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Besides collecting strange weblinks, I also scout out and study stocks for our family investing club. I needed somewhere to post these online, so here there are. Keep in mind that I'm not a professional stock analyst, I've never even done an SSG sheet from scratch, I've always used the computer tools, my biggest claims to fame are my degree in Economic Geography and an obessive love of economic building games like Railroad Tycoon and Civilization. I have, though, been studying stocks for years, and know a bit about what to look for. You can use these as suggestions, but don't buy anything unless you study it yourself first. Also make sure that the update date on each company is current, a lot can happen even in the 13 week lag between Valueline editions.

TinyURL:   Last updated 7/20/11


LEGEND: Company Names (Basic Info)/ Company Symbol / Date of last update / Yahoo Finance Moving Average/ Valueline sheet / SSG Study Link / Note
(% annual longterm gain predicted by SSG. This is more an art than a science, and factors in both the natural growth rate of the company as well as wether
it's price is above or below what its earnings will support. It's best to find a fast-growing company that's underpriced, although you have to be vigilant, since companies don't stay in that situation for long!)

ARO 11/22/11 MA Valueline SSG

Aeropostale is feeling the squeeze by the downturn, but doesn't seem to have any really serious problems, and issues like rising productions costs are hitting the whole sector, not just it. Conservative 10% estimate, but better longer-term prospects than the others. Read news about selloff.

Almost Family
AFAM 11/22/11 MA Valueline SSG Owned. Conservative growth estimate at 10%, trends point above, but it's had trouble recently. Stats look great, but watch out for legal action. Read the news.
AMED 11/22/11 MA Valueline SSG Owned. *Need Details*
American SuperCond
AMSC 11/22/11 MA Valueline SSG Owned. Well, the plot thickens. Not only has Sinovel, the Chinese wind power company AMSC makes superconductors for, stopped paying for contracted shipments, they actually *BRIBED* an American Superconductor employee to turn over software the company uses, so Sinovel could simply make it themselves, and to hell with the American company. AMSC is sueing Sinovel for intellectual property theft.. but since Communist China does not recognize intellectual property rights of any other nation, we can expect the traditional indifference. I havent' sold my share because it's bombed so much already that it's near worthless anyway, and AMSC does have other costumers.. maybe they'll turn it around. Eventually. Or maybe I'm just being stupid.
Apollo Group Inc
APOL 11/22/11 MA Valueline SSG Owned. Conservative growth estimate at 5% due to stat drops over the last year or two, and projections of deterioration by analysts. Fudementals may be deteriorating. Escape Sell needs consideration.
Apple Computer
AAPL 11/22/11 MA Valueline SSG Club. Owned. *Need Details*
Automatic Data Pros
ADP 11/22/11 MA Valueline SSG Club. Very slow-moving blue chip with dividends.
Baidu Inc
BIDU 11/22/11 MA Valueline SSG

Well, it's been a great year for Baidu, they've maintained their exceptional growth rate, and blown through the few cyclic dips to their stock price. Considering that I've been burned by 3 other Chinese companies who flat out lied about their finances and shrugged, taking the money, watching BIDU, the company I *DIDN'T* buy, fly into the heavens, reminds me that there's no justice in the world unless we make it ourselves.

Barrick Gold
ABX 11/22/11 MA Valueline SSG Club. Owned. Wild short term, but stable growth long term. Valueline and Standard and Poors info disagree, SSG is a bit weird. Valueline sheet is solid though. Somehow, Valueline is pessimistic about 5-year earnings, although they're revising them upwards. *Check details*
Berkshire Hath - B
BRKB 11/22/11 MA Valueline SSG Club. Berkshire Hathaway chugs on, more or less a mutual fund, treading water a bit with the present economy. Because of this status it's Valueline sheet is difficult to read.. one thing the Better Investing tool told me that floored me was that BRK.B is actually in debt for almost 60 BILLION DOLLARS! That's 23% Capitalization for a huge company.. nothing TOO alarming overall.. but how does a company designed to Hold Assets get in Debt?! And this debt has increased a lot over the last two years.. and for the life of me I can't locate ANY of it on the Valueline sheet, the usual spot is overwritten by its list of major holdings. Mr. Buffet is doing some leveraging, probably makes sense to buy now with prices down, but clearly I don't know all the rules of the game yet. This is why it's good to do studies, and use more than one source of information. (And avoid Financial companies unless you're an accountant and can read the language.)
Broadridge Financl
BR 11/22/11 MA Valueline SSG Club. Very small growth rate, 3% estimate. The small dividend is the only thing that redeems this stock, and keeps its appreciation above the rate of inflation. It seems very safe and solid, but very boring as well.
Career Education
CECO 11/22/11 MA Valueline SSG 10% Growth *Need Details*
Celgene Corp
CELG 11/22/11 MA Valueline SSG Owned. Doing pretty well actually, price is treading water,but the fundamentals are steadily increasing.
CEPH 11/22/11 MA Valueline SSG CEPH is being aquired by TEVA, this shoulde be the last Valueline update *REMOVE FROM LIST NEXT UPDATE*
China Automotive
CAAS 11/22/11 MA Valueline SSG

China Automotive is restating it's balance sheet for the last few years, and has had a good drop in price due to uncertainty, especially since there seems to be a bubble bursting in China, and several accounting scandals going on. I'm not sure I trust any of the numbers enough to stand by a study right now, especialy not after being burned in China twice already by companies that LOOKED failsafe at the time. Suggesting dropping from study.

Cisco Systems
CSCO 11/22/11 MA Valueline SSG Club. *Need details*
Coach Inc
COH 11/22/11 MA Valueline SSG Club.
Deckers Outdoor
DECK 11/22/11 MA Valueline SSG Growth estimated at 18%. Still doing well inspite of the downturn, huge recovery over the last two years.
DeVry Inc
DV 11/22/11 MA Valueline SSG 12% Good growth, even in downturn, and lots of unpriced potential. Nobody owns it yet, buy recommendation.
Dolby Laboratories
DLB 11/22/11 MA Valueline SSG *Need Details*
Eldorado Gold
EGO 11/22/11 MA Valueline SSG Club. Not in Valueline. *Need Details*
EGN 11/22/11 MA Valueline SSG Club. *Need Details*
Exxon Mobile
XOM 11/22/11 MA Valueline SSG Club. Exxon Mobil is another Blue Chip company, with slow growth and a decent dividend. While it's had a few fluctuations, it's pretty much on track, in the middle of the Hold range and not doing anything particularly alarming.
First Solar Inc
FSLR 11/22/11 MA Valueline SSG 15% growth. Although growth has slowed during the downturn, Valueline is upbeat about the future, and it's hard not to imagine people taking solar energy more seriously with oil rising again and rethinking nuclear power.
GME 11/22/11 MA Valueline SSG Owned. Gamestop is shifting to a download service to keep up with Valve, the Playstation Network, and other online game retailers, and seems to be making a successfull transition from bricks and mortar. 10% growth.
Gilead Sciences
Owned. 10% growth. News is pending on the QUAD anti-Aids four-drug pill.
Global Payments
GPN 11/22/11 MA Valueline SSG *Need Details*
GOOG 11/22/11 MA Valueline SSG 15% Growth *Comments?*
Green Mountain Cof
GMCR 11/22/11 MA Valueline SSG *Need Details*
GT Solar Intl is now GT Advanced Tech
SOLR is now GTAT 11/22/11 MA Valueline SSG 23.36% Very short history, more for curiosity. GT Solar recently changed their name to GT Advanced Tech, GTAT.
Harbin Electric
HRBN 11/22/11 MA Valueline SSG Is being acquired by Tech Full Electric Company LTD. *REMOVE FROM LIST NEXT UPDATE*
Harris Corp
HRS 11/22/11 MA Valueline SSG Club. *Need Details*
Hibbett Sports
HIBB 11/22/11 MA Valueline SSG Club. *Need details*
Home Depot
HD 11/22/11 MA Valueline SSG Club. Some good news, Home Depots fundamentals seem to be recovering. 5%, although eps is growing more quickly than this.
BLUD 11/22/11 MA Valueline SSG BLUD is being acquired by IVD Acquisition Corporation, assuming the merger goes through this is the last Valueline update for Immuncor, and it will be removed from the list. *REMOVE NEXT UPDATE*
ITT Education
ESI 11/22/11 MA Valueline SSG

The SSG for ITT Educational Services LOOKS good.. but Valueline has a very pessimistic view of its future growth. Gave it 5% growth to be very cautious. Presently undervalued.. but that all depends on what happens to its

L&L Energy Inc
LLEN 11/22/11 MA Valueline SSG LLEN was hit by an accounting scandal a few months ago, apparently the Chinese company was put together by a man who didn't have the qualifcations he claimed.. and the company routinely lied to investors. I got burned pretty badly. Ironically, this coal-producing company, which I thought was failsafe, crashed, while Baidu, which I thought was too risky, soared. I'm learning not to like China. It seems mutual.
LKQ Corp
LKQX 11/22/11 MA Valueline SSG *Need Details*
Lowe's Corp
LOW 11/22/11 MA Valueline SSG Club. *Need Details*
Life Partners
LPHI 11/22/11 MA Valueline SSG Owned. Ugh, these guys. The US company is being audited by the government over questions about their life-span calculations for customers (they buy life insurance policies and offer lump sum payments). Recently, their auditor quit, and the price is 1/5 what it was at the start of this year. I have the stock, waited to long to sell, and I'm holding onto the shares I had, hoping for a recovery. Not impossible.. but long odds. SSG will look wonderful, but don't be fooled, their core business could collapse if wrongdoing is found. I'm going to spin this and call it a learning experience. Since the data is being reviewed, there's hasn't been a real update for LPHI in two years, so the Valueline is very old.
MCD 11/22/11 MA Valueline SSG Club. *Need Details*
Medicis Pharm
MRX 11/22/11 MA Valueline SSG Standard and Poors and Valueline don't quite agree on Medicis Pharmacies, Poors clocking many random drops in earning, while Valueline says it's all stready. 10% Growth. Still tracking.
MTZ 11/22/11 MA Valueline SSG 12% growth estimate. Again, Valueline and Standard and Poors don't agree. Stock hasn't moved all that much over the last few years, but earnings have continued to improve all over that time.
NFLX 11/22/11 MA Valueline SSG Netflicks is still taking off like wildfire.. and is still heavily overpriced. Even maxing out projected growth at 30% - possibly conservative - it still is way too expensive to buy. When it corrects, it's going to drop like a stone.

Neutral Tandem

TNDM 11/22/11 MA Valueline SSG

Neutral Tandem, estimated growth 20%. It's a small company (150 employees) that provide network switching services between competing networks so customers on one service can connect with those of the other. Small, fast-growing, risky company.

NVE Corp
NVEC 11/22/11 MA Valueline SSG

15% Growth. Company maintained its growth right through the downturn, showing only a moderate slowing. Also debt-free, so it's in good shape to emerge from the slowdown. It's just a -hair- more expensive than the recommended Buy range.. not a super bargain, but a solid long-term investment.

O'Reilly Auto
ORLY 11/22/11 MA Valueline SSG Club. O'Reilly Auto is doing well, estimated growth 12%. It's kept some momentum up even during the downturn, and is reporting better profit margins and reduced debt as we come out of the slowdown. It's right in the middle of the Hold price range, which is what I'd recommend.
PRGO 11/22/11 MA Valueline SSG Perrigo has had firm growth all through the downturn, clocking at 15%. Although it's price has had a lot of ups and downs, its core business has been growing like clockwork. After a recent boost PRGO seems a bit overpriced, but it's worth it to monitor and grab it when the price comes down.
PCLN 11/22/11 MA Valueline SSG Priceline is on FIRE, it's growth curve is a steady upward accelerating climb. The downturn probably helped rather than hindered William Shatner and his weird secret agent friends since so many people are searching for bargains, although PCLN was growing even before that. I'm changing some of my philosophy after a few mishaps.. it seems much better to simply make sure you have a good company that has advancing fundamentals then trying to grab something at a bargain basement price, expecting it to go up inspite of a recent hiccup in earnings. PCLN might be full price, but it's very healthy, and if it keeps ticking away at 20% a year I'll be a very happy person.
Procter & Gamble
PG 11/22/11 MA Valueline SSG Club. I estimated Procter and Gamble's growth at 8%, what seems a little generous to me, but the company seems to be doing better as the recession ends. It's big, stable, and perhaps a little underpriced now after a few years without the price moving significantly.
Strayer Education
STRA 11/22/11 MA Valueline SSG Strayer Education has one of the longest, straightest growth lines I've ever seen, ten years of clockwork 20% growth, until very recently, when the price crashed over talk of slower student enrollment, and a general meltdown in the online college industry. It's taken a hit.. but it's a good turnaround buy in my book. The SSG will look awesome.. but Valueline predicts a drop next yet, and a recovery afterward. So this is somewhat speculative.
Stryker Corp
SYK 11/22/11 MA Valueline SSG Club. Stryker Corp has continued gaining ground in terms of sales and earnings, even during the downturn, and now appears in the good position of having good fundamental, and a bargain price. Estimated growth 11%, small dividend.
Telestone Tech
TSTC 11/22/11 MA Valueline SSG

Telstone Tech is a small, young company in the volatile communications electronics industry. It's stock price is a roller coaster, yet it's maintained a reasonably stable and fast rate of growth, and now trades at a ridiculously low P/E of less than 3! Maybe there's something I'm missing in this picture.. so far though it looks like a high risk, high reward buy.

Teva Pharm
TEVA 11/22/11 MA Valueline SSG Owned. TEVA Pharmaceutical looks excellent, estimated growth 16%. Not only has it kept growing through the downturn, it's price has remained relatively motionless for the last two years, while its price potential grew and grew. It hasn't moved yet, but unless something downright bad happens I think an upward jump is inevitable. Strong Buy recommendation.
Tractor Supply Co
TSCO 11/22/11 MA Valueline SSG Club. Tractor supply is doing very well, it's riding a two-year rise in price and earnings. Growth seems to be a solid 15% without much deviation. The only issue seems to be price.. it recently went north of the middle hold range, the rise in price gradually outstripping the rising earnings. If this trend holds, it may be a good sell opportunity in part of a year.
Treehouse Foods
THS 11/22/11 MA Valueline SSG

Treehouse Foods, estimated growth 12%. Masters of pickles and non-dairy creamer, this nitch foodservice company continued to grow, even through the downturn. The price is currently in the middle of the buy range as the price has risen pretty consistently along with the growth.. it's not a bargain, but might be a good long-term pick.

TriQuint Semicond
TQNT 11/22/11 MA Valueline SSG

Triquint Semiconductor is a wild ride, with a frequently fluctuating price. Regardless, it has a consistent pattern of growth, at least over the last five years, when the company pulled itself out of an earlier rut. Primarily makes components for mobile devices (Smartphones) which is definitely a growing industry now. High risk, decently high reward, and seemingly a bargain at the moment.

True Religion
TRLG 11/22/11 MA Valueline SSG True Religion is a hard call.. the company is still growing in sales, but actually lost a bit of Earnings Per Share over the last two years, so profits haven't kept pace. While this might change, there's no guarantee, and due to the fundamental degrading a bit, I've decided to sell it.
Under Armour
UA 11/22/11 MA Valueline SSG *NEW* UnderArmor makes some excellent gear for exercising, using it has made work a lot more comfortable for me, so I went and did a study. The stats look excellent - the stock price might have taken a dive during the Economic Downturn, but sales and earnings kept on rising regardless, and the price as recently bounced right back to another peak. Unfortunately, this means UA is in the sell range right now, far to expensive to buy. However, it's worth tracking, so we can see when it veers back down again, and nail it when it does. 18% growth.
VCA Antech
WOOF 11/22/11 MA Valueline SSG Owned. VCA Anetch has been stuck in a rut the last two years, after years of good growth. The company assists veterinary clinics, and has faced some challenges during the downturn. People probably opt for less veternary costs to save money, as opposed to human health care. It's a guess as to whether growth will return as the downturn ends. WOOF is probably a low risk, low reward company, it's hard to see a health care company folding, although many companies move faster.
VSE Corp
VSEC 11/22/11 MA Valueline SSG Owned. VSE has turned into a real disappointment for me. Over the last year sales of the business operations consulting firm has taken a dive. The company seems to be using creative means to keep its Earnings Per Share up, evening going so far as to issue a dividend for the first time.. but if the recent quarter is any sort of trend beginner VSE's core business is under heavy attack. However, the analysts are split over what's going to happen next, and wether this tip is going to recover or not. In the news VSE has been awarded several new contracts and gained another acquisition. Since I own VSE I have a painfull decision to make.. exit the company and take a 45% loss, or hold on and hope that the very low price and company sales rebound. For now, I'm going to sit tight. I would not recommend this to anyone else though.
WMT 11/22/11 MA Valueline SSG Walmart is a curious company. Over all of the last ten years, it's price has hovered around a set range, yet its earnings have been slowly but steadily rising the entire time. If you look at the Valueline, you'll see it started out very overpriced around 2001, broke about even in late 2008, and now is just a bit underpriced. Walmart is offically a Blue Chip company now.. it's so huge it only experiences a moderate 7% growth a year, and has been issuing an increasingly large dividend over time, reflecting its new status. Walmart is a very safe company, and seems to have a decent amount of pep for a Blue Chip, but be prepared for a long wait if you choose this one. Although, if the current trend continues, WMT might make a good target due to its underpriced status, banking on the eventual price correction.
HOGS 11/22/11 MA Valueline SSG New reports have surfaced that, like so many other Chinese companies, HOGS hasn't been completely honest with its accounting, number of franchises reported, etc. After being burned 3 times I want very little to do with China now. *REMOVE NEXT UPDATE*
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