This is the playlist I put together for Further Confusion 2009, during the Eye of Argon reading. What better tribute to the World's Worst Fantasy Story, the mere reading of which can bring uncontrolled laugher to a room, than an epic classical soundtrack tailored to all the twists and turns of this famous work? Combing some track from the Medieval Times soundtrack, several cameo tracks from popular films, a few completely original tracks by artists in the Newgrounds Audio Portal (publicly available for free download) and a TON of bastardized classical remixes of famous video game themes (my personal geeky collection obsession),and you get about 2 1/2 hours of classical doom mixed with shameless action rock and roll. Listen closely, and you might discover a musical joke or two, with exactly which song is used at exactly which moment...
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Soundtrack for The Eye of Argon, Further Confusion 2009

    The Eye of Argon has been an event at science fiction cons and the like for decades, a group gathers in a large circle and passes the manuscript around, while others in the middle act out -exactly- what is happening, spelling errors and all. The rule is a person passes the manuscript if A) They reach the bottom of a column, B) They laugh. B is the most common option.

Song Title    -    Artist    -    Reference
     Time Used in Eye of Argon

== UPDATE ==    I just discovered that "Brawl Remix" by EverythingDark was a stolen track, the real author is Tonindo and the song is actually called
                "Let's Brawl!", I've changed the list to reflect this. -

== OPENING ==     Reading the rules

1000AD    -     Vultryex (Newgrounds Audio Portal)    -    Chrono Tigger remix
    Opening Theme while rules are read

== ACT ONE ==    Entering Town

Golden Sun Overworld     -    Shandu (Newgrounds Audio Portal)    -    Golden Sun RPG remix
    Beginning of story, Grignir encounters the road patrol
CastleVania 2 Bloody Hell    -    Ailsean (OCREMIX)    -    CastleVania remix
    *YouTube Posting* *NonAudioSurfOne*
    Fight scene erupts between Grignir and the road patrol, head hits the floor.
Courageous    -    Medieval Times Soundtrack -    City of Prague Philharmonic
    Grignir defeats the patrol, and there was much rejoicing. Classical break from rock battle theme.
Arabian Night    -    Fadious  (Newgrounds Audio Portal)    -    Original composition
    Quiet, uncertain stars shine overhead as Grignr rides into town. What will he find when he gets there?

== ACT TWO ==    The Wench, The Wino, and the King

Radiant    -    Medieval Times Soundtrack    -    City of Prague Philharmonic
    (The "Princess" theme from the show) Behold the beautiful tavern wench and her opaque nose!
Earthbones    -    Bosa (Newgrounds Audio Portal)    -    Original composition
    Someone just kicked Grignr's ale mug over.. what insane cretin would disturb the barbarian's fun?
    Suspensfull classical track with lots of 'ohming' people, use it for the Eye of Argon theme later too.
Frankenstein    -    Edgar Winter and Rick Derringer    -    Classic jazz funk thing I played in high school band
    An insanely drunk guard challenges Grignir over the girl, even though he can barely stand! Outrage!
The Battle Is Joined    -    Medieval Times Soundtrack    -    City of Prague Philharmonic
    The fool is dead, but his sober friends are numerous, and they want to arrest Grignir. How will this play out?
Undaunted    -    Medieval Times Soundtrack    -    City of Prague Philharmonic
    Grignir decides to go with them to see the King. He fears no man. But should he..?
Sterling    -    Medieval Times Soundtrack    -    City of Prague Philharmonic
    Behold the well decorated hall of the King. It shines like silver.. yet is tarnished.
Under the Shadow    -    Medieval Times Soundtrack    -    City of Prague Philharmonic
    The King does not like Grignir.. and Grignir doesn't like him either.
Mars,the Bringer of War Beat    -    Jrayteam6 (Newgrounds Audio)    -    Rock/Classical remix of "Mars" from Holst's "The Planets"
    Doom seems in store for Grignir, as the King's advisor whispers of a fate worse than death...
A Machine of Judgement    -    MaestroRage (RULES!) (Newgrounds Audio)    -    Original composition, classical doom
    The King delivers the most horrible sentense anyone can place on a barbarian. NO!  NOOO!!
Burly Brawl    -    Juno Reactor & Don Davis    -    The Matrix Reloaded Soundtrack (aka Agent Smith horde vs Neo)
    Grignir grabs a sword and makes a Last Stand, trying to take the King hostage in his own throne room...

== ACT THREE ==    The Pit

Super Mario World Ghosts of the Marble Hall    -    Psychrophyte (OCREMIX)    -    Mario remix
    *YouTube Version*
    Grignir awakens in prison, never again to see the light of day... perhaps...

== ACT THREE AND 1/2 ==    The Girl and the Horde of Shamens

Warcraft Suite (Live)    -    Video Games Live (the Album)    -    Montage of World of Warcraft themes
    A glipse upon a scene of madness.. evil cultists, -shamens-, worshiping their twisted jade idol.
    (Joke: There are a LOT of shamans, and evil altars, in World of Warcraft. Halfway through the description, the WOW intro music starts)
Terra's Symphony: FFVI    -    Realmguys (Newgrounds Audio)    -    Final Fantasy 6 remix
    All alone on the altar, the next to be sacrificed, is the girl Grignir met in the tavern.
Earthbones (again)    -    Bosa (Newgrounds Audio)    -    Original Composition
    And far about it all.. in the one filled eye socket of the hideious idol.. is the EYE OF ARGON!!!

== ACT FOUR ==    A Rat, Resolve, and an idea...

Nobody Home    -    Us And Them: The Symphonic Music of Pink Floyd    -    Pink Floyd and London Philharmonic
    Gringir is all alone.. trapped. It's so.. so... SOOOO sad...
Another Brick In The Wall (Part 2)    -    Us And Them: The Symphonic Music of Pink Floyd    -    Pink Floyd and London Philharmonic
    Grignir paces his room, feeling the walls, looking for any chance of escape.. but there is none.
Rise of the Embalmed    -    Lashmuch (Newgrounds Audio)    -    Orignal Composition
    Grignir hears something, and listens intently for about a minute.. then it POUNCES HIM! A desperate fight ensues.
Rock'n Temple, Zelda 2    -    Gs-Screamer (Newgrounds Audio)    -    Zelda 2 remix
    All civility is cast to the wind as Grignirs fights a dirty, low down, -unnessessarily- gory battle with a giant, starving Rat.
Triumphant    -    Medieval Times Soundtrack    -    City of Prague Philharmonic
    (Cue abruptly after rat dies) WHEW! Grignir cleans his hands of dirt with a rousing, civilized bit of classical music.
To The End of the World    -    Cazok (Newgrounds Audio)    -    Original Composition
    Grignir's spirits rise as he finds a new weapon.. and a plan. He'll no only escape, he'll save the girl too! A true hero indeed.

== ACT FIVE ==     How to *Hurt* a Shamen

This is Metalloween    -    TheRealSam (Newgrounds Audio)    -    Kingdom Hearts: Halloween Town remix
    The Girl is awake, and is in the clutches of the enhanced priest.. who STINKS! Will she stand for this?
I Feel Good (I Got You)    -    James Brown    -    20 All Time Greatest Hits
    The Girl kicks the enchanced priest *between* the testicles!  He rolls in ultimate, mortal, unholy masculine pain.
    (This is definitely going to crack people up if you keep it running, only run it till the second "WOOOOW!")
Nightmare    -    Michael Flatley's Lord of the Dance  (sequel to Riverdance)    -    Lord of the Dance soundtrack
    A brief moment of merriment is followed by primal horror as the remaining shamens converge on the girl, forcing her toward doom.
    Hurry, Grignir!

== ACT SIX ==    The Escape

Ys TVO Dark Remake    -    MusicWizard (Newgrounds Audio)    -    Y's video game remix (NES)
    Suspense starts to build as Grignir waits, weapon hidden, as the guards transfer him out of his cell...
The Awakening (Chris Bendo)    -    Matt Bendo (Newgrounds Audio)    -    Original composition (although it sounds a bit Mission Impossible-y)
    The guards order Grignir to put his hands behind his back so they can tie him up.. it's now or never...
Raising Fighting Spirit    -    Reone662 (Newgrounds Audio)    -    Naruto anime battle music remix!
Twilight    -    Medieval Times Soundtrack    -    City of Prague Philharmonic
    Free at last! But there's still the dungeon to escape.. go swiftly Grignir, and luck be with you.
Metal Gear Acoustic    -    Kornnolis (Newgrounds Audio)    -    Metal Gear remix (quiet folk guitar)
    Avoiding detection, Grignir sneaks from doorway to doorway
    (Joke: Just like Solid Snake often does in the Metal Gear games)
Entering The Stronghold    -    Danman87 (Newgrounds Audio)    -    Original Composition
    Grignir breaks through a sealed door, storming the hidden parts of the fortress
Wolf at the Gates    -    Medieval Times Soundtrack    -    City of Prague Philharmonic
    (Cue right when the trap is sprung, and cut soon after) YOW! Grignir narrowly misses geting impaled by an ancient booby trap
The Undertaker Theme Song    -    Bezo (Newgrounsd Audio)    -    Professional wrestling theme song
    Grignir finds himself in the Crypts below the City... no telling what's down here... but he must keep moving forward
Tales From The Crypt    -   Danny Elfman    -  Television's Greatest Hits Vol.7, opening theme song for the show
    Moving deeper in the Crypts... (no timing here, play once Undertaker runs out)
Eaten by the Mountain King    -    SantaBro (Newgrounds Audio)    -    Hall of the Mountain King remix (famous classical theme)
    Moving STILL deeper in the Crypts.. there could be a fight at any moment...
The Forge    -    Medieval Times Soundtrack    -    The City of Prague Philharmonic
    WAIT! That voice under the sarcophagos isn't something undead, it's The Girl in a lower chamber! She's in TROUBLE!
Let's Brawl!
   -   Tonindo (Newgrounds Audio)    -    Super Smash Brothers Brawl remix!
    FIGHT SCENE!!!!!!!! Grignir takes out a whole horde of Shamens!
    (Joke: Famous theme from the Nintendo fighting game! Go nuts! Repeat it if you like, it's a winner)
Earthbones (again again)    -    Bosa (Newgrounds Audio)    -    Original Composition
    After dispatching the Shamens, Griginir first sets eyes on.. THE EYE OF ARGON!! He puts it in his pocket.
The Legend of Zelda, Theme (Orchestrated)    -    The Boston Symphony Orchestra
    Grignir hears struggling, and rescues The Girl from a fate equally worse than death
    (Joke: Like Link rescueing Princess Zelda. Famous theme, most people will get this one.)
Zelda, Gerubo Valley (remix)    -    C-Storm (Newgrounds Audio)    -    The Legends of Zelda
    While escaping, Grignir and The Girl talk about life, liberty, and stuff (more Zelda music, it's beautiful and romantic)
Simpler Times    -    MaestroRage (RULES!) (Newgrounds Audio)    -    Original Composition
    More walking, and more talking (play if scene drags on and you run out of music before the last Shamen appears)
Mario 64 Bowser Rock Mix + Bass    -    Jhalkompwdr (Newgrounds Audio)    -    Mario 64 Bowser boss fight music!
    Grignir is too busy talking to notice the approaching footfalls.. and with a sinking feeling realizes one Shamen isn't dead
    (This one is very good for both shameless evil rock and classical gothic doom. Captain Nemo would love this track!)

== ACT SEVEN ==  The return of the Thing.

    (keep Bowser Rock going for most of it, then activate Sonic near the end)

Sonic, Ice Cap    -    WinterWind (Newgrounds Audio)    -    Sonic the Hedgehog classical remix
    The mad shamen approached at a blinding speed.. can Grignir reactly quickly enough to defend himself?
    (Joke: Sonic is all about speed, and the shamen attacks swiftly "in a shadowed blur of motion".)
    (Argh, it seems that this one has been removed from Newgrounds)

== ACT SEVEN AND A HALF ==  The End.     ?

God of War Montage (Live)    -    Video Games Live (the Album)    -    God of War video game
    None can stand before Grignir! The two of them escape, basking in his awesomenesss.
Tomb Raider Theme    -    DzGuy (Newgrounds Audio)    -    Tomb Raider
    While opening various doors and traps, The Girl is sad to find the corpse of a dead friend. Lover?
Classy Bar Loop (Why Do Birds Suddenly Appear?)    -    Khuskan (Newgrounds Audio)    -    The Carpenters remix
    (this is another Joke, you might want to skip it, but it reflects on how so many dead people appear whenever she's near)
Castlevania Castlemania OC ReMix    -    AmIEvil (OCREMIX)    -    Castlevania remix
    *YouTube Posting*
    The end is near.. Grignir and The Girl make their way toward the exit.. but Grignir hears someone coming...
Rose at Twilight    -    NemisisTheory (ROCKS!) (Newgrounds Audio)    -    Original Composition/Montage of video game themes
    The King is approaching! Grignir attacks from hidding, begin the FINAL BATTLE!!!
    (This is EPIC boss fight music, make the audience think this is, in fact, the final battle. What they don't know... .. .)
Crown of Gold    -    Medieval Times Soundtrack    -    City of Prague Philharmonic
    THE KING IS DEAD! Let all celebrate, for this is CLEARLY the end of the STORY! Right?
    (This is the final celebratory music from Medieval Times)
Final Fantasy Stronghold of Chaos    -    DarkCecil13 (OCREMIX)    -    Final Fantasy remix
    *YouTube Posting*
    THREE PARTS! - They may arrive in time with the narrative, but timing is very important, stay alert.
    1.    Celebration music. Grignir holds the Eye of Argon up high, watching it's pretty glow. His fortune is made!
    2.    The Final Fantasy Fight Theme. What's THIS? The gem turns into a blob, and attacks! And it WON'T DIE! KILL IT!!
    3.    The Final Fantasy Fight Victory Music. Play at the very end of the "offical" story. Victory is ours!


Kingdom Hearts (Live)    -    Video Games Live (the Album)    -    Main theme from Kingdom Hearts
    The last piece of Argon dies, revealing the secrets of mankind to Grignir. It's time to go home. Long leave the King!


I Feel Good (I Got You)    -    James Brown    -    20 All Time Greatest Hits
    Replay of the famous ball-busting music. WOOOOW!