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Feb. 8th , 2016 - I've put the outline for my Undertale theory "The Secret of Sans" on Reddit for your browsing. The theory is that Sans is actually a Future version of Frisk, who got a neutral ending, was unable to pass through the barrier, and went back in time to try and pave the way for an earlier version of himself to get the Good Ending. And that Sans is the one who KILLED Wingding Gaster.

Jan. 11th, 2016 (date of posting) - The Final Theory: "The Silver Eyes Connection" was posted on Youtube. This video goes in depth about how the parrallel world of the novel reveals HUGE secrets about the game universe. And proves my earlier video "The Color Brothers" was the true solution to FNAF 3.

Oct. 26, 2015 - I've finalized the script for "JEREMY"S LAST SIGHT - THE FINAL THEORY - EPISODE 3", which answers the final questions about Five Nights at Freddy's. I've discovered who Shadow Bonnie is, and how he plays a far larger role in the story than anyone guessed. The fate of Fredbear and the full story of The Phone Guy, and the true identity of who commited the Bite of '87. Building this huge video will take a long time, I don't even know how long the video will be until I finish the voice recording, but now I can at least prove I solved FNAF before the October update.

Jul. 21th, 2015 (date of posting) - The Final Theory: "THE COLOR BROTHERS" was posted. This has been my Magnum Opus to date, 40 minutes of musical theory goodness that breaks the secrets of what exactly is happening at Freddy Fazbear's Pizza, definitive proof there are TWO VILLAINS in the game instead of one, and proves both that Phone Guy was stuffed into the Fredbear suit, and that Golden Freddy is the ghost of a child who was stuffed into the same suit.

Feb 16, 2015 - Hello Hello! I'm still alive. In fact I've never been better.. I've just finished my best video to date:
THE FINAL THEORY - The Solution To Five Nights At Freddy's 2 - Building on the 2nd Game Theory episode, I've discovered the true fate of security guard Jeremy Fitzgerald, and presented my findings in a video with the same production value as a Game Theory ep, took me an entire week of vacation to finish it. The video both presents and proves a huge secret that has been hidden in plain sight in the game: The Animatronics, unable to defeat The Purple Guy by themselves, have decided to 'recruit' an adult to join them to tip the balance. After evading them for six nights, Jeremy finally becomes the victim of the Bite of '87, and his mind is transfered to a new version of Freddy Fasbear. The same one that always looks back at you during the death screen of the game.

Jan 21, 2013
Well, I've made several more videos:
The Bunny Bowling Bomb Trilogy HD - Includes all three of my chocolate bunny destruction videos, including an upgraded version of "Bunny III: Dark Chocolate Ressurection" which I made for Halloween last year, but never actually aired on the Pawpet Show. The Trilogy did though, which I'm very psyched about. I'm aiming to have my Secret Project ready for the video event next year. Need to practice After Effects a bit more first.
Fireworks in Jello 2 - This is the sequence I shot for the end of Dark Chocolate Ressurection, then sped up and played in reverese so the Ghost Bunny appears to rise out of the burning mass. It took about $300 to fill an entire 10-gallon fishtank with instant Jello, and weave four tiers of Magic Whip veins between the layers, wrapping them up in tape-gun tape to keep them from getting soaked long enough to set them off. The result is spectacular though.. this time I got it right!
FULL PAX 2012 Celebrity D&D Game - I really think I'm onto something with these Dungeons and Dragons videos.. my 2011 video is now up to 85k watches on Youtube, with an even more impressive 835 Likes. By splicing all ten of Wizards of the Coast's 10-part posting of the event, , and working with the audio so you can hear more of what the audience is saying, I make it much more watchable, and the hit count is actually starting to approach the hit count of the original series! I love Penny Arcade's Acquisitions Inc live games, and really live D&D plays like these could be a Thing on the net if they made them more often, so I'm starting to build a watcher base to see if I might help promote this. The 2012 event was shown in two parts.. but for reasons I'll never understand all the wonderful cartoons Scott Kurtz and his friend in Blamation were removed when Wizards posted the Youtube version, and the introduction was censored.. and if you know how often Wil Wheaton and the Penny Arcade guys swear, this meant you could hardly hard the audio anymore. I figured out how to rip the original uncensored posting from Twitch TV, then ripped Wizards' Youtube version, and synched them together, then frequently switch from one to the other to re-insert all the cartoons, as well as providing much better and varied camera coverage based on what was happening at the moment. So for now, I still have plenty to do fixed up the videos, even if Wizards decides to finally start showing whole events in one chunk. GenCon 2010 and both the Robot Chicken game videos are also up.

It's becoming exciting, trying to build and run a Youtube channel.. I have over 300 subscribers now, which is almost scary. But hopefully the more I grow it, the more attention I'll get to any of my own strange videos when I post them. I have the feeling my Secret Project might just hit some charts when it goes up.

June 4 - Had my birthday week off, and put it to decently good use. First off, there are several new Music Videos up, you can now find Invisible Circus, Another One Bites the Dust, Maxwell's Silver Hammer (and the high-speed version) and The Mayor's Fanfare/Song of Goodwill (aka 'The Anthrocons Theme') in my videos, each with a little humorous slideshow that plays along with the song. These were the classical/rock remixes I used in this year's Easter Montage and the Bunny Bowling Bomb 2, but were either not uploaded to Youtube, or were, but not properly credited to the Vienna Symphonic Orchestra Project and London Pops Orchestra respectively. VSOP has seven albums, Circus, Dust and Mayor are only three of the gems therein, I highly recommend this band to anyone.
You can also find the two hours of the Full PAX 2011 Celebrity D&D Game "The Last Will and Testament of Jim Darkmagic" combined into one seamless video (it was posted in 10 parts, each with aggravating overlapping fade in/fade outs) This series is the continuation of the Penny Arcade/PVP 4e podcasts, performed live in front of a theater audience, DM'ed by Christ Perkins to awesome comic effect. It's adult, there's a lot of innuendo and crude language, but if you like Penny Arcade, here's a chance to see Gabe and Tycho playing Dungeons and Dragons with PVP/Blammation's Scott Kurtz, and Will Wheaton (aka Westly Crusher from ST:TNG). Paul and Storm, Johnathan Coulton's opening band, also play the Bards, who virtually become characters in their own right. I also have the Full PAX 2010 "Prisoners of Slaughterfast" (Acquisitions Incorporated Season 5) episode done. Eps 1-4 are pure audio podcasts.. I'm going to have to -make- a video for them... but that's in the works. Going to learn how to Rotoscope someone from one movie to another as part of that project. My Secret Project isn't dead.. but there a lot I have to learn before I can do it *right*.

May 13 - The 2012 Funday Pawpet Show Easter Chocolate Bunny Death Montage is now live, and fully operational. It's much larger than last year, incorporates an hour of footage from the 8 hours of the Easter show and the one after it, as well as some highlights that aren't bunny death related. In a straight run, it's 58 minutes long, although if you want to slow down and browse the Pop-up Video links, and especially if you want to hunt for the Easter Eggs, it's several hours of comedy waiting for browsing. Also, which you click on a link, it should open in a new Tab or window now. I'm going to refit the 2011 Montage after I go sleep and watch the Avengers movie tommorrow. Zzzzzz.

April 12, 2012 - Blackfoot's Bunny Bowling Bomb 2 is now up on Youtube, my Chocolate Bunny Death video for the Pawpet show this year, a 3 minute psuedo-Warner Brothers cartoon also featuring my cat Tia. Took about three weeks to make, a few fireworks laws to skirt, and provided me with some good video editing practice, which I certainly needed more than I realized. RL is slowing down to do Spring things that need doing, but I'm still here. I'm be doing another Easter Montage after the next episode too.

Nov 22 - The Ferret Report has another update going into the Thanksgiving meeting.
I missed linking it before, but my original "Talent" video, The Messy Room Video, is up on YouTube.
I feel a bit frustrated, since my secret video project (a mashup between two movies Geeks love) keeps getting pushed back. It's a great idea that I really want to fully develop and get right the first time.. although bringing exactly what I want to do to the screen is requiring me to learn several Programs I've never even used before, such as Adobe Photoshop. Now I need to figure out how to remove background music from audio clips. I'm open for suggestions. Well, on to Thanksgiving, I can hack away at it when I get back home.

July 20 - The Ferret Report has gotten a long-overdue update. Due to the local library unexpectedly closing, I had just enough time to revisit each stock listed in the list, but Under Armor is the only new one I've added this time around. Now I can start doing other stuff.

May 13 - The 2011 Easter Bunny Death Montage is now up on YouTube, a collection of all the Chocolate Bunny Deaths performed this year! As an extra carrot, it's also my first shot at using YouTube Annotations to create a Pop-Up Video experience, where the viewer can click on a box to warp to something being referenced. A thread about it is up on LiveJournal, and contains a list of the Annotations that glitched out for some reason.

April 25 - My Easter Chocolate Bunny Death Video is up! It was.. interesting.. to make. I've always wanted a Bowling Bomb.

April 20, 2011 - Apparently I *can* make videos beyond 10 mins.. here's Show 500 Blipverted FULL in one take.

April 18, 2011 - Since I'm not sure how many people actually read the Timelines, I've tried a new Mad Project - Blipverting. Blipverts on the Max Headroom show were tiny super-compressed advertisements that saved lots of time.. at the cost of occasionaly making someone's brain explode. I took Pawpet Show 500 and edited out all the Dead Air and even most pauses on conversation (as well as change the order of a few things, Blitverts are evil, you know) to shrink the 5 hour span down to a single hour, then posted the result to Youtube, a semi-chaotic roller coaster that -just- manages not to fly off the rails! Show 500 Blipverted! (And parts 2-3-4-5-6) Hope you folks like it, I might start doing this regularly. Segments are 10 min long, finished it just before Youtube informed me "You can make 15 minute videos now!"

March 31, 2011 - My Video for Pawpet Show 500 is up! The cast asked viewers to submit videos of favor segments, so I learned video editing over the last three days, spent hours fishing for favorite parts and strategicly useful clips.. and spliced into something funny and slightly horrific. Enjoy! Rated PG-13, UNLESS you actually get the in-jokes, then all bets are off.

Feb 14, 2011 - Another update to The Ferret Report, I'm aiming for monthy updates now.

December 24, 2010 - I'm rebooting The Ferret Report , a list of stocks I'm tracking for our family investing club. A guide to picking stocks and using the NAIC webtools will follow, eventually.

November 07, 2010 - The Timeline for Show 434 - Halloween 2009 is up! This years Halloween show should follow later this monthy, trying to do something cool. As you can tell from my spacing issues, I'm using a new program, Adobe Dreamweaver, instead of the simpel free Nuv I've been using for years, after Nuv finally died in the months-long process of upgrading my computer and transferring and reinstalling and updating 7-10 year old programs on it. It feels like I'm learning to walk again.. but I can finally say that my webpage is back online and working again. Enjoy.

June 23, 2010   -    The Mailing List has been updated. I've been occupied many weeks with various things, including transfering the
                                    brain of my old computer into a new Falcon Northwest. So many programs to reinstall, and I have to refind
                                    the passwords so I can update *THIS* from the new machine. Argh. Stay tuned.

Feb. 13, 2010   -   The Timeline for Show 441 - Christmas 2009 is up!  Just in time for Valentine's Day

Jan. 20, 2010    -    The Eye of Argon Soundtrack for Further Confusion 2010 is up, just in time for the con. This is going to be good.

Nov. 15, 2009     -    The Timeline for Show 420 is underway, 1/2 finished  at this time, have a look.

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