The Soundtrack for Further Confusion, 2010. I put much more emphasis on classical versions of famous rock songs this time, going for irony between the unfolding story and the selected song whenever possible, but trying to keep it pleasing to
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FC 2010 - This year favors classical-ified versions of famous rock songs placed strategically in the reading, and highlights:
    E.S.Posthumus for their excellent original Ancient Classical (Roman/Greek) movie tracks, flavored with a -touch- of modern rock.
    The Vitamin String Quartet, for their no-limits String-ification of even hardcore rock tracks (ie, Rob Zombie, Dragonforce)
            Vitamin's YouTube Page
    And a few tracks in honor of Michael Jackson.

Most of the tracks here are freely downloadable from the web, the others are available from the iTunes store. Some rare ones
        were from CDs I collected years ago, and may require some hunting down.
Tracks marked (CUE: Time) start playing at that point (to get to an interesting spot in the track in time with the story)
Tracks marked (KILL: Time) end early.
In general, if a song is still playing when the time for another arrives, go to the next song, you have to play it by ear sometimes, since
        people will often crack up, and certain parts of the story will take unexpectedly longer than others.

ACT 1 - Enter the Barbarian

1.    Magmoor Caverns    -    m477zorz (Newgrounds Audio Portal)   -    Metroid Prime video game remix
    Grignr the Barbarian is accousted by two highway guards along a dirty, gritty road.
Another One Bites The Dust    -    Vienna Symphonic Orchestra Project Vol. 6  (iTunes)  -    Classical remix of Queen
    Grignr slays one guard, and charges the other with the ancient battlecry of his people!
3.    Arabian Night    -    Fadious  (Newgrounds Audio Portal)   -    Original Middle Eastern suspense track
    The town of Gorzom is open.. what exotic treasures, and dangers, await inside?...

ACT 2 - The Wench, The Wino, and The King.

4.    Crazy For You    -    Material Girl (Royal Philharmoic Orchestra)  (  -    Classical remix of Madonna (Old, Hard to track down)
    Grignr spies a beautiful tavern wench and her opaque nose, and makes his move.
5.    Earthbones    -    JonBabb/Bosa (Newgrounds Audio Portal)    -    Original dark suspense, used as Eye of Argon theme.
(CUT: quickly, this is just an intro to the theme) Someone just kicked over Grignr's drink! Who woul dare to do such a thing?
6.    Maxwell's Silver Hammer    -    Take It Easy: The Fab Four Go Loungecore  (London Pops Orchestra) (Old)   -    The Beattles
    A very foolish drunken guard wants to steal Grignr's wench? I wonder how this will end...
Another One Bites The Dust    -    Vienna Symphonic Orchestra Project Vol. 6  (iTunes)  -    Classical remix of Queen
    The drunken fool's head rolls across the floor. And thus, we have the song again. Get used to it, you'll be hearing it a lot.
8.    Beat It (Big String Orchestra Edit)    -    Always & Forever - Tribute to MJ, Degress of Life (iTunes)   -    Michael Jackson classical remix
    The fool's friends gang up on Grignr, demanding to take him to the King. Perhaps this isn't the best time to make a stand...
9.    Head Like A Hole (bow down before the one you serve)    -    Vitamin String Quartet  (iTunes)  -    Nine Inch Nails
    'Bow down before the one you serve?' Grignr serves *NO MAN*, and mocks the ridiculous Fat King.
10.    Bohemian Rhapsody    -    Symphonic Rock (Royal Philharmoic Orchestra) (iTunes)   -    Queen
    (CUE: 2:00, too long otherwise) Grignr has killed a man.. has he gone and thrown it all away? The drama unfolds in the throne room.
11.    Mars, the Bring of War Beat    -    JRayTeam6  (Newgrounds Audio Portal)    -    *ROCK* remix of Holst's "The Planets"
    (CUE: 0:30) The King's Evil Advisor proposes not to kill Grignr.. instead to sentense him to a fate far worse than death..
12.    A Machine Of Judgement    -    MaestroRage (Newgrounds Audio Portal)    -    Original classical/rock track
    The King pronounces Grignr's doom. One screaming electric guitar rages against the Symphony of his fate.
13.    Pompeii    -   
E.S.Posthumus     -    Original Classical Doom track, tritue to the city buried by the volcano.
    Desperately, Grignr makes one last stand, trying to take the King hostage in his own throne room..

ACT 3 - The Pit of Doom

14.    Super Mario World: Ghosts of the Marble Hall    -    Psychrophyte (OCRemix)    -    Video game remix
    Grignr is alone.. in a pit.. in the dark.. with only the ghosts of his memories. Perhaps this is the end?...

ACT 3 1/2 - Enter the Shamens

15.    Warcraft Suite (Live)    -    Video Games Live   (Volume 1, iTunes) -    World of Warcraft tribute
    A panaramic shot of a scene of Ultimate Evil, revealing the lair of the horde of Evil Shamens. You can almost see the tauren dancing about.
16.    Terra's Symphony:FFVI    -    RealmGuys (Newgrounds Audio Portal)    -    Final Fantasy 6 remix
    A girl stands cowering before the Evil Diety, what horrible fate is in store for her?
Earthbones    -    JonBabb/Bosa (Newgrounds Audio Portal)    -    Original dark suspense, used as Eye of Argon theme.
    The camera slowly zooms in on the Idol, until only it's blood-red emerald eye can be seen.. the EYE OF ARGON!!!! (Dramatic music)

ACT 4 - Grignr Rots, A Rat Attacks, the Barbarian Makes a Promise

18.    Clocks    -    Modern Meditations (iTunes)   -    Coldplay remix (just makes it slower and longer and instrumental  mostly)
    A barbarian cannot tell time if he cannot see the Sun. He remains in the dark, with his thoughts, as his life slips away.
19.    Another Brick In The Wall (Part II)    -    Us And Them: Symphonic Pink Floyd (iTunes)   -    Pink Floyd classical remix
    Grignr probs the walls of his prison, but they yield no way out. There is no escape.
20.    Somebody's Watching Me (Karaoke)    -    Michael Jackson Unlimited Karaoke Tribute (iTunes)
    Something's coming... something.. furry? Hungry? Look out, it's a giant rat!
21.    Rock'n Temple    -    GS-Screamer (Newgrounds Audio Portal)    -    Legend of Zelda remix
    Fighting the giant starving rat, Grignr manages to make it as twisted and gory as possible.
Another One Bites The Dust    -    Vienna Symphonic Orchestra Project Vol. 6  (iTunes)  -    Classical remix of Queen
    At last.. the song again. And it shall not be the last. Grignr thinks on his escape again, with renewed energy.
23.    I'd Do Anything for Love (But I Won't do That)    -    Royal Philharmonic plays the Music of Meatloaf (iTunes)
    (CUE: 1:40) "Then, it hit him..." BOOM! Grignr's spirits return, and he vows to escape no matter what the cost!

ACT  5 - The Girl Discovers How to Hurt a Shamen

24.    The Undertaker Theme Song    -    Bezo (Newgrounds Audio Portal)    -    Professional Wrestling Anthem
    Back at the Idol, a disbelievingly disgusting shamen urges The Girl up to the Altar, and to her doom.
25.    Dragula    -    String Tribute Players  (iTunes)  -    Rob Zombie Tribute
    The Girl is so disgusted at the putrid, Zombie-like countenance of the priest, that she vomits on his fine silks! He isn't happy.
26.    I Got You (I Feel Good)    -    Quincy Jones (iTunes)   -    James Brown cover
    The Girl KICKS the wretched Shamen "between the testicles" making -HIM- the one to vomit and cower this time.
27.    Nightmare    -    Michael Flatley's "Lord of the Dance"    -    Music from the show
    Outraged, the rest of the Sham-men descend upon The Girl, determined to continue The Sacrifice as planned. Hurry Grignir!

ACT 6 - Grignr Defeats his Guards, Sneaks through the Crypt, Rescues the Girl, and really should break up Act 6  into more

28.    WS - Terror    -    War-Spawn (Newgrounds Audio Portal)    -    Original music that evokes 'Kill Bill' style revenge.
    Grignr waits patiently as two guards arrive, to transfer him to another, deeper Hellhole.
29.    Ys TVO Dark [Remake]    -    MusicWizard (Newgrounds Audio Portal)    -    Video game remix
    The moment is almost here.. Grignr clutches his secret weapon as the guards use the rope to bring him out of the Pit.
30.    Let's Brawl    -    Tonindo    -    Super Smash Brothers Brawl remix
    FREEDOM!!! Grignr makes his move to slay the guards.
Another One Bites The Dust    -    Vienna Symphonic Orchestra Project Vol. 6  (iTunes)  -    Classical remix of Queen
    And let there be gore! There is still more in store. (Brawl is short, so play this after it runs out)
32.    Metal Gear Acoustic    -    Kornnolis (Newgrounds Audio Portal)    -    Metal Gear remix
    Grignr makes his stealthy escape deeper into the castle, taking steps to avoid detection. Just like Solid Snake.
33.    Dark World: Zelda ALttP    -    SockPuppetRemix    -    The Legend of Zelda: A Link to The Past remix
    Below the castle is another world.. of darkness. Are you ready?
34-36    Sound Effects for the Booby Trap   -    Ticking Time Bomb, Jet Flies Overhead, *BOOM*
37.    Gruntilda's Lair-Cemetery  (not re-uploaded yet)  -    DEDEDEJr (Newgrounds Audio Portal)  YouTube Account -    Banjo Kazooie remix
    A chill runs down Grignir's spine as he realizes just how -close- he came to being impaled gruesomely.
    (Unfortunately, Dedede is still re-uploading his Newgrounds account, I downloaded this before he took it offline. Keep checking.)
38.    Thriller    -    Henry Mancini Rocks the Pops    -    Michael Jackson tribute
    Welcome to the Crypts. We've been waiting for you...
39.    Monstrous Turtles!    -    ZirconMusic (Newgrounds Audio Portal)    -    Super Mario World Castle Theme remix. *EVIL!*
    A sound sends a chill through Grignir.. what Supernatural Terrors Beyond Imagination will he have to face down here?
40.    Castlevania (Live)    -    Video Games Live   (Volume 1, iTunes) -    Blazing rock/classical end to Album #1!
    (CUE 0:30 to avoid vocal intro, if you like) What's this? It's not a ghost.. it's a GIRL! And she's IN TROUBLE! Grignr smashes Shamens.
Earthbones    -    JonBabb/Bosa (Newgrounds Audio Portal)    -    Original dark suspense, used as Eye of Argon theme.
    (If Castlevania is done early, use this, if not the last part of the song will work) Grignir comes face to face with the Eye of Argon
42.    I Don't Want to Miss a Thing    -    Great Guitar Instrumentals (iTunes)   -    Aerosmith instrumental cover
    The Girl is saved! Grignr takes The Eye and they  make good their escape.
43.    Accordion and Drums    -    Aki Peltonon, Radio Banana    -    Grignr's an Ecordion.. get it?  Spy Music.
    Introductions. Grignir is an Ecordion. "I have also heard Agaphim curse your land more than once..." (CUT: It's a quick joke)
44.    Nara (Theme to Cold Case)    -    
E.S.Posthumus    -    Actual theme from the show (and now you know the band too)
    Carthena, aka The Girl, tells the story of her wrongfull enslavement and capture, like a crime drama.
45.    Mario 64 Bowser Rock Mix+Bass    -    Jhalkompwdr (Newgrounds Audio Portal)    -    Heavy, dark, lovely.
    The shamen who fell to an epileptic siezure rises again, and pursues Grignr and Carthena like some sort of lurching evil toad THING.

ACT 7 - The Final Chapter (?)

46.    Sonic / Final Zone    -    Chesderman (Newgrounds Audio Portal)    -    Sonic the Hedgehog #1
    The shamen attacks! He charges "in a shadowed blur of speed" Is this the end of Mari... of Grignir?
47-49    Sound Effects    -    Same as before, except the last Shamen is too slow.
    Tick Tick Tick, Click. BOOM! Go Mario.
Another One Bites The Dust    -    Vitamin String Quartet    -    Yes, I actually have two mixes of this. Three, with Queen itself.
    The music is difference because Grignir didn't actually kill the guy this time.
51.    Through the Fire and Flames    -    Vitamin String Quartet    -    Dragonforce/Guitar Hero 3 Ultimately Difficult Song. MUHAHAH!!!
    Grignr and Carthena make haste in their escape, tiptoeing into whatever danger awaits them. Carthena tells of the Kingdom's woes.
52.    Isfahan    -   
E.S.Posthumus    -    Original song, very sad.
    Carthena finds the molding body of her former lover.. a very sad moment, and reminder of what happens to those who rock the boat.
53.    Livin' On A Prayer    -    Vitamin String Quartet    -    Bon Jovi remix
    Grignr and Carthena continue their escape, literally living on a prayer in their chances.
54.    Ashielf Pi    -    
E.S.Posthumus    -    Starts quiet, yet builds in anger into an overflowing !!!RAGE!!!
    Two men are coming, as Grignir crouched, he can hear their conversation.. and one call the other "Sire". It's HIM!!!! RAAWRRR!!!
55.    Rose At Twilight    -    NemesisTheory (Newgrounds Audio Portal)    -    Original composition. Final battle between Rock and Bach.
    Grignr smashes his axe into the face of one of the men, and starts the Final Battle (?)
56.    We Are The Champions    -    Symphonic Rock 2 (Royal Philharmonic Orchestra)    -    Queen cover. Great band, use them a lot.
    Sunlight! Grignir and Carthena have escaped, Agaphim is dead, and they have this giant red emerald as a prize!
Earthbones    -    JonBabb/Bosa (Newgrounds Audio Portal)    -    Original dark suspense, used as Eye of Argon theme.
    Until... the Eye of Argon starts to flash, and turns into a puddle of ooze.. which begins to attack! YOU FOOLS! YOU'VE FREED IT!
58.    Beelzeboss (The Final Showdown)    -    The Pick of Destiny Movie Soundtrack    -      Tenacious D defeats Satan. AWESOME!!
    (This is a vocal track, either CUT it after "I AM COMPLETE!" "FuuuuuUUUUUUUCK!" or, if the actors know the words, them them act out the whole thing, CUTTING after "You guys are fuckin' LAME! Come on Cage, you're coming with ME!" to restart the story)
59.    The Bossman Cometh    -    ThatComposerGuy (Newgrounds Audio Portal)    -    Ok, THIS is the final Rock/Classical battle.
    Grignir makes one last stand vs the transformed Eye of Argon, even as the Classical demon feeds of his unrestrained Rock energy...

60.    Heal the World    -    
Vienna Symphonic Orchestra Project Vol. 6  (iTunes)   -    Michael has one last message for everyone.
    (CUE 1:30 to get to the dramatic swell before the story runs out) (Fire Tribute at 2:35) (Run till end of story)
    The Eye gives Grignir one last vision, then it disappears into the earth, and Grignir rides into the sunset.

61.    Oraanu Pi    -    
E.S.Posthumus    -    Original composition, epic, happy.
        180 degree turn from the inevitable doom of Pompeii, even has the same series of 8 rapid drum beats. Pompeii brought Doom, Isfahan brought Sadness, and Ashielf Pi brought Anger, Oraanu Pi finishes the cycle by proving that, yes, there's still a place for happiness and hope in the world.  You might also want to listen to Oraanu, the first version of the song with Luna Sans on vocal. The words are an obscure dialect of Latin, not really intended to be understood as much as felt. The Eye of Argon needs instrumnetals so people can hear the reader, otherwise I would have used this one.
        I discovered this band last year, and think they deserve a lot more attention than they get. You might have already heard some of their music in Nara, the theme to Cold Case,  and a few movies without knowing who they were. Now you do :) I wanted to use this as the last song, but after seeing how many famous rock songs I used in the show, I felt I really had to save the last spot for Michael Jackson this year.