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TimelinesThe Pawpet Show Timelines!                    

A running series of "transcripts" on episodes of The Funday Pawpet Show , a four hour internet puppet show that airs live most Sundays from Florida, converting the events on video to text for easier searching, as well as adding strange links in the margins just for fun, MST3K style. My offical weird fan project.

Archive of  Earlier Timelines before ep 200            TinyURL:

Show 434 Pawpet Show 434 - Halloween 2009!

Timeline 441Show 441 - Christmas 2009!

Show 420 - The Counterculture show!

Show 275 - Jan 8th 2006. Pandas, fashions and 80's Rap.

Show 274 - New Years 2006!

Show 273 - Christmas 2005!