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The Master Link Files --- Too Much Information(tm)

Beware yee traveler, for behind these doors yee shall find the best, worst, and weirdest the net has to offer! Behind these doors are all the weblinks I've collected over the course of several years of browsing, tens of thousands in all, complete with text descriptions that can be searched. Choose the type of item you wish to see, then word search the list ("Edit -> Find In This Page" on most browsers) for any word or phrase yee heart desires. Be warned! You will likely find it..

Update 05/27/09 - I've removed the Politics, TShirts, Stupid Video (they're trying to copy Newgrounds now) and a few other inactive files, so I can concentrate more on the active ones.

MUSIC - Picks from the NEWGROUNDS AUDIO PORTAL  and occasionally OCREMIX,  resources for flash artists and music buffs alike. You can find anything here, of any style (although I do have a think for video game remixes. You've been warned.)

NEWGROUNDS - The first, largest, and best flash animation portal on the internet. I check the list of Blue links (3.5/5 or higher) each week, as well as back episodes of a series, or anything that just sounds too promising to pass up.

GAMES - Flash games! Ready to play over the web. Everything from classic arcades like Defender and Sinistar ported to a Java applet to the unlimited variety and awesome oddness of games appearing on Newgrounds.

ART JAM - A complete archive of every scribble, work of art, or photomutation archived in the Funday Pawpet Show's library for their weekly Art Jam contest, in which live viewers have four hours to draw and submit funny/awesome things based on the show's theme, which are displayed live toward the end of the program.

FPS MAIL LIST - A compendum of all the bizarre/awesome links that make their way onto the Funday Pawpet Show's mailing list, as well as (when I can find them, or get the URLs in channel) links to animations that appeared on the show, or were brought up via the live IRC chat between vieweres.

MARIO! - A lot of people have played video games. Some of those people have become animators. And some of those animators have become jaded. Mario has long captured a special place in people's hearts. Love him, or hate him, both sides are represented here.

PORTALS - A list of links that bring you to even more lists of links. One you pass through the portals you may not return for some time..