasvar groans. Liesl "The caaawws that go boom.. what sort of accent
    is THAT?" Yappy "It's Audrey!"
  New York Princess Rap. Room for everyone.
1:18 - Phone rings. <OtherLaTigreSongs.mp3> Voops mosh-pit jump and try to keep up
  <Supersonic.mp3> Mutt "This song sucks!" KP "Whoever's on the phone, go ahead and
    sing along with this song!" "Yeah!" Kage "I am NOT singing along with that song.."
  Uncle Kage "(old)Rrrrr.. the songs you young people have today.. why don't you put
    on proper Swing, or.." Mutt "What's your favorite Rap song Kage?" ".. my favorite
    Rap song? I've got to say the song of Silence."
1:19 - Least favorite? "Whichever one was just playing."
   Favorite music? "I don't -have- a favorite kind of music, I have a very eclectic
     taste in music." "What's the last CD you bought?" Collection of Gunald Soust
     (spelling?) classical music, opera.
   Mutt "Ladies and gentlemen, on the phone right now, Uncle Kagemushi! Big round of
     applause!" Various woots. "Thank you, thank you."
http://www.unclekage.com/rlpics/hicksam.jpg (Fish doctor?)
1:20 - Kage thanks Ezra for Livejournal mention "Indeed, if anyone would like to help
    me get (warbly) the most ammmaazing gift in history! (/warbly) for my dear
    parents for their 50th anniversial, I'd be much obliged. I mean, I must be one
    hell of a son, what am I doing my parents Golden Anniversary whatamIdoingI'm
    SENDING THEM TO A furry con.."
  Rasvar cackles. Mutt "You're sending them to Eurofurrence?" "Yeah, you see, that's
    what they wanted."
http://www.eurofurence.org/EF12/ (Ok, this one is probably more accurate)
  Mutt "Well it's not like they've never been to a furry con." "Well they've never
    been to Europe."
http://www.stupidvideos.com/video/just_plain_stupid/Driving_In_Europe/ (This one isn't
  Rasvar "Now the question is, are they going without you?" Kage "Well, of course,
    they don't speak any of the languages over there, they need me to go along
    to be their interpreter :)"
  Yappy "So you're going to be there, sharing a room with them, and ruining their
    50th anniversary?" "..well it's kind of going to be the other way around."
  Rasvar "So you're sending them first class, while you're sitting back in couch?"
    "Of course! I can't afford to send myself first class :P"
1:21 - Kage hopes he'll have enough airmiles to upgrade, planning things in advance.
  Anniversary on August 11th. "But that's not the reason I'm calling.. the other
    reason I'm calling is because of that STUPID ferret and that STUPID camel joke.."
  Scritch "Hey!" "THAT.. was not the good camel joke. I've got a much better camel
1:22 - Kage harrumphs "It begins the same way, with a young soldier in The Desert,
    assigned to a very remote outpost.. but it's a very remote outpost, and there's
    only a few other men there, and this particular soldier, he does't, uh, engage in
    such things, and besides the US military doesn't allow that, and he's been there
    two or three days, and he's beginning to feel, shall we say.. 'want of company'?"
  Mutt "O.K.." Soldier goes to commanding officer "We're 15 miles from the nearest
    town.. what do you do when you need.. you know.....com-pan-ion-ship?"
  C.O. does look up "We just use the camel." Soldier jaw-drops "The camel? Out there
    in the tent?" CO looks up and asks "You -DO- know how, don't you?" "Well of course
    I do! I just... ahhh...gotta go!"
1:23 - "And he stepped outside. Now he was NOT about to..to.. uh no, he wasn't going
    to, but.. after another three or four days, you know pressure was starting to
    build.. and, well, one night he couldn't stand it anymore, and he just sort of
    shuffled into the tent.."
  Mutt keeps listening, Kage narrates "The camel was slowly sitting there, slowly
    chewing its cud, or whatever it is that camels chew.. and the recruit shrugged,
    too off his uniform, stepped up to the plate, and, uh, began, the, eh, anyway.."
  Mutt nodsnodsnodsnods. Nods. Faceplants. Kage "..midway through, the commanding
    officer came in.." Mutt o_o ".. dropped his teeth and sputtered 'Private, what
    are you doing!?' Private stammers, says that's what he told him to do. "You said
    to use the camel!" "You use the camel, to ride into town!"
1:24 - The End. Rasvar cackles. Mutt "Scritch, do you have a rebuttal?"
  Kage "We should make a camel joke challenge.." Mutt "Is this camel racist nice?
    Everyone's goofing on camels." "Well camels are goofy lookin!"
  Kage goes into how weird camels are, until a camel wearing an Arab headdress
    pops up behind the stage "I tink I'm goingto blow up your country now!"
1:25 - Kage eeks, and begins reciting a legal disclaimer as a second camel joins
  the first "I didn't meant to any er, I mean, -slams- against anybody's..
    camel-aciousness..camelinity.." Yappycamel flirts with the other, who retreats
  Kage "Some of my best friends are camels really!" KP "Like -who-?" Camels kiss.
    Kage "Well, you know.. there was the guy that was here just last week.. I'd
    fly 1,000 miles to smoke a camel, really!"
  Kage is down with Joe Camel. The Sheik stares at the camera. "..we used to hang out,
    before he was big.."
  Kage went to school with Joe? HerbieCamel "Joecamel dyed of lung cancer!" "No, he's
    still around actually, but he's only got one lung, he gave the other to that
    fascination exhibit.."
  Herbiecamel "Weell we're friends with Osama bin Laden!" Sheik "Oh yeah!" "And
    we know where you live!" "Oh yeah!" "Got that Mistah!?"
  Kage "Oh, you wanna bring bin Laden over here? Goood.. I've been wanting to meet
    him.." HCamel "Wha? Oh wait I take that back" Sheik "I don't like dat." Kage "Yeah
    I'll show you backfire.."
1:26 - Sheik "Let us give up our quest and open a 7-11." "I wanntageta Slurpie!"
  KP "I think that comment just got us put on the TSA log.." Rasvar takes out the
    camels with a sword. Technical difficulties. Herbie "Our camel cohorts have just
    executed." KP "They've been Pwned." Yappy "They've been de-headed."
  Kage recalls seeing Body Worlds in Philly, Franklin Institute. Company in Philly
    made sure donors knew what would happen to them, even had a copy of the consent
    form on site. Mutt "This one is not that way" "Well, that one is dumb."
1:27 - Kage knows chemistry and medical things "It's one thing to take a guy's pancreas
    and give it to a researcher who's going to do diabetes research on it, it's
    quite another to say 'look, I made a butterfly!'"
1:28 - Mutt wonders if Kage ever had to remove body parts himself? "Personally? My
    hands are clean, I had hunchbacks do that for me."
  Kage did supply for researched, made sure folks getting tissue -needed- it. "I
    did go up to the lab once in a while and did juggle a few eyeballs, and of course
    Murray and me we used to chat a lot. You remember Murray, Murray the Head."
  Murray vs the Air Conditioning People?
1:29 - Kage "I'm gonna get going, let you folks play more of that -noise- you have
    on there.." Magic 8-ball question? "I think the question is very very obvious..
    'will I be successful in raising the amount of money needed to get my parents
    their first glass accomidations?" Mutt "Well as loved as you are, and as loved
    as your parents are, I know the answers is a Yeah!" "But what's Magic 8-ball say?"
1:30 - Shakeshakeshake. "And the answer is.. Without a doubt!" Kage Woots with dignity
    , sings 'I feel good'.
  JR's in channel, sick? Rasvar "He would cause the infestation of the next Con Crud."
1:31 - Yappy "Kage is trying to raise money, but so are we." Music licensing is due.
  People think of auctions, junk to sell. Mutt "Liesl has a bag full of clothes and
  Liesl panties and Jess bras. KP "They have to be clean by Ebay guidelines!"
1:32 - Panda-holders and Herbie butt-floss. KP tighty-whities. KP "KP doens't have
    tighty-whities, he has boxerroos."
  Mutt "Send it here and we'll auction it off." Yappy "Don't send it here, I don't
    want it!"
1:33 - Flipping musical cell phones while trying to also hold a microphone to them.
  Star trek communicator noises?
  Rasvar "Yes, this is our entertainment for you, two times, trying to open a cell
1:34 - Calling Canada via phone care. Would annexation make phones work better?
1:35 - Herbie "I should get a haircut, what do you think?"
  <LazySundayCellPhoneRap.video> Saturday Night Live skit, rappers love Narnia and
(Ok, due to a lawsuit the original clip has been removed from the web. So.. you can either play the first link which has the original video, but a voiceover by young kids, or the second which has the original soundtrack performed by World of Warcraft dwarves. Remember, you're reading this at your own risk :) )
1:36 - The coolness of sneaking food into the theater. "Don't want security to get
    suspicious!" "Mr. Pibb + Red Vines = Crazy Delicious!"
1:38 - Old phone card has 4 minutes on it, calling Canada takes double minutes,
    time for a quick interview!"
  Mutt calls Gene up in Canada "How's everything up north?" "It's freezing cold and
    everybody's drunk."
1:39 - Working on a video. Mutt "We're live, broadcasting over the entire world! Are
  you watching the show by chance?" "No, I don't watch that show I don't even like
    it." chuckling Mutt "We hate it more! 4 hours every Sunday night, kill me now!"
  Gene is President/Owner/Chief Bottle Washer for Fat Cat animation. Makers of Happy
    Tree Friends!
http://fatkatanimation.blogspot.com/ "FatKat Animation"
  Happy Tree Friends coming to Tech TV! Video game network
1:40 - How will Mainstream effect the Tree Friends? Gene "This is the first TV show
  I've ever worked on that -didn't- require network approval" No Walmart effect.
  Gene "These folks at Mondo are fantastic, they've got some sort of deal where the
    networks don't even SEE what they're going to get until they get it! So we're not
    toning down at ALL, this thing is getting more violent as it goes on."
  Mutt wows, wishes he could do that. Gene "These scripts coming from Mondo Media
    in San Francisco, they're violent they're gross they're disgusting, you folks are
    gonna love it!"
1:41 - Favorite cartoon outside Tree Friends? Earlier Warner Brothers stuff, 'What's
    Opera Doc?'
  I Can't Believe It's Not Butter commercials. "Just it out on the web, it's gonna
    be really buttery."
http://www.tastylove.com/ (This is the page given, but I don't think it's correct)
1:42 - Popped Culture Theater.
http://music.yahoo.com/promo-18684304-56-20051107 (Kiss have their own cartoon?)
1:43 - Microsoft training video set to music?
  Mutt asks Gene for advice for folks learning flash. List of animation colleges.
1:44 - Download the trial of Flash 8 at Macromedia.com, and pick up "one book I highly
  regard as one of the best flash animation books out there" 2D Hollywood Digital
http://www.macromedia.com/downloads/#featured (Trial version of Flash free)
http://tinyurl.com/k8pzy (Hollywood 2D Flash Animation)
1:45 - Gene notes tons of people are using Flash now, not just for websites any more.
  Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends is Flash? Cartoon Network
1:46 - Last DVD Gene bought? "Dangermouse, Seasons 1&2" multi-awesomes from channel
1:47 - Questions from channel. Music? Deaf Tones, 'cool Canadian bands' Novaks
  and Death From Above 1979. Hard rock, heavy metal.
  Candy bar? "A glass of dark rum rather than dark chocolate any time."
  Favorite tree friend? "Nutty." Candy-face
  Buddhist Monkey? "Yeah, I'm sure he'll be in there!"
1:48 - Trying to infiltrate Fat Kat into Happy Tree Friends.
  Rapper Buck 50? 3x 50cent?
  Channel: Sex as well as violence in Happy Tree Friends? Gene o_o "I don't know about
    sex, but here's a lot of dirty production art floating around the studio :P"
  Sonic the Hedgehog movies? Maybe later, lots of various requests.
1:49 - Boxers of Brief? "I prefer to let it swing a little bit" Commando? Mutt "Your
    boys don't need a home."
  Windshield-snot-sneeze? "Nooo I haven't" sneezed eating Chinese food though, rice
    all over his wife. "It was great."
  Why Fat Kat? Buddy had RL 25lb cat "He liked it when you smacked his ass, so I said
    let's name the studio after this fat cat, cause he's great."
1:50 - REJECTED Happy Tree Friends idea? ".. nothing YET, which is awesome!"
  Favorite style from Deep Thought? Friend has website, Mick Harrison.
  Video Game? "I say way from video games completely and I'll tell you why, cause if
    I ever start playing video games again I'm not gonna get a stitch of work done."
1;51 - Rasvar "Smart move." Gene "Last video game I played was Descent, and that was
    in 1997.
  Can Happy Tree Friends go 'Too Far' "I think it is possible but, I mean, these
    networks have signed on blindly" folks at Mondo have a good track record.
  Will you go see Hostile? "Probably, I like Quentin Tarantino"
  Favorite Pokemon? "I don't like -ANYTHING- Anime" Rasvar cheers! House cheers!
1:52 - Mutt "You RULE! YAY!" Seal of Disapproval approves?
  Gene "You know what Seal is in French?" "What?" "F*ck"
  Do you like Smarties? "I'll get the red ones first just to piss everyone off."
1:53 - The Devil? "The Devil is WORKING on Happy Tree Friends! He's on staff!"
  Words to live by? "Jeez, don't eat yellow snow. That's all I've got man."
  Magic 8-ball "Will I finally get, let me see.. a PAYCHECK!"
  Shakeshakeshakes "Without a doubt!"
  Gene Fowler from http://fatkatanimation.blogspot.com/
1:54 - Mutt "Continues avoiding this show like the plague, cause it sucks!" "Happy
    New Year to you too!" Hangs up just when Mutt breaks his new microphone.
  Mutt wows "We're falling apart. My arm fell of the other day." New Bodies exhibit
1:55 - Another convention, Pawpets Megaplex! New item, Personal/Shoutout section?
  KP ohs, ducks down and waves to the camera "Hiiii!"
1:56 - Can put any non-disgusting thing in the conbook. "3 lines, 105 characters,
    for $5." Scalable.
1:57 - More message/advertisements info. Bonus for also having a Dealer's Table.
1:58:29 - KP "That's the back of Rasvar's head! If you can do screen capture of this
    we'll try to up it in there if you wanna buy :P"
1:58:36 - Headphones Herbie. "Peace out!"
  KP "And there's Liesl with her new haircut!"
1:59 - KP notes you can put anything in there, even a camel joke.
  Jess is the conbook editor. "I can see myself."
  Herbie "And there's Rasvar."
2:00 - Herbie reads "New Family Guy on" from channel. "I'm outta here!" Rasvar notes
   he's got his Tivo on.
2:01 - Mutt wants Peter Griffin to callin.
  Question for Rasvar "..ok." Ezra "You have Tivo?" "Yes" "Did you Tivo the football
    game last night?" Rasvar didn't, was watching it.. "I usually do it, but I told
    it not to, fortunately.." Mutt "Did your team win?" "No..."
  Ezra "And he has a BET!" Rasvar bet Ronin that if the Jaguars beat the Patriots
    that the loser would have to wear the other team's jersey at Megaplex.
2:02 - Ezra wonders why Ras had to rush home to watch a game if he has Tivo? "Because
    I don't like watching a game where I already know what's going on."
2:03 - Ras notes Tivo is only Standard definition. Ezra "So you had to watch your
    team lose in Hi-Def?" ".. of course."
  Jaguars got crushed. Playoffs vacation. $5,000 bonus for players is considered
    a loss?
2:05 - Figuring out who's going to the Super Bowl, that isn't the Patriots.
  Nobody has ever won 3 Superbowls in a row, no 3-peat ever? Mutt "Go Pats!"
2:06 - Sports Talk. Fast forward. "Were people wearing Cheeseheads?" "Yes" "That was
    Green Bay."
2:07 - <BeastieBoys-Girls.mp3> Rugged xylophone rap.
2:08 - Sheepdog Bum-Bum-Bum-BuBuBu-Bum chorus "Girls! All we really want is Girls!"
2:09 - Liesl just sort of looks up at the stage during the song. Weird music.
2:10 - <BrassMonkey.mp3> Pawpet headbanging.
2:12 - More Beastie Boys (I still have no clue what a Brass Monkey is. Afraid to ask)
  Mutt "It's like that video game from Mortal Kombat, wowoowowow!" leg flail
    Jess "Bicycle kick! Flawless victory!"
http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view.php?id=143965 (R4,C5, Shang Tsung)
2:13 - <PaulRevere?.mp3> Sheepdogs dance until Rasvar farts again. Evacuation.
    Ras "You might wanna move.." Stagehand gives him a penalty. "Pinching a loaf,
      on Rasvar." "Fatality!"
http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view.php?id=143965 (Easter Egg #1)
(*Hit the 'A' key on the keyboard once, then click the dragon in the center!*)
2:15 - KP "Rasvar, hold it in! Put a corn in it!" Liesl fans the stage. "He told me
    to move. I know when to move, it's when JR or Rasvar says move.. and Yappy,
    although he usually just does it :P"
http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view.php?id=143965 (Easter Egg #2)
(*Hit the 'A' key TWICE, then click the dragon!*)
2:16 - Debating which music to use.
2:17 - Pecker chorus rocks out to TechnoRap? <SongIDon'tKnowButSoundsCool.mp3>
2:18 - Edgy Twilight Zone tech. <FunkaPhonia?.mp3?
2:19 - Four peckers! Synchronized beak-looking. 5?
2:20 - Energized
2:21 - Yappy recalls girl he used to like, collecting quarter from arcade machine
    after putting that song on the jukebox and dancing.
2:22 - <WhyCan'tWeTalkAboutSex.mp3>
2:23 - Peckers keep singing even after a sword starts floating over their heads.
2:26 - Scream Guy tries his hand at Rap Slang.
2:27 - <LLCoolJ-I'mBad.mp3> (Not sure of the name)
2:30 - Death removes his head just to show how bad he is, hands dance.
2:32 - Something happened during the song?
2:33 - Java and Death sing Public Enemy <BringTheNoise.mp3>
2:36 - Java "FlavaFlav! FlavaFlav!" Scream guy thanks KP for being his hands.
  "The was LLCoolJ, now we go back to wienie rap! Poser rap!"
2:37 - Super-long giraffe-neck Scream guy moshes. "I'm scary! I'm scaring myself,
2:38 - Death is dead. Peckers YAY!!!
2:39 - FlavaFlav on Surreal Life? "Surreal Life is weird."
  Mutt's a TV junkie "I am trailer-trash wannabe."
  Blueberry "He's gotta sword sticking out of his head!" "Mental floss"
    Strawberry "Looks kinda dirty. Eeee!" Mutt "It's a Mind F."
    Strawberry o_O "Hahahaha, oh God!" lols. Blueberry ? Straw "So that's how you do
      it, with a sword?"
2:40 - Blueberry "I've gotta leg cramp!" the birds EeOwEeOwEeEeeeEeee!
  Blueberry catches her breath. Channel talks about Scream Guy porn?
2:41 - Rollcall! Eaglebeagle is tapped as the peckers sing "It sucks to be you."
2:42 - Eaglebeagle prepares to read as a giant ghost pecker nibbles his brain.
  Rollcallin' to the rappin 80's beat.
2:44 - Yappy beatboxes the beat as Giant ghost Strawberry joins in the dance
  Eagle does his best to pronounce the ever-changing channel names. Herbie "You are
    way to White" "Yeah" "Comon man!"
2:45 - Herbie starts up a name rap, until "That's as far as my screen goes.."
  Eagle gets into the groove.
2:46 - Ghost pecker exercise video. Rasvar "Feel the burn girls!" Eagle just smirks
2:47 - Scritch wikiwikiwikiwikis with a parrot onstage. <JamOnIt.mp3>
2:48 - Hawaiian demon-thing takes the stage
2:49 - "Go crazy, go crazy! Don't let your body get lazy!"
2:50 - Music hiccups, Coyote and ferrets freezeframe for a second until it restarts.
2:51 - Musical chairs, Rap style!
2:52 - Jess gets the mic "Ok, the girls have a question. The girls have a question
    for the channel:"
  "Do you want more of this rap stuff, or do you want titties? :)"
  The message sinks in. Herbie "Titiestitiestitiesditchtherap!"
  Yappy "They're planning something here.."
2:53 - Jess and Liesl scheme while Rasvar checks the channel "The answer is 100%.."
  Negotiations begin. Jess "But see, if we show the boobages we get to talk about
    whatever we want to talk about." Yappy uh ohs. Rasvar "Okay!"
  Jess glances to Liesl "Let's give them the titties first.." Herbie ohs "There's
    gonna be puppets under there.."

  Herbie "Yay Rasvar!" Everyone chuckles "So where are the titties? :) I saw clothing,
    fashion.." another show "Alright! Back to the rap :)"
2:54 - Another closeup! Herbie "Ok, you can talk about
    anything you wanna talk about." Rasvar o_O as the camera zooms in and out
    "We can't focus!"
  Liesl's closeup turn. "It IS cold in here, isn't it?"
  The Girls are in charge now "Lets go back to the stage, now that we've distracted
    you guys enough that was can actually talk :P" KP goggles
  Jess hmphs, Ronin isn't in channel. Herbie "He's seen them before." "True.."
2:55 - Next up? Jess "We're gonna get ourselves in trouble." Rasvar plays sounds.
2:56 - KP "Shamus just said, it makes what he put in the art jam ALL shades of wrong!"
http://pawpet.tv/art/2006-01-08/Comparison.JPG (Weapons are fun..)
  Mutt "People screen-captured that, I hope?"
(Got it)
  Backstory "We were talking about Makeovers, for men, and we ended up discussing
    all of you!"
(Makes the Art Jam all shades of right) Mutt "I'm gonna have a mouth extension"
    Jess "Absolutely" Liesl "Nono, we're not talking about -physically- changing
    you.." Stereo "We're talking about CHANGING YOUR CLOTHES.."
  Liesl "It's TIME for YOUR BOYS to learn how to dress.."
  Mutt ponders taking a camera to the mall "That would be great! Please, I need help!"
    KP says Yappy won't go for it. "He was one of the better ones, actually."
2:57 - Talking about Scott/Simba first. Jess experiments on Ronin "He tries shorts
    a few sizes small, and suddenly he's hotness, ever more so than before!"
  <Tarzan.mp3> Talking about pictures of Herbie on his website. Mutt "Bad butt!"
    Girls NO in unison?
http://tinyurl.com/llkbv (Dare to wear long shorts?)
  Jess "Herbie, you need to shut up and listen for a few minutes". Liesl nods.
    Girls looked at Herbie's site, the pictures. Liesl "If he just cut his hair.."
    Jess "And put on some clothes that fit him.." Liesl "And ditched the cargoes.."
    Mutt "NO! That's where I draw the line!!"
2:58 - "We'll get you some good fitt'in jeans.." "Where am I gonna put my cell phone?"
    "In your pants!" KP suggests shirt pocket.
  Jess "We were talking about all the geek guys that we know, and it seems to be a
    problem all across the Geek Fandom.." Liesl "You dress BADLY!"
(It's one of the benefits of not being cool! Comfort :) ) "We don't want to see the
    NASCAR t-shirts anymore!" Jess "Nothing, Baggy, stop with the BAGGY!"
  <SAYWHAT!??.mp3> Liesl "<WWE> You wanna catch a girl?? STOP wearing NASCAR tshirts
    ALL the TIME!"
http://www.shakespearesden.com/tshirt-insults.html (Verily, one must have culture)
2:59 - "UN-TUCK the shirts!" "*PLEASE!" Jess "All you guys, you sit there and bitch
    about your guts hanging over your pants.. you would never know ANYTHING was there
    if you just" Unison "UNTUCK THE SHIRTS!"
  Calls for Yappy on camera. "See this? That's what we're talking about, untuck the
    tshirt!" "Yes EagleBeagle, you're good too."
3:00 - KP notes he has to have his shirt tucked in at work. Jess "If you're going out
     with girls at night, it's.. all about getting *clean* *lines*!"
  Girls summon Herbie as an example of what not to do
  Herbie poses as the girls explain everything wrong with his outfit. "But, I use
    my cargoes.. see? I've got my show notes in here.."
  "They add 15 pounds to you legs." "And so does my butt!"
  Liesl "I could grab a handful, out of each buttcheek.." "Well I dare you! :)"
3:01 - Girls take the dare. Liesl "Right here.. and right here!"
  <Homer-WooHoo!LookAtThatBlubberFly!.mp3> Herbie farts.
  Short hair?
3:02 - Celebrity Makeover! Ideas for later shows. Jess "It's not like you need a
    complete overhaul." Herbie "Yes I do :)" Liesl "There are great things about all
    of you, as far as your look in concerned? But there are things where, you just
    need to clean it up a little bit. That's all." Jess "And truthfully.. I'm tired
    of hearing you guys all ragging on your looks, because every single one of these
    castmembers here is good looking. Seriously." Liesl nods." Jess "You don't believe
    me, I know you don't believe me." Herbie "No, I don't." "But I thought you were
    hot when I met you!"
  Herbie errs.. "Now I know -you two- are hot.. it's the other way around, you see?"
    "We won't debate that for the moment.. but serious, I though you were hot since
    the day that I met you." Herbie aws "Very kind of you"
3:03 - <HerbieCam.fx> Herbie "I highly question your judgment on the matter, except
    for Ronin, Ronin is a decent-looking guy, he looks like a racecar driver!"
  Jess ".. Ronin's hot :)" "See?" "He's a really hot guy that just needed to tighten
    his clothes up a little bit? And man, when he put those on.." daydreams
  Rap clothing is canceled out. "We don't want any white rappas here!"
3:04 - KP "So me? Mememe, what do I have to do? :)"
  Talking about pants. "Guys tend to buy shorter pants than they need." Girls assure
    Yappy that he's still the best dressed, just need to get him a shirt.
3:05 - Rasvar smirks "I'm the unsaveable one here, they can't do anything for me."
http://pawpet.tv/art/2003-12-07/Feud.jpg (?)
  KP doesn't like blue jeans. "I hate blue jeans." Herbie "He hates everyone who
    wears blue jeans." "I hate everyone who wears blue jeans in the whole world, so
    the whole world hates me." Rasvar "Well screw you!"
  KP recalls being poor as a kid, forced to wear blue jeans. "Even though they are
    a status symbol now, to me they look like something that only poor people wear."
(There are pants besides blue jeans?) Herbie "His Mom used to beat him with blue
    jeans." Liesl "That's ok, we all have our little hangups in life :P"
3:06 - Jess notes today's jeans are actually cut a bit, instead of rugged California
  gold rush prospector's garb. Mutt "I use cargo pants to hide my butt."
  "You don't need to hide your butt sweetheart." "You don't need to hide your butt!"
  Mutt thinks Herbie's going to start working out :) KP "DeepThought says he thinks
    the girls would have us all wearing spandex :P" "Nono!" "Not at all."
  Liesl "There is a time in a place for spandex, and everyday is not it."
  Jess comes back to more of the earlier talk "We understand that we don't want
    you all to dress like CLONES.." "No" "...however, color choice, all that,
    depends on skin tone, depends on, but please, PLEASE take fashion advice from
    people who understand fashion a little bit better than you do?? Something that
    cleans up your lines, something that leans up your look, it's a *good* *thing* :P"
3:07 - "Not everybody has to be an Ambercrombie model, but the reason guys wear that
    stuff is that it -looks good- on you."
http://tinyurl.com/jmoof KP "I don't like the Abercrombie look though."
  Yappy is called to model again. "This is a work look, this is a nice working
  Yappy models, shirt tucked in, dress pants, liking this topic so far. "Those
    pants are a little bit too big."
  KP "They are pleated in the front, so that means they're going to accentuate
    your thighs." Yappy shrugs. KP "Actually I found that out, flat-front pants make
    you look slimmer. Take this from a person who's overweight, I know :)"
3:08 - Mutt calls for Celebrity Makeovers at the mall! Wants a haircut. KP "Yappy's
    gonna keep shaving his head." Jess "That's fine, whatever. Like we said, everybody
    is ok, but we don't want you to look like -clones-."
  Jess ".. a little less like geeks :)" chuckling. Some folks raise the geek flag.
    Jess "I don't know, cause I'm proud to be a geek, actually :)" Mutt "I love
    being a geek."
  Jess "Being geek girls, we love geek men, we love very much that you're intelligent
    as hell, it's wonderful to have you around. It's just.. picking up a little bit,
    you guys feel so much more -confident- in yourselves too, and it attracts the
    chicks :) Both -because- you're wearing the nicer stuff, and because you've got
    the -confidence- in what you're wearing."
3:09 - Discussion, who will be here next week?
3:10 - Jess wows "I'm surprised we didn't get killed!" Mutt "Well if you're hot you
    can get away with anything." Liesl "You know why? We showed out titties first :P"
  Rasvar pulls up an art jam!
http://pawpet.tv/art/2006-01-08/PD%20audry%20artjam.jpg Liesl "OH MY GOD!"
  Audry: Queen of the Lambazons! Woots! KP "This is going to be next years Pawpets
    Christmas card.. and the caption is going to be "Have you wrapped your package?"
3:11 - ART JAMS!
  "Rap, or Boobage?" Poink just rests his nose against the screen, smirking softly
  Brian Reynolds strikes again. Rasvar "HOW FAST DID HE DO THAT?! That was ridiculously
    fast!!" KP "Poinks not ever HERE and he steals the show!"
  Once again, beware cute girls with kitchen utensils!
3:12 - http://pawpet.tv/art/2006-01-08/Soul%20Sistahs.jpg
  Lili and Audrey "Soul Sisstahs"
  Herbie hehs "And you know, none of these have anything to do with our topic :P"
(Ebay vs Wowy! Who wins?) http://pawpet.tv/art/2006-01-08/FPS_Logo.jpg
  Walmart approved Pawpets. KP "The complete 5th season, Walmart approved.. that means
    it's only 3 minutes long :P"
  "The Computer Pancreas" Multi-WHATs!? Old clip from The Computer Chronicles!
  Rasvar's Female clone. Rasvar "Gahh!" "WOOOAH!" Video mixer shorts out.
3:13 - Yay! Liesl "Maybe we should show some more.. appendages.. next week?"
  Things the Rest of the Cast Missed While Singing Wrap. "They missed the whole
    headboard conversation :P"
3:14 - As per the art jam, Audry and Lili do Soul Sisters! Pecker and Barbie backup.
3:15 - Art Jam in the background
3:18 - Fun show so far. KP "Any time we get Brian Reynolds art in it's fun."
  Strawberry "I like the boogies picture.. that'sss great!"
  Blueberry "Audry picture!" Both "YAY!!"
3:19 - Strawberry I kinda think the one with me and the knife is the worst thing
  KP "I LOVE that picture :)" Jess arghs!
  Rasvar "It really can't be as bad as.. THAT!"
  Jess "Yeah, but yours is faked, mine is real!"
3:20 - Both girls have different hair after the picture. KP "I still love that pic :)"
  Rasvar to Jess "YOU just look crazy, she looks like something out of Super Mario
    brothers or something.."
http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/274256 (Just something Mario-ish.)
  Chorus of Spatula city. Liesl "CAPTIONS..."
- Look, for the last time, I'm not gonna race you!
- Oi, got a turtle head poking out!
- Well I got this HIppopotamus for Christmas..
3:22 - Honey, why must you hide behind a shell when you try to discuss our
- Yappy "Ok, I can't even do this one, and I'm not gonna try.." Mutt "Do it!" "YOU
    do this!"
  KP "WS Classic Rom II is pez-flavored now and fradulantaluge you'll garget sweet
    classic rom blend of white. The pizza! The pet-disk pizza the twocrust classic
    rom before who love disk is Alph the creedinast clay a fursly for hottha
    dour just stopintothe crust said is a lover, hot flavor crusto pinos, kinueste,
    the autherps and for CRUSTO CRUST PIZZA!"  Herbie "That was an email I sent
      earlier. That's my spelling."
3:23 - Why did the turtle cross the road? To get to the shells station! Groans.
- I have missed the live version of FPS, but downloaded it anyway. Happy Belated Yappy Birthday.
- I don't know where there aren't many Sonic fans out there, Sonic the Hedgehog rules!
   - JaSonic
http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/272885 (Still has to face Mario though :) )
- There needs to be more Sonic fans in the world to make peace! I guess what bin
    Laden needs is to be a Sonic fan earlier on in his childhood to commit those
    horrible crimes that he did. Saddam Hussein also needs to be very Sonic-tized.
http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/274161 (Are you -sure-?)
  Herbie "It's good to be obsessed."
3:25 - Various shoutouts.
  Furnation has 2 new comics at Further Confusion: Karpe Diem #6 and Profiles
- Women were meant to rule the world. God gave them boobies. Ahems!
3:26 - Rasvar notes it's Elvis's 70th birthday as well.
  Tribute to Lou Rawls, 70's singer. Bandit and Bandit-like dog duet.
3:28 - <You'reGonnaMissMyLovin.mp3>
3:30 - Taunting Bandit with a border collie puppet
3:31 - KP suggestion spreading out the makeover thing, one victim each week.
3:32 - People talk about things to do to JR when he gets back, until they realize
    JR/Poink is listening to them in channel. "Hi JR!" Rasvar "I think he's watching
    Star Wars.."
  Divesting JR of the Green Lantern shirt. Hard to let go sometimes.
  KP "You know, I think the one thing that a lot of people don't really realize,
    and the girls here do realize this, because they do it too, there are times when
    -all- of us do wear clothes just to be comfortable.." "Yeah!" "And we're not
    -trying- to look good, we've got stuff here at home, not worrying about.."
    Rasvar "That's pretty much me during the show. I don't have to go anywhere!"
  Girls note you don't have to dress that every single day, just to movies and other
    nice occasions.
3:33 - Rummage does more <80'sRap.mp3> Humpty Dumpty?
  <TheHumptyHump.mp3> "I once got busy in a Burger King bathroom!"
http://www.sherm.20megsfree.com/burgerking.swf (Not advised)
  Rummage wears Groucho Marx wear! "My nose is BIG. Uh hu, I'm not a shamed! Big like
    a pickle and I still get paid, get laid by the ladies and you know I'm in charge,
    look how I'm living and my nose is large!"
3:36 - Geek Rappers! Takes all kinds :)
  Yappy pulls the plug "That's like a 7-minute song, oh wow! Now that guy is the
    opposite of Michael Jackson, he -needed- a nose job!"
3:37 - Herbie "We are.. 20 minutes left. How was Family Guy people?" "West coast
    hasn't seen it yet." People look forward to watching it on Tivo after the show.
3:38 - "Hey fellas!" "<WWE> YEAH!" "Fellas!" "YEAH!" "Your girl got the Butt?" "HELL
3:39 - Mix-a-lot's hit, in which he earns millions of dollars bragging about what
    he likes to do with women, and how he discriminates by hip measurements and height
  Mutt "I like big paws and I cannot lie!" BJ Wolf jivetalks.
3:40 - BJ random jives while people think of other songs.
3:41 - BJ rocks as a music bet starts "Snort it baby, right up your nose!
     <dobadebadoba> Don't do drugs! <dobadebadoba> It's bad for you <dobadebadoba>
     It fries your brain! <dobadebadoba> Makes your nose run! <dobadebadoba>
     You sneeze up blood! <dobadebadoba> You get the high! <dobadebadoba>
     You act like a dork!" main song starts.
3:42 - <Freebase.mp3> "White lines.. blow away.."
3:44 - BJ/Yappy and Rummage/Yappy duet on stage. Double vision?
  "A street kid gets arrested, gonna do some time, he got out three years from now
    just to commit more crime! A businessman is caught.. with 24 KILOS! He's out on
    bail and out of jail and that's the way it goes!"
  "Athletes rejected, Governors corrected, Gangsters thugs and smugglers are throughly
    respected! The money gets divided, the women get excited, now I'm broke and it's
    no joke it's hard as hell to fightitDON'TBUYIT!"
3:47 - Herbie raps the rollcall. Moves butt to the beat.
  "Londonotter.. Katie.. Mejeep... HEY!" sees the camera.
3:48 - Herbie shakes it "And my butt! My butt! My bigger, bigger butt!"
  "Wildkat Wolfie Yurex.. Yittycat and Zorro.. and the Butt!
  "... alright, that's not gonna happen."
  Herbie points to himself "<-- WHITE!"
  KP wow "Are we white! We should actually do the Rollcall next times as Mrs Miller.."
<Optional Background music: Open in another world>
3:49 - KP reads channel "You've hurt, officially, GinaDoberman's brain." Rasvar "You
    know that Herbie's butt is gonna be in all kinds of screensavers." KP wants a
    livejournal icon. Rasvar "You know what? Someone's gonna stuck a face on the
    back of that butt!" Mutt sighs "Herbie's butt's gonna be all over the Internet"
"Taco.. Burrito.. what's going on in that speedo?"
3:50 - Mutt gets envious, tries working it. "Doin' the tail.."
  KP "Tail of Mutt.. Big Ole Butt.. Oh Dijourna oh dijourna oh dinjourna shnitzelbonk"
  Mutt's tail making cute whistling noises as it raises, like a squeaky hinge?
3:51 - Nine minutes left. KP "So what can we do?"
  Crystal's coming next week. No show in 2 weeks, some people going to Further
    Confusion. Lots of people are staying? Mutt "We can do a show!"
3:52 - Jess oh "Do you think we can do a show for 4 hours though?" Liesl yeps!
  Hoodwinked in theaters next Friday. Over the Hedge in Summer. Herbie "After.."
3:53 - Dreamworks bought out by Paramount. Ouch. Mutt "Hoodwinked looks like it's
    very well written, but very badly animated. I've seen better modeling on dayschool
    commercials. I don't know who did it."
  KP mentions The Smell of Playdoh. "They add a chemical in it to make it have that
    smell." originally had a petroleum product they can't use anymore, so they kept
    up the brand. "Playdoh has one of the 20 most-recognized scents of childhood."
  Rasvar notes Playdoh contains wheat. KP "It's one of the 4 food groups! You should
    have 12 servings of Playdoh to satisfy the food pyramid!"
3:54 - Rasvar "Message to parents: Contains Wheat! What the hell is THAT supposed to
    mean!?" Liesl notes some kids are allergic to Wheat. Ras "Some kids are allergic
    to everything!"
  KP recalls story of a girl kissed by a guy who had been eating peanut butter, and
    died from the allergy reaction of it just on his breath. "So that's weird."
  Doodles says Dreamworks was not bought by Paramount?
3:55 - Talk of Disney buying Pixar (which went through) speculation of Steve Jobs
    doing some good inside Disney, if they don't swallow him up.
  Mutt "They were saying off-mic that Disney might buy Pixar, which means Pixar will
    be all laid off and they're send it to India. And I'm NOT joking.." Liesl "They
    already have sent part of it to India." Rasvar "Or Korea."
  At least the Pixar-Aren't studio will go away that does the direct-to-video
    sequels. Liesl "You mean Disney might actually do first-run, not sequels anymore?
    They might actually do original stories again?" Mutt shakes his head, thinks
    the artists will get laid off. "They just wanna owe all of the franchises."
3:56 - Liesl "The day they make a sequel to Sleeping Beauty is the day I quit the
    company." KP "That's next week!" Cinderella 3 on the way.
  Mutt "SO.. 9 minutes left." Rasvar nopes again."3, but only 1 minute till song."
3:57 - Passing the time. Mutt chews on a toy submachine gun.
  <GOODNIGHT!.mp3> Folks laugh into the closing song. Todferret wears Groucho gear.

3:58 - Yappy thanks people who donated during the show!
  <Credits.fx> Tod congrats Kage's parents on 50 years of marriage.
  Sword tries hacking at the flying letters.
>> Screenshot 3:59:05 (Credits are hard to read :/)
3:59 - 55
4:01 - Blue. Lots of blue.
********* END OF SHOW #275 *************